Southern Super Sweepers

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Southern Super Sweepers - The FUN TEAM!

2020 Connect-A-Thon

The event will start on Friday, July 17, at 8 AM (EDT) and run until Monday, July 20, at 8 AM (EDT). Eastern Daylight Time, GMT -4

Hope to see you there. If you're participating in this year's "Connect-a-Thon" please register (if you haven't done so} by answering the g2g question:- Have you Registered yet ... and mention you are with the "Super Sweepers" Team!! We look forward to working with you all again this July!!

Note also: Our team chat page is now on the G2G forum at: Team Chat Come say hi and add what areas you will be covering and any other info you would like to share. Then come back later on and cheer us on!!!!!!

Please check out the official WikiTree Connect-a-thon Help Page

  • For on-going team results go here:

***** CONGRATULATIONS TEAM MEMBERS!!! WE CAME IN AT 5th PLACE!!! Thank-you "Super Sweepers" for all your hard work these last three days. Job Well done!! Get some REST!!!! *****

Team Members:

  1. Co-Captain, Dorothy Barry, DataDoctor, Integrator, Pre-1700 ok
  2. Co-Captain, Loretta (Leger) Corbin, Pre-1700, DataDoctor ok
  3. Tommy Buch Cemeterist, Sourcerer, Pre-1700 ok
  4. Debi (Moseley Matlack Data Doctor, Connector (added).
  5. Kathy (Stuewe) Zipperer Data Doctor, Sourcerer, Pre-1700 ok
  6. Aurora (Howard) Chancy Pre-1700 ok
  7. Paula (Brewer) Franklin Cemeterist, Sourcerer, Pre-1700 ok
  8. Bonita (Ellis) McPherren Pre-1700 ok
  9. SJ Baty Pre-1500, Pre-1700, Sourcerer, DataDoctor ok
  10. Peggy McReynolds Pre-1700
  11. Katie (Green) Sell Data Doctor, Sourcerer, Pre-1700
  12. Elaine (Walling) Goodner Pre-1700, Cemeterist
  13. Victoria English Pre-1700, Connector, DataDoctor, Sourcerer
  14. Lisa (Phelps) Linn, Pre-1700, Sourcerer
  15. Nan Starjak Pre-1500, Pre-1700, Sourcerer, Arborist, DataDoc ok
  16. Walter Caskey DNA Tested, Honor Code Signer ok
  17. Linda (Holland) Wheatley Pre-1700 ok
  18. Virginia (Butter) Fields, Pre-1700, US Southern colonies. ok
  19. Sharon (Garrett) Glover, Pre-1700, DataDoctor ok
  20. Christina (Gray) Mckeithan Pre-1700, DNA Tested ok
  21. Janet (Spivey) Clifton Cemeteries, Connector, DataDoctor ok
  22. Laurie Lowman Pre-1700 ok
  23. Wendy (Brasher) Kiewitt GEDCOM Equipped, new member ok
  24. D Armistead Data Doctor, Pre-1700 ok
  25. Laura (Pennie) Bozzay, Pre-1500, Sourcerer ok
  26. Deborah (Turner) Dunn Data Doctor, Pre-1700 ok
  27. Gerri M. Hines aka Parsley GEDCOM Equipped, New Member ok
  28. Debra (Jordan) Pate Pre-1700, DataDoctor, Sourcerer ok
  29. Pattie Gregg was inactive mostly, on WikiTree since 2016 (added).
  30. Austin Ross Pre-1700, GEDCOM Equipped, DNA Tested ok
  31. Peggy (Drinkard) Longhurst Data Doctor,Pre 1700 (added).
  32. Earlene Miller GEDCOM Equipped, DNA Tested ok
  33. Linden Holder Pre-1700, Honor Code, New Member ok
  34. David Harris DNA Tested,Honor Code, New member ok
  35. Christine (Bullington) Young Honor Code, Somewhat new ok
  36. Charles Cobb Pre 1700. GEDCOM Equipped. New Member ok
  37. Robert Bentley Has done Connect a Thon before. DNA Tested. ok
  38. Dennis Hutchins DNA Tested,Honor Code, New member ok
  39. Richard LeBlanc Honor Code, New Member ok



2020 Spring Clean-a-Thon ~ April 24, 2020 (Completed)

Southern Super Sweepers (Spring)

This is our "fourth" three-day Spring Clean-a-Thon !! The cleaning will start on Friday, April 24, at 8 AM (EDT) and run until Monday, April 27, at 8 AM (EDT).

This is our team's official WikiTree freespace page and reference files. Our team captains this year are Loretta Corbin and myself, Dorothy Barry!

Please check out the official WikiTree Spring 2020 CLEAN-A-THON HELP PAGE

If you haven't done so, please sign up here in order to get the 2020 Spring Clean-a-Thon badge: REGISTER

Let us know where you are working by listing where you you will be working on the SPREADSHEET


Team Members:

  1. Co-Captain, Dorothy Barry, DataDoctor, Integrator
  2. Co-Captain, Loretta (Leger) Corbin, Pre-1700, DataDoctor
  3. Co-Captain, Laura (Pennie) Bozzay, Pre-1500, Sourcerer
  4. Nan Starjak Pre-1500, Pre-1700, Sourcerer, Arborist, DataDoctor
  5. Virginia (Butter) Fields, Pre-1700, US Southern colonies.
  6. Paula (Brewer) Franklin, Pre-1700, DataDoctor, Sourcerer
  7. Bonita (Ellis) McPherren, Pre-1700
  8. Lisa (Phelps) Linn, Pre-1700, Sourcerer
  9. D (Donna) Armistead, Data Doctor, Pre-1700
  10. Debbie (DeSotel) Goddard, Pre-1700, DNA Tested
  11. Debi (Moseley) Matlack, Pre-1700, DataDoctor, Sourcerer
  12. Sharon Glover, Pre-1700, DataDoctor
  13. Connie (Daniels) Graves, Pre-1700, Connector, Integrator, Sourcerer
  14. Terry McClintock, Pre 1700, Sourcerer, DataDoctor
  15. SJ Baty, Pre-1500, Arborist, Connector, DataDoctor, Sourcerer
  16. Pip Sheppard Pre-1700, Integrator, Cemeterist
  17. Murlen Posey Pre_1700, DataDoctor
  18. Judy (Flamer) Bramlage Pre_1700, Sourcerer
  19. Tina (King) Hall Pre_1700, Sourcerer
  20. Tommie Buch Pre_1700, DNA Tested.
  21. Elaine (Walling) Goodner Pre-1700.
  22. Laurie Lowman New WikiTree member
  23. Robert Bentley Returning member of SSS
  24. Leah (Miller) Trew Data Doctor, Sourcerer, Pre-1700
  25. Robert D Hvitfeldt Integrator, Sourcerer, Pre-1700
  26. Kathy (Stuewe) Zipperer Data Doctor, Sourcerer, Pre-1700
  27. Victoria English Pre-1700, Connector, DataDoctor, Sourcerer
  28. Charles Avis Sourcerer, Pre-1700
  29. Dale Ladnier Pre-1700, DataDoctor



