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Date: 21 Apr 2018 to 23 Apr 2018
Location: South Africamap
Surname/tag: South_African_Roots
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Welkom by ons Voorjaarse Poets-a-Ton - Welcome to our Spring Clean-a-Thon !

You should work your own errors first....Click here. Put your ID in the "Managed by" field, (exceptions to this are Find a Grave and Wikidata errors on your managed profiles) For those who have not worked with these lists before, this will help you get familiarized.

Werk eers aan jou eie foute ....Klik hier. Sit jou ID in die Managed by veld. (Uitsonderings hierop is Find a Grave en Wikidata foute op die profiele onder jou bestuur.) As jy nog nooit met hierdie lyste gewerk het nie, sal dit jou help om dit onder die knie te kry.

Once you have completed your own managed profiles, then lets get going on the South African Roots project errors (in the managed field add: WikiTree-47) . If the errors are minor things that can be fixed easily fix it, if not, so if profiles are part of for example the Cape of Good Hope or a different Project and really need more research and sources, please just leave a post saying what the error is and that more research is needed or find and post sources for it that show how it can be corrected.

Sodra jy jou eie foute afgehandel het, kan jy begin inklim onder die Suid-Afrikaanse Roots projek se foute (voeg in die Managed by veld by: WikiTree-47). As die fout 'n klein dingetjie is wat jy maklik kan regstel, doen dit. indien nie, of as die profiel deel is van byvoorbeeld die Kaap die Goeie Hoop of 'n ander projek en regtig meer navorsing en bronne nodig het, plaas dan asseblief 'n beriggie op die profiel waarin jy uitwys wat die fout is, of verskaf bronne wat verduidelik hoe dit reggemaak kan word.

Remember to always communicate (use the explain your changes field and add a post) and provide STATUS when you finish correcting an error and look for all the errors when working a profile.

Onthou om altyd te kommunikeer (gebruik die Explain your changes veld en voeg 'n opmerking by) en verskaf STATUS wanneer jy klaar is met die regstel van 'n fout. Soek alle foute wanneer jy 'n profiel deurwerk.

As jy bietjie wil voorberei, gaan na jou eie profiel en laat jou muis hang bo die kissie met jou ID. Beweeg af na Error Report en klik dit. As daar niks is nie, veels geluk. Anders sal jy dalk jou ID 'n klompie kere in die kolom Manager sien. In die kolom Error is daar 'n kort rede vir die fout, an 'n vraagteken. Klik die vraagteken. Dit sal verduidelik hoe om daardie fout reg te maak. Jy kan ook op Link klik om te kyk wat die fout presies is. Moenie dit nou al regmaak nie, dit tel eers vir die Poets-a-ton op 22-24 April.

Hierdie paadjie is goed genoeg om jou eie foute op te spoor. Vir dié van WikiTree-47 sal jy die skakel bo-aan hierdie bladsy moet gebruik. Meer inligting staan op die Poets-a-ton se webblad.

For all profiles managed by projects (for example COGH ones) please only add a post mentioning the error and telling more research is needed, if you would like you can try to find primary sources as well of course, to show if and how the error can be corrected, but these should be added/included (links to + info from the sources) to a post at the profile as well.



Participants/Deelnemers 2021 ☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻

  1. Louis Heyman See your work
  2. Tracy Frayne See your work
  3. Leon Bezuidenhout See your work
  4. Tracy (van den Heever) Cheetham See your work
  5. Pam Cormac See your work
  6. Philip van der Walt See your work
  7. Jo Fourie See your work
  8. Sonja (du Toit) Hoile See your work

Suggestion Reports 2021-04-18

You are free to work on any suggestions. Here are examples
South Africa Automated:DD Suggestion List ZAF
WikiTree-16 Automated:DD Suggestion List WikiTree16
WikiTree-47 Automated:DD Suggestion List WikiTree47


Help:Spring Clean-a-Thon



SA Springboks Rank 10 out of 24. Normalised Average 825 ranked 3 Total 6597 (10)

Participants/Deelnemers 2020 ☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻

  1. Louis Heyman See your work
  2. Susanna Hendrina Elisa de Bruyn See your work
  3. Ronel Olivier Heerden-335 See your work
  4. Leon Bezuidenhout See your work
  5. Patricia Duncan See your work
  6. Sharon Caldwell See your work
  7. Desireé Schekierka See your work
  8. Geoff Gladwin See your work
  9. Petrus Swart See your work
  10. Sonja Hoile See your work

Tyd / Time 2020

72 hours straight, April 24-27 starting at 14H00 SA time on Saturday (correction Friday at 14h00 Susanna Hendrina Elisa de Bruyn ) until Monday at 14H00
Start on Friday, April 24, at 8 AM (EDT) and run until Monday, April 27, at 8 AM (EDT).


