St Barnabas Street, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire One Place Study

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St Barnabas Street, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire One Place Study

This profile is part of the St Barnabas Street, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire One Place Study.
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The goal of this project is to follow the changes that happened on St Barnabas Street, who resided on the street, their occupations, and the history of St Barnabas Church, School, and work places.



Continent: Europe
Sovereign State: United Kingdom
Country: England
County: Northamptonshire
GPS Coordinates: 52.30138620586838, -0.7030138355820741



St Barnabas Church

To cater for a fast expanding population of the town, the original church, was built in 1863 on land between St Barnabas Street and College Street. Christening registers start in 1873, marriages in 1894 and burials in 1903.

St Barnabas Church 1863-1873.
St Barnabas Church - c.1910.

The simple early church was demolished and rebuilt, here is an exert of the original article that was published in the Northampton Mercury on 11 January 1873.

"OPENING OF THE SCHOOL CHURCH OF S. BARNABAS. On Monday afternoon the new school church at Wellingborough, which has been dedicated to S. Barnabas, the Apostle, was opened for Divine worship, with the sermon by the Lord Bishop of Peterborough. It is an iron construction of the Gothic style of architecture, very similar to that recently erected on the Lower Mounts, at Northampton, only that it is somewhat larger, and resulting from its larger dimensions it is a little more imposing and handsome" Link to the full article[1].

By June that year they had held a concert to help pay off the debt from building the church:

"GRAND EVENING CONCERT. - A concert was given in the Corn Exchange, on Thursday evening, in aid of removing the debt on St. Barnabas Church. The following is the programme :- Overture, "Les Huguenots"; part songs, "When evening's twilight" and "Beware"; part song, "Farewell to the Forest"; son, "He that loves a rosy cheek," Hon. S. G. Lyttelton; part song, "The Parting Kiss"; duet, "Children, pray this love to cherish," Mrs. and Hon. J. Marsham; song, "The Shades of Evening," K .Muir Mackenzie; part song, "You Stole my Love"; song, "Looking back," Mrs. Marsham; part song, "The Bee"; part song, "The Indian Maid"; part song, "Cynthia"; song, "The Stirrup Cup," Hon. J. Marsham; duet, "Could a man be secure," Hon. J . Marsham, Hon. S G. Littleton; part song, "By Celias' Arbour"; overture, "Fra Diavolo"; song, "Come live with me," Mr. T. Ratliff; trio, "Winds gently whisper," Mr. T. Ratliff, K. Muir Mackenzie, Hon. S. G. Lyttelton; part songs, "Absence" and "The Letter." glee, "Ye Spotted Snakes"; part song, "Silent Night." Some of the part songs were given by the choir, and others by Mrs. Marsham, Messrs. T. Ratliffe, K. Muir Mackenzie, Hon. J. Marsham, Hon. S. G. Lyttleton. There was a numerous and fashionable audience present, and the performance, we hear, was first-rate."Link to the full article[2]

The church of St. Barnabas, at the west end of the town, was erected in 1873 as a chapel of ease to the parish church. It is built of red brick with Bath stone dressings in the style of the 14th and 15th centuries and consists of chancel, nave, aisles, vestry, and south porch. Outside, at the west end, is a Weldon stone cross erected in 1920 as a War memorial[3].


An exert from an article in the Northampton Mercury date 03, January reads:

"THE CHURCH DECORATIONS: St. Barnabas Church.- The decorations hoav not been carried out so largely at this church, never the less it is prettily adorned with texts and evergreens. Over the west door, in red letters, framed with evergreens, "Unto us a child is born; unto us a son is given;" and over the communion table, in the same style, "Emmanuel, God with us." On the walls are several shields, bearing the sacred monogram and other emblems, The windows are also prettily decorated with evergreens. Taken altogether, the Christmas decorations have been carries out with good taste, and many thanks are due to those who must have given many valuable hours to this labour of love." Link to original article[4]

An exert from an article in the Northampton Mercury date 10, January reads:

"The first anniversary of the opening of St. Barnabas Church was commemorated on Tuesday, by a tea meeting held in Freeman's School, after which there was a full choral service in St. Barnabas church, which was filled on the occasion. The prayers were intoned by the Rev. R. P. Lightfoot, and the sermon was preached by the Rev. F. W. Robinson, vicar of St. Peter's, Leicester." Link to original article[5].