2020 Scan-a-Thon (Completed)


Our 2020 Scan-a-Thon will take place January 10-13, 2020. Our mission is to scan and share all those old family photos and other items that have been piling up! Please check out the information page at:

To register go here:

Team Members:

  1. Co-Captain, Laura (Pennie) Bozzay, Pre-1500, Sourcerer
  2. Co-Captain, Dorothy Barry, DataDoctor, Integrator
  3. SJ Baty, Pre-1500, Arborist, Connector, DataDoctor, Mentor, Sourcerer
  4. Paula (Brewer) Franklin, Pre-1700, Cemeterist, DataDoctor, Sourcerer
  5. Virginia (Butter) Fields, Pre-1700
  6. Beverly (Davis) Ahrens Pre-1700
  7. Bonita (Ellis) McPherren, Pre-1700
  8. William Foster Pre-1500 and Pre-1700, a project leader.
  9. Lori (Jacob) Stackow, Pre-1700
  10. Chuck Langston
  11. Loretta Corbin, Pre-1700, DataDoctor
  12. Debi (Moseley) Matlack, Pre-1700, DataDoctor, Sourcerer
  13. Kathryn Morse, Sourcerer, Pre-1700
  14. Lisa (Phelps) Linn, Pre-1700, Sourcerer

Link to Scan A Thon Tracker by team and name:


2019 Source-a-Thon (Completed)

October 4th to October 7th — the start of Family History Month. This is WikiTree's fourth annual "Source-a-Thon".

Southern Super Sweepers (Fall)

Welcome to those who volunteered to help and will be assigned to this team!!!

Until we get set up, go to our Team chat page here: This is our team's place to ask questions, give advice, see updates and cheer each other on. Our current team leaders are Loretta Corbin, Laura Bozzy and myself, Dorothy Barry.

Team Members

  1. Bib # 060 Co-Captain, Dorothy Barry, DataDoctor, Integrator
  2. Bib # 088 Co-Captain, Laura (Pennie) Bozzay, Pre-1500, Sourcerer
  3. Bib # 074 Co-Captain, Loretta (Leger) Corbin, Pre-1700, DataDoctor
  4. Bib # 039 SJ Baty, Pre-1500, Arborist, Connector, DataDoctor, Mentor, Ranger, Sourcerer
  5. Bib # 120 Martha (Beaugh) Leger, Pre-1700
  6. Bib # 267 Leslie Bell, Pre-1700
  7. Bib # 311 Robert Bentley Worked on Clean a Thon, etc
  8. Bib # 111 Paula (Brewer) Franklin, Pre-1700, Cemeterist, DataDoctor, Sourcerer
  9. Bib # 328 Amber (Brown) Tovar Pre-1700
  10. Bib # 324 Ginger (Chisholm) Lawton, DataDoctor, Connector
  11. Bib # 230 Connie (Daniels) Graves, Pre-1700, Connector, Integrator, Sourcerer
  12. Bib # 248 Karen (Danner) Loveless, Pre-1700
  13. Bib # 115 Valerie Downey, New Member
  14. Bib #430 Martha (Edgerton) Mcaulay, Sourcerer, DataDoctor,
  15. Bib # 256 Rose Edwards, Pre-1700, DataDoctor, Sourcerer
  16. Bib # 224 Bonita (Ellis) McPherren, Pre-1700
  17. Bib # 234 Victoria English, Pre-1700, Connector, DataDoctor, Sourcerer
  18. Bib # 372 Winford Fowlkes, Pre-1700
  19. Bib # 447 Catherine (Gall) Spry, Pre-1700,
  20. Bib # 408 Sharon (Garrett) Glover, Pre-1700, DataDoctor
  21. Bib # 436 Joanna Greer
  22. Bib # 241 Aurora (Howard) Chancy, Pre-1700
  23. Bib # 287 Debra (Jordan) Pate, Pre-1700, DataDoctor, Sourcerer
  24. Bib # 005 Nan (Lambert) Starjak, Pre-1700, Arborist, Connector, Pilot, Sourcerer
  25. Bib # 073 Peggy McReynolds, Pre-1700
  26. Bib # 358 Kathryn Morse, Pre-1700, Connector, Sourcerer
  27. Bib # 030 Debi (Moseley) Matlack, Pre-1700, DataDoctor, Sourcerer
  28. Bib # 090 Lisa (Phelps) Linn, Pre-1700, Sourcerer
  29. Bib # 033 Kathy (Stuewe) Zipperer, Pre-1700, DataDoctor, Sourcerer
  30. Bib # 048 Jackie (Taylor) Broussard, New Member
  31. Bib # 121 Leah (Trew) Miller, Pre-1700, DataDoctor, Sourcerer
  32. Bib # 297 Lynn Wiggers, DataDoctor, Pre-1700


2019 Connect-A-Thon (Completed)

Friday, July 12, at 8 AM (EDT) and run until Monday, July 15, at 8 AM (EDT) Eastern Daylight Time, GMT -4

Hope to see you there. If you're participating in this year's "Connect-a-Thon" please register by answering the g2g question:- Have you registered-2019 connect-a-thon and mention you are with the "Super Sweepers" Team!! We look forward to working with you all again this Summer!! Check the team names below and make sure you are still on the list. Should you decide not to participate please send me a private email. Dorothy Barry. If you are not on the list and wish to join this team, please register and make a note on this page as well, so we can add you to the team list.

Our G2G "Super Sweepers Chat" page is up and running!! Come join us there where we are introducing ourselves and cheering one another on...

