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St Andrews Churchyard, Caxton, Cambridge worksheet

Privacy Level: Open (White)
Date: [unknown] [unknown]
Location: [unknown]
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This page is used by the St_Andrews_Church_Caxton,_Cambridge_CB23_3PL which is part of the Cambridgeshire Cemeteries Team to track their progress in documenting the final resting place of people buried in cemeteries across the state.

St Andrews Churchyard, Caxton, Cambridge CB23 3PL

Photograph Grave number Name Transcription
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-8.jpg In Church Henry Meade Smythe In loving memory of Henry Meade Smythe M.A. Oxon Priest of the parish 1873 - 1902. Husband of Fanny Catherine Smythe, also of their dear son, Capt. Rudolph Meade Smythe 5th Bedfordshire Regiment. Killed in Gallipoli Sept 15th 1915
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-24.jpg 1 Lt Col A A Comerford DSO and wife Magdalen Mary of your charity pray for the soul of Lt Col A.A.Comerford D.S.O. who died 25th February 1944 aged 58 years. Also his wife Magdalen Mary died 5th June 1974, aged 86 Years.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-25.jpg 2 Sophia Jane & Richard Walter Browning In loving memory of Sophia Jane, beloved wife of Richard Walter Browning, died 14th June 1946, aged 75 years, May her real faith and joy in Christ our Saviour, be an example to all who loved her. Also of Richard Walter who died 18th February 1956 , Aged 85 years. Peace Perfect Peace.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-26.jpg 3 Florence Sophia & john Kirkby Browning In loving memory of loved parents Florence Sophia Millard 23.12.1900 - 12.5.1872. John Kirkby Millard 10.5.1898 - 13.7.1980. Caring Christian County Craftspeople
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-27.jpg 4 1925 Very small and unclear Headstone. Only 1925 is visible
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-28.jpg 5 Broken Headstone This headstone is completely broken off and no detail can be taken from it.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-29.jpg 6 William & Sarah Bertha Burbridge In loving memory of William Burbridge who died Aug 10th 1927, aged 60 years. Thy will be done. Also of his wife Sarah Bertha Burbridge. Oct 14th 1934. Aged 64
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-30.jpg 7 William & Louisa Brown William Brown, who died November 18th 1920, aged 61 years. Rest in Hope. Also Louisa Brown, who died October 5th !935, aged 73 years.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-31.jpg 8 Margaret Roads Margaret, wife of Harper J Roads. At Rest. June 1st 1962
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-32.jpg 9 Edith Constance To the memory of Edith Constance Enogh who died 4th June 1958, Headmistress of Caxton School for 12 years until her death.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-33.jpg 10 Arthur Robert Greenslade In loving memory of Arthur Robert Greenslade who died 3rd November 1968. Aged 50 years.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-34.jpg 11 Bernard W.L. Palmer In loving memory of Bernard W.L Palmer died November 24th 1945. Aged 24 years. He is gone but never forgotten.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-35.jpg 12 Nellie and Wilfred Palmer Treasured memories of loving wife and mother, Nellie Palmer, who died June 13th 1967. Aged 76 years. Until we meet again. Also dear husband and father Wilfred Palmer, who died February 14th !993, aged 98
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-36.jpg 13 John Edward & Agnes Edith Mayes Treasured memories of Agnes Edith Mayes, a dear wife, mother and grandmother 1935 - 1994 I shall go to her but she will not return to me. John Edward Mayes, a dear husband and grandfather 1936 - 2017. Together again, at last, in eternity.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-38.jpg 14 Gideon James Crisp In loving memory of Gideon James Crisp, who died on the 6th day of September 1942. Aged 70 years. Abide with me.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-37.jpg 15 Linda Barbara Robinson In loving memory of Linda Barbara Robinson 30th June 1951 - 27 August 2016
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-39.jpg 16 Unknown This has no gravestone.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-40.jpg 17 Unknown In sacred memory ...this place, who departed this life 21st January 1852; also Ann, his wife who departed this life 11th February ... (I think - most is missing)
