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This is a One Name Study to collect together in one place everything about the surname Smith and its variants. The hope is that other researchers like you will join our study to help make it a valuable reference point for people studying lines that cross or intersect. Please contact the project leader, add categories to your profiles, add your questions to the bulletin board, add details of your name research, etc.

Volunteer Researchers

Kitty Cooper-1 Smith

Resources Alphabetical Order by Author's Surname

The following list are books that reference particular Smith families. The items identified with a NE number refers to the yDNA family group from SmithConnections NorthEastern DNA Project, although other Smith families may be included in the publication. The SmithConnections Northeastern DNA Project page on WikiTree also has a list of the immigrant and Earliest Known Smith Ancestors. Those that are available online have an underlined link. A few are available to borrow, similar to a library.

  • American Publishers' Association, Origin and history of the name of Smith (1902) Origin and history of the name of Smith, with biographes of all the most noted persons of that name. And an account of the origin of surnames and forenames. Together with over five hundred Christian names of men and women and their significance. The Crescent family record .... Chicago, Ill.: American publishers' association, 1902.

p.183 John 'of Newport' d.1699 m. Susannah____
p.183 John 'of Prudence Island' d.1730 m. Phyllis Gereardy
p.184 John 'of Warwick & Prov.' [son of John of Prudence Island]
p.185 Richard  ? which one ?
p.376 Christopher -NE18
p.380 Edward (m. Sarah Carpenter)
p.380 John 'the mason'
p.382 John 'the miller' -NE40

  • Bayer, D. Frank, Desc.of John Wheeler b.1777 PA & Elizabeth (Piper) Smith (1989)

p. 138 Constant & Martha (Galusha) Smith -IMM unknown
p. 286 IMM Christopher - NE18
p. 354 Robert & Harriet (Rhodes) Smith -IMM unknown
p. 673 IMM Henry d.1649 MA - NE47
p. 744 IMM Christopher - NE18
p. 856 IMM Henry d.1649 MA - NE47
p.1070 IMM John 'the miller' - NE40
p.1148 Elisha b.1794 RI - NE40
p.1204 IMM John 'the miller' - NE40
p.1256 IMM John 'the miller' - NE40
p.1775 James & Joanna (Sheldon) Smith -IMM unknown
p.1874 IMM John 'the miller' - NE40
p.1905 IMM John 'the miller' - NE40
p.1943 IMM Richard & Joyce (Standish) Smith -NO DNA
p.2299 Elisha b.1794 RI - NE40
p.2330 IMM Christopher - NE18

  • Bell, Raymond Martin, John Smith Revo 1750-1818 & Christina Nunemacher of PA (1997)
  • Boyd, Margaret L. Kraig, John Andrew Smith 1754-1836, Revo. Soldier (1996)
  • Broome, John David, Life, Ministry, Journals of Rev. Hezekiah Smith (2004) IMM Peter Smith, LI, NY
  • Brown, Phyllis (Smith), IMM Thaddeus (1805 GER -d.___OH) & Theresa Smith (1972)
  • Cable, Edith (Smith), 100s Early IMMs in the Pedigrees of Edith Smith (1991) NE05?
  • Carter, Carolyn, Smith Family Nicholas Smith (1765 US-1842 CAN) m. Catherine May, (1990)
  • Crane, Elaine Forman, Killed Strangely: The Death of Rebecca Cornell, Publisher: Cornell University Press; 1 edition (5 Feb. 2009). This was Rebecca (Briggs) Cornell, widow of Thomas Cornell; and ancestor of Lizzie Borden and Ezra Cornell (founder of Cornell University).
  • Dittenhafer, Miriam Marcy, Hist. & Gene Valentine H. Smith 1838-1890 Phila PA (2004)
  • Frost, Josephine C., Ances. Hiram & Sarah Jane (Knapp, Bull) Smith (1927) NE50 or John Rock Smiths? EKA- Jesse Smith Revo (1758 NY-1829 NY) m. Eliza Ansley
  • Harris, Joseph S., Alexander Smith (1692-pre1766 IRE) m. Elizabeth Frazier (1908) IMM John arr: PA c.1720
  • Hays, Hugh Howard, Chronicle of Decs. IMM Ephraim Smith 1798 ENG-1880 PA. (1942)
  • Holmes, Frank, ‘’Directory of Ancestral Heads of New England families 1620-1700’’ (1923)

