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Sources used in Musgrave's Obituary

Musgrave's Obituary was published in Volumes 44-49 of The Publications of The Harleian Society (1899-1901). The compiler, William Musgrave, died in 1800, so all of these sources were published before that time.

  • A.B.C. pittor: Abcedario Pittorico. 4to. Venez., 1753.
  • Abercrombie: The Martial Atchievements of the Scots Nation. By Patrick Abercromby,M.D. 2 vols., folio. Edinburgh, 1711-15. [134 d. 9, 10.]
  • Anecdotes: This means that an anecdote of the person is to be found in one of the references.
  • Ann. Anne: The History of the Reign of Queen Anne digested into Annals. By Abel Boyer. 11 vols., 8vo. London, 1703-13. [9512 a.a.a.] Sir William Musgrave's copy.
  • Ann. Eur: Annals of Europe. From 1739 to 1743. 6 vols., 8vo. London, 1740, etc. [9073 f. 16.]
  • Ann. Geo. I., etc: Annals of King George I. 6 vols., 8vo. London, 1716-21. [808 g. 14-19.] Sir William Musgrave's copy.
  • A.R: The Annual Register, or a view of the History, Politicks, and Literature of the Year. From 1758 onwards. 8vo. London. [2086 a.-fj
  • Baldinucci:
  • Notize de ' Professori del Disegno da Cimabue in qua. By Philip Baldinucci. 4to. Fir., 1681.
  • Notizzie de ' Professori del Disegno da Cimabue in qua ; secolo secondo, dal 1300 al 1400. By P. B. Folio. Fir., 1686.
  • Parte secondo pel Secolo quarto die Contiene tre Decennali dal 1550 al 1580. Folio. Fir., 1688 ; Dal. 1580 al 1610. Folio. Fir., 1702.
  • See also his works in 14 vols. in the Publications of the " Societa TipographicaB de' Classici Italian!," vols. 189 to 202. [2041 f.]
  • Ballard's Ladies:, or Ball.'s Ladies: Memoirs of British Ladies who have been celebrated for their writings or skill in the learned languages, arts, and sciences. By George Ballard of Magdalen College, Oxford. 8vo, London, 1775. [613 e. f.] VOL. v,
  • Barksdale: Memorials of Worthy Persons, Two Decads. By Ch. Barksdale. 12mo. London, 1661. [g. 2227.]
  • Basan: Dictionnaire des Graveurs. By F. Basan. 3 torn., 12mo. Paris, 1767. [680 a. 20-22.]
  • Betterton's His. Sta: History of the English Stage. By Thomas Bettertou. 8vo. London, 1741. [641 h. 6.]
  • Beughem Icon: Bibliographia Historica, Chronologica & Geographica Novissima, Perpetuo Continuanda. Accedit Ejusdem Museum seu Syllabus Iconum sive Imaginum Illustrium a Sreculo Hominum, quas in ejus Musaeo spectantur. Opera ac Studio Oornelii a Beughem Embricencis. 12mo. Amstelsedami, 1685. [270 a. 36.] [.See Note at end.]
  • Biog. Britt: Biographia Britannica, or the Lives of the most Eminent Persons of Great Britain and Ireland. 7 vols., folio. London, 1747-66. [2036 g.]
  • Biog. Dram: Biographia Dramatica. By David Erskine Baker. 2 vols., 8vo. London, 1788. [840 d. 4, 5.]
  • Birch: The Heads of Illustrious Persons of Great Britain, on one hundred and eight Copper Plates. Engraved by Mr. Houbraken and Mr. Vertue. with their lives and characters. By Thomas Birch, D.D., Secretary of the Royal Society. Folio. London, 1756. [c. 6, e. 8.]
  • Birch's Hist. R.S.S: History of the Royal Society of London. By Thomas Birch, D.D., Secretarv of the Society. 4 vols., 4to. London, 1756. [461 g. 28-31.]
  • Brit. Mus. 2149: British Museum, Sloane MS. No. 2149. By Baldwinus Hamey, M.D. Defunctus 1676. "Iste liber continet notas biographicas de sequentibus Claris medicis, etc."