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-41.jpg 18 Hannah Rabbetti in loving memory of Hannah Rabbetti, who died 2nd March 1923. Aged 50 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-42.jpg 19 Jane Wilmer sacred to the memory of Jane, wife of Benjamin Wilmer, who departed this life 11th June 1838 Aged 40 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-43.jpg 20 Emily Sophia Hutchins In loving memory of Emily Sophia hutchins who died at Caxton on 1st Jan (or June) 1902. Aged 76
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-44.jpg 21 Caroline Bessie Simpson In loving memory of Caroline Bessie Simpson died April 17th (or 12th?) 1933, Aged 74 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-45.jpg 22 Thomas Morgan in loving memory of Thomas Morgan who died May 10th 1893 Aged 67 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-46.jpg 23 George Henry and Annie Alger In affectionate memory of George Henry Alger, who departed this life Jan 22nd 1868 in the 75th year of his age. And also to the memory of Annie, daughter of CEO Henry and mary Alger, who died August 13th 1840, aged 2 years.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-47.jpg 24 Amelia & Harold Simpson In affectionate memory of Amelia Simpson who died 21st October ??9? aged 71 years. Also of Harold Simpson ... 6th August ... (Grave worn away)
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-48.jpg 25 Malcolm J Burke Malcolm J Burke BDS 1932 - 2007, Darling husband of Jane.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-49.jpg 26 Sandra Pamela Howard In loving memory, a wonderful wife and mother Sandra Pamela Howard 19th October 1843 - 15th March 2007, So dearly loved, so greatly missed.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-50.jpg 27 Stanley Maurice Coleman Treasured memories. Stanley Maurice Coleman. 1918 - 2000. Loved husband, dad, and grandad.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-51.jpg 28 Sydney James & Irene Alice Tomlinson Sydney James Tomlinson 1924 - 1995 Beloved Husband, father and grandfather, Also of Loved mother and grandmother, Irene Alice Tomlinson 1928 - 2000. Together Again.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-52.jpg 29 Marie Louise & Frederick Thomas Best Treasured memories of Marie Louise Best, devoted mother and grandmother 1919=1997- always in our thoughts. Also our dear father Frederick Thomas Best 1918 - 1958. Together Again.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-55.jpg 30 Unknown - very worn AL...B...1823
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-53.jpg 31 Henry Meade, Fanny Catherine & Harriet Claudine Smythe In loving memory of Henry Meade Smythe, 29 years priest of this parish. Also of his loving wife Fanny Catherine Smythe who died August 24th 1939. Also of Harriet Claudine Smythe November 5th 1967, Aged 91 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-54.jpg 32 Stella Cresswell Smythe Stella Cresswell Smythe Born Jan 6th Died August 9th 1874. Jesus called a little child unto Him.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-56.jpg 33 John Okins In memory of John Okins who died 25th April 1875 aged 84
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-81.jpg 34 Jane & Thomas Okins Sacred to the memory of Jane and Thomas Okins who died here in 1837 and 1821 Aged 70 and 79.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-57.jpg 35 Marian & john Willie Cousins Treasured memories of wife and mother Marian Cousins who died 18th Oct 1959 Aged 80 years. Also a dear husband and father John Willie Cousins, who passed away Feb 18th 195? Aged 83 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-58.jpg 36 Winifred Susan Spring In loving memory of Winifred Susan Spring (CISS) Born Dec 7th 1918. died Nov 7th !944. rest in Peace
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-59.jpg 37 Christiana & Frederick W Spring Treasured memories of a dear wife and mother Christiana Spring 13th November 1912 - 11th March 1997. Also a dear husband and father Frederick W Spring - Fred - 26th December 1912 - 24th November 2008. So dearly loved, so sadly missed.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-60.jpg 38 Henry Francis and Emily Francis La Touche White in loving memory, Henry Francis La Touche White, only son of John La Touche White of Dundrum Co dublin,died 24th July 1910. Also Emily Frances, his wife, third daughter of W Poole of Ballyanne Co Waterford who died 10th June 1928. also Katie Florence Poole, loving sister of Emily, who died March 5th 1930 buried at Mount Jerome Dublin