Smiths found in RI records
_____ Benjamin (c1631 -1713) - came to Providence in 1660
NE18 Christopher d.1676 – resident of Providence in 1655
NE18 Edward [s/o- Chris above] -took oath of allegiance in Prov. in 1668
_____ Elisha – at Warwick/Newport in 1677
NE40 John – ‘the miller’ resident of Newport in 1639
_____ John – ‘the mason’ settled in Prov lived Warwick 1657
_____ John [s/o- John ‘the mason’] – ‘Jameca John’ died Prov. c1685
_____ John – resident of Newport in 1678
_____ Richard (c1596-1666 RI) -from Glouscester ENG, 1st in Taunton MA, to Prov in 1638
............ his son Richard d.1692 = NO male desc but possibly kin to GROUP 22
NE87 Thomas – married in Providence in 1661

  • Hook, James W., Smith, Grant & Irons of NJ Shore Cos.+ Willets & Birdsall (1955)
  • Hughes, Nancy Case, Peter Smith Revo (1760 NH-1837 ME) & Hannah Sanborn, Desc. in Indiana (1972)
  • Jarvis, Zora (Smith), Ancestors of George A. Smith (1962) NE53
  • Johnson, Eric H., Ances. & Desc. of Timothy Smith, Meigs Co. OH" (2006) NE33
  • Kalbfleisch, Ray, Capt. Thomas Smith (1767 VT - 1850 CAN) (1995)
  • Kopp, Rita Bone, Bazel d.1852 OH & Mary (Howell) Smith, Monroe Co. OH (1983)
  • Leonard, L. W., Gene.of William Smith Revo (m. Elizabeth Morison) Peterborough, NH (1852) IMM Robert d.1766 NH
  • Linely, Veronica, James SMITH (c.1740 - post 1800 VT)" (1993)
  • Morison, John H., Life of Honorable Jeremiah Smith (1845) IMM Robert d. 1766 NH
  • Randall, Georgiana (Hathaway), Ances. Henry Perkins Smith & Christiana Long (1958) IMM John 'ye Smith' d.1704 CT
  • Sabine, William H. W., Historical Memoirs of William Smith 1763-1776 NY" (1956) IMM Thomas & Susannah O'Dell Smith
  • Smith, Alven Martyn. John Smith of Lancaster, Mass. and his descendants in Lyme, Conn. (Marlow, N.H., Vermont and the West). Pasadena, California: A.M. Smith, 1931.
  • Smith, Danny D., Preliminary Account & Descs. of Robert Smith 1611-1706 of Exeter and Hampton, NH through the fifth generation. (1980) NE33
  • Smith, David, Finding Wescott Smith 1793-1877 (2002) IMM John of Prudence Isle, RI
  • Smith, Edward Church, and Philip Mack Smith. The Ancestors and Descendants of Samuel Smith, Senior, of Middlefield, Massachusetts. (1947) Lakewood, Ohio. IMM Matthew arr 1637
  • Smith, Edward Church, Maternal Ancestors of Edward C. Smith (1958) IMM Matthew arr 1637
  • Smith, Edwin E. Dr., James Smith d.1687 Berwick ME, wife Martha Mills (1940)
  • Smith, Edward H.L., "The Identity of Sarah, Wife of Richard Smith of Smithtown, Long Island" Article published in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society (vol. 121, no. 1), January 1990, pages 19-22.
  • Smith, Gerald H., Capt Anthony Smith Bedford Co. PA; German origins,colla.lines (2007)
  • Smith, Grant A., Chasing the Clouds - Pilgrims & Pioneers (2010) NE09
  • Smith, Harvey Douglas, Register of Desc. of Nathanial Smith Jr (1849) NE07
  • Smith, Josiah B., Gene. IMM Robert Smith (d.1745 PA) m. Phebe Canby (1885)
  • Smith, Melania (Boughton), Smith Family Records & Recollections (1870) NE39
  • Smith, Oliver R., Journal of Jesse Nathaniel Smith (1970) NE53
  • Smith, Richard J., (IMM) Nicholas Smith 1629 (d.1673 Exeter NH) (1968)
  • Smith, Ruth Tangier & Hoff, Henry B., Tangier Smith Fam. desc of Col. William Smith d.1704/05 LI, NY (1978)
  • Smith, Tenny, Charles Smith & Amy Rachel Bryant (1938) NE08
  • Smith, Virginia, Desc. of IMM Ephraim Smith (1691 Eng -1750 NJ) to 1996 (post 1996)
  • Smith, Warren S., James Smith Esq. 1780-1861 of Bedford Co. PA (1961) Is this the same James Smith, subject of this book?
  • Updike, Daniel Berkeley, IMM Richard Smith -1st ENG. settler Narragansett Co. RI (1937) (I am not sure if this book is about this Richard Smith. We need to see a copy of this book.)
  • VanName, Elmer Garfield, Joseph Smith (c1762-1841) Gloucester & Salem Cos. NJ (1964) EKA- Thomas b.c1730 m. Susanna
  • Weis, Robert L., Abiel Smith (d.1814 MA) & Lydia Otis (1923) John d.1692 MA m. Elliott & Packard (? confused w/ John d.1692 Dartmouth MA m. Kirby & Howland?)
  • White, Virgil D., Genealogical Abstracts of Revo. War Pension Files (1992) Vol 3 pgs. 3168-3236 (All Smith pages)
  • Wilson, Ealon V., Life of St Clair W. Smith 1844-1909, 19th cent. Trailblazer (1967) EKA- Joel & Jane (Wilson) Smith
  • Wiscombe, Erold Clark, James H. Smith Family Organization (1980) EKA- Daniel b. c 1730 Morris Co.NJ –____ m. Gardiner & Pierson

