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Welcome to the Somerset Team Page!

The Somerset Team is part of the Counties Team of the England Project.

Team Leaders: Ian Speed and Todd Gilbert

Somerset Team Members: Jacquelyn Alvord | Brad Cunningham | SD | Alison Davies | Todd Gilbert | Wendy Jones | LK LaPlante | Dewey Ledford | Steph Meredith | Shelagh Mason-Ebenal | Susan O’Callaghan | Lucy Sarson | Cherryl Schmidt | Weldon Smith | Ian Speed | Neil Stewart | Jason Tilley

Somerset Resources: Somerset Research Resources Page


The Somerset Team covers the county of Somerset in South West England. Somerset borders Bristol and Gloucestershire to the north, Wiltshire to the east, Dorset to the south-east, and Devon to the south-west.

Our team aims to make all Somerset profiles the best they can be. Our goal is to leave a lasting legacy for future generations, and to help current researchers in their quest to learn about their family history, bringing them one step closer to discovering the myriad of people it has taken for them to draw breath.

Team interests
Team member Interests Working on
Jacquelyn Alvord
Michael Angell
Brad Cunningham Juleff, Rainier families Love working on unsourced profiles of Somerset. Starting to learn unconnected profiles.
Alison Davies Seymours, Goulds, Sweets. Somerset Coal Miners Sourcing, Connecting and Adopting Somerset coal mining families
Todd Gilbert Stradling in SW Counties, Wales, and everywhere else they pop up; Coysgarne in SW Counties and London Suggestions for Somerset and creating/connecting Somerset surname clusters
Wendy Jones Sage & Dando families in High Littleton & Paulton Unsourced profiles in Somerset & some work on Somerset Notables
LK LaPlante Weavers and mill families in Somerset and Wiltshire. Cleaning up suggestions, profiles in own line.
Shelagh Mason-Ebenal
Steph Meredith
Susan O’Callaghan Chant, Tett, and Noye in Somerset and Devon Unsourced profiles are my favorite
Lucy Sarson One Place Study of the Crescent in Taunton, Burials at St George Church, Wilton in Taunton Learning about Unconnected Profiles
Cherryl Schmidt Mitchell, England and Bishop families from Lopen; Bagg and Simmons families from Crewkerne; Mitchell family from Merriott; Rogers from Odcombe; and Lawrence family from Somerset My Somerset Ancestors and Unsourced Somerset Profiles
Weldon Smith

Ilett (1700-1800), Curry Mallet, Kingstone, Ilminster;
Symonds (1670-1790) Ilminster, Dowlish Wake;
Hutchings (1670-1770) Dowlish Wake, Seavington St. Mary;
Milbourne (1630-1710) Dowlish Wake, Dinnington;
Bawler (1700-1830) Curry Mallet;
Hawker (1700) Taunton
Associated Families:
Long (1750) Membury, Devon;
Follet/Follett (1650) Thorncombe, Dorset;
Hallett (1650) Thorncombe, Dorset;
Frye (1600) Thorncombe, Dorset;
Pittman (Wiltshire or Dorset?)
Improve managed profiles and clear suggestion list; provide background information for related South Somerset locales in Spaces; repair unconnected profiles as possible
Ian Speed

Tanner family of Banwell, Seymour of High Littleton, Nation of Wiveliscombe, Milner of Bridgwater, and more Somerset Notables, unconnected profiles & suggestions
Neil Stewart

Jason Tilley

Tilley of Somerset, Somerset probate records, Yatton, Frome, Seigneurs de Tilly, palaeography sourcing profiles and transcribing wills

Somerset Statistics // Rolling 3-Month Pecentage of Total Profiles
Date Profiles Suggestions




03 Apr
86165 (+2178) 5611 (-446)
2454 (+149)
7197 (-39)
1077 (+25)
13 Feb
83987 (+721) 6057 (+1162)
2305 (+35)
7236 (-124)
1052 (+18)
Span tag check added
02 Jan
83266 (+1074) 4895 (-155)
2270 (-8)
7360 (+58)
1034 (-3)
28 Jun
56299 2219
Stats commenced

Data Doc Note: Somerset is keeping pace through cleaner new profile growth. Keep focus on DBE_600 location series suggestions as absent or erroneous country locations can see some stats skewed for national projects.

For England, Regional & County weekly stats, CLICK HERE.

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Flag of Somerset

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Hi Ian,

Martin Southwood who ran the site passed away in 2018.

Here is the note from his wife Gill. I am working on the Chidgey family at the moment:

"Sadly my husband Martin died in October 2018 - but I know he would be thrilled to see that the research he did over the years is still helping family historians to discover more about their families. I am not really computer literate enough to be able to help you, but did you know that there are still Chidgeys living in Watchet. Maurice Chidgey used to be in the printing department of the local newspaper, the West Somerset Free Press and he has written a book about Watchet, with many old photos. It's title is "Watchet & Williton Revisited" by Maurice & Joyce Chidgey and Ben Norman, printed by Halsgrove (their email according the book is It may be possible to get a second-hand copy from ABE Books, an on-line bookstore in UK. Also printed by Halsgrove is "The Book of Watchet - a Millenium Portrait" compiled by David Banks - again full of old photos."

The page is buried very deep in the Somerset Resources and as this page has birth/baptism, marriage and burial information on well over 20 parishes, could it be linked under each parish? Big job, but I would be willing to help out with that. AND, I hope that it doesn't disappear, like High Littleton did for a while.

I can't determine the server that these pages are uploaded under.

Wendy :)

posted by Wendy Jones
Do we know how many of these records are already on FreeREG and/or FamilySearch?
posted by Andrew Turvey
The new Somerset stats approach looks great with quarterly replacing the prior ever-growing historical data list, Ian!
posted by Todd Gilbert
A big thank you to everyone who helped out during the Spring Clean-a-Thon. We cleared up a massive 457 suggestions for the county of Somerset, and an amazing 18,907 suggestions for the whole of England!
posted by I. Speed
Welcome to the Somerset team Susan!
posted by I. Speed
Thank you I. I am looking forward to working on Somerset. I live in Nova Scotia, but have ancestors from Somerset and Devon. Chant, Tett and Noye/Noy are some of my family names. Some settled in Newfoundland Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. I love working on unsourced profiles. Hope I can be of some help.
Thanks Susan. I also sent you a private message yesterday. Just checking you received it.

Cheers Ian, TL Somerset

posted by I. Speed
I've just updated the weekly stats for Somerset and they're the best I've ever seen. Unsourced down 469, unconnected down 1419 and suggestions down a whopping 1402!!! That's our third week in a row that everything's been in the GREEN. Great effort everyone :) Thanks for all your help.
posted by I. Speed
Welcome to the team Dewey and Jacquelyn!
Welcome to the Somerset team Ian!
Thanks for putting me in this group. I look forward to helping out where I can. What is "discord" that you mentioned??
posted by Brad Cunningham
Thank you for adding me to this team I shall look forward to contributing beyond my family