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-68.jpg 39 Annie Chapman In loving memory of Annie Chapman. Born August 28th 1883, Died June 19th 1964
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-61.jpg 40 Muriel Frances Orr Patterson Muriel Frances Orr Patterson 1880 - 1966
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-62.jpg 41 Emma Mary & Harold Hendley To the dear memory of Emma Mary Hendley. A loving wife and mother, who died 4th July 1928. Also of Harold Hendley CSI Major General IMS Retd. Died 2st January 1932, Aged 70 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-63.jpg 42 David, Daniel or Daniella Steward (Very Warn) David (or Daniel or Daniella) Steward diedSept 24th1944 Aged 59 (or 39) years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-64.jpg 43 Charles Frederick & Mary Elizabeth Simpson in loving memory of Charles Frederick Simpson who departed this life July 4th 1913 aged 67 years. Dearer to thee, nearer to thee. Also of his wife, Mary Elizabeth, who departed this life June 26th 1933
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-65.jpg 44 Jane & George Horton Sacred to the memory of beloved wife and mother, Jane Horton, Died March 29th 1933, aged 87 years. Also of dear father George Horton, Died Nov 14th 1937, aged 95 years. Lord grant them eternal rest.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-66.jpg 45 Arthur Horton In loving memory of Arthur, the loved son of Jane and George Horton, who departed this life 14th Dec 1918, Aged 32 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-67.jpg 46 Aaron Luke Hardiman In loving memory of a dear son and grandson, Aaron Luke hardiman. 17th Nov 1994 - 19th Feb 1995. A tiny flower, lent not give, To bud on earth and bloom in heaven.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-199.jpg 47 Geraldine (gerry) Wendy Hardiman No headstone
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-69.jpg 48 Smoa?s Unclear M A S 1887
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-70.jpg 49 Unknown 1 No visible writing
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-71.jpg 50 Unknown 2 No clear writing
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-72.jpg 51 Mary Anne & Frederick Sewell In loving memory of dear mother Mary Ann Sewell, the beloved wife of Frederick Sewell, who died 12th Nov 1887. Aged 57 years. Also of Frederick Sewell, Died 25th May 1913. Aged 79 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-73.jpg 52 Not at all clear
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-74.jpg 53 Sacred Unclear but Sacred
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-75.jpg 54 Charles Beaumont In loving memory of Charles Beaumont who departed this life August 13th 1840. Aged 72 years (80% clear)
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-76.jpg 55 David Beaumont Unclear
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-77.jpg 56 Edward,Eliza, Walter and Anne Walker In memory of Edward walker. Born April 12th 1819, Died Dec 16th 1895. Also Eliza Walker. Born March 8th 1821, Died Oct 1st 1864 , Also Walter Fannerea Walker, Born July 6th 1849, Died April 2nd 1884, Also of Anne Walker, Born April 9th 1828. Died March 31st 1913. Until the day breaks.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-78.jpg 57 John & Ann Okin Sacred to the memory of John Okin Oct 1st ???? Aged 71 years. Also of his wife Ann Aged 80 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-21.jpg 58 Wilfred George and Emma Hullyer In loving memory of Wilfred George, the beloved husband of Emma Hullyer, who died Feb 18 1922 aged 45 years. Farewell dear Husband rather dear of this sad life of toil and care. Let's hope to meet in heaven above and reunite in God's own love. Also Emma Hullyer who died Jan 9 1966 aged 85 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-79.jpg 59 Hugh? Hugh H January 5th 1806 (Not at all clear and this is my best guess 40% sure)
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-80.jpg 60 Robert Robert Keith Evie???? Less clear as name develops!
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-82.jpg 61 Henry Biekent ? To the memory of Henry Bierkent Died March 1777 (50 % certain)
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-83.jpg 62 Richard Biekent ? To the memory of Richard Biekent ...
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-84.jpg 63 Richard Henry Biekent Sacred to the memory of Richard Henry Bierkent...
