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Rowland Johnson DNA Study

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The goal of this study is to identify the parents of Rowland Johnson. Other members are welcome to add supporting DNA information.

Future Participants

  • Still in Process of Building both© and GEDMatches.
  • The direct descendant(s) of Rowland match wikitree member A314784 , and have a documented path-line. The descendants are siblings.
We welcome future participants that are direct descendants of either Rowland Johnson or Ashley Johnson with proven documented trees !


*Matching CHRs [1][2] are indicated within this page.

GED Match

(Updated 6-15-19) CHR 22 Match: Drusilla Tebbs - daughter of Ashley Johnson Sr.

Kit A314784 : Matched to Kit(s) A033102, and A750686 of Mary Morkins sharing 5.5 Cms [1][2] with greatest total length at 6.0 cms within CHR 22 in GEDmatch with the MRCA at 7.7. When matching, the min threshold was set to 5. Ashley Johnson Sr. is the:
-5th GG of A750686 of Mary Morkins.
-6th GG of A314784

Additionally, Mary Morkins and A314784 share matches to over 10 profiles in GED Match with a generation gap <1.

(Updated 6-16-19) CHR 22 Match: John Johnson - son of Ashley Johnson Sr.

Kit A314784 : Matched to A618433 of Gloria Woodward, and A750686 of Mary Morkins sharing 5.5 Cms [1][2] with greatest total length at 6.3 within CHR 22 for both profiles in GEDmatch with the MRCA at 7.6. When matching, the min threshold was set to 5. Ashley Johnson Sr. is the:
-5th GG of A750686 of Mary Morkins
-6th GG of A314784
-7th GG of A618433 of Gloria Woodward
Note: the A314784 kit match to son of A618433 of Gloria Woodward only went down from 6.3cm to 5.0cms.

GEDmatch: A314784 matches to:

GedID Chr Shrd Cms MRCA Comment
M385568 1 5.0 7.7
*A796702 1 7.2 7.5
*A058317 1 6.9 7.5
*A291004 1 5.6 7.7
A712446 1 7.0 7.5
A161262 1 6.7 7.5
A689525 1 6.1 7.6
T183770 1 5.3 7.7
A891550 2 5.2 7.7
M199588 4 8.6 6.8
A291547 10 5.2 7.7
A002556 12 7.0 7.5
A156746 15 5.8 7.6
* A363758 15 5.1 7.7
*A360751 15 5.1 7.7
T619839 16 5.4 7.2 also chr 18
T672148 18 5.1 7.7
A131283 18 5.0 7.7
*T438011 18 5.3 7.7
*T619839 18 5.6 7.2 also chr 16
*M327481 18 5.5 7.7
*A650366 18 5.0 7.2
A913409 18 6.1 7.6
** M446907 18 6.3 7.6
** T824570 18 5.5 7.7
T484154 18 5.7 7.7
T818114 20 5.3 7.7
T813913 19 5.3 7.7
M221725 21 5.1 7.7
M758386 21 5.0 7.7
A821842 22 5.6 7.7
***A655790 22 6.0 7.6
***A328604 22 6.6 7,5

GED Match Table Analysis

  • Key note all participants within table except Ged ID: A058317 were selected from based on having a gedcom uploaded with Thomas Gerard-13 as an ancestor.
  • Confirmed shared Ancestor, similar MRCA's, overlapping DNA within CHR 1 and 18 are why the ancestry to Thomas Gerard-13 is with high confidence. *Thomas Gerard-13 is an ancestor of Elizabeth Elyson. A paternal relationship to Rowland Johnson is suggested as Unknown Johnson as father. The Unknown Johnson within tree is son of both Elizabeth Elyson and spouse of John Johnson-2064 .
  • The "*" [3][4] in table is to indicate overlapping; Cm shared almost a triangulation.
  • The relationship is to paternal MRCA (most-recent common ancestor) Thomas Gerard-13 and is confirmed by a near triangulated group on GEDmatch consisting of matches on :
    • CHR 1 between A314784, A796702, A058317, A291004 sharing of 5.6 - 7.2 cms.
    • CHR 18 between A314784, T438011, T619839 sharing of 5.3 -5.6 cms.
    • CHR 18 between A314784, M327481 , A650366 sharing of 5.0 -5.5 cms.
    • CHR 15 between A314784, A363758, A360751 sharing 5.1 is exact triangulation.
  • GED ID: A058317 MRCA of CHR 1 and others in CHR1 are most likely DNA collapses;. Why? Wiki ID: Gooden Ged ID: A058317 matches at 6.9 cm with an MRCA at 7.5. As a result, most matches within Chr1 most likely have a DNA collapse and the Cm match is slightly higher.
The DNA collapse is a result of Richard Molyneux and wife Lady Francis Gerard which is his cousin are 5 generations descended from Richard Molyneux.
  • "**"A314784 matches GED ID: M446907 and T824570 at location CHR 18 with 5.5 Cms being shared out of 6.3 total Cms. The exact MRCA which is estimated at 7.6 to 7.7 ancestor is TBD.
  • "***"A314784 matches A655790, A328604 , and A821842 within CHR 22. Both A655790, A328604 share Susannah Hancock b1770 as an ancestor and share 6.1 cms within CHR22. The Gerard line within A655790's tree merges into Susannah Hancock. Further analysis on match is needed.
  • Assumption is that the correct ancestors are within each respective tree. However, this is vastly mitigated because the matches are from different groups within GEDMATCH that have different paths to targeted match. © matches
jfancestors matches to:

  • zpuck member in© match at 18cm to Thomas Gerard-13 per DNA Painter 6c-8c [5]; Thomas Gerard-13 is 10GG to A314784 and 8GG to zpuck. DNA Compression via parents Richard Molyneux]] and wife Lady Francis Gerard are 5 generations descended from Richard Molyneux.
  • KJohnson & sibling GJohnson both members in© at 33 cms for ancestor Rhoda (Hawkins) Johnson per DNA Painter 1/2 of 3c -6c [6]; Rhoda (Hawkins is 5GGM to A314784 and Siblings. The same path is also shared to Millie (Hawkins) Johnson and spouse Rowland (this profile).
  • BManle member of© for ancestor John Hawkins at 19 cms 1 segment per DNA Painter 6c-8c [7]; John Hawkins is 6th GG to A314784
  • PMosley member in© for ancestor Michael Hawkins at 15.7 cms 1 segment. per DNA Painter 6c-8c [8] Michael is 7GG to A314784 and PMosley. © match note(s):

  1.© MRCA is based on matches to trees and is referred to as an "In Common With" or acronym ICW[4] ancestor. It is unlike MRCA within and DNA Painter. As a substitute DNA painter [9] are included where applicable.
  2. 'DNA painter assists in identifying the MRCA however the actual chr stop/start locations are not available.
  3. Assumption is that the correct ancestors are within each respective tree.

Full member Id's were abbreviated for privacy.

DNA matches to A314784 would be lower because only the transfer of X chromosomes. A male direct Johnson descendant from both Roland and Ashley with a proven tree would be optimal for matching.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2
  3. Represents shared Cm in the same chromosome using tool
  4. 4.0 4.1 [1] Supplemental triangulation analogy

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