The attractive red brick church was completely destroyed by fire on Monday 09 May 1949[6].


A new church was opened in 1954.


St Barnabas Church of England School


Yorke's Shoe Factory
Yorke's Shoe Factory. The corner of St Barnabas Street and Oxford Street. Date unknown.
E.R.George - Closers

Miscellaneous newspaper articles

In date order


March, 14 "The following building notices were allowed: Mr. Belsher, to build three cottages in St. Barnabas Street;"[7]

October, 24 " Mr. G. Watkin to build a house in Barnabas -Street."[8]


April, 10 " Building Notices.- Mr. James Morris, to build four cottages in Barnabas-Street.", "Mr. Bullivant, to build a bakehouse in Barnabas-Street.[9].

May, 22 "The Surveyor also reported that St. Barnabas-street had been completed to his satisfaction by Mr. J. W. Sharman, and asked the Board to take the roads."[10].

November, 06 "Mr. R. Marriott, builder, attended, in answer to a summons from the Board, for not complying with the bye-laws, he having built a pantry to Mrs. Skyes's house, on the Victoria estate and an office to Mr. Watkins' House, in Barnabas Street, without giving notice to the board. -Mr. Marriott said it was entirely an oversight on his part, and he would take care that it did not occur gain. _The explanation was accepted and no fine levied.[11]


December, 28 Lost : Yellow Budgie, T9141456 - 14 St Barnabas Street area. Reward. W28. Link to article[12]


1881 Census

This record was taken on the night of 03 April 1881 to include every person whether member of Family, Visitor, Boarder, or Servant.


Population Total inhabitants of the street: unknown

Gender Male: xx Female: xx


Listed by house number.

1. George Watkin, Jane Watkin, George Watkin, Edith Watkin, Emma Keech, Fanny Rainbow

1a. James Morris, Jane Morris, Robert Morris, Job Morris, Kate Morris, Sarah Morris, Ralph Morris

2. William Watling, Eliza Watling, James Watling, Louisa Dean

3. Alfred Blunt, Mary Blunt, Alfred Blunt, Frank Blunt, Withend Blunt, Marian Blunt

4. Joseph Morris, Mary Morris, Eliza Morris, Louisa Morris, Ada Morris, Florence Morris, Gertrude Morris, Thomas Morris

5. John Farby, Sarah Farby, Ernest Farby, Sarah Farby

6. William Hazeldine, Sarah Hazeldine, Sarah Hazeldine, Mary Hazeldine

7. Henry Turner, Elizabeth Turner, Henry Turner

8. John Thompson, Mary Thompson, John Thompson, William Thompson, James Thompson, Edith Thompson, Gertrude Thompson

9. George Warden, Ann Warden, Alice Warden, Frank Warden, Frederick Warden, Edgar Warden, Harold Warden, Elizabeth Robinson

10. Alfred Smith, Rose Smith, Annie Smith, Emma Smith, Henry Smith, William Smith, Amy Smith, Edward Smith, Rhoda Smith, Elsie Smith

