St Andrews Park Cemetery, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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Location: 4C Church Street Hobart, Tasmania 7000, Australiamap
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Location St Andrews Park cemetery is located at 4C Church St Hobart.

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church Hobart (now Scots Church) is known as the oldest Presbyterian church in Australia, and the attached cemetery was originally known as St Andrew's Presbyterian Burial ground. The Old Presbyterian Cemetery was closed by proclamation in 1872. In July 1933 it was requested by the City Council to have 205 headstones, and 35 vaults removed and the cemetery converted to a memorial reserve similar to St David's Park at a cost of 300 pounds, Due to it being rundown, overgrown with weeds, and locals starting to use it a refuse dump. It also had become a resort for 'all sorts of undesirable characters' according to a news article of 25 Jul 1933. A deputation from the Presbyterian Church of Hobart approached the council on 29 Aug 1933 to arrange handing the Cemetery over to Hobart Council, proposing to move the memorials to Cornelian Bay Cemetery (Source: Australian Cemeteries Index). The Old Cemetery was finally transferred to Council and renamed St Andrews Park in 1935. Human remains were removed for various reasons including poor drainage within the burial ground, risk to public health due to unsanitary conditions, cemetery land sold to purchasers and used for other purposes. These individuals were buried at their respective cemeteries during the period 1850 – 1898. Their remains were removed at various different times after 1902. Some, but not all of these remains were later buried at Cornelian Bay Cemetery (now operated by Millingtons Funeral Directors )(Source: Millingtons Funeral DIrectors)

How to get there Fron the central business district of Hobart, take Elizabeth St North-West. Turn right into Patrick St and left again into Church St. The cemetery is on the left in that street.

The cemetery was photographed by Neil Croll in 2017 03:09, 18 March 2021 (UTC)

Sources of information

NameBirthDeathAgeNotesPhoto no.Coordinates
AllanEdward186116 Jul 188322
AndersonAmelia182314 Nov 186441Mother: Margaret
AndersonJamesTaylor25 Jun 183428 Jun 183413dMother: Margaret
AndersonJanet25 Jun 183428 Jun 183413dMother: Margaret
AndersonJohn177912 Feb 184162
AndersonJohn LillieDec 18385 Apr 18395mMother: Margaret
AndersonMargaret ElizabethAug 183716 Dec 18374m
AndersonMoses18134 April 185239Father: John
ArcherFrederick12 Oct 185055Cornwall Chronicle 13 Apr 1839
ArcherJohn ThomasApr 18427 Sept 18425m
ArcherWilliamFeb 1847?m
ArcherWilliam Septimus31 Mar 1849
AtkinsonCharlotte182226 Jan 185028Spouse: Francis
BaileyIsabella31 Dec 1854
BaileySamuel16 Dec 1856
BakerWilliam180610 Nov 186256Born: Paisley, Scotland
BallantineHarriet MaryNov 185923 Jan 185910w
BallantineRobert DundasMay 186118 Dec 18617m
BarclayIsabellaDec 183412 Jun 184712y7mFather: David; Mother: Margaret
BarclayWillliam181226 Mar 186553Born: Leith, Scotland
BarnardJohn182218 Jan 185634Occupation: Master tailor, HM 98th regiment
BarrettCharles Norton1 Sept 184810 Dec 18483m10dFather: William; Mother: Mary
BarrettJohn4 May 184917 May 184913dFather: William; Mother: Mary
BarrettMary Ann NortonOct 184512 Jan 184615mFather: William; Mother: Mary
