St Michael and All Angels, Caldecote

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Photograph Grave number Name Transcription
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-1.jpg 1. Simon Edward Nash In loving memory of Simon Edward Nash, a dear husband, dad and brother. Born 15th November 1966. Died 29th April 2015. Those who love don't go away. They walk beside us every day.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-2.jpg 2 Alice Emily Leaney In loving memory of a dear wife and mother Alice Emily Leaney who died June 14th 1949. Aged 54 years
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-3.jpg 3 Charles John Ward In loving memory of a devoted husband Charles John Ward who passed away Sept 27th 1949. Aged 73 years. Sunlight passes, shadows fall out, Love and remembrance outlast all.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-4.jpg 4 Alexander & Jane Bisset In loving memory of Alexander Bisset Died April 4th 1952 Aged 92. Also his wife Jane Died November 23rd 1956 Aged 91 years. Reunited.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-5.jpg 5 Paul Christopher Roger John Phillips Paul Christopher Roger John Phillips 1944 - 2008 I could not stay another day. To Laugh, To love, To work To play, Tasks left undone must stay that way,I found that peace at the end of the day. Deeply missed by his family and friends. Loved and remembered always
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-6.jpg 6 Frederick & Joan Sewell Frederick Thomas Sewell 8th November 1917 to 24th June 1985 Joan Cicely Sewell 4th September 1920 to 23rd October 2017
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-7.jpg 7 Henry George Eke and wife A mother to __ll who gave a mother treasure, Her ways are so you'll never know the loss of her until you see her empty chair. Also of her loving husband Henry George Eke who passed February 23rd 1947. Aged 74 years. Cremated at Manor Park Cemetery
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-8.jpg 8 James & Laura Backhouse In loving memory of James Backhouse June 20th 1944 Aged 84 years. Thy will be done.Also his wife Laura Backhouse who died July 26th 1950 Aged Aged 80 years
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-9.jpg 9 Jennifer Margaret Davis Nash In loving memory of a dear wife and mother Jennifer Margaret Davis Nash born 18th April 1946 Died 7th February 1983. Always remembered.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-10.jpg 10 Ronald & Annie Wayman In loving memory of my dear wife Annie Wayman. Died 22nd April 1986 Aged 79 years. Also her husband Ronald Edward Wayman Died 28th December 1988 Aged 74 years. Reunited.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-11.jpg 11 Georgina Attwood In loving memory of Georgina Atwood Died 25th December 1945 Aged 65 years. Gone but not forgotten. Never shall thy memory fade
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-12.jpg 12 Kathleen & Archie Clarke In loving memory of Kathleen Elizabeth Clarke Passed to rest 14.02.1967 Aged 78 Also Archie Douglas Kingsley Clarke Passed to rest 4.07.1987 Aged 89 years.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-13.jpg 13 Jason Joslin In loving memory of Jason Joslin known as Jay Caring friend to so many so dearly loved, so greatly missed Beloved son and brother of S E and D.. Bright stars shine for a short time Died 4th February 2002 Aged 27 years.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-14.jpg 14 Annie Pearce In loving memory of Annie Pearce ( Nee Bossert ) Mother and devoted grandmother So greatly missed, Tragically died 14th October 1999 Aged 88 years
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-15.jpg 15 Frank Bossert In ever loving memory of my darling husband Frank who passed away suddenly April 13th 1964. i will think of you every day til we meet again from your heart broken wife
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-16.jpg 16 Magdalene Baker Magdalene Baker nee Bossert 1922 - 2004 RIP
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-17.jpg 17 Thekla, Madalene Lily and Arthur Bossert Thekla Bossert who died Jan 8th 1961 Aged 88 years. A beloved wife and mother. Treasured memories that will always remain deep in our hearts from your loving family Madalene Lily Bossert who died October 11th 1973. Aged 74 years. Arthur P Bossert who died June 20th 1952 aged 83 years. In memory of a devoted husband and father from your ever loving wife Thekla and your family
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-18.jpg 18 Arthur & Thekla Grace Smith in loving memory of our dear brother Arthur who had to pass on June 5th Richard Bossert his brother and his sister. Thekla Grace Smith Died 12th January 1989. Aged 92 years. Always in our thoughts.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-19.jpg 19 Ernest Raynor In loving memory of Ernest Raynor. Died 6th June 1977. Aged 75 years The Village postman for 10 years
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-20.jpg 20 William Ingram Pashler In affectionate memory of William Ingram Pashler, medical coach and dispenser for 25 years at Addenbrooks Hospital Died February 12th 1901 Aged 60. I have kept ...