  • Bunhill Fields: The Inscriptions Upon The Tombs, Gravestones, etc., in The Dissenters Burial-Place Near Bunhill Fields. 8vo. London, 1717. [1126 g. 22.]
  • Burnet:
  • The History of the Reformation of the Church of England. By Gilbert Burnet. Three parts, folio. London, 1679, 1681, 1715.
  • History of his own Time. By Bishop Burnet. 2 vols., folio. London 1724 and 1734. [489 k. 11.]
  • Buswell's Knights: An Historical Account of the Knights of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, from its first institution in the year MCCCL. to the present time. By John Buswell. 8vo. London, 1757. [608 i. 14.]
  • Carter's Camb: The History of The University of Cambridge, from Its Original, to The Year 1753. By Edmund Carter, 8vo, London, 1753. [2064 a.]
  • Char: This means that an account of the character is to be found in one of the references.
  • Chetwood's Hist. Stage: A General History of the Stage. By William Rufus Chetwood. 12mo. London, 1749. [840 b. 35.]
  • Gibber's Poets: The Lives of the Poets of Great Britain and Ireland to the time of Dean Swift, etc. 5 vols., 12mo. London, 1753. [1066 f. 22.] Sir William Musgrave's copy.
  • Clarke's Lives: The Lives of sundry Eminent Persons in this Later Age. By Samuel Clarke. In two parts, folio. London, 1683. [703 m. 18.]
  • Crasso: Elogii de Huomini litterati. 2 torn., 4to. Vene., 1666. [609 k. 11.] Elogii de Capitani Illustri. 4to. Vene., 1683. [610 1. 23.]
  • Descampes: Vie des Peintres. By J. B. Descamps. 4 torn. Paris, 1753. [2032 b.]
  • Downes' Stage: Roscius Anglicanus, or an Historical View of the Stage. By John Downes. 8vo. London, 1708. [1347 a. 5.]
  • E.B: The English Baronets, being a Genealogical Account of their Families. By Thomas Wotton. 3 vols., 12mo. London, 1727. (A larger edition in 4 vols. was issued in 1741.) [2119 a.]
  • E.M. or Eur. Mag: The European Magazine and London Review ; containing Portraits, Views, Biography, Anecdotes, Literature, History, Politics, Arts, Manners, and Amusements of the Age, from 1782 onwards. 1784, etc. [2091 C.]
  • Engl. Worth: Select Lives of the most Eminent Persons of the English Nation, from Constantine the Great down to these times. By William Winstanley. 8vo. London, 1660. [e. 1736.]
  • Fasti Ox. 'See Le Neve:
  • Female Worthies: Biographium FBemineum, the Female Worthies, or Memoirs of the most illustrious Ladies of all Ages and Nations, etc. 2 vols. London : Crowder, 1776. [613 d. 1.] Sir William Musgrave's copy.
  • Foppens' B. Belg: Bibliotheca Belgica. By Joannis Fran. Foppens. 2 torn., 4to. Brux., 1739. [679 f. 10.]
  • Freherus: Theatrum virorum eruditione singulari clarorum. By Dr. Paul Freherus. 2 vols., folio. Norib., Nov. 1688. [10604 k. 1.] Sir William Musgrave's copy.
  • Fuller's Worth:
  • G. S. Anglorum Speculum, or the Worthies of England, in Church and State. Alphabetically digested into the several shires and counties [Abridged from Fuller's History of The Worthies of England.] Also an account of the commodities and trade of each respective county, etc. [The preface is signed G. S.] 8vo, pp. 974. London, 1684. [615 b. 3.J Sir William Musgrave's copy.
  • Fun. Ser: Funeral Sermons in the Library of Sir William Musgrave are in his Catalogue. Add. MS. 25,403, pp. 3 to 21.
  • Gildon: Lives and Characters of the English Dramatic Poets. By Charles Gildon. 8vo. London, 1698. [641 f. 13.]
  • Granger: A Biographical History of England from Egbert the Great to the Revolution, etc. By the Rev. J. Granger. 3 vols., 4to. London, 1769. [614 k. 21-25.] Sir William Musgrave's copy, with his notes.
