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Schnatterly Name Study

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Welcome to the Schnatterly Name Study!

This is a One Name Study to collect together in one place everything about one surname and the variants of that name. The hope is that other researchers like you will join our study to help make it a valuable reference point for people studying lines that cross or intersect. Please contact the project leader, Sheri Michaels add categories to your profiles, add your questions to the bulletin board, add details of your name research, etc.


Known Spelling Variations, to name a few...

The surname variations of Schnatterly include and are not limited to the following:

  • Schnatterly and Schnatterle who mainly settled in the Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Indiana, Ohio areas
  • Schnatteree in Pennsylvania
  • Smithly, probably spelled phonetically
  • Snadderbery, probably spelled phonetically
  • Snaderly who appear to have settled in California.
  • Snatherly, Snotherly who appear in West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina.
  • Snavely, Snively, Snederly might or might not have links to this surname.
  • Snidly, Arkansas
  • Snoderleg, probably spelled phonetically
  • Snoddy, Arkansas
  • Snodderly, Snodderley, Snoderly, Snoterly who mainly settled in North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, California, Oregon, Washington State.
  • Snoddery, probably spelled phonetically
  • Snothuly, probably spelled phonetically
  • Snotterly who appear in various southern states.
  • Southerly, North Carolina
  • Suntherly, North Carolina

Our Goals

The purpose of this study is to try to identify the numerous descendants of the immigrants George Philip Schnatterly and Hans Michael Schnatterly who arrived in Philadelphia on the ship named "Pleasant" on October 11, 1732 along with several other German immigrants. It is unclear if or how George and Hans were related. George was 28 years old and Hans was 25 years old when they arrived. It has been assumed by some researchers that they were brothers because of their closeness in age.

Since there are so many people researching this surname and because there are so many variations of the spelling of this surname, it is hoped that through this medium, anyone interested can collaborate more effectively, and hopefully be willing to share their research to help prove/disprove the information circulating around on the Internet.

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How can you help make this study a success? 1) identify duplicates, 2) propose the merge of duplicates, 3) keep an eye out for new duplicate profiles, 4) add new profiles to this name study. THANK YOU!**

What You Can Do

  1. Work cooperatively together with other Schnatterly profile managers to create the best Schnatterly tree possible.
  2. Add the category for Schnatterly Name Study to profiles.
  3. Search out original rather than derivative documentation and add sources to Schnatterly profiles.
  4. Write comprehensive, well-sourced biographies.
  5. Check for duplicates and request merges.
  6. If you are a male with the Schnatterly surname or a variant and haven't already, please consider testing your yDNA through Family Tree DNA so that we can all have a better understanding of our heritage and possibly make new discoveries.
  7. Do you have a Schnatterly profile you are especially proud of? Let Sheri know and we will feature it on this page.
  8. Review the Find A Grave Memorials for duplicates due to the various spellings of this surname.
  9. Research the unknown families below for a connection to our immigrant ancestors.
  10. Find duplicate Wikitree ID#'s and propose merges and invite profile managers to join our Schnatterly One Name Study.
  11. Create profiles for the people below (checking first to make sure they don't already exist), then adding the links and other information below.

The Truth Of Our Origins Is In Our DNA

With so many spelling variations, DNA comparisons have become the only reliable way to track down distant branches of the family.

If you are a male with the Schnatterly surname or one of it's variations, please add your test information below for your comparison:

Please add your own tests here.

What Is Their Country of Origin?

A 4-page article entitled "Our Schnatterly Ancestory" is the starting point for this study. See link #19 below for the original publication on Ancestry.com. It is believed to be written for a family reunion of those in Pennsylvania who were related to Henry Foreman (16 APRIL 1784 - 21 APRIL 1862) / Mary Magdalena Schnatterly (17 MAY 1791 - 13 APRIL 1863).

In the referenced publication the Schnatterly family originated in Austria and was spelled Schnatterl, Schnatterle, then Schnatterly. Between 1559 to 1595 family members were issued Imperial patents of nobility and amelioration of their coats of arms.

In the book: "Family Record of Wm. Burgess Albright and His Ancestors and Descendants in America, 1727-1977: Including Clapps, Snoderlys & Related Families", it states: "The Schnatterl family appears in the Augsberg, Austria records as early as 1559 when the family owned the castle Dornau and the castle Ernegg, both in Lower austria."

Interesting Facts:

Click on this link to see a map of all the places you can find people with the Schnatterly surname:[1] Top Countries: U.S.A. Top Regions: Pennsylvania, Washington, Maryland, Oregon, Virginia, New Jersey, Alabama, Ohio, Massachussets, new York Top Cities: Uniontown, PA; Centralia, WA; Jacksonville, FL; Pittsburgh, PA; Toledo, OH; Port Angeles, WA; Charlottsville, VA; Opelika, AL; Bayonne, NJ; Chalkhill, PA Top Forenames: John, Francis, William, Michael

All the places you can find people with the Snodderly surname: Top Countries: U.S.A. Top Regions: Tennessee, Maryland, Oregon, Washington, Washington DC, Oklahoma, Missouri, Alaska, Montana, Kansas Top Cities: Hagerstown, MA; La Follette, TN; Clarkston, WA; Saint Joseph, MO; Lenoir City, TN; Aurora, OR; Knoxville, TN; Athens, MI; Waynesboro, PA; Jonesborough, TN Top Forenames: John, David, Bill, James, Albert, Robert, Logan, Charles, Raymond, Jim

All the places you can find people with the Snodderley surname: Top Countries: U.S.A. Top Regions: Missouri, Arizona, Idaho, Texas, Kansas, Iowa, Indiana, Colorado, Washington Top Cities: Clearmont, MO; Elmo, MO; Thatcher, AZ; Camdenton, MO; Tucson, AZ; San Benito, TX; Kansas City, MO; Kent, WA; Saint Louis, MO; Post FAlls, ID Top Forenames: Gary, Helen

All the places you can find people with the Snotherly surname Top Countries: U.S.A. Top Regions: North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, New Jersey Top Cities: Raleigh, NC; High Point, NC; State Road, NC; Graham, NC; Plymouth, NC; Atlanta, GA; Seagrove, NC; Roanoke, VA; Knightdale, NC; Haw River, NC Top Forenames: William, Myron, John

