Soc Trang Army Airfield

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Vietnam War
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Soc Trang Army Airfield

The goal of this project is to create a complete history and personnel listing for Vinh Long Army Airfield during the course of the Vietnam War.

Right now this project just has two members, me. I am Sondra Marshall. and Mary Richardson Here are some of the tasks that I think need to be done. I'll be working on them, and could use your help.

  • Complete history (including campaign, battle and operation participation in) and listing of everyone who served with the 121st Aviation Company, including any and all supporting units and unit detachments.
Mekong Delta.
  • Complete history (including campaign, battle and operation participation in) and listing of everyone who served with the 336th Aviation Company, including any and all supporting units and unit detachments.
  • Complete listing of all military Groups, Battalions, Companies and Platoons etc stationed for three months or longer at Soc Trang (including any and all MACV Advisory Teams, Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force personnel as well as any non-American forces.)
  • Completion of profiles for all soldiers stationed at Soc Trang Army Air Field that were Prisoners of War, Wounded in combat, Killed in Action, Missing in Action or Died in Military Service.
  • Complete tables for the recipients of the top three medals awarded, Distinguished Service Cross, Distinguished Flying Cross and Silver Medal at Soc Trang. (To include the 3-4 highest medals for Navy, Marines, Air Force and non-American forces as well, if any)
  • Identify and add any Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, if any.
soc Trang
  • Complete description and history of the airfield and compound
  • Complete history of USO shows that took place at Soc Trang.
  • A history of the interaction between Soc Trang Army Airfield and it's relationship with the residents of Soc Trang.

Will you join me? Please post a comment here on this page, in G2G using the project tag, or send me a private message. Thanks!




Established: September 1962
Size – 150 acres
Runway - 3,012 feet long (hard surface)
Other -
Also known as:

Soc Trang is physically isolated and has many attached units to perform administrative and support duties.

121st (Aviation) Assault Helicopter Company
formerly 93rd Transportation Company
The Soc Trang Tigers

121st Helicopter Insignia

The unit started out as the Co H, 2nd Battalion, 47th Quartermaster Truck Regiment formed 10 February 1936. At that time the unit was not a manned unit.

In September 1943 the unit became the 3508th Quartermaster Truck Company and served in Italy with the Mediterranean Base Section, 1st Armored Corps, Peninsular Base Section, and 5th Army in Sicily, Naples-Foggia, Rome-Arno, North Apennine and Pro Valley. The unit earned silver bands for each operation.

August 1946 it was redesignated as the 3508th Transportation Corps Truck Company, and inactivated in 1945. 6 March 1947 it was again redesignnated, this timer as the 3rd Transporation Corps Truck Co (Troop).

1 April 1954 it became the 93rd Transportation Company (Helicopter), Captain James P. Dowling was the first commander under this new designation.

15 December 1961, the 93rd Transportation Company departed from Quonset Point, Rhode Island aboard the USS Card bound for Da Nang, Republic of Vietnam. After arriving in Subic Bay, Philippine Islands, the men and equipment were transferred to the USS Princeton and arrived in Da Nang 25 January 1962 and became operational 1 February 1962. The unit provided air transportation for ARVN troops as well as transporting things such as howitzers and parts of bull dozers to a Special Forces outpost.

2 August 1962 it conducted the first large scale heliborne operation ever conducted in I Corps.

20 August 1962 it participated in Operation “Lam Son II”. There were two H-21’s shot down and 9 more hit. There were 6 killed and 5 wounded.

19 September 1962 the unit traded places with the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing at Soc Trang. The first mission was flown out of Soc Trang on 23 September 1962.

On June 25 1963, it was redesignated and its assets transferred to the 121st Aviation Company. In 1966 its authorized strength was 222.