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-14.jpg 64 Millie Poppy Wells Died 12th February 2003 - Arise my darling, my beautiful one and come away, for now the winter is past, the rain is over and gone
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-2.jpg 65 Charles Edgar Dikes and Alice Dikes In loving memory of Charles Edgar Dikes, 1895 - 1964 and Alice Dikes 1890 - 1965
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-5.jpg 66 Eliza Ann Kidman and James Kidman In memory of Eliza Ann Kidman, died Feb 16th 1933. Also of James Kidman died March 17th 1938
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-6.jpg 67 Florence Annie Kidman Died 26th March 1952 Aged 56 ? or 66? (unclear) years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-12.jpg 68 Lois Matilda and Thomas Cross In loving memory of Lois Matilda, the beloved wife of Thomas Cross , who departed this life 15th March 1908 aged 61 years. Peace Perfect Peace. Also of Thomas Cross, who died August 10th 1935. Aged 91 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-7.jpg 69 Hannah and William Henry Brindle In loving memory of Hannah, the beloved wife of William Henry Brindle, who died April 9th 1952. aged 64 years. Also of William Henry Brindle, who died July 24th 1965 aged 73 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-102.jpg 70 George & Emma Clarke In loving memory of George Clarke who died Jan 19th 1892, Aged 51 years. Also of Emma, wife of the above, who died April 25th 1902, Aged 51 years. C R C 1891
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-85.jpg 71 Thomas Arnold Thomas Arnold, Husband and Father died February 23rd 1953
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress.png 72 Albert Fred Wardwoods Albert Fred Wardwoods died 31st December 1952 aged 62 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-87.jpg 73 Charlotte Oarnham Charlotte Oarnham who died Jan "7th 1953 Aged 60 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-88.jpg 74 Richard, Marie & Nevilli Harrison (Latin) Juxta hoc marmor depofinur jacet corpus Richard Harrison sui objit 9th Jan anno dominii 1719 Aracis 49: Ncc hoc Marie Harrison uxoris... vita carois Sui objit March 28th Anno Dominii 1715, Araris 41; Ncc hoc Nevilli Harrison, Richard & Marie Filii nator minoris Sui Objit 11 months MDCCXV (1715)
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-11.jpg 75 John Howard In memory of John Howard of Kensworth Herts. Born Oct 21st AD 1837, Aged 72 years. I know that my Redeemer lives Job XIX v 25
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-17.jpg 76 and 77 Rebekah Elizabeth Wright (A pair of badly damaged stones of husband and wife - what i could make out) In memory of Rebekah Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Augustus (?) John Wright. She died in 1859 (I think - MDCCCLIX) aged 88. the other one just had John Wright barely distinguishable.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-89.jpg 78 Sarah Brook Sacred to the memory of Sarah, wife of John Brook Junior of this town Surgeon, who died 26th October 1860 Aged 47 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-90.jpg 79 John Brook Sacred to the memory of John brook Junior, son of John Brook Surgeon of this town and place, who through an accidental fall from his horse died on the 26th August 1863 Aged 43 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-91.jpg 80 Eunice Brook Sacred to the memory of Eunice, wife of John Brook Surgeon of this place, who died May 20th 1834
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-92.jpg 81 William Pittman Worboys & Annie Sophie Curtis In loving memory of William Pittman Worboys who died 17th Sept 1905 Aged 86 years His end was peaceful. Also his daughter, Annie Sophie Curtis, who died 11th November 1948 Aged 89 years, Peace Perfect Peace
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-93.jpg 82 Charles Anthony Mortlock Charles Anthony Mortlock, who died July 3rd 1893 Aged 56 years.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-94.jpg 83 Hidden Grave This grave is seriously in the middle of a tree like shrub. I would have to take lots of branches off this tree and i am not sure the locals would like that. I will ask permission form the vicar!
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-20.jpg 84 Thomas Fordham Memory of Thomas Fordham who ... April...
