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Date: 1692 to 1693
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“A great number of Americans have made the same startling discovery that Francis Dane did: They are related to...[victims of witchcraft delusion]. American presidents descend from George Jacobs, Susannah Martin, and John Procter. Nathan Hale was John Hale’s grandson. Israel ‘Don’t Fire Until You See the Whites of Their Eyes’ Putnam was the cousin of Ann Putnam. Oliver Wendell Holmes and Louisa May Alcott descended from Samuel Sewall; Clara Barton from the Townes; Walt Disney from Burroughs. (In a nice twist, the colonial printer who founded the American Antiquarian Society, where Cotton Mather’s papers reside today, was also a Burroughs descendant.) The Nurse family includes Lucille Ball...”[1]

We list here some of the victims of the Witchcraft Delusion of 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts Bay and attempt to show their various roles. This is not so easy. Many others have attempted to do this in the more than 300 years elapsed; all are unsuccessful.

A primary cause is lost records, some of them undoubtedly intentionally destroyed. There are many errors; most of them probably mistakes, but some also intentional. Other obstacles include dual or changed roles. For example, many early accusers were later accused themselves and imprisoned. Other early collaborators became vigorous protestors.

It is estimated that several thousand persons suffered during this dark time; we will never know how many. A majority of living Americans are descendants.

The list is, and, therefore, will remain incomplete. A larger alphabetical listing may be found here, Category: Salem Witch Trials.

We invite you to visit the profiles, correct the errors, improve them, and add your own discoveries.

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"Reverend George Burroughs...In 1690, when the Eng. frontier was forced back to Wells [Maine], there he held, doing a hero’s work until arrested for witchcraft, taken to Salem, tried and hanged…"[2]

Profile Title First Name Last Name Notes
Bridget Bishop GoodyBridgetBishop10 Jun 1692, hanged
George BurroughsReverendGeorgeBurroughs19 Aug 1692, hanged
Martha CarrierGoodyMarthaCarrier19 Aug 1692, hanged
Giles Corey*GilesCorey19 Sep 1692, pressed to death
Martha CoreyGoodyMarthaCorey22 Sep 1692, hanged
Mary EsteyGoodyMaryEsty22 Sep 1692, hanged
Sarah GoodWifeSarahGood19 Jul 1692, hanged
Elizabeth Howe GoodyElizabethHowe (How)19 Jul 1692, hanged
George Jacobs, Sr. husbandmanGeorgeJacobs, Sr.19 Aug 1692, hanged
Susannah Martin WidowSusannahMartin19 Jul 1692, hanged
Rebecca NurseGoodyRebeccaNurse19 Jul 1692, hanged
Alice ParkerGoodyAliceParker22 Sep 1692, hanged
Mary (Ayers) ParkerWidowMaryParker22 Sep 1692, hanged
John ProctorGoodmanJohnProctor19 Aug 1692, hanged
Ann PudeatorGoodyAnnPudeator22 Sep 1692, hanged
Wilmot Redd "Mammy Red"WilmotRedd (Reed)22 Sep 1692, hanged
Margaret ScottWidowMargaretScott22 Sep 1692, hanged
Samuel Wardwellprisoner at the barSamuelWardwell22 Sep 1692, hanged
Sarah WildesGoodySarahWildes (Wilds)19 Jul 1692, hanged
John WillardhusbandmanJohnWillard19 Aug 1692, hanged

* Giles Corey was pressed to death as a part of an interrogation; he was not executed for a crime.