  • Boulder City, Idaho Ghost Town: [2]
  • John M Schnatterly Biography (founder of Boulder City, Idaho): [3]
  • Harry Schnatterly Home, Kansas: [4]
  • John Sturgis, Biography: [5]
  • Susannah Schnatterly birth record (April 20, 1771), pg 11, who was she the daughter of? : [6]

An Interesting DNA connection to the Hauris Family and Coenraads Family:

If anyone has access to the Haplogroup G-L497 project at FTDNA, Chart A: L43/L42 Branch, then you can see a graphic chart from Rolf Langland that shows a clear and close connection to the Schantterle family (of Austria) and the Hauris family (of Swiss/German) and also the Coenraads (of Netherlands). [7] [8] [9]


"OLD AND NEW STYLE OF TIME It must not be forgotten, in reading many early records, especially those of the Society of Friends, that dates prior to 1752 are usually given in the Old Style or Julian Time. A simple explanation of this change of time is to be found in "Our Calendar", a pamphlet by Gilbert Cope of West Chester, Pa., an eminent genealogist. It reads: —

"An act of Parliment was passed in 1751, prescribing the adoption of the Gregorian Calendar throughout Great Britian and her colonies; making the succeeding year begin with the first of January and dropping eleven nominal days (3-13) from the month of September, 1752, so that what would have been the third of the month was called the 14th. The Quakers at their yearly meeting adopted this method, directing the members to recognize the change of style, and decreeing that thereafter the months should be numbered beginning with January. Formerly their numbering had begun with the month called March."

Hence by merely adding eleven days to a date given in Old Style, we have the corresponding date according to our present calendar. In Julian or "Old Style" time, prior to 1752, the year began March 25th. In Gregorian or "New Style" time, the year begins with January 1st. "

List of People Living in the 1700's (Who Could Be Related):

The following information is a work in progress. The following people have been identified in records living in the U.S. in the 1700's. This list includes but is not limited to the following records: baptismals, tax lists, wills, find a grave memorials, deaths, marriage, ancestry.com, familysearch.org. Sorted by date, some of these people is unknown how they are all connected. But based on date and location, they most likely knew each other. This is as complete a list as has been discovered but there may be others that have not yet been found.

first_name Wikitree_number middle_name

maiden_name || last_name || birthdate || birth_state_Country || deathdate || death_state

Jerg "George Philip" "Jarrick" Schnatterly-4 Filib N/A Schnatterly 1704 Germany 07 Apr 1758 PA
Hans "Han" "Hance" Schnatterly-41 Michael N/A Schnatterly abt. 1707 Germany Unknown Possibly PA, USA
Sabina Schnatterly-1 Levinia Schnatterle 13 Jul 1735 PA 1845 PA
George Schnatterle-6 & Snoterly-1 Philip N/A Snoterly 18 Jan 1737 PA 7 Jan 1791 NC
Henrich "Henry" Schnatterle-13 Unknown N/A Schnatterle 23 Dec 1737 PA 20 Jun 1786 PA
John Schnatterle-16 Michael N/A Schnatterly 12 Mar 1740 PA 7 Apr 1757 PA
Martin Schnatterle-11 Unknown N/A Schnatterly 3 Sep 1741 PA 7 Apr 1758 PA
John Schnatterle-12 Jacob N/A Schnatterly 22 Feb 1744 PA 1760 PA
John Schnatterle-8 & Snodderly-13 George N/A Schnatterly 17 Sep 1745 PA 1760 PA
Adam Schnatterle-10 Unknown N/A Schnatterly 4 Apr 1747 PA 1760 Unknown
Christina 9th DD of Jerg-Schnatterly-42 Unknown Snotterly 19 Aug 1750 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sarah Sabina Wikitree_number Catherine Sallie Snively 25 Jun 1760 NC 24 Aug 1839 NC
John Snodderly-91 Gregory N/A Snodderly 1761 NC 05 DEC 1835 TN
Sabrina Schnatteree-1 Elizabeth Snodderly 25 Jun 1761 PA 15 Apr 1852 NC
Sallie Snotherly-7 Unknown Snotherly 1762 NC 1822 Unknown
Henry Wikitree_number Unknown N/A Schnatterle 1762 PA Unknown Unknown
Mary Wikitree_number Unknown Snotherly 1762 Unknown 1852 NC
Mary Snoterly-2 Unknown Snoterly Coffroth Abt. 1762 Unknown Abt. 1831 Unknown
Mary Snotherly-6 Magdaline Snotherly 28 Apr 1763 PA 15 Apr 1852 NC
Catherina Wikitree_number Unknown Schnatterle 1764 PA Unknown Unknown
Barbara Wikitree_number Unknown Schnatterly Abt. 1765 PA Bef. 1825 PA
Henry Wikitree_number Unknown N/A Snotherly 1765 PA 05 Dec 1825 TN
John Schnatterly-6 George N/A Schnatterly 10 Mar 1767 PA 3 Aug 1849 PA
Barbara Schnatterle-14 Unknown Schnatterle 23 Nov 1769 PA 25 Jan 1854 PA
George Wikitree_number Unknown N/A Schnatterly 24 Feb 1770 PA 1845 VA
Rachel Wikitree_number Unknown Snodderly 1771 Unknown 1820 Unknown
Susannah Snotherly-8 Unknown Snotherly Osborne 20 Apr 1771 NC 28 Jan 1848 OH
Sabina Wikitree_number Unknown Schnatterle 1772 PA Unknown Unknown
Barbara Wikitree_number Unknown Snively 09 Nov 1772 PA 25 Jan 1854 PA
Henery Snoderly-3 Unknown N/A Snodderly 1765 NC 5 Dec 1825 TN (This Henry might be the same as the one listed above-birthdate is unclear in records which is the correct year)
Dorthea Schnatterle-15 Unknown Schnatterle 19 Nov 1773 Unknown 12 Apr 1814 PA
George Wikitree_number Unknown N/A Schnatterle 1774 PA Unknown Unknown
Barbara Wikitree_number Unknown Snively 22 Jan 1774 PA 1833 MD
Catherine Snotherly-18 Unknown Snodderly 1776 NC 10 Oct 1846 NC
Sarah Wikitree_number Unknown Snotherly 1776 Unknown 24 Aug 1839 NC
Magdalena Wikitree_number Unknown Snively 1776 PA Unknown Unknown
Jacob Wikitree_number S N/A Snively 07 Feb 1776 PA 26 Oct 1837 PA
Peter Snodderly-86 Jacob N/A Snodderly 1777 NC 24 Nov 1806 NC
Anna Wikitree_number Unknown Snively 22 Jan 1780 PA 5 Feb 1863 PA
John Wikitree_number Unknown N/A Snively 5 Dec 1783 PA 12 Apr 1827 PA
John Wikitree_number George N/A Schnatterly 4 Dec 1784 Unknown 3 Jul 1881 W VA
JoSeph Wikitree_number Jr N/A Snively 12 Dec 1786 PA 22 Aug 1872 PA
George Snodderly-13 S N/A Snodderly 17 Sep 1787 NC 20 Aug 1852 TN
Benjamin Wikitree_number Unknown N/A Snively abt 1788 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Jacob Wikitree_number J N/A Snodderley 2 Mar 1789 TN 28 Jan 1868 IA
John Wikitree_number George N/A Schnatterly 12 Apr 1789 PA 3 Jul 1851 W VA
Elizabeth Snodderly-34 Unknown Snodderly 4 Mar 1791 TN 18 Sep 1868 MO
Mary Schnatterly-5 Magdelena Schnatterly Foreman 17 May 1791 PA 13 Apr 1863 IN
George Wikitree_number B. N/A Snoderly 5 Dec 1791 W VA 23 Jul 1851 W VA
George Wikitree_number A Sr N/A Snoderly 1792 Unknown 1827 W VA
Phillip Wikitree_number Unknown N/A Schnatterly 18 Mar 1793 Unknown 22 Jun 1815 Unknown
Mary Wikitree_number Sarah Snodderly 5 March 1794 TN 20 Oct 1855 TN
Mary Wikitree_number Nancy Snodderly 5 Nov 1794 TN 1850 TN
Elizabeth Wikitree_number Unknown Schnatterly Abt 1795 PA Aft 1864 IN
Jacob Schnatterly-36 Unknown N/A Schnatterly 1797 PA 16 Feb 1872 W VA
Margaret Wikitree_number Unknown Schnatterly Abt. 1797 PA Unknown PA
Elizabeth Wikitree_number Unknown LNU Snoderly Feb 1797 Unknown 10 May 1875 Unknown
Anna Wikitree_number M Unknown Schnatterly 31 Oct 1798 Unknown 25 Nov 1854 Unknown
Elizabeth Snoderly-26 Unknown Snoderly 16 Jan 1798 NC 16 Jan 1873 IN
John Wikitree_number Unknown N/A Snodderly 1798 NC Unknown Unknown
Jacob Wikitree_number Unknown N/A Schnatterly Abt 1798 PA 16 Feb 1872 W VA
Phoebe Wikitree_number Unknown Snodderly 1799 TN 16 Feb 1875 MO
William Wikitree_number Unknown N/A Snodderly 14 Jul 1799 NC 1808 NC

