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Welcome to the Scotland Project's Tartan Trail!

Project Coordinator: Jacqueline Baxter

Now that you've made the decision to join the Scotland Project, we're going to work together on improving your basic skills in genealogy and on WikiTree, focused on Scotland profiles. If you haven't already requested to join the Scotland Project, you should follow the instructions on the Join Us in the Scotland Project page in G2G.

This program uses existing orphaned profiles associated with Scotland, which serves two purposes. It gives you the freedom you need to practice and make mistakes, and it helps improve the quality of profiles within the project's reach.

You will be assigned a Guide who will help you learn the skills needed to work within the Scotland Project. Our Guides are all former graduates of this process. They are experienced WikiTree members, and are here to help you on your journey. You'll be improving at least two profiles on each of the following levels.

Level One

This level will focus on the time period between 1800 and 1875.

Stream One

This stream will start with basic skills, as well as a few lessons in Scottish Geography, History and Clans.

  • Using Sources for Genealogy Research: This page outlines why sources are important when researching your ancestors. The Scotland Project requires all profiles that are part of the project's reach meet or exceed WikiTree's standards for sourcing.
  • Sources Help Page: This page outlines why sources are a required part of the WikiTree experience and shows you two ways to add sources to your ancestors profiles.
  • What are examples of sources that provide uncertain information?: This page outlines what sources are considered derivative and are not used for profiles that are part of the Scotland Project. They can however, be helpful in finding true sources.
  • Research Notes Help Page: This page outlines why a Research Notes section can be helpful, where to properly place the research notes section, and introduces Research Note Boxes (we'll look at these more closely, later).
  • Biographies Help Page: This page outlines the required and optional headings for the biography portion of a profile.
  • Scotland Geography 101: Scotland's Places is our main resource for location names. Members should become familiar with what's available on the site. Map link?
  • Scotland History 101: History Timeline for Scotland. Members will be required to have a basic understanding of historical events.

Stream Two

This stream is for the more experienced members who have the basics down pat and may only need a refresher.

Level Two

This level will focus on the time period between 1700 and 1799.

Once you complete this section, you'll have finished the mandatory portion of the Tartan Trail. If you wish, you may continue by self-certifying for the pre-1700 badge. Once you've successfully completed the certification, you'll be assigned a new Guide.

Level Three

This level will focus on the time period between 1500 and 1699. You will need to self-certify for pre-1700 research, in order to complete this level.


Once you've completed all three levels on the Tartan Trail program, you will need to take at least one Traveller through the program, just as you were taken through the process by your Guide, in order to graduate and receive your Tartan Trail sticker.

If you would like to continue, we are always looking for new Guides to help out our other members! Of course, there's a special sticker for our Guides! You'll get one of those if you choose to volunteer!

Scotland - Tartan Trail Team

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I like to join taran Project. I have several people in family that fit this project.


If you have landed here on our Tartan Trail Team page and are wanting to join the Tartan Trail, please wander on over to the most recent G2G post which tells you how to join the Tartan Trail and the Scotland Project.
posted by Bobbie (Madison) Hall
Greetings, good folk. I would like to request that, instead of using the link= parameter when posting the "please do not edit" images to reserved profiles, the label= parameter be used instead.

The reason for this is to aid those who have vision problems, and / or those who use screen readers.

So for the main "do not edit" image (|file=Scotland_-_Tartan_Trail_Team.jpg) it would use |label=This profile is part of the Scotland's Project Tartan Trail. Please do NOT edit while this notice is here, thanks!

And for the "reserved for" image (|file=Scotland_-_Tartan_Trail_Team.png) it would use |label=This profile is Reserved for the Scotland's Project Tartan Trail. Please do NOT edit while this notice is here, thanks!

What label does is add "floating" text on mouseover. Examples of how label= adds the "floating" text on mouseover can be seen on Vice Admiral Paul Warner Bush's profile, where I have the ship image at the top of the biography, and also on Jean Audubon's profile.

Please do consider making this change to aid in having Wikitree more accessible for those with less than optimal vision. Please note: the label parameter and the link parameter cannot be used together, as the link parameter overwrites the label.

posted by Melanie Paul
Thank you for the suggestion. I will update what we use for both images and start changing those already posted for both reserved and in use.
posted by Doug McCallum UE

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posted by Melanie Paul
Hello, I would love to join the Tartan Trail!
posted by Aimee Frank
I got an email telling me to come to this page can anyone tell me why?
posted by Amber Hicks
I would love to join this as I am Scottish and going back at least 5 generations my family is all from Scotland. My grandmother was from the Isle of Stroma and would love to know where any previous family came from as I suspect they could have been vikings/
posted by Tom Hall
Thanks for you interest, Tom! Please join us by adding your answer on our G2G post here: Join the Scotland Project and we'll get you on the hiking list for the Tartan Trail.
posted by Bobbie (Madison) Hall
Thank you- this will be great!
posted by [Living W]
All the very best from the England Project Orphan trail - please do feel free to pick our brains!

Jo, England Project Leader and Orphan Trail Trailbazer

posted by Jo Fitz-Henry
Thank you, Jo! You may regret that offer ;)

~ Amy

posted by Amy (Crawford) Gilpin

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