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-95.jpg 85 Thomas Fordham In loving memory of Thomas Fordham who died 10th October 1831 (unsure of date)
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-96.jpg 86 Thomas Fordham In loving memory of thomas Fordham who died June ... Aged 60 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-97.jpg 87 Charles Henry Hawkins (70% sure) In memory of Charles Henry Hawkins who died April 10th... Aged 62 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-98.jpg 88 Joseph Torkintine Here Lyeth the body of Joseph Torkintine who departed this life 23rd Februsray 1717 Aged 50 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-99.jpg 89 Possibly William Torkintine William Torkintine who died 13th November... (Not sure on this one at all)
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-100.jpg 90 Unknown This is very worn away
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-101.jpg 91 Unknown Again this one is very worn away
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-134.jpg 92 Peter Abraham Peter Abraham 170? Aged 76 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-133.jpg 93 Arthur H Very Faded but just make out sometime in 1700s
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-132.jpg 94 John Torkentine sometime in 1700s
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-135.jpg 95 Abraham Frochs (unsure of the end of surname) in memory of Abraham Frochs, Husband of Ann Frochs, who died Jan 22nd 1761, Aged 51 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-136.jpg 95a I F (leaning against 92) I. F.. 1707
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-137.jpg 96 Eliazabth Ilat In affectionate memory of Elizabeth, wife of William Ilat, who died May (15th ?) 1755
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-138.jpg 97 David Body ? Very difficult to read - 17??
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-139.jpg 98 Upside Down Grave Large grave completely upside down. Too big and heavy to move.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-140.jpg 99 Overgrown Grave This grave was overgorwn with ivy and shrubs. When i cleared it away, i could see no writing on either side
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-141.jpg 100 Overgrown Grave Next to 96, this was also overgrown with ivy and shrubs. When cleared, only imprints of a couple of vague letters such as R and A could be seen
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-15.jpg 101 Peter Frank &Ann King In loving memory of Peter Frank King 30th October 1916 to 29th December 1999 and his wife, Ann, !7th September to 20th March 2008
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-16.jpg 102 Philip and Hannah King To the memory of Philip King, who died 16th October 1893 aged 85 years and of his wife Hannah, who died 20th March 1866 aged 49 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-9.jpg 103 James Kidman Paine, Fanny Paine and Donald Ulysses Paine In memory of James Kidman Paine died 26th Sept 1943 Aged 81 years. Also fanny Paine, his wife, who died 25th March 1941 aged 85 years. Also Donald Ulysses Paine, their son, died 18th April 1935 aged 44 years. God's promises they ripen fast, unfolding every h..., The bud may have a bitter taste but sweet will be the ...
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-4.jpg 104 Daniel and Jane King In ever loving memory of Daniel King, who passed away October 22nd 1931 aged 83 years. Also of Jane the beloved wife of the above, who passed away June 7th 1935 aged 90 years
105 Agnes Maud and James Wakefield In loving memory of Agnes Maud, the beloved wife of James Wakefield, who fell asleep September 22nd 1948. At rest also in loving memory, James Wakefield, who passed away April 27th 1964
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-22.jpg 106 William Edgar and Hilda May King To the memory of William Edgar King - 11th January 1890 - 8th March 1960 and of his wife Hilda May 23rd November 1888 to 8th August 1972
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-13.jpg 107 Mabel Jane, Florence and Bertha King To the memory of Mabel Jane king who died 4th March 1968 aged 84 and her sisters, Florence King who died 23rd May 1968 aged 94 and Betha King, died 15th february 1984 aged 98 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-10.jpg 108 Jane Wakefield Jane the beloved wife of Thomas Wakefield, who departed this life 11th December 1910 aged 62 years Peace Perfect Peace
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-3.jpg 109 Clara Florence Elizabeth Cooke The oldest daughter of the late Thomas Wakefield, died March 7th 1948 aged 75 years. Peace Perfect Peace
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-19.jpg 110 Sarah Rose Griffin and Phoebe Caroline Mary Wakefield In loving memory of Sarah Rose Griffin died 15th January 1957 aged 81 years. Resting also, Phoebe Caroline Mary Wakefield, died 23rd November 1966. aged 91 years. he leadeth me.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-103.jpg 111 H K H K 1806
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-104.jpg 112 Too Worn Nothing to see
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-105.jpg 113 Even more worn Nothing to see
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-106.jpg James Oiley Kidman 114 In memory of James Oiley Kidman , 6th of October 1887, Aged 72(?) years... was peace...