Tracking Progress
Teams detailed

How To

Local Error Links

South Africa Automated:DD Suggestion List ZAF
Cape of Good Hope Project (WikiTree16) Automated:DD Suggestion List WikiTree16
South African Roots Project (WikiTree47) Automated:DD Suggestion List WikiTree47
Zimbabwe Automated:DD Suggestion List ZWE



SA Springboks Rank 8 out of 26 Average 1,535 (1) Total 4,605 (8)

Participants 2019 ☻☻☻

  1. Louis Heyman See your work
  2. Esmé van der Westhuizen See your work
  3. Sonja Hoile Toit-1942 See your work

Tyd / Time 2019

72 hours straight, Friday, April 26, at 8:00 am EDT(14H00 GMT+2) and run until Monday, April 29, at 8:00 am EDT(14H00 GMT+2)


Tracking Progress
Teams detailed



First G2G post
Second G2G post
Third G2G Post
Fourth Post
Current Post
2018 Clean - a - Thon Help
Error Reports
South African Roots
Cape of Good Hope
Southern Africa

Tyd / Time 2018

72 hours straight, April 21-23. We're including Monday

Participants 2018 ☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻

  1. Louis Heyman, See your work
  2. Susan de Bruyn, See your work
  3. Esmé van der Westhuizen, DataDoctor |See your work
  4. Leon Bezuidenhout, See your work
  5. Sharon Caldwell, See your work
  6. Wendy de Waal, See your work
  7. Gerry Van Niekerk, See your work
  8. Jo Fourie, See your work
  9. Johan Fourie, See your work
  10. Stephen McCallum, See your work

Progress 2018

The Help page
Video Chats Schedule


Tyd / Time 2017

Begin: 6:01 (6:01 vm) 22 April 2017
Eindig: 5:59 (5:59 vm) 25 April 2017
Start: 6:01 (6:01 am) 22 April 2017
End: 5:59 (5:59 am) 25 April 2017

Participants 2017

  1. Susan de Bruyn, Leader|See your work
  2. Leon Bezuidenhout |See your work
  3. Esmé van der Westhuizen , DataDoctor |See your work
  4. Elsa van Rooyen |See your work
  5. Ronel Olivier |See your work
  6. Pat Kelynack |See your work
  7. Nadia Stols |See your work
  8. Jo Fourie |See your work
  9. Christa Louw |See your work
  10. Geoff Gladwin |See your work
  11. Dirk Laurie |See your work


2017 handige - handy Clean-a-Thon links !
  1. Spring Clean-a-Thon Hangouts, prize drawings
  2. Clean-a-Thon Prize winners G2G
  3. Keep track of the progress by team Clean-A-Thon results Nr of Statuses by Team
    for progress by more specific errors, or by member, see Clean-Thon Tracking Progress

Error report

(DBE ErrorList ZAF)

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Mighty Oaks

All the Mighty Oaks thank you for your fantastic work in the Clean-a-Thon. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Have a happy CAT 2021! Greetings from team Nordic Noir!
The Virginia Spring Cleaners wish you the best in your endeavor to clean Suggestions. Thank you SA Springboks for making our global tree healthier! And now the fun begins...

posted by Mindy Silva
Together Everyone Achieves More. Thank you for teaming up with Team Roses to clean up 158,784 suggestions on our shared tree. What an amazing feat! And what a good time!
The Virginia Spring Cleaners thank you for the 6,597 Suggestions cleaned during the Thon. It was another great showing of community collaboration (and fun!) and we appreciate all that you did!

posted by Mindy Silva
edited by Mindy Silva
Thanks everyone for being awesome !

A big thank you for the fun we had and all your wonderful work during the Clean-a-Thon 2020

team Flying Dutchmen - Vliegende Hollanders x

posted by Bea (Timmerman) Wijma
edited by Bea (Timmerman) Wijma
Great Job clearing 6597 suggestions!

Western Red Cedars Thanks you for all your hard work.

It was a fun weekend, see you at the next marathon!

posted by Azure Robinson
Baie dankie vir elkeen wat deel was van die span. Ons het baie goed gevaar. Top 10 is altyd 'n bonus, maar beter - hulle het in die chats gese as hulle dit volgens lede uitwerk per span is ons eintlik 3de. Louis dankie dat jy ons gelei het. Ek het dit vreeslik geniet. Tot volgende keer!!!! BOKKE BO
Fantasties! Dis goeie nuus, ons het hard gewerk.