Links to Source Records in the 1700's

(This is a temporary location for these sources. Until the profile managers of the people with wikitree profiles below join our one name study or give someone who is an active member of this community the role of trusted member to the profiles they manage, the sources below cannot be added to wikitree profiles and be seen by others.)

George Philip "Jarrick" Schnatterly:

* U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s for Jerg Filib Schnatterly: [11]
* Marriage record for Jerg Felib Schnatterly and Sabrina Schabely: Source number: 942.000; Source type: Electronic Database; Number of Pages: 1; Submitter Code: KJY. [12]
* 1732 Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Early Census List for Jarrick Phill i Snattherly: [13]

George Philip Schnatterly:

* 1732 Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Early Census List for George Phili P Schnatterly: [14] (Is this Jerg's son, George since the above record is for "Jarrick" and for the same year as this one?)

Sabrina Schnatterly Snavely:

* Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Mennonite Vital Records, 1750-2014 for Sabina; Nov 1784; Caspar Snavely m. Sabina; 1. Jacob 2. Catharine 3. Susannah 4. Elizabeth; E-147; Dec 9, 1784. (Handwritten on card is: John Ulry Snevely = bro.; Egle, Leb., 349): [15]

Latest Discoveries

Bethel UMC Cemetery records: [16] This fantastic find lists some interesting Schnatterle, Efland, Albright, Stout, Thompson, and Foust verbal stories and headstone inscriptions.

Sabina Levinia Schnattle, a daughter of George Philip Schnatterle married Hans Kaspar "Casper" Schnebli who was the founder of "The American House" Inn. Two of their daughters married McConnell brothers. Catherine Snavely married John McConnell and Susannah Snavely married George McConnell (High Sheriff). Question: Was Sabina's mother, Elizabeth Sabina Schnabeley a relative of Casper Schnebli?

A Strange DNA discovery: Many people on ancestry.com are adding an Elizabeth "Betsy" Schnatterly (1770-1840) as a daughter of George Phillip Schnatterly and Elizabeth Turley. Currently, there are no records that support this that I've been able to uncover. Based on many DNA matches, there is a strong connection between an Elizabeth Ray and a Colby Jackson. Is it possible that Elizabeth Ray was in fact a child of George phillip Schnatterly? According to research done by Wayne Whistler, a 'William Ray' is listed on the will of George Schnatterly. How are they connected? Was William a possible son in law of George? So, if the 33 DNA matches are correct (I know some people may question the validity of DNA matches back this far), the following are possible children of Elizabeth Schnatterly and Colby Jackson: 1) Elizabeth Jackson (1785-1870) - 4 descendant DNA matches on ancestry 2) Jacob Jackson (1790-1845) - 2 descendant DNA matches on ancestry 3) Sarah Jackson (1793-1855) - 2 descendant DNA matches on ancestry 4) Barbara Jackson (1795-1876) - 6 descendant DNA matches on ancestry 5) Sarah Jackson (1795-1856) - 6 descendant DNA matches on ancestry (is this the same person as Barbara or is it a coincidence the dob and dod match?) 6) Rachel Jackson (1798-1883) - 6 descendant DNA matches on ancestry (*NOTE: Rachel married a man by the name of Seaton. However, one of their son's changed their name to "William W Bell", further complicating the research of this line.) 7) Peter Jackson (1801-1875) - 4 descendant DNA matches on ancestry 8) Delilah Ann Jackson (1803-1879) - 1 descendant DNA match on ancestry 9) Mary "Polly" Jackson (1823-1855) - 2 descendant DNA matches on ancestry **If anyone has the time and is willing to research this family further, this information would be so helpful to so many researchers. Wayne, if you see this, please feel free to add your research and speculations. This site is meant to be a collaboration.