Unit Citations - 6

Award Action Start Date Action End Date DAGO Notes
Presidential Unit Citation August 27, 1965 August 28, 196545, 69
Valorous Unit Award April 4, 1965 April 6,1965 34, 66
RVN Gallantry Cross w/Palm July 1, 1963 June 30, 1964 46, 68
RVN Gallantry Cross w/ Palm March 1, 1966 March 26, 196722, 68
RVN Gallantry Cross w/ Palm March 27, 1967 May 17, 1968 46, 69, amended 21, 69
RVN Gallantry Cross w/ Palm December 15, 1969 October 10, 1970 52, 71

Combat Ready Flight Platoons
Headquarters Platoon
Tigers (Lift Company/Slicks)
2nd lift Platoon (Lift Company/Slicks)
Vikings (Gun Platoon)
Maintenance Platoon

121st Aviation Company - Individual Citations


Due to the length of the listings, only the Distinguished Flying Cross, Distinguished Service Cross and Silver Star are listed here. To see the medals awarded to any individual please click on their name to view their individual profile. Please note that these lists are not to be considered complete and are always under construction as new information is discovered or provided.

Distinguished Flying Cross
Date of Action Rank Name Notes
Specialist 4th Class Preston John Snyder

Distinguished Service Cross

Date of Action Rank Name Notes
October 18, 1966 Major Raymond T. Nutter
March 26, 1967 Chief Warrant Officer Jerome R. Daly

Silver Star

In memory of the fallen members of the 121st Aviation Company
Date of Death Rank Name Place of Residence Notes
1/2/1963 Specialist 4th Class Donald L. Braman Mystic, Connecticut 93rd Trans Co
1/11/1963 1st Lieutenant Charles Milton Fitts San Angelo, Texas 93rd Trans Co (Lt Hel)
1/11/1963 1st Lieutenant Lewis Lynn Stone Alexandria, Virginia 93rd Trans Co (Lt Hel)
1/11/1963 Captain Donald Bonney Toth Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania 93rd Trans Co (Lt Hel)
1/17/1964 Private 1st Class Loye Thomas Christmas Jacksonville, Florida
5/17/1966 Specialist 4th Class Preston John Snyder San Carlos, California
5/17/1966 Private 1st Class Dale E. Umbenhauer Pine Grove, Pennsylvania
7/11/1966 1st Lieutenant James Quinel Aydlett Akron, Ohio
7/11/1966 Warrant Officer Jackie Dallas Jones Indianapolis, Indiana
7/11/1966 Private 1st Class David Eugene Nance Marysville, California
7/11/1966 Specialist 4th Class Angelo Joseph Sferrazza Thompsonville, Connecticut
10/18/1966 Chief Warrant Officer James Weldon Hargove Rotan, Texas
2/1/1968 Chief Warrant Officer Francis LeKirklas Griffin Charleston, South Carolina
2/9/1968 Specialist 5th Class Paul Robert Anzelone College Park, Maryland
2/9/1968 Captain Franklin S. Bradley Jr Fort Worth, Texas
2/9/1968 Warrant Officer Ricky Lee Hull Zanesville, Ohio
2/9/1968 Specialist 4th Class Michael Joseph Lynch New York, New York
6/15/1968 Specialist 4th Class George Stephen Hadzega Santa Ana, California
7/2/1968 Specialist 4th Class Willie B. Catling Liberty, Mississippi
7/3/1968 Warrant Officer William Grady Moncrief Minneapolis, Minnesota
4/5/1969 Specialist 4th Class David Bruce Anderson St. Paul Minnesota
12/10/1969 Sergeant Chad Leonard Carson Boise, Idaho
1/17/1970 Specialist 4th Class Philip Edwin Smith Jr Waldport, Oregon
4/2/1970 Sergeant William Louis Vaspory Dayton, Ohio
4/3/1970 Specialist 4th Class Thomas Joseph Silva Napa, California
4/4/1970 Specialist 5th Class Clyde Lee Coffman Warrenburg, Missouri
4/4/1970 Warrant Officer Richard John Warden Sheboygan, Wisconsin
8/31/1970 Specialist 4th Class Lorenzo Fox Battleboro, North Carolina
6/9/1972 1st Lieutenant Ronald Edward Doughtie Berwyn, Pennsylvania