Aleš automated the Spreadsheet. These are direct links to each state we cover. Alabama Arkansas Delaware Florida Georgia Kentucky Lousiana Maryland Mississippi North Carolina Oklahoma South Carolina Texas

Our team captains for this event are: Lisa Linn (Phelps-3330), and Dorothy Barry (Barry-1269).

Team Members

  1. Co-Captain Lisa (Phelps) Linn Pre-1700, Sourcerer,
  2. Co-Captain Dorothy Barry, DataDoctor, Integrator,
  3. SJ Baty, Arborist, Sourcerer,
  4. Laura (Pennie) Bozzay, Pre-1500, Sourcerer,
  5. Pip Sheppard, Pre-1700, Integrator, Leader,
  6. Loretta (Leger) Corbin, Pre-1700, Data Doctor,
  7. Taylor (Fritz) Worthington-Gilchrist, Pre-1700,
  8. Rodney Jones, Pre-1700,
  9. Paula (Brewer) Franklin, Pre-1700,
  10. Bonita (Ellis) McPerren, Pre-1700,
  11. Karen (Ivey) Herndon , Pre-1700,
  12. Sandra Davidson, DataDoctor, Pre-1700,
  13. Debi (Moseley) Matlack, DataDoctor, Sourcerer,
  14. Valerie Downey, Connector, DataDoctor, Sourcerer,
  15. Virginia (Butter) Fields, Pre-1700
  16. Peggy McReynolds Pre-1700
  17. Linda (Holland) Wheatley Pre-1700
  18. Robert Bentley Worked on Clean a Thon, etc
  19. Mona Squyres Worked on Clean a Thon,
  20. Leah Sims New WikiTree member,
  21. Piper (Scantling) Riddle New WikiTree member,
  22. Nelda (Gilchrist) Spires Pre 1700, Sourcerer,
  23. Paula Hawkins-Reinke Pre-1700, Connector
  24. Lori (Jacob) Stackow Worked on Source A Thon,
  25. Randall Hebert New WikiTree Member,

NOTE: To see your work for the Current "Connect A Thon please go here:

A Tip shared by Steven Tibbetts on the G2G Registration page that I thought may be helpful to all of us: He wrote:

  • I know many of us will be adding siblings and children from census data. And I know the easy solution is if you have the census link for say the father, to just copy it to all the children. The problem is technically that is a source for the father with mention of the child. If you click the child's name IN that source it will often give you the source for the child for you to use. Not as fast I know, but much more accurate and proper. (Also, as long as the profile is open, feel free to orphan it so a family member can adopt it if you aren't going to maintain it yourself).

Another tip found by Laura B. :

  • When you click on "Connect A Thon" as the challenge you are working on; on the comment part, please add a statement saying: "X added Y as the ____ of Z."

Or in other words....... "X (put your name) added Mary Johnson as the spouse of John Smith." or "X (your name) added Tom Jones as the child of Bob Jones." If the contribution doesn't generate that kind of statement, it isn't counted.



2019 Clean-A-Thon (Completed)

April 26, 8 a.m. (ET) to April 29, 8 a.m. (ET) Spring Clean-a-thon Eastern Daylight Time, GMT -4

Hope to see you there. If you're participating in this year's "Spring Clean-a-Thon" please register by answering the g2g question:- and mention you are with the "Super Sweepers" Team!! I look forward to working with you all again this Spring!! Check the team names below and make sure you are still on the list. Should you decide not to participate please send me a private email. Loretta (Leger) Corbin. If you are not on the list and wish to join this team, please register and make a note on this page as well, so I can add you to the team list.

Our G2G "Super Sweepers Chat" page is up and running!! Come join us there where we are introducing ourselves and cheering one another on... Let's Chat

We have a seasoned group of people who are going to blast through the dirt and debris of those unclean profiles !!!! We are covering the Southern States. We clean up whatever profile that needs cleaning. We have returning members from the 2018 Fall Source-a-Thon and we have many who also participated in the 2018 Spring Clean-a-Thon last year. We are going to all work on the states wherever we choose.


We don't specifically limit what profiles we edit, but the Southern States are what ties our team together: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas. Many of us have ancestors from these areas and will be focusing on profiles of people from these areas.

Helpful Links: If you are new to working with WikiTree's suggestions/error reports? Do you need a little help understanding how to access and use them? Here's a "Clean-a-Thon" tutorial that shows a step-by-step process that will help!! Click on URL below:

Placing the following text in your bio will put this sticker on your profile (your name automatically appears but you need to enter the year and total eligible scanned items when the challenge is over):


[[[Template:Clean-a-Thon|More|details on the sticker are here.]]]

Southern Super Sweepers Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet Primer

Team Members

  1. Co-Captain Dorothy Barry, DataDoctor, Pre-1500,
  2. Co-Captain Laura (Pennie) Bozzay, Pre-1500, Sourcerer,
  3. Co-Captain Loretta (Leger) Corbin, DataDoctor, Pre-1700,
  4. Rita Barrett,
  5. S J Baty, DataDoctor, Pre-1500, Integrator, Sourcer,
  6. Leslie Bell, DataDoctor, Pre-1500, Integrator, Sourcer,
  7. Mitzi Benfield, Pre-1700,
  8. Robert Bentley,
  9. Sandra Davidson, DataDoctor, Pre-1700,
  10. Dona Donaldson, Pre-1700,
  11. Victoria English, DataDoctor, Sourcerer,
  12. Michelle Enke,
  13. Virginia (Butter) Fields, Pre-1700,
  14. Paula Franklin, Pre-1700,
  15. Sharon Glover, Pre-1700,
  16. Rhonda Hedgpeth,
  17. Nan Lambert, DataDoctor, Pre-1500, Sourcerer,
  18. Ginger (Chisholm) Lawton, DataDoctor, Connector,
  19. Lisa Linn, Pre-1700, Sourcerer,
  20. Barbra (Keele) Lloyd, Pre-1700,
  21. Debi (Moseley) Matlack, DataDoctor, Pre-1700, Sourcerer,
  22. Bonita McPherren, Pre-1700, Connector, Sourcerer,
  23. Leah Miller, Pre-1700, Connector, Sourcerer,
  24. Kathryn Morse, Pre-1700, Connector, Sourcerer,
  25. Debra Pate, Pre-1700, Sourcerer,
  26. Sheri Runkles Posey, Pre-1700,
  27. Nelda Spires, Pre-1700,
  28. Janet L. Spivey, DataDoctor, Pre-1700, Sourcerer,
  29. Kathy (Stuewe) Zipperer, DataDoctor, Pre-1700, Sourcerer,
  30. Mike Travis, Pre-1700, Sourcerer,
  31. Kathryn (Middleton) Wenzel, Pre-1700, Sourcerer,
  32. Virginia Winslett, Pre-1700, Sourcerer,


2019 Scan-A- Thon (Completed)


Next year (2019) WikiTree will hold its first ever Scan-A-Thon where you scan in photos and documents on profiles to help increase the look and the sources for these profiles. There is a limit of 10 uploads to each profile.