Early Family Connections (1700's-1800's)

  1. The Acuff Family
  2. The Albright/Albrecht Family
  3. The Duke/Dukes Family
  4. The Efland/Eveland Family
  5. The Fisher Family
  6. The Fuhrman/Foreman Family
  7. The Foust/Faust Family
  8. The Gibbs Family Of Orange County, North Carolina
  9. The Gibbs Family of Prince George's County, Maryland
  10. The Hobbs Family
  11. The Holt Family
  12. The Loy/Lay Family
  13. The McConnell Family
  14. The Ousley/Owsley/Housely Family
  15. The Ridenour/Ridenhour Family
  16. The Schneible/Schneibly/Snavely Family
  17. The Rogers Family
  18. The Sharp Family
  19. The Snavely/Snively Family
  20. The Stout/Stroud Family
  21. The Tillman/Tilghman Family
  22. The Turley Family

Research Log for records prior to George and Michael's arrival in Pennsylvania

Dear Researcher: please add your sources to this section if you've searched for the Schnatterly family prior to their arrival in America. Please list your name, date searched, name of record searched, as well as either the positive or negative result. Lets work together to discover our origins!

Early Known Immigrants By the Name

George Philip Schnatterly (Jarrick) and Han Michael (Hance) Schnatterly who arrived in Pennsylvania from Germany via Holland as noted above.

It should also be noted that the members of this family are vast in the United States. It is my belief that because of this fact, all of those with this surname are in some way related to one of the two immigrants George or Hans.

Early records appear to have been lost or damaged so the first two generations are not clear. Your help is needed to clarify the information below.

Several people have added a "Casper Schnatterly" to their ancestry trees. Schnatterly-37 has been generated here on wikitree referencing those trees. However, no sources have been provided to prove this person actually existed. If someone has definitive proof, please provide documentation to this profile linked above.

Possible/Known Children of 1. Jerg Philip (George Philip)/(Jerrick) Schnatterly Schnatterly-4 & Schnatterle-2 & Schnatterly-3 and Elizabeth Sabina Schnabeley/Schnebli Schnatterle-3

**The three wikitree profiles listed above for Jerg Philip need to be combined into just one with an agreement on the spelling of his name**


2. i. Sabina Levinia Schnatterle (1735-1845) Schnatterly-1 & Schnatterly-2 & Schnatterle-9 (Jerg1) m. Hans Kaspar "Casper" Schnebli/Snavely Schnebili-1 & Schnebeli-2 **The wikitree profiles listed here should be combined into just one with an agreement on the spelling of the names**
3. ii. George Philip Snoterly (1737-1791) Schnatterle-6 & Snoterly-1 (Jerg1) m. Elizabeth M. Turley Turley-811 & Turley-612 **The wikitree profiles listed here should be combined into just one with an agreement on the spelling of the names** NOTE: ACCORDING TO THE FAUST HISTORY BY JOY LONG, THERE IS A PHILLIP SNOTHERLY BORN IN 1737 WHO MARRIED ANNA ELIZABETH FAUST BORN ON 21 JULY 1728. THEY HAD 3 SONS AND 3 DAUGHTERS. BOTH BURIED AT STONER'S CEMETARY NEAR BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA. QUESTION: IS THIS THE SAME PERSON WHO MARRIED ELIZABETH TURLEY OR IS THIS A DIFFERENT PHILLIP?
4. iii. Heinrich "Henry" Schnatterle (1737-1786) Schnatterle-13 (Jerg1) m. Anna Barbara Uhler Uhler-173
iv. John Michael Schnatterly (1740-1757) Schnatterle-16 (Jerg1) never married
v. Martin Schnatterly (1741-1758) Schnatterle-11 (Jerg1) never married
vi. John Jacob Schnatterly (1744-1760*) Schnatterle-12 (Jerg1) possibly m. Mary Eliza Loy *dates of birth and death may be incorrect for John. Did Mary marry this person or the one in generation 2?*
5. vii. John George Schnatterly (1745-?) Schnatterle-8 (Jerg1) m. Margaretta/Margaretha ? Unknown-374418 (last name unknown) *This is the Foreman Line*
viii. Adam Schnatterly (1747-1760) Schnatterle-10 (Jerg1) never married

The following two children are speculative:

ix. Christina Snotterly (1750-?) (Jerg1) m. ?
x. Sabina Lovenia/Levinia (?-1784) (Jerg1) m. ?

If anyone wants to take on researching one of these lines and adding them to our study, please feel free to do so.


Children of Sabina Schnatterle Schnatterly-1 & Schnatterly-2 (Jerg1) and Hans Schnebli/Snavely Schnebili-1 & Schnebeli-2: **The wikitree profiles listed here should be combined into just one with an agreement on the spelling of the names**

i. Sophia Sabina Schnebli/Snavely Schnebli-6 (Sabina2, Jerg1) **Question to research: Did this Sophia marry a Benjamin Fishburn?**
ii. John Jacob Schnebli/Snavely Schnebli-4 (Sabina2, Jerg1)
6. iii. Catherine Schnebli/Snavely (1761-1836) Schnebli-5 (Sabina2, Jerg1) m. John McConnell (1761-1815)
7. iv. Susannah Schnebli/Snavely Schnebeli-4 (Sabina2, Jerg1) m. George McConnell II McConnell-966 **Susannah's husband was actually George, not his brother Adam (According to his find a grave memorial).**
v. Elizabeth Schnebli/Snavely (Sabina2, Jerg1) possibly m. Philip Fisher

Children of George Snoterly Schnatterle-6 & Snoterly-1 (Jerg1) and Elizabeth Turley-811 & Turley-612: **The wikitree profiles listed here should be combined into just one with an agreement on the spelling of the names**

