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This is a One Name Study to collect together in one place everything about one surname and the variants of that name. The hope is that other researchers like you will join our study to help make it a valuable reference point for people studying lines that cross or intersect. For now we will try to limit the progenitor list to people that currently spell their name Sears. We currently have over 100 different Sears families in the "forest" of Sears trees. Feel free to join the Sears Family Association Facebook Page to communicate with others researching this family name.

Origin of the Sears Family Name

Irish (Kerry): Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Saoghair, which in turn may be a patronymic from a Gaelicized form of the Old English personal name Saeger (see 2 below). English: patronymic from a Middle English personal name Saher or Seir (see Sayer 1). Americanized form of French Cyr. Source: Dictionary of American Family Names ©2013, Oxford University Press.

Other names which have been changed to Sears: The name was originally spelled lots of different ways - Cyr (French), Sariyar, Sayers, Sares, Scarce, Scearce, Scears, Sear, Sears, Seers, Seirs, Serrer, Sias, Siers, Sire, Sirre, [Soares, Suarez, Suares(Portuguese)], Zaher (German), Tsiorz (Lithuania) here in the U.S.

Sears Y-DNA Results -

Task List

1. Links to Sears family progenitors in Wikitree. (we are looking for Sears men for whom we don't know the parents! If you can find the parents of a Sears in this list, please feel free to delete the entry and add the oldest ancestor of this person if not already listed here) Sears Progenitors

2. Determine the size of the tree descending from each of these Sears men.

3. Links to Sears family trees in various other mediums (Family Search, Ancestry, My Heritage). As of 7 Oct 2020 i have added the first six generations of the Descendants of Richard Sears of Plymouth Colony to Wikitree. Working on the 7th generation now!

4. Adopt Orphaned Sears Profiles for improving.

5. Add sources to Sears Unsourced Profiles.

6. Connect unconnected Sears profiles on your watchlist-

7. Add to Sears Gazetteer on Google Maps- a list of places in the world that have the name Sears

8. SearsArchivesThe Sears Archives are currently maintained by L. Ray Sears, III and consist of 15 file drawers with letters, genealogies, photos, emails and other documents (over 100,000 documents in all) related to the genealogical study of Sears family members. Currently the repository is 10149 NW 99th St, Yukon, OK 73099 but they are being transferred drawer by drawer to Christ Church Longwood (Sears Chapel), Brookline, Massachusetts, POC Douglas W Sears.

9. Links to books which contain information about the Sears Family

Descendants of Richard Sares (Sears) by May, S. P. 1890. link to author's own copy of the book with many additions and corrections
The Descendants of Thomas Clarke link to
Genealogy of the Howes Family in North America. by Howes, Joshua Crowell. 1892. link
Sears Genealogical Catalogue. by Sears, L. Ray III. 1990

Some of the more notable "Sears Places"

Ancient Sears Cemetery West Brewster, Barnstable (Cape Cod), Massachusetts Tiny URL Link since the other link won't work in an email
Quivet Neck, East Dennis, Mass. sometimes known as "Searsville"

Sears Educators:

Sears Veterans: (from and</br> has 3.948 records
The number in square brackets [1234] is a record identification number to easily find this person in the Searsv5 PAF database. or in the Ancestry tree
. As we add all these folks to the Wikitree you will see the name underlined with a link to their profile!
Albert Freeman Sears, Co E, 52d Regiment, Mass Volunteers
Alfred Sears(1795-1880)[7111]
Maj Alfred Francis Sears (1826~1910)[8408]
Allen Sears (1760-)[5859]
Allen Pearl Sears(1904-)[44447]a Navy pilot
Ansley Blackburn Sears (1840-1865)[46552] was a Union soldier
Maj Archie Kennedy Sears (1883-)[14953]
Arnold Wilbur Sears (1925-1996)[32851] US Navy during WWII
Capt Arthur Wesley Sears(1881-1962)[FTM25789]
Barnabas Sears (1758-1777)[6208]
Barnabas Sears (1765-1850)[3842] was drafted Jul 1779
Lt Col Barnabas Sears (1743-)[3801]
Barnabas Sears, ae 25, marr. sailor, Dennis, Mass., Civil War
Bartlett Sears, ae 27, sailor, marr., Dennis, Mass., at sea Civil War
Bartlett Freeman Sears, Jr (1910-1992)[21042] Army 101st Infantry Division, World War II
Rev Benjamin Sears (1771-1822)[4836]
Capt Benjamin Warren Sears (1831-1885)[7006]
Bernard Merril Sears Sergeant AEF
Carleton Ellery Sears (1896- 1918)[355] was pharmacist's mate, third class, USN
Cassius Clay Sears (1844-)[11575] served in Co C, 9th Regt VT
Charles Edward Sears (1842- )[27069] enlisted in Southern Army, 1861
Charles Eric “Ricky” Sears (1945-1996)[25267] Army draftee 1967
Charles Follett Sears(1841- ) [11016] Union Army- 3 yrs
Capt Charles Henry Sears (1895-1972)[42889] WWI
Capt Charles Zebina Harris Sears (1813-1883)[8405] US Navy
Chauncy Sears (1787-1881)[7056] was in the War of 1812
Pvt Charles William Sears (1875-1961)
Christopher Sears ae 43, trader, East Dennis, Unmarr., Civil War
Clarence Wesley “Wes” Sears (1929-1995)[35893] US Army 23 yrs
Corp Claude Earl Sears (1891-), US Army WW I
Gen Claudius Wistar Sears (1817-1891)[8370]
Brig Gen Clinton Brooks Sears (1844-1912)[11777]
Rev Clinton William Sears (1820-1863)[9575] was Chaplain, 95th Regt, OH Vol Inf
AvCad Cushman Lathrop Sears (1923-2004) US Navy WWII Aviation Cadet
Lieut Cyrus Sears (1831- )[10719]
Lt Col Cyrus Sears(1832- )[9943] Medal of Honor
Daniel Sears [26770] Revolutionary Army
Capt Daniel Sears (1682-1756)[67]
David Sears (1762-)[4888]
David Sears (1752-1816)[3688]
David Benton Sears (1804-1884)[7185] Quartermaster
David W Sears, ae 22, sailor, Dennis, Mass., unmarr, Civil War
Lt Col Demas Lindley Sears (1894-1988)[21370]
Dewitt Clinton Sears (1838- )[11135] was in 148th Regt, NY Vol Inf'y
Donald Hamilton Sears (1922-1993)[46426] US Navy WWII
Douglas Wayne Sears (1968-1996) US Navy
Capt Ebenezer Sears (1755-1835)[3601]
Edmund H Sears, ae 22, sailor, East Dennis, Mass., marr., Civil War
Edward Sears, Jr (1734- )[3859]
Lieut Edward Sears (1704-1777)[2523];
Edward Green Sears (1840- )[28358] 50th Inf. TN Confederate forces
Edward Henry Sears (1840-1886)[10047] 2d Regt, RI Vols
Edwin Sears, ae 22, sailor, Dennis, Mass., unmarr., Civil War
Eleazer Sears (1728-1810)[3709]
Sergt Elisha Sears (1748-1821)[3803]
Capt Elkanah Sears (1734-1816)[3266]
Elkanah Sears Rev War Soldier, Lt Micajah Sears' Co., on alarm at Dartmouth and Falmouth, 6 Sep 1778; was on duty 3 days.
Ernest Everett “Skip” Sears (12 Sep 1924-12 Jan 1945)[21048] US Army WWII
SP4 Ernest Gerald Sears (1941-1965)[22941] Vietnam
Sgt Everett Howard Sears (1914-2008) WW II US Army
Maj Francis Asbury Sears (1820-1886)[24248] 67th IN Volunteers
Capt Francis Philip Sears, Jr (1916-2004) US Army artillery WWI
Pvt Frank Wilson Sears (1872-1903)[12882]
Franklin Sears (1817-1888)[24277]
