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From Wikipedia:

Słoboda [swɔˈbɔda] (Ukrainian: Слобода, Sloboda) can be located in the administrative district of Gmina Kuryłówka, within Leżajsk County, Subcarpathian Voivodeship (Województwo Podkarpackie), in south-eastern Poland.

  • As of January 1, 1939, 440 residents lived in the village, including 410 Ukrainians, 20 Poles and 10 Jews. The village belonged to Kuryluvka commune, Yaroslavl district, Lviv voivodeship. The Greek Catholics belonged to the Dubrovytsia parish of the Siniav deanery of the Przemyśl eparchy.
  • In 1945, in accordance with the "Agreement on Mutual Exchange of Population in Border Areas", part of the Ukrainian population of Sloboda was deported to the USSR. Villagers were resettled in settlements of Drohobytsk region — 319 people (77 families) were deported. The rest of the Ukrainians were deported to post-German lands in 1947.

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  • 1772-1804:Słoboda, Jaroslau, Königreich Galizien und Lodomerien, Habsburgermonarchie
  • 1804-1867: Słoboda, Jaroslau, Königreich Galizien und Lodomerien, Kaiserthum Oesterreich
  • 1867-1918: Słoboda, Jaroslau, Königreich Galizien und Lodomerien, Österreichisch-Ungarische Monarchie
  • 1914 - 1939: Słoboda, Jarosław, Lwów, Polska (?)
  • 1939 - 1945: Słoboda, Lwów, Distrikt Galizien, Polen (?)
  • 1945 - 1975: Słoboda, Rzeszów, Rzeszów, Polska (?)
  • 1975 - 1998: Słoboda, Rzeszów, Podkarpackie, Polska (?)
  • 1998 - Pres: Słoboda, Leżajsk, Podkarpackie, Polska

Słoboda (1772-1918)

Słoboda was formerly in the Russian division of Galicia from 1772 until 1918.

1900 Census = 402 Total Inhabitants:

  • 7 Roman Catholic
  • 385 Greek Catholic
  • 10 Jewish
  • 16 Polish
  • 386 Ruthenian

Common Ukrainian Names for this area.

The photo below depicts locations of churches according to the 1900 census. [1]. This information is crucial when searching for records. Cieplice_Jaroslaw_Galicja_Austria-2.jpg


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Słoboda did not have it's own church and most baptisms (and marriages) took place in Cieplice. If you do not see your ancestor from this index category, check the one in Cieplice. The baptism records did not indicate where the person was born.

Some residents of Cieplice and Sloboda married residents from nearby Luchów, Biłgoraj, Lublin Governorate, Russian Empire. Example profile:

Births: 1784-1830:; New Link:

Births: 1831-1861:; New Link:

Copies of record books of the Dąbrowica parish with the Słoboda branch 1784 -1846 (Sieniawa deanery):

House Number Study

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  • (Cieplice Record) 1829; San 5; #102/?; Basili Korchowec and Ahafia Mokrycki, Sloboda
  • (Cieplice Record) 1846; Scan 58; Joannes Antosz, widow; #35 (of Jacob and Anastasia Zielonka) and Eufemia; Sloboda; #none (of Greg Worobel and Anna Kolodka)


  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan66; 20 May 1860 Dabrowica; Wasyl Czubaty, widow, of Fedka and Nasti Kurko, age 49, house#29; and Parascevia, widow of Iwan Mokrycki, of Iwan Kwik and Parascevia Szegda, Sloboda house#3
  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 106; 25 Nov 1872 Sieniawa; Dmytro Hryszko, of Iwan, age 25, house #386; and Tekla Borek, of Blareka and Olena Bryzkowski, age 34, Sloboda house#3


  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 166; 1888; Fedir Siurkalo, of Anton and Anastasia, age 23, house#40; and Justyna Motyl, of Iwan and Paraska Mokrycki, age 23, Sloboda house#5


  • (Cieplice Record)1878; Scan 119; #6/145; Teodor Jarysz; Sloboda (of Greg and Cath) and Anna, widow of Pant Zielinka (of Joannes Nagurni and Maria Cuper)


  • (Cieplice Record) 1815; Scan 66; #333/8; Joannes Mokryki, Sloboda #8; and Catharine Nagorny #333
  • (Cieplice Announcment) 18 Sep 1853 Dabrowica; Iwan Nakoneczny, of Jurko and Urynki Mudryk, age 36, house#333; and Hank Danylec, widow of Panku, of Iwan Mokrycki, age 32, Sloboda house#8


