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US Southern Colonies Project

Welcome to the Southern Pioneers Project

The Southern Pioneers project is about the pioneers who left the original colonial settlements and ventured into the wilderness to expand our early nation. Our mission is to preserve and protect the genealogy of these early pioneer families and to provide accurate connections between their immigrant ancestors and modern day descendants based on research and documented sources.

Leaders: Paula J and David Douglas
Project Coordinator: Mary Richardson


How to Join

  1. Contact Paula J to add the Southern Colonies Project badge to your profile.
  2. Add your name to the list of members below by clicking the edit button to the right of the heading.
  3. Add the tag southern_pioneers to your profile page.
  4. Request to join the Southern Colonies Google Group.

Task List

Here are some of the tasks that I think need to be done. I'll be working on them, and could use your help. Paula J

  • Resource pages that assist with finding records
  • Connecting Southern lines to their immigrant ancestors
  • Correct descendant line adding records and sources to profiles in place of GEDCOM and tree sources.
  • Highlight profiles that reflect the spirit of these early back country settlers

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  • Gerald Jones I am DNA connected to Squire Boone, Daniel Boone's father. My paternal line Jones family had migrated from Delaware and Virginia to middle Tennessee by 1802. I have other ancestors who will fall into this category as well.
  • Andrea Stawski Pack Very much interested in our colonial Ancestors. Our family is of many surnames and living where our ancestors walked.
  • Juliet Adams Wills Interested in ancestors from colonial Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and the Scot-Irish of upcountry South Carolina who migrated down the Old Wagon Road from Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania and their descendants migration westward
  • Mary Richardson Project Coordinator ancestors from Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, to Texas.
  • Allan H Thomas Project Coordinator, Allan is interested in all
  • Paula J Leader - Particularly interested in pioneers who populated the back country by migrating down the Old Wagon Trail.
  • Eric Daly Project Coordinator, Connector. Interested in Southern profiles that migrated from the original colonies over land
  • Liz Shifflett, interested particularly in Mississippi River settlements & migration routes south of my Quaker ancestors who arrived in Pennsylvania and my Virginia ancestors who ventured to the west & further south.
  • David Douglas Leader - Interested in all pioneer lines covered by this project with special interest in southern and westward migration from Virginia post American Revolution.
  • E. Compton, looking at migration into and through southwest Virginia, families that included my ancestors. I also have family in the Carolinas to trace.
  • Kathy Jo (Blake) Bryant Virginia to Anson County, NC, Lowdnes, GA and Alabama.
  • Barry Sweetman family migration from Virginia, Georgia, to Florida.
  • Jeff White Family migration from Philadelphia migrating southward. Others landed in Charleston, settling in SC. Very interested in NC and Virginia Branches.
  • Mel Jones Jones family migrated from England to Virginia, then sough to North Carolina and South Carolina and Georgia. Very interested in these areas.
  • Kelly Holtz Stamper Ancestor is Daniel Boone
  • Emily Kramer Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee areas. Floyd county Kentucky, and Dunngannon Virginia
  • Eloise Smith ancestor is Daniel Boone
  • Ronald McDonald Chew ancestors in Virginia, "JOHN LARKIN CHEW" 1710-1770..
  • Cathy Harmon Geraci both parents' have Southern families 1700's to North Carolina, Kentucky
  • Shannon Sansom family branches,The Choate's, from Maryland; Hulsey's came from S. Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Missouri and Canadian French connections who settled in Ste. Genevieve Missouri (the first settlement west of the Mississippi)
  • DJ (Moore) McIntosh
  • David Hughey - Mathew Cox - ancestor
  • Eric Cagle Interested!
  • Laura (Herndon) Ling, Several lines of my family were pioneers and I would love to know more about how to research them,
  • Roberta Johnson, have been working on numerous Southern lines for years, including Menefee, Norsworthy, and Alford.
  • Brandi Dilling lines from Alabama, the Carolinas and moving into Texas. I am from the Jeffcoat line in South Carolina, verified by some older family members
  • Beverly Dunnavant My mother's family from, or around Tazwell County, Virginia
  • Susan Caldwell Ancestors are primarily German, Scotch/Irish, and or English who migrated in the 1600, 1700's to Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and wilderness that became West Virginia.
  • Jane Morrow ancestors from North Carolina and Virginia
  • Hugh Barnes many ancestors for this project
  • Misty (Land Nicholas from England to Pennsylvania and South Carolina .one member went to new castle Delaware, 1676 where he was high sheriff
  • Cheryl (Stone) Caudill Southern ancestors
  • Leslie (Lowe) Ridgway ancestors were from the Carolinas and Virginia and moved west.
  • Kathryn Morse I've been adding my colonial relatives in Virginia. And many of the grandchildren received land grants to settle Mississippi.
  • Dan Broek I've been working on an ancestor William Tirrell that lived in Boston in 1650, raised a family in Weymouth, MA, but had plantations off the Albemarle sound in Carolina province in the 1670's.
  • Debi (Moseley) Matlock - ancestors migrated from Virginia through the Carolinas, with most ending up in Georgia
  • Sandra Penny Ancestors from Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Message from your Leader