  • G.M: Gentleman's Magazine. From the commencement in 1731 and onwards. 8vo. London. [2090.]
  • G. S.:' See Fuller's Worthies.
  • Hack. Epit: Select Epitaphs on illustrious and other persons. By John Hackett. 2 vols., 12mo. London, 1757. [1078 i. 3.]
  • Harl. MS. 6835: Harleian MS., British Museum (6835). A folio containing a large number of Inscriptions and Arms upon Funeral Monuments and Gravestones in London, Westminster, and other places.
  • Hawkins: Observations on Actors, etc. By William Hawkins. 12mo. London, 1775.
  • Helps His: A Help to History, or a Short Memorial of the most Material Matters of Fact, and Passages Domestick and Foreign, etc. With an Account of the Births, Deaths, Rise, Fall, etc., of Persons of Distinction at Home and Abroad. From 1st June, 1709. 12mo. London, 1711, etc. [P.P. 3340.]
  • Heroologia: Hertuologia Anglicana. Hoc est clarissimorum et doctissimorum aliquot Anglorum qui floruerunt ab anno Christi MD. ad MDCXX. vivae effigies, Vitee et Elogia. By Henry Holland. 21 torn., folio. London, 1620. [491 i. 6.]
  • His. Die: The Dictionary, Historical and Critical, of Mr. Peter Bayle. Second edition. 5 vols., folio. London, 1734-8. [2037 f.]
  • His. Eur: A complete History of Europe. 18 vols., 8vo. London, 1705. [P.P. 3405.]
  • Houbraker: See Birch.
  • H.R.: or His. Reg: Historical Register. 25 vols., 8vo. London, 1714-38. [P.P. 3407.]
  • H.R.C: Historical Register Chronicle (i.e., the Chronological Diary to the above).
  • Jacob's Poets: The Poetical Register, or the Lives and Characters of all the English Poets. By Giles Jacob. 2vols.,8vo. London, 1723. [1066 g. 18, 19.] Sir William Musgrave's copy.
  • Kennet: Register and Chronicle, Ecclesiastical and Civil. By Bishop Kennet. Folio. London, 1728. [2070 e.]
  • Kingkillers, Kingkrs: History of the King-Killers on the 30th of January ; commemorated in the lives of 365 fanatical Saints famous for Treason, etc. 2 vols., 8vo. London, 1719-20. [613 f. 21.] Sir William Musgrave's copy.
  • Knts.: See Buswell.
  • L.M. The London Magazine, or Gentlemen's Monthly Intelligencer. From 1732 to 1784. 8vo. London, 1732, etc. [156 1. 47.]
  • Langbaine: An Account of the English Dramatick Poets. By Gerard Langbaine. 8vo. Oxford, 1691. [011795 e.e. 1J
  • Le Neve's Fasti: Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae, or an Essay towards a regular Succession of all the principal Dignataries, etc. By J. Le Neve. Folio. 1716. [489 1. 5.]
  • Le Neve's Mon: Monumenta Anglicana, being Inscriptions on the Monuments of several eminent persons deceased, etc. By John Le Neve. 5 vols., 8vo. London, 1719. [577 f. 4-8.]
  • Liv. Auth: Catalogue of Five Hundred Celebrated Authors of Great Britain, now Living, the whole arranged in Alphabetical order, and including a complete list of their Publications, etc. 8vo. London, 1788. [1190 a. a. a. 14.]
  • LLoyd's Worths: State Worthies during the Reigns of Henry VIII., Edward VI., Mary, Elizabeth, James, Charles I. By David LLoyd. The second edition with additions. 8vo. London, 1670. [615 b. 2.]
  • Lysons' Environs: The Environs of London. By D. Lysons. 4 vols., 4to. London, 1792-96. [2065 e.]
  • Martin's Biog: Biography of Mathematicians and Philosophers. By Benjamin Martin. 1764. [250k. 20.]
  • McKenzie: Lives and Characters of the most eminent writers of the Scots Nation. By George Mackenzie, M.D. 3 vols., folio. Edinburgh, 1708, 1711, 1722. [2044 g.]
