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/ / * * D I S A M B I G U A T I O N * * / /

  • Robert Allyson or Allison (bp. 07 Sep 1589 Newton Reigny, co. Cumb), son of Thomas Allison of Newton Reigny, co. Cumb., England.[1]


Capt. Robert Ellyson, barber chirurgeon (surgeon) & burgess of Virginia, (previously a resident of Maryland), is sometimes referred to as, Dr. Robert Ellyson of James City co. in the colony of Virginia.[2]

flag of the Jamestowne Society

He is considered the patriarch of the Ellysons in Virginia, and was probably born no later than 1620, given the training required for a physician at the time.

Family charts commonly date his birth to about c. 1615/20, but questions arise regarding his country of origin.[3][4][citation needed]

While onamastics suggest that he is a member of the Ellyson (or Ellison) family of Newcastle, co. Northumb., England ... some believe he's related to the Alisons of Avondale, Scotland (see James Alison of Windyedge, b. 1621).[5][3]

Disputed Origins

C A U T I O N:

A previous version of this profile claimed, without source, that he was the son of John Allison and Ellen Hamilton. Until such time as these parents are confirmed, they have been detached.

Traditions differ about the location of Ellyson's birth. Some believe that he was born in Scotland, while others support England.[4][6][3]
It's certain that Ellyson is NOT the son of the married couple, Elizabeth Gray (d. 30 Jun 1665) & Robert Ellison (1614 - 1678), MP for Newcastle, co. Northumb.
Neither did he have any ties to Elizabeth Grey of Morpeth & Deanham (dsp c. 1656 or later), dau. of Catherine le Strange & Edward Grey of Howick, co. Northumb, England. She died single and left a will, dated 11 Oct 1656.[7]

Northumberland, England theory

According to Wagner (1964), Dr. Robert Ellyson (fl. 1640 - 1670) of Maryland and Virginia, descended from Robert Ellyson of Hawkwell, co. Northumb., England.[8]

Ellyson of Hawkwell

Wagner (1964), is probably referring to Robert Elyson of Hawkwell, near Stamfordham, in co. Northumb., England, who lived during the reign of Henry VII and was the father of Cuthbert and Rowland (living 16 Dec 1494). ... Rowland was apparently married to Isabel, dau. of John Harbottle of Bitchfield, co. Northumb.[9]

Flower's construction for Ellyson of Newcastle begins with Robert of Hawkwell, co. Northumb.
Flower's construction for Ellyson of Newcastle begins with Robert of Hawkwell, co. Northumb.
Ellison of Newcastle upon Tyne

Wagner (1964), also asserts that the American Colonist was a cousin of Robert Ellison, MP for Newcastle (b. c. 1613/4 - d. 1677/8). The latter's first wife was Elizabeth Gray (d. 30 Jun 1665), daughter of Cuthbert Gray of Newcastle [and Backworth] (d. 24 Apr 1623) and Elizabeth Huntley (d. 1636 or aft. Nov 1664). The MP sat during the Long Parliament but was later pardoned.[10][11]

Avondale, Scotland theory

While Doliante (1991) and Wagner (1964), are confident that Dr. Robert Ellyson was from England, another popular tradition seen in family trees, connect him to the Alisons of the Cairnduff estate in Avondale, co. Lanark., Scotland.[12]

Cairnduff estate

Cairnduff became the seat of John MacAlister, Lowland Alison (formerly Highland Alister) in 1310.[13] Morrison (1883), states that documentation prior to 1630 is unreliable but around that time ... during the reign of Charles I, members of the branch scatter due to political and religious oppression.[13] The Cairnduff estate then fell to the Cochranes by marriage.[14]

Windyedge farm

According to Morrison (1883), Windyedge farm was a part of the Cairnduff estate at one time. The branch at Windyedge begins with:

  • James Alison (b. 1621 Cairnduff estate - d. c. 1670 or later),
  • and his wife Jean, daughter of Samuel Wilson of Rigfoot, Eastkilbride, Scotland.

Jean Wilson out-lived her husband, who probably did not see the fate of his sons. ... In any case, James and Jean were certainly contemporaries of the physician and may have been around the same age as Dr. Ellyson.