Died in Prison

"Lydia Dustin...Accused as a witch during the Salem hysteria, Lydia was found not guilty, but, died in prison before she could be released."[3]

Profile Title First Name Last Name Notes
Mercy GoodInfantMercy (Dorcas)Gooddied bef. 19 Jul 1692
John Durrant JohnDurant (Durrant)died 27 Oct 1692
Lydia Dustin LydiaDustindied 10 Mar 1693
Ann Foster AnnFosterdied 3 Dec 1692
Sarah OsborneSarahOsbornedied 23 May 1692
Roger ToothakerDr.RogerToothakerdied 16 Jun 1692

Tortured in Prison

"Procter reported that his seventeen-year-old son, William, had been tortured by being tied up 'Neck and Heels till the Blood gushed out at his Nose' and thereby forced to confess. Procter also said that the same technique had been used on two of Martha Carrier’s sons, eighteen-year-old Richard Carrier and fifteen-year-old Andrew, in order to extract confessions and accusations against their mother.”[4]

Profile Title First Name Last Name Notes
Thomas Carrier Jr.Child, 10ThomasCarrier, Jr.Accused, Imprisoned, & Later Released
Andrew CarrierChild, 15AndrewCarrierAccused, Imprisoned, & Later Released
Richard CarrierSonRichardCarrierAccused, Imprisoned, & Later Released
William ProctorSonWilliamProctorAccused, Imprisoned, & Later Released

Imprisoned Children

"Five year old, Dorcas Good...When led in to be examined, Ann Putnam, Mary Walcot, and Mercy Lewis, all charged her with biting, pinching, and almost choking them...The evidence was considered overwhelming; and Dorcas was, per mittimus, committed to the jail, where she joined her mother."[5]

Profile Title First Name Last Name Notes
Dorothy Dorcas GoodChild, 5DorcasGoodReleased on Bond; became insane
Sarah CarrierChild, 7SarahCarrierAccused, Imprisoned, & Later Released
Abigall FaulknerChild, 9AbigailFaulkner, Jr.Accused, Imprisoned, & Later Released
Margaret ToothakerChild, 10MargaretToothakerAccused, Imprisoned, & Later Released
Abigail JohnsonChild, 11AbigailJohnsonAccused, Imprisoned, & Later Released
Johanna TylerChild, 11JohannaTylerConfessed, Imprisoned, & Later Released
Dorothy FaulknerChild, 12DorothyFaulknerAccused, Imprisoned, & Later Released
Stephen JohnsonChild, 12StephenJohnsonAccused, Imprisoned, & Later Released
John SawdyChild, 13JohnSawdyAccused, Imprisoned, & Later Released
Sarah WilsonChild, 14SarahWilson, Jr.Accused, Imprisoned, & Later Released
Abigail RoweChild, 15AbigailRowe (Roe)Accused, Imprisoned, & Later Released
Abigail HobbsChild, 16AbigailHobbsAccused, Imprisoned, & Later Released

A Brief Timeline

"Legal proceedings extended from February 29, 1691/ 2...to late May 1693...encompassed legal action against at least 144 people (38 of them male),...54 confessions of witchcraft; the hangings of 14 women and 5 men; the pressing to death of another man by heavy stones; and the deaths in custody of 3 women and a man, along with several infants."[6]

  • 1639 Dorothy (Rawlinson) Talby (1598 - 1639), the first female member of the First Church of Salem to be hanged, 53 years before the Salem Witch Trials.
  • 1688 Ann Glover hanged at Boston for witchcraft.
  • 1689 Cotton Mather publishes "Memorable Providences".
  • Feb 1692: Abigail Williams and Elizabeth "Betty" Parris exhibit "afflicted" behavior.
  • Feb 1692: amid witchcraft fears, Dr. William Griggs diagnoses the girls to be “under an Evil Hand.”
  • 25 Feb 1692: Mary Sibley instructs John Indian to make a "witch cake".
  • "Afflicted girls" accuse Sarah Osborne and Sarah Good of witchcraft.
  • 29 Feb 1692: Colonel John Hathorne and Captain Jonathan Corwin issue warrants to arrest local women for witchcraft.
  • 1 Mar 1692 – 18 May 1692: more local women are accused of witchcraft.
  • 27 May 1692: Governor William Phips establishes Court of Oyer and Terminer.
  • 10 Jun 1692: Bridget Bishop is hanged at Gallows Hill.
  • Sep 1692: twenty persons have been executed and least eight were to die in prison.
  • 6 Oct 1692: eight children in custody are released on £2500 bail.
  • 29 Oct 1692: Phips dissolves Court of Oyer and Terminer.
  • 16 Dec 1692: Superior Court of Judicature established to prosecute remaining people in jail.
  • May 1693: all are cleared and Governor Phips vacates death sentences.
  • 14 Jan 1697: Massachusetts General Court orders a day of fasting and soul-searching for the tragedy of Salem.
  • 1697: Judge Nathaniel Saltonstall apologizes. (“Judge Sewall's Apology: the Salem Witch Trials and the Forming of an American Conscience.”)[7]
  • 1702: Massachusetts court declares trials unlawful.[8]
  • 1706: Ann Putnam Jr. apologizes[9]
  • 1711: Massachusetts restores rights and good names of most accused and grants £600 restitution to their heirs.[10]
  • 1957: Massachusetts formally apologizes for the events of 1692.[11]
  • 31 Oct 2001: Massachusetts amends 1957 apology and clears the names of remaining unnamed victims. ("AN ACT RELATIVE TO THE WITCHCRAFT TRIAL OF 1692.")[12]

