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About This Team's Work

The Tables of Clans on this page are complete. They contain the names of Clans and Armigerous Clans recognized by the Court of the Lord Lyon. If the Clan you are looking for does not appear in the tables below, please check: Scottish Families or contact Sarah Mason for assistance.

This team's responsibilities include:

  • Identifying existing or creating new profiles for Clan Chiefs and Clan members.
  • Merging duplicate profiles where needed.
  • Cleaning up existing profiles, adding sources where needed
  • Removing incorrect information where needed.
  • Working closely with the Scotland Managed Profiles Team, 5-Star Profiles Team, and Scottish Nobility Team to ensure profiles meet Project standards.

Team Goals

  • Follow Scottish Clans Teams Guideline to set up Clan Team Pages as needed.
  • Merge duplicates into the final profile ID
  • Add all relevant categories
  • Verify parents are correct and documented
  • Clean up any GEDCOM junk, Family Trees
  • Write factual biographies

Team Leadership

Leader Contact: Doug McCallum Clan Teams Coordinator: Sarah Mason

If you are interested in a Team Leader position, please contact the Membership Coordinator for more information.

Pending Team Members

(have not chosen a specific clan team)

Project Documentation Links

Project Categories

Clans A to D

Teams Leader: TBC

Clan Team Team Leader Team Members
Clan Abercromby
Clan Adam
Clan Agnew
Clan Anderson Jaynie Anderson, Darlene Athey-Hill
Clan Anstruther
Clan Arbuthnott Valerie Kerr, Aidan Bizony
Clan Armstrong Norma Price
Clan Auchinleck
Clan Baillie Tom Hamilton-Baillie
Clan Baird Jaynie Anderson,
Clan Balfour Michael Balfour
Clan Bannatyne
Clan Bannerman
Clan Barclay
Clan Baxter
Clan Bell Beth Golden, Billie Keaffaber, Elaine Goodner
Clan Bethune Lili Hammond
Clan Beveridge
Clan Bissett
Clan Blair Jack Blair, Rory Cain
Clan Borthwick
Clan Boswell J Salsbery, Alan Boswell
Clan Boyd Beth Golden, Marty Acks
Clan Boyle
Clan Brodie
Clan Broun
Clan BruceDavid Urquhart Michael Thomas, Nancy Sitzlar, Arthur Jones,
Clan Buchan
Clan Buchanan Jared Olar, Alvin Kinley, Rayan Turner, Anne Buchanan
Clan Burnett
Clan Calder Sheena Tait
Clan Cameron Beth Golden, Kerri McIntyre
Clan CampbellAmy Gilpin Jared Olar, Robb Reynolds, Ron Campbell, Christine Preston, Butch Smith, Deborah Compton, Lisa (Kelsey) Murphy, Rayan Turner, Andrea Pack, Bobbie Hall, Adam Campbell
Clan Campbell of Breadalbane
Clan Campbell of Cawdor Mark Sutherland-Fisher
Clan Carmichael
Clan Carnegie
Clan Carruthers Laurie Caron
Clan Cathcart
Clan Chalmers
Clan Charteris
Clan Chattan Beth Golden, Amanda Suggs
Clan Chisholm David Douglas
Clan Clelland
Clan Cochrane
Clan Cockburn Fann Fann
Clan Colquhoun Mark Sutherland-Fisher, Jared Olar, Laura Bozzay
Clan Colville Joelle Colville-Hanson
Clan Craig , Rae Santema, Sandy Patak,
Clan Cranstoun
Clan CrawfordAmy Gilpin William Dunlap, Rob Graham
Clan Crichton
Clan Cumming Malcolm Clyde, Michael Thomas
Clan Cunningham Terri (Reynolds) Rick, Jon Czarowitz, Marty Acks
Clan Currie
Clan Dalrymple
Clan Dalzell
Clan Darroch
Clan Davidson Rosemary Maclean, Sheena Tait
Clan Dennistoun
Clan Dewar
Clan Douglas Malcolm Clyde, Mary Tyler, Jackie Stoddard
Clan Drummond Jared Olar, Michael Thomas
Clan Dunbar Andrea Pack, Michael Thomas,
Clan Dunlop William Dunlap, Lynden Rodriguez
Clan Durie
under review:

Clans E to H

Team Leader:

Clan Team Team Leader Team Members
Clan Elliot
Clan Elphinstone
Clan Erskine Maria Maxwell
Clan Ewing George Kennedy
Clan Falconer Mark Sutherland-Fisher, Rory Cain
Clan Farquharson Alvin Kinley, Jack Blair
Clan Fergusson Deborah Compton
Clan Fleming
Clan Fletcher
Clan Forbes Wendy Browne, Tracye Smith
Clan Forrester
Clan ForsythMarsha (Cain) Richardson
Clan FraserDavid Urquhart Edie Kohutek, Elizabeth (Penman) Russon
Clan Fraser of Lovat Mark Sutherland-Fisher, Michael Thomas, Rosemary Maclean
Clan Fullarton
Clan Galbraith Fann Fann
Clan Garden
Clan Gayre
Clan Gibsone
Clan Gladstaines
Clan Glas
Clan Glen
Clan Gordon Mark Sutherland-Fisher, Stacy Mendes, Deborah Compton, Jackie Stoddard, Michael Thomas, Bobbie Hall
Clan GrahamRob Graham Robb Reynolds, Valerie Dall'Armi, Beth Golden, Deb Buchner, Dawn (Graham) Britz
Clan Grant Geoff Grant, Ian Grant
Clan Gray Sandra Rolls, Michael Thomas
Clan Grierson Carole Taylor
Clan Gunn Mark Sutherland-Fisher, Travis Baldwin, Michael Thomas,
Clan Guthrie
Clan Haig
Clan Haldane
Clan Hamilton Carole Greenwald, Marty Acks, Tom Hamilton-Baillie
Clan Hannay Rodney Bowers
Clan Hay Mark Sutherland-Fisher,
Clan Henderson Doug Henderson, Laura Bozzay, David Hughey, Kenneth Henderson, Susie Officer.
Clan Hepburn
Clan HomeMichael Thomas
Clan Hope Sheena Tait
Clan Hogg
Clan Horsburgh
Clan Houston J Salsbery, Marty Acks
Clan Hunter Carol Sullivan, Marty Acks
under review:

Clans I to L

Team Leader:

Clan Team Team Leader Team Members
Clan Inglis
Clan Innes Linda Johnson, Laura Bozzay, Andrea Pack
Clan Irvine Nancy Sitzlar, Michael Butler
Clan Jardine
Clan Johnstone Paula J, David Urquhart
Clan Keith Margaret Cook, Arthur Jones, Michael Thomas,
Clan Kennedy George Kennedy,
Clan Kerr Maria Maxwell Laura Bozzay, Robyn Aulmann
Clan Kincaid
Clan Kinnaird
Clan Kinnear Beth Golden
Clan Kinnimont
Clan Kirkpatrick James McKenzie
Clan LamontDavid Urquhart Keith Schindler,Mark Lemen
Clan Learmonth Victoria Learmonth
Clan Leask
Clan Lennox J Salsbery
Clan Leslie Jackie Stoddard
Clan Lindsay Sandra Rolls,
Clan Little Beth Golden, Deborah Compton, Leake Little
Clan Livingstone (aka Clan MacLea) Beth Golden
Clan Lockhart Zane Walls
Clan Logan J Salsbery
Clan Lumsden
Clan Lyle
Clan Lyon Darlene Niehaus

The following are under review:

Clans M to P

Team Leader:

Clan Team Team Leader Team Members
Clan MacAlister
Clan MacAlpineMichael Thomas Mary Richardson, Stephanie Carmon,
Clan MacAulay
Clan MacBain Deborah Compton
Clan MacBrayne
Clan MacCallum (aka Clan Malcolm)Doug McCallum Stacy Mendes, Robb Reynolds, Bobbie Hall
Clan MacCorquodale Lili Hammond
Clan MacCulloch Rory Cain
Clan MacDonaldAndrew Macdonald Tom Calvert, Deborah Compton, John Krizenesky
Clan MacDonald of ClanranaldAndrew Macdonald Shauna MacDonald
Clan MacDonald of SleatAndrew Macdonald
Clan MacDonald of KeppochAndrew Macdonald
Clan MacDonnell of GlengarryAndrew Macdonald
Clan MacDougall Amy Gilpin, Deborah Compton, Rory Cain
Clan MacDowell
Clan MacDuff Kenneth Shelton
Clan MacEwen Deborah Compton
Clan MacFarlaneAmy Gilpin
Clan MacFie
Clan MacGillivray Amanda Suggs
Clan MacGregor William Maher, Mary Tyler, Stephanie Carmon,, Beth Gilbert
Clan MacInnes Deborah Compton
Clan MacIntyre Kerri McIntyre
Clan MacIver J Salsbery
Clan MacKayAmy Gilpin Deborah Compton, Mark Sutherland-Fisher, Laura Bozzay, Melissa McKay, Karen Doerr
Clan MackenzieMark Sutherland-Fisher, Andrew Ross, Deborah Compton, Rosemary Maclean, Jayzen Bennetts, James McKenzie
Clan MacKie Christine Preston, Deborah Compton, Laura Bozzay
Clan MacKinnon Rory Cain
Clan MacKintosh Beth Golden, Darlene Athey-Hill, Lynda Pollitt U.E.
Clan MacLachlan Deborah Compton
Clan MacLaine of Lochbuie
Clan MacLaren Jared Olar, Laura Bozzay
Clan MacLean Mark Sutherland-Fisher, Deborah Compton. Lisa (Kelsey) Murphy, Rory Cain, Victoria Learmonth
Clan MacLellan
Clan MacLennan
Clan MacLeod Patrice MacLeod, Deborah Compton, Lili Hammond
Clan MacLeod of the Lewes
Clan MacMillan
Clan MacNab
Clan MacNaghten Nancy McNaughton
Clan MacNeil Deborah Compton
Clan MacNeacail
Clan MacNicol
Clan MacPherson Bettye (Holland) Carroll, Deborah Compton
Clan MacQuarrie Deborah Compton
Clan MacQueen
Clan MacRea (aka Clan Macrae) Robb Reynolds, Deborah Compton, Laura Bozzay, Jayzen Bennetts
Clan MacTavish Deb Buchner
Clan MacThomas
Clan Maitland
Clan Makgill
Clan Mar
Clan Marjoribanks
Clan Matheson Andrew Ross, Lori Smith, Bobbie Hall
Clan MaxwellMaria Maxwell Beth Golden, Marty Acks
Clan Melville
Clan Menzies Julia (McCartney) Hogston, Randy Hare, Rory Cain. Patricia Gray, Sue Barnes
Clan Mercer
Clan Middleton
Clan Moffat
Clan Moncreiffe Jared Olar, Michael Thomas
Clan Montgomery Terri Stern, Annette Rossman, Michael Montgomery, Marty Acks
Clan Morrison Stuart Morrison, Kassie Morrison
Clan Mow
Clan Muir
Clan Muirhead
Clan MunroMark Sutherland-Fisher Keith Mann, Rosemary Maclean
Clan MurrayMichael Thomas Beth Gilbert, Beth Golden,
Clan Murray of Atholl
Clan Nairn
Clan Napier
Clan NesbittJean Skar
Clan Ogilvy Julia (McCartney) Hogston, Jack Blair
Clan Oliphant
Clan PaisleyAzure Robinson
Clan Paterson Nancy Sitzlar
Clan Pennycook
Clan Pitcairn
Clan Pollock Marty Acks, Lili Hammond
Clan Preston
Clan Primrose
Clan Pringle
Clan Purves Brian Purves

Clans Under Review:

Clans R to Y

Team Leader: TBC

Clan Team Leader Team Members
Clan Ramsay Beth Golden, Jack Blair
Clan Rattray
Clan Riddell Robb Reynolds
Clan Donnachaidh (aka Clan Robertson)David Urquhart Laura Bozzay, Doug McCallum
Clan Rollo
Clan Rose
Clan Ross Mark Sutherland-Fisher , Andrew Ross, Rosemary Maclean, Will Ross
Clan Rutherford Malcolm Clyde, Gary Harding,
Clan Ruthven
Clan Sandilands
Clan Scott Beth Golden,
Clan Scrymgeour
Clan Sempill Marty Acks
Clan SetonMichael Thomas
Clan Shaw Beth Golden, Susie Officer.
Clan SinclairMark Sutherland-Fisher, Jared Olar, Missy Berryann-Skippen
Clan Skene Jessica Manners
Clan Somerville
Clan Spens
Clan Stewart Allan StuartJared Olar, Beth Gilbert, Scott Stewart, Arthur Jones, Mary Richardson, Carole Greenwald, Nancy Sitzlar, Deborah Compton, Keith Mann, Jackie Stoddard, Jaynie Anderson, Rayan Turner, Scott Orme, Andrea Pack, Christopher Odom, Lori Drew
Clan Stewart of Appin Allan Stuart Lori Drew
Clan Stirling Michael Thomas
Clan Strachan
Clan Strange
Clan Stuart of Bute Allan StuartBeth Golden
Clan Sutherland Mark Sutherland-Fisher, Jackie Stoddard, Laura Bozzay, Janice Sutherland, Michael Thomas
Clan Swinton
Clan Tailyour Rory Cain
Clan Thompson
Clan Trotter
Clan Turnbull
Clan Tweedie
Clan Urquhart David Urquhart Michael Thomas, Denise Hunt
Clan Walkinshaw
Clan Wallace Amy Gilpin
Clan Watson Bill Vincent
Clan Wardlaw
Clan Wedderburn
Clan Weir
Clan Wemyss Smitty Smith
Clan Whitelaw
Clan Wishart
Clan Wood Bill Vincent
Young_Clan Sheena Tait, Christopher Young

The following are under Review:

Scottish Clans Protocol Team

The Scottish Clans Protocol Team Leader is currently vacant.

Please see the Team Page for the list of Team Members.

Former Sub-Projects, Categories and Pages To Be Integrated

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There is no "Clan" Borthwick. This family came to Scotland from Hungary and originated in Livonia! Clans are Highland folk. Even the current Lord Lyon says this.
posted by Gregory Lauder-Frost
We certainly agree that historical Clans are from the Highlands. We've raised the suggestion a few times over the life of the Project to include only historical Clans, however, the current consensus is to include the Clans and Families as they are now listed in the Project.
posted by Amy (Crawford) Gilpin
I also had much confusion in trying to sign on and become part of WikiTree as well. I have done most of my ancestry for the past few years through, and did the DNA test as well. I found all kinds of family from a lot of different countries. I have known about the Isle of Skye and also The Skye Boat Song since I was much younger and it was not until I heard the actual words being sung did I understand what it was all about. Flora MacDonald was related through the Martins, my Maternal Grandmother's maiden name. I am now 87 and still trying to tie up some loose ends. I have traced ancestry back to 3 brothers, one was my great grandfather and also a Martin, and the other two his brothers and they were all born on Prince Edward Island, Canada to my great-great grandfather Samuel Martin who moved to PEI when he was just a child.
posted by Barbara Bradley
edited by Barbara Bradley
Hi still trying to get to my scottish roots. Waiting on familytree dna big y results and ancestry results
posted by Darren Reed
Hello there,

My 2nd great grandmother was Sarah McCollum. Is McCollum considered to be in clan MacCulloch or clan MacCallum? How does one decipher which clan applies when a surname is not spell exactly as the clan indicates here?

Cheryl, McCollum is Clan MacCallum. The a and u can be any combination of a/o/u. The vowels can change but the terminal m wouldn't be confused with "ch"
posted by Doug McCallum UE
Thank you, Doug - that's what I was guessing but it's good to have it confirmed.
I notice you don't have Clan Sinclair (Saint Clair). This clan is a major part of my ancestry and I'd love to share their information. How does one do that?
I had an aunt, I beieve she was my father's oldest sister, married a St. Clair, would that be the same as Saint Clair? she just had one son if I remember correctly, and she passed away several years ago. I am now a little past her age at 87 and never spent much time on family history then as I am doing now. My main family through my maternal grandmother is the Martin/MacDonald Clan.

Also my fathers name was George Howard Bradley and my grandfather was also George but with different middle name.

posted by Barbara Bradley
I've heard most of my life my Papa's family the McMurrains might be Scottish. Can anyone tell me where I can maybe start to trace that? I've also heard we'er Irish. Since this is all new to me I find it a bit confusing. I see a pattern I guess you call it with the Mac in Scottish names not Mc. I may be in the wrong trail. Thank you in advance.
Hi! - regarding Clan Turnbull - I am confused as to why the entry is blank on the Scottish Clans Team but there is a Page at regarding the Category Clan Turnbull?

I'm not sure of what to do in this instance... I find WikiTree very confusing to use!!!

posted by Megan Tilley