While it's clear that the Alisons of Windyedge suffered through strife from the 1630s to the 1680s, the brunt of the impact hit the next generation.

James Alison and his wife Jean Wilson had three sons who were Covenanters of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland. All of them became embroiled in a religious war, and were imprisoned at some point for their role as Covenanters.

The youngest son was executed, but the other two lived to make a life abroad ... albeit on separate continents, away from their family seat and each other.

  1. John (b. 1652), prisoner banished to Virginia sometime aft. 22 Jun 1679; and from there moved to Massachusetts.
  2. Michael (b. 1654 Windyedge - d. Windyedge; bur. Strathavon churchyard), escaped to Ireland and settled down on a farm near Londonderry, Ireland; m. Elizabeth Cooper
  3. and Archibald (b. 1656 - d. 1680 Grassmarket, Edinburgh, Scotland), imprisoned then executed.

Their eldest son John, was sentenced to banishment for his role in the Battle of Bothwell (22 Jun 1679). Intriguingly, he served out his term in Viriginia, a decade or more after Dr. Ellyson died. After his release, John moved north to Massachusetts.[15]

Residence & Occupation


Late 1642 marks the beginning of the English Civil War.[16] Ellyson is said to have arrived in Maryland before 1643, as a Barber-Surgeon.[17] In England, the trade was regulated by the Company of Barbers and Surgeons.[6] However, Wagner (1964), states that no licence allowing Ellyson to practice has been found.

If he was born around 1615, Ellyson would be about the age of twenty-seven (27) in 1642/3. His occupational title as a barber-surgeon implies that he may have been affiliated with the Company of Barbers and Surgeons.

Wikipedia states that, "the Fellowship of Surgeons merged with the Barbers' Company in 1540 by Act of Parliament to form the Company of Barbers and Surgeons. The Act specified that no surgeon could cut hair or shave another and ... no barber could practice surgery; the only common activity was to be the extraction of teeth. The barber pole, featuring red and white spiraling stripes, indicated the two crafts (surgery in red and barbering in white). Barbers received higher pay than surgeons until surgeons were entered into British warships during naval wars.
In order to become a member of the Company, apprentice training would occur for seven years within the household of an experienced barber-surgeon; apprentices would assist in surgical care and gain hands-on experience in tasks such as setting bones and suturing wounds. Once completed, the new member would demonstrate their skills and abilities to Company-appointed examiners. They would then pay a membership fee and join the ranks of the Company."[6]

According to Wagner (1964), Ellyson was indeed a physician, who mainly treated people through blood-letting and "medicinal remedies.[18] So IF Ellyson was a 'free' surgeon, it's possible that he was in London at some point because, "After the licensing of dissection in 1540, public demonstrations took place four times a year in the Great Hall of Barber-Surgeons' Hall ... Attendance was compulsory for all 'free' surgeons."[6]

  • Incidentally ... there was a surgeon named in the 1656 will of the Newcastle historian and author, William Gray. The latter was the oldest sibling of Elizabeth Gray, which made him the brother-in-law of Robert Ellison, MP for Newcastle. ... Gray willed the bulk of his estate to the MP, including a piece of, "land called ... Paddock Close," that was, "in the tenure or occupation of David Shevell, chirurgeon".
It's also the case that Gray's wealthy mother Elizabeth Huntley, was in control of her late husband's ships until she died. ... The Grays of Newcastle were a family of means.[19]

In any event, Ellyson obviously escaped the English Civil War ... so we are posed a few questions. ... Was he in a rush to get the heck out of Dodge? Did he even have time to complete his apprenticeship before the escape?

Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658), Lord Protector, was getting his first taste of the battlefield around the time of Ellyson's earliest documentation in Maryland.
Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658), Lord Protector, was getting his first taste of the battlefield around the time of Ellyson's earliest documentation in Maryland.

see Doliante (1991), for complete timeline.[20]

According to Wagner (1964), documentation for the physician's former residence in Maryland, begins 02 August 1642, when he's, "first mentioned in the levy on St. Mary's Hundred," and "assessed thirty pounds tobacco."[18] The county's boundaries were crafted a few years before on 24 January 1637.[21]

Ellyson also missed a roll call in Kent co., MD on 05 Sep 1642. The record refers to him as an, "absent freeman."[22]

By 1643/4, Maryland's court records refer to Ellyson as "late sheriff".[23] He was not sheriff in March 1643, when the court sentenced John Dandy for shooting a young Native American male known as "Edward," who died from wounds to his stomach within the "space of three days."[24] Doliante (1991), elaborates that Ellyson was sheriff in Maryland from January 1643 to 09 February 1643.[20] He was clearly a trusted member within the community of Maryland.


  • "Liber P. R. said Sr Edmond shall putt in security to answere by himselfe or attorny to the suit of Robt Ellyson in an action of debt of 1156 l tob at the Court on the first of March next; vpon his pill of iudgmt to pceed in default. And then retorne &c."[25]
  • "Eod John Wyat gent p attorn franc Anthill demandeth of Robt Ellyson one carbine, delivered to him by the plf wch he deteineth from him, to the damage of the plf the value of the carbine."[26]
  • Robt Ellyson late sheriff demandeth of Rich. Ingle 650 l tob & cask due for fees of warning divers iuries & evidences to enquire of certaine crimes of wch enquiry the said Richard was the cause; & 600 of wch said somme hath beene assumed to the plf by the said Richard but is since gone away without satisfying it & therefore prayeth to be admitted to prove his demand. it was found by the Cort that the deft had appointed paymt to the plf in mr Secretaries hands wch according to his appointmt the Court allowed him.[27][24]


  • "Robt Ellyson chirurgeon demandeth of Nicolas Hervey 556 l tob. due for physick administred to Jane the now wife of the deft. in her sicknes, in the months of July & August anno 1643; warn: to Court 1. febr next: sub piculo iudicij
  • Rob. Ellyson demandeth of Henry Brooks 250 l tob & cask, due for chirurgery; warn: to Court siliter.
  • Rob. Ellyson demandeth of John dandy, 190 l tob due upon accompt; warn: to Cort sihter; Copies entred of mr Henry Brooks mcht.
Mr Henry Brooke dr
to mony lent you 05. 11. o6
to mony lost at play 00.1 5. 00
to mony paid for poultry 00. 15. 00
to mony paid mr Yardly 00.1 1.
to a watch, 1 1. oo. 00
to a suit of curtaines 1 2. 00. 00
to a suit of rought 20. 00. 00.
to 5. yards of cloth 05. 10. 00


The physician eventually moved to Virginia, where he became a burgess. He ranked as a captain in that capacity. In 1680, the title reappears when Gerard Robert Ellyson is referred to as the, "son and heir of Capt. Robert Ellyson."[29]

Dr. Ellyson is definitely not listed in Muster of Inhabitants of Virginia, dated 04 Feb 1624/5, but it does show that three (3) other Ellisons lived in the colony before the physician was first mentioned in Maryland.[30]

  • John Ellison & wife Ellen of Archer's Hope, James City co., VA
  • William Ellison (b. c. 1580/1, age 44) of Elizabeth City, servant of the Salfords.

It's unclear as to whether Dr. Ellyson had connections with any of them. But given the time and proximity ... it begs the question.

"Dr. Robert Ellyson, of James City County, Va., who formerly resided in St. Mary's Parish, Md., and served as High Sheriff of both counties, and as Sergeant at Arms the House of Burgesses, 1657-58; and a Burgess, 1656 to 1663, with the rank of Captain."[2]
British Virginia Counties in 1652
British Virginia Counties in 1652


[citation needed]

Disputed Identity

Doliante (1991), states that Ellyson did NOT marry Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Gerard, as Wagner (1964) asserts.[32] Elizabeth Gerard was apparently married to Nemiah Blakiston (d. 1693).[33][34]

But Doliante (1991), does agree that the first name of Ellyson's wife was, Elizabeth.[20]