Initiators, Punishers & Collaborators

The Minister that started it all

"The darkest page in the history of New England is that which bears the record of Salem witchcraft...[Pastor of Salem Church, Rev.] Parris believed or affected to believe, that the two girls were bewitched and that Tituba, an Indian maidservant of the household, was the author of the affliction...There is no doubt whatever that the whole murderous scheme originated in the personal malice of Parris...."[13]

Profile Title First Name Last Name Notes
Samuel ParrisReverendSamuelParrisHarvard-educated, minister, father & uncle of afflicted girls, slave-owner, initiator of "delusion"

Afflicted Girls of Salem Village

"In February 1692, strange illnesses appeared after the girls tinkered with fortune-telling. Elizabeth [Betty Parris] acted abnormal by hiding '...under furniture, complained of fever, barked like a dog, and screamed and cried out of pain' and her body convulsed into un-human-like positions."[14]

Profile Title First Name Last Name Notes
Elizabeth ParrisChild, age 9BettyParrisdaughter of Rev. Samuel Parris
Abigail WilliamsChild, age 11AbigailWilliamsniece of Rev. Samuel Parris
Ann Putnam, Jr.Child, age 12AnnPutnam, Jr.daughter of Thomas Putnam, Jr.
Elizabeth BoothDaughter, age 18ElizabethBoothdaughter of George Booth
Sarah ChurchillServant, age 20SarahChurchillservant of George Jacobs, Sr.
Eliabeth Hubbard Niece, age 17ElizabethHubbardniece of Mrs. Dr. Griggs
Mercy LewisServant, age 17MercyLewisservant of Rev. George Burroughs
Susanna SheldonOrphan, age 18SusannaSheldonorphan of the "Maine Indian Wars"
Mary WalcottDaughter, age 17MaryWalcottdaughter of Jonathan Walcott
Mary WarrenServant, age 20MaryWarrenservant of John Proctor

Doctor of the “Evil Hand”

"And the whole neighborhood and surrounding country soon were filled with the story of the strange and unaccountable sufferings of the "afflicted girls." No explanation could be given, and their condition became worse and worse. The physician of the village, Dr. Griggs, was called in, a consultation had, and the opinion finally and gravely given, that the afflicted children were bewitched."[15]

Profile Title First Name Last Name Notes
William GriggsDr.WilliamGriggs"His diagnosis that the afflictions of Betty Parris and Abigail Williams were caused by an 'evil hand' facilitated events that became the Salem Witch Trials"

Later Afflicted

"The Deposistion of Ann putnam the wife of Thomas putnam who testifieth and saith that on the first day of June 1692. the Apperishtion of Rebekah Nurs did again fall upon me and almost choak me and she tould me that now she..would kil me..."[16]

Profile Title First Name Last Name Notes
George CorwinChild, age 9GeorgeCurwinson of Judge Jonathan Corwin
Rose Foster Child, age 14RoseFosterdaughter of Ephraim Foster; she died in 1693
Martha Sprague Child, age 16MarthaSpraguedaughter of Phineas Sprague
Mary HillDaughter, age 25MaryHilldaughter of Zebulon Hill
Bathsheba PopeWife, age 40BathshebaPopewife of Joseph Pope; "infirm of mind"
Ann Putnam, Sr. Wife, age 31AnnPutnam, Sr.wife of Thomas Putnam, Jr.