  • Mem. Congreve: Memoirs of the Life, Writings, and Amours of William Congreve. By Charles Wilson. 8vo. London, 1730. [275 g. 15.]
  • Merc. Hist: Mercure Historique et Politique, 16861723. 75 torn., 12mo. Parma, 1686, etc. [P.P. 3335.]
  • Mon. Edinb: An Theater of Mortality, or the Illustrious Inscriptions extant upon the Monuments in the Gray Friars Church Yard, etc., in Edinburgh and its Suburbs. By Robert Monteith, M.A. 8vo. Edinb., 1704. [10804 C. 13.]
  • Mon. Westm: Monumenta Westmonsteriensia, or an Historical Account of the Abbey Church of Westminster. By Henry Keepe. 8vo. London, 1682. [578 b. 26.] Moreri.
  • Moreri: Le Grand Dictionnaire Historique, etc. Par Mre. Louis Moreri. 8 torn., folio. Amsterdam, 1740. [2110 g.]
  • MS: See Note at end.
  • Neve's Fasti: See Le Neve's Fasti.
  • Neve's Mon: See Le Neve's Mon.
  • P.S: Political State of Great Britain. By A. Boyer and others. From the commencement in 1711 to 1740. 60 vols., 8vo. London, 1714, etc. [P.P. 3400.]
  • Parl. Reg: A New Parliamentary Register, being I., Lists of The Lords Spiritual and Temporal ; II., The Counties, Cities, and Boroughs in alphabetical order, and under each their Representatives in Parliament, from 1660 to the present time. 12mo. London, 1727. [809 g. 8.]
  • Philipot's Chancs: The Catalogue of the Chancellors of England, the Lord Keepers of the Great Seal, and the Lord Treasurers of England, with a collection of divers that have been Masters of the Rolls. By John Philipot. 8vo. London, 1636. [6191 a. 1.]
  • Phillips' Poets: Theatrum Poetarum, or a Compleat Collection of the Poets, especially the most eminent of all ages. By Edward Phillips. Two parts in 1 vol., 12mo. 1675. [1088 d. 6.] Sir William Musgrave's copy.
  • Philos. Transactions: The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, commencing in 1665. 4to. London, 1667, etc. [2100 and 2101.]
  • Pilk. Die: A General Dictionary of Painters. By the Rev. Matthew Pilkington, D.D. 4to. London, 1770. [686 h. 24.] Another Edition, 1852. [2033 d.]
  • Pointer's Oxf: Oxoniensis Academia, or the Antiquities and Curiosities of the University of Oxford. By John Pointer, M.A. 12mo. London, 1749. [731 b. 23.] Sir William Musgrave's copy.
  • Rothscholf:
  • Icones consiliariorum Norimberg. By Fred. Roth-Scholtzius. Folio.
  • Nurun., 1723. [821 m. 1.]
  • Icones Virorum Eruditorum. By F. R. Folio. Num., 1735. [821m. 2.]
  • Icones Bibliopolarum et Typographorum. By F. R. In 3 parts, folio.
  • Nuren., 1726. [821 m. 3.]
  • S.M: Scot's Magazine. From 1739 onwards. 8vo. Edinburgh. V.D. [2092 f.]
  • Salmon:
  • A short view of the Families of the present English Nobility. By Nathaniel Salmon, M.A. 12mo. London, 1758. [607 d. 11.] Sir William Musgrave's copy.
  • A short view of the Families of the present Irish Nobility. By N. S. 12mo. London, 1759.
  • A short view of the Families of the Scottish Nobility. By N. S. 12mo. London, 1759. [607 C. 9.] Sir William Musgrave's copy.
  • Smith's Highwaymen: History of the most noted Highwaymen, Footpads, and other Thieves. By Capt. Alexander Smith. 2 vols., 8vo. London, 1714 ; and 3 vols., 12mo. 1718-20. [615 a. 17-19.]
  • Smith's Obit: The Obituary of Richard Smyth, being a catalogue of all such persons as he knew in their life. 1627 to 1674. Sloane MS. 886 in the British Museum. (Printed by the Carnden Society in 1849.) [ac. 8133-44.] See Camden Society Series (London, 1849) Old Series, Vol. 44.
