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Royal Relatives

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The Royal Court of Donald Scott Lee

My Royal Family of Europe



House of Burgundy 1139-1383 'Afonsine Dynasty'

Reign: 1139-1185
26th Great Grandfather Miller Line; 28th Great Grandfather Lee Line
Reign: 1185-1211
25th Great Grandfather
Reign: 1211-1223
24th Great Grandfather
Reign: 1223-1247
24GU Miller Line
Reign: Portugal 1248-1279; Algarve 1249-1279; Count of Boulogne 1238-1253.
23rd Great Grandfather
Reign: 1279-1325
22nd Great Grandfather
Reign: 1325-1357
21st Great Grandfather
Reign: 1357-1367
21st Great Uncle
Reign: Algarve and Portugal 1367-1383; Castile 1369-1371
1st Cousin 21XR

House of Aviz 1385-1580

Reign: 1385-1433
1st Cousin 21XR Miller Line
Reign: 1433-1438
4th Cousin 18XR Lee Line
Reign: 1438-1481
4th Cousin 17XR Miller Line
Reign: 1481-1495
5th Cousin 16XR


House of Normandy

  • William the Conqueror 1066-1087 [Normandie-32]
Name: William Normandie (1028-1087)
Guillaume (William I the Conqueror) "Duke of Normandy, King of England" de Normandie formerly Normandie
29th Great Grandfather
27th Great Uncle
  • William II 1087-1100 [Normandie-87]
Name: William Normandie (1056-1100)
William Rufus (William II) "King of England" of England formerly Normandie
1st Cousin 28XR
  • Henry I Ruled from 1100-1135 [Normandie-45]
28th Great Grandfather
  • Stephen I 1135-1154 [Blois-94]
Étienne (Stephen I) "King of the English, Duke of Normandy" of England formerly Blois
28th Great Grandfather


  • Henry II 1154-1189 [Plantagenet-1627]
Henry (Henry II) "King of England, Curtmantle, FitzEmpress" Plantagenet
27th Great Grandfather
  • Richard I 1189-1199 [Plantagenet-248]
Name: Richard Plantagenet
Richard (Richard I) "Coeur de Lion (the Lionheart) King of England" of England formerly Plantagenet
26th Great Uncle
  • John I 1199-1216 [Plantagenet-143]
Name: John Plantenget (1166-1216)
John "Lackland, King of England, Soft Sword" of England formerly Plantagenet
26th Great Grandfather
  • Henry III 1216-1272 [Plantagenet-167]
Henry (Henry III) "King of England, Lord of Ireland, Duke of Aquitaine" of England formerly Plantagenet aka of Winchester.
22nd Great Grandfather
  • Edward I 1272-1307 [Plantagenet-2]
Name: Edward 'Longshanks' Plantagenet (1239-1307
Edward (Edward I) "Longshanks, King of England" of England formerly Plantagenet
21st Great Grandfather
  • Edward II 1307-1327 [Plantagenet-378]
Name: Edward Plantagenet (1284-1327)
Edward (Edward II) "King of England, Prince of Wales, of Caernarfon" of England formerly Plantagenet
24th Great Grandfather
  • Edward III 1327-1377 [Plantagenet-70]
Name: Edward Plantagenet (1312-1377)
Edward (Edward III) "King of England" of England formerly Plantagenet
23rd Great Grandfather
  • Richard II 1377-1399 [Plantagenet-864]
Richard (Richard II) "King of England, Richard of Bordeaux" England formerly Plantagenet
7th Cousin 14XR


  • Henry IV 1399-1413 [Lancaster-434]
Name: Henry Lancaster (1367-1413)
Henry (Henry IV) "King of England, of Bolingbroke, Earl of Derby" of England KG formerly Lancaster aka Plantagenet
7th Cousin 14XR
  • Henry V 1413-1422 [Lancaster-269]
Name Henry Lancaster (1387-1422)
Henry (Henry V) "King of England, of Monmouth" England KG formerly Lancaster
3rd Cousin 18XR
  • Henry VI 1422-1461 [Lancaster-401]
Name: Henry Lancaster
Henry (Henry VI) "King of England, King of France" of England formerly Lancaster
Fourth Cousin 17XR