The role of witches' cakes

"Mary Sibley recommended the making of a witch's cake to reveal whether witchcraft was involved. She gave directions to John Indian, a slave serving the Parris family, to make the cake. He collected urine from the girls and then had Tituba, another slave in the household, actually bake the witch's cake and feed it to the dog that lived in the Parris household."[17][18]

Profile Title First Name Last Name Notes
Mary SibleyMarySibley"real witch?" of the "urine cake"
Rebecca WoodrowRebeccaWoodrowmother of Mary Sibley

Governor of Massachusetts Bay

"…on September 29, 1692, twenty persons had been executed and the accusations and arrests continued, including charges against…Phips' own wife. At this point Phips finally let it be known that the court of Oyer and Terminer ‘must fall’"[19]

Profile Title First Name Last Name Notes
Sir William PhipsSirWilliamPhipsgreatly more interested after his wife was accused

Court of Oyer and Terminer, 1692

"Chief Justice William Stoughton…he sacrificed all the better feelings of his nature, and prostituted the forms of justice to consummate a series of judicial murders that have no parallel in our history."[20]

Profile Title First Name Last Name Notes
William StoughtonChief JusticeWilliamStoughtonfavored spectral evidence & death penalties
Thomas NewtonCrown's AttorneyThomasNewton(1st prosecutor)
Anthony CheckleyCrown's AttorneyAnthonyCheckley(2nd prosecutor)
John Hathorne ColonelJohnHathornerelentless interrogator
Jonathan Corwin CaptainJonathanCorwincollaborator of John Hathorne
Barth. GedneyColonelBartholomewGedney"physician"
John RichardsCaptainJohnRichards"businessman, politician"
Nathaniel SaltonstallColonelNathanielSaltonstallresigned "in disgust"
Peter Sergeant ConstablePeterSergeant"merchant, constable"
Samuel SewallJudgeSamuelSewallpublicly apologized later
Stephen SewellMajorSamuelSewallclerk of the court
Waitstill WinthropMajor-GeneralWaitstillWinthrop"politician"


"We do therefore hereby signify to all in general, and to the surviving sufferers in special, our deep sense of, and sorrow for, our errors in acting on such evidence to the condemning of any person; and do hereby declare, that we justly fear that we were sadly deluded and mistaken–for which we are much disquieted and distressed in our minds and do therefore humbly beg forgiveness..."[21]

Profile Title First Name Last Name Notes
Thomas FiskeCaptain, ForemanThomasFiskesubsequent written, public apology
John Bacheler JohnBachelersubsequent written, public apology
John DaneJohnDanesubsequent written, public apology
Andrew EliotLieutenantAndrewElliotsubsequent written, public apology
Joseph EvelethJosephEveleth (Euleth)subsequent written, public apology
Thomas Fiske, Jr.CaptainThomasFiske, Jr.subsequent written, public apology
Henry Herrick, Jr.HenryHerrick, Jr.subsequent written, public apology
John PeabodyCaptainJohnPeabodysubsequent written, public apology
Thomas PerkinsThomasPerkinssubsequent written, public apology
Thomas Perley, Sr.ThomasPerleysubsequent written, public apology
Samuel SayerSamuelSayersubsequent written, public apology

Officers of the Court

"It is even told that the Sheriff [George Corwin] took his cane and pressed Giles' tongue back into his mouth just before he died at the end of the two days of being slowly crushed."[22]

Profile Title First Name Last Name Notes
George CorwinSheriff, Essex CountyGeorgeCorwinexecutioner of Giles Corey; prison keeper
Israel CheeverJail Keeper, Cambridge JailIsraelCheeverprison keeper


