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I would like to post a list of Rowles yDNA haplogroups here,


This is a One Name Study to collect together in one place everything about one surname and the variants of that name. The hope is that other researchers like you will join our study to help make it a valuable reference point for people studying lines that cross or intersect.


  • Christopher Rowles 1620-1665 Maryland USA He may be the ancestor of most of the Rowles in the United States
  • Bartholomew Rowles ca. 1678 Perhaps the progenitor of the Chester County, PA Rowles family
  • John Rowles RM-222 1750-1818 is the progenitor of Rowles family of Clearfield County Pennsylvania.
  • Thomas Rowles 1751-1818 Maryland Steuben Co. New York
  • John Rowles 1750 -1812 Franklin Co. PA Rowles families
  • Andrew Rowles 1814-1880 PA. Illinois, Missouri and Texas
  • George Rowles 1790 - 1862 Minnesota and Washington Rowles families

List of Profiles with Rowles Name Study

Darryl - My apologies to those who are studying , Rowles families of the British Isles, Africa, New Zealand and Austrailia - I would be happy to add them here.

Rowles Coat of Arms

There is no official Rowles coat of arms. There are may companies willing to sell you an interpretation of one.


The Rowles surname appears to have originated in the British Isles, perhaps as early as 1066.

Rowles is believed to be a A patronymic surname is a surname originated from the given name of the father or a patrilineal ancestor.

Rowles may be a toponymic (related to a town or village) surname See another theory below.

Rowles does not appear to be an occupational related surname like Smith, Miller, Cooper etc.

1. Onomastics or onomatology the study of the origin, history, and use of surnames tells us that Rowles was derived from Rollo aka Gaange Rolf a Viking who became the first ruler of Normandy, a region of France. He ruled from 911 to 928. The surnam first appeared after 1066 when the Normans conquered England. See Surname Database for additional text. Does genetics support this notion?

2. Are other Rowles families in the world closely related to our Rowles family? This includes those with spelling variations such as Rolls, Rolles and Rowells etc.

3. Genetic research shows that two distinctly different American Rowles families have haplogroups that are Irish in origin rather than Norman/Viking origin that might be expected if descended from Rollo

4. Another theory is that Rowles is a combination of the surnames Rowe and Welles and that it originated in the 1600's in northern England.

Task List

Where do other Rowles members fit on the Phylogenetic Tree?

You can get an estimated haplogoup prediction from Y-SNP Subclade Predictor: extract Y-DNA from an autosomal test
The Morley results may appear as follows:

Suggested terminal subclade

Long name Short name(s)
R1b1a2a1a2c1a1a1 R1b-M222 (most likely)
R1b1a2a1a2c R1b-M529 (R1b-L459)
R1b1a2a1a2a1b3~2 R1b-L421 (R1b-L433, R1b-L88)
R1b1a2a R1b-L150 (R1b-L23, R1b-L49)
R1b1a2a1a2b1a1~3 R1b-CTS358 (R1b-CTS7275, R1b-CTS8127)

