Schofield-Mitchell Family History (Transcription)

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Date: 1774 to 1962
Location: Franklin County, Indiana, United Statesmap
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Transcriber's Preface

Following is a transcription of an untitled handwritten family history of the Mitchell and Schofield families of Franklin County, Indiana, United States. See the Sources section provided at the beginning of the original document for its origin. For clarity and consistency, the following updates have been made to the history sections of the transcribed version:

  1. Headings added
  2. List items numbered
  3. Married names of female ancestors omitted and birth last names used only
  4. Last names added where needed for clarity

A scan of the original document in PDF format is available here:

Schofield-Mitchell Family History

This document is part of the Waltz-Leonard Family Photos collection owned by Joan Leonard. It was transcribed and scanned by: Kelly Leonard on November 7, 2021.

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This portion of the family history was compiled by Jennie Lowes Wiggers of Cincinnati, Ohio and was from information she had gleaned from her father Mr. Cyrenius Lowes and her uncles and certain other members of the family. She also secured dates and certain other information from cemetery records in the family Bible (Lowes).

The Mitchell family

John Mitchell (born 1774, died January 27, 1849) and his wife, Jane Peterson (born 1784, died October 29, 1829) migrated with their family to this country from County Down, Ireland. They were called “Scotch-Irish”. The date of migration is unknown. They had ten children but one child died on the ship coming over and was buried at sea.

Children of John Mitchell and Jane Peterson

Children--(Birth dates and chronological order of births unknown to this writer.)

  1. Walter Mitchell
  2. Robert Mitchell
  3. John Mitchell
  4. William Mitchell
  5. George Mitchell
  1. Elizabeth Mitchell
  2. Jane Mitchell
  3. Rebecca Mitchell
  4. Mary Mitchell (this is our line)

They settled on a one hundred ten acre farm in Franklin County Indiana the deed to which it was claimed was signed by the President of the United States. (This farm is across the road South from the Whitewater School--which is to be torn down soon.)

Not many facts about the children of John Mitchell and Jane Peterson and their descendants are known by Mrs. Wiggers except of course those about her grandmother (Mary Mitchell) and her great uncle Robert Mitchell and something of a few of her cousins descended from George Mitchell, Walter Mitchell and Rebecca Mitchell.

Walter Mitchell

Walter Mitchell (apparently the eldest of the children) before leaving Ireland and while but 17 years old, married Jenny Jones (Jane) and brought her with him to this country a bride. Walter stayed out in the country near the old home place and ran a small crossroads general store. It was between Harrison, Ohio and Mount Carmel, Indiana and was called “Sharptown”. it is still so called and lies in Whitewater Township although the

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store burned down many years ago. His wife died in 1888 quite old.

Robert Mitchell

Robert Mitchell married a Miss McDonough, a neighbor girl quite close to home in Franklin County. They had three daughters, Libby, Emma and Jenny and two sons, Richard and Albert. After the death of his first wife Robert Mitchell married Mrs. Craig, a widow with one daughter. At one time while very young Robert went to Cincinnati and secured work in helping to excavate the ground for the foundation of a church which was being built at 2nd and John streets. He later founded a furniture business of his own and erected his factory on the very spot where he had helped to excavate for the church. His furniture house, “The Robert Mitchell Furniture Co.” later became well known all over the country for the extremely fine and beautiful furniture they produced and he was one of the pioneer successful businessmen of early Cincinnati and contributed greatly to the beauty and prestige of his city. He became a millionaire before his death and many of his children and grandchildren are still residents of Cincinnati and vicinity. A book called “Cincinnati Past and Present” published by M. Joblin and Co. and printed by the Elm Street Printing Co. in 1872, with illustrations by James Landy, Cincinnati, Ohio can still be purchased from certain bookstores and second hand book shops. It tells something of the histories of the pioneer businessmen of Cincinnati and an account of the founding of the “Robert Mitchell Furniture Co.” is given in this book. He probably was a partner in the Mitchell and Rammelsburg’s furniture business on Fourth Street in Cincinnati. A picture from Feb. 2, 1858 is in Volume I of Howe’s Historical Collections of Ohio.

John Mitchell

John Mitchell married and this writer has no record of where his wife was from or whether there were any children from this union. It is known however that he too was in the furniture business Anne lived in Cincinnati and he was also very successful but in a different line of furniture than that made by his brother Robert.

William Mitchell

William Mitchell married and lived in St. Louis, Missouri. He too was quite successful but this writer has no record of his family or business. Mrs. Wiggers father, Mr. Cyrenius Lowe’s, who fought for the north in the later civil war, told his daughter an amusing

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incident of stopping off in St. Louis to see his uncle William Mitchell on his way up from the South at the end of the war. He spent the night there, was assigned a lovely guest room containing a soft, comfortable bed. At the breakfast table his aunt accosted him with the fact that the bed had not been slept in. He then sheepishly admitted that he had slept on the ground so long with his head on a knapsack that he was totally unable to sleep in a soft bed and had used the floor with his valise for a pillow.