"Go tell Mankind, that there are Devils and Witches...," Rev. Dr. Cotton Mather[23]

Profile Title First Name Last Name Notes
Increase MatherReverend Dr. IncreaseMatherPuritan minister, Harvard graduate, President of Harvard, Doctor of Sacred Theology, author
Cotton MatherReverend Dr. CottonMatherPuritan minister, Harvard graduate, Doctor of Divinity, Spectral Evidence promoter, author, son of Increase Mather
Nicholas NoyesReverendNicholasNoyes"a believer in the delusion, until an accusation was made against his wife," described execution as "nine firebrands of Hell"
John HaleReverendJohnHalePuritan pastor of Beverly, Massachusetts Bay, Harvard graduate
Samuel WillardReverendSamuelWillardPuritan minister of Boston, Massachusetts Bay, Harvard graduate, Acting President of Harvard, Spectral Evidence opposer

More Victims

Accused & Imprisoned

"…the story resonates far beyond Salem because those accused have an estimated 100 million descendants." "In that sense, it really is our national story, our national shame and our national chance at redemption because you know if you're not a descendant of one of those people probably the person standing next to you is" --- Emerson "Tad" Baker, a professor at Salem State University[24]

Profile Title First Name Last Name Notes
John AldenJohnAldenIndicted, Imprisoned & escaped
Abigail BarkerAbigailBarkerreleased by Superior Court
Mary BarkerMaryBarkerreleased by Superior Court
William Barker, Jr.WilliamBarker, Jr.released by Superior Court
William Barker, Sr.WilliamBarker, Sr.Indicted, Imprisoned & escaped
Sarah BassettSarahBassettaccused, imprisoned & later released
Sarah BishopSarahBishopIndicted, Imprisoned & escaped
Edward Bishop, Jr.EdwardBishop, Jr.Indicted, Imprisoned & escaped
Mary BradburyMaryBradburyIndicted, Imprisoned & escaped
Sarah BridgesSarahBridgesreleased by Superior Court
Mary Bridges, Jr.MaryBridges, Jr.released by Superior Court
Mary Bridges, Sr.MaryBridges, Sr.released by Superior Court
Sarah BuckleySarahBuckleyreleased by Superior Court
Bethia Carter, Jr.BethiaCarter, Jr.accused, not indicted & released
Bethia Carter, Sr.BethiaCarter, Sr.accused, not indicted & released
Mary ClarkeMaryClarkeaccused, not indicted & released
Sarah CloyesSarahCloyesaccused, not indicted & released
Sarah ColeSarahCole (Lynn)released by Superior Court
Sarah ColeSarahCole (Salem)tried, found not guilty & released
Mary ColsonMaryColsonaccused, not indicted & released
Deliverance DaneDeliveranceDaneaccused, imprisoned & later released
Phoebe DayPhebeDayaccused, not indicted & released
Mary DericheMaryDericheaccused, imprisoned & later released
Elizabeth DicerElizabethDiceraccused, not indicted & released
Rebecca DikeRebeccaDikeaccused, not indicted & released
Ann DolliverAnnDolliveraccused, imprisoned & later released
Mehitable DowningMehitableDowningaccused, not indicted & released
Sarah DustinSarahDustinaccused, imprisoned & later released
Daniell EamesDanielEamesaccused, imprisoned & later released
Rebecca EamesRebeccaEamesfound guilty & pardoned
Esther ElwellEstherElwellaccused, not indicted & released
Martha EmersonMarthaEmersonaccused, not indicted & released
Mary EnglishMaryEnglishIndicted, Imprisoned & escaped
Philippe EnglishPhillipEnglishIndicted, Imprisoned & escaped
Thomas Farrar IIThomasFarraraccused, not indicted & released
Edward FarringtonEdwardFarringtonaccused, imprisoned & later released
Abigail FaulknerAbigailFaulkner, Sr.found guilty & pardoned; pregnant
John FloydJohnFloydaccused, imprisoned & later released
Eunice FryeEuniceFryeaccused, not indicted & released
Mary GreenMaryGreenaccused, not indicted & released
Elizabeth HartElizabethHartaccused, imprisoned & later released
Sarah HawkesSarahHawkesreleased by Superior Court
Dorcas HoarDorcasHoarfound guilty & pardoned
William HobbsWilliamHobbsaccused, imprisoned & later released
Frances HutchinsFrancesHutchinsaccused, not indicted & released
Tituba IndianTitubaIndianaccused, not indicted & released
Mary IresonMaryIresonaccused, not indicted & released
John Jackson Jr.JohnJackson, Jr.accused, imprisoned & later released
John Jackson, Sr.JohnJackson, Sr.accused, imprisoned & later released
Margaret JacobsMargaretJacobsreleased by Superior Court
Rebecca JacobsRebeccaJacobsreleased by Superior Court
Elizabeth Johnson, Jr.ElizabethJohnson, Jr.found guilty & pardoned
Elizabeth Johnson, Sr.ElizabethJohnson, Sr.released by Superior Court
Mary Lacy, Jr.MaryLacy, Jr.released by Superior Court
Mary Lacy, Sr.MaryLacy, Sr.found guilty & pardoned
Jane LillyJaneLillyaccused, imprisoned & later released
Mary OsgoodMaryMarstonreleased by Superior Court
Mary OsgoodMaryOsgoodaccused, imprisoned & later released
Sarah PeaseSarahPeaseaccused, not indicted & released
Joan Penny JoanPenneyaccused, not indicted & released
Mary PostMaryPostfound guilty & pardoned
Margaret PrinceMargaretPrinceaccused, not indicted & released
Benjamin ProctorBenjaminProctoraccused, imprisoned & later released
Elizabeth ProctorElizabethProctorfound guilty & pardoned; pregnant
Sarah ProctorSarahProctoraccused, imprisoned & later released
Susanna RootesSusannaRootesaccused, imprisoned & later released
Mary RoweMaryRoweaccused, imprisoned & later released
Abigail SomesAbigailSomesaccused, not indicted & released
Martha SparksMarthaSparksaccused, not indicted & released
Mary TaylorMaryTayloraccused, imprisoned & later released
Mary ToothakerMaryToothakerreleased by Superior Court
Hannah TylerHannahTylerreleased by Superior Court
Martha TylerMarthaTyleraccused, imprisoned & later released
Mary TylerMaryTylerreleased by Superior Court
Rachel VinsonRachelVincentaccused, not indicted & released
Mary WardwellMary (Mercy)Wardwellreleased by Superior Court
Sarah WardwellSarahWardwellfound guilty & pardoned
Sarah Wilson, Sr.SarahWilson, Sr.accused, not indicted & released
Mary WitheridgeMaryWitheridgereleased by Superior Court

