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This page collects under one umbrella free-space pages and external sources that provide quick links into heavily-used South African primary sources. By "quick" is meant that a very compact notation, such as just a letter or a year, is used as the text of the link, and the link takes you right into the hurly-burly of a large PDF file or FamilySearch film to where just that data can be found.

The majority of the "Geskiedenis" links go to Afrikaans Wikipedia pages, which sometimes might offer links to abridged English versions. The rest go to the church's own history website (also in Afrikaans). This link takes you to a list of links to pages of all the Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk parishes, not jut the ones listed here.

Some of the pages to which this page refers, are still under construction. The red links refer to pages that have been named but do not exist yet, mostly because no online records could be found for them yet.

Note, the following are common abbreviations for some months in some of the older registers:

7ber, VIIbr - September
8ber, VIIIbr - October
9ber IXbr - November
xber, Xbr - December

See also UL06 Keeping the gate of Hell... (PDF), page 15, for a list with explanations of commonly appearing words in the old records, e.g. Lijfeigen, Halfslagh, Heelslagh, etc.

Links that can help with finding places/areas:


Original Dutch Reformed Baptism Registers

By Parish or Year Founded

(Sort by either year or parish)
Year Parish
1665 Kaapstad Baptisms, Marriages, Geskiedenis,
1686 Stellenbosch Baptisms, Marriages, Geskiedenis,
1691 Drakenstein (Paarl) Baptisms, Marriages, Geskiedenis,
1743 Tulbagh (Roodezandt) Baptisms, Marriages, Geskiedenis,
1745 Swartland (Malmesbury) Baptisms, Marriages, Geskiedenis,
1792 Graaff-Reinet Baptisms, Marriages, Geskiedenis,
1798 Swellendam Baptisms, Marriages, Geskiedenis,
1811 Caledon Baptisms, Marriages, Geskiedenis,
1813 George Baptisms, Marriages, Geskiedenis,
1817 Uitenhage Baptisms, Marriages, Geskiedenis,
1818 Cradock Baptisms, Marriages, Geskiedenis,
1819 Beaufort-Wes Baptisms, Marriages, Geskiedenis,
1819 Somerset-Wes (Hottentots-Holland) Baptisms, Marriages, Geskiedenis,
1825 Somerset-Oos Baptisms, Marriages, Geskiedenis,
1825 Worcester Baptisms, Marriages, Geskiedenis,
1826 Clanwilliam Baptisms, Marriages, Geskiedenis,
1826 Colesberg Baptisms, Marriages, Geskiedenis,
1826 Tijgerberg (Durbanville) Baptisms, Marriages, Geskiedenis,
1829 Glen Lynden (Bedford) Baptisms, Marriages, Geskiedenis,
1829 Wynberg Baptisms, Marriages, Geskiedenis
1831 Albanie (Riebeek-Oos, Grahamstad) Baptisms, Marriages, Geskiedenis,
1832 Balfour, (Stockenström) Baptisms, Marriages, Geskiedenis,
1833 Piketberg Baptisms, Marriages, Geskiedenis,
1839 Riversdal Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1839 Bredasdorp Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1840 Wellington Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1842 Prince Albert Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1843 Kruisvallei (Tulbagh) Baptisms, Marriages split from Tulbagh in 1843, re-united in 1935
1843 St Stephens Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1843 Richmond Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1844 Victoria-Wes Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1845 Franschhoek Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1845 Mosselbaai Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1846 Burgersdorp Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1847 Calvinia Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1848 Humansdorp Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1848 Napier Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1850 Namaqualand (Springbok) Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1851 Fraserburg Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1851 Hopefield Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1851 Knysna Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1852 Aliwal-Noord Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1852 Middelburg Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1853 Darling Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1853 Oudtshoorn Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1853 Robertson Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1854 Alexandria (Olifantshoek) Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1854 Hopetown Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1854 Montagu Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1854 Queenstown Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1855 Aberdeen Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1855 Ceres Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1855 Heidelberg Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1855 Jansenville Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1855 Ladismith Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1855 Murraysburg Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1855 Simonstad (Kalklbaai, Vishoek) Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis
1855 Sutherland Baptisms, Marriages Geskiedenis