George Mitchell

George Mitchell married Juliette Schofield (daughter of William Schofield and Mary Ann Marshall). In later years he moved to Memphis, Tennessee. Julia died in her twenty-third year, leaving a son, Robert and a daughter, Juliette. George later married again and his second wife was a sister of his brother William’s wife. Young Robert never married but lived to be fairly old. Juliette married Charles Bishop and lived to be old.

Mary Mitchell

Mary Mitchell, born December 20, 1820, died February 10, 1887 (Mrs wiggers grandmother). Her first husband was Cyrenius Lowes. He died on their second anniversary. He lived less than three years and had two sons, one "Cyrenius” (Mrs. Wigger’s father) born posthumously. The elder son was William Lowes. When widowed Mary taught school for a time but later married George W. Schofield, a widower with two sons. Mr. Scofield's first wife had been a “Rudisell”. One of Mr. Schofield’s sons died shortly after he married Mary Mitchell Lowes. The other, Andrew, lived to be a grown man and was greatly loved by all his half brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews. He never married. He was struck by a train on November 4, 1881 according to a newspaper clipping. Anne died January 22, 1882. Mary's elder son by her first marriage, William Lowes, made his home with his grandmother Lowes and her two unmarried children, aunt Kathy Lowes and uncle Jimmy Lowes, after his mother became a widow Anne when she married Mr. Schofield he remained with his aunt and uncle. Her younger son, Cyrenius however was raised with her husband's boy and her children by her second marriage of whom there were seven. From the time she married Mr. Schofield, Mary and her husband occupied the old Mitchell home place which they afterwards owned and where they both lived until they died. She lived

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to be 67 years old. Her husband died five years before.

After Mary Mitchell's death the old home place was bought by her son, Cyrenius E. Lowes, and was in his possession until about the fall of 1896 when it was bought by a family by the name of Beasley and is still in possession of this family.

Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell married a Mr. Beyer [Byers] and lived in Cincinnati. They had three daughters and one son. They too were quite successful but it is not known what the business was.

Jane Mitchell

Jane Mitchell married a Mr. Portteus from out near the old home and they afterwards moved to Acton, Indiana. This writer knows very little of the Portteus family or about their children but there are still some of that name in the family connection, particularly among the Lowes family. In the early days the Schofields, Mitchells and Lowes intermarried quite a bit although of no blood relation to each other.

Rebecca Mitchell

Rebecca Mitchell married Josiah Lowes who was a brother of the first Cyrenius Lowes (Mary Mitchell's first husband) so that the two sisters, Mary and Rebecca, married two brothers. Rebecca and Josiah had children. It is not known how many but one son was named "Josiah". The family afterwards moved out near Lafayette, Indiana.

Acknowledgement and Note

  • Copied by Ruby M. Lowes
  • Information given to Ruby M. Lowes by Lowe Wiggers (son of Jennie Lowes Wiggers) December 22, 1962.
  • Jane Peterson wife of John Mitchell was a sister of George Dickinson's mother.

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The Scofield (Schofield) family

Caleb Scofield (Schofield) is supposed to be buried in Ebenezer Churchyard near Bridgetown, Ohio (Cincinnati). We couldn’t find his stone—stones have been moved—and they have made the street wider.

Children of Caleb Scofield and his wife

  1. Richard Scofield married Nancy Patton
  2. William Scofield “ Mary Ann Marshall
  3. Cornelius Scofield “ Sarah Borden
  4. Mary Scofield “ William Johnson
  5. Eliza Scofield “ Blakely Benson
  6. George W. Schofield* “ Mary Ann Rudicell & Mary Mitchell Lowes
  7. Margaret Scofield “ Jackson Benson
  8. John Schofield “ Phoebe Ketcheum
  9. Etheline Scofield “ Eli Stoughton

*Our ancestor

Children of William and Mary Ann Marshal Scofield

  1. Boy name unknown
  2. Henrietta Schofield married John Barbin
  3. Juliette Scofield “ George Mitchell
  4. Frances A. (aunt Frank) Schofield “ Benjamin F. McManaman
  5. Nancy Scofield – died young
  6. Girl (name unknown) died young
  7. William Schofield – no information
  8. Ed – fought for the North in the Civil War and it was assumed he was shot—he never was heard from again

Children of Cornelius and Sarah Borden Scofield

  1. Harriet Schofield – died young
  2. Caroline Schofield married Charles Wilson—lived near Dent on Harrison Pike
  3. Jennie Schofield “ George Bell
  4. Sarah Schofield—unmarried
  5. Anna Schofield—unmarried
  6. Ella Schofield—unmarried

George W. Schofield and Mary Mitchell*

Mary Mitchell First Married to Cyrenius Lowes

Mary Mitchell married Cyrenius Lowes October 29, 1840. Mary Mitchell was born December 20, 1820 and died February 10, 1887. She is buried at Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Sharptown,

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Indiana. Cyrenius Lowes was born July 7, 1817 and died October 29, 1842 on their second wedding anniversary. He is buried in the old Mt. Carmel Cemetery at Mt. Carmel, Indiana, Franklin County.