Yorkists 1461-1485

  • Edward IV 1461-1483 [York-1159]
Name: Edward York
Edward (Edward IV) "King of England" of York formerly York
2nd Cousin 17XR
  • Edward V 1483 [York-1159]
Name: Edward Plantagenet York
Edward (Edward V) "King of England" Plantagenet KG formerly York
17th Great Uncle
  • Richard III 1483-1485 [York-1245]
Name: Richard Plantagenet York
Richard (Richard III) "King of England, Duke of Gloucester" of England KG formerly York aka Plantagenet, of York
2nd Cousin 17XR

Tudors 1485-1603

  • Henry VII 1485-1509 [Tudor-18]
Name: Henry Tudor
Henry (Henry VII) "King of England, 2nd Earl of Richmond" of England formerly Tudor
1st Cousin 18XR
  • Henry VIII 1509-1547 [Tudor-4]
Name: Henry Tudor
Henry (Henry VIII) "King of England" of England formerly Tudor
2nd Cousin 17XR
  • Edward VI 1547-1553 [Tudor-3]
Name: Edward Tudor
Edward (Edward VI) "King of England" of England formerly Tudor
3rd Cousin 16XR
  • Mary I 1553-1558 [Tudor-2]
Name: Mary Tudor
Mary (Mary I) "Bloody Mary, Queen of England, Queen of Spain" of England formerly Tudor
3rd Cousin 16XR
  • Elizabeth I 1558-1603 [Tudor-1]
Name: Elizabeth Howard
Elizabeth (Elizabeth I) "Queen of England" of England formerly Tudor
4th Cousin 12XR

Stuarts 1603–1714

  • James I 1603–1625 [Stuart-2]
Name: James Charles Stuart
James Charles (James VI and I) Stuart aka King of Scots, King of England and Ireland
5th Cousin 14XR
  • Charles I 1625–1649[Stuart-1]
Name: Charles Stuart
King Charles (Charles I) "King of England, King of Scots, King of Ireland" Stuart
6th Cousin 13XR
  • Charles II 1660–1685 [Stuart-4]
Name: Charles Stuart
King Charles (Charles II) "the Merry Monarch" Stuart
6th Cousin 13XR
  • James II 1685–1688 [Stuart-19]
Name: James Stuart
James (James II) "King of England and Scotland, Duke of York and Albany" Stuart
6th Cousin 13XR
  • William III and Mary II 1689–1694 [Oranje-Nassau-20]
Name: Willem Hendrik
Willem Hendrik "William Henry of Orange" Orange-Nassau III formerly Oranje-Nassau aka King of Scotland, Prins van Oranje Nassau
7th Cousin 12XR
  • Mary II 1689-1694 [Stuart-21]
Name: Mary Stuart
Mary (Mary II) "Queen of England Scotland and Ireland" Stuart II
7th Cousin 12XR
  • William III 1694–1702
  • Anne 1702–1714 [Stuart-27]
Name: Anne Stuart
Anne "Queen Anne of Great Britain" Stuart aka Queen of England Scotland and Ireland
7th Cousin 12XR

Hanoverians 1714–1901

  • George I 1714–1727 [Hannover-19]
Name: George Hannover
Georg Ludwig (George I) "George Louis" Hanover formerly Hannover aka of Great Britain
7th Cousin 12XR
  • George II 1727–1760 [Hannover-18]
Name: George Hannover
Georg August (George II) "George Augustus" of Great Britain formerly Hannover
8th Cousin 11XR
  • George III 1760–1820 [Hannover-17]
Name: George Hannover
George William Frederick (Hannover) of Great-Britain and Ireland
10th Cousin 9XR
  • George IV 1820–1830 [Hannover-16]
Name: George Hannover
George Augustus Frederick (Hannover) of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (1762 - 1830)
11th Cousin 8XR
  • William IV, 1830–1837 [Hannover-15]
Name: William Hannover
William Henry (William IV) of the United Kingdom formerly Hannover; the Sailor-King or Silly Billy
11th Cousin 8XR
  • Victoria 1837–1901 [Hannover-14]
Name: Victoria Hannover
Alexandrina Victoria (Hannover) of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (1819 - 1901)
12th Cousin 7XR

