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Southern Pioneers Members

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Southern Pioneer's Project Membership Roster
  • Juliet Adams Wills -Interested in ancestors from colonial Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and the Scot-Irish of upcountry South Carolina who migrated down the Old Wagon Road from Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania and their descendants migration westward.
  • Celine Anonymous
  • April Baker I have lived in Virginia most of my life. Family from Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Tennessee.
  • Emily Kramer -Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee areas. Floyd county Kentucky, and Dunngannon Virginia
  • Steve Ballard Ancestors in Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky.
  • Emily Boy Holmberg Ancestors include Matthew Cox, families that migrated from Maryland to northeast Tennessee with Rev. Joseph Rhea's congregation, some migrated through Virginia or North Carolina to Tennessee.
  • Barbara J. Roesch my ancestor McManus-2120 was a settler from 1737 Cecil Co., MD into Salisbury, NC 1749, into the the "backcountry" on both sides of the border of NC-Mecklenburg-Union Counties NC and SC- York, Lancaster, Chesterfield and Kershaw counties to --- present.
  • Dan Broek - I've been working on an ancestor William Tirrell that lived in Boston in 1650, raised a family in Weymouth, MA, but had plantations off the Albemarle sound in Carolina province in the 1670's
  • Diane Payne My Southern roots run deep with settlers to governors to early pioneers and everywhere in between. They lived in the Carolina's, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and beyond. I LOVE finding new ancestors, understanding their struggles and triumphs, and then connecting to new relatives through DNA passed down from these very ancestors. I am delighted to assist this project in any way.
  • Virginia (Ginny) Butter Fields My entire family is Southern. Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia and then westward through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and a few to Texas. Some of the surnames are Thoma/Thomas from the Germanna Colony, Clark, Whitehead, Jackson, Stringfellow, Fears, Griffin, a few Smiths and Butter, Dunn, O'Neal and Graham.
  • Susan Caldwell Ancestors are German, Scotch/Irish, and or English who migrated in the 1600, 1700's to Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and wilderness that became West Virginia.
  • Jane Caraway Caraway and Carraway ancestors of the southern states.
  • Frances Carner Descendant of a number of New England and Virginia Colony ancestors who settled Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, Louisiana. Gaines, Mathews, Davies/Davies, Rector, Fry, Slaughter, Strother, Conway, etc.
  • E. Compton -looking at migration into and through southwest Virginia, families that included my ancestors. I also have family in the Carolinas to trace.
  • Eric Daly - Project Coordinator, Connector, Interested in Southern profiles that migrated from the original colonies over land
  • Kevin Daniel - My ancestry goes back to several ancestors who lived in Old Rappahannock County, VA and later in Essex, Richmond, Caroline, Spotsylvania, Culpeper, Orange and Washington Counties, VA. Surnames include Daniel/Williams/Rowzee/Fox/Scott/Gatewood/Henderson/Brockman/Billington and ?. Also Barber/Price/Martin/Alexander/Watson/Bishop/Templeton/Shoemaker in York SC/Tryon, Lincoln and Iredell Counties, NC.
  • Teresa Davis Lines Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina.
  • Laura DeSpain 100% southern and have lived all my life in South Carolina. My ancestors all came early and were in South & North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia and some of them were the first pioneers that settled parts of Kentucky.
  • Brandi Dilling - lines from Alabama, the Carolinas and moving into Texas. I am from the Jeffcoat line in South Carolina, verified by some older family members
  • Christopher Douglas - I am a descendant of a couple of Southern Pioneer families I would like assistance with documenting and sorting out family lines. A couple of those lines I would like assistance with are the Deck/Dyche family, who moved from Pennsylvania to Augusta County, Virginia, then to Greene County, Tennessee, and the Denton Family which appears to have moved from New York to Central Tennessee.
  • Victoria English Lived in South Georgia most of my life. Family members have married into some of the pioneer families. Interested in the pioneers of South Georgia. Know what rocks to kick to find information. Working on linking slaves to slave owners in the antibellum to reconstruction period. Also slave ships The Wanderer and The Clotilda.