Accused, Not Imprisoned

"During the Salem Witch Trials, Bradstreet was Justice of the Peace for Andover. He issued warrants for the arrest and imprisonment of forty-eight suspected ‘witches’, after which he refused to issue any more. As a result, Bradstreet and his wife, Anne, were accused of witchcraft and forced to flee the area."[25]

Profile Title First Name Last Name Notes
Nehemiah Abbott, Jr.NehemiahAbbott, Jr.accused, but released
Daniel AndrewsDanielAndrewsfled before arrest
Ann BradstreetAnnBradstreetfled before arrest
Dudley BradstreetColonel; J.P.DudleyBradstreetfled before arrest
John BradstreetJohnBradstreetfled before arrest
Elizabeth ColsonElizabethColsonfled before arrest
George Jacobs, Jr.GeorgeJacobs, Jr.fled before arrest
John BusseReverendJohnBusseaccused, not arrested
Francis DaneReverendFrancisDaneaccused, not arrested
Nicholas Frost?NicholasFrostaccused, not arrested
Sarah HaleSarahHaleaccused, not arrested
James HoweJamesHowe, Jr.accused, not arrested
Mary PhipsMaryPhipsaccused, not arrested
Sarah SwiftSarahSwiftaccused, not arrested
Hezekiah UsherHezekiahUsheraccused, not arrested