Please be patient in figuring out which records belong to which person.

How common is it for siblings to have the same first name?

The popular commercial is true, former World Heavyweight Boxing champ and Olympic gold medalist, George Foreman, boasts five sons, all named George. It happens! And there may be more to it than vanity. Depending on the culture, it can be very common for siblings to have the same given name. In the Netherlands and elsewhere, the naming of children adhered to rather strict conventions, and when a child died in infancy, another child in the family might be given the same name as the deceased child. It is not unheard of that the second (and possibly third or fourth) child also died, with the next child in line given the same name. In some cultures all male or female children in a family may be given the same first name but a different second name, and may be known by one or the other at different times in their lives. Also common and almost more difficult to unravel is the instance of cousins with the same name, all living in the same time period in the same general area. The convention of naming children after parents, grandparents, and siblings resulted in more Frances Parkers than you could imagine in late 1800s in South Carolina, and with fathers' also given family names, you might have a dozen or more Frances Parkers sons of Richard Parker in the space of a generation.
A study of naming practices within a given culture at a particular time in history can help researchers better understand and sort out the number of children in a family, their names, birth dates, and place in the family. If a family lived in the same area for a long period of time, parish christening records or other church records can be a good source for verifying the birth, death, and naming of children.[1]

Interesting Stuff


  1. How common it is for siblings to have the same first name?

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On 25 Jul 2018 at 18:37 GMT Debi (Moseley) Matlack wrote:

Please add me to the Southern Pioneers Project. My family has been in America since it was a colony and my ancestors migrated from Virginia through the Carolinas, with most ending up in Georgia and staying there.

On 6 Jul 2018 at 13:29 GMT Paula J wrote:

Note to all Southern Pioneers Members Please consider joining the state project which will connect to the time frame with this one once it ends.

On 6 Jul 2018 at 11:14 GMT Tim Treadwell wrote:

I'd love to join the Southern Pioneers project! Very deep roots throughout NC, VA and MD and into FL from colonial times to the present. Most of my family stayed in the south so the history covers all eras.

On 24 Jun 2018 at 15:57 GMT Arora (G) Anonymous wrote:

Caswell County, North Carolina, Will Books 1777-1814: 1784 ..., Books 1777-1880

By Katharine Kerr Kendall, Mary Frances Kerr Donaldson

On 5 May 2018 at 00:49 GMT Kathryn Morse wrote:

I would like to participate. I've been doing this anyway. I've been adding my colonial relatives in Virginia. And many of their grandchildren received land grants to settle Mississippi. I already have the Southern Colonies Project badge, tag and joined the google group. I don't see the edit button to the right of a heading to add my name to the list of members. Help!

On 26 Feb 2018 at 22:48 GMT Leslie (Lowe) Ridgway wrote:

Hi! I would like to join Southern Pioneers. Most of my ancestors were from the Carolinas and Virginia and moved west.

On 6 Feb 2018 at 21:04 GMT Misty (Land) Nicholas wrote:

I have family who migrated from England to Pennsylvania and South Carolina .one member left in 1676 and went to new castle Delaware where he was high sheriff

On 1 Feb 2018 at 05:45 GMT Hugh Barnes wrote:

Please add me to the project. I have several ancestors who meet the criteria for membership.

On 30 Jan 2018 at 19:12 GMT Jane Morrow wrote:

Yes, please include me. I have several ancestors from North Carolina and Virginia. Thanks very much!

On 27 Jan 2018 at 09:54 GMT Sue (Gollan) Crerar wrote:

I guess you could be more specific about whose nation and Southern Pioneers... lol - I was looking for Australians :-)

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