The PARTY starts Friday morning, January 11, at 8 AM (ET) and runs until Monday, January 14, at 8 AM (ET). (Eastern Standard Time is GMT -5.) There will be video chats every few hours with updates on how the event is going and prize drawings. Winners get to choose between a Scan-a-Thon t-shirt of coffee mug. (coffee mug will come in handy for the next Thon) We're encouraging genealogists from all over the world to participate at the same time.

Go HERE and sign up for the event. You need to state the team you wish to be on in your ANSWER. Please don't make it a comment or reply.

Our mission: to Scan and Share all those old family photos and other items we've been meaning to get to!

If you're already part of a team from a previous challenge and want to stay on it, mention that. Not all teams are available for the Scan-a-Thon so you may not end up on the same one. The current teams are listed here. More may be added.

Please be sure to read the rules of participation. Thanks! Remember, Always Have Fun!!!

Here's the link to our Spreadsheet. Although, I don't know what purpose it will serve for this Thon.

2019 Scan-A-Thon Team Members

  1. Charles Avis, Pre-1700, Sourcerer
  2. Dorothy Barry, DataDoctor, Pre-1500,
  3. Sandra Davidson, DataDoctor, Pre-1700,
  4. SJ Baty, DataDoctor, Pre-1700, Pre-1500, Integrator, Sourcer,
  5. Paula Franklin,
  6. Ann Buster,
  7. Virginia (Butter) Fields, Pre-1700,
  8. Victoria English, DataDoctor, Sourcerer,
  9. Aurora (Howard) Chancy, Pre-1700,
  10. Andy Johnson, Pre-1700,
  11. Barbra (Keele) Lloyd, Pre-1700,
  12. Loretta (Leger) Corbin, DataDoctor, Pre-1700, Captain,
  13. Kathryn Morse, Pre-1700, Connector, Sourcerer,
  14. Debi (Moseley) Matlack, DataDoctor, Pre-1700, Sourcerer,
  15. Sylvia Newman,
  16. Pip Sheppard, Pre-1700, Integrator, Leader,
  17. Brandy Sims,
  18. Janet L. Spivey , DataDoctor, Pre- 1700, Sourcerer,
  19. Kathy (Stuewe) Zipperer, DataDoctor, Pre-1700, Sourcerer,
  20. Sara Taylor,
  21. Billie X , Pre-1700,
  22. Sara (Backhouse) Dunn,
  23. Pip Sheppard, Pre-1700, Integrator, Leader,


2018 Clean-A-Thon Team Members (Completed)

  1. Dorothy Barry, DataDoctor, Pre1500, Team Captain |*Registered! "Everywhere" plus will work on NC #603 and 633 since there are so many. Contributions 2,710, 8th place.
  2. Loretta (Leger) Corbin, DataDocter, Pre-1700, Co-Captain | *Registered! Working on Texas and "everywhere". Contributions 1,899, 12th place.
  3. Kathy (Stuewe) Zipperer, DataDoctor | *Registered! Working on Georgia. + error 603 in Georgia. Contributions 1,458
  4. Topher B. Sims, DataDoctor |*Registered! Contributions 92
  5. Nan Lambert, DataDoctor, Southern Colonies | *Registered! Unexpected company, away from computer. Contributions 48
  6. Lee (Worrell) Hermes, Family member w/ Topher Sims. | *Registered! Contributions 35
  7. Betty (Moore) Summerlin, Joined Sept 2017 | *Registered! Contributions 406
  8. Edie (Nibling) Kohutek, DataDoctor, Pre-1700, Sourcerer |*Registered! Working on Texas, and a lot of work in the Carolinas (North Carolina). Contributions 421
  9. David Selman, Sourcerer, Pre-1500 | *Registered! Working on Texas. Contributions 157
  10. Victoria English, DataDoctor, Sourcerer | *Registered! Contributions 7
  11. Sandra Davidson, DataDoctor | *Registered! Is working on SC and helping with NC as well. Contributions 59
  12. Roger Houchin, Pre-1700 | *Registered! Working on Kentucky. Contributions 151
  13. Laura (Pennie) Bozzay, Sourcerer, Pre-1500 | *Registered! Working on Louisiana. added: doing 511 Unique Names to start with. Contributions 1,174
  14. Debi (Moseley) Matlack, DataDoctor | *Registered! Contributions 165
  15. Jourdi R. Cleghorn, Pre-1700 | *Registered! Working on Kentucky. Contributions 45
  16. Jon Czarowitz, DataDoctor, Pre-1700 | *Registered! Notified that Jon won't be assisting; problems with keyboard, computar bombed out at work. Contributions 98
  17. Sally Stovall, DataDoctor, Pre-1700 |*Registered! Working on Texas first then anything else that needs sources. Contributions 545
  18. Nicole Duchesne, DataDoctor, Sourcerer |*Registered! Contributions 1,317
  19. Lisa (Craig) Arrowood, Data Doctor |*Registered! n/a
  20. Sundee (Woerner) Holliday, Data Doctor |*Registered! Contributions 29
  21. Debra (Jordan) Pate, DataDoctor, Sourcerer | *Registered! n/a
  22. Troya (Busby) Parker, Pre-1700 | *registered! n/a
  23. G. E. Moore, Pre-1700, Military & War | *registered! Contributions 134
  24. Joyce (Francis) Merritt, Pre-1700, DataDoctor | *registered! Willing to work on Kentucky or where ever needed. Contributions 21
  25. Robert F. Bentley, | *registered! Contributions 90
  26. Janet L. Spivey , Pre- 1700 | *registered! Contributions 137
  27. Stephanie Ward, Pre-1700, DataDoctor | *registered! Working on Alabama location errors 601-641, all centuries. Contributions 513
  28. Joyce (Bjorkgren) Rivette, Pre-1700, DataDoctor| *registered!+ working on Louisiana up to 1900. Added: Suggestion errors 603/633/663 USA too early in locations. Contributions 609
  29. Debbie (DeSotel) Goddard, Pre-1700 | *registered! Contributions 91
  30. Stuart Awbrey, DataDocter, Pre-1500 |*registered! Working on Texas! Stuart stated he was away on a trip, couldn't contribute. Contributions 100
  31. Sarah (Backhouse) Dunn, Pre-1700 |*registered! Contributions 6