The following tree should match descendants of John Rowles of Clearfield County, PA
Phylogenetic Ancestral Tree for marker [BY21241] on Chromosome Y (Tree 1227989)
Marker / Branch Name Alternative Names Notes
HomoErectus hg38:21292569-T-G Human and Denisovan diverge from ancestral allele T found in chimpanzees at this position. hg38 Ref is G.
YAdam hg38:2844421-A-G Ancestral allele in chimpanzee is A implying this is probably a human-defining SNP for homo sapiens. hg38 Ref is G.
L1085 2922685-T-C Defining mutation for near-root haplogroup A0-T (aka A0'1'2'3'4). That is to say father of ALL modern Y-DNA lineages except A00.
P305 2842113-A-G rs72625368 Defining mutation for haplogroup ISOGG branch A1.
P108 rs761539052 Defining mutation for haplogroup branch A1b at ISOGG. hg38 Ref does not match ancestral. Also enumerated as hg38:13314368-C-T.
L413 PF1409 V31 rs192939307 Defining mutation for haplogroup branch BT at ISOGG.
M168 PF1416 rs2032595 Defining mutation for haplogroup branch CT.
P143 PF2587 rs4141886 Defining mutation for haplogroup branch CF.
M89 PF2746 rs2032652 Defining mutation for haplogroup F.
F1329 M3658 PF2622 YSC0001299 rs9786482 Defining mutation for haplogroup branch above GHIJK (sic).
M578 F929 S6397 PF3494 S6378 rs73614810 Mutation at haplogroup branch HIJK.
M523 L15 PF3492 S137 Z4413 rs9786139 Defining mutation for haplogroup branch IJK.
M9 PF5506 rs3900 Defining mutation for haplogroup K. Predecessor of haplogroups T, P, and NO.
Arose about 45,000 bce.
M526 PF5979 rs2033003
M1221 PF5911 YSC0186 P331 YSC0000186 rs9785994 FTDNA shows this as ancestor to haplogroups M,P, and S. hg38
P295 PF5866 S8 rs895530 Defining mutation for haplogroup P root (K2b2).
Arose about 43,000 bce.
PF5849 rs2574517 YFull lists as intermediate between root and P337. Probably coincident with F20148 also.
P337 F1857 Page83 PAGES00083 PF5901 PAGE083 rs13305774 As intermediate branch in Russia above M45.
M45 PF5962 rs2032631 Defining mutation for haplogroup branch P1 / QR (K2b2a).
M207 Page37 PAGES00037 PF6038 UTY2 rs2032658 Designates major haplogroup R, ancestor to R1b, R1a, and R2 (aka K2b2a2).
Arose about 30,000 bce.
M173 P241 Page29 PAGES00029 PF6126 rs2032624 Designates major haplogroup branch R1*.
Arose about 26,000 bce.
M343 PF6242 rs9786184 Designates major haplogroup R1b.
Arose about 22,000 bce.
L754 PF6269 YSC0000022 rs7893073 Defining mutation for ISOGG haplogroup branch R1b1.
L389 PF6531 rs1358368
P297 PF6398 MF48762 rs9785702
M269 PF6517 rs9786153 Designates WAMH major European branch of R1b. Britain's DNA labeled this branch: Anatolian.
Arose about 11,000 bce.
L23 PF6534 S141 rs9785971
Arose about 6,000 bce.
L51 M412 PF6536 S167 rs9786140 Under R1b M269 > L23.
P310 PF6546 S129 rs9786283 Under R1b M269. Believed coincident with P311, CTS 7650, L52, YSC0000082. Changed Ref value per YSeq 11/22/2017
L151 PF6542 rs2082033 Under R1b M269 > L23 > L51 according to FTDNA.
P312 PF6547 S116 MF52579 rs34276300 Major block under R1b. Britain's DNA labeled this branch: Beaker Folk and formerly Bell Beaker.
Arose about 5,000 bce.
Z290 S461 rs146019383 Largest branch under under M269
L21 M529 S145 rs11799226 Largest European group under R1b P312. Highly correlated with geography of ancient Celts. Britain's DNA labeled this branch: Pretani.
DF13 CTS241 S521 rs373989227 Directly under R1b L21.
Z39589 Z39589_2 Under L21 and DF13. 18 bp deletion. Note that hg38 position description not linear translation from hg19. aka hg19:4439911-TGCAGCTTCACTCCTGAGG-T.
DF49 S474 AM01922 rs769171919 Large branch under L21 Z39589
Z2980 S6154 rs1006335787 Under L21 DF49
Z2976 S476 S644 S6147 AM01919 rs770179167 Under L21 DF49
DF23 S193 rs773517566
Z2961 rs771631896 Under DF23. Most concentrated in Ireland.
Z2956 AM01923 rs1006912931
M222 USP9Y+3636 rs20321 Discovered in 2006 in conjunction with McEwan's STR clusters. Often called Northwest Irish, concentrated in Ireland and western Scotland.
Associated with Niall of the Nine Hostages and Ui Neill clans. Britain's DNA labeled this branch: Ancient Irish.
S658 DF106 FGC4100 Y2841 rs747839864 Under R1b L21 > M222
DF104 S661 Y2842 FGC4099 rs752415261
DF105 S659 Y2843 FGC7927 rs755714899 Now considered coincident with DF109 / S660.
Under R1b M222 S660
Under M222 FGC4133
Under M222 FGC4133 hg19 8244961 hg38 8376920 G to A
BY21241 R-BY21241 Under M222 FGC4133 hg19 18617114hg3816505234 A to G
Arose 600 to 1500 years ago

hg19 21675490 hg38 19513604 C to G (Variant)

hg19 28803562 hg38 26657415 A to G (Variant)

hg19 21675490 hg38 19513604 C to G (Variant)
hg19 7157824 hg38 7289783 T to C (Variant)

hg19 9993019 hg38 10155410 G to A (Variant)
hg19 17137187 hg38 15025307 C to T (Variant)
hg19 18757088 hg38 16645208 G to C (Variant)

hg19 21466816 hg38 19304930 C to A (Variant)

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