8. i. Sarah Sabina Catherine "Sallie" Snoterly (?-?) (George3, Jerg1) m. Daniel Foust (1) (?-?); m. Richard Freeman (2) (?-?)
9. ii. John Gregory Snoterly (1760-1835) Snodderly-7 (George3, Jerg1) m. Elizabeth Gibbs (?-?) Gibbs-369
iii. Sabrina Elizabeth Snoterly (?-?) (George3, Jerg1) **Further research needed. Source information needed.**
iv. Sallie Snoterly (?-?) (George3, Jerg1) **Further research needed. Source information needed.**
10. v. Mary Magdaline or Elizabeth Snoterly (?-?) Snotherly-6 (George3, Jerg1) m. Peter Foust (?-?) Foust-400 **Unsure if Mary's middle name was Magdaline or Elizabeth.**
11. vi. Henry Snoterly Sr. (?-?) Snoderly-3 (George3, Jerg1) m. Mary Whitten (?-?) Whitson-241 **Henry does not show up as a son of George and Elizabeth Turley Snoterly because of the duplicate profiles of both George and Elizabeth. Also Henry's birth date is incorrect in his profile.**
vii. George Snoterly (?-?) (George3, Jerg1) **Possibly a son of George and Elizabeth. Need to find source documentation.**
12. viii. Rachel Snoterly (1780-?) Snotterly-1 (George3, Jerg1) m. William Stout / Stroud (1780-1865) Stroud-1220 **Further research needed to confirm parents, dob, dod, and husband. Source information needed.**
13. ix. Susannah Snoterly (?-?) Snotherly-8 (George3, Jerg1) m. William Osborne (?-?)
x. Barbara Snoterly (?-?) (George3, Jerg1) **Further research needed. Source information needed. Did this Barbara marry a David Besore?**
xi. Catherine Snoterly (?-?) (George3, Jerg1) **Further research needed. Source information needed.**
xii. Sarah Snoterly (?-?) (George3, Jerg1) **Further research needed. Source information needed.**
14. xiii. Peter Jacob Snoterly (?-?) (George3, Jerg1) **I have this person as marrying Mary Eliza Loy. However, the marriage date and his death date are the same. So Further research is needed to clarify these.**

Children of Heinrich Schnatterle (?-?) Schnatterle-13 (Jerg1) and Anna Barbara Uhler (?-?) Uhler-173

i. Henry Schnatterle (?-?) (Heinrich4, Jerg1) **Further research needed. Source information needed.**
ii. Catherina Schnatterle (?-?) (Heinrich4, Jerg1) **Further research needed. Source information needed.**
15. iii. Barbara Schnatterle (?-?) Schnatterle-14 (Heinrich4, Jerg1) m. David Besore (?-?)
iv. Sabina Schnatterle (?-?) (Heinrich, Jerg1) **Further research needed. Source information needed.**
16. v. Dorthea Schnatterle (?-?) Schnatterle-15 (Heinrich4, Jerg1) m. Daniel Mowen Jr. (?-?)
vi. George Schnatterle (?-?) (Heinrich4, Jerg1) **Further research needed. Source information needed.**
vii. Michael Schnatterle (?-?) (Heinrich4, Jerg1) **Further research needed. Source information needed.**

Children of John George Schnatterly Sr. (?-?) Schnatterle-8 (Jerg1) Margaretta (?-?) Unknown-374418:

i. Barbara Schnatterly (?-?) (John Sr.5, Jerg1) **Further research needed. Source information needed.**
17. ii. John George Schnatterly Jr. (?-?) Schnatterly-6 (John Sr.5, Jerg1) m. Elizabeth Pouch (1772-1838) Pouch-6 (1); and Elizabeth Walters Kendall (1772-1838) Walters-2274 (2)

Did this couple have more children than just the two? **Further research needed.**

Children of John Schnatterly (?-?) Schnatterle-12 (Jerg1) and Mary Eliza Loy (?-?):

18. i. Mary "Polly" Schnatterly (?-?) Snotherly-1 (John Sr.5, Jerg1) m. Caleb Dixon (?-?) Dixon-469. **Further research needed to confirm parents of Polly.**

If anyone wants to take on researching one of these lines and adding them to our study, please feel free. I have compiled a lot of information so far, and will enter it as I have time.

***Further generations can be found on our facebook group page. Just request to join, we are welcome to have you! Click here to follow the link: [17]***

Possible/Known Children of Hans Michael (Hance) Schnatterly

  1. ?
  2. ?
  3. ?

Link to Ancestry message boards regarding Hans Michael: [18]

If anyone wants to take on researching one of these lines and adding them to our study, please feel free.