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-107.jpg 115 Ruth Kidman In Affectionate memory of Ruth Kidman, widow of James Oiley Kidman, who died 12th Dec 1900, Aged 83 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-108.jpg 116 Mary Ann Oiley Paine In loving memory of Mary Ann Oiley Paine, who died May 14th 1920, Aged 82 years. Dear mother rest, they work is done, Thy loving hands shall toil no more, No more they gentle eyes shall weep, Rest dear mother, gently sleep.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-109.jpg 117 ??? Ingrid Not clear Not clear
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-110.jpg 118 Thomas? In loving memory of Thomas, the son of Thanos?Thomas? 1831
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-111.jpg 119 James Kidman James Kidman who died 10th Jan 1801 - Aged 15 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-112.jpg 120 Ann Kidman Ann Kidman, daughter of Thomas S Kidman (?) who departed this life 1753, in the 9th year of her life.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-200.jpg 121 two Graves - Thomas Kidman Grave 1 - Thomas Kidman - , aged 6 -
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-116.jpg 121a two Graves - Thomas Kidman covered by grave 2 - thomas Kidman who died April 1763, Aged 55
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-113.jpg 122 James Kidman In memory of James Oiley Kidman, son of james Oiley Kidman and Ruth, his wife, who died 10th April 1855, Aged 16 years and also of Eleanor Oiley Kidman, their daughter, who died 9th September 1819, aged 2
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-201.jpg 123 J O K J O K 1887
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-115.jpg 124 BK BK 1900
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-114.jpg 125 Frances Kidman? To the memory of Frances (kidman) who died Jan 10th 1827 Aged 77 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-202.jpg 126 2 Graves Charles and Richard Kidman Grave 1 - Charles Kidman, 2nd grave covering first - Richard Kidman, who died April 19th 1829 Aged 28 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-119.jpg 127 Kidman Family? Grave 1 - obscured, Grave 2 - Kidman, 11th October 1810 aged 38, Grave 3 -can;t read, Grave 4 - W.S
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-120.jpg 128 Possibly Katy Kidman Died 1789, aged 95 years?
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-121.jpg 129 Ann Kidman Ann, wife of James S Kidman
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-122.jpg 130 William Flinders Sacred to the memory of William Flinders who departed this life November 4th 18?7 aged 73 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-126.jpg 131 Mary Ann Flinders Sacred to the memory of Mary Ann, wife of John Flinders
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-127.jpg 132 John Flinders In memoriam of john Flinders April 21st 1824 Aged 85 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-128.jpg 133 John Flinders In memoriam of john Flinders, May 1816, Aged 63 or 69 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-129.jpg 134 Mary Ann Flinders In memory of Mary Ann, wife of John Flinders, who died 13th Jan ???? Aged 75 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-142.jpg 135 William Harrison Here lies the body of William Harrison, who died 15th February !790 - aged ??
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-143.jpg 136 Ann Harrison In memoriam of Ann Harrison who departed this life 28th February 1780 in the 30th (80th?) year of her life
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-144.jpg !37 Ruth Cooper Ruth Cooper who died March 1790? Aged 76 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-146.jpg 138 Edward Ellis In memory of Edward Ellis who departed this life April the 5th 1838. Aged 32 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-145.jpg 139 Sarah & Eliza Farr To the memory of Sarah Farr who died May 10th 1828. Aged 21 years. In memory of Eliza Farr who died Oct 29th 1825, Aged 17 years.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-147.jpg 140 John Farr In memory of John Farr who departed this life April ..183?. (Aged 32 years ?)
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-148.jpg 141 Maria In memory of Maria, daughter of ...