  • Strutt's Engr: A Biographical Dictionary, containing an Historical Account of all the Engravers from the earliest period of the art of Engraving to the present time. By Joseph Strutt. 2 vols., 8vo. London, 1785. [2032 f.]
  • Tabl. Chron: Tablettes Chronologiques de 1'Histoire Universelle, etc. Par M. PAbbe Lenglet Dufresnoy. 3 torn., 8vo. Paris, 1763. [592 a. 21-23.] (Sir William Musgrave's copy.)
  • Theat. Biog: Theatrical Biography or Memoirs of the Principal Performers of the Three Theatres Royal. 2 vols., 12mo. London, 1772. [641 b. 2.]
  • Town and Country Mag: The Town and Country Magazine. From 1769 to 1783. 15 vols., 8vo. London. V.D. [P.P. 5542 b.]
  • Trusler: Chronology, or the Historian's Vade Mecum. By John Trusler, LL.D. 12ino. London, 1776. [9005 b.b. 7.]
  • T.W: Collection of Epitaphs. By Thomas Webb. 2 vols., 8vo. London, 1775. [1078 i. 5.]
  • View London: New View of London. By Edward Hatton. 2 vols., 8vo. 1708. [577 d. 1, 2.] Sir William Musgrave's copy.
  • Walp. Auth: A Catalogue of the Royal and Noble Authors of England, with a list of their Works. By Horace Walpole. Second edition. 2 vols., 8vo. Strawberry Hill, 1759. [125 b. 1,2.]
  • Walp. Eiigr: A Catalogue of Engravers who have been born or resided in England, digested by Mr. Horace Walpole from the MSS. of Mr. George Vertue, to which is added an account of the Life and Works of the latter. Second edition, 4to. Strawberry Hill, 1765. (Sir Wm. Musgrave's copy with his MS. notes is iu the British Museum.) [561 a. 13.]
  • Ware: History of the Bishops, and History and Antiquities of Ireland. By Sir James Ware. Translated and revised by W. Harris. 2 vols., folio. Dublin, 1739-64. [601 m. 3, 4.]
  • Weever's Mon: Antient Funeral Monuments, of Great-Britain, Ireland, and The Islands Adjacent. By John Weever. 4to. London, 1631. [2062 C.]
  • Whincop: Scanderbeg : a tragedy, with a list of all the English Dramatic Poets. 8vo. London, 1747. [83 e. 23.]
  • Wilford: Memorials and Characters, Together With The Lives of Divers Eminent and Worthy Persons. By John Wilford. Folio. London, 1741. [2037 f.]
  • Winst. Con: The Loyall Martyrology, or brief catalogues and characters of the most eminent persons who suffered for their conscience during the late times of rebellion, either by death, imprisonment, banishment, or sequestration, together with those who were slain in the King's service. As also Dregs of Treachery, with the catalogues and characters of those regicides who sat as judges on our late dread Sovereign, etc. By William Winstauley. 8vo. London, 1665. [292 d. 24.]
  • Winst. Mart.: See Winst. Con.
  • Winst. Poets.: The Lives of the most famous English Poets, etc. By William Winstanley. 8vo. London, 1687. [276 d. 11.]
  • Winst. Reg.: See Winst. Con.
  • Winst. Worth: England's Worthies : Select Lives of the most eminent Persons from Constantine the Great to the death of Oliver Cromwell, late Protector. 'By William Winstanley. 8vo. London, 1660. [e. 1736.]
  • Wood's Athenae Ox: Athenae Oxonienses : An exact History of all the Writers and Bishops who have had their education in the most antient .... University of Oxford .... from 1500 to 1695 .... To which are added the Fasti or Annals of the .... University. 2 vols., folio. London, 1721. [685 1. 11.] Another Edition, 1813, etc. [2036 f.]
  • Wood's Fasti Ox.: See Wood's Athenae Ox. Zimmerm. Icon. See Note below.

NOTE. " There are engraved portraits of those persons marked MS., Beughem Icon., and Zimmerm. Icon., but for the description of these prints vide my MS. Catalogue of Engraved Portraits." [Add. MS. 5727J

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