Unknown Schnatterle Connections

  1. George Schnatterle (b. Abt. 1836 in Germany-?)
    1. George Schnatterle (1874-?) m. Minnie (1881-?)
      1. George Schnatterle (1905-?)
      2. Belmont Schnatterle (1906-?) possibly born in Iowa
      3. William Schnatterle (1908-?) possibly born in Iowa
      4. Edward Schnatterle (1909-?) possibly born in Iowa
    2. Jacob Schnatterle (abt. 1877 in Germany-?) m. Theresa (1884-?)
      1. Ferdinand Schnatterle (1903-?) possibly born in Iowa
      2. Jacob Schnatterle (1904-?) possibly born in Iowa
      3. Henry Schnatterle (1907-?) possibly born in Iowa
      4. Leona Schnatterle (1909-?) possibly born in Iowa
    3. Rose Schnatterle (1885-?) possibly born in Iowa
  1. Joseph Schnatterly/Shatterly (Abt. 1800-?) m. Sarah Covert (1807-?) (This couple was married in Fayette County, Indiana on August 30, 1826.)
    1. Henry Harry Lee Schnatterly (26 Aug 1831 in Indiana-1908 Kinsley, Kansas) m. Elizabeth Scotton (1833-1926)
      1. Milton Schnatterly (12 Jul 1853 in Wells County, Indiana-19 May 1932 in Kinsley, Kansas) m. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Holloway (1855-1939)
        1. Corliss "Carlis" Schnatterly (1876-1960)
        2. Harry Harvey Lee Schnatterly (6 Jun 1879 in Kinsley, Edwards, Kansas-1946 in Kinsley, Edwards, Kansas) m. Minette Clare "Minnie Truth" Jolly (1884-1957)
          1. Elizabeth Clare "Beth" Schnatterly (1908-1989)
          2. William Lee "Bill" (1910-1996)
          3. George L Schnatterly (1911-?)
          4. Harry Lee Schnatterly Jr (1915-1968)
          5. Donald Dean Schnatterly (1922-1962)
        3. Mayme O Schnatterly/Schnatterley (19 Sep 1881 in Bethany, Harrison, Missouri-Aug 1939 in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri) m. Walter F Holbrook (1884-1956)
        4. Eva D Schnatterly (19 Sep 1884 in Bethany, Harrison, Missouri-?)
        5. Bertha Clare Schnatterly/Schnatterley (8 Dec 1891-21 Aug 1970) m. Ernest R. Hedstrom (?-?)
      2. May (1858-1861) never married
      3. Myrton Schnatterly (1866 in Missouri-26 Dec 1957 Seattle, King, Washington)
      4. Henry Manton Schnatterly (21 Dec 1870-20 Feb 1943 in Kinsley, Edwards, Kansas) m. Rose J "Rosa" (1869-1951)
        1. Zola Virginia Schnatterly (1895-1993)
        2. Rex Brown Schnatterly (1896-1973)
      5. Morton Schnatterly (Aug 1871 in Missouri-17 May 1957 in Seattle, King, Washington) m. Dwight H Seymour (1860-?)
    2. Elizabeth Schnatterly (1834 in Indiana-?)
  1. Is Mrs. Valentin Gerhardt a daughter of Heinrich Schnatterly? If so, Which Heinrich? The Heinrich who married Anna Barbara Uhler or his son, Heinrich? On 24 Sep 1758 Heinrich Schnatteree was a sponser along with Anna Caterina Uheer to the birth of Maria Catarina Gerhardt in Bethel, Berks Co., Pennsylvania. Parents are listed as Valentin Gerhardt and Mrs. From the Pastoral Records of John Casper Stoever: [19]
  1. Bailey Snoderly (31 OCT 1852 to 11 JAN 1929). Who was Bailey's father? He married Pasley Parley A "Polly" Brock (3 Feb 1870 - 1960).
    1. Children of this union were:
      1. Claude (1889-1952)
      2. Jacob G "Jake" (1895-1987)
      3. Lizzle M (1903-?)
      4. Mary B (1907-?)
      5. John Bailey (1909-1955)
  1. George B Snoderly (5 Dec 1791-23 Jul 1851). Who was George's father? He married Elizabeth Elsie Cover (1799-1887) I believe this George B. is the same as John George Schnatterly, son of
  2. John (1816-1885)
  3. Michael (1818-1855)
  4. Susannah (1821-1895)
  5. Joseph (1824-1883)
  6. George W (1840-1864)
  7. Barsheba
  8. Elizabeth
  9. Peggy
  1. Jacob Suntherly Snotherly (May 1838-?). Married Mary Jane Wood (or Good) (Sep 1841-?)
  2. John F. (1863-?) m. Lee Ann "Allie" "Annie" Murray (1865-?)
  3. Sarah Jane (1864-1940) m. James Rufus Foster (1854-1932)
  4. Melinda C (1870-?)
  5. Din "Dinnie" (1872-1947) m1 Charles Dennis Hardin (1872-1940); m2 Mr. Steed
  6. Josiah G (1876-?)
  1. Heinrich "Henry" Lee Schnadarle (25 Nov 1886-2 Sep 1973) Born in Richmond County, Virginia and died in Fresno, Fresno, California. Married Dorothy Constance Heckamen (17 Feb 1909-3 Dec 1992). According to the 1930 census he was single, born in Viriginia but living in LA, California. His father was born in Germany and his mother was born in Virginia. He was a mechanic and was 43 yrs old at the time. By the 1940 census, he was 52 yrs old, living in Huntintgon Beach, CA, a college graduate, was married and had three children. According to the U.S. WW II Draft Cards of 1942 he was living in Westminster, CA and his next of kin was Charle W. Heckaman (probably a brother-in-law). Their children include:
  2. Dorothy Carolyn Schnadarle (1933-2008)
  3. Dolores Fayne Schnadarle (1935-?)
  4. Heinrich Charles "Henry" Schnadarle (1939-?) Was he also known as "Henry William Sr"?
  5. David Thomas Schnadarle (1942-?)
  6. Marie Schnadarle (1945-2019)
  7. So who were Henry's parents?
  1. Fellbach, Germany Schnatterle's: Philipp Jakob Schachterle, Schaechterle (16 Nov 1780-4 Apr 1839) was born and died in Fellbach, Germany. He married Elisabethe margarethe Wagner (18 Jan 1788-27 Apr 1838).
  2. Pauline Wilhelmina Schechterle (2 Jan 1825-17 Nov 1913) was born in Fellbach, Germany and married Wilhelm Friedrich Kloepfer (1819-?) on 9 Jun 1846 in Germany. This family had 7 children, the first two were born in Germany while the others in Ohio,
  3. Julius Klopefer (1847-1907)
  4. Carl Gottlob Klopfer (1849-1849)
  5. Pauline Kloepfer (1855-1927)
  6. Anna Klepfer (1857-?)
  7. Louise Klopfer Baker (1863-?)
  8. Emma Klepfer (1866-1953)
  9. Ellis Kloeffer (1869-?)
  10. The parents of Phillip Jakob above were Johann Ludwig Schachterle (30 Oct 1754-23 Apr 1816) and his wife Elisabetha Seybold (12 Jan 1754-10 Mar 1826)
  11. Johann Ludwig's parents were Ludwig Schaechterle (9 Sep 1714-25 Dec 1801) and his wife Agatha Wendler Seybold (20 Dec 1711-16 Dec 1779). Agatha first married Philipp Seybold in 1734.
  12. This family seems to have a long history in Fellbach, Germany going back several generations. I'm including this family in this One Name Study because I have several Ancestry DNA matches to a Klopfer family and am unsure of the connection, but I'm certain it's related to the Schnatterle family somehow.


  1. Schnatterly - Sylvan Heights Cemetery, Oliver, Fayette, Pennsylvania: [20]
  2. Snodderly Veterans Gravesite Information: [21]

Notable Descendants

  1. Dayle Lymoine Robertson, American Actor [22]
  2. Senator Thomas Benton Schnatterly [23]
  3. Orin Jones Sturgis, "an acknowledged leader in modern journalism in Southwestern Pennsylvania" [24]
  4. Pamela Rogers Schnatterly ? [25]
  5. John Schnatterly ? [26]
  6. Karen Schnatterly ? [27]
  7. Valerie June Carter, wife of Johnny Cash [28]
  8. Maybelle Addington Carter, "First Lady of Country Music" [29] & [30]

Interesting Family Stories:

  • 1763 Wagon Train to North Carolina with Michael Shoffner: [31]

Schnebele Research:

Names taken from the Index to the names of 30,000 immigrants noted under the Pennsylvania section of source links below:

Question to research: Are any of the following relatives of Jarrick's wife and/or son-in-law?