Here are a few different ways to choose errors to work on:

By Project: Go to the category page for the project you're interested in, e.g., Category: Project Name Project -- and look for the sub-categories named "Project Name Needs ..." or "Project Name Maintenance Categories". Use the "Managed By" option on WikiTree+ and enter the Project Account to run the error list on the watchlist for your project. You can find a list of Project Accounts here: Category:Project_Accounts

By Error Category:

  • 100-errors: Person-related
  • 200-errors: Father-related
  • 300-errors: Mother-related
  • 400-errors: Marriage-related
  • 500-errors: Name/Gender-related
  • 550-errors: Wikidata-related
  • 600-errors: Location-related
  • 700-errors: Name-related
  • 800-errors: Biography-related

Note: See this page for actual links and more info: Help:Spring_Clean-a-Thon#Teams

By Surname: Go to any surname page and click the "error report" link (HINT: It's in the middle of the links above the list of profiles)


2018 Source-A-Thon Participation (Completed}


Source-a-thon Information

I always keep a document (word page) open with quick replies and source information, makes it real fast to copy and paste rather than type it in.  :)
  • Source-a-Thon Help
  • Source-a-Thon Tutorial This is an older tutorial but a lot of the info is still good. However, use the Challenge Tracker and do not add your sources to the registration thread.
  • Challenge Tracker Tutorial On our super secret Comunication Hub you have to be on the trusted list to see it) we have screen shots of how this works.
  • Cut and past the following into empty profiles or profiles missing any of this.

== Biography ==

== Sources ==
<references />


The Most Important Thing Is To Have Fun!

Our team goal is to clear out the "Unsourced Profiles category" on WikiTree. Including sources is in our community's Honor Code but inexperienced genealogists don't always record them. Sometimes the source is "Aunt Mabel," as Mags put it. This doesn't mean the information isn't worth preserving or sharing. It's a starting point — information waiting to be confirmed.

Link to Sourcing Tutorial


{{Source-a-Thon|team=Southern Super Sweepers|year=2018|sources=365}}
... ... ... participated with Southern Super Sweepers during the 2018 Source-a-Thon, adding 365 sources to profiles.
and doubling the brackets will get you this sticker to the right. (name is automatic).

The Absolute Best 2018 Source-a-Thon Team

  1. Loretta (Leger) Corbin, DataDoctor, Pre-1700, Co-Captain,
  2. Laura (Pennie) Bozzay, Sourcerer, Pre-1500, Co-Captain,
  3. Dorothy Barry, DataDoctor, Pre-1500,
  4. Edie (Nibling) Kohutek, Sourcerer, DataDoctor, Pre-1700,
  5. Nan Lambert, Sourcerer, DataDoctor, Pre-1700,
  6. Janet Spivey, DataDoctor, Pre-1700,
  7. Sandra Davidson, DataDoctor, Pre-1700,
  8. Kathy Zipperer, Sourcerer, DataDoctor, Pre-1700,
  9. Debi Matlack, Sourcerer, DataDoctor, Pre 1700,
  10. G Moore, Sourcerer, Pre 1700,
  11. Roger Houchin, DataDoctor, Pre 1700,
  12. Victoria English, Sourcerer, DataDoctor, Pre 1700,
  13. Nicole Duchesne, Sourcerer, DataDoctor, Pre 1700,
  14. Jon Czarowitz, Sourcerer, DataDoctor,
  15. Bonita McPherren, Pre 1700,
  16. Karen Fuller, Pre-1700,
  17. Debra Pate, Sourcerer, DataDoctor, Pre-1700,
  18. Phillip Thompson, Sourcerer, Pre 1700,
  19. Clay Stewart, Pre-1700,
  20. Cindy (Ramsey) Barnett, Pre 1700,
  21. Roberta (Bradford) Randazzo, Pre 1700,
  22. Catherine Ryan, Pre 1700,
  23. Barbra Barnes-Lloyd, Pre 1700,
  24. Leilani (Meyer) Worrell,
  25. Eddie DeJean, Pre 1700,
  26. Virginia Fields Pre 1700,
  27. Sharon Glover Pre 1700,
Dropped from our team
  1. Sharon Casteel, Sourcerer, DataDoctor, Pre-1700,
  2. Trina Gentry, Pre 1700,
  3. Lael Braday,
  4. Cheryl Harper
  5. Cari Starosta, Pre-1700,

Memories: 1
Enter a personal reminiscence or story.
My thanks to all the Super Sweepers for another great challenge weekend!
posted 22 Jul 2020 by Lisa (Phelps) Linn M.S.Ed.   [thank Lisa]
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Congratulations Sweepers! I wish I could have contributed more. I was using my family and got really bogged down in finding good sources. (I have lots of family lore and scraps of work done by others a long time ago, so searching I went.)
Thanks for all the hard work done making connections on our tree, during this year's Connect-a-Thon!

Hope to see you all at the next marathon!

~ Western Red Cedars

posted by Azure Robinson
Legacy Heirs would like to thank you for helping us make the tree happier, stronger and more beautiful.
posted by Lisa (Kelsey) Murphy
I woke up early Sunday morning with a terrible bought of vertigo and allergies. I slowly worked on connecting all day Sunday once the spinning and nausea was under control enough that I could sit up. Then, I tried to pull a sneak attack for our team last night.... since I couldn’t sleep. Could never find where our Super Sweepers team were posting/chatting. Lol. Can you tell I had no idea what I was doing, accept adding people to those on the unconnected list? 😂
posted by Debra (Jordan) Pate
edited by Debra (Jordan) Pate
Debra, thank you for participating while not feeling well!! I have vertigo every once in a while and it is no fun!! You are a trooper for hanging in here with us. Hope to see you again next time.