Supporting Units
Boeing Vertol ch47 heavy lift transport
  • 80th Transportation Detachment (CHFM) - Aircraft field maintenance support. Conducted periodic inspections, damage repair, major component replacement and field recovery of downed aircraft. 70 personnel.
  • 257th Signal Detachment - Provided maintenance and repair of all avionics equipment, including rotary and fixed wing radio communication, navigational radios and aids, airfield radio equipment, ground approach equipment and the non directional beacon.
  • 69th Infantry Detachment
  • 78th Artillery Detachment - (1967) Responsidble for operateing the counter-mortar radar equipment.
  • 25th Infantry Division Detachment
  • Aerial Door Gunner Platoons (Provisional) – They rotated from Hawaii every 90 days. Manned M-60 machine guns on both armored and slick helicopters during flights. They also provided airfield security. Made up of 1 officer and 25 personnel.
  • 134th Medical Detachment - 1963 - Provided medical support to the entire compound.
  • 2nd Medical Dispensary - Composed of 3 doctors, 5 nurses and 16 enlisted personnel. Surgical capabilities, lab, and facilities to accommodate 10 bed patients. Patients were treated and evaced to Navy Hospital, Siagon within 72 hours of arrival.
  • 41st Medical Dispensary (General) - (1966) Staffed by qualified doctors and enlisted men. Hospital unit has surgical capabilities, lab and facilities to accommodate 10 bed patients. Patients were typically treated and transferred to the hospital in Siagon within 72 hours.
  • 82nd Medical Detachment - Helicopter Ambulance – Dust Off medical evacuation unit - 5 UH-1B ambulance helicopters. Made up of 9 officers and 22 enlisted personnel. Arrived at Soc Trang on 17 Oct 1964 and replaced the 57th MDHA.
  • 36th Dental Detachment - Had the only American dentist in the Ca Mau peninsular region, South Vietnam. Provided for the dental needs of all U.S. personnel in the area.
  • 82nd Dental Detachment - (1966) - Only American dentist in the Ca Mau peninsula. 1 dentist and 1 assistant. Handles needs of all US personnel in the area
  • 5th Quartermaster Detachment - Ordered, received, stored and distributed all POL items. Composed of 6 enlisted men.
  • 13th Aviation Platoon(Provisional) - Formerly the 73rd Transportation Company – Fixed wing aircraft and aviators – Stationed at Bac Lieu and attached to the 121st Aviation Company c. 1964.
  • 18th Airfield Operation, Detachment D - Manned the control tower, loaded and unloaded transport aircraft, manned and operated the airfield ground approach facilities and operated and maintained the airfield crash trucks. Composed of 11 personnel.
  • Delta Signal Company (Detachment 6) - (Parent unit: 39th Signal Battalion at Can Tho) - Message Center/“Lady Switch” - Sent and received all phone messages, operated the secure teletype lines, responsible for on-post communication wiring. Composed of 21 enlisted men and one officer that operated and maintained equipment.
  • 232nd Signal Company (Detachment 7) - Parent Unit: 39th Signal Battalion at Can Tho - Responsible for VHF line of sight communication equipment for all phone messages to Can Tho and Bac Leiu. Composed of 4 enlisted men and 1 NCO.
  • 30th Weather Squadron (Detachment 7) - Operated the most southerly weather observation station in South Vietnam. Responsible for gathering, interpreting and forecasting meteorological data pertinent to aviation activities. Also responsible for forwarding meteorological data on to Siagon for further analysis. Comprised of 6 men and 1 commanding officer.
  • 11th Air Postal Squadron (Detachment 7), 6005th Postal Group, PACAF - Operated Soc Trang Post Office. Processed incoming mail, sale of postage stamps and money orders. Comprised of 2 enlisted men.
  • Detachment 7, Operational Location, 1964th Communications Group, USAF - Maintained the Soc Trang TACAN station. Comprised of 2 men.
  • 125th Air Trafffic Control (Detachment P) - (1966) Comprised of 12 men. Responsible for operating and manning the control tower and ground approach control facilities at the airfield
  • 41st Signal Battalion (Detachment 3) - (1966) Operated the message center, including sending and receiving all telephone messages. Also operated the secure teletype lines. And maintaing the inner-compound communication system. Made up of a crew of linemen and 1 officer.
  • 362nd Signal Company (Detachment 7) (Tropospheric Scatter - Parent Unit: 39th Signal Battalion at Can Tho - Responsible for operations and maintenance of radio equipment used for incoming and outgoing ground communications with Siagon. Composed of 6 enlisted men and 1 NCO.
  • 560th Military Police Company (Detachment D) – Responsible for security of the personnel, airfield and compound. They posted and relieved guard mounts, and performed security checks of the compound, airfield and town of Soc Trang. Comprised of 4 men.
  • 5th Weather Squadron (Detachment 7) - (1966) Operated the southern most weather observation station in Vietnam. Six men and one officer. Gather meteorological data and made interpretations pertinent to aviation activities. Info if forwarded to Siagon for futher analysis
  • 570th Army postal Unit (Detachment 5) - (1966) Operated Soc Trang Post Office. Processed incoming and outgoing mail, sold postage stamps and money orders.
  • 212th Military Police Detachment (Detachment L) - (1966) Certain areas of the compound were patrolled by sentry dogs at night.
  • 13th Security Platoon - (1966) Aided in airfield security by manning the gates as guards. Checked all personnel passing through the gates
  • 52nd Signal Battalion, D Company
  • 247th Signal Company (Detachment 7)
  • 212th Military Police (Detachment T) - (1967) Sentry dog teams and their handlers. Patroled vital locations in the compound - POL dump, ammunition dump and motor pool.
  • 8th Aerial Port (Detachment 10) - (1966) 8 men responsible for loading and unloading all cargo aircraft which serviced Soc Trang Airfield.
  • 21st Military Police Sentry Dog Platoon - 16 dog Kennels to house the platoon's 16 sentry dogs. Responsible for compound and airfield security.
  • 46th Army Postal Unit - (July 1969 to November 1970 -estimate)}}