They Dared to Oppose

"Salisbury, Aug. 9, 1692," addressed "To the worshipful Jonathan Corwin... The letter is a most able argument against the manner in which the trials were conducted, and, by conclusive logic, overthrows the whole fabric of the evidence on the strength of which the Court was convicting and taking the lives of innocent persons... The weight of evidence seems to indicate that the document is attributable to Major Robert Pike, of Salisbury.”[26][27]

Profile Title First Name Last Name Notes
Thomas BrattleLieutenantThomasBrattlehighly-critical, reasoned attack on trials
Robert Calef RobertCalefauthored "More Wonders of the Invisible World"
William MilbourneReverendWilliamMilbourneBaptist minister opposed spectral evidence
Robert Pike Sr.MajorRobertPike, Sr."undisguised... opposition to the proceedings"

Superior Court of Judicature, 1693

"In Cases of Conscience Increase Mather forcefully related his distrust of spectral evidence to convict witches. He argued that it would be better that ten witches go free than the blood of a single innocent be shed."[28]

Profile Title First Name Last Name Notes
William StoughtonChief JusticeWilliamStoughtonresigned after Gov. Phipps reprieve of prisoners
Thomas DanforthJudgeThomasDanforth"cleared the jails"
John RichardsCaptainJohnRichards"cleared the jails"
Samuel SewallJudgeSamuelSewall"cleared the jails"
Waitstill WinthropMaj-GenWaitstillWinthrop"cleared the jails"

More Accusers

"After the witch trials began, Thomas Putnam and Ann Putnam, Jr, quickly became the main accusers in the trials..."[29]

Profile Title First Name Last Name Notes
Mary Abbe MaryAbbe
Samuel Abbe SamuelAbbe
Benjamin AbbotCorporalBenjaminAbbot
Ebenezer BabsonEbenezerBabson
Elinor BabsonElenorBabson
Joseph Ballard EnsignJosephBallard
Sarah Bibber SarahBibber
Richard CarrRichardCarr
Ezekiel Cheever, Sr. EzekielCheever, Jr.
John de Riche John de Riche
Samuel Endicott SamuelEndicott
Zerubbabel Endicott ZerubbabelEndicott
Mary FitchMaryFitch
Thomas FlintThomasFlint
Andrew FosterAndrewFoster
Ephraim FosterConstableEphraimFoster
Zebulon HillZebulonHill
John Indian SlaveJohnIndian
Nathaniel IngersollNathanielIngersoll
John KimballJohnKimball
Henry (Kinne) Kenny, Sr. HenryKenny, Sr.
Abigail MartinAbigailMartin
Naomi (Lynsey) Maule NaomiMaule
Thomas Maule ThomasMaule
Zacheus PerkinsZacheus Perkins
Samuel Preston SamuelPreston
Thomas PrestonThomasPreston
Edward PutnamDeaconEdwardPutnam
Nathaniel PutnamLieutenantNathanielPutnam
John Putnam, Jr. JohnPutnam, Jr.
Thomas Putnam, Jr. SergeantThomasPutnam, Jr.
James StevensDeaconJamesStevens
Allin ToothakerAllinToothaker

Massachusetts Remediation

  1. 17 October 1710, Convictions Reversed, The General Court of Massachusetts Bay, An act, the several convictions, judgments, and attainders be, and hereby are, reversed, and declared to be null and void.[30]
  2. 17 Dec 1711, Compensation to Survivors, Governor Dudley, GOVERNOR OF MASSACHUSETTS BAY, approved compensation to such persons as are living, and to those that legally represent them that are dead [For Bridget Bishop, no compensation because survivors did not petition][30]
  3. 28 Aug 1957, No Disgrace to Descendants, General Court of Massachusetts, ...such proceedings, were and are shocking, and the result of a wave of popular hysterical fear of the Devil in the community, and further declares that, as all the laws under which said proceedings...have been long since abandoned and superseded by our more civilized laws, no disgrace or cause for distress attaches to the said descendants or any of them by reason of said proceedings.[31]
  4. 31 Oct 2001, Additional Victims Included, Massachusetts Senate and House of Representatives in General Court, AN ACT RELATIVE TO THE WITCHCRAFT TRIAL OF 1692, chapter 145 is hereby further amended by adding Bridget Bishop, Susannah Martin, Alice Parker, Margaret Scott and Wilmot Redd.[32]


The events that took place during the Salem Witchcraft Trials are odious and disgusting to most people of our current time.