  • (Cieplice Record) 1865; Scan 56; #10/131; Joannes Motyl; Sloboda (of Roman and Pelagia Dziamara) and Parascevia (of Mike Mokrycki adn Melania Szelewa)


  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 91; 28 Sept 1868 Dabrowica; Iwan Kwik, widow, of Wasyl and Xeni, age 57; Sloboda house#57; and Marya Fedyrko, widow of Iwan, age 47; Sloboda house#15


  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 75; 28 Sep 1862 Dabrowica; Filip Szegda, of Dmytro and Tanki Szegda, age 20, house#380; and Urynka of Luki Jarosz and Parascevia Szegda, age 18, Sloboda house#18
  • (Cieplice Record) 1868; Scan 66; #18/50; Antoni Jarysz; Sloboda (of Lucia and Parascevia Szegda) and Eudocia; Sloboda (of Andrew Kwik and Tatianna Mulawa)
  • (Cieplice Announcment) Scan 123; 1876 Dabrowica; Iwan Worobel of Matwij and Eva Szegda age 25, Sloboda house#42 and Marta Jarysz, of Luki and Paraska Szegda, age 16, Sloboda house#18


  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 9; 16 Jun 1845 Dabrowica; Jedruch Kwik, of Iwan and Paraska Szegda, age 18, house#50; and Tanka of Onyszka and Mary Kwik Mulawa, age 15, Sloboda house#17


  • 1834; Scan 18; #18/131; Mike Mokrycki, Sloboda; widow and Melania Michova, widow (of Demetri Szelewa)


  • (Cieplice Record) 1872; Scan 84; #19/360; Stefan Mokryki; Sloboda (of Nicolas and Eudocia Pysas) and Anna (of Alex Szegda and Pelagia Szelewa)
  • (Cieplice Record) 1872; Scan 85; #19/347; Basili Mokrycki; Sloboda (of Antoni and Eudocia Pysar) and Cath Hys, widow (of Alex Wolczasty and Maria Kandjuk)


  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 19; 2 Aug 1840 Dabrowica; Olech Paszkowski, house#403; Kaska Jarosz Kwik, widow of Kosc Kwik, Sloboda house#21


  • (Cieplice Record) OMITTED: 1830; Scan 7; #25/276; Stefan Mokrycki, Sloboda, widow and Parascevia Deynak


  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 84; 16 Jul 1865 Dabrowica; Hryc Biela of Juska and Hanki Budycz, age 24, house#173; and Hanka Hys, of Ilka and Kaska Hys, age 26, Sloboda house#31


  • (Cieplice Record) 1882; Scan 140; #27/110; Greg Dyki, widow; Sloboda (of Basili Dyki and Anna Kolodka) and Tatianna (of Mike Tara and Anastasia Sydorski)


  • (Cieplice Announcment) 1890, Scan 177; Iwan Ostiak of Fedir and Mary Gawaluck, age 24, house#442; and Paraska Mokrycki, of Andrzej and Evfemija Hys, age 17, Sloboda house#28


  • (Cieplice record) 1814; Scan 61; #356/29; Theodor Hys, age 26 (Sloboda#29) and Eusemia Szegda
  • (Cieplice record) 1835; Scan 19; #29/349; Teodor Hys, Sloboda; widow and Anastasia (of Teodor Nagorni and Parascevia Grod); Announcement Scan 7 lists his home as Sloboda
  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 137; 1880 Dabrowica; Fedko Szegda of Mike and Hanki, age 27, house#388; and Mary Hys, of Hryc and Xeni Mulanyn, age 18, Sloboda house#29
  • (Cieplice Record) 1898, Scan 13; Roman Hys of Hryc and Ksenia Mulawa, village Sloboda, born 12 Oct 1865, house#29, age 32, Pelagia Augustyn, of Iwan and Paraksa Biela, village Cieplice, house#161, age 19
  • (Cieplice Record) 1898, Scan 13; Petro Czekyrda, son of Jurko and Eudokya Biela, house#161, age 25, Evfrosima Hys, of Hryc Hyrs and Ksenia Mulawa, of Sloboda, born 29 Mar 1878, house#29