  • David Evans -ancestors from Wales, Scotland to Pennsylvania and Virginia, then to then southeast to Texas.
  • MaryAnn Thomas My father's Southern roots are Ford, Bias/Byus/Byas, Baylous Debord in Virginia. My mother's side is Southern farther back as well.
  • Robert T. Foster My interests are all the Westmoreland lines, especially from early Virginia and those that traveled south to South Carolina and Georgia. My Grandfather Howard Foster wrote a Westmoreland genealogy book in 1960, followed by by mother Lucia Foster in 1980. I am a member of multiple Westmoreland genealogy groups and the Westmoreland DNA Project at Family Tree DNA.
  • Gibbons ancestors settled in Maryland/Virginia, then Kentucky, to Missouri
  • Mel Green - Most of my family is from North Carolina (Lincoln, Mecklenburg, Rowan, Randolph) and York County, SC. Include Frederick Hambright, William McElwee, Samuel Espey, John Long, Archibald Graham...
  • Sandra Penny Ancestors from Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia.
  • C Handy My 6th great-grandfather Peter Abell was one of the first Catholic settlers in Kentucky, having travelled there from Maryland around 1783 and patenting land on Pottenger's Creek in Nelson County that later became the Holy Cross settlement. Other ancestors in Maryland from 1630's, Virginia from 1620's, Carolinas, and Georgia.
  • Amy (Hargis) Blythe Researching my plentiful Southern Roots VA, NC, SC, TN, KY, AL, MS & GA (paternal side: Hargis, Wasson, Crawford, Godby, Gaut, Wilson, Linscomb, Stephenson, Duke, Rucker, Green/e, Davenport, Layton, Tubbs, House/Howze, Foster); (maternal side: Price, Burba, Lindsey, Green, Block, Peters, Yount, Shook, Burke, Ziegler, Lanier, Weaver, Rennick, Galbraith, Baughman, Hall, Litton/Lytton, Ogden, Flanders, Rachford, Barnes, Shofner, Harwell, Sellers, Ammons, Woodruff, Prater/Prather, Bates, West)
  • Laura (Herndon) Ling Several lines of my family were pioneers and I would love to know more about how to research them,
  • Shannon Sansom family branches,The Choate's, from Maryland; Hulsey's from S. Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri and Canadian French connections who settled in Ste. Genevieve Missouri ( first settlement west of the Mississippi)
  • Michelle Hunt - I am following Eleanor Unknown married to Original Wroe.
  • Karen Ivey Herndon My ancestor, Adam Ivey, was born in the Virginia Colony about 1723. His son, Ephraim Ivey, born in Virginia, migrated to Warren County, Georgia.
  • Paula J . Particularly interested in pioneers who populated the back country by migrating down the Old Wagon Trail.
  • Lynette Jester Project Coordinator, Arkansas, shares some ancestors (Johnston)
  • Roberta Johnson working on numerous Southern lines for years, including Menefee, Norsworthy, and Alford.
  • Gerald Jones I am DNA connected to Squire Boone, Daniel Boone's father. My paternal line Jones family had migrated from Delaware and Virginia to middle Tennessee by 1802.
  • Mel Jones Jones family migrated from England to Virginia, then sough to North Carolina and South Carolina and Georgia. Very interested in these areas.
  • Margaret Ann (Kepner) Kerns- A number of my ancestors were Southern Pioneers; Barnes, Biffle, Bondurant, Boothe, Brooks, Crews, Dunham, Eller, Gilliam, Gregg, Hendrick(s), McCarty, Neal, Oglesby, Page, Patton, Redford, Sanders, Thomas, Williams
  • Kinley, Alvin - ancestors settled in the Gaston/Lincoln/Cleveland counties area of North Carolina. Surnames interested in include: Rhyne, Cloninger, Hoyle, Rudisill, Carpenter, Beam, Clark, Shrum, Costner, Pasour, Dellinger, Kinley/McKinley (for which I'm at a dead end).
