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This is a hard leather-bound Bible in the possession of Alicia Taylor. It's a Pictorial Parallel Bible published by Globe Bible Publishing in 1885 measuring 12.5 inches long and 10.5 inches wide. It is published in 1885. The description from the publisher reads:

Bound in American Morocco, Elegant Raised Panel sides, Beautifully ornamented gold centre stamp, comb edges... with 38 full-page Steel and Wood Engravings, over 1000 pages, patriarchs, prophets, and kings of the Bible, lives of the Reformers and Translators, Smith's Illustrations and Events in the Life of St. Paul, Biography and History of the Apostles and Evangelists, FOUR THOUSAND QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ON THE OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS, and numerous other Biblical subjects, Illuminated Family Record, Marriage Certificate, Lord's Prayer, Ten Commandments and Beatitudes, embracing in all 284 Features found in the Table of Explanatory Features, Two Photograph Album Cards.

Some parts of the Bible appear to be printed in German.


Bible's Passage through the Family

Nora Cordenia Harding wrote the following inscription on the first page:

This Bible first belonged to Robert S. Anthony, the father of Julia Ann Anthony, Thomas. Following his death it was presented to his daughter, Julia Ann Anthony, Thomas.

Upon her death (17 Jul 1929), it was given to her daughter, Lillie May Thomas, Harding, Hilderbrand.

On the death of Lillie May Thomas, Harding, Hilderbrand on April 2, 1969, the Bible was given to her daughter, Florence Ozella Harding, Clear, McCrackin.

Following the death of Florence Ozella Harding, Clear, McCrackin, Feb. 20, 1993, the Bible was given to her sister, Nora Cordenia Harding, Thompson. Upon the death of Nora Cordenia Harding, Thompson, it is to be presented her daughter, Ethel May (Thompson) Wyre.

Willed Posession

Many pages deeper into the Bible and on the back of the Temperance Pledge, on 23 Aug 1933, Lillie Hilderbrand wrote that she desired the Bible to pass to her daughter, Florence O Harding, upon her death.
Florence wrote that, upon her death, she wished it pass to her sister, Nora Thompson.

Presentation Pages

A history of denominations and many prints follow the Temperance Pledge. After this, the Bible contains an official presentation page.
1st Presentation Page - Presented to Lillie May Hildebrand from Julia Ann Anthony on 17 Jun 1929

It's actually out of order, as this presentation page documents when Julia Ann Anthony gave the Bible to her daughter. But the Bible was presented to Julia by her father, and that presentation page is towards the back of the Bible.

Presentation Page from Robert S Anthony to his daughter, Julia Ann Thomas - dated 1890.

How Alicia Taylor Got It

Upon the death of Ethel May (Thompson) Wyre, the contents of her belonging were sold in an estate sale, including this Bible and a family photo album. The woman who bought it subsequently passed away and her granddaughter sent the items to me because I knew Aunt Nora and am a direct descendant of Robert Anthony, and his daughter, Julia.

First Family Records

Immediately following the appendix in front of the Bible, the Bible has pages titled: "Holy Matrimony," "Marriages," "Births," and "Deaths."


The "Holy Matrimony" page is empty, but the "Marriages" contains at least two different handwritings and consists of marriages primarily involving Thompsons or Hardings. The page reads as follows:


Miles Thomas and LIzzie Smith marriage is listed as December 1900. However, they are on the 1900 census in June with a baby with a marriage date of 1899. I believe they were married in December 1898, as his obituary indicates.

Birth Record

1st Record Set

This is the first set of birth records in the Bible. They are recorded in two sets of handwriting and consists of Harding and Anthony births as follows:

2nd Record Set

This page is right after a page naming the books of the Old and New Testament. It contains a record of Harding Births descending from Annie E Thomas.


  • Annie E Harding's death certificate puts her death at 27 March, 1874, but the family Bible lists it as 22 March 1874
  • Earl Harding's middle name is recorded as "Emory" in the family Bible under the second birth register, but is recorded as "Otha" (and that's the name he primarily used) under the second death register. I am not sure if "Emory" was recorded in error or if he changed his name. [1]

Death Record

First Record Set

This is the first of the death record, beginning with Julia Ann Anthony and continuing with Nora's siblings and family.


The Bible records Julia Ann Harding death on 15 April 1910, but her headstone records her death 1907. She was 6 months old, as the Bible states. I believe her dates were recorded inaccurately long past baby Julia's death. If she were 6-months old and passed away in 1910, her brithdate would conflict with her brothers. (However, the Births record page has it recorded properly and matches FindAGrave.

Second Record Set

This is the first of the death record. It contains the records of Anne (Thomas) Harding, Edwin Harding and their children.


  1. (Ed Harding Jr is listed twice
  2. Nellie May Harding is listed, but her date is empty

Anthony Family History

After the Presentation page documenting the Bible's passage from Robert Silas Anthony to his daughter, Julia Thomas, follows two pages of Anthony Family History.

History of the Anthony Family Pg 1

George Anthony, born in 1745 in New Jersey. Died - A.D 1837, in Missouri, Scotland County. Mary Anthony, born in 1792, in Pennsylvania. Died - A.D, 1867, in Missouri, Scotland County. Their Children, to whom Married, Date of Marriage,

  1. Robert S. Anthony
    1. Elizabeth Thrush. Sept. 10, 1846
    2. Ann Coon, Thrush - Nov. 16, 1856
    3. Elizabeth Thomas - March 9, 1893
  2. Elizabeth Anthony - Robert Gurny -
  3. Cedona Anthony- George Thrush
  4. Rhoda Anthony - Abram Thrush Dec. 18, 1846
  5. George Norman Anthony - Susan Clark June 25 1859
  6. Merritt Anthony - Lucinda ?

Note: George Norman Anthony (Antony) was born in 1840 in Half Breed Reservation, township 67, Range 7, West, Lee County, Iowa. The Reservation was created as a result of the terms of treaties of August 4, 1828, Set 21, 1832, and Oct 11, 1842. The lands were of the Sac and Fox Half Breed Reservation.


  1. The note says that George Anthony was born in 1840, but his father passed away in 1837.
  2. The Family bible records George Anthony's death in 1837, but he appears on a census with his children listed in 1856, so I do not believe that is correct. I also believe he passed away in Iowa given his age on the last Iowa census. But, Widowed Mary Anthony appeared on the 1860 census in Missouri with her son, Merritt, so it's possible he made the trip with her. However, I cannot find a date for him.
  3. The Bible records Mary's birth in Pennsylvania, however, on three separate census opportunities, her birth is recorded in New Jersey.

Anthony Family History Pg 2

Robert S Anthony Family History (First Marriage) (Anthony Family History P2)

Robert S Anthony, born March 15, 1821 in Clark County, Ohio, Died - March 12, 1894, age 73 years, in Johnson County, Missouri. Burial in Old Adams Cemetery, a few miles south of Montserrat, Mo. Elizabeth Thrush Anthony, born Sept. 9, 1830, in Pennsylvania, Died, Sept. 15, 1855, at the age of 35 years, leaving her husband and five children.

  1. Silas Pickney Anthony - born Oct. 28, 1847
  2. Zachary Taylor Anthony, born, Feb 25, 1849
  3. Julia Ann Anthony,, Feb. 5, 1851
  4. Rufus Payne Anthony, Oct. 2, 1853.
  5. Amanda Anthony - born July 22, 1855.


  1. The Bible lists Elizabeth Thrush Anthony's death date as Sept. 15, 1855. However, FindAGrave marks it as Nov 1855. There is no headstone and the only source on FindAGrave is illegible.
  2. FindAGrave, which is unsourced lists Silas Anthony's last name as Peter. However, the family Bible lists it as Pickney. Most records that mention his middle name use Peter
  3. FindAGrave records Rufus Anthony's middle name as Penn, but the Bible records it as Payne. His Death certificate records it as Penn. [2]
  4. FindAGrave - and the Bible birth records record Rufus' birth date as August. But this page records his birthday in October. His Death Certificate also records it as August. [2]
  5. FindAGrave records Amanda's death place as Colorado. The Family Bible records it as Kansas.

Anthony Births

This page was intended to hold Marriages, but whomever kept these records recorded the births of Robert Silas Anthony's Children.


Conflict: Zachary Anthony's birthday is recorded as Feb 28, 1849 on this page, and on the first page Family Birth Record. However, the second page of the Anthony family history records it as Feb 25.

Children of Miles and Lizzie Thomas

The next page lists the children of Miles Thomas and LIzzie Smith. Miles Thomas was a son of Julia Ann Anthony.

Children of Miles and Lizze Thomas -Births-

Children of Julius Harding - son of LIllie Thomas

This page names some of the children of Julius Harding and Harriet Rose Robinson - and it names their children's children. Since many of those on the page are still living, I won't share an image of the page, but here is the information about those who are no longer living.
Billie Lee Harding married Sept: 21-1952
Gerald A Harding & Sally Borkette - (married) - Jan 10, 1953
Sally (Borkette) Harding (borned) March 22 - 1936
Their Children
(Steve) Steven Dale Harding - Born - Feb. 27, 1958
Kitty Louise Harding & Richard O'Dell (Married) July 17, - 1953
Richard Odell (borned) Feb 20 - 1933
Their Children
(Timmy) Timothy Ray O'Dell. Born. Dec. 18, 1963


Richard ODells birthday is recorded as Feb 20, but all official sources have him born on 18 Feb.

Noble J R Thomas Siblings and Children

This page records the children of Julia Ann Anthony and John Brummet Thomas. And it records the children of Noble Thomas (son of Julia and John). Note that it doesn't list all of his children.


The Bible records Birdie May Thomas's birthdate as January 19, 1893, but Social Security Death records records it as 25 Jan 1893
The Bible records Annie Elizabeth's birthdate on 22 March 1874 when listed with Noble Anthony's siblings and children. But, it is listed as the 27th on the 2nd set of Anthony Family Birth Records


The top of this page says "Memoranda" and records the children of Noble and Oda Thomas, including children that didn't appear in the previous page of Noble's children.


  • The Family Bible records Oda Lenora Smith's birth as August 26, 1871. However, FAG records it as 1869 (but there is no photo of her headstone), as does her death certificate. Her marriage license says 1871, as do census records.
  • The Bible Records Birdie Thomas's birthday as 19 Jan 1893 on the page listing Noble Thomas's siblings and children. However the Memoranda page says her birthday was 19 Jan 1893.
  • His draft card records Willis Elmer's birthday as 17 May, as does the Social Security Death Index. The Bible records it as 12 May, and FindAGrave records it as 27 May 1905
  • I cannot find any mention of Robert Oral Thomas outside of the family Bible. He may have died young.

Thomas Deaths

This page lists the deaths of several Thomas family members - but also includes Robert Anthony, himself.

Temperance Pledge

The Temperance Pledge follows the Births, Marriages, and Deaths. It reads:
We Hereby solemnly promise, God helping us, to abstain from all distilled, fermented and malt liquors including wine and beer and to employ all proper means to discourage the use of and the traffic in the same.'
Family Bible - Temperance Pledge

It is signed by Lillie May Hilderbrand and her son, John L Harding, and dated 1946.

Wyre Family History

On the back of the first presentation page, Ethel Thompson (the last person in the family to possess this Bible before me) recorded her marriage to George Wyre and their four children, most of whom are still living (so I will not share this page). They married on 8 June 1946 in Olathe, Kansas.

Other Family History Pages

This Bible contains MANY other pages, but they are so modern, that they have the private information for living people. Therefore, I won't be sharing those images.



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