11. Henry Murdin, Sarah Murdin, Emily Payne, Henry Murdin, William Murdin, John Murdin, Isaac Murdin

12. John Chubb, Mary Chubb, Edith Chubb, Bertrude Chubb

13. Alexander Turnell, Elizabeth Turnell, Walter Walker, Arthur Turnell

14. Thomas Pratt, Eliza Pratt, Elizabeth Ina

16. Henry Coles, Jane Coles, Arthur Coles, Walter Coles, Herbert Coles, Elipha Thompson, Sarah Coles

17. Jane Watson, Laura Watson, Edgar Watson, Beatrice Watson

19. Whitsey Shaw, Sarah Shaw, Elizabeth Shaw, Samuel Shaw, Whitsey Shaw, Emma Shaw, Henry Shaw

20. Ambrose Geary, Mary Geary

21. Charles Underwood, Sarah Underwood

22. Frederick Allen, Jane Allen, James, James Wooding, Albert Wooding, Winefred Allen, Frederick Allen

24. Christopher George, Mary George, Herbert George, Arthur George, Frank George

26. George Chamberlain, Matila Chamberlain

27. Alfred Spencer, Elizabeth Spencer, Edward Spencer, Ebenezer Bayes

28. Benjamin Belcher, Emma Belcher, Harry Belcher, Arthur Belcher

29. Ann x, Phobe x, Samuel x, Sarah Pratt

30. Joseph Belcher, Eliza Belcher, Ellen Belcher, Florie Belcher

31. George Millburn, Lydia Millbrun, George Millburn, Emily Milllburn, Lydia Millburn

32. John Spencer, Martha Spencer, John Spencer

33. Charles Goodman, Lucy Goodman, Eleanor Goodman, Ada Goodman, George Goodman, James Basford

34. John Keller, Lucy Keller, Emily Keller, Arthur Keller, Jane Keller, Frederick Keller, John Keller

35. George Underwood, Mary Underwood, Ernest Underwood, Aines Underwood, Albert Underwood, Frederick Underwood, Arthur Underwood, Annie Underwood, Amy Underwood, Alfred Underwood, x Underwood

37. Thomas Elson, Rachel Elson, Thomas Knowles

39. George Bayes, Sarah Bayes, Harry Bayes, Ferggie Bayes, Nellie Bayes, Frederick Bayes, Walter Bayes, Mirriam Bayes, Owen Bayes

1901 Census

This record was taken on the night of March 31, 1901 to include every Person whether Member of Family, Visitor, Boarder, or Servant.


Population Total inhabitants of the street: unknown

Gender Male: xx Female: xx


Listed by house number.

23. Mary Stratton, Anne Goodman 27. George Cooper, Frederick Cooper

1911 Census

This record was taken on the night of Sunday, April 2nd, 1911 to include every Person whether Member of Family, Visitor, Boarder, or Servant.


Population Total inhabitants of the street: unknown

Gender Male: xx Female: xx


Listed by house number.

1a. Henry Coles, Nellie Coles, Ada Clepstone

2. William Webb, Alice Webb

3. George Coles, Sarah Coles, Alice Coles

4. Hannah Wallington, Doris Wallington, Grace Wallington, Frank Spence

5. Albert Mobley, Caroline Mobley, Reggie Mobley, Albert Mobley, George Mobley, Daisy Mobley

6. Joseph Bird, Sarah Bird, Mary Bird, Clive Bird

7. William Reynolds, Agnes Reynolds

8. William Tilley, Florence Tilley, Frederick Tilley, Walter Tilley

9. Henry Knight, Mary Knight, Henry Knight, Harold Knight

10. Mark Debanke, Emily Debanke, Mark Debanke, Doris Debanke, Lillian Debanke, Arthur Debanke, William Debanke, Gertrude Debanke, Harry Debanke, Horace Debanke