BarrettSarah AnnFeb 184722 Apr 18536y2mFather: William; Mother: Mary
BarrettWilliam18013 May 185049Father: William; Mother: Mary
BaudinetMargaret18376 Jun 18436Father: William
BaudinetWilliam Chaulk14 Aug 1865
BlairCatherine180513 Aug 183025Spouse: James
BlairJames18023 Sept 185250
BlairMargaret3mFather: James
BowmanElizabeth182621 Nov 185327Spouse: JR McDonald, from Walkerville, South Australia
BrandHenry184822 Nov 186820
BrandJames18419 Mar 186019
BrandRobert184516 Oct 186924
BrentonJanet18397 Nov 185920
BrockAlexanderSept 185530 Dec 185510wFather: James; Mother: Isabella
BrownAgnes Drummond182628 Jan 186842
BrownGeorgeBorn: Annelong, Ireland; Spouse: Jane Harrson
BrownJane Harrson18074 Mar 184437Born: Annelong, Ireland; Spouse: George
BryceFrances178331 Mar 186582
BryceRobert179828 Apr 183840
BuryRichard18054 Jan 186156Spouse: Jane
ButterworthJohn William18077 May 185043
CampbellJane177115 Sept 183362
ChampionHester177011 Jun 183868
ChampionPeter176517 Nov 185287
CharmichaelCaroline Amelia179724 Jun 186568
CharmichaelJames179528 Dec 187075
ChastonSusan15 Sept 18495 Oct 184919y6mSpouse: William
ChrichardHannah177014 Mar 184676
ClarkAlexander183818 Jun 185719Died: Geelong, Victoria, Australia
ClarkAlexander180315 Feb 186360
ClarkAndrew183823 Mar 18435
ClarkHellen18001 Oct 183232
ClarkeAlexandrina Scobie
ClarkeCharles William180723 Oct 18447Father: James; Mother: Jane
ClarkeGeorgina MargaretFather: James; Mother: Jane
ClarkeHelen182212 Oct 185634Father: James; Mother: Jane
ClarkeHugh Robert ManKenzie Scobie184321 Oct 18474
ClarkeJane181222 Sept 186553Father: James; Mother: Jane
ClarkeJane18028 Mar 184745Born: Haddingtonshire, Scotland; Spouse: Joseph
ClarkeJane JessieApr 183110 Dec 18318m
ClarkeJoseph181521 Sept 185944Born: London, England; Spouse: Jane
CollinsAdlineJan 185524 Mar 185510w
CollinsRobert Green180525 Feb 185550
ConolanAnabellaMar 184625 Jul 18504y5m
ConolanMary18248 Mar 185127Spouse: Bernard
CoombsStephen178019 Nov 185070
CraigElizabethJul 18264 Nov 184216y5mFather: John Offor; Grandmother: Elizabeth Morgam
CrippsSarah176611 Jun 185387
CrookeElizabeth FrancesOct 184915 Dec 185010m
CrookeJamesDec 184721 Jan 18481m
CrookeSarah Maclanachan29 May 18511 Jun 18514d
CrookeWilliam28 Dec 18477 Jan 184811d
CummingAdam177525 April 183863Born: Wirth, Scotland
DavidsonHenry18055 July 186156
DixonAlice IsabellaJan 184710 Oct 184821m
DixonFrancis Ernest17811 Feb 186382
DixonJoseph180813 Jul 185850
DixonMargaret LouisaJan 184319 Nov 184422m
DonaldsonIsabella180315 Apr 186360
DouglasNiel179620 Nov 184549Born: Dundee, Scotland
DrinkwaterJane181610 May 186650
DrysdaleMargaret181414 Nov 186248Born: Kinross, Scotland; Spouse: Walter
DugallThomas179914 Sept 186465
DuncansonJanet183924 Apr 186829Father: Malcolm; Mother: Elizabeth
DuncansonRobert18347 Aug 184814Died: Queensland; Father: Malcolm; Mother: Elizabeth
EasonJohn17992 May 185859
EdwardsAlexander183016 Nov 185424Occupation: ship builder; Father: Thomas; Mother: Janet
EdwardsJanet179925 Aug 185960Spouse: Thomas
EdwardsThomas183413 Mar 187137Spouse: Janet
ElmerHarriet Mary183423 Jan 185420Father: John
FacyEliza18522 Jan 18542
FacyHannah185418 Dec 18584
FacyMary178326 Jun 185572
FacyPeter17748 Jun 1832587 children
FacyWilliam Peter184926 Sept 18556
FairbairnChristina18303 Oct 186535Born: Coldstream, Scotland; Resided: Liverpool Street Hobart
FarmiloPhilip18211 Nov 185736Tasmanian Pioneer Index
FergusonAgnes180818 Apr 184840
