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Date: 19 Mar 2023
Location: 8 of 15 - Completedmap
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“One and done” missions:

  • Add a photo of yourself to your profile.
  • Add a biography to your profile.
  • Take a DNA test (if you haven’t yet) and add your results to your profile.
  • Increase your CC7 number from 2554________ (starting number) to _2704_____ (add 150). - DONE!
  • Create a free-space profile about something that interests you. DONE!
  • Try out the WikiTree Browser Extension. - DONE!
  • Attend WikiTree Day 2023.
  • Start or join a One-Name Study.
  • Start or join a One-Place Study.
  • Join a geographical project.
  • Join a topical project.
  • Join a functional project.
  • Start a free-space project. I don't know if it counts as a project but made a free-space page for no-side photo and G2G pics as a free-space profile as per Betsy Ko tip with the aim of including more location and interest pics in profiles. I am counting it as a project.
  • Help another WikiTreer to break down a brick wall.
  • Add a book to the Source Library.

Here are missions where you’ll want to count:

I earned Club 100 badges in these 5 months:

  1. January
  2. February
  3. March
  4. May
  5. June

I earned Club 1000 badges in these 5 months:

  1. April
  2. July

I uploaded 15 photos or headstones to these profiles:

  1. Athena Sarah Rachel Bragger
  2. Eliza (Payton) Gibson
  3. John Whiteley - photo Whiteley Memorial.
  4. John Whiteley - bronze plaque on the Whiteley Memorial.
  5. [Memorial Methodist Church 1898-1959] Free space profile.
  6. Julian John Jenkins Headstone.
  7. Peter Campbell
  8. Thomas Nathaniel Payton Added photo of "The Euterpe" within Biography.
  9. Alfred Murrell added photo of "Zealandia" within Biography.
  10. Sarah Jane Hayward (Blackler) Bruce added photo "The Hereford" within Biography, from authoring Free Space Page for "The Herford" with image.
  11. Austin Clements added photo of the "Akaroa" (ship). within Biography.
  12. John Caves.
  13. Space:Amelia_Thompson%2C_Immigrant_Voyage_to_New_South_Wales_1838 added photo of the Amelia Thompson.
  14. James Rugg.
  15. St Peter's Church, Purangi added to Free Space page and jFrank Neilson.

I improved these 15, 30 or 45 profiles from my Anniversaries list:

  1. Ida Laura (Clark) Storey.
  2. Barbara McGeachy.
  3. Kate (Harvey) Davis
  4. John Martin
  5. Jack Petersen
  6. Eliza (Payton) Gibson
  7. James Campbell
  8. Harriet (Elcock) Hatfull
  9. Kathleen Eagle
  10. Elizabeth Emma (Tipper) Owen
  11. Edward Wisdom
  12. Richard Goldring
  13. Brian Wilfrid Moorhead
  14. Ann Jones
  15. Winston Robert Sorenson

I improved these 15 early profiles from my Watchlist:

(Sort by oldest edit)

  1. Richard Anstead Simmonds Baylis
  2. Mary Crosbie Fausett
  3. Elsie Isabella (Fausett) Woodend
  4. Mabel Frances Fausett
  5. Clarice Ivy (Payton) Jones
  6. Henry Alfred Sorensen
  7. Henry Hogwood
  8. Thomas Blaney Glass
  9. Jean Allan Glass
  10. John Fausett
  11. John Furness Woodend
  12. Catherine (Hatfull) Agutter
  13. Matthew Davidson
  14. Ina Gladys Rose (Powell) Eagle
  15. Patrick Kiely
  16. Maria Louisa (Chappell) Muir
  17. Anna Maria (Chappell) Muir
  18. William Farrell

I resolved these 15, 30 or 45 profiles in the Needs Biography Category:

  1. Thomas Adkins

I resolved these 15, 30 or 45 profiles in the Needs Profiles Created Category

  1. Edward Stephen King basic biography done and removed from Catagory.

I resolved these 15, 30 or 45 profiles in the Needs GEDCOM Cleanup Category:

  1. Jessie Madeline Vibert
  2. Edward James Brown

I added at least one source to these 15, 30 or 45 profiles from the Unsourced Profiles Category:

  1. John White

I improved these 15, 30 or 45 profiles to completeness using David Randall’s Checklist:

  1. Ivor Clifford Oliver
  2. Miriam Isabel Oliver
  3. Clarice Isabel (Robertson) Buckthought It doesn't look like much but it was all I could find all the boxes I could tick are ticked.
  4. Ernest James Gilbert There may be more children not yet available because records hidden due to privacy (still living) but that is it for now!
  5. Lyla Joyce (Eagle) Larkin.