  • Jacobus, Donald Lines, American Genealogist #98 Vol 25, Apr 1949 #2 -the Smith issue (1949) NE groups 5, 15, 22, 23, 32, 39, 54 unclaimed IMMs. Families covered include: William Smith of Jamaica, Nicholas Smith of Milford, Sergeant John Smith of Milford, Walter Smith of Milford, Thomas Smith of Guilford and Killingworth, Conn., Abraham Smith of Charlestown, Mass., Richard Smith of Wethersfield, and Richard Smith of Lyme.
  • Genes. & Bios. of American Families - VT VT Vol 1 (1931) IMM James Smith 1610-1676 NE21

...of interest...

  • Rweb RI & Providence Plantations, Biographical by –__________ ? (pub. date ____ ?

Rhode Island had 8 SMITHS among her early settlers, 5 of whom bore the name 'John' and are known as -
‘John of Newport’, ‘John of Prudence Island’, ‘John of Warwick’ [& Providence], ‘John the mason’, and ‘John the miller’-GR 40.
3 more SMITH founders were, Christopher-GR 18, Edward and Richard.
1John SMITH of Prudence Island was on Conanicut Island by 1664. His son 2John SMITH married Phyllis Gereardy
and moved to Kingstown, where in conjunction with [his brother] 2Jeremiah SMITH, he laid out and gave 'to king and country' a highway 4 rods wide, from the old South Ferry to Pettaquamscutt River."

  • Grandchamp, Robert "With Their usual ardor – Scituate RI and the American Revo.’’

(2007) ref by Mike, GR 18

11 -8 Brown Co. Moses Smith (___-___)
10 -9 Butler Co. James Smith (___-___) 1st Landowner
23 -9 Butler Co. Job Smith (___-___) gave land for a church in 1844
9 -17 Crawford Co. Al Smith (1873 NY-1944) Pres. candidate, visited here
2 -18 Cuyahoga Co. George H. Smith (___-___) Romanesque Architect in Clev
13-18 Cuyahoga Co. Elmer Smith (___-___) 1st Grand-slam Homerun, Cleve Indians
83-18 Cuyahoga Co. Westin House Hotel 1844, on land given by Ozias & Hiram Smith
13-25 Franklin Co. Ovid Welford Smith (___-___)Civil War soldier,1st Congressional Medal of Honor
16-25 Franklin Co. 'Smith Burial Ground' John Smith (1742 NJ-1813 OH) & 4 Sons, all in Revo War
22-25 Franklin Co. Archibold Smith (1803 NJ -1893 OH) owned Mill in New Albany
23-25 Franklin Co. James Smith (___-___) 1820 - 1st teacher in Plain Twp.
8 -27 Gallia Co. Rt 35 'Silver Bridge' collapse-1967, 2 Smiths were among 47 killed
12-31 Hamilton Co. John Smith (___ –___) Revo War prisoner
1 -36 Highland Co. William Smith & Sons Tannery, underground railroad stop
3 -43 & 21-43 Lake Co. Joseph Smith (1805 VT-1844 IL) Mormon Prophet -GR 53
36-48 Lucas Co. James Smith (___NY -____) built a Firepumper wagon in 1837
16-53 Meigs Co. James Smith (1744 NH-1817 OH) m.Liz Mack, Revo War soldier
15-58 Morgan Co. Thomas Smith (____-____) Quaker, had underground railroad stop
11-65 Pickaway Co. William Sooy Smith (1830 OH-1916 OR) Civil Engineer -GR 23
7 -67 Portage Co. Joseph Smith (1805 NY -1836 MO) Mormon Prophet -GR 53
7 -72 Sandusky Co. Robert Smith (___-___) discovered medicinal 'green water'
1 -73 Scotio Co. Robert W. Smith (___-___) Engineer & Bridge builder
40-77 Summit Co. Robert H. Smith (1879 VT -1950 OH) co-founder of AA
10-79 Tuscarawas Co. Charles Shaller Smith (___-___) built an Iron Bridge 1868

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Hi I not related to this smith but added him to your project.


Is this "Smith" one name study restricted to US of A "Smith" families or have you gone further afield?

