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Please contact the project leader L Ray Sears or leave a comment at the foot of the page. If you have any questions, just ask. Thanks!

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This is a One Name Study to collect together in one place everything about one surname and the variants of that name. The hope is that other researchers like you will join our study to help make it a valuable reference point for people studying lines that cross or intersect. For now we will try to limit the progenitor list to people that currently spell their name Sears. We currently have over 100 different Sears families in the "forest" of Sears trees. Feel free to join the Sears Family Association Facebook Page to communicate with others researching this family name.

Origin of the Sears Family Name

Irish (Kerry): Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Saoghair, which in turn may be a patronymic from a Gaelicized form of the Old English personal name Saeger (see 2 below). English: patronymic from a Middle English personal name Saher or Seir (see Sayer 1). Americanized form of French Cyr. Source: Dictionary of American Family Names ©2013, Oxford University Press.

Other names which have been changed to Sears: The name was originally spelled lots of different ways - Cerras (Polish), Cyr (French), Sariyar, Sayers, Sares, Scarce, Scearce, Scears, Sear, Sears, Seers, Seirs, Serrer, Sias, Siers, Sire, Sirre, [Soares, Suarez, Suares (Portuguese)], Zaher (German), Tsiorz (Lithuania) here in the U.S.

Sears Y-DNA Results -

[[Category:Descendants of Richard Sears-65]] [[Category:Descendants of Robert Sears-1967]]

Note: Ten generations of the Sears descendants of Richard Sears have now been entered into Wikitree

Task List

1. Links to Sears family progenitors in Wikitree. (we are looking for Sears men for whom we don't know the parents! If you can find the parents of a Sears in this list, please feel free to delete the entry and add the oldest ancestor of this person if not already listed here) Sears Progenitors

2. Determine the size of the tree descending from each of these Sears men.

3. Links to Sears family trees in various other mediums (Family Search, Ancestry, My Heritage). As of 7 Oct 2020 i have added the first six generations of the Descendants of Richard Sears of Plymouth Colony to Wikitree. Working on the 7th generation now!

4. Adopt Orphaned Sears Profiles for improving.

5. Add sources to Sears Unsourced Profiles.

6. Connect unconnected Sears profiles on your watchlist-

7. Add to Sears Gazetteer on Google Maps- a list of places in the world that have the name Sears

8. SearsArchivesThe Sears Archives are currently maintained by L. Ray Sears, III and consist of 15 file drawers with letters, genealogies, photos, emails and other documents (over 100,000 documents in all) related to the genealogical study of Sears family members. Currently the repository is 10149 NW 99th St, Yukon, OK 73099 but they are being transferred drawer by drawer to Christ Church Longwood (Sears Chapel), Brookline, Massachusetts, POC Douglas W Sears.

9. Links to books which contain information about the Sears Family

Descendants of Richard Sares (Sears) by May, S. P. 1890. link to author's own copy of the book with many additions and corrections
The Descendants of Thomas Clarke link to
Genealogy of the Howes Family in North America. by Howes, Joshua Crowell. 1892. link
Sears Genealogical Catalogue. by Sears, L. Ray III. 1990

10. Categorize Descendants of Richard Sears


Some of the more notable "Sears Places"

Ancient Sears Cemetery West Brewster, Barnstable (Cape Cod), Massachusetts Tiny URL Link since the other link won't work in an email
Quivet Neck, East Dennis, Mass. sometimes known as "Searsville"

Sears Educators:

Sears Clergy Link to a Wiki Category listing members of any Sears family who were clergy.

Sears Veterans: Link to Sears Veterans Wiki Space

Sears Doctors:

Cushman Allen Sears, MD (1838-1919)
Benjamin Lovett Sears ()

Sears Trees in Ancestry:
515,292 Sears entries in Ancestry trees as of 26 Jun 2022
544,820 Sears entries in Ancestry trees as of 29 May 2023
628,927 Sears entries in Ancestry trees as of 18 Feb 2024 (many duplicate entries)
Unique Trees
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Amy Cheshire Ancestry Profile DW Family Tree
annesears Ancestry Profile Sears Family Tree
Annemarie Sears Ancestry Profile Knaust, Windedal and Sears Family Tree
Barbara O Greenberg Ancestry Profile Pechenek Van Vorse- 43,000 people
beckbrooks2571 Ancestry Profile Beck Brooks Family Tree
BerrylynnFreeby Ancestry Profile Hobbs Family Tree
BSEVEDGE Ancestry Profile Gatton
bw279 Ancestry Profile Bruce Woodworth Family- 73,000 people as of 18 Jun 2022
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Kitkat3 Ancestry Profile Catherine Saunders Sears Ransom Bio family tree-20 people
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lkelly0018 Ancestry Profile Giannasio Family Tree
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Mark Wing Ancestry Profile Ancestors and Relatives of Mark Wing
martha Bol Ancestry Profile Marty Family Tree
Mary Sears-Wall Ancestry Profile Sears Family Tree-215 people(Canada)
melburns78 Ancestry Profile Mel Demarest Family Tree
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mwilkers3 Ancestry Profile Wilkerson Family Tree
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pakak47 Ancestry Profile Shiverick Family Tree
pascoagwood Ancestry Profile Lebeau, Barriere, Jette Family Tree- 7,000 people
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Ronald Sears Ancestry Profile Sears Family Tree 54 people
Rosalind Sears Ancestry Family Tree 168750321/person/352191090973 Sears Family Tree 2 -50 people
ryan sears Ancestry Profile sears Family Tree-23 people
scott huston Ancestry Profile huston family tree
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Thomas Hardison Ancestry Profile Hardison Family GED SEP 2021
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wbaldwinindy Ancestry Profile Baldwin Family Tree
Charles_Wilford Ancestry Profile WillfordBrotebeck
WNYwillieb Ancestry Profile Frederick Coddington Updike- 20,000 people as of 18 Jun 2022
Michael Andrew Funk Ancestry Profile

Sears Family Facebook Pages
Richard and Sears Family
Sears Family
Sears and allied families of Pulaski/Whitley/Knox Counties KY

Wikitreer Sears

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Researchers who don't necessarily "follow" the family but have signed honor code and made changes to Sears profiles - Many Thanks to them!! : (

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Michael Ryan
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Allison Sears
Alton Sears
Amy Sears
Andrew Sears
Andy Sears
Ange Sears
Anon Sears
Anonymous Sears
Barbara (Sears) Brace
Brian Sears
Bryan Sears
Caitlyn Sears
Callie Sears
Cameron Sears
Carl Sears
Caroline Sears
Catherine Sears
Chuck Sears
DH Sears
Dennis Sears
Diane Sears
Diane Sears
Donald Sears
Geoff Sears
Hope Sears
Jami Sears
Jeanine (Sears) Anonymous
Kathleen Sears
Ken Sears
Kristen Sears
Kristina Sears
L. Ray Sears III, P.E.
Len Sears
M Sears
Marilyn Sears
Marsha (Sears) Anderson
Matt Sears
Misty Sears
Pam Sears
RR Sears
Richard Sears
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