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Welcome to the Scotland Sourcerers Team page

What we do: Sourcerers find sources for profiles. The ideal is to provide a source for each fact on a profile, but even one source helps to orientate genealogists to the profile and confirms the person's existence.

The Scotland Project sourcerers are:

Team Leader - Sheena Tait

Team Members - not all sourcerers can deal with every time period. To help you, and us, the names below have been organised by the time period of the profiles they can edit, and hence, add sources to:

Time PeriodName
Post-1700 Rowena Elce
Mark Johnson
Pre-1700 Nancy (Murray) Bosler
Dawn (Graham) Britz
Terri Dozier
Denise Hunt
Lesley Leamon
Jess Manners
Sarah Mason
Loretta Nelson
Cindy Rushing
Elizabeth (Penman) Russon
Judith Saylor
Richard Shelley
Sheena Tait
Autumn Wilkin
Pre-1500 Laura Bozzay
Stephen Davies
Sandy Edwards
Amy Gilpin
Carole Taylor

A Note About Names

In Scotland, Names are more than they appear. If you're having trouble finding someone, check the Scottish Interchangeable Names to see if there's another name they may have used or been recorded by. If you are aware of other names but don't see them on the list, please feel free to add them.

Do's and Don't's

Do - Review Profile Standards for Scotland_- Sources Style_Guide
Do - use Evidence Explained formatting, based on the Chicago Manual of Style. The University of Strathclyde citation style is acceptable as an alternative citation format.
Do - try to add primary sources when ever possible. Primary sources are original materials that have not been altered or distorted in any way. Examples are Birth and Death Registration Records, Parish Records, Original copies of wills.
Do - think carefully about where the information came from, before deciding how to use it.
Do - add 'Research Notes', for information that is uncertain, but may be of help to others. Explain in the notes any doubts you have regarding the information.
Do - add as many sources as possible to each profile.
Do - try to put sources inline whenever possible.
Do - include links to online sources.
Do - consider contacting the profile manager to discuss any major changes that you wish to make.
Do - add the {{Unsourced|Scotland}} template to any profiles you find that you cannot source. Also add a place if possible and document where you have looked for information.
Don't - Rely on secondary sources. Secondary sources are sources that were originally presented elsewhere. They include information found in newspapers, or oral history provided by family members. (Document them in the Biography)
Don't - use tables as these are difficult for less experienced or technically advanced members to edit.
Don't - use a simple link to a source which is not considered a complete source citation.
Don't - Use family trees found on websites such as ancestry as a source. They can be recorded in the biography, or as research notes. Such family trees provide clues about a person and their family but cannot be relied on to be accurate. Always check them.

How You Can Help

Find Unsourced Profiles

Unsourced profiles can be found at WikiTree+ (select the blue "Get profiles" button) and the Unsourced profiles Scotland report.

"Source as You Go"

Add sources whenever you can, especially on your own profiles. If you able to help others find sources, that's even better.

Source your County

If you are part of a county team, you could source profiles from that county as part of your work for that team.


If you enjoy challenges, then join the monthly Sourcerers Challenge or the Saturday Sourcing Sprints.
Work on the Scotland Profiles. And don't forget the annual Source-a-thon. We need everybody's help then.

Become a Connecting Buddy

If you can never find the right links to make a connection, but are happy to make the profiles and add good sources, then being a Connecting Buddy could be for you. Visit the Connecting Buddy page for more information.

"Smash a Brick Wall"

Find sources to help another member break down one of their "Brick Walls.
Let us know which of your Scottish "Brick Walls" could use some help with and we will add them to the list. And let us know if they are solved so that we can give credit to the "Wall Smasher".
Brick Wall Profile manager Place comments
Agnes (Kinghorn) Simpson (abt.1800-1847)Peter Cameron Berwickshire looking to DNA matches to confirm correct one
Francis Smith (abt.1790-abt.1824)Chris (Smith) WrightMochrum, Wigtownshire See Research Notes
Christiana (Cameron) McMillen (abt.1741-bef.1820)Ellen Altenburg Loch Eil, Lochaber See Research Notes
Hugh McMillen (abt.1745-aft.1820)Ellen Altenburg Loch Eil, Lochaber See Research Notes
Isabella (McDonald) Anderson (abt.1849-bef.1911)Karen AndersonOld Machar, Aberdeen
Sarah (Threadcraft) McIntosh (-1814)Sandy (Craig) Patak Inverness-shire