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-21.jpg 21 Henry Edward Armell Rowell In loving memory of Henry Edward Armell Rowell MA ...years rest in Toft with Caldecott
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-22.jpg 22 Unknown No Inscription
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-23.jpg 23 Dora May Harrup In loving memory of our mother Dora May Harrup Born 11th March 1891 Died 23rd December 1971 Will be remembered always by daughter Joan, sons Arthur, Colin and Peter
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-25.jpg 24 Wilfred & Alice Harrup Cherished memories of beloved husband and father Wilfred Harrup. At rest Jan 24th 1869 Aged 67 years Also his wife Alice Reunited with him Feb 19th 1980 Aged 84 years. A loving mother and grandmother. Until we meet again.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-26.jpg 25 Lewis & David Harrup Sacred to the memory of Lewis Edgar Harrup Died June 8th 1939 Aged 37 years. David John Harrup Died April 29th 1988 Aged 17 years. Dave our mate. Bourn and District MCC
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-27.jpg 26 John Harrup In memory of John Harrup. Beloved husband cherished father Born 30th Nov 1932 Reunited with his father and son 7th October 1991
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-28.jpg 27 Sam & Edith Farrington Sleeping - Sacred to the memory of our beloved parents Sam Farrington who fell asleep 5th Jan 1953 in his 78th year. Edith Farrington united with him 27th Dec 1960 in her 85th year - so dearly loved. We thank our God for every remembrance of them
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-29.jpg 28 Sewell Dawson In memory of Sewell Dawson rector of Caldecott Rectory March 25th 1885 Age 83
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-30.jpg 29 Alice Barnes In memory of Alice daughter of James and Anne Barnes, who died May 7th 1859 --------- 16 years. Watch therefore for ye know not when your Lord doth come.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-31.jpg 30 Mary Freman Watson In memory of Mary Freman Watson, who died at the rectory, the resident of her brother-in-law Reverend D Vicar of Barton, who died 5th February 1862 in her 71st year of her life
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-32.jpg 31 Edward Walker In memory of Edward Walker who passed away Feb 1957 in his 70th year. His end was peace.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-33.jpg 32 Lynda Michaela Watson In loving memory of Lynda Michaela Watson 17.1.1966 - 27.7.2007 The Golden Gate stood open, God saw you needed rest, His garden must be beautiful, He only takes the best.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-34.jpg 33 Henry, Nate & William Poole Henry Poole who died March 8th 1876 Aged 79 years. Come unto me all ye who labour and I will give you rest. Nate John Poole who died Nov 1st 1866 Aged 27 years. And of William Poole who died February 1877 Aged 49? years
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-35.jpg 34 Henrica Gertrude Knightly Foster In loving memory of Henrica Gertrude Knightly Foster, wife of Ebeneezer Foster of Cambridge Born May 9th 1956 Died July 4th 1903
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-36.jpg 35 Matthew Radlow In loving memory of Matthew, the loving husband of Kate Radlow, who died April 11th 1980 Aged 61
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-37.jpg 36 Ernest Radford In loving memory of Ernest Radford who passed away August 28th 1925 Aged 56 years At Rest.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-38.jpg 37 Samuel Jack Pell Samuel Jack Pell Sweet dreams little one Never Forgotten
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-39.jpg 38 Phyllis Stevens Phyllis Stevens Beloved wife mum and nana. 13.2.1932 - 24.1.2000
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-40.jpg 39 William Roy Watson In loving memory of William Roy Watson who died 27th December 1995 Aged 56 years. In God's Care.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-41.jpg 40 Evelyn & Ted Devonish In loving memory of a loving wife and friend Evelyn Joan Devonish Born 1921 Died 1995. Ted Devonish 1919 - 1999. Equally loved.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-42.jpg 41 Gerald Edward Cakebread In loving memory of a dear husband and father Gerald Edward Cakebread 1945 - 1986
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-43.jpg 42 Marjorie & Jack Wreford In memory of Marjorie Wreford Died 21st April 1984 Aged 81. Loved by husband and family. Now reunited Jack Liam John
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-44.jpg 43 Richard Edward Smith Richard Edward Smith who passed away 16th Dec 1999 Aged 61 years. Remembered Always
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-45.jpg 44 Aubrey & John Dowding Aubrey Dowding who graced this earth 24th May 1935 - 17th Jan 1997 Love changeth everything John Dowding 24 3.1926 - 3.12.1999