This Elizabeth was one of the sponsors of the baptism of William Randolph (b. 12 Sep 1658), son of Henry Randolph and Elizabeth. The event lists her name as, "Mrs. Elizabeth Ellison."[35] Her surname is unknown, but Dolainte (1991) thought that she might have been the daughter of Henry Soanes and his wife, Judith.[20] In 1660, Soanes was Speaker of the House of Burgesses.[20] The idea was later disputed and Elizabeth Soanes is said to have married someone else.[36][37]


Robert's children are:

  • (s & h) Gerard Robert Ellyson.[32]
  • Hanah (will 26 Oct 1726, signed Hanah H.A. Armistead; proved 19 Oct 1728 by Elizabeth Armistead).[32][38][37]
m. Lt-Col. Anthony Armistead.[32][38]

Death and Legacy

Ellyson drops off the record after 1663 and was probably dead before 28 Sep 1671, when the court recorded that money be paid to John Harloe by George Liddell out of Ellison's estate.[32] Jamestown Society (n.d.), dates his death to about 1665/6.

  • interestingly ... the surname LIDDELL had ties to the Ellisons of Newcastle, through the marriage of Elizabeth Liddell (d. 1751) and Robert Ellison of Hebburn (1665 - 1726), who was a grandson of Elizabeth Gray and Robert Ellison, MP for Newcastle.
And while not a "Harloe," Ellinor Gray (living 19 Apr 1623) married Robert Harle (d. 1644). She was a daughter of Cuthbert Gray of Newcastle and therefore ... the sister of Elizabeth (Gray) Ellison, wife of the Newcastle MP.

Apparently, Ellyson left a guardian in charge of his son Gerard.[citation needed]


  • Allison/Ellison Family DNA Project.[39]


q & a

  • Was Dr. Ellyson related to any of the Ellisons listed in the Muster of Inhabitants, Virginia, (1624/5 February)? ... John Ellison of Archer's Hope & wife Ellen (presumably the parents of George "died young" Ellison [d. 1624 Archer's Hope]), resided at Archer's Hope in James City co, while William Ellison (b. c. 1580/1, age 44 in 1624/5), is found as a servant living in Elizabeth City.

  • Was son Gerard named traditionally ... as first son named after paternal grandfather (instead of say ... a neighbor?)
Gerard Allenson (bp. 18 Oct 1582 Witton le Wear, co. Durham England), son of Cuthbert Allenson.[40]
Gerard Fenwick, 6th son of John Fenwick of Newburn (b. c. 1415 est) by his 2nd wife Elizabeth, sis. of Sir Roger Widdrington & dau. of Roger Widdrington & Elizabeth Grey, dau. of Sir Thos. Gray of Heaton Castle (d. c. 1415). Gerard Fenwick married a dau. of John Burradon, co. Northumb., England.[41] ... This is interesting because Cuthbert Fenwick is mentioned in Maryland court records along with Dr. Ellison and Francis Gray, regarding the execution of John Dandy for shooting the young Native American male "Edward," in 1644.[24]

  • Did he know Thomas Gray of James City & Surrey (d. bef. 02 Nov 1658 Surrey co., VA), ancient planter of Virginia?

  • What's the difference between a Quaker (English sect) and a Presbyterian (Scottish sect)?

  • Who are the Ellisons of co. Staffs., England: Newcastle under Lyme; Longnor; Lichfield

to do

  • cross-ref co. Northumb. family surnames found in James City (or MD), example -- Liddell, Gray, Ellison, etc. -- evidence for connections...
  • surname Gerard appears in co. Salop. ... as a given name (FR) it reaches (at least) back to the Middle Ages (c. early 700s A.D. / see Gerard, Comte de Paris). Kinda unusual to see it among co. Northumb. names. ... and stranger to see it combined w/ the Ellisons. ...
  • While in Maryland, Ellyson must have been acquainted with Cuthbert Fenwick, Francis Gray and John Metcalfe, as court records indicate in 1643/4.[24] ... Francis Gray might be Francis Gray [Gray-11267] (b. 1620 - d. btw 07 Jun/31 Jul 1667), who m. Alice Moorman & assoc. w/ St. George Hundred, MD.; & Cuth. Fenwick is Cuthbert Fenwick, d. c. 1655 St. Mary's co., MD (Fenwick-95).
  • research PADDOCK CLOSE, Newcastle, co. Northumb. - a barber-surgeon lived on an Ellison property there ... (see will of William Gray, son of Cuthbert Gray and Eliz. Huntley).
  • alternate orgins: Allison of Avondale, Scotland.[13] -- expert Scotland researcher needed! (request by Bree).
  • religion (Alisons of Avondale were Covenanters of Presbyterian Church in Scotland c. 1679)
  • review Boddie's "Historical Southern Families".
  • SPOUSE ... double-check dispute, etc.[3]
  • list of ships owned by Cuth. Gray and later his wife, Eliz. Huntley
  • tighten up inline citations & notes (remove redundancy, tag errors, etc).