  • (Cieplice Record) 1831; Scan 9; #30/50; George Hys, Sloboda and Anna Kiwk
  • 1837; Scan 27; #30/355; George Hys, widow (of Basili and Maria Jarosz) and Anna Kwik, widow (of Tim Nagorni and Maria Kurkowa)
  • (Cieplice Record) 1853; Scan 94; #121/30; Andrew Kanja; Dombrowica (of Antoni and Anna Sawicki) and Ahafia; Sloboda (of George Hys and Anna Nagorny)
  • (Cieplice Record) 1855; Scan 4; #339/30; Elias Mokrycki (of Jacob and Xenia WoTczasty) and Xenia Hys (of Georgus Hys ad Anna Drviki; Sloboda)


  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 10; 1835; Stefan; of Havryl Jarosz and Fruzi Nabowej?; house#292; Fruzia; of Iwan Hys and Mary; Sloboda house#31
  • (Cieplice Record) Scan 27, 23 Feb 1902; Nikolay Hys, of Ilka Hys and Mary Man, of Sloboda, born 24 May 1872, house#31; Anna Zymanski, o fKazman and Anna Worobel, house#568, age 18


  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 59; 24 May 1858 Dabrowica; Dmytro Szegda, widow, age 38 house#380 of Jedruch and Mary Szelewa; and Feska Mokrycki, widow of Senka, age 32, of Matwij and Xeni Jarosz, Sloboda house#32


  • (Cieplice Record) 1823; Scan 84; #35/356; Stefan Worobel, Sloboda and Helena Szegda
  • (Cieplice Record) 1829; Scan 5; #35/232; Teodor Kwik, widow, Sloboda, and Maria Karchut


  • (Cieplice Record) 1885; Scan 157; #36/374; Greg Worobel, widow, Sloboda (of Joannes and Anastasia Kruk) and Anastasia Pisieczko, widow (of Nicolas Karchut and Anna Rudyk)
  • (Cieplice Record) Scan 15; 13 Nov 1898; Hryc Worobel, widow, Sloboda, house#36, of Iwan and Anastasia Moluk of Sloboda, born 22 Jan 1843, age 55; Rozalia Nagorna, widow of Dmytro Nagorna, Cieplice, house#364, of Iwan Mokrycki and Anastasia Fedirko, born 1841, age 57


  • (Cieplice record) 1818; Scan 73; #37/40; Onufry Mulava, Sloboda and Maria Kwik
  • (Cieplice record); 1826; Scan 91; #37/39; Stefan Mulova, age 24, single, Sloboda and Eva Kwik, age 30, single


  • (Cieplice record) 1821; Scan 81; #38/39; Joannes Hys, Sloboda and Maria Kwik


  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 139; 1881 Dabrowica; iwan Kwik of Wasyl and Paraska Zielonka, age 22, Sloboda house#39; and Nasta Trusz, of Hryc and Mary Kowronki, age 20, Dabrowica house#160


  • (Cieplice Annoucement); Scan 83; 16 Feb 1865 Dabrowica; Olech Worobel of Matwij and Eva Szegda, age 22, Sloboda house#42; and Mary Kurko, of Iwan and Hanki Trusz, age 18, Dabrowica house#50.
  • (Cieplice Announcment) Scan 123; 1876 Dabrowica; Iwan Worobel of Matwij and Eva Szegda age 25, Sloboda house#42 and Marta Jarysz, of Luki and Paraska Szegda, age 16, Sloboda house#18


  • (Cieplice Record) 1882; Scan 142; #46/346; Andrew Hwy; Sloboda (of Joannes and Maria Danylec) and Anastasia (of Joannes Trusz and Anna Worobel)
  • 1888(set); Scan 8; Paul Hys; Sloboda #46 (of Joannes and Maria Danilec) and Cath Worobel; #265 (of Mahiv and Eudocia Jareczko)


  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 136; 1880 Dabrowica; Iwan Worobel, age 29, house#42; of Matviy and Eva Szegda, and Olena Jarysz, of Mik and Pazi, age 22, Sloboda house#47


  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 125; 1877 Dabrowica; Mike Mokrycki, of Luki and Kaska Nahyrni, age 35 house#243; and Paraska Jarysz of Pawla and Hanki Mulawa, age 22, Sloboda house#49


  • (Cieplice Record) 1879; Scan 123; #36/50; Elias Kolodka; Adamowska (of Joannes and Anastasia Jurz) and Anastasia; Sloboda (of Elias Mokrycki and Xenia Hys)
  • (Cieplice Record) 1868; Scan 66; #18/50; Antoni Jarysz; Sloboda (of Lucia and Parascevia Szegda) and Eudocia; Sloboda (of Andrew Kwik and Tatianna Mulawa)
  • (Cieplice Record) 1881; Scan 137; #50/359; Joannes Kwik; Sloboda (of Andrew and Tatianna Mulawa) and Tatianna (of Joannes Szegda and Maria Ostiak)