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-46.jpg 45 Elizabeth Brown In remembrance Elizabeth the beloved wife of Thomas Brown who died January 5th 1895 Aged 67 years. Also of Thomas Brown
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-47.jpg 46 Thomas Brown In loving memory of Thomas Brown who died Feb 4th 1904 Aged 66
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-48.jpg 47 Ellen & Arthur Jacklin In memory of Ellen Victoria Jacklin passed away 26th July 1980 Aged 61 years.Archie John Jacklin passed away 15th November 1993 Aged 73 years A loving mother and father. Always Remembered.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-49.jpg 48 David Edward Ladds In loving memory of a dear husband and father David Edward Ladds 11th March 1938- 21st April 1994 So dearly loved, so greatly missed.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-50.jpg 48 Alan David lloyd In memory of Alan David Lloyd 1988
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-51.jpg 49 George B Richmond In loving memory of George B Richmond Died 15th April 1992 Aged 89 years Rest In Peace.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-52.jpg 50 Unknown Unknown
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-53.jpg 51 Ernest T Hagger In loving memory of Ernest T Hagger Aged 61 years who passed away June 23rd 1930
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-54.jpg 52 The Radford family In loving memory of John Radford Died August 15th 1929 Aged 75 years Also his wife Alice Radford Died April 23rd 1936 Aged 80 years Also Arthur their son died in Australia August 4th 1929 Aged 43 years, Also Ernest their son killed in France May 28th 1917 Aged 26 years Also lily their daughter Died in Australia Nov 11th 1926 Aged 29 years. Father mother sister brother meet once more, God is love.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-55.jpg 53 Edith & George Brand In memory of Edith Rose Brand who died 29th March 2003 Aged 97 years. Also her husband George James Brand. Reunited 10th July 2004 Aged 96. Rest in peace
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-57.jpg 54 Grace Perry & Leslie Bard In memory of Grace Beatrice Perry who passed away peacefully 11th October 2008 Aged 85 years. Twin sister of Leslie Frederick Bard Died 14th November 1969 Aged 46 years
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-58.jpg 55 Unknown Unknown
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-59.jpg 56 Edith & Norman Cook In loving memory of Edith Annie Cook who died 28th October 1994 in her 89th year - a dear wife and mother now in God's care and of Norman Cook who died 11th Aug 2000 in his 92nd year. In everything there is a season
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-60.jpg 57 Lillian & Leonard Wisbey In loving memory of a dear wife , mother and nan, Lillian Margaret Wisbey died 12th March 1994 Aged 70 RIP Also Leonard George Wisbey - a dear husband , dad and grandad- Died 3rd April 1999 Aged 79 RIP
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-62.jpg 58 Margaret Gladys Hassouneh In loving memory of a dear mum, wife, sister and auntie Margaret Gladys Hassouneh Died 20th November 2006 Aged 56 RIP
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-63.jpg 59 Thomas Smith Thomas Smith who died Dec 8th 1912 Aged 62
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-67.jpg 60 Arthur & Nora Drayton Arthur Drayton Died 29th April 1997 Aged 76 years Nora Drayton Died 13th February 1998 Aged 78 years Devoted parents to three loving sons. Too dearly loved to be forgotten
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-68.jpg 61 John George Jenkins John George Jenkins CBE of Childerley 1919 - 2007 Beloved husband of Chloe. All the end is harvest.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-69.jpg 62 Ian Robert Slatter Ian Robert Slatter Died 30th March 2004 Aged 41.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-70.jpg 63 Josiah Farrington In memory of josiah Farrington Died September 29th 1906 Aged 84 years
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-71.jpg 64 Naomi Farrington in memory of Naomi Farrington Died June 15th 1839. Aged 70 years.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-72.jpg 65 William, Mary & George Westnutt In loving memory of William Holden Westnutt Died April 30th 1914 Aged 76 years. At rest. Also of George Albert son of the above accidentally killed Aug 14th 1888 Aged 20 years. thy will be done. Also of Mary Ann Westnutt, who died July 4th 1921 Aged 71 years. At rest.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-129.jpg 66 Smith Lynton In memory of Smith Lynton who died July 25th 1898 Aged 36 years
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-61.jpg 67 Lucy May Robbins In loving memory of Lucy May , the beloved daughter of Albert and Lucy Robbins who died 1st October 1938 Aged 18 years . In God's keeping.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-76.jpg 68 Frederick William Alfred Whittaker in loving memory of Frederick William Alfred Whittaker Born 23rd October 1012 Died 26th August 2003 At peace