By Founding (Afstigting) Relation

The list below organises the baptism records of parishes into a tree structure denoting which parishes were formed out of which parent parish. In principle it is not possible to be precise: some parishes were formed from wards of more than one parent parish (in which case it is placed under the youngest parent), the official founding date is in some cases not the same as the date on which separate church records was started to be kept, etc. The information about parent parishes and founding dates comes from the history references.
Onderstaande staande lys organiseer die gemeentes se dooprekords in 'n boomstruktuur met dogtergemeentes dieper ingekeep onder die moedergemeente, Dis in beginsel nie moontlik om presies te wees nie: party gemeentes is uit wyke van meer as een moedergemeente gevorm (in daardie geval is dit onder die jongste een geplaas), die amptelike afstigtingsdatum is in party gevalle nie dieselfde is die datum waarop begin is om aparte kerkrekords te hou nie, ensovoorts. Die inligting oor moedergemeente en stigtingsdatum kom van die "Geskiedenis"-verwysing.
1665 Kaapstad Geskiedenis

Registerafskrifte (Ringboeke) / Register Copies (Presbetery Books)

We here at the Archive don't know the geaneologists' terms of Presbytery Books or Presbytery Copies ;). We call it Register Copies. [2]
"Every year-end every congregation must send us a copy of their membership- and baptism registers. Register Copies are copies of the baptism- and membership registers of the DR Congregations. In the Cape the sending in of copies started in 1843 and they were bound per Presbytery up unto 1889. (Hence the use of the term Presbytery Books). Since July 1889 they are, however, bound alphabetical per year. In the Transvaal church they started [with the copies] in 1892 and were bound alphabetical per year from the start."[2]
Ons hier by die Argief ken nie die genealoë se term van Ringsboeke of Ringsafskrifte nie ;). Ons noem dit Registerafskrifte. [2]
"Elke jaareinde moet elke gemeente vir ons ‘n afskrif stuur van hul lidmaat- en doopregister. Registerafskrifte is afskrifte van die doop- en lidmaatregisters van NG Gemeentes. In Kaapland begin die instuur van afskrifte in 1843 en word in Ringsverband gebind tot en met 1889. (Vandaar die gebruik om dit Ringsboeke te noem). Sedert Julie 1889 word hulle egter alfabeties per jaar gebind. In die Transvaalse kerk begin hulle daarmee in 1892 en dit is van die begin af alfabeties per jaar gebind." [2]

Ander Gemeentes / Other Parishes

Chubut, Argentinië


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  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 E-mail communication from Dr Andrew Kok, Manager: Archive, Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa, Synod of Western Cape to Riël Smit. Added 2022-07-18.


With thanks to
  • The late Dirk Laurie for starting this page.
  • Cornel Viljoen for creating the indexes at My People Puzzle. The creation of the majority of the pages linked to from here were made so much easier by those indexes.


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herstel van vorige bydra gemaak en nuwe blad addisoneel bygevoeg
Ronel, I hope you are not too upset. In my opinion the 2 links to Drakenstein can be confusing, so I retained only the link to the new Drakenstein page and made sure the link to the original page is quite clear on the new page (in the previous version it was easy to mis it). This now ensures that all the pages linked to from here are in the same style so the reader has no surprises. If you do not agree with this, please private message me so we can find best compromise. Thanks!
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What a wonderful page! Thank you so much for this. I started off this evening with Achata Catharina (Grobler) Odendaal having a LNAB as Unknown, now she has a LNAB and a baptism to prove it. I will definitely recommend this page to others 💚
Thanks Pam

It is wonderful to see others can also use this. And thank you in advance for recommending it to others.