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Name Birth Notes
Simpson, Joseph 1921-00-00 to-do
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| Simpson, Joseph || 1921-00-00 || to-do |-

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| Freeman, John Wesley || 1874-07-24 || to-do |- | Freeman, Jobe Henry || 1842-02-14 || to-do |- | Simpson, Joseph || 1921-00-00 || to-do |-

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| Freeman, John Wesley || 1874-07-24 || to-do |- | Freeman, Jobe Henry || 1842-02-14 || to-do |- | Simpson, Joseph || 1921-00-00 || to-do |- | Simpson, Polly || || to-do |- | Simpson, Robbie || || to-do |- | Simpson, Mary || || to-do |- | Simpson, Jehri || || to-do |-


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My grandpa George Daniel is married to my grandma Ethel Daniel and the two of them together are characters !! My GPA would've watching a baseball game on TV chewing his tobacco and us grandkids would be running in and out of the house yelling and screaming and in front of the TV where gpa was watching his game full blast just to hear it over us ..one day he got tired of us running in frt of his baseball game and I guess it was a bit too much for him not to hear it either he proceeded to lock the front door screen door then went around to the back and locked both the screen and the back door .. well here we are still running around and then blam !! It was a painful chain reaction of all of us slamming into each other as we ran into the locked door ..my grandpa thought that was the funniest knee slapping thing he ever did see and laughed his head off .. my lil brother David was the first one who hit the screen door while the other 4 of us bigger kids slammed into him and I swear you could hear his wailing in the next county.. " oh hell ,Ethel can't you quite these damn kids down any I'm watching the game here" . My grandma Ethel come scurrying out the kitchen to unlock the door to let us in while she scolded my grandpa abt the locked doors and I stood there in the doorway of the front door while my grandma ushered my brother into the bathroom and she went back to the kitchen I walked in behind her and I got a eye full of a lifetime as I turned that corner my grandmother was standing there bent at the knees with her apron on her left arm and her right arm fully extended their lengths with her lil freckled middle fingers out giving my grandpa the bird with her tongue sticking out and her eyes closed walking backwards ..I think I was still in shock mouth all wide opened and eyes all wide I could only make a "gkk" sound and her eyes flew open and said it was my ring finger not the middle finger but it makes me feel better right now and it's not like he didn't deserve it ! And we just started laughing so hard my grandpa turned the TV on full blast which made us laugh even harder
posted 20 Jun 2017 by Sandy bernice Daniel   [thank Sandy bernice]

and her " bag of water". By sandy Daniel

My grandma never smoked ,she never drank and she didn't know what drugs even looked like .she's been a holy woman her whole life .she used to have this golden red with grey strands here and there in her long hair .her hair went down to her waist and she would comb it for hours singing her favorite hymns in her rocking chair outside on the porch and when she was done she would put it back up in her hair net in a nice lil neat bun. She had blue eyes and freckles every where .when my grandmother started to get sick it was cataracts in her eyes requiring surgery. Then it was something wrong with one of her knees .requiring surgery.. then .....something else happened to her and she wouldn't tell me I would be in the hospital by her bed and I'd have to help her to the bathroom and she was always cold ..then they took her breast and the lymph node and then her hair started to all fall out and the singing on the porch in the rocking chair stopped and I was too young still to understand and she wouldn't tell me .... Then one day at home alone she had a heartattack ...alone..one of my cousins found her sometime that day .at her funeral I only meant to reach in her casket to give her a kiss goodbye and hug her but I found myself trying to get in the casket with her . My grandma would show anyone who wanted to see her scar where her breast used to be and I'd ask her don't you miss it grandma and she would reply " it's only have of water sandy heavy ok bags of water baby_ ".

posted 20 Jun 2017 by Sandy bernice Daniel   [thank Sandy bernice]
One day my grandmother Ethel Martha (blan) Daniel (GMA Daniel) decided I needed to get some holy ghost in me the Pentecostal way .. mind you I have NEVER been to leave penecostal church before but grandma Daniel was my most favorite person and grandmother in the whole world .so we proceeded to get ready for church with a bunch of " no not that " and " uh huhs" and out the door we went .before we go in she would me a few bucks to give to the offering and in we go .. now let stop right here and tell you I was only abt 10 yrs old and I have never known anything abt their religion but let me give you a fair warning (koz it's more than what I had gotten at the time ) my grandma Daniel was abt 60 yrs old I believe and I was standing next to her and the chairs were these old metal folding chairs we was praying quietly ( I was falling asleep standing up) and out of nowhere my grandma Daniel let out a whoop in that dead of silence and the Bible she had in her hands was flying thru the air and she was talking in this language I didn't know she knew hell I didn't even know it WAS a language .my eyes flew open just as she was starting to flap her arms in the air and spinning she managed to whack me on the back of my head which sent me into the chairs and wide eye of people in front of us ..chairs were flying and she was whooping and talking like she was possessed and the whole time the preacher was like yes sister Daniel let the Lord in sister Daniel ..." THE LORD MY ASS "I SAID OUT LOUD and jumped out of the people's laps I landed on and tried to tackle the preacher I thought he had done something to my grandma and I was abt to unleash a thrashing that my 10 year old body could muster .... Well at the end of all the chaos my grandma had a glass of water and was sitting down and the preacher had a tissue to his lip and my hair was so messy it looked like a bird'snest my grandma said as we tried to explain what happened but we have up got in the car and drove home as we was walking in the front door we both just started to laugh and laugh until our sides hurt and we couldn't cry no more laughing at the preachers face expression as we left ... My grandma Daniel would get mad time to time but she ALWAYS LOVED you never left her house hungry and she didn't ask for anything in return .. it's been abt 20+/ - yrs and I miss her like it was yesturday .the pain of her passing will never go away it seems like but I know she's where she wanted to be and that somehow is a start in filling that void...thank you for reading
posted 20 Jun 2017 by Sandy bernice Daniel   [thank Sandy bernice]
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