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Are you new to working with our Suggestion Reports? Do you need a little help in understanding how to access and use them? Here's a Clean-a-Thon tutorial.

Check out our step-by-step process below.
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Suggestions Difficulty Ratings

There is a Difficulty Rating for each suggestion defined as:
  • Easy- very basic format issues caused by typos, punctuation omissions, name or date errors. (Examples: Brackets, Typos in any field, Headings);
  • Intermediate - requires knowledge of WikiTree functions and proper formatting. (Examples: Inline citations, Sourcing, Template formatting); or
  • Advanced - requires multiple steps, research, and combines more than one intermediate function to resolve. (Examples: Merging, Clean up Profile after merges, duplicate sources)
  • On any level, please work on profiles only in the location[s] and/or timeframe[s] you are comfortable with and qualified for (i.e. you are badged for Pre-1700 or Pre-1500 Certifications; live in and/or research specific location[s]).
  • Check the ratings for the suggestion you want to work on and get more information before you start:
  • There are suggestions to work on at every difficulty level. The following table links pages for each level suggestions. Be sure to check the Suggestions Guidelines for more instructions.
Suggestions and Related Pages Links
Suggestions Guidelines Easy Rating Suggestions Intermediate Rating Suggestions Advanced Rating Suggestions
Suggestion Reports & Status Page Status Page Suggestions Groups & More Data Doctors Project

Finding the Suggestions

  • There are several places to find the Suggestions:

Your Team's Suggestion Report on your Team's Free-Space Page

The Suggestions List on the Data Doctors Report updated weekly

For an example see: the list for the week of April 5 April 2020.

Suggestions Spreadsheet

Suggestions Spreadsheet - used for teams during challenges and the "thons" and contains the suggestion lists updated weekly and more help for resolving suggestions.

  • The US States and Canada Historical Place Name tabs are good resources for proper state names and timeframes. Double-check with an online search for accuracy.

See: Suggestions Spreadsheet info below for more information.

Your Own Suggestions or Those Related to Specific Family Lines

  • For suggestions on your own Suggestions Report or managed profiles, you can work on any suggestions in your report checking for "Suggestions" on your My WikiTree, or the 2nd Menu Tab for any other profile.
My WikiTree Tab2nd Menu Tab
From the My WikiTree tab, scroll to and click on Suggestions for: On the 2nd Tab Menu, scroll to and click on Suggestions
* your own suggestions;*From you profile, Suggestions for Relatives report for your extended family and profiles managed by you.
*suggestions on profiles of your relatives.*If you are on any other profile, you will get the report for their extended family and any profiles they manage.
My WikiTree Tab
2nd Menu Tab

Suggestion List, Suggestion Report & Status Page

How to Use the Suggestions List

1. To find more details about the suggestions

2. To access the Suggestions Reports

Correcting the Suggestions

What the Suggestion Reports Look Like

  • There is a Suggestion Report for every suggestion:
Suggestions Report Example

How to Use the Suggestions Report

  • The Suggestions Report is the list of profiles to work on for the suggestion:

What the Suggestion Status page looks like

  • After you click the Status button, you get the Suggestion Status page.

Update the Suggestion status page to register your point for the Clean-a-Thon

Key to Completing the Suggestion Status Page
  • Additional information for the Suggestion Status Page is here. The 5 status option choices are defined.

Comments can be auto-filled

Choices in the Comment hints list may show up based on what others have left as comments for that suggestion. They are listed by the most frequently used comment entered first.

Note: Some comments appearing in the Suggestion status page list may not be appropriate, for example, “I am so tired of doing this”. Please do not use these types of entries and explain only what work you did.

Related suggestions

And you're done! On to the next!

Need More Information?

How to Get Help

More Info on the Suggestions Report and the Suggestions Status Page

Click image to watch the full video
Running Time: 10:00 with timestamps index.
Click on the segment links below
to watch a particular topic.
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Suggestions Status Page & Status Choice Definitions

  • Additional information for the Suggestion Status Page is here. This page defines the 5 status choices.

Suggestions Spreadsheet & Geographical Time Periods - US & Canada

  • Suggestions Spreadsheet - used for teams during challenges and the "thons" and contains the suggestion lists updated weekly and more help for resolving suggestions.
  • The US States and Canada Historical Place Name tabs are good resources for finding the proper state /province names in the timeframes. Review the notes and sources linked to verify the place names and dates.



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