You were a real trooper to even try while sick! (I like the idea of a sneak attack though.) There's always next year, and you don't have to limit yourself to the unconnected list! I keep a list of my family lines that I want to "FILL IN" the siblings, children, etc. that aren't my direct line. This year, I didn't even have time to finish the whole list during the Connect-A-Thon. Last year I mainly worked from the unconnected list.

Get some rest!

posted by Peggy McReynolds
Thank you, Peggy. I was working from the list too, then get off on a rabbit trail. The struggle is real.
posted by Debra (Jordan) Pate
OMGOSH! I just realized you said we didn’t have to work from the list! Well, I’ll know next time!
posted by Debra (Jordan) Pate
According to the final totals you did 57 profiles!!! Thank you! We are team five from this list:
posted by Dorothy Barry
Ugh, I hate the dizzies. Thanks for doing so much last night!
A big thanks from the Mighty Oaks for joining in the fun and adding 3,650 new profiles to WikiTree. It was an amazing weekend!
The Virginia Connectors thank you for the 3,650 new profiles you added to WikiTree during the Connect-a-Thon. It was another great showing of community collaboration and we appreciate all that you did!
Thank you
(\__/) ´*•.¸(*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´
(='.'=) ♥«´¨`•°.Super Sweepers..°•´¨`»♥
(")_(") .¸.•*(¸.•*´♥`*•.¸)`*•.
.:。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*゚’゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*゚¨゚
posted by Mindy Silva
I'm off for the rest the evening. Will try some more tomorrow! Until later.
posted by Peggy McReynolds
Oh my. I too thought it was Thursday all day yesterday! It wasn’t until this morning that I realized yesterday was Friday! Sorry, team mates. I’m getting on it right now!
posted by Debra (Jordan) Pate
Nooooooooo! I thought today was Thursday until about 8pm when a friend informed me it was Friday! In fact, I started to log on this morning and said to myself, "Silly you! It's Thursday!"
posted by Victoria English
That's ok, maybe you can jump in and do some tonight ...
posted by Dorothy Barry
Ouch Victoria,

This happened to me 3 weeks ago!!! I was on track Tuesday and then......... Friday was a Thursday. (Isn't retirement blishful!)

Time for catching up.

posted by Peggy McReynolds
edited by Peggy McReynolds
Linda, you just won a T-shirt on the live chat video!
posted by SJ Baty
What is Linda's last name>>>
posted by Dorothy Barry
Hi Southern Super Sweepers Team members for this year's "Connect- a- Thon"!!! To those who have worked with us before, "welcome back". So glad to see you again.

Now that registration is officially closed for this "Connect a Thon", I wanted to welcome everyone to the team. We have a few new members who just recently joined WikiTree so if you have done these "Thons" before, please help out our new friends and make them feel at home. (I updated our team list above). Would you believe, 39 members signed up with us.

Please see the rest of my note on our "unofficial" chat page here especially our newest WikiTree members:

Thanks, Dorothy B, Co-Captain, Super Sweepers Team,

posted by Dorothy Barry
We seem kinda quite this time? Mabye it's just too early ;-)
posted by SJ Baty
Where I am at, we start in about 5 mins as of this posting!!
posted by Dorothy Barry
I'm calling it a day...... went down a few rabbit holes, so with a little more discipline should be able to keep this pace the next two days..... especially since my husband just started a book he likes.

Enjoy your evening..... Perhaps our Europeans are already sleeping.

posted by Peggy McReynolds
edited by Peggy McReynolds
0206 and I'm watching the chat video - well, it is a weekend ;-)
posted by SJ Baty
Hi Super Sweepers Members!! If you're participating in this year's "Connect-a-Thon" please register (if you haven't done so} by answering the g2g question:- ... and mention you are with the "Super Sweepers" Team!!

We look forward to working with you all again this July!!

posted by Dorothy Barry
Thanks Dorothy for taking the Lead. My son is now off chemo since it almost killed him in April. They are looking to get him into a trial using some alternative therapy not chemo. He can no longer have chemo and tumors have begun growing again. Will probably entail some travel and last time dates were about a month out which is right when this is taking place. So once again, I am very iffy to even participate. I will hold off registering until I know if I will even be available. But GO Super Sweepers!
posted by Laura (Pennie) Bozzay
Hi Laura. Glad to hear from you.

I am so sorry to hear the progress report on your son. We totally understand if you can't be with us on this Connect-a-Thon. Please take some time for yourself too and be safe as you travel during this time of uncertainty and protests.

posted by Dorothy Barry
Laura, my first time seeing this! Our prayers to you, your son, and your family!
posted by SJ Baty
Thanks SJ, it has been difficult. He is alive and made it through the surgery. But he is not out of the woods. I am off computer most of today. Tomorrow is iffy as well. I hope to do something with the team late Saturday and on Sunday. Will explain more later. I have to go...
posted by Laura (Pennie) Bozzay
Laura, we'll be thinking of you.... Family always first.
posted by Peggy McReynolds
Thanks Peggy, my Mother in law died this week and today was the funeral. So lots happening off line this weekend
posted by Laura (Pennie) Bozzay
Thanks for the reminder Dorothy! I'm signed up now with Super Sweepers. What fun!
posted by Peggy McReynolds
Together Everyone Achieves More. Thank you for teaming up with Team Roses to clean up 158,784 suggestions on our shared tree. What an amazing feat! And what a good time!
The Virginia Spring Cleaners thank you for the 11,321 Suggestions cleaned during the Thon. It was another great showing of community collaboration (and fun!) and we appreciate all that you did!

posted by Mindy Silva
Thank you, Mindy! Much appreciated!
posted by Pip Sheppard
Thanks everyone for being awesome !

A big thank you for the fun we had and all your wonderful work during the Clean-a-Thon 2020

team Flying Dutchmen - Vliegende Hollanders x

posted by Bea (Timmerman) Wijma
Thanks so much, Bea! We appreciate you!
posted by Pip Sheppard
Well that was fun !!!!... We had a little competition going on last night and this morning. It started out with "me" and "Pip" neck to neck in 1st and 2nd place. Then out of the blue here comes "Kathy" moving up the line and obtaining 1st place!!. Then I came back and regained my spot laugh!!! .... but boy am I TIRED!!