Those of us who had innocent and defenseless ancestors executed, tortured, imprisoned for months in iron fetters, and put to death by prison conditions cannot find words sufficient to express our anguish and sorrow even after 320 years.

More heart-rending is the infant of executed Sarah Good, born and died in jail; or her five-year-old daughter, Dorothy, also accused, imprisoned, fettered alongside her mother until the hanging, and insane for the rest of her life.

It may be impossible for some of us, but it may be proper to countenance that nearly all participants believed themselves to be acting virtuously. 1692 was a very different time, and the relativists warn us that morality and historical truth exist only in terms of their time and place.

Perhaps, we might also remember that all participants have been forgiven in one form or another.

Enough said.


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Lists of People in the Salem Witch Trials:


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I don't believe Giles Cory was executed. He died during interrogation. It appears to say as much on his profile.
posted by [Living Kelts]
True ... he was pressed to death as a part of interrogation. "'About noon, at Salem, Giles Corey was pressed to death for standing mute,’ wrote Samuel Sewall on 19 September 1692. Corey had pleaded not guilty to the charge of witchcraft, but he refused to agree that the court (which had found all the defendants tried to date guilty) had a right to try him. The threat of pressing was supposed to frighten the defendant into cooperation, but Corey was more stubborn than expected. He may have thought that if he could not be found guilty his land could not be confiscated from his family." From AmericanAncestors.org.
posted by Traci Thiessen
Rather than creating a new heading, I added a note.
posted by Traci Thiessen
Great page, I have quite a few ancestors on this list in my tree
Thank you, Alice.

Please consider adding to your ancestors profiles and joining the Witch Trial Project, https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:Witch_Trials#How_to_Join.


posted by Clyde Perkins
I’d like to but I’m not very familiar with editing pages etc. right now I only have my parents on here lol.

Can I join even though I don’t have any experience? I do have a Ancestry page with all my info. Not sure how to get it all here.


See the information I sent you by private email; you will also be contacted by a WikiTree specialist to assist your learning. We look forward to your participation as you become able to "to get it it all here."

Please email me for any additional help.


posted by Clyde Perkins
Is there HTML for "... ... ... is a descendant of Susannah (North) Martin? Similar to one for Mayflower for example:
... ... ... is a descendant of Mayflower Passenger John Billington.


posted by MaryJo Blanchard
On-line access to a Research Guide, Indexes and Primary Sources (including materials and events in places other than Connecticut) is available free at CT State Library
posted by Jim Angelo Jr
Susannah North Martin and Mary Towne Easty were my 10th great-grandmothers. Rebecca Towne North was my 11th great aunt. John and Elizaeth Bassett Proctor were my 9th great uncle and aunt.
posted by Bret Cantwell
Just saw that John Winthrop (Winthrop-12) is my 11th great uncle - he was one of the judges. :(. Edit: I was messaged by someone who said I was mistaken about him being a part of the trials. This may be true, however, he was instrumental in the execution of Margaret Jones, a Puritan midwife and the first person executed for witchcraft in the Mass Bay Colony. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Jones_(Puritan_midwife)
posted by Summer (Binkley) Orman
wondering why Sarah Pease (Salem Witch Trials) isn't linked to her profile. She is here: http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Unknown-80724
posted by Abby Smith
It reminds me of The Crucible, a play Arthur Miller wrote in the 1950s.
posted by Tanya Kasim
I have a few ancestors who were accused of witchcraft.
posted by Tanya Kasim
Really great space page! It shows the scope of the Salem Witch Trials all at once. This took a lot of work and it is very impressive!!
posted by Paula J