Franklin Sears(1826-1899)[1664]
Capt Frazier L. “Loui” Sears (18 Aug 1889-14 Jul 1933)[47564] WWI
Fulton Howard Sears (1868-) [12750]
George Sears (1831-1902)[24285] AR COnfederate Army
George Ames Sears (1926-1998) USN 45-46
Capt George Carleton Sears (1840- )[9659] 4th Regt CA Inf'y
George E Sears (1833-1864)[9488]
George M Webster Sears (1846-1868)[11628]
George Washington “Nessmuk” Sears (1821-1890)[11382]
1st Lt George Washington Sears II (1842- 1875)[22487] 31st Regiment, Mass Inf
George Wesley Sears Jr (1922-1994)[38803] WWII
Gordon Bert Sears (1950-1970)[9470] killed in Vietnam
Gordon H Sears (1922-1996)[36187] South Pacific WWII
1st Lt Gradwell L Sears (1897-1956)[33714] WWI
Harmon Sears (1815-)[35965] died in US Army
Capt Harry Edward Sears, Jr USN, (1906-1998) USNA 1928
Harvey Sears (1842-)[30430] 4th Cav, Co C, NY
Heman G Sears, ae 34, blacksmith, Dennis, Mass., marr. one stiff ankle, Civil War
Henry Sears (1913-1982)[37874] US Navy Officer WWII
Henry Sears (1826-)[26629] Union Army
Henry A Sears (1840-)[11391] Red River Expedition
A1C Henry Homer Sears USAF
Henry B Sears, ae 20, farmer, Dennis, Mass., unmarr., Civil War
Maj Henry Beaufort Sears (1825-1880)[2395] Mexican War
Capt Henry Harrison Sears (1840-186?)[24218] 48th New York Regiment
Henry L Sears (1917-1997)[32692] WWII Medical Corps
Holmes Sears (1757-1836)[6249]
Horace Thomas (Tom) Sears (-1943)WWI Chief Elec Mate-USS Yorktown WWII
Ira Sears (1795-1814)[6791] War of 1812
Isaac Sears (1757-1842)[4831]
Col Isaac “King” Sears (1730-1786)[4064]
Isaac B Sears, ae 21, farmer, East Dennis, Mass., unmarr., Civil War
Isaiah C Sears, d, ae 33, mechanic, East Dennis, Mass., marr., very deaf
Isam Edgar Sears (-1918)[1361] WWI
Jacob Sears, ae 40, farmer, East Dennis, Mass., unmarr., Civil War
Pvt James Sears (1774-)[28356] Kennedy's Regt Mil
James F Sears, ae 30, sailor, West Dennis, Mass., marr., at sea, Civil War
Lt Cdr James Hamilton Sears (1855-1915)[13067]
James Sanford Sears (1836-)[11134] 14th NY Heavy Arty
James Walter Sears (1856-)[9118]
James Warren Sears (1837~1879)[14594]
Jerome Sears (1832-1864) Civil War Soldiers-Died from wounds Company I, 93rd Infantry Regiment New York on 21 Aug 1864
Jerry Sears (1933- 1979)[37125] Korea
John Sears(-1821)[28942]
John Sears (1773-)
John Sears (1750-1831)[27131]
Rev John Sears (1797-1856)[7075]
Capt John Sears (1744-1817)[3403]
John Sears (1795-1864)[2188] War of 1812
Pvt John A Sears (1843-)[11094] 89th Regiment IN vol
John Albert Sears (1905-1995)[35402] Royal Canadian Legion
John C Sears, ae 28, sailor, East Dennis, Mass., unmarr., at sea, Civil War
Capt John Chandler Sears (1831-1876)[9601] Battery E, 1st VT Art'y
Capt John James Sears (1828-1878)[9949] Union Army
Capt (Dr.) John Livingston Sears(1887-1935)[FTM15278] WWI
John Manley Sears(1764-1859)[46544]
John McKnight Sears (1851-)[12084]
John Michael Sears (1839-1883)[1770]
Corp John S Sears (1771-1841)[24237]
Capt John T Sears(1788-1819)[8209]
John W Sears (1838-1865)[46559] Co. I 62nd Regt OVI
John W Sears (1841-)[11040] OH Union Army
John Winthrop Sears (1930-2014) USN
Jonathan Sears (1840-)[44370] War of 1812?
Jonathan Sears (1835-1902)[30582]
Joseph Sears (1746-1846)[27205] British Army
Joseph B Sears, ae 23, sailor, East Dennis, Mass., unmarr., at sea, Civil War
Pvt Joseph Sears(1843-1912)[2364] Co A, 134th IL Infantry
Col Joseph Davis Sears (~1890~1950)[30976] US Army
Joseph Henry Sears (1821-1902)[8407]
Joseph Raymond Edward Sears, Jr(1936-1996)[45771] USAF
Joshua Sears (1735-)[3267] Old French War
Sgt Joshua Sears (1848-1903)[1247] 3 RI Cav Union Army
Karl Vernon Sears (1892-1966) WW I