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-143.jpg 142 Samuel Fordham Samuel Fordham son of Benjamin and Ann Fordham, who ..... April 14th 1805, Aged ...
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-151.jpg 143 A Family of unreadables the biggest grave could be either Robert or John Fordham as it ends in am and starts with an Ro or Jo and is next to a Fordham grave. This is just a guess though.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-152.jpg 144 Unknown Unreadable
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-153.jpg 145 Mary Wilcsor? In memory of Mary Wilcsor(?) who died... 18?1
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-154.jpg 146 William Hohmay? In memory of William Hohmay who died May 1761 Aged 75
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-155.jpg 147 John & Marianne Ambrose In loving memory of John Ambrose who died February 14th 1905 Aged 65 (85?) Also of Marianne Ambrose, wife of the above, who died June ..... Aged 68 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-156.jpg 148 Mary Peacock In loving memory of Mary, wife of William Peacock who departed this life 8th February 1894 aged 56 years. "Thy will be done."
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-156.jpg 149 John & Sarah Peacock Sacred to the memory of John Peacock, who died April 12th 1914 Aged 79 years . Also of his wife, Sarah, who died October 1st 1906 Aged 70 years. "Abide with me"
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-158.jpg 150 Hannah & Henry Simons and Rose Hannah In loving memory of Hannah, the wide of Henry Simons, who departed this life 26th March 1898 Aged 73 years. "Shall not the judge of all the earth do right?" Also of Henry Simons, who died 13th January 1916 Aged 91 years and Rose Hannah, their daughter, who died 22nd November 1911 Aged 44 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-159.jpg 150a H Simons H S 1898
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-157.jpg 151 Possibly a child Peacock? Positioned at the end of grave 149 - John and Sarah Peacock
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-160.jpg 152 John Rowney In loving memory of John Rowney, who died 4th May 1921 Aged 61 years. "There is rest for the weary" from his loving wife, son and daughter
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-161.jpg 153 A Cooper In memory of A C mother of Elizabeth Cooper who died 16th November 1871 (or 1877)
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-162.jpg 154 William Cooper In memory of William Cooper...
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-163.jpg 155 Elizabeth Cooper In memory of Elizabeth Cooper, the wife of William Cooper who died July 1861...
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-164.jpg 156 ??? Cooper In memory of ...... the daughter of Elizabeth Cooper...
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-165.jpg 157 S Just S
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-166.jpg 158 David F B Gape In lasting memory of David F B Gape 1922 - 2009
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-167.jpg 159 Amy Elizabeth Duncan Amy Elizabeth Duncan 1968 - 2009. Loved and missed by so many
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-168.jpg 160 Ann Kenyon Knight In loving memory of Ann Kenyon Knight - 12th December 1942 - 19th March 2015
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-169.jpg 161 Marge Brown Marge Brown who died 21st March 2007 Aged 63 years.Treasured wife, mum and nan "Forever in our hearts"
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-170.jpg 162 Derek Abram In loving memory of a dear husband, dad, grandad, great grandad Derek Abram. Passed away 17.03.2015 Aged 81 "Loved and remembered always"
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-171.jpg 163 Doreen Margaret Candlish In loving memory of Doreen Margaret Candlish Died 5th April 1975 Aged 52 years and in memory of her husband Alan George Campbell Candlish buried in the Isle of Wight.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-172.jpg 164 William Wiltshire in loving memory of William Wiltshire died August 30th 1977 Aged 90 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-173.jpg 165 Henry Ambrose Henry Ambrose - October 24th 1976, Aged 82 years. "Remembered Always."
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-203.jpg 166 May 22nd ..... May 22nd....