  • (Cieplice Record) 1870; Scan 73; #51/265; Mathew Morobel, widow; Sloboda (of Teodor and Anastasia Jarysz) and Eudocia Szelewa, widow (of Alex Paszkowski and Cath Jureczko)


  • (Cieplice Annoucement) 24 Jun 1850, Dabrowica; Olech Antosz and Ilka and Hanki Kozewki, age 33, house# 61; Paraska, of Wasyl Mokrycki and mary Jarosz, age 22; Sloboda house#53
  • (Cieplice Record) 1856; Scan 7; #53/42; Joannes Mokrycki; Sloboda (of Basilius and Marie Jarocz) and Anna Antosz, widow (of Mathy Worobel and Eudocia Szegdy)
  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 78; 19 Feb 1863 Dabrowica; Wasyl Szamrylo, of Ilka and Marnski Nycz, age 26, house#118; and Hanka Mokrycki Worobel, widow of Iwan, Sloboda house#53


  • (Cieplice Record) 1871; Scan 77; #54/361; Onufry Jarysz, widow, Sloboda (of Joannes and Ahafia Fedurko) and Eufemia (of Mike Lozinski and Parascevia Szegda)


  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 16; 14 Nov 1847 Dabrowica; Wasyl Ciupik, of Iwan and Hanki Kwik, age 23, house#267; and Fruzia Kaczyn, Sloboda house#56
  • (Cieplice Record) 1872; Scan 83; #56/228; Stefan Ciupik; Sloboda (of Basili and Eufrosima Jarysz) and Cath (of Mike Karchut and Anna Szegda)
  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 108; 9 Nov 1873 Dabrowica; Procop Stecko, of Hryc and Eva Bialy, age 42, house#41; and Eva of Wasyl Ciupyk and Fryzia Kaczkin, age 20, Sloboda house#56
  • Scan 16, 14 Nov 1898; Hryc Zemyk, of Stefan and Katarzyna Karchut, Sloboda, born 7 Dec 1875, house#56, age 23; Anna Nagorna, of Iwan and Pelagia Szegda, Cieplice, 18 Jun 1883, house#368, age 16.


  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 91; 28 Sept 1868 Dabrowica; Iwan Kwik, widow, of Wasyl and Xeni, age 57; Sloboda house#57; and Marya Fedyrko, widow of Iwan, age 47; Sloboda house#15
  • (Cieplice Township Record) Scan 132; 3 Jun 1879, marriage in Dabrowica; Matviy Kwik, of Iwan and Xeni Szegda, age 25, Sloboda house#57; Nasta Harpul, of Jack and Eva Pracun, age 18, Dabrowica house#113


  • 1834; Scan 18; #60/108; Joannes, Sloboda (of Constantin Mokrycki and Ahafia Kolodka) and Cath, widow (of Andrew Fedurko and Joannes Tara)
  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 52; 22 Feb 1857 Dabrowica; Fedko Nahryni, widow, of Iwan and Femy Bucyn, age 42, house#392; and Tanka Kwik, widow of Stefan, Sloboda house#60
  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan70; 10 Nov 1861 Dabrowica; Hryc Szegda of Mike and Hanki Hys, age 19, house#367; and Olena of Stefan and Tanki Kwik, age 19, Sloboda house#60
  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 84; 13 Nov 1865; Iwan Nahryni, of Fedka and Mary antosz, age 22, Sloboda house#60; and Maria Kwik, of Stafan and Tanka, age 20, Sloboda house#60
  • (Cieplice record) 1877; Scan 115; #60/368; Joannes Nagurni, widow; Sloboda (of Teodor and Maria Antosz) and Pelagia (of Basili Szegda and Anna Zielinka)