PFC Leon Sears(1946-1969)[9471] USMC Vietnam
Maj Gen Leslie R. Sears, Jr (1928-1985) US Navy / US Army- WWII (era), Korea (era), Vietnam
Corp Leslie R. Sears (1892-1954) US Army, WWI Expeditionary Force
Capt Leslie R. Sears, III US Army, Cold War Victory Medal, Germany
Levi Morton Sears (1904-1975) WW II
Lot Sears (1767-1848)[4528]
Louis Adam Sears(1856-)[27499] Steward USN
Lowell Clark Sears (1833-1909)[11624]
Luther A Sears, ae 22, sailor, Dennis, Mass., marr., at sea, Civil War
LT jg Mary Sears (1905-1997)[14605] USN
Max Delbert Sears (1919-1995) US Army Air Corps WW II
Cpl Michael Sears (1947-1968)[9472] USMC
Milton G Sears(1829-1906)[2134]
Missouri S Sears(1831-1898)[24343]
Lieut Nathan Sears(1741-1825)[3038]
Sergt Nathan Henry Sears(1830-)[7453]
Nathaniel Sears (1766-1816)[4793]
Norman Edward Sears (1898-1961) WW I?
Obadiah B Sears, ae 20, Dennis, Mass., sailor, Civil War
Obed Sears, ae 20, Dennis, Mass., sailor, Civil War
Oren Sears, ae 34, shoemaker, East Dennis, Mass., marr., Civil War
Otis Sears (1789-1812)[6924] NY Regt
Parsons Sears (1831-1862)[11211] 2d Neb. Regt
Capt Paul Sears (1750-1808)[3294]
Capt Paul Sears (1637-1707)[57]
Peter Sears (1716-1746)[6544] King George's War
Capt Peter Sears(1753-1820)[4176]
Corp Philip Sears(1759-1831)[5892]
S1 Philip Fowle Sears (1888-1973) WWI
Capt Philip Mason Sears (1899-1973)[24894] WWI WWII USN
TSGT Ralph Fred Sears (1930-2005)
Lt Raymond Fulton Sears (1921-1999) WW II US Army Air Forces
Richard Sears (1840-)[28359] Confederate Pension
Sergt Richard Sears (1748-1814)[3839]
Richard Sears (1746-)[3040]
Richard “Squire” Sears (1749-1839)[3687]
Richard C Sears (1973-1995)[30532]
Lt Cdr Richard Dudley Sears, Jr (1897-1988)
Robert Sears II (1771-)[46770]
Robert Sears (1740- 1812)[112]
Robert “Bob” Sears(1883-1979)[13246] WWII
Col Col Robert E Sears (1945-1998)[48235] USAF
Dea Roland Sears (1762-1851)[6172]
Roland Sears, Jr (1789-1872)[6134]
Lt Rowland Sears (1744-1819)[3771]
Sackett Sears (1827-)[10969] IL Vols
Samuel Sears (1845-)[26890]
Lt Samuel Powers Sears (1895-1964) USN
Seth Sears (1736-1809)[3728]
Sherman West Sears (1824-1876)[9644]
Sidney A Sears, ae 30, Dennis, Mass., marr., at sea, Civil War
Lieut Silas Sears (1637-1697)[71]
Stephen Sears (1765-1837)[6210]
HM3 Steven Dwight Sears (1947-1967)[9473] USN
Hon Theodore Crosby Sears (1828-1898)[8181]
Capt Thomas Sears (1836-)[8067] 4th Heavy Arty., NY
Thomas Baldwin Sears(1789-1881)[8058]
Master Thomas Bartlett Sears (1834-1925)[2325] USN
Thomas David Sears (1899-1954)[33894]
Corp Thomas Miller Sears (1841-)[28349]
Lt Thomas Warren Sears, Jr (1921-1991) USN WW II
Urbane Sears(1813-1875)[2435] died in Civil War
Capt Vickie J Sears US Army
Walter Edwin Sears(1924-1993) USNR 1943-6
Pvt Walter Roy Sears (1898-1959) USMC WWI
Capt Walter Jesse Sears (1856)[13307] USN
William Sears (1835-186?)[28941]
William Sears (1836-)[27522]
William Sears (-1918)[1358] WWI
William C Sears, ae 24, frmer, East Dennis, Mass., unmarr., Civil War
WO William Charles Sears (1918-1978)
William Franklin Sears (1832-1917)[24253] 82 Indiana Inf'y Co. F
William Henry Sears (1840)[27874]
William Henry Sears (1844-1866)[9277]
William Henry H Sears (1843- 1928)[1249]
William M Sears (1919-1989) US Army from Georgia
William Morris “Mouse” Sears (1930-1996)[36188] WWII
William Richards Sears (1912-1978) US Army 1945
Dr William Russel Sears (1889-1979)[46481] WWI
Rev William Sims Sears (1820- 1903)[46418]

Sears Doctors: Cushman Allen Sears, MD (1838-1919) Benjamin Lovett Sears ()

Sears Clergy: Edmund Hamilton Sears (1810-1876) Massachusetts, Unitarian Minister

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