11. Richard Capell, Annie Capell

12. Horace Harrison, Margaret Harrison, John Mayhew

13. Walter Thompson, Mary Thompson, Edith Thompson, Fred Thompson

14. Charles Pendred, Florence Pendred, Eric Pendred, Edith Pendred, Horace Pendred, Hilda Pendred

15. Jane Yorke

16. Whitsey Shaw, Ellen Shaw, Herbert Shaw, Ernset Shaw, Willam Abbott

17. M Furnell, Mary Rye, Catherine Gascoyne

18. Fred Tander, Florence Tander, Arthur Tander, Flornence Tander

19. Sarah Shaw, Elizabeth Shaw

21. Mary Swales, Kate Swales

22. Jane Allen

23. Mary Stratton, Anne Goodman

24. Arthur Frelana, Emma Frelana

25. Charles Goodman, Lucy Goodman, Emily Goodman

26. Clara Bull, Annie Bull

27. Henry Foster, Bertha Foster, Percy Foster, Minnie Foster, Joy E Foster, Ivy Foster, Cecil Foster

28. Sarah Bayes, Ellen Bayes, Owen Bayes, Edith Bayes

29. Alfhon Bigley, Minnie Bigley, Ernest Bigley, Albert Bigley, Roderick Bigley, William Jeffs

31. Albert Smith, Martha Smith, Emily Smith, Leonard Smith, Harry Smith, Elsie Smith, Fred Smith, Arthur Smith

32. Arthur Coles, Ellen Coles, Elsie Fairy Florence Fairy

33. Harry Panther, Elizabeth Panther, William Panther, Elsie Panther, Doris Panther, Nellie Panther

34. Lucy Keller, Jane Rixon, Andrew Rixon

35. William Hodges, Florence Hodges, Harold Hodges

37. William Hacksley, Mary Hacksley

St Barnabas House. Mortimer Whickes, Mary Malpas, Wallis Shayler

Chestille. Horace Hunt, Amelia Hunt, Eric Hunt, Annie Carter

Kicholove. Lucy Pell, Edward Pell, Sarah Wallington, Ethel Castle

41. George Britten, Emma Britten, Frederick Britten, Joseph Britten, Lillian Britten

43. William Hadworth, Sarah Hadworth, Lollie Hadworth, Louie Hadworth, William Hadworth, Minnie Hadworth

45. George Kemshed, Letitic Kemshed, Annie Kemshed, Bertie Kemshed, Kate Kemshed Frank Kemshed

47. Harry Belcher, Lizzie Belcher

49. Alfred Goodman, Emily Goodman, William Goodman, Sydney Goodman, Kathleen Goodman

51. William Tilley, Ada Coles, Mabel Tilley, Alice Tilley, John Tillley, Frederick Tilley

52. Clara Stalley, Mary Jeffs

53. Frank Harrison, Annie Harrison, Rose Harrison, Joseph Harrison

Arondale. John York, x York, Emily York, x Humphries

55. Arthur Tomkins, Minnie Tomkins

56. Charles Douglas, Alice Douglas

57. Alfred Blunt, Ellen Blunt, Edmund Blunt, Philip Blunt

58. Stephen Bedford, Ada Bedford, Reginald Bedford, Ellen Bedford

59. William Lissenden, Emma Lissenden, Eliza Dulley, WIlliam Robinson, Arthur Manning

60. Frederick Ward, Ada Ward, Mercy Ward, Sydney Ward

62. Jane Watson

64. Islip Odell, Amy Odell, Marjorie Odell

66. Samuel Cheney, Sarah Cheney, Nellie Henson

68. William Smeath, Ada Smeath, George Smeath, Elsie Smeath, Doris Smeath, Ethel Smeath

70. Arthur Campbell, Minnie Campbell

72. Francis Wallington, Mary Wallington, Harold Wallington

74. Harry Forscutt, Elizabeth Forscutt, Howard Forscutt, Doris Forscutt

76. Benjamin Belcher, Emma Belcher, Charlie Abbott, Ethel Abbott

78. Elizabeth Froggatt, Annie Froggatt, Freda Barratt

80. Arthur Barker, Annie Barker

1939 Census

In December 1938 it was announced in the House of Commons that in the event of war, a National Register would be taken that listed the personal details of every civilian in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This Register was to be a critical tool in coordinating the war effort at home. It would be used to issue identity cards, organise rationing and more.

I will be adding relevant copies of the original 1939 Register on each individual persons page (Feb 2017, numbers 70-84 completed).


Population Total inhabitants of the street: 213

Gender Male: 76 Female: 115 Unknown(closed records): 22


Listed by house number.