If this question can be answered, maybe this will give us a clue as to the location of Jarrick before immigrating to America.

  • Schnabel,Joh.George.B.R.213-49
  • Schnabel,Andreas.T.R.322-53
  • Schnabel,Martin.B.L.385-68
  • Schnabel,Joh.Friederich.B.R.385-68
  • Schnabel,Joh.Conrad.B.R.385-68
  • Schnabele,Hans Adam.T.R.275-52
  • Schebele,Rudolph.B.L.89-33
  • Schnebele,Caspar.B.L.89-33
  • Schnebeli,Lenhart.T.R.159-43
  • Schnebeli,Jacob.M.R.176-47
  • Schnebeli,Johan.B.L.195-49
  • Schnebler,Ultimer,M.L.59-29
  • Schnebli,Heinrich.T.R.55-27
  • Schnebli,johannes.T.R.230-50
  • Schnebly,Daniel.M.L.214-49
  • Schneebly,Hans.T.L.197-49

Key to abbreviations:

T.L. or T.R. refers to top of left or right column in Rupp Volume I. M.L. or M.R. refers to middle of left or right column in Rupp Volume I. B.L. or B.R. refers to bottom of left or right column in Rupp Volume I.

The number following the abbreviations above refer to the page in Rupp Volume I.

The number at end of name listed in Index refers to year of immigration.

"In producing this Index, the author has been prompted to relieve the unnecessary labor one is subjected to in the tracing of individual names from the un-indexed immigration list of the 30,000 German, Swiss, Dutch, and French that came into Pennsylvania 1727 to 1776. The I. Daniel Rupp volume is most valuable and indispensable in making available the names of these immigrants as they came in ship loads." ..."This Index may be used very satisfactorily alone since the year of immigration is given. It was intended, however, for the use of libraries and historians having possession of the I. Daniel Rupp volume."


  • History of the Schnatterly family in a brochure compiled by descendants of the Foreman line: [32]
  • An interesting history on the Palatinate immigation: [33]

Books in German which needs translation:

  • Heraldisch-genealogische Zeitschrift, Organ des Heraldisch-Genealogischen Vereins "Adler" in Wien: [34] (Andreas Schnatterl von Tornau, pg 431) In German - translation needed.
  • Schauplatz des landsässigen Nieder-Oesterreichischen Adels vom Herren- und Ritterstande von dem XI. Jahrhundert an, bis auf jetzige Zeiten: Dritter Band, Band 3 [35] (Apollonia Schnatterl von Tornau, Pg 309)
  • List of Geyer Geyersperg Geyersperg on WikiVisually: [36] (Apolonia Schnatterl von Tornau) or see this page on Wikipedia: [37]

After browsing through the above linked translation of the Geyer family, I'm even more curious about the relationship between the Albrecht and Schneible families and our Schnatterl family. If we can find a connection of our George Philip Schnatterle to either Andreas Schnatterl or Apolonia Schnatterl von Tornau who appear frequently in the heraldry of the Dornau area of Austria, we can confirm the link to the Dornau castle mentioned in the records above.

  • List of Descendants of Anton Wurmbrand auf Stuppach: [38] (Christoph Schnatterl, B2 - m. Anna)

Compiled Allied Family Histories

  • Know Your Relatives Book, The Sharps. By Genevieve E. Peters: [39]
  • Nicholas Gibbs and His Descendants 1733-1977. BY Nicholas Gibbs Historical Society: [40]
  • Tilghman-Tillman Family 1225-1945 [41]
  • A Trip No. 2 Into the "Swatara" Region or Among the "Bethel Moravian" settlement of Bethel Township, Lebanon County, Penna; Gideon Schnatterle. Jacob Schnatterle. Henry Schnatterly. George Philip Schnatterle. Page 4; Henry Schnatterle. Page 5. [42]
  • Eisenhouer Lineage and Reference by Fannie Belle Taylor-Richardson. George Phillip Schnatterle. Page 4.[43] (This gives details on the namesake of George Philip.
  • The Millar-du Bois Family Its History and Genealogy By Eva Miller Nourse. 1928. Harry Lee Schnatterly. Page 45 and 225. [44]
  • The Story of Marcellus Moss Rice and His Big Valley Kinsmen by John Rice Irwin. 1963. George Philip Schnatterly Page 48, 160-161. [45]
  • The Genealogy of the Allen Family. Press of the J.W. Burke Co. Macon, Georgia. 1951. William K. Schnatterly Page 30, 54, 131. [46]
  • A Limited Genealogy of the Kober-Cover-Coover Family and Cognate Families. Compiled by Melanchthon Coover. 1942. Jacob Schnatterly Page 281. Margaret Schnatterly Page 288. Joseph Schnatterly Page 298.[47]
  • Lineage Book National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Vol. 153. 1920 Margaret Schnatterly Page 207. John Schnatterly Page 208.[48]
  • The Descendants of Matthias Hatfield. Compiled by Abraham Hatfield. 1954. Kate Schnatterly Page 154 & 309. [49]
  • History of the Long Family of Pennsylvania. By the Long Family organization of Pennsylvania. 1930. Jacob Snotterly Page vii, 167, 169, 189.[50]
  • History of the Grim Family of Pennsylvania and its associated families. 1934. Jacob Snotterly Page 109.[51]
  • Other Bullards A Genealogy. Supplementary to Bullard and Allied Families. E. J. Bullard. 1928. Snodderly Page 59, 85. [52]
  • A Brief History of the Spessard Family and a complete genealogical family register. By H. L. Spessard. 1930. Rice Snodderly Page 82. Lizzie Snodderly Page 115. [53]
  • Biography written by a Schnatterly descendant with sources compiled by a genealogist: [54]
  • Eberly Family History [55]
  • Descendants of James Baxter and Judah unknown: research book, Vol. 1 [56]
  • Charles Rice His Ancestors and Decsendants [57]
  • Dear Relative; A Short Genealogy of the Families of Phillips and Price: [58] (Dorthea Snodderly, 108-106)
  • Two Coventry Shoemakers Become Indiana Farmers: The Descendants of William Ellingham and John Scotton: [59]
  • Foreman-Irwin genealogy : a series of family brochures compiled and distributed annually to 600 related families, 1948-72 ; over 2500 names with index ; principal families include: Crandall, Foreman, Irwin, Miller, Myers, Robinson, Rutledge, Schnatterly, Sipe, Snoderly-Snodderly [60]