336th Assault Helicopter Company - Thunderbirds & Warriors

6th AHC warriors
CT Vietnam 50th Anniv
336th Patch, Don RAC

Company A ,101st Aviation Battalion was organized in March 1962 at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, as a part of the 101st Airborne Division. March 19, 1965 it was reorganized. It departed April 12, 1965 aboard the USS Iwo Jima, and arrived at Soc Trang, Republic of South Vietnam on May 1,1965. September 1, 1966 Company A, 101st Aviation Battalion, was reassigned to the 101st Airborne Division, and the 336th Assault Helicopter Company (AL) was activated.

Unit Citations - 3

Award Action Start Date Action End Date DAGO Notes
RVN Gallantry Cross w/Palm March 1, 1966 March 26, 1967 22, 68
RVN Gallantry Cross w/ Palm March 27, 1967 May 17, 1968 46, 69, amended 21, 69
RVN Gallantry Cross w/ Palm December 15, 1969 October 10, 1970 52, 71

Combat Ready Flight Platoons
Warriors (Lift Company/Slicks)
T-Birds (Gun Platoon)

In memory of the fallen members of the 336th Aviation Company
Date of Death Rank Name Place of Residence Notes
2/15/1967 Captain Robert Cole Stewart Carthage,North Carolia
5/19/1967 Warrant Officer Gediminas Just Eidukaitis Cleveland, Ohio
5/19/1967 Corporal Raymond Howard Tighe Winton, California
5/19/1967 Warrant Officer Michael Aaron Kight Waterbury, Connecticut
5/19/1967 Specialist Fourth Class Charles Willard Larman Oxon Hill, Maryland
5/19/1967 Specialist Fourth Class Burton Irving Sharp Taylor, Michigan
7/1/1967 Specialist Fourth Class William Scott New York, New York
11/27/1967 Warrant Officer David Alen Lape Cordova, Alaska
12/2/1967 Warrant Officer Russell Moldenhauer Oxnard, California
2/18/1968 Warrant Officer Michael L Koskovich Hayfield, Minnesota
2/18/1968 Specialist Fourth Class Leonard Morris Phipps Renton, Washington
2/18/1968 Specialist Fourth Class Donald Thomas Ewalt Parma, Ohio
2/18/1968 Specialist Fourth Class James Dale Douglas Veedersburg, Indiana
2/18/1968 Warrant Officer Garry Daymon Sheppard Skyland, North Carolina
2/28/1968 Warrant Officer Ray G Jenkins Logan, Utah 101st Airborne Division
3/17/1968 Specialist Fourth Class Duane Rhinehardt Passig Delmar, Iowa
4/11/1968 Specialist Fifth Class Lawrence Lee Fullaway Seatttle, Washington
5/5/1968 Chief Warrant Officer Kenneth Edward Messenger Wantagh, New York
9/23/1968 Warrant Officer Peter Thomas Miller Stanfordville, New York
1/4/1969 Specialist Fourth Class James Robert Macy Baltimore, Maryland
1/7/1969 Warrant Officer Kenneth Richard Clough Albuquerque, New Mexico
5/21/1969 Warrant Officer Lawrence Milton Stuck Atlanta, Georgia
9/20/1969 Specialist Fourth Class Daniel Napierskie Baldwin Park, California
9/22/1969 Warrant Officer Gary Grant Lamb Beaverton, Oregon
10/13/1969 Specialist Fifth Class Willie Fred Cato White Springs, Florida