I'm particularly interested in a "Jean (or Jane) Smith" , b. about 1807, & d. about 1844, after marrying an "Alexander Mackenzie Laird" in Scotland, about 1830. Any leads ? Many thanks, stay well. Regards.....Phil (Grace-883).

posted by Phil Grace
I'm looking to connect Edmund Sutphin Disbrow toPeter Sutphin. Jack
posted by John Thompson
If this is a Smith one name study, why does the title say Butler ?
posted by Jillaine Smith
Hi! I've been working on the profile for Lawrence Smith - the Lawrence baptized in Lancashire in 1629/30 & who is believed to be the same Lawrence found in Virginia records beginning 1652. In trying to sort out all the conflicting info about him, I create two space pages that I believe should be included in the Smith Name Study (one for Lancashire, one for Colonial Virginia). OK if I add Category:England, Smith Name Study & Category:Virginia, Smith Name Study, respectively, to them or should a Lancashire, Smith Name Study page be created?

Also, if you would like to be added as a manager, just send a trusted list request saying so. I think that Lawrence's profile should also have a Smith Name Study sticker... do you have one that you use or should I use the generic one?


posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Hi Liz, So glad to hear you are working on that family. It is a real headache! Please make any changes you feel are appropriate. Thank you for your hard work! Kitty
posted by Kitty (Cooper) Smith
Eastern Carolina Republican

New Bern, North Carolina Wed, Jun 21, 1848 · Page 3= DIED: "On the 8th inst., in Craven county near Fort Barnwell, John SMITH, aged 74 years, 1 month, & 25 days. His only son, Thomas SMITH, removed some years past to the West, and if he yet lives, may profit by this notice. Editors of Western papers will please copy." I have John SMTH [c1784 - ?1848 ( ?date of death per this clipping)] married Agnes MAAR / MEAR ?1801 in ?NC, as ?parents of Thomas Still SMITH, b c1820 Rockingham Co, NC - d 1899 Waller Co, TX, married Sarah A E "Sallie" SANDERS (1828-1886); married 1842 in Chattooga, GA

Does anyone connect with this? I have other info / sources. It is hard when my SMITH married a DAVIS

May I suggest moving the sources to a 2nd pages and putting the link to it on the category page.
posted by Judy (Flamer) Bramlage
My grandfather was Andrew Jackson Smith. He was from Anniston, Calhoun County, Alabama. My mother was Carolyn Weenanah (Smith) Burnham.
posted by Darin Burnham
Thanks for invite, like many below I'm very new and still working at orienting myself to the site. I have extremely little details on the Smith side of my family tree as it comes from my father, who left when I was 1.5 years old and my mom's passed away, so I can't get any info from her either.

If I understand correctly, I join by asking to be added to the trusted list, which I just finished doing. If I need to do something else, just let me know.

And if anyone happens to know anything about a David Howard Smith born in or around Paterson, NJ, USA around 1957ish that had a father of the same name, I'd love to get in contact with you.

posted by Dave Smith
Still new and somewhat lost on how to work this. Haven't done to much research on the Smith's but working on it.

My maternal grandmother Ola Smith Adams of Wilcox county ga. Ola's parents were Dad- Wesley Daniels Smith of Dooly/Wilcox county ga. Mom Liddie Woodard Smith. Sorry no further information

posted by Debra Tillman
Please join our Smith Researchers page and tell us what Smiths you are researching.

Just add your name and ancestor information to the Smith Researcher page.

Then, at the top of your profile biography section, add Category: Smith Researchers inside double braces (that is two opening [[ and two closing), so that the category is added to your profile biography. Hope you join us soon! Kitty Cooper-1 Smith

posted by Kitty (Cooper) Smith
Dear Anne, This is an open profile and you are welcome to edit it to add anything you think would be helpful to Smith Research. Do you have an on-line reference that helped you? Please add it! Do you have a book at home that you would do look-ups in? Please add them. You are encouraged to add your resources so that other Smith researchers can make use of them.
posted by Kitty (Cooper) Smith
I'm like Shelley Smith below... I'm not sure what to do now that I'm here. I can click on the links, but how can I contribute to the page. Maybe I'm not supposed to? Maybe this page is meant to be a resource... Help! I'm new to WikiTree.

Anne Marie

posted by Anne Smith
i got an email or comment from you but am so new i have no idea how to search through this info, to be fair although my last name is "smith" that is the smallest branch of my tree that i know anything about. i know my dads name, my paternal grandfather, and i know the name of my paternal great grand father however his exact/full name, date of birth/death and any other connections i have no idea about as my great-grandfather died my grandfather was only 1year old and then my now late great-grandmother remarried 3more times. If you can help me possibly find more info i am all for it.
posted by Shelley Smith
Thanks to Kitty for all the work she continues to put into this site!
posted by Buzzyflight Smith