FergusonAgnes182012 Mar 185030Father: George; Mother: Agnes
FergusonSarah179729 Apr 18536Father: George; Mother Agnes
FlemingHamilton179724 Nov 186063Father: George; Mother: Agnes
FraserHannah JanetDec 183524 Oct 18426y11m
FraserSusannah181522 Mar 186348
GalbraithDaniel180511 Jan 184944Born: Dunfries, Scotland147°19.315|
GalbraithJohn185024 May 18533
GalbraithMarion EuphemiaJul 18518 Dec 185217m147°19.315|
GardenAlexander179417 Dec 184954
GardenHenrietta18076 Apr 184942
GardenJohn HillMar 184019 Dec 18409m
GeissMary Louisa24 Nov 184615 Mar 18471y8m
GibsonThomas181515 Apr 186348Born: Doune, Scotland
GiffneyHenry Ruxton181215 Sept 184735
GoldieDavid181626 Feb 186448Launceston Examiner 1 Mar 1864
GoldieJamesDec 183728 Jan 18387w
GoldieMarySept 184616 Oct 18475w
GoverCharles185211 Aug 18564
GracieWilliam WallaceJun 18611 Jun 18708y7mFather: William
GraffErnest18209 Aug 185131
GrantDavid18195 July 185435
GrantSusan Campbell181010 Apr 186050Born: Leith, Scotland; Spouse: Alexander
GrayGeorge Grant Dawson15 Nov 186423 Jam 18652m8d
GrayWilliam ThomasAug 185231 Dec 18534mFather: James; Mother: Mary; Grandfather: Samuel Gray, Ulster Ireland; Born: Leith, Scotland
GringellJane177529 July 183459
GuthrieJohn18255 Nov 186136Born: Pencentland, Scotland
HallMatilda Ann18144 Nov 186753Born: Leith, Scotland
HamiltonBeatrice18112 Sept 186049Spouse: James
HayJanet179221 Jul 185765Spouse: John
HayJohn17929 Nov 186270Spouse: Janet
HayRobert Mitchell24 Aug 183314 Aug 18395y11mFather: John; Mother: Janet
HenryAlfred184713 May 18514
HenryWilliamOct 18363 Feb 18374m
HollinsdaleEllenDec 185011 Feb 18543y3m
HollinsdaleEllen182214 Aug 185735Spouse: Charles
HollinsdaleMary JaneDec 185311 Mar 18541y4m
HomeRobert18072 Sep 185245Spouse: Eileen Emma. Born: Edinburgh, Scotland. Remains not relocated.
HopkinsGeorge Fred182920 Jun 185425Father: James; Born: London, England; Died: drowned in River Derwent
HoyDavid17859 Feb 185772
HoyJanet179317 Jan 185158Spouse: David
HutchinsonElizabeth Susan1841Oct 18509
HutchinsonFrancis Howe18276 Jun 18292
HutchinsonGeorge JosiahApr 18303 Sept 18305m
HutchinsonJames WeymanNov 18346 Apr 18356m
HutchinsonLucyNov 18325 Oct 183211m42°
HutchinsonTheophilus183326 Jul 1842942°
HuttonAlex DavidMay 185424 Feb 18549m
HuttonGeorge183523 Apr 18383
HuttonKateMay 18509 Jul 18502m
HuttonThomas Alex184811 Jul 18524
JenningsHenry William183516 Feb 18438
JohnstonAda CharlotteDec 18685 May 18695m
JohnstonAgnes CeciliaApr 185720 Aug 18574mFather: James; Mother: Caroline
JohnstonCaroline182423 Feb 186339Spouse: James
JohnstonHarriet Charlotte27 Feb 1855Father: James; Mother: Caroline
JohnstonJames16 May 182717 Mar 187245Spouse: Caroline
JohnstonJanet180322 Mar 183835
JohnstonRobert184425 Aug 186925Robert Johnston, Launceston Examiner 28 Aug 1869
JolleyMartha182221 Dec 185028Spouse: William
KeanJohn18002 Jan 183838
KennedyAngusOct 183414 Mar 18355m
KennedyAnn182627 Nov 183812
KennedyJohnNov 183714 Feb 18383m
KennedyMargaret1836Jan 18387w
KerrJohn177729 Aug 185073MLC
KerrRobert180915 Jan 184637JP
KillmanJohn31 Dec 1844
KramerAugustus180424 Mar 185349
LevacAngus179223 Jun 185260
LevacElizabeth19 Nov 1869?19
LevacMary179823 Jan 186466
LindsayElizabethAug 185825 Feb 18596m
LovittElizabeth18057 Jun 186055
LovittRobert Frederick183824 May 186224Death: drowned, Queensland
LovittWilliam Henry182717 June 185528Death: lost off Cape Aird, Western Australia
MacarthurMary17942 Dec 182531
MacdonaldJames GrantSept 181618 Mar 186144y6m