I improved these 15, 30 or 45 random profiles:

  1. John Thomas King
  2. John Whiteley

I connected these 5 unconnected profiles to the big tree:

I improved these 15, 30 or 45 profiles of individuals who died young:

  1. George Hatfull
  2. Ann Hatfull
  3. Ivan Clifford Oliver
  4. Miriam Isabel Oliver
  5. John Davidson
  6. Gavin Raner Oliver
  7. Albert Liddell

I solved these 15, 30 or 45 Unknowns from my Watchlist or the tree at large:

I participated in these 15 weekly challenges:

(Examples: 52 Ancestors, Data Doctors Challenge, Saturday Sourcing Sprints, WikiTree Challenge)

I participated in these 5 monthly challenges:

Add or source 150 profiles each during a Connect-a-Thon or Source-a-Thon, respectively. Use the ‘Thon tracker to find out your count and record it here:

  • Connect-a-Thon: January 2023 - 245
  • Connect-a-Thon: April 2023 - 261
  • Source-a-Thon:


I participated in these 15 Weekend Chats:

I answered 15 questions from the Genealogy Help category in G2G:

(Suggestion: Record a short synopsis of the question to jog your memory.)

I awarded Wonderful WikiTree recognition to these WikiTreers:

  • January:
  • February :
  • March: Steph Rockell
  • April:
  • May:
  • June:
  • July:
  • August:
  • September:
  • October:
  • November:
  • December:

Tally your thank yous given each month:

Your goal is 15 a month!

  • January: 11
  • February : 8
  • March: 6
  • April: 8
  • May:8
  • June: 2
  • July: 20 (Makes up for last month.)
  • August:
  • September:
  • October:
  • November:
  • December:

I awarded Generous Genealogist badges to these 5 WikiTreers:

I awarded Family or Community Star badges to these 5 WikiTreers:

I invited these 5 people to join WikiTree:

I shared these 15 Question of the Week images on my social media account(s):

  1. What is the largest family you've found in your tree? I shared my answer also.
  2. Do you have any Aviators in your Tree? I don't so won't answer but Waylon does and I reminded him in a public share on Facebook.
  3. Do you have Spanish roots? I don't but I shared on Facebook and believe some of my friends there do!
  4. If you wrote your own epitaph, what would it say? Answered and shared.
  5. Any indigenous people in your tree? Answered and shared.

I shared the shareable family tree image for these 15 ancestors on my social media account(s):

  1. John Campbell 2x great grandfather.
  2. Rfm Peter Campbell N.Z.R.B..
  3. Clarice Isabel (Robertson) Buckthought
  4. Murray Joseph Neilson - great Uncle.
  5. Inez Melva (Eagle) Verran
  6. Lyla Joyce (Eagle) Larkin

I watched these 15 Saturday Roundup videos on YouTube and left a comment:

  1. WikiTree Saturday Roundup (March 18, 2023) - Left a comment.
  2. WikiTree Saturday Roundup [Mar 25] - Left comment.
  3. WikiTree Saturday Roundup [May 6] - Left comment.
  4. WikiTree Saturday Roundup [May 20] - Left comment.
  5. WikiTree Saturday Roundup (June 3, 2023) w/@grandmasgenes6793 @uptergroveGreg & @kobetsy - Left comments.
  6. WikiTree Saturday Roundup [17 June 2023] - Left comment. Using Betsy's Tip of Week.
  7. WikiTree #SaturdayRoundup 24 Jun 2023 w/hosts @grandmasgenes6793, @kobetsy, & @uptergroveGreg - Left comment - you can use my Trifle recipe for the cookbook.
  8. WikiTree #SaturdayRoundup 1 Jul 2023 w/hosts @grandmasgenes6793 @uptergroveGreg @kobetsy - Left comment and upvoted.
  9. WikiTree #SaturdayRoundup 22 Jul 2023 w/hosts:@uptergroveGreg @kobetsy - Left comment.
  10. WikiTree #SaturdayRoundup 29 Jul 2023 w/hosts @grandmasgenes6793 @uptergroveGreg @kobetsy - Comment made - Glad they liked my Photo.
  11. WikiTree #SaturdayRoundup 5 Aug 2023 w/@grandmasgenes6793 @kobetsy @uptergroveGreg @EowynLangholf - left comment.
  12. WikiTree #SaturdayRoundup 12 Aug 2023 w/@grandmasgenes6793 @kobetsy @uptergroveGreg - left comment. Great tip of the week.
  13. WikiTree #SaturdayRoundup 19 Aug 2023 w/@grandmasgenes6793 @kobetsy @uptergroveGreg - left comment. 12 degs from Ernest Rutherford.
  14. WikiTree #SaturdayRoundup 2 Sep 2023 @grandmasgenes6793 @kobetsy @uptergroveGreg - Some really beautiful well made profiles - impressive.

I watched these 15 WikiTree Wednesday videos on YouTube and left a comment:

I watched these 5 videos from WikiTree Day 2022 and left a comment:

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