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-174.jpg 167 DAD DAD
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-204.jpg 168 Sydney John Thomas & Lily Pretoria Abram In loving memory of Sydney John Thomas Abram died 18th March 1974 Aged 75 years. Lily Pretoria Abram died 12th April 1985 Aged 85 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-175.jpg 169 Lily Maud & Andrew Carter Sacred to the memory of Lily Maud Carter 1896 - 1965 Also of Andrew Carter 1888 - 1983. "Peace Perfect Peace"
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-176.jpg 170 Harry George Ambrose & Margaret Eileen Smith In loving memory of Harry George Ambrose who died 27th July 1961 Aged 34 years, Also of Margaret Eileen smith who died 26th March 1992 Aged 59 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-177.jpg 170a Gerald Sydney Smith In loving memory of Gerald Sydney Smith who died 2nd September 2008. Aged 81 years. "Loved by all who knew him."
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-178.jpg 171 Dorothy Blanche Ambrose In loving memory of Dorothy Blanche Ambrose. Died 11th March 1975. Aged 74 years.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-180.jpg 172 John William & Ivy Pricevne (Price...) in loving memory of John William laid to rest 28th March 1961. Also his beloved wife Ivy, laid to rest 7th May 1970 Aged 88 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-182.jpg 173 Karen Slater In affectionate memory of our darling daughter Karen Slater who was taken from this life March 21st 1961 Aged 4 months. "Safe in the arms of Jesus"
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-183.jpg 174 A pot No writing
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-184.jpg 175 A pot No Writing
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-185.jpg 176 Roy Abram In loving memory of Roy Abram 18-8-1935 - - 12-8-2016. "Rest in Peace" Aged 80 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-186.jpg 177 William James & Evelyn Florence Lilley In loving memory of William James Lilley. Died 3rd June 1984. Aged 77 years and his beloved wife Evelyn Florence Lilley. Died 28th July 2004. Aged 96 years. "The Lord is my Shepherd"
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-187.jpg 178 Lily May & William George Beake In loving memory of Lily May Beake 1920 - 1986. Also of her husband William George Beake. !917 - 1996. "Peace Perfect Peace." Dearest mother and father of Maureen.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-188.jpg 179 Captain Basil Michael Comerford. In loving memory of Captain Basil Michael Comerford
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-189.jpg 180 Henry Searle In loving memory of Henry Searle. Died March 10th 1968. At Rest
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-190.jpg 181 John & Ethel Watts In dearest memory of John, beloved husband of Ethel Watts, who passed away in sleep Sept 7th 1967 Aged 87 years. John Martin watts lost in air operations June 17th 1942 Aged 19 years. Also Ethel Rosetta watts who died 9th Feb 1983. Aged 90 years. Reunited.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-191.jpg 182 John Robert Mayes In loving memory of a very dear husband and father John Robert Mayes. Died 12th October 1966 Aged 85 years
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-192.jpg 183 Oliverand Mary Jemima Kipps In loving memory of Oliver Kipps. 13.9.1913 - 26.8.1993. Churchwarden. And of his wife Mary Jemima 10.10.1910 - 31.1.1995. Benefactors of the church.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-193.jpg 184 Fiona Mary Lattimore Fiona Mary Lattimore 7th July 1963 - 29th April 1988. Beloved daughter of Francees
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-194.jpg 185 Sarah Ann & Joseph Sidney William Whitter I ever loving memory of a wife and mother Sarah Ann Whitter who fell asleep 12th January 1992 Aged 77. Also of a dear husband and father Joseph Sidney William Whitter who died 15th April 2000. Aged 87 years.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-195.jpg 186 Patrick Johnny Tilley. In loving memory of Patrick Johnny Tilley. Died 18th march 1999. Aged 69. Beloved husband of Pam. Dearly loved by all his... Gone from our home but not from our hearts. Rest in Peace
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-196.jpg 187 In loving memory. In loving memory.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-197.jpg 188 Andrew Martin James Consecrated to the memory of Andrew Martin James. A dear husband, daddy, son and brother. 1.8.1963 - 29.8.2003. So dearly loved, so greatly missed.
75px-Cambridgeshire_Cemeteries_Team_Progress-198.jpg 189 Maureen Ann Wilson In loving memory of Maureen Ann Wilson died January 27th 2000 Aged 56 years. "So dearly loved and always in our hearts."
Photograph Grave number Name Transcription

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