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-77.jpg 69 Not Known Not known
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-78.jpg 70 Charles & Mary Ann Hodges At rest together. Our beloved parents William Charles Hodges Died Jan 18th 1908? Aged 81 years. Mary Ann Joyce Aged 78 years (unclear)
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-80.jpg 71 Sarah Amy Morley In loving memory of Sarah Amy Morley who fell asleep March 2nd 1953 Aged 62 years. At Rest
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-81.jpg 72 Lily Elizabeth Morley In loving memory of Lily Elizabeth Morley who was called to res December 13th 1953 Aged 66 years Rest In Peace
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-75.jpg 73 Hannah Watts In loving memory of a dear mother Hannah Watts who departed her life April 30th 1905 in her 85th year. We loved her, yes, no tongue can tell, How much we loved her ad how well, God loved her too and thought it best, To take her to His heart of rest.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-82.jpg 74 George Bicknell In loving memory of a devoted husband, papa and grandad, George Bicknell. Born 1st December 1912 Died 5th December 2004, In our minds, a constant thought. in our hearts, a constant sorrow.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-83.jpg 75 a Albert Edward Tinkler In loving memory of a dear husband and father Albert Tinkler Died 14th March 2009 Aged 96 years We miss his cheery way, We miss the things he used to say,Anf when old times we oft recall, It;s then we miss him most of all.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-84.jpg 75 b Joan Tinkler In loving memory of Joan Margaret Tinkler Died 8th January 2015. Aged 94 years. Sadly missed by her family.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-85.jpg 76 Gladys Harrup Gladys Harrup Died 4th November 2010 Aged 89 years
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-86.jpg 77 Neill Allen Kester In loving memory of Neill Allen Kester 1985 - 2014 Died 10th May 2014 Aged 28 years
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-56.jpg 78 Mary Huddleston In memory of Mary wife of Robert Huddleston, who died Jan 18th 1841 Aged _0 years. Thy word is all fullness and true.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-64.jpg 79 Mary Ann Huddleston In memory of Mary Ann, daughter of Robert and Mary Huddleston who died May 18th 1851 Aged 19 years
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-65.jpg 80 Robert Huddleston In memory of Robert Huddleston who died Feb 1st Aged 83 years. To dwell with thee in heaven above, Where sin shall ever cease, Will fill the soul with heavenly joy, And everlasting peace.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-66.jpg 81 Unknown in memory of --- March 1811.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-74.jpg 82 James and Daphne Dolan Treasured memories of a dear husband James David Dolan who passed away 2007 Aged 87.Forever in our thoughts. And his wife Daphne Jean Dolan who passed away 2016. Aged 64.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-87.jpg 83 Amelia Cunningham Treasured memories of our dear mother Amelia Cunningham Died 2nd Oct 1980 Aged 82 Sadly missed. Always in our thoughts.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-88.jpg 84 Mary Ann & Benjamin Sparks In loving memory of Mary Ann Sparks. Died Feb 20th 1912 Aged 52 years. Also Benjamin her beloved husband Died Nov 28th 1919 Aged 58 years Peace perfect peace.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-89.jpg 85 Gwendoline Edith Ball In loving memory of Gwendoline Edith Ball Daughter, sister and Aunt. 15.1.1915 - 6.5.2005
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-91.jpg 86 Claude & Edith Ball In memory of Claude A Ball. Died Dec 2nd 1871 Aged 82 And his wife Edith Mary Died Feb 4th 1983 Aged 93
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-92.jpg 87 Colin Joseph Bibby Colin Joseph Bibby of Clare Farm, ornithologist 20 November 1948 - 7th August 2004. His spirit lives on through his work but most of all through his family.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-93.jpg 88 Kate Sparks In loving memory of Kate, the little daughter of Benjamin and M.A.Sparks. Died Feb 3rd 1899 Aged 18 months . Jesus called a little child to Him.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-94.jpg 89 Aaron & Mary Babcock In memory of Aaron Babcock who entered into rest March 7th 1894 Aged 80 years. Also of Mary, the beloved wife, who entered into rest December 9th (?) 1901 Aged 88 years
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-95.jpg 90 Jane Arrington &Mary Ann Babcock Jane Arrington who died March 27th 1862 Aged 25 years. Also of her sister Mary Ann Babcock who died Feb 23rd 1807 Aged 72 years.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-96.jpg 91 Will Reynolds In memory of Will Cole who died 15th Sept ....?