old data

  • DISPUTED: m. (prob. c. 1659) Hannah[17][6] Elizabeth, dau. of Dr. Thomas Gerard.[32]

He moved to Virginia in the mid-1640s and became High Sheriff & Burgess of James City County; Robert Ellyson (b. 1620 MD) m. (1659) Elizabeth Gerrard (b. 1623).[citation needed]

  • 1642: owned property in Kent co., MD
  • 1644 Rob. Ellyson demandeth of henry Brooks 250 l tob & cask, due for chirurgery. warn: to Court siliter.[14]
  • 1644-6: moved from Maryland to York co., Virginia.
  • 1651: Justice of the Peace
  • 1656: patented 577 acres in New Kent co.
  • 1656: Burgess from James co.
  • law
  • Lieutenant Colonel in the militia

genealogy errors

CAUTION: Find A Grave: Memorial #150469921[42]

shows different traditions and different constructions .. including the error that marries Robert Allison (Allason) of Newton Reigny, co. Cumb., England to Elizabeth Grey of Howick, co. Northumb. ... The error attempts to make the non-existent couple the parents of children that actually belong to Robert. Ellison, MP for Newcastle & Eliabeth, dau. of Cuthbert Gray and Eliz. Huntley.
  • FamilySearch indexes report that Robert Allison (Allason) of Newton Reigny (see Disambiguation at top), is the father of: Isabel (06 Jan 1623), Annas (bp. 24 Aug 1625), Robert (bp. 10 Feb 1635), Thomas (bp. 19 Jul 1640), and Matthew (bp. 18 Oct 1643). No mother is mentioned for any of these children and the indexes are not cited.[43]
It's also the case that ... In spite of their proximity, antiquarians simply did NOT agree on relations between the Grays of Newcastle and the Greys of Chillingham, co. Northumb. (Howick is a cadet branch of Chillingham).
  • Some antiquarians believe the Grays of Newcastle are related to the southern Greys, (i.e. -- Jane Grey, 9 days queen) ... but the jury is still out. There is, however, some evidence for the Newcastle branch being related to the line at Backworth, which seems to point to the reason for the disagreement. (Note that the Greys of Chillingham and Howick are well-documented).
The Greys of Howick begin with the 3rd son of Sir Ralph Grey of Chillingham (d. 17 Dec 1565) & Dame Isabel Grey of Ogle Castle (will 06 Oct 1581):
Sir Edward Grey of Howick & Morpeth and his wife Catherine le Strange, are the parents of :
It's this Elizabeth Grey (d. England), who is sometimes mistaken for the mother of Capt. Robert Ellyson of James City, VA, barber surgeon & burgess, and somehow conflated with the wife of Robert Ellison, MP for Newcastle, Elizabeth Gray (d. 30 Jun 1665), dau. of Cuthbert Gray of Newcastle [and Backworth] & Eliz. Huntley.


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The Jamestowne Society Ancestor Sticker should be supported by a footnote or an entry in the source list. For the Robert Ellyson/Ellison listed by the Society, it would be

ref tag Jamestowne Society: Ellyson/Ellison, Robert - A2410; died 1665-66, James City Co.: 1656, 1660-65 (Burgess). accessed 27 August 2020 /ref


  • Jamestowne Society: Ellyson/Ellison, Robert - A2410; died 1665-66, James City Co.: 1656, 1660-65 (Burgess). accessed 27 August 2020
posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett