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Rosedale Cemetery, NSW

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Location: Rosewood, NSWmap
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This is part of the Australian Cemeteries Project.



Rosewood is situated South East NSW, Australia. Links to WikiTree profiles are provided (where known). If you know of any others that can be linked to please contact Paul Bech to have the link added. If you require a photo of a gravestone listed and there is no profile on WikiTree, please create a profile (WIkiTree is entirely free) and contact Paul Bech and one will be added to the new profile. WikiTree is a collaborative effort, so it is little to ask that you add a profile for a person that has not already been added. If you have found a profile then please consider helping others by adding the details of another profile to WikiTree that has not already been added.

Location and Map

Link to map of location of Rosewood Cemetery


This project is to document the life and times of the people interred in Rosewood Cemetery. Project members are needed to assist in the research and adding profiles and information to profiles.

Tasks Completed

  • Photography
Completed on the Jul 2018

To Do

  • Photo transcriptions
Details of all photos have been transcribed to the sortable table below.
  • Create WikiTree profiles for all people in the table below
The completed table will include links to WikiTree profiles and direct links to the photos of gravestones. The profile created can include other sources of information as well as biographical details of the person.
  • Checking of transcription information
Other people are required to assist in double-checking the validity of data entered to ensure accuracy.

Sortable Table of graves

Sortable table
name born died age notes photo #
A’Beckett, Richard Gilbert Alexander1941 Aug 132005 Oct 14H of Sue; F of James, Sam, Lucy7211398
Albert, Ellen Lorraine1928 Oct 042007 Aug 207211273
Albert, Henery Percy (Peter)1896 Feb 101986 Jan 277211279
Albert, Margaret1921 Jul 172007 May 12nee McVean; W of Pete7211275
Albert, Olive1922 Oct 142006 Jan 22nee King; M of Richard, Paulette, Gail, Christopher, Karen7211400
Albert, Percival1923 Oct 311989 Nov 23H of Margaret7211276
Albert, Ross1922 Sep 181995 Aug 21AIF7211278
Albert, Sylvia Verina1902 Dec 101984 May 14nee Smith7211280
Allen, Keith P1912infant; unmarked7211396
Alomes, Jye Mitchell1993 Aug 241993 Aug 24S of Allan & Kim7211330
Archer, Eva Adela(?) Ida1930 ??? 217211290
Barlow, John C192668unmarked7211396
Best, E7211380
Best, Edward195170unmarked7211396
Blommfield, Sarah A189226unmarked7211396
Bourne, Edward18601936F of Amelia M Grose; GF of Edna M & Joyce E Grose7211391
Bourne, Edward193676unmarked7211396
Brown, Arthur (Brownie)1955 Sep 277211388
Burgun, Brian William1934 Aug 222013 Jan 06H of Judith; F of Anne, John, Elizabeth, Michelle, Richard7211221
Carrington, Adelaide Jessie1933 Dec 1030D of Henry & Annie Carrington7211334
Clegg, Colin Henry1984 Aug 05727211248
Clegg, Elizabeth1924 Jan 18637211292
Clegg, Frederick Clyde1934 Sep 15187211254
Clegg, Henry193? Dec 2?687211255
Clegg, James John1992 Dec 02787211246
Clegg, James JohnAIF NX735767211247
Clegg, James John1908 Jul 18?07211293
Clegg, John1941 Dec 25777211228
Clegg, Joseph1932 Aug 04747211291
Clegg, Mary Anne1963 Jul 1885mother7211249
Clegg, Mary Anne190? May 2173?W of James7211294
Clegg, Thomas1940 Jul 15717211250
Clegg, William1940 Apr 19787211256
Condon, Frederick19426unmarked7211396
Cook, C M189030unmarked7211396
Cruickshank, W191286unmarked7211396
Cullen, James1953 Sep 05747211224
Cullen, James195374unmarked7211396
Doughty, Claude Clive1991 May 05827211262
Doughty, Elizabeth Marie1999 Jul 13897211263
Doughty, Florence Ella1987 Sep 0586mother7211261
Doughty, Francis James1948 Aug 08877211257
Doughty, Mary Anne Jane1965 Aug 2888W of Thomas7211258
Doughty, Ronald Thomas1925 Jun 142007 May 22817211236
Doughty, Thomas1921 Oct 2662bur Rookwood; H of Mary; F of Lena, Albert, Evelyn, Emily, Ethel, Claude, Gordon, Mary7211259
Doughty, Thomas Edwin Albert1979 Jul 04807211260
Evans, Isabella1940 Apr 1477with Thomas Evans7211362
Evans, Thomas McIntyre1950 Jun 2688with Isabella Evans7211362
Finley, Robert1919 Sep 06AIF 20557211225
Foster, Iris May1927 Dec 242006 Jul 09W of Walter7211370
Foster, Walter William1923 Sep 292001 Dec 12AIF N200685; H of Iris7211370
Fraser, Verina Anne1926 May 311996 Aug 27nee Albert7211272
Grant, Florence Alice1902 Jul 061977 Aug 19with John Grant7211333
Grant, John Alexander1928 Feb 171996 Sep 03yougest S of Florence & John7211332
Grant, John Paterson1886 Sep 281944 Jul 06with Florence Grant7211333
Greenhalgh, Aasta Paige2012 Feb 252012 Mar 257211328
Harvey, Emma1960 Jun 1390mother7211347
Harvey, Estella Alice1979 Dec 2483mother7211349
Harvey, Gordon Thomas1975 Mar 10?67211348
Hawkins, Coral Winifred19231982W of John7211231
Hawkins, Desmond Charles1963 Dec 2515drowned (year might be 1968)7211230
Hawkins, Geoffrey John1945 Apr 062007 Jul 11H of Lynette; F of Bruce & Keiran7211232
Hawkins, John19211994H of Coral7211231
Hawkins, Lynette1950 Feb 132005 Jan 18nee Hilton; W of Geoffrey; M of Bruce & Keiran7211232
Kearsey, Allan Gilbert1938 Feb 077211304
Kearsey, Colin Brian1945 May1996 ?? 027211299
Kearsey(?), Annie7211302
Kessey, Philip Leslie1990 Dec 16?7F of Maria, Philip, Steven7211226
Kessey, Philip Leslie1990 Dec 16?7F of Maria, Philip, Steven7211298
King, Ernest John1926 Mar 251996 Sep 18AIF; S of Lydia & John; B of Dorothy, Olive, Pansy, Patrick7211371
Kvaternik, Anton (Tony)1933 Apr 021991 Dec 18587211227
Lawson, Eva Katherine1909 Aug 201992 Feb 26b. Wellington, NZ; nee Wilkins; W of Laurie; M of Eva; F of Barbara, Judith, Faye, Richard, Wendy7211234
Lawson, Laurie Adrian1909 May 281990 Jun 23b. Greylynn, NZ; H of Eva; F of Barbara, Judith, Faye, Richard, Wendy7211234
Levis, J191858unmarked7211396
Levis, James Rowland1937 Aug 1589H of Mary7211318
Levis, M S194556unmarked7211396
Levis, Margaret Dudley1956 Apr 15d of Robert & Euphemia7211322
Levis, Mary Stewart1857 Jul 121944 Aug 31nee McEachern; b. Portland; d. Courabyra; W of James7211317
Levis, Robert18921959AIF7211393
Mackenzie, Malcolm Aquinas1933 Dec 112011 Nov 0377S of Donald Mackenzie & Annie Aleathea (nee Cunich); H of Patricia (nee Lynch); F of Gregory, Malcolm, James, Felicity, Johnm7211223
Mackenzie, Patricia Ellen1936 Jul 132012 Aug 2376D of Edward Lynch & Catherine (nee Fitzgerald); W of Malcolm Mackenzie; M of Gregory, Malcolm, James, Felicity, John7211222
Matheson, T A1969 Aug 2156NAIF NX35169; H of Mary; F of Lorraine, Lynette, Dianne, Sandra; F of William John (dec)7211350
Matheson, William John1964 Dec 25167211351
Matto, Barbara2006 May 0774nee Lawson; mother7211233
McCabe, Stanley1937infant; unmarked7211396
McEachern, Catherine Ann1959 Nov 0888W of Thomas7211320
McEachern, Dorothy Edith1899 Feb 08198?nee Dru???; W of Hugh7211326
McEachern, Elizabeth186619597211309
McEachern, HughH of Dorothy7211326
McEachern, John H1923 Oct 04597211311
McEachern, Kyle1902 Apr 131914 Jul 137211319
McEachern, Margaret Joanna1870 Sep 281946 Oct 24b. Strathdownie; d. Courabyra; with Sarah McEachern7211323
McEachern, Mary1960 Sep 12867211325
McEachern, Mary Elizabeth1832 Mar 241899 Oct 21W of William7211315
McEachern, Norma Holden1930 Jun 161996 Mar 107211314
McEachern, Sarah Ann1870 Sep 281942 Oct 2972b. Strathdownie; d. Courabyra; with Margaret McEachern7211323
McEachern, Stuart Lachlan1903 Feb 251932 Aug 01297211313
McEachern, Thomas Kyle1953 Jul 2785H of Catherine7211321
McEachern, William1814 May 071895 Sep 02H of Mary7211315
McEachern, William1937 Feb 06717211324
McEachern(?), Annie1911 Oct 28237211309
McGlynn, Alice189143unmarked7211396
McGlynn, Andrew189376unmarked7211396
McGlynn, Edward189143unmarked7211396
McGlynn, John190248unmarked7211397
McIntosh, Andrew1937 Jul 30727211359
McIntosh, Arneas A1826 Mar 051909 Jun 15b. Glen Urquhart, Scotland7211361
McIntosh, Auriel191519207211356
McIntosh, Donald1950? Jan 14747211360
McIntosh, Margaret1827 Nov 031906 Jul 03b. Glen Urquhart, Scotland7211361
McIntosh, Marget Jane1939 Sep 1569W of William John7211357
McIntosh, William186919437211358
McKie, R G196168unmarked7211397
McKinnon, Beatrice Mary1971 Jan 18847211342
McKinnon, John Kemp1956 Jan 1178?7211335
McKinnon, William Clarence1989 Nov 10817211344
McNeill, C190176unmarked7211397
McVean, Hugh1961 Jan 2955?b. Scotland7211353
McVean, Janet1950 Aug 1662b. Newton, Argyle, Scotland7211354
McVean, John193020157211355
McVean, Mary Douglas1960? Sep 0461?b. Scotland7211353
Morton, Cecil R1961 Jul 2839AIF NX1163547211252
Morton, Craig Laurence (Mort)1953 Feb 112008 Mar 2255H of Kathy; F of Darren & Shayne7211373
Morton, Demas Heckner1951 May 24737211386
Morton, Gloria Dorothy1922 Sep 172001 Jan 05W of Cecil7211253
Morton, Jeffrey James1967 Feb 05177211377
Morton, Keith Laurence1927 Mar 282004 Jan 0376H of Jeanine; F of Trevor, Craige, Deborah, Michell7211375
Morton, Lola Imelda1925 Aug 152014 Sep 21W of Robert; M of Lindsay, Jeffrey, Dennis7211376
Morton, Marion1948 Aug 2663mother7211385
Morton, Robert Irwin1920 Aug 061994 May 10AIF; H of Lola; F of Lindsay, Jeffrey, Dennis7211376
Mott, Mary189576unmarked7211397
O’Donnell, Thomas1921infant; unmarked7211396
Oakman, Anne189889unmarked7211397
Oakman, Mary A189758unmarked7211397
Oakman, William191372unmarked7211397
Palmer, B A192519unmarked7211397
Peden, Ian Bruce1940 Jul 162015 Oct 25H of Carmel (nee Albert)7211274
Piper, Catherine1926 May 311962 May 0135W of Harry; M of Phillip & Wendy7211352
Portors, Albert A A (Mick)1996 Jun 2786H of Elfleda7211390
Portors, Bessie1982 Sep 09907211305
Portors, Elfleda Ella1962 Dec 0149W of Albert7211390
Portors, Fredtumbarumba lawn cemetery7211394
Portors, Gordontumbarumba lawn cemetery7211395
Portors, Juliatumbarumba lawn cemetery7211394
Portors, Lydiatumbarumba lawn cemetery7211394
Portors, Michael Andrew1963 Aug 024 mths; S of Fred & Julia7211331
Reid, H J R196470unmarked7211397
Reid, Mary Elizabeth1890 Aug 061936 Jul 0746nee McEachern7211307
Reid, Reginald18941964H of Mary; F of Beth, John, Isabel7211306
Rendell, Evelyn1914infant; unmarked7211396
Rodler, Daphne1916infant; unmarked7211396
Rooney, Leonie1932 Nov 241996 Jul 23nee Albert7211277
Sawyer, Ellen7211367
Sawyer, John1946 Jul 04687211364
Sawyer, Mary(?)1922?73?7211365
Sawyer, Peter1969 Oct 01807211363
Sawyer, unknown7211368
Seckold, Elizabeth??89 Jun 161988 Feb 07b. Rosewood; D of Emma & Thomas Ha???7211346
Seckold, Joan Margaret2012 Mar 2983W of Kevin7211345
Seckold, Kevin Reginald2001 Feb 2574H of Joan7211345
Shephard, Alice Marion1907 Aug 171907 Oct 01D of Edward Henry & Sarah Maria7211384
Shephard, E H1934 Feb 25667211381
Shephard, Elsie2006 Jan 1975W of Reginald; M of Garry, Carol, Ronald, Daryl, Paul, Tanya7211387
Shephard, Reginald Edwin1995 Jan 1564H of Elsie; F of Garry, Carol, Ronald, Daryl, Paul, Tanya7211387
Shephard, Sarah M1968 Jul 19917211383
Simpson, Patrick1939infant; unmarked7211396
Smith, ? Maud1965 Jul 747211284
Smith, A7211389
Smith, Allan Richard195220077211229
Smith, Ann May19?9 Sep 09477211289
Smith, Anna M196268unmarked7211397
Smith, Doris Irene Maude1965 Oct507211283
Smith, Herbert Sidney1986 Apr 22807211281
Smith, Irene May19?? Mar 09807211265
Smith, Joseph Henry1959 Mar 04667211285
Smith, Karl Robert1991 Aug 196S of Colin & Catherine; B of Natasha7211271
Smith, Kenneth Norman (Jake)1980 Nov 05457211270
Smith, Leonard Victor1926 Oct 18177211286
Smith, Marion Ivy1979 May 0864mother7211282
Smith, Roderick1927 Feb 22647211288
Smith, W1971 Oct 0777AIF 2984; H of May; F of Hazel, Harry, Len, Norman7211264
Smith, William Leonard (Len)1929 Dec 262008 Aug 10H of Lola; F of Gayle, Jan, Dianne, Peter, Ian7211399
Underwood, G189150unmarked7211397
Weule, August Frederick1955 Mar 07677211245
Weule, John Frederick1979 Apr 27537211237
Weule, Sophie Anne1984 Feb 05957211238
Williams J C1968 Jul 0670AIF 57857211369
Williams, Anna M190040unmarked7211397
Williams, Anna Maria1859 Sep 281900 May 2340nee Tibeaudo; W of William Henry Williams7211296

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