Dankie vir so oulike span mense. See you all at the next one, for sure!

posted by Sonja (du Toit) Hoile
Thank you everyone for your time, long hours and hard work. Baie baie dankie. Ons is in tiende plek en het baie goed gedoen met ons klein spannetjie. Baie Dankie weereens!☺
posted by Louis Heyman
We made 10th position and are barely holding on Very well done!☺
posted by Louis Heyman
Puik, ons hou vas aan die elfde posisie en 10de posisie is net so 400 weg. Go Bokke!

We can do it!☺

posted by Louis Heyman
Go Bokke Go !!!

Hardloop Bokke hardloop !!!

Ons is stewig in 12de plek en ek dink 4de op die aangepaste telling. Nog so 'n duisend en ons kan 10 plek behou want die huidige 11de en 12de plekke het min bittereinders. Pragtige werk ☺
posted by Louis Heyman
We moved into 13th place' Well done keep it up'

Mooi so☺

posted by Louis Heyman
Good luck everyone and enjoy. ☺
posted by Louis Heyman
Hi - It is suggested we start with errors in profiles I manage - a lot of those aren't South African - does SA Springboks still get the points for those, or must I work in South African profiles?
posted by Sharon Caldwell
Any and all corrections of suggestions all over WikiTree count
posted by Louis Heyman
And it starts at 2 o'clock out time, right? Another question - if there are errors on project profiles that are obvious typos or coding (i.e. missing citation ending codes etc.) is it OK to just correct those rather than posting in comments (which seems like an unnecessary duplication of work)?
posted by Sharon Caldwell
Hi Sharon, I missed the second part of your question. Try the easy errors, but you have to click on status on the right hand side and complete what you did for each error.
posted by Louis Heyman
Sorry another question - what to do in cases like this? the error is 931 ProjectBox Without Project Account   - must I remove the project box or ask for it to be incorporated in the project, or ignore for now?
posted by Sharon Caldwell
It depends, you need to know what the criteria or scope of the project is, which you will find on the project page, in order to know what to do.
posted by Louis Heyman
I wish you all the best for the Clean-a-Thon.

Have fun!!

The Virginia Spring Cleaners wish you the best in your endeavor to clean Suggestions on our global tree. Thank you SA Springboks for helping improve the health of our tree. We're looking forward to another fun weekend Thon! We'll see you there.

( ဖ‿ဖ)⫗(စ‿စ ) .

•* ˚ ♥"
☻/ღ˚ •。* ♥♥ ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★*
/▌。 ღ˛° 。* °♥ ˚ • ★ *˚
/ \ ˚. ★ *˛ ˚♥♥* ✰。˚ ˚ღ。
♥˛˚ ░T░E░A░M - ✰*
░V░I░R░G░I░N░I░A░ ˚ * ˚
✫ ˛˚ ♥♥ 。✰˚* ˚ ★ღ ˚ 。✰
•* ˚ ♥" ✰。 ღ˛° 。* ♥" ✰
posted by Mindy Silva
Waiting for Stehan Lindeque, He wasn't logged in when he registered. Also Leon Bezuidenhout and Patricia Duncan
posted by Louis Heyman
Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers of SA Springboks! Had a blast with you all!

Team Tenn

posted by Azure Robinson
3 Cheers for Springboks! 3 Cheers for WikiTree!!
Here's a big thank you from Team Flying Dutchmen-Vliegende Hollanders for all the great work, fun and time you spend to help and make our WikiTree shine bright like a diamond !
the Flying Dutchmen-Vliegende Hollanders :D

ps: you all did so really really awesome it's incredible !

posted by Bea (Timmerman) Wijma
Legacy Heirs would like to thank you for helping make the tree much happier and healthier. Our family tree is definitely much more beautiful, and that is thanks in part to you.
posted by Lisa (Kelsey) Murphy
Well, another Clean-a-thon is past and we put a serious hurting on the suggestions. Nor'Easters would like to thank one and all for your participation. Good job all around.
posted by Steven Tibbetts
Team Virginia would like to thank you all for donating your time this weekend to make our global tree healthier. There are now 132,553 less errors thanks to this event. Way to go WikiTreers!!!
posted by Mindy Silva
Thank you for your Team’s participation in the 2019 Clean-A-Thon! We all have a cleaner and healthier tree because the sacrifices you made this weekend!

Thank you! Super Sweepers, the Original Fun Team

posted by Loretta (Leger) Corbin
You are doing an amazing job on the clean-a-thon!!! Way to go!!!
posted by Lisa (Kelsey) Murphy
The Virginia Spring Cleaners wish you the best in your endeavor to clean Suggestions. Thank you SA Springboks for making our global tree healthier! And now the fun begins...
posted by Mindy Silva
Is SA Springboks doing anything this year? I haven't seen any posts.
posted by Sharon Caldwell