  • (Cieplice Record) 1829; Scan 5; #61/366; Joannes Mokrycki, Sloboda and Eufrosima Szegda
  • (Cieplice Record) 1832; Scan 14; #61/403; Andrew (of Teodor Mokrycki) and Irena (of Elias Nagorni)
  • (Cieplice record) 1863; Scan 47; #61/303; Teodor Mokrycki; Sloboda (of Joannis and Eufrosima Szegda) and Pelagia (of Petro Szelewa and Eudocia Granat
  • (Cieplice record) 1873; Scan 91; #61/150; Teodor Mokrycki, widow, Sloboda (of Joannes and Eusemia Szegda) and Maria (of Andrew Szynal and Eudocia Szelewa)
  • (Cieplice record) 1875; Scan 102; #61/276; Augustynus Mokrycki; Sloboda (of Andrew nd Irene Nagorni) and Eudocia Gwyzdz (of Basili and Tecla Pylypec)


  • 1832; Scan 10; #63/328; Gabriel Mokrycki, Sloboda (of Greg) and Eva Kwik, widow of Basili Mikus
  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 14; 7 Feb 1847 Dabrowica; Jedruch Zaloha, of Hryc and Paraska, age 31, house#248 and Anna Mokrycki, of Hryc and Pazi Czerwanka, age 24, Sloboda house# 63


  • (Cieplice record) 1834; Scan 18; #385/64; Stefan Sidorski, widow and Anna Hys, Sloboda widow (of Stafan Kwik); Cieplice Announcement Scan 8 lists Anna's village as Sloboda


  • OMITTED (Cieplice death record) Scan 93; pg. 91; 1 Apr 1868; house#69; Ahafia, uxor Andrea Hys, farmer; age 63
  • (Cieplice record) Scan 23, Feb 1900; Wasil Mokrycki, of Ilko and Ksenia Hys, hosue#69, age 26; Mary Wolczasta, of Symon and Paraska Kolodka, of village Wolczasta, house#401 age 18
  • (Cieplice record) scan 24, 11 Jun 1900; Wasil Mokrycki, of Ilko and Mary/Ksenia Hys, house#69, Sloboda; Ksenia Wolczasty, widow of Andrzej, of Iwan Pron and Eva Paluch, Piskorowice house#344


  • (Cieplice record) 1856; Scan 8; #70/6; Joannes Mokrycki of Sloboda (of George and Maria Worobel) and Xenia (of Constantin Antosz and Parascevia Hlibowicz
  • (Cieplice record) 1885; Scan 157; #70/86; Joannes Mokrycki; widow, Sloboda (of George and Maria Worobel) and Anna Sydorski, widow (of Joannes Nahryni and Parascevia Fedyrko)
  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 156; 1886 Dabrowica; Mike Melnyk, of Fedir and Xeni Grod age 25, house#58; and Melania Mokrycki, of Iwan and Xenia Antosz, age 22, Sloboda house#70


  • (Cieplice record) 1865; Scan 56; #10/131; Joannes Motyl; Sloboda (of Roman and Pelagia Dziamara) and Parascevia (of Mike Mokrycki adn Melania Szelewa)


  • 1833; Scan 15; #132/169; Basili Bercza, widow and Cath (of george Worobel) Sloboda


  • (Cieplice record) OMITTED; 1896; birth; Scan 105; house#212; Anna; illegitimate; of Irena (of Nicolas Gavaluch and Praxeda Nierpas of Sloboda)


  • (Cieplice record) 1826; Scan 90; #230/374; Theo Mokrycki, Sloboda and Xenia Pisieszko


  • (Cieplice record) 1849; Scan 73; #106/302; Basili Fedurko (of Jacob and Anastasia Wolczasty) and Helena; Sloboda (of Mathew Jarosz and Maria Kwik)


  • (Cieplice record) 1868; Scan 64; #324/294; Greg Kwik, widow (of Stefani and Maria Kandyra; Sloboda) and Pelagia (of Daniel and Xenia Szelewa)
  • (Cieplice record) 1872; Scan 86; #324/178; Greg Kwik; widow; Sloboda (of Stefan and Maria Kondyra) and Anastasia Rasa, widow of Joannes.


  • (Cieplice record) 1884; Scan 151; #347/339; Basili Mokrycki, widow; Sloboda (of Antoni and Eudocia Pysar) and Anastasia (of Stefan Mokrycki and Anna Kryl)


  • (Cieplice record) 1879; Scan 126; #275/380; Stefan Pyskir; Pawlywec (of Stefan and Tatianna Lychywce) and Eusemia Szegda, widow; Sloboda (of Math and Zenia Jarycz)


  • (Cieplice record) 1882; Scan 141; #392/59; Mike Nagurni; Sloboda (of Teodor and Maria Antosz) and Anna Luty, widow (of Andrew Grod)

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