1. Kate Selkirk, closed record, closed record, Edward Kavanagh, Katherine R Kavanagh, Edward Selkirk

1A. Benjamin G Johnson, Alice E Johnson, Betina O Johnson, closed record

2. Harriett Peach

2. Hilda M Cooper, Phylis M Cooper, Leslie Cooper

3. Eric James, Mabel James, Dennis R James

4. John Bratton, Rose Bratton, Fred Bratton, closed record, closed record

5. Elsie E Ekins, closed record, Jean M Connolly, Sylvia M Law

6. Wilbert E Newman, Evelyn V Newman

7. Lewis R Munns, Lily Munns

8. Frederick W Tilley, Annie E Tilley, Walter Ellingham, Eva E Ellingham, Edgar Ellingham

9. William H Kelland, Dorris Kelland, closed record, Brian F Kelland, John W Kelland

10. Earnest R Burton, Lilian F Burton

11. Jane Wells, Joseph Wells, Emily Wells, closed record

12. Horace K Harrison, Margaret M Harrison

13. George H Watts, Edith E Watts

14. Thomas G Wharton, Edith Wharton, Hilda Pendred

15. Harriet Wilford

16. Henry S Hawkins, Mary E Hawkins, Clarence S Hawkins, Harriet E Frost

17. William F Tyler, Dorothey M Tyler

18. Frederick F Wallis, Doris M Wallis

19. Whitsey Shaw, Elle Shaw, Herbert T Shaw, William Abbott

20. James A Wooding, Sarah F Wooding

21. Sidney R Allen, Beatrice M Allen, closed record, Raymond R Allen, closed record

22. Dick Howell, Phyllis Howell

23. Alfred T Arch, Doris A Arch. Mavis Empson, closed record

24. Frederick A Prigmore, Edith E Prigmore, closed record, Cederic W Prigmore

25. Frederick H Jacobs, Emily M Jacobs, Eileen Jacobs

26. Frank R Garon, May Garon, Sidney R Garon, Gertrude E Flawn

27. Henry Foster, Bertha Foster, Joy E Foster, Lilian R Walters, Vera Foster

28. Ellen M Hooper, Freda M Newman

29. Henry W Drage, Rosa Drage, Sidney H W Drage, Joan M Drage

30. Leslie G H Tee, Marian Tee, closed record, closed record

31. Walter Ashby, Lucy Ashby

32. Arthur R Coles, Ellen Coles, Reginald A Capell, Hilda M Capell

33. Harry Panther, Elizabeth Panther, closed record

34. John T Keller, Jessis E Keller, Leonard P Willmott

35. William T Hodges, Florence Hodges, Amy V Pendred, Sidney Hodges, closed record

37. Rodney C Bollard, Ida H Bollard

The Vicarage. John H N Hill, Ethel Marlow

39a. George J Cox, Florence M Cox, Joan M Cox, Elspeth Cooke, closed record, closed record

39. Edward E Pell, Gertrude Pell, Evelyn Scott

41. Andrew Rixon, Jane Rixon

43. Clara Thompson, closed record

45. Charles Bailey, Ethel E Bailey, Ronald C Bailey

47. Harry Belcher, Elizabeth Belcher, Ethel Young, Dorothey Belcher, Mary Coles

Fairlight. Harriet Matthews, Thomas Matthews, Robert Matthews, Elizabeth Wheatcoft

49. Francis P Turvey, Lily M Turvey, closed record

50. Francis H Jeffery, Minnie Jeffery, Catherine M Storwmk

51. Mary JMB Plackett, Ellen Abbott

52. Clara Stalley

53. Joseph L Coulson, Florence E Coulson

54. Mary York, Emily E York

55. Mary E Bigley, Cicely R Williams

56. Charles Douglas, Alice B Douglas

57. Charles Boon, Jenny Boon

58. Fred Hallett, Grace Hallett, Jack N Hallett, Bedford Norton, Eliza Norton

59. Walter Watts, Lucy C Watts, Ellen Johnson, Jack Watts, closed record, James W Watts, Emily Leonard, Jilian Underwood

60. Emma E Ireland, Dorothy Young

62. Stephen Bedford, Ada A Bedford, Ellen Bedford

64. Constance Bowland, Mary E Tyrell

66. Harold W Ashmore, Margaret Ashmore, Michael Ashmore

68. Ada A Sneath, Elsie M Sneath

70. Rosa Steadman, WIlliam Frisby, Rosa Frisby, closed record

72. Annie Wallington

74. Elizabeth A Forscutt, Annie Brown

76. Benjamin C Belcher, Ethel E Abbott

78. Robert H Froggatt, Amy E Froggatt

80. Herbert W Hughes, Elizabeth Hughes, closed record, Ida M Taylor

82. Mary E Wheatley, Louisa E Porter

84. Harry C L Warwick, Beatrice A Warwick, closed record


Here are some of the tasks that will be completed.

  • Transcribing the 1939 census
  • Transcribing the 1911 census
  • Transcribing the 1901 census
  • Transcribing the 1891 census
  • Transcribing the 1881 census
  • Research the history of St Barnabas Church
  • Research the history of St Barnabas School
  • Research the Yorke's Shoe Factory that was at the bottom of St Barnabas Street (demolished c.1960's) now Kwik Fit
  • Research the factory building at the rear of .19/21


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