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Welcome to the Scotland Project's Tartan Trail!

Leader Contact: Jacqueline Baxter

Coordinator: Suzy Cairns

Now that you've made the decision to join the Scotland Project, we're going to work together on improving your basic skills in genealogy and on WikiTree, focused on Scotland profiles. If you haven't already requested to join the Scotland Project, you should follow the instructions on the Join the Scotland Project page in G2G

Please note that you should complete any other orphan trail that you are currently participating in before beginning the Tartan Trail.

This program uses existing orphaned profiles associated with Scotland, which serves two purposes. It gives you the freedom you need to practice and make mistakes, and it helps improve the quality of profiles within the project's reach.

Level 1 of the Tartan Trail is a self-learning process. You will be supplied with lessons to help you through this level. On progression to Level 2, you will be assigned a Guide who will help you learn further skills needed to work within the Scotland Project. Our Guides are all former graduates of this process. They are experienced WikiTree members, and are here to help you on your journey. You'll be improving two profiles on each of the following levels.

Level One

This level will focus on the time period between 1800 and 1875.

Level 1 will start with basic skills:

  • Using Sources for Genealogy Research: This page outlines why sources are important when researching your ancestors. The Scotland Project requires all profiles that are part of the project's reach meet or exceed WikiTree's standards for sourcing.
  • Sources Help Page: This page outlines why sources are a required part of the WikiTree experience and shows you two ways to add sources to your ancestors profiles.
  • What are examples of sources that provide uncertain information?: This page outlines what sources are considered derivative and are not used for profiles that are part of the Scotland Project. They can however, be helpful in finding true sources.
  • Research Notes Help Page: This page outlines why a Research Notes section can be helpful, where to properly place the research notes section, and introduces Research Note Boxes (we'll look at these more closely, later).
  • Biographies Help Page: This page outlines the required and optional headings for the biography portion of a profile.
  • Scotland Geography 101: Scotland's Places is our main resource for location names. Members should become familiar with what's available on the site.
  • Scotland History 101: History Timeline for Scotland. Members will be required to have a basic understanding of historical events.

You may find further information here:

Level Two

This level will focus on the time period between 1700 and 1799. In addition to the above, this Level will include:


Once you've completed Levels 1 and 2 on the Tartan Trail program, you will graduate and receive your Scotland Project membership badge.


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Re "Graduation - Once you've completed Levels 1 and 2 on the Tartan Trail program, you will graduate and receive your Scotland Project membership badge. "

Sorry if it's written somewhere and I've missed it, but should we provide some evidence we've completed those levels 1 and 2?

posted by Keith Macdonald
The sign up for Tartan Trail is

This page gives an explanation of the Tartan Trail. Reading this page or the Lessons does not mean that you completed the Tartan Trail.

Linda PC for Scotland Project

Hi Linda, thanks for the reply. I signed-up several days ago.
posted by Keith Macdonald
Hi there from sunny South Africa.

A quickey, does the Tartan Trail cover Irish Tartans. IF NOT is there anywhere I can look.

Brian Fitzgerald - Thanks in advance

posted by Brian Fitzgerald Mr
Hi Brian

The Tartan Trail is just the name for our Scottish genealogy research training program. It does not involve tartans of any type.

You could try posting a question on the G2G forum


posted by Jacqueline Baxter
I’m not sure if I can do this or not. I’m not very proficient on the computer. I very much would like to join but have a real fear I won’t be good enough to keep up. Should I instead go through G2G?
Hi Carolyn

You're welcome to join the Tartan Trail. Once you begin, we will be happy to answer questions if there is anything you are not sure about.

Just answer the G2G question here to apply:

posted by Jacqueline Baxter
Thank you! I did already write a reply there and hope to get an answer soon, I appreciate it!! :D
posted by [Living MacKenzie]