Scotland, Unsourced Profiles

Name: Scotland
Location:Category: Scotland
Search in category by century:all undefined 1cen 2cen 3cen 4cen 5cen 6cen 7cen 8cen 9cen 10cen 11cen 12cen 13cen 14cen 15cen 16cen 17cen 18cen 19cen 20cen 21cen
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Genealogy Resources:Category: Scotland Genealogy Resources
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Project / Team:Sourcerers
See also or ask:Questions in G2G using tag or Sourcerers or Categorization

This category is for profiles that do not cite any sources. All profiles on WikiTree need sources. Can you help? Join our Sourcerers Challenge!

Profiles are placed in this category with the {{Unsourced|Scotland}} Research Note Box. If you find a source for a profile, remove the {{Unsourced|...}} tag (or the [[Space:Scotland Sourcerers Team Page]] category if it's been used instead), even if other facts still need citations.

If you can't find a source, add a Research Notes section or comment saying where you looked. Unsourced profiles for Scotland.

33361 Unsourced Total 0000-0000 0001-1499 1500-1699 1700-1799 1800-1899 1900-1999 2000-9999 New
Category:Scotland, Unsourced Profiles 6568 73 658 1332 2322 2015 168 5
Location: Scotland, Category:Unsourced Profiles 25736 33 656 4209 8344 11026 1468 77
Location: Scotland, Suggestion 802 & 803 32 1 20 11 1
Location: Scotland, Suggestion 131-134 1025 50 17 76 399 469 14 1

Table prepared at 10.04.2024 09:00:14 (Slovenian time). Condition to prepare list (Country is Scotland). Profiles: 754459

Weekly Count of Unsourced Profiles

Date Scotland, Unsourced (New) Scotland, Category: Unsourced (New) Suggestion 802 & 803 (New) Suggestion 131-134 (New) Total Change on previous week Total Scotland profiles (column added Oct 2022)
7 Feb 2021 3,996 21,183 116 1,948 27,243
4 Jan 2022 5,058 (+6) 21,904 (+6) 39 (+1) 1,629 28,630 83↑
4 Jan 2023 6,438 (+9) 23,106 (+63) 46 (+3) 1,392 (+1) 30,982 12↓ 635,206
2 Jan 2024 6,594 (+26) 25,830 (+78) 30 1,112 33,566 131↑ 729,306
7 Feb 2024 6,583 (+7) 25,948 (+63) 32 (+1) 1,041 (+2) 33,604 1↓ 739,455
5 Mar 2024 6,586 (+11) 26,059 (+71) 30 1,024 33,699 44↑ 746,016
2 Apr 2024 6,583 (+15) 25,751 (+46) 31 1,023 (+1) 33,388 186↓ 752,813
10 Apr 2024 6,568 (+5) 25,736 (+77) 32 (+1) 1,025 (+1) 33,361 27↓ 754,459

Weekly Count of Unsourced Profiles, by Region

Unsourced Profile Totals by Region


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Can you please add McDonald-28266 to the Brick Wall. I am the manager Anderson-68563. The only place I have for her and her husband John Anderson-73571 is Old Machar, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire from their marriage registry. Thank you
posted by Karen Anderson
Hi Karen! It's been added for you. Thanks for sharing!
posted by Amy (Crawford) Gilpin
Hi Team,

Can you please add Smith-127626 to the Brickwalls? I (Smith-24375) and the manager. The location is Mochrum, Wigtownshire, and the notes are: See Research Notes. Thanks! Chris

posted by Chris (Smith) Wright
I have added Francis to the Brick Walls.
I am in need of a clear example of how to source a fact from Scotlands People. I have been winging it and have become increasingly unhappy with my flying. Thanks for any guidance.

Elaine Walling

Hi Elaine,

We've developed a page that we use for our Tartan Trail program that we think helps: Scotland - Sourcing Help with a section specifically for Scottish sources, and we've listed a couple of examples for Scotlands People. Hope this helps!


posted by Bobbie (Madison) Hall