Saxe-Coburgs 1901–1910

  • Edward VII 1901–1910 [Saxe-Coburg-Goth-5]
Name: Albert Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
Albert Edward (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions, and Emperor of India (1841 - 1910)
13th cousins 6XR

Windsors 1910–present

  • George V 1910–1936 [Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-6]
Name: George Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
George Frederick Ernest Albert (George V) "King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland" Windsor formerly Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
14th Cousin 5XR
  • Edward VIII 1936 [Sachsen-Coburg_und_Gotha-5]
Name: Edward Albert Sachsen-Coburg_und_Gotah-5
Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David (Edward VIII) "King of the United Kingdom and the Dominions of the British Commonwealth, Emperor of India, Duke of Windsor" Windsor formerly Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha
15th Cousin 4XR
  • George VI 1936–1952 [Sachsen-Coburg_und_Gotha-4]
Name: George Sachsen-Coburg_und_Gotha
Albert Frederick Arthur George (George VI) "King of Great Britain, Ireland and the British Dominions" Windsor formerly Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha
15th Cousin 4XR
  • Elizabeth II 1952–present
8th Cousin 4XR

Spainish Royalty

Kingdom of Navaree

  • Juan II
Miller Family LIne

Pedro de Aragon 1319-1387

Italian Royalty

House of Barcelona

  • Alfonso Alfonsez (Alfonso II) "Comte de Provence" de Provence formerly Barcelona aka de Barcelona, de Aragón
"Ramon, Rey de Aragon, Conde of Barcelona, "The Chaste", "The Troubadour"
25th Great Grandfather
  • Raimund Berenguer (Raimund IV) "Ramón, Raymond, Comte de Provence" de Provence formerly Provence.
sometimes called 'the saint' Wikipedia.
23rd Great Grandfather (Lee Line)

French Royalty

House of Brittany

  • Conan (Conan IV) "Duke of Brittany, Earl of Richmond, Le Petit, The Small" de Bretagne formerly Bretagne
Son of Duchess of Brittany Bertha, Duchess of Brittany Oldest daughter of Conan III of Brittany and Maude, the illegitimate daughter of King Henry of England.
27th Great Grandfather

Danish Royalty

House of Jutland

32nd Great Grandfather

House of Svend Estridsen 1046-1375

31st Great Grandfather, Miller Line
Reign 1076-1080
32nd Great Grand Uncle
Reign 1080-1086 Saint Knud
32nd Great Grand Uncle
Reign 1086-1095
32nd Great Grand Uncle
30th Great Grandfather, Miller Line
Reign 1095-1103
Reign 1104-1134
32nd Great Grand Uncle
30th Great Grand Uncle
Reign 1137-1146
1st Cousin
Reign 1146-1157
1st Cousin
Was not a King
29th Great Grandfather, Miller Line
Reign 1154-1182
28th Great Grandfather, Miller Line
Reign 1202-1241
2nd Cousin 27XR
Reign 1215-1231
3rd Cousin 26XR
Co-Reign 1232-1241 Solo Reign 1241-1250
1st Cousin 25XR Miller Family; 3rd Cousin Lee Family
Reign 1250-1252
1st Cousin 25XR Miller Family
Reign 1252-1259
1st Cousin 25XR Miller Family
Reign 1259-1286
2nd Cousin 24XR Miller Family
Reign 1286-1319
3rd Cousin 23XR
Reign 1320-1326
3rd Cousin 23XR
Reign 1321-1326 Ruled jointly with his father (deposed)
4th Cousin 22XR
  • Interregnum 1332-1340
Reign 1340-1375
4th Cousin 22XR

House of Bjelbo

  • Oluf II Haakonsson King of Denmark, King of Norway (Olaf IV). Son of King Haakon VI of Norway.
Reign: Denmark 1376-1387; Norway 1380-1387
5th Cousin 18XR

House of Estridsen

Reign: Denmark 1387-1412; Norway 1387-1412; Sweden 1389-1412.
5th Cousin 21XR

House of Pomerania

  • Eric VII Pommern Eric of Pomerania, King of Norway, Denmark and Sweden; first king of the Nordic Kalmar Union, adopted son of Queen Margaret.
Reign: Norway 1389-1442; Denmark 1396-1439; Sweden 1396-1439.
8th Cousin 18XR; Miller Line