  • P Kreutzer My ancestors came into Virginia, Maryland, PA, moved to NC, then to Missouri. They are the Bray's, Shugan's, Swann's, Spoon's, Morris', Alston's, Jones, York's, McCollum's, McDaniel's, Harris's. A mix of nationalities
  • Misty (Land Nicholas -from England to Pennsylvania and South Carolina .one member went to new castle Delaware, 1676 where he was high sheriff
  • Scott Lytle - Researching the connections of the Howard, Boone, Bryan, and Enochs families.Descendant from Rowan, North Carolina, Greene County, Tenessee, Virginia, Kentucky and related to Daniel Boone.
  • David Martin My Card [1] My Famous Family and My patriot Family are both actually the same list. [2] I have a Double cousin Line to [3] king James of Scotland through this Man. So I am related to almost all early settler lines because of this mans sons. But my mothers line is Royal also and really the settlers lines. I see Mansker's Station was represented so thought Bledsoe's Station needs to be represented. just a little colonial joke..
  • Tom Matthews - My father's side goes back to 18th century Duplin Co., NC, SC, 19th century Irwin/Coffee Co. GA, Dale/Henry Co. AL, a variety of other 18th and 19th century southern locations and I'm 6th-generation Floridian going back to antebellum Lake/Sumter/Polk Co. and panhandle Florida. Matthews, Merritt, Deal, Kirkland, Robbins, Sloan/Slone, and Pridgen all figure prominently.
  • Pam McCaleb Parker - I am following the migration of several of my families from the northern and central colonies down into the deep South.
  • Ronald McDonald -Chew ancestors in Virginia, "JOHN LARKIN CHEW" 1710-1770..
  • Katherine (Middleton Wentzel - family immigrated to Maryland, progeny moved to South Carolina and Georgia. Many lived in Edgefield County, South Carolina and were active in its great development-owned plantations and were involved in all manner of church and civic duties.
  • Greta Moody - I live in Tennessee. Most of my ancestors lived in the south or went through the South, including Tennessee, Virginia, etc.
  • Jane Morrow ancestors from North Carolina and Virginia
  • Kathryn Morse adding my colonial relatives in Virginia. And many of the grandchildren received land grants to settle Mississippi.
  • Debi (Moseley) Matlock - ancestors migrated from Virginia through the Carolinas, with most ending up in Georgia
  • Edna (Niblett) Wood - Briggs family started in Plymouth Mass and is first seen in the South 1793 in Camden Co. GA. DNA proven.
  • Lisa (Phelps) Linn M.S.Ed My father's family started in Maryland (DNA proven ancestor) and moved south from there spreading into the Carolinas and Tennessee then to Alabama where he was born. I'm finding multiple cross-connections with several families including: Phelps/Felps, Casteel, Myers, Raby, Riley, Warren and Womack.
  • Linda Price -My roots are deeply southern with many pioneers, Revolutionary Patriots and Veterans of the Great Rebellion (Civil War). My family's migrations followed routes from Virginia into North and South Carolina. Then Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. Others left Virginia and the Carolinas for Kentucky, the Tennessee Territory, Mississippi Territory with families finally in Mississippi and Alabama. (joined 09/02/2019)
  • Lynden Castle Rodriguez -Southern ancestors, especially North and South Carolina. Many ancestors from the Southern States. Many of them would probably not considered themselves pioneers, but yet they were. My family was from Virginia, and North and South Carolina
  • Mary Richardson - Project Coordinator - ancestors from Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, to Texas.
  • Patricia Roche - Working on families of ancestors that joined the migration from NC to Indiana and Tennessee
  • Michelle Saucier-My Saucier were family were pioneers of the Ms Gulf Coast coming in 1699, Also Conerly, Graham, Quin families of Central Mississippi
  • Keith Schindler -Maternal ancestors include James Bryan whose children were raised by Daniel and Rebecca Boone. Also Elisha Oglesby a "longhunter" who married Mary Bryan and settled in Tennessee after coming to the aid of Boonesborough.