Seriously however,I just wanted to say "thank you" to everyone on the Southern Super Sweepers' team and the accomplishments you made to get us to 6th place. I truly believe if we just had another hour, we would have gotten to 5th place. As I mentioned in an earlier post I am really proud of our team!!

Our "Congratulations" to the top 5 teams, and those who reached the stars with over 1 thousand to 3 thousand contributions!!

posted by Dorothy Barry
All I have to say is that you and Kathy pushed me to do more than I would have! And I appreciate it! I never made it to first on the team, and at one time I was 18th overall. I got passed by several folks last night.

We were only a few hundred of making it to fourth.

posted by Pip Sheppard
Great Job clearing 11321 suggestions!

Western Red Cedars Thanks you for all your hard work.

It was a fun weekend, see you at the next marathon!

posted by Azure Robinson
Thanks, Azure! It sure was a lot of fun.
posted by Pip Sheppard
Almost 8 am on Monday. Everyone should be proud of their efforts. 11,312 corrected suggestions is a superior feat! What a great team to participate with. Now I finally get to plant those trees (six) that have been waiting for the Thon to end.... :-)
posted by Pip Sheppard
WE JUST BROKE 10,000!!!!!! Way go go, Team!!!!
posted by Pip Sheppard
Exhausted. Gotta take a break. Dorothy and Kathy, keep on rolling! Go, Sweepers!
posted by Pip Sheppard
I fell asleep on my keyboard ...hoing to finish what i was working on...
posted by Laura (Pennie) Bozzay
Wee need a little over 1000 more to make 10,000.
posted by Pip Sheppard
Wee can do it. Wee just need a wee bit more. 😉

Sorry getting a little punchy.

😂😂😂😂😂😂 You funny, Kathy, catching my spelling error. Now I’m wondering how many of those I’ve left on profiles!! 😳
posted by Pip Sheppard
I'm really wondering how many I forgot to mark the status on, plus all the typos. 😊
Oh, I almost always got the status, but wonder how many I forget to change the thing that needed correcting! Lawd, I’m tired!
posted by Pip Sheppard
I have been chugging as fast as I can!! Have to take a bit of a break but will be back soon. Keep going!! Weeeee can do this.
I’m taking a break for a while. It’s beginning to take a toll on my physically.
posted by Pip Sheppard
I've been banging away for the last hour, soon to go to bed and will resume in the AM.
posted by SJ Baty
Now we need 247 to make 10,000
posted by Laura (Pennie) Bozzay
W00T! We did it! And now I'm going to take my aching hands and back to bed! Good night all great job!
So I'm running into someone not correcting dates because "Find a grave" Is unsourced?
posted by Lisa (Phelps) Linn M.S.Ed.
edited by Lisa (Phelps) Linn M.S.Ed.
Find-a-Grave is considered unsourced if there is no picture of headstone showing the information on dates etc.
posted by William Foster Jr
Even then, headstones can be wrong. I don't take it as definitive without something confirming - obit, death certificate, etc.
posted by Nan (Lambert) Starjak
I realize that, but the error comes up and to fix it you take the date! Dear God, if I had to check the veracity of

F-A-G for every date that doesn't have paperwork, I wouldn't get anything done!

That's why I don't do FAG suggestions during any kind of "thon." You have to just blindly accept or mark false.
posted by Nan (Lambert) Starjak
edited by Nan (Lambert) Starjak
I've been doing them and it is slow going. Please don't just take word of FAG.
posted by William Foster Jr
This is a point of contention with a lot of folks - a lot of people want to do away with the Find a Grave errors altogether.
posted by SJ Baty
I look for a source like the death cert or birth cert depending on the problem date. If I can find that I use thst date and then either mark Find A Grave as false error if it was wrong or as corrected and leave a note on the profile as to what date we kept and why. If no corroborating data is found i mark it as not corrected and cite the difference in dates. I understand that counts
posted by Laura (Pennie) Bozzay
Kathy Zipperer broke 1000 tonight!!! Excellent! Congratulations, Kathy!
posted by Pip Sheppard
A super star. I am impressed!
posted by Laura (Pennie) Bozzay
Thanks Pip. Got to give it a rest for tonight though.
OK, Southern Super Sweepers, let's go!
posted by Nan (Lambert) Starjak
We wish you the best for the Clean-a-Thon.

Have fun!! The South African team

The Virginia Spring Cleaners wish you the best in your endeavor to clean Suggestions on our global tree. Thank you, Super Sweepers, for helping improve its health. We're looking forward to another fun weekend Thon! We'll see you there.

( ဖ‿ဖ)⫗(စ‿စ ) .

•* ˚ ♥"
☻/ღ˚ •。* ♥♥ ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★*
/▌。 ღ˛° 。* °♥ ˚ • ★ *˚
/ \ ˚. ★ *˛ ˚♥♥* ✰。˚ ˚ღ。
♥˛˚ ░S░U░P░E R - ✰*
░S░W░E░E░P░E░R░S░ ˚ * ˚
✫ ˛˚ ♥♥ 。✰˚* ˚ ★ღ ˚ 。✰
•* ˚ ♥" ✰。 ღ˛° 。* ♥" ✰
posted by Mindy Silva
Well team, are you ready to rock and row?? Clean and sweep?? Take time tonight before you go to bed or first thing in the morning to check out this page with the latest updates and chats for how to do this challenge ahead of us:

Also our 2020 Clean a Thon chat page is here:

Good luck to everyone and again "Thank you" for joining the Southern Super Sweepers this year!!!!!

Your team co-captains!!

posted by Dorothy Barry
Hi Team members of the Southern Super Sweepers!!

Springtime is finally here! To celebrate, WikiTree is having their "fourth" three-day Spring Clean-a-Thon !! The cleaning will start on Friday, April 24, at 8 AM (EDT) and run until Monday, April 27, at 8 AM (EDT).

Our team captains this year are Loretta Corbin and myself, Dorothy Barry!

Please check out the official WikiTree Help Guide for the Spring Clean-a-Thon here:

Then sign up here in order to get the 2020 Spring Clean-a-Thon badge:

Check out our G2G Chat page here:

As always we appreciate your support and time in this spring endeavor! "Go Southern Super Sweepers. The Fun Team!!"

posted by Dorothy Barry
edited by Dorothy Barry
Congratulations Super Sweepers, we made the top ten, we came in 8th place with 825 entries. The Top contributor of our group was Paula J Franklin with 216.