MacfarlaneJohn Boyd179017 Nov 183747Master Mariner
MackieBartholomew18199 Jun 185031
MacMillanArchibald17964 Feb 185256
McAllanDonald31 Jul 1853Father: George; Born: Caithness, Scotland
McCleananAnne181316 Aug 185350
McCullochElizabeth181410 Dec 185440
McCullochJames17992 Aug 185152
McCullochJohn Alexander17909 july 184050
McCullochMartha Jane179313 May 183946
McDonaldCatherine17903 Apr 186070
McDonaldChristian179516 Oct 184853Born: Banffshire, Scotland; Spouse: John
McDonaldJohn178524 Aug 184560Born: Banffshire, Scotland; Spouse: Christian; Occupation: saddler
McDonaldRobert181730 Jun 185841
McDowellCatherine JaneMar 185529 Dec 185621m
McDowellEdith AliceFeb 185010 Oct 185120m
McDowellThomas184730 Nov 18558
McDowellWalter7 Mar 185415 Mar 18548d
McKayRose AliceSept 185410 Mar 18594y6m
McKenzieRobert30 Apr 18445 Jul 18517y2mFather: John; Mother: Anne; Death: croup
McKenzieRobert10 Jun 183611 Dec 18426y6mFather: John; Mother: Anne; Death: scarlet fever
McLachlanArchibald178612 Jan 183953Born: Dunadd, Scotland; Marriage: Cornwall Chronicle 1847
McLennanEffy181517 Feb 187156Born: Inverness, Scotland
McLennanJohn20 Apr 1837
McLennanMary183329 Oct 186027
McNaughtanMargaret180420 Dec 186864Nee: Kerr; Spouse: Alex
MillerWilliam178022 Aug 184767Born: Crief, Scotland
MilwardJohn179928 Dec 186970Launceston Examiner 30 Dec 1869
MilwardMaria Margaret183618 Dec 18426
MinnisSamuel Orr183513 Feb 187136
MitchellJames180612 Apr 185549Born: Wigtonshire, Scotland
MitchellRobert179618 Mar 184044
MoodieAflic17656 Dec 183873
MorganElizabeth176918 Feb 184071
MorrisonAlexanderFeb 1838
MorrisonSarah179823 Jul 186062
MortonElizaMar 181822 Aug 184830y5mSpouse: George
MortonFannyMay 18466 Nov 18466m
MudieCharles Mayleston179521 Aug 184651
MuirMarion177516 Mar 184368Spouse: Matthew, bootmaker
MunroAlexander ThorburnAug 186124 Jan 18615m
MunroCharlesJun 185428 May 185511m
MunroJohnFeb 186223 Feb 18623w
MunroWilliam17985 Jul 184143
MurrayAnn180721 Dec 184336
MurrayElizabeth18024 Sept 189997
MurrayHugh178921 Dec 184556
MurrayJames Ramsay177612 Sept 186185
MurrayJohn180726 Aug 187265Born: Dunse, Scotland; Spouse: Elizabeth; Occupation: veterinary surgeon
NapierPeter183311 Feb 186734
NeillJames177725 Apr 182952
NeilsonAnnaFeb 184531 Dec 184610mFather: Robert; Mother: Jean
NeilsonHelen Wisher13 Sept 184121 Jun 1859
NeilsonRobert L181131 Dec 185039
NeilsonWilliam182210 Apr 186240
NewsamThomas George19 Aug 180630 Aug 183832y11dBorn: Cambridge, England; Father: Thomas; Mother: Susanna
NicholsMargaret17817 Jan 184362
NicholsonEmilyJan 18595 Oct 18599mFather: RS; Mother EM
NicholsonJaneMar 186025 Apr 186113mFather: RS; Mother EM
OfficerJane WoodAug 18384 Jan 18395m
OfficerMargaret183724 Oct 184710
OrgillJohn178528 Jul 183146
PatersonDonald181330 Apr 183118Launceston Examiner 4 May 1871
PatonMarion186421 Apr 18684
PenmanJessie182921 May 186132Born: Bathgate, Scotland; Spouse: Charles
PerrimanSarah Emily AnnJan 186413 Apr 18684y3m
PerryEliza Martha Banks180927 May 183728
PinesElizabeth181911 Nov 184728Mother: Ann Charlotte; Father occupation: surgeon
PriestleyCatherine3 Oct 1865
PropstringGeorginaNee: Yates; Spouse: George
PropstringGeorgina Bispham184620 Apr 18579Father: George; Mother: Georgina
PropstringRachael Georgina13 Jan 185713 May 18574mFather: George; Mother: Georgina
PrydeGeorge4 Jan 185313 Feb 18541y22dMother: Lilias
PrydeLilias18256 Jul 185429
PurkissArthur Jackson185614 Nov 18637