  • Andrea Stawski Pack -Very much interested in our colonial Ancestors. Our family is of many surnames and living where our ancestors walked.
  • Carson Stephens Most of my ancestors settled the middle Tennessee area; coming from Maryland, Virginia and the Carolinas. Some of the family names include Hood, Blackburn, Willis, Thomas, Seaton, Williams, Hanks, Kenner, Morris, Plant, and Bowman.
  • Alice Mae (Stephens) Thomsen I have many ancestors who migrated from Virginia, the Carolinas, and Tennessee, and continued their journey as pioneers to the Missouri, Idaho, California, Oregon, and Washington territories.
  • Barry Sweetman - family migration from Virginia, Georgia, to Florida.
  • Katie Taylor - I have multiple ancestors who migrated and settled into various southern states/colonies including Virginia, the Carolinas, Maryland, and then eventually moving westward into Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, and Missouri. Some surnames I'm particularly interested in exploring and confirming connections with include Lee (the Lees of Virginia), Hanshew, Jolley, Shook, and Jones.
  • Jim Tareco Currently exploring my newly discovered Souther Roots on my biological father's line. The Odom, Newton and Easterling families from Marlboro County, SC.
  • Dr. Mark Todd paternal lines (Todd and Wilson).maternal lines (Hardin and Sims) track back to pre-1700s Virginia and the Carolinas. Paternal line then to Alabama and on to Reconstruction Texas; maternal line then to Tennessee and on to Reconstruction Texas. I have a doctorate in Early American Studies, emphasis in political/historical/social contexts for Early American literature
  • David Thomson My Mansker ancestors established a fort at Mansker Station, Tennessee. Several of my other ancestor surnames were also Southern Pioneers.
  • Rhonda Tucker Zimmerman - Campbell, Hamilton, Morgan, Early are but a few of my family that migrated to Kentucky.
  • Jeff White Family migration from Philadelphia migrating southward. Others landed in Charleston, settling in SC. Very interested in NC and Virginia Branches.
  • John Williams My ancestors have been in the Tug River Valley of Central Appalachia for over 200 years and came from the New River Valley in Virginia and North Carolina. They were prolific pioneers and contributed greatly to the development of our country.
  • Rich McAdoo My ancestors pushed out of North Carolina after the War of Indepedence and settled in Middle and Eastern Tennessee before moving on to Texas and the Pacific coast.
  • Samantha Johnson, I am researching my Johnson paternal lineage!

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Paula JSouthern Pioneers leaderLynetteSouthern Pioneers , S. ColoniesD.L Johnson Southern Pioneers, S. ColoniesMel JonesS ColoniesGerald JonesSouthern Pioneers S. Colonies
Shira Jones MPhil S. ColoniesMargaret Ann (Kepner) Kerns"Southern Pioneers" Dale Ladnier S. Colonies NewChristopher LambSouthern Pioneers, S. ColoniesE LasleySouthern Pioneers
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Chad OliventSouthern Pioneers Lisa (Phelps) LinnSouthern Pioneers Michelle PierceS Colonies Patricia PrickettSouthern Pioneers, S Colonies Mayme PriddyS. Colonies
Lyndon Raber RodriguezS. Colonies Mary R PCSouthern Pioneers, S. Colonies. Jamestown Nicholas SharpS. ColoniesKeith Schlindler Southern PioneersPip Sheppard Southern Pioneers
Brian ShoresS. ColoniesMorris SimonS. Colonies Liane SmithS ColoniesLinda Smith FriedlanderS. ColoniesEugene Smith S. Colonies
AnonSouthern Pioneers, S. Colonies T StantonS. Colonies Andrea Stawski PackSouthern Pioneers, S. ColoniesKeith Stone Southern Pioneers, S. ColoniesShirley Strutton DaltonS. Colonies
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stephen jenkins 16319; Intersted in learning more about my southern roots and helping out wherever I can.
posted by Stephen Jenkins