10/13/1969 Captain John Melvin Wheeler Comer, Georgia
10/13/1969 Chief Warrant Officer Ronald Clemence Rudolph Norfolk, Virginia
12/16/1969 Chief Warrant Officer Oscar Lee Brittenum Jr Chicago, Illinois
12/17/1969 Specialist Fourth Class Samuel Harry Williams Crockett, Texas
2/27/1970 Specialist Fourth Class Ronald Lee McCormick Clarksburg, West Virginia
2/27/1970 Specialist Fifth Class Ronald Wade Stafford Lake Monroe, Florida
2/27/1970 Specialist Fifth Class Daniel Vaughan Proctor Cleveland, Ohio
2/27/1970 Chief Warrant Officer Richard John Conelly Long Beach, California
2/27/1970 Specialist Fifth Class Gary Lee Swartz Erie, Pennsylvania
2/27/1970 Warrant Officer James Taylor Pace Richardson, Texas
2/27/1970 Specialist Fourth Class Mark Scott Miles Brea, California
3/10/1970 Chief Warrant Officer Dominic N Scatuorchio Jr Spring Lake, New Jersey
5/12/1970 Warrant Officer David Andrew Gallion Jacksonville, Florida
5/12/1970 Specialist Fourth Class Ronald James Milne Terry, Montana
5/12/1970 Warrant Officer Steven Carl Seeman New Ulm, Minnesota
10/27/1970 First Lieutenant Jack Lawrence Bagley Marshfield, Missouri
10/27/1970 Specialist Fourth Class Alex Dennis Pysz Elizabeth, Pennsylvania

Supporting Units
  • 167th Transportation Detachment (CHFM)
  • 277th Signal Detachment (Avionics)

41st Medical Detachment
Unit Citations - 5

Award Action Start Date Action End Date DAGO Notes
RVN Gallantry Cross w/Palm March 1, 1966 March 26, 1967 22, 68
RVN Gallantry Cross w/ Palm March 27, 1967 May 17, 1968 46, 69, amended 21, 69
RVN Gallantry Cross w/ Palm December 15, 1969 October 10, 1970 52, 71
RVN Gallantry Cross w/ Palm January 1, 1969 September 30, 1970 6,74
RVN Gallantry Cross w/ Palm October 1, 1970 August 31, 1972 6, 74

82nd Medical Detachment (Air Ambulance) Dustoff

240th Dust off.UP
254th Heli- Ambulance Dust off

Activated on September 1, 1954 at Brooke Army Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston, Texas. The Unit was deployed to Vietnam in October 1964, stationed at Soc Trang and Binh Thuy. Returned to the United States in 1971 and was permanently stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas.

571st Medical Detachment [RA] Dustoff

571st Unit patchDustoff Helipter ambulance

The unit deployed to Vietnam, an advance party departed on November 13, 1967 with the main body following by air on November 18,1967. Posted at Nha Trang initially co-located with the 254th Medical Detachment. The units aircraft arrived on December 2nd and equipment arrived December 25, 1967. Assigned to the 43rd Medical Group, 44th Medical Brigade. Training was completed at Nha Trang. Due to shortages the Unit was not made fully operational until January 2, 1968. For a time the Unit had aircraft and crews at Soc Trang with the 82nd Medical Detachment.