Family Websites

  • Woodruff Genealogy Website: [61]


  • List of worldwide diseases [62]


  • East Tennessee History & Memories: [63]
  • Snodderly Facebook Group: [64]

Find A Grave Memorials

  • Snodderly Find A Grave Memorials: [65]
  • Snodderley Find A Grave Memorials: [66]
  • Snoderly Find A Grave Memorials: [67]
  • Snotterly Find A Grave Memorials: [68]
  • Schnatterly Find A Grave Memorials: [69]


  • History of McDonough County. Miles Schnatterly Page 794. [70]
  • McDonough County, Illinois Deaths: [71]


  • Biographical History of Page County, Iowa. 1890. Alfred Snodderly Page 416. John Snodderly Page 4, 314, 331, 421. Henry Snodderly Page 387, 314. Thomas Snodderly Page 421. [72]
  • O'Dell's Abstracted Newspaper Index of Southwest Iowa and Northwest Missouri: [73]
  • Page County, Iowa Burials, Deaths, Tombstones by Pat O'Dell" [74]


  • History of Leitersburg District Washington County, MD. By Herbert C. Bell. 1898. Henhy Snotterly Page 294, 336. George A. Snotterly Page 167. Barbara (Snotterly) Beaver Page 300. Snotterly Page 305, 293, 311, 336.[75]


  • Platte Purchase Paradise: the story of Washington Township, Nodaway County, Missouri:[76] (Henry and Nancy Snodderly, pg 26)

North Carolina

  • History of Alamance. By Miss S.W. Stockard. 1900. Sallie Snotherly Page 128. Philip Snotherly Page 80.[77] (Foust connection)
  • History of Alamance County [78]


  • Newspaper notice for a Schnatterly Reunion in 1940 in Pennsylvania:[79]
  • Stoever Baptisms: [80]
  • Early history of John Schnatterle & Malinda Kendall[81]
  • Records of Rev. John Casper Stoever Baptismal and Marriage 1730-1779 [82] (many Schnatterle's are listed here).
  • Notes and Queries Historical, Biographical and Genealogical Relating Chiefly to Interior Pennsylvania. Annual Vol. 1896. [83]
  • Old Salem In Lebanon. A History of the congregation and Town by Theodore E. Schmauk. [84] (Henrich Schnatterle and Barbara Uhler)
  • Notes and Queries Historical, Biographical and Genealogical Relating Chiefly To Interior Pennsylvania. Annual Vol. 1897 [85]
  • Notes and Queries Historical, Biographical and Genealogical Relating Chiefly To Interior Pennsylvania. Annual Vol. 1898. [86]
  • Nelson's Biographical Dictionary and Historical Reference Book of Fayette County Pennsylvania. 1900. By S.B. Nelson. John Schnatterly Page 158. B. & T.B. Schnatterly Page 160, 161, 286, 290, 332. Benton Schnatterly Page 287. [87]
  • Genealogical and Personal History of Fayette and Greene Counties Pennsylvania. Vol. 1. 1912. Margaret F. Schnatterly, John Schnatterly, & T.B. Schnatterly Page 0. [88] (The Sturgis connection)
  • Pennsylvania German Pioneers By Ralph Beaver Strassburger. Vol. 1. 1934. Page 101.[89]
  • History of Dauphin County Pennsylvania By Luther Reily Kelker. Vol II. 1907. Henry Snotterly Page 717, 718, 760, 761, 791, 856, 870, 871. [90]
  • Catalogue of the Trustees, Professors, and Students of the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia: Session of 1872-73: [91]
  • Sturgis Family in Fayette County, Iowa: [92]
  • Index to the names of 30,000 immigrants--German, Swiss, Dutch and French--into Pennsylvania, 1727-1776, supplementing the I. Daniel Rupp, ship load volume, by M.V. Koger: [93] digital page 170 (actual pg 163 of document) of 240 lists "Schnatterly,Geo.Philip.B.R.83-32", as well as several Schnebele family members.


  • Norris Reservoir Grave Removals; V. 01 [94]
  • Norris Reservoir Grave Removals; V. 02 [95]
  • Shunem Church and Cemetery Speak: a living memorial to those who sleep here, 1824 - 1965:[96] (Millard Snodderly)
  • Snodderly Cemetery memorials in Tennessee on Find A Grave: [97]
  • Union County, Tennessee Cemeteries: [98]
  • Tennessee Wiki on FamilySearch: [99]

Washington State

  • History of the city of Spokane and Spokane County Washington: from it's earliest settlement to the present time by N.W. Durham. 1912. Mr. Schnatterly Page 557. John M. Schnatterly Page 556, 558. [100]
  • An Illustrated History of Southeastern Washington. 1906. Mr. Snodderly Page 754, 755, 658, 684, 714, 717, 0, . Miss Etta Snodderly Page 683. Isaac R Snodderly Page 0, 683, 754. Henry E. Snodderly Page 756. [101]

West Virginia

  • Marion County, West Virginia Marriages, 1842-1899:[102]
  • Snoderly Cemetery located in Barrackville, Marion County, West Virginia: [103]

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Today I checked all the Luthern parishes in Schwabisch Hall, Wurtemberg, and didn't find a single Schnatterly or anything like it. I checked from 1700 to 1710 for Georg or Hans. Unless someone has information that I missed I do not think it is correct. I think Georg came out of the Palatine area in Baden Germany since those were the passengers on his ship he came over on.
posted by Ira Terry
Hi Ira. I don't know. I'll add a place holder on this page for updates on this. Researchers feel free to add your results!
Has anybody actually checked the records in Schwabisch Hall, Wurtemberg, Germany? Is this the place Georg is from?

The ship captain on the ship he was on says the passengers were from the Palentine region of Baden. In fact, 18 of the passengers on board came from the Kraichgau region of Baden. Has anybody checked out that possibility?

posted by Ira Terry