Thank you everyone for your hard work and time devoted to this 2020 Scan A Thon!!!!!!!!!

Now I am off to rest. Everyone should do the same!!!

posted by Dorothy Barry
edited by Dorothy Barry
Thanks Dorothy but I am babysitting and I will have him overnight as well. So getting rest is not in my near future....
posted by Laura (Pennie) Bozzay
My husband made me take a break from pouring through boxes looking for more stuff to scan. I sent him into the archives (read that as closets, basement, and attic looking for more to scan. I started with over 100 items and did them all. So now into looking for me. He decided I needed to stop and eat with him before he leaves for the rest of the day. So I am fed, have two very large binders I am now working out of and ready to go yet again....

Is it me or does this thon seem like it just wears you out? I think it is all the physical up and down and lifting. Plus all the old papers aggregate my allergies and I am sneezing and coughing because of it... Sigh... what we do for our love of WT

I did find some photos that I added yesterday after i figure out who they were! They were in a box I brought back from my Aunt's house after she died in Dec of 2018. First chance I had to dig into that box! Take a look at some really cool photos i found from the 1800s and mid to early 1900s go to: Woerner-56 my grandmother, Hempen 5 her husband my grandfather I never saw those portraits of my grandmother!

posted by Laura (Pennie) Bozzay
Laura, you are a superstar! I've done all I had then had to start adding profiles for the pictures. Now I'm out of profiles from my other account to copy info and have to start them from scratch! I have no basement *sigh* and my attic holds only a heater and a bunch of insulation! we soldier on Super Sweepers!
Sorry gang, I spent 99% of yesterday in bed and today is not looking much better. I cannot imagine how bad the flu would have been if I hadn't gotten the flu shot. Good Luck to everyone, I'm heading back to bed.
posted by Loretta (Leger) Corbin
Feel better Loretta -that flu is no joke. Take good care and come back to us when you're well.
Hi all - been on the road this weekend - back at home for a Sunday push. Sorry to have missed most of the party!
posted by SJ Baty
Glad you are here. We need some help
posted by Laura (Pennie) Bozzay
I think I've added almost as many profiles as images!
Me to. Or been shoring up data based on the images
posted by Laura (Pennie) Bozzay
My eyes are hanging out of my head... my tummy is grumbling... time for a break.

Just checked the stats we are in 8th place. I just finished my 5th box of stuff. Have about 6 scans to finish and i want food ... real food not cookies and crackers.. how is everyone else holding up?

posted by Laura (Pennie) Bozzay
Awesome job Laura! Ran out of photos, looking for more.
posted by Dorothy Barry
I going through boxes i moved houses 3 times....
posted by Laura (Pennie) Bozzay
LOL! All I've eaten is 1 yogurt, 5 prunes and 3 crackers! I can soooooo relate!
Is anyone having issues with the site? I have tabs going round and round and can't get to profiles.
It is working for me . Try clearing your cache by deleting last instance of wkitree in your browser history
posted by Laura (Pennie) Bozzay
Link to Scan A Thon Tracker by team and name:

posted by Dorothy Barry
We have been bouncing up and down in the rankings. I find I do a pile then have to put that stuff away and get the next batch of stuff. Very slow process compared to the other thons!
posted by Laura (Pennie) Bozzay
I thought I was on a roll but found I did not put names to some pictures, ugh... so had to go back and find where I got them and who they belonged to.. oh well, onward I go. Thanks for sharing Laura.
posted by Dorothy Barry
What is the link to check stats? I've done two and don't see where to log anything
Thank you Laura! I appreciate your timely response.
Wow really slow process. I have only gotten 8 funeral cards scanned
posted by Laura (Pennie) Bozzay
edited by Laura (Pennie) Bozzay
In case you need it, here is the link to the rules of the Scan A Thon.

In a nut shell: no copyrighted images. JPEG scans of under 10MB. No images from other websites. Hope that helps! Family photos, certificates you have, family memorabilia, funeral cards, post cards, letters, and handwritten personal research are things I am doing.

posted by Laura (Pennie) Bozzay
Good Morning!

Let's Rock this Thon out! Every image added enhances the site. :) Remember, don't stress out, just have fun and add what you can! Let' do this!!!

posted by Loretta (Leger) Corbin
Good luck everyone, We start in about two hours as of this post, Do what you can, and enjoy adding history photos, imagines to your profiles. They will definitely enhance the profile overall. Thank you for being a part of the Southern Super Sweepers for the 2010 Scan A Thon!!!
posted by Dorothy Barry
Just want to remind everyone you do not need to do scans that only match our Southern Super Sweeper areas. Any uncopyrighted scans are ok for this thon! Family photos from all over the world are fair game. Documents you have like birth, marriage, and death certificates are fair game. Family memorabilia is fair game.
posted by Laura (Pennie) Bozzay
Hi All! Thanks Dorothy for the heads up on the weekend scan-a-thon. I didn't put it on my calendar, so I'd forgotten the specifics. I will be on as long and often as possible and look forward to seeing all we can accomplish.
Lisa it is great you will be participating with us! If you haven't done so yet please register on G2G there is a link at the top of the page.
posted by Laura (Pennie) Bozzay
Hi All, Happy New Year!! Just wanted to remind you......

Last few days for anyone signing up for the 2010 Scan-a-Thon. We only have about ten members signed up currently. Please hurry and sign up to be on your Super Sweepers team for this month's challenge.

Go here:

Thanks, Dorothy B.

posted by Dorothy Barry
New Southern Super Sweepers Chat page is now up! Please go here and chat with us awhile!! Say hi to others and prehaps share what southern states you are planning to work on etc.

Oh and if you haven't signed up for 2020 to get the Scan-A Thon badge please do so as soon as possible so you will be added to our team.

posted by Dorothy Barry
Hi Super Sweepers! Congratulations from all of us at the Windsor Warriors for your amazing contributions during the 2019 Source-a-thon. What a fun weekend we had! It was a pleasure running alongside you all and we look forward to seeing you in the branches. Susie :-)
Congratulations, Super duper sweepers! I wasn't still up to learn about the door prize. My eyes had glazed over about 30 minutes earlier.

Thanks to everyone!