221st Reconnaissance Airplane Company

The 221st Aviation Company was activated March 26, 1965 (Department of the Army General Order 53) Fort Bragg, North Carolina. It departed July 11, 1965 and arrived at Soc Trang on July 16, 1965.

  • "Shotguns"

MACV Advisory Team 63

In Memory of the fallen Members of MACV Advisory Team 63
Date of Death Rank Name Place of Residence Notes
12/9/1967 Hospital Corpsman Third Class Ralph David Hale II New Cumberland, Pennsylvania Navy
2/27/1968 Second Lieutenant Larry Wynn Petett Shawnee Mission, Kansas Army

MACV Advisory Team 71

Date of Death Rank Name Place of Residence Notes
7/18/1969 First Lieutenant Donald Arthur Lapes Hempstead, New York Army
4/2/1970 First Lieutenant Henry Neil Rockower Merion Station, Pennsylvania Army
6/14/1971 Chief Shipfitter (Navy) OR Sergeant First Class (Army) Wayne Arthur Garber Granite, Illinois Army




Post Exchange (Photographic processing service, tailor shop, gift shop - many run by local Vietnamese)
Officer's Club - Tiger's Den (game room - showed movies)
Snack bar
NCO Club - Beetle-Nut Lounge
Enlisted Men's Club (showed movies)
Special Services Club (musical instruments available)
Photographic darkroom
Model building shop / Hobby shop / Woodworking shop
Weight lifting equipment
Small gymnasium
Basketball court
Tennis court
Touch football
2,911 sq ft Swimming pool (Levenson Pool – after Maj Joseph Levenson)
Movie Theater



""Soc Trang Tigers" Huey Gunships in Vietnam (1968)", By sobchakvideos, Published on Sep 13, 2011, 121st Aviation Company UH-1 Gunships with M60, M200, M5 and M6 Subsystems.

"Soc Trang, Vietnam 1966 to 1968 Parts 1-7", By: TeeMackKC, Published Aug 2008, Part 1: ; Part 2: ; Part 3: ; Part 4: ; Part 5: ; Part 6: ; and Part 7:

"Payton Rowan, SP5. Soc Trang, Vietnam", By Payton Rowan, Published on Jun 3, 2014, "Payton Rowan, SP5. U.S. Army Airfield in Soc Trang, Vietnam. 1962-63.",



  • “History of the 121st Aviation Company Formerly the 93rd Transportation Company”, 1 January 1963-31 December 1963, Prepared by Captain Joseph R. Campbell III Unit Historian, Approved by Joseph Levinson Major, Artillery, Delta Aviation Battalion (Provisional) Headquarters U.S. Army Support Command United States Army Vietnam
  • “Annual Supplement to the History of the 121st Aviation Company”, 1 January 1964 through 21 December 1964, Prepared by W.O. Bradley L. Welfare, Unit Historian, Approved by Millard Whitten, Major, Artillery Commanding, 13th Aviation Battalion Headquarters U.S. Army Support Command, United States Army Vietnam
  • “Annual Supplement to the History of the 121st Assault Helicopter Company”, 1 January 1966 through 31 December 1966, Prepared by Lt. Paul S. Colvin, Unit Historian, Approved by Clifford A. Crosmun, Major, Infantry Commanding, 13th Aviation Battalion Headquarters U.S. Army Support Command United States Army Vietnam
  • “Annual Supplement to the History of the 121st Assault Helicopter Company “Soc Trang Tigers” 13th Combat Aviation Battalion 1st Aviation Brigade”, 1 January 1967 – 31 December 1967, Prepared by Lt. Paul D. Urquhart Unit Historian, Approved by Carl H McNair Jr, Major Infantry Commanding, Soc Trang, Republic of Vietnam APO 96296
  • "Knights Over the Delta: An Oral History of the 114th Aviation Company in Vietnam, 1963-72", Edited By Steve Stibbens; Introduction By Horst Faas and Joseph L. Galloway, Published by 114th Aviation Company Association (2002)



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