House of Palatinate-Neumarkt

Reign: Denmark 1440-1448; Sweden 1441-1448; Norway 1442-1448.
9th Cousin 17XR

House of Oldenburg

Reign: Denmark 1448-1481, Norway 1450-1481, Sweden 1457-1481; Descendant of King Christopher of Denmark.
9th Cousin 17XR
Reign: Denmark 1481-1513, Norway 1483-1513, Sweden 1497-1501.
7th Cousin 17XR
Reign: Denmark 1513-1523, Norway 1513-1523, Sweden 1520-1521.
8th Cousin 16XR
Reign: 1523-1533
7th Cousin 17XR
  • Interregnum 1533-1534
Reign: Denmark 1534-1559, Norway 1537-1559.
8th Cousin 16XR
Reign: Denmark and Norway 1559-1588.
9th Cousin 15XR
Reign: Denmark and Norway 1588-1648. Reigned for 60 years.
10th Cousin 14XR.
  • Frederick III Oldenburg King of Denmark and Norway; also known as Frederick II as 'diocesan administrator from 1623-29 and 1634-44.
Reign: Denmark and Norway 1648-1670.
11th Cousin 13XR.
Reign: Denmark and Norway 1670-1699.
14th Cousin 8XR.
Reign: Denmark and Norway 1699-1730.
12th Cousin 8XR
Reign: Denmark and Norway 1730-1746.
13th Cousin 7XR Miller Line.
Reign: Denmark and Norway 1746-1766.
14th Cousin 6XR.
Reign: Denmark and Norway 1766-1808.
10th Cousin 9XR.
Reign: Denmark 1808-1839, Norway 1808-1814.
11th Cousin 8XR.
Reign: Denmark 1839-1848, Norway 1814 (abt 6 mos.)
16th Cousin 4XR.
Reign: 1848-1863
17th Cousin 3XR

House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg

Reign: 1863-1906.
12th Cousin 7XR Miller Line.
Reign: 1906-1912
13th Cousin 6XR
Reign: Denmark 1912-1947; Iceland 1918-1944.
14th Cousin 5XR
Reign: 1947-1972.
15th Cousin 4XR Miller Line
Reign: 1972 to Present
16th Cousin 3XR.

Scottish Royalty

House of Alpin 848-1034

Reign: 995-997; Kenneth III's 4th Cousin

Reign: 997-1005 Son of Dub mac Mail Coluim, brother of Kenneth II.
1st Cousin?
Reign: 1005-1034 King of the Scots
29th Great Grandfather

House of Dunkeld 1034-1286

Reign: 1034-1040 King of Alba 'King Duncan in Shakespeare's play Macbeth.'
27th Great Grandfather
  • [[Dunkeld-77|Malcolm III Canmore Dunkeld MacDuff, King of Alba
Reign: 1058-1093
28th Great Grandfather
Reign: 1094 Married Ethelreda of Northumbria daughter of Earl Gospatric.
1st Cousin 27XR
Reign: 1093-1094 and 1094-1097
26th Great Grandfather Lee Line
Reign: 1097-1107
1st Cousin 27XR
Reign: 1107-1124
27th Great Grandfather
Reign: 1124-1153
28th Great Grandfather Lee Line
Reign: 1153-1165
2nd Cousin 25XR Lee Line
Reign: 1165-1214
26th Great Grandfather
Reign: 1214-1249
25th Great Grandfather
Reign: 1249-1286
24th GGU Miller Line

House of Sverre 1286-1290

Reign: 1286-1290 Disputed.
2nd Cousin 21XR Lee Line

  • Interregnum 1290-1292

House of Balliol

Reign: 1292-1296 "Empty Coat", abdicated.
1C23XR Lee Line
  • Interregnum

House of Bruce

Reign: 1306-1329
25th Great Grandfather Miller Line
Reign: 1329-1371
3rd Cousin 21XR

  • Prince Henry (Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha) Windsor 15th Cousin 4xR, KG KT KP and Scott Lee are both descendants of Elizabeth (Woodville) York.

Queen Victoria and Scott are 12th cousins 7 times removed. Alexandrina Victoria (Hannover) of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (1819 - 1901)