PurkissCatherine Annie18477 Dec 186417
PurkissElizabeth185016 Apr 18522
RankinJohnSept 183628 Aug 183711m
ReidElizabeth179826 Oct 185658Spouse: George
ReidGeorge182125 Sept 186443Spouse: Elizabeth
ReidGeorge17974 Oct 186770
ReidMatthew178526 Mar 183853
ReidWilliam18348 Dec 185420Father: George; Mother: Elizabeth
RobertsMary Ann Norton181122 Apr 183322
RobertsonJessie30 Mar 183114 Oct 184514y6m21dFather: William; Mother: Margaret (Eldest daughter)
RobertsonJohn178517 Mar 185459
RowlandJohn179314 Oct 186572Spouse: Sisly
RowlandSisly17967 Oct 187276Spouse: John
RussellWilliam177318 Jan 183866
SargeantHenry17871 Jun 185366
ScobieAndrew183927 Oct 18412
ScobieDavid6 Jul 183422 Jul 183416d
ScobieEliza183231 Jul 18386
ScrimgerGeorge18034 Dec 183936
ScrimgerMargaret180822 Mar 184032
SeabrookMaria183522 May 186227Spouse: HW
SmithCatherine17655 Apr 183873Spouse: Robert42°52.690147°19.314
SmithJames18417 Oct 187534Born: Dumfries, Scotland
SmithRobert181023? 186959Arrived on Minerva 1832; Spouse: Catherine42°52.690147°19.314
SnowWilliam David181020 Oct 185242
SnowdonGeorge NedwonsJul 185710 Jun 186812y11m
StewartAlexander14 Jun 1855
StewartAlexander18042 Jun 185753
StewartJohn18032 Feb 184138
StewartJohn17955 Apr 185156
StewartPhiladelphia17781 Mar 185375
StewartRebecca17861 Sept 184054
StrachanDavid180125 Mar 183938
StrachanIsabella177327 Aug 184572Nee: Smith; Spouse: John
StrachanJane181131 Mar 184029Cornwall Chronicle 4 Apr 1840
TaylorAlbertMay 185422 Aug 18639y3m
TaylorLucy7 June 18444 Jun 18539y26d
ThomSarah JaneNov 185310 Mar 185516mTasmanian Pioneer Index
ThomsonAnne175720 Dec 183881
ThomsonSusannah178313 Feb 186380
ThomsonWilliam180029 Jul 183232
TobyFanny181218 Nov 185038Spouse: Charles
TomkinsAlice Stanley11 Jul 184512 Oct 18472y3m
TrotterMary183720 Jan 186528
TubbyHarriet UttingSept 18336 Feb 18351y5mFather: Samuel; Mother: Sophia
TubbyInfant daughterFather: Samuel; Mother: Sophia
TubbyPriscilla29 Sept 1839Father: Samuel; Mother: Sophia
TullohElizabeth182517 Aug 184722Father: T; Spouse: William Francis Smith
TullohWilliam FrancisApr 18463 Mar 184711mFather: William; Mother: Elizabeth; Occupation: 59th Regiment
WalkerCharles18375 Nov 18425
WalkerCharles180215 May 183735
WalkinshawWilliam179817 Mar 184547Born: Scotland
WattRobert Graham18263 Apr 186236
WebbElizabeth181515 Jan 185338Spouse: John
WherettMary179331 Jan 184754
WhiteAlisonNov 18478 Jul 18524y8m42°52.680147°19.299
WhiteJaneOct 18496 Feb 18504m42°52.680147°19.299
WhyteJessie177816 Jul 186486Born: Harelaw, Scotland; Spouse: George; Residence: Kelvin Grove
WhyteSarah182630 Nov 185226Spouse: James
WilkinsonEdward183124 May 185120
WilkinsonElizabeth17418 Dec 185110
WilliamsonCharles180018 Jun 185858
WilliamsonWilliam18169 Jan 184529Born: Aberdeen, Scotland; Occupation: Surgeon
WillisonMartha Matilda180519 Jan 185146
WillisonThomas178222 Jan 183957
WilsonAlexander180226 Jun 184139
WisemanAlice184725 Sept 18558
WisemanElizabeth184922 Jul 18534
WisemanJane179811 Dec 186153Spouse: John
WisemanJohnApr 185228 Jul 185315m
WisemanWilliam ChampionMar 18532 Aug 18535m
WoodRobert6 Jun 182221 May 185128Born: Roxburgh, Scotland
WoolleyEliza Freme180228 Jan 183432
WoolleyFrances180929 Jan 184334
WoolleyJoseph Hidstone182427 Jan 184420
WoolleyMary183218 Jan 183418m
WoolleyMary Facy184130 Dec 18454
WoooleyEliza Freme
WoooleyJoseph Hidstone
WoooleyMary Facy
YatesAnne177214 Sept 183765


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