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-97.jpg 92 Robert Cole Robert Cole died Aged 57
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-98.jpg 93 Unknown Cole Not readable
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-99.jpg 94 Simon Cole In memoriam Simon Cole who died ...
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-100.jpg 95 Elizabeth Cole In memory of Elizabeth daughter of Simon and Mary Cole who died June 8th 1773 Aged 5 years.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-101.jpg 96 Simon Cole Too buried to read more
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-102.jpg 97 George & Elizabeth Shaw Sacred to the memory of our dear parents George Shaw, who died July 8th 1938 Aged 60 years. Also Elizabeth Ann , who died March 29th 1957 Aged 69 years. God takes our loved ones from our homes but never from our hearts
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-103.jpg 98 William Cole in memoriam William Cole , husband of Esther Cole, who died May 31st 1701 Aged 76 years
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-104.jpg 99 Martha I Cole Martha I Cole died aged 60
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-105.jpg 100 Charles & Sylvia Rider In loving memory of a dear husband and father Charles William Rider who passed away to rest 8th May 1967 Aged 66 years. Also a dear wife and mother Sylvia Rider who passed away to rest 10th Jan 1978 Aged 74 years
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-106.jpg 101 Ellis & Rosa Howells In loving memory of a dear husband and father Ellis Charles Well Howell who died 28th November 1964 aged 62 years. Also a dear wife and mother Rosa who died 9th July Aged 79 years
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-107.jpg 102 Simon Cole In memory of Simon Cole of Swavesey who died July 17th 1810 aged 59? years
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-108.jpg 103 Simon Cole In memory of Simon Cole who died 18th February 1799
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-109.jpg 104 Mary Cole In memory of Mary Cole who died June 10th 1797 Aged 78 years
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-110.jpg 105 Frank Henry Burden In loving memory of Frank Henry Burden the dearly beloved son of George and Rose Burden who was suddenly called to rest July 7 1931 Aged 31 years. God calls our loved ones to Him but they live in our hearts forever.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-111.jpg 106 William Sole In memory of William Sole Mr Frost and Mrs Hosk... late of St Neots who died 21st February 1851 Aged 52 years
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-112.jpg 107 Unknown Unknown
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-113.jpg 108 Edward George Moy In loving memory of Edward George Moy who departed this life 26th January 1973 Aged 48. Some day, some time our eyes shall see the loved one we keep in memory and God will link our broken chain still closer when we meet again.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-115.jpg 109 Harry & Edith Goodey In loving memory of Harry Goodey who died 27th Sept 1961 Aged 88 years. Also Edith wife of the above who died 15 May 1971 Aged 91 years.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-116.jpg 110 Ann Farrington Ann Farrington who died April 27th 1897 Aged 61.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-117.jpg 111 Worn away worn away
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-118.jpg 112 William Farrington William Farrington who died April 14th 1909 Aged 81
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-119.jpg 113 Joseph Farrington Joseph Farrington Born Jan 18th 1862 Died Feb 12th 1936 Aged 74 (but could be 1956 and 94)
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-120.jpg 114 Elizabeth & Maude Cattell In loving memory of Elizabeth Cattell departed into rest May 16th 1958 Aged 89 years. Also her sister Maude Eliza Cattell who died October 18th 1964 Aged 90.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-121.jpg 115 Broken off front No writing
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-122.jpg 116 William Willmott Sacred to the memory of William Willmott who died 22 Sept 1850 Aged 6_ years
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-123.jpg 117 Sarah & Roger Morley In loving memory of Sarah Morley died Aug 6th 1915 Aged 42 years At rest. Also of her husband Roger who died Oct 31st 19?9
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-124.jpg 118 William & Elizabeth Radford William Radford who departed this life December 10th 1880 Aged 87 years Also Elizabeth Radford October 23rd 1885 Aged 88 years.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-125.jpg 119 Sarah In memory of Sarah, the wife of Francis ? 1775 - 1814 (possibly)
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-126.jpg 120 John David Carter John David Carter 26.7. 1945 - 16.7.2015 Much loved Husband, father and grandfather
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-127.jpg 121 Warren Dale Carter 30158203 Private Warren Dale Carter - 2nd battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment 9th December 2015 Aged 24 Bonded by love, engraved on our hearts Together forever never to part.
75px-St_Michael_and_All_Angels_Caldecote-128.jpg 122 Peter Charles Doggett In loving memory Peter Charles Doggett 12/08/1930 - 11/12/2017 Rest in peace
Photograph Grave number Name Transcription

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