Their children--

  1. William M. Lowes born 1841 and died 1912.
  2. Cyrenius E. Lowes born (after his father died) March 4, 1843 and died September 20, 1912.
Mary Mitchell Next Married George W. Schofield

Mary Mitchell married George W. Schofield. He had two sons and she had two sons and they had seven children.

His children--

  1. Andrew J. Schofield born September 4, 1838. He was killed November 4, 1881 by a train on Harrison Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio.
  2. Boy – name unknown—died soon after George Schofield and Mary Mitchell were married.

Their children—not sure of chronological order

  1. George Schofield married Mary C. Barrow. They were married September 5, 1883. She ws born in 1862 and died 1906. Then he married Anna --
  2. (youngest boy) John Schofield married
  3. Ezra Schofield married Nellie Ackley
  4. Adaline Schofield married Theodore P. Jackman on December 22, 1872. She was born March 15, 1851 and died December 12, 1910. He was born October 29, 1846 and died August 4, 1883.
  5. Margaret Schofield married Edward D. Waltz on May 16, 1864. She was born March 27, 1846 and died April 28, 1926. He was born August 19, 1836 and died November 4, 1911. *
  6. Walter Schofield married --
  7. (youngest girl) Amelia Ann Schofield married John W. Williams March 3, 1872. She was born May 28, 1853 and died February 8, 1895. She died at St. Francis Hospital for Incurables in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Children of William M. Lowes and Elizabeth Jane Price

William M. Lowes (son of Mary Mitchell Lowes) and Elizabeth Jane Price were married January 2, 1862.

Their children--

  1. Thomas P. Lowes—died young
  2. Henry Cyrenius Lowes
  3. James Harvey Lowes
  4. Mary Catherine Lowes
  5. Charley “Duke” M. Lowes
  6. Cora May Lowes

[Page 7]

Cyrenius E. Lowes and Mary Catherine Rudy

Cyrenius E. Lowes (son of Mary Mitchell) married Mary Catherine Rudy (Catherine Waltz King named after her) on March 3, 1867.

Their children--

  1. Jennie Alice Lowes
  2. Walter M. Lowes

George Schofield and Mary C. Barrow

Their children died as infants and he married Anna --.

John Schofield and --

Their children--

  1. Violet Schofield
  2. Arthur Schofield
  3. Elsie Schofield

Ezra Schofield and Nellie Ackley

Their children--

  1. Geneva Schofield—died Mary 11, 1966
  2. Leslie Schofield—died 1950—he had one son who had 3 daughters

Adaline Schofield and Theodore P. Jackman

Their children--

  1. Atwell Jackman—died October 2, 1874
  2. Bertha Jackman--” December 1, 1897

Margaret Schofield and Edward D. Waltz*

He went off to war the day after they were married. William M. Lowes and Walter Schofield were their witnesses.

Their children--

  1. James Harrison Waltz born July 7, 1865 and died Oct. 24, 1947
  2. Albert Mitchell Waltz born August 13, 1867 (Married twice) [Margaret Foster &] [Nancy] Miller
  3. Mary (Jennie) Jane Waltz born November 9, 1870
  4. Kathryn May Waltz born August 31, 1873 King
  5. John Newton Waltz born April 17, 1877 Bertha Bridgeford
  6. Cyrus Edward Waltz born July 25, 1879 Lila
  7. Rozella Waltz born November 11, 1882 Lon Bridgeford
  8. Minerva “Mina” Waltz born June 11, 1886 Harry Goble

Walter Schofield and --

Their children

  1. George Schofield—had son Bruce Schofield
  2. Edith Schofield
  3. Ora Schofield

[Page 8]

Henry Cyrenius Lowes and Mary Ann “Molly” Barbin

Henry Cyrenius Lowes (son of WIlliam M. Lowes and Elizabeth Jane Price) and Mary Ann “Molly” Barbin (daughter of Henrietta Schofield and John Barbin).

Their children--

  1. Beatrice Lowes married LeRoy Boatwright (had 8 children) & then Harry V. Lake
  2. Chalmus Lowes married Clara Goble—had Walter Lowes, George Henry Lowes
  3. Gertrude Lowes
  4. Howard Lowes

Bertha Jackman and Louis Smith

Bertha Jackman (daughter of Adaline Schofield and Theodore P. Jackman) and Louis Smith (he married second time)

Their child--

  1. Maud Smith married Harry V. Lake
Their children--
1. Elsie Winnetta Lake
2. Ivan Louis Lake
3. Ruby May Lake married Walter Lowes
4. Bertha Mary Lake
5. Chester Robert Lake
6. Charles LeRoy Lake

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