St Pandionia and St John the Baptist Churchyard

Privacy Level: Open (White)
Date: [unknown] [unknown]
Location: The Green, Eltisley, Saint Neots PE19 6TQmap
Surnames/tags: Flinders Childerleys
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Photograph Grave number Name Transcription
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-65.jpg A George Douglas Cochrane Newton In dearly loved memory of GEORGE DOUGLAS COCHRANE NEWTON Baron Eltisley of Croxton K.B.E. Laid to rest in Croxton churchyard September 2nd 1942 aged 62 years. High Steward of The Borough of Cambridge. And formerly member of parliament. He loved his country his work and his friends. This tablet is erected by his devoted wife and daughter
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-66.jpg B Ann Baron In memory of ANN relict of JOHN BARON Who died June the 17th 1833 aged 76 years “There is no age that death will spare; all ages they must die; therefore to die let all prepare, to live eternally”.
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-67.jpg C Olive Croot In loving memory of OLIVE CROOT Worshipper and organist of this Church 11.6.1919 – 29.5.2004
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-68.jpg D Unknown No Writing
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-70.jpg E M Mary Barker To the memory of MARY BARKER Late of Cambridge

Who departed this life April 27th 1792 in the 73d year of her age

75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-71.jpg F Joseph Barringer In memory of JOSEPH BARRINGER Gentleman who died March the 18th 1755 aged 78

OVI POSTOVAM 81 ANNORVM ET VLTRA VITAM STATV VARIO DEGISSET EX EA MIGRAVIT 17 SEPTEMBRIS 1640 HOC FILIVS EI QVARTVS E MARIA FILIA VNICA EDWARDI & ELIZ. COSYN D CROXTON VXORE SVA SECVNDA SVSCEPTVS IOHANNES MARSHALL HONGRIS ERGO DEPOSVIT In sure hope of a blessed resurrection, in the arms of his parents John and Joan, here sleeps in the Lord Matthew Marshall Gen. who after living for 81 years and more in varying conditions left this life on this day, the 17th of September 1640. John Marshall who was his fourth son by his second wife Mary, the only daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Cosyn of Croxton had this laid down to show his respect.

75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-74.jpg H Margaret Owen In memory of MARGARET wife of THOMAS OWEN Late of this parish who died 4th March 1829 aged 50 "My God did grant the hope….. trust my Spirit to his …."
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-75.jpg I John Baron In memory of JOHN BARON Who died December 4th 1827 aged 73 “Vain were my hopes, my faith was vain if Jesus had not rose again: I have Gods promise and do trust He will to glory raise the just”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-76.jpg J Mary Webb Near this stone are interred the remains of MARY WEBB, the beloved wife of WILLIAM WEBB of this parish Who died in child-birth on the 1st of August 1831 aged 40 years "Reader! Prepare to meet thy God”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-77.jpg K Ronald Harry Mitchell & Charles John Bennett In memory of RONALD HARRY MITCHELL, Leading Seaman R.N. and CHARLES JOHN HALL, Private 5th Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regt Men of Eltisley who gave their lives for their country in the war of 1939 – 1945 “As dying and behold we live”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-1.jpg 1 T W Flinders T. W. FLINDERS Died 6th July 1929 Erected by family
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-2.jpg 2 James Baron In memory of JAMES BARON Who died 11th January 1857 aged 65
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-3.jpg 3 Samuel Baron In memory of SAMUEL BARON Who died 10th September 1851 aged 62 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-4.jpg 4 William Matthews Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM MATTHEWS Who died 17th October 1866 aged 80 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-5.jpg 5 Susanna Matthews Scared to the memory of SUSANNA Wife of WILLIAM MATTHEWS Who died 20th April 1859 aged 66
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-6.jpg 6 Mary Matthews Sacred to the memory of MARY The beloved daughter of WILLIAM & SUSANNA MATTHEWS Who departed this life 17th November 1844 aged 22
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-7.jpg 7 Lydia & Lydia Rose Sacred to the memory of LYDIA Beloved wife of THOMAS ROSE And daughter of WILLIAM & SUSANNA MATTHEWS Born 13th April 1828, Born again of the spirit 23rd February 1846. Fell asleep in Jesus 21st November 1852. Also LYDIA their daughter aged 10 weeks
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-8.jpg 8 George Baron In memory of GEORGE BARON Who died 31st March 1869 aged 84
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-9.jpg 9 Sarah Baron In remembrance of SARAH The wife of GEORGE BARON Who died 10th June 1849 aged 63
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-10.jpg 10 William Tingey In affectionate remembrance of WILLIAM TINGEY Who died 12th June 1879 aged 59
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-11.jpg 11 Thomas Millard In loving memory of THOMAS MILLARD Who departed this life 10th June 1886 aged 82 “Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff they comfort me”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-12.jpg 12 Martha Millard In affectionate remembrance of MARTHA The beloved wife of THOMAS MILLARD Who died 8th June 1874 aged 71 “He shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds” “The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-13.jpg 13 James Millard JAMES MILLARD Son of THOMAS & MARTHA MILLARD Died 3rd May 1849 aged 26
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-15.jpg 14 John, George and ? Millard In affectionate remembrance of JOHN MILLARD of Fairview The second son of THOMAS & MARTHA MILLARD Who departed this life 11th March 1879 in the 51st year of his life. Also of two of his children who died in infancy GEORGE buried 7th March 1862 aged 2 and . . . . “It is the Lord let him do what seemeth him good”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-14.jpg 15 Anna Millard In affectionate remembrance of ANNA Widow of JOHN MILLARD Who departed this life 15th June 1889 aged 61 “Be ye also ready”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-16.jpg 16 William Childerley and his two infant children In loving memory of WILLIAM Beloved husband JANE CHILDERLEY Who fell asleep in Jesus 3rd January 1891 aged 52 “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord” Also of two of their children who died in infancy
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-18.jpg 17 William & Jane Haynes In loving memory of WILLIAM HAYNES Who died 10th March 1884 aged 74 Also of JANE his wife Who died 12th October 1884 aged 67
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-19.jpg 18 Unreadable Unreadable
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-20.jpg 19 Thomas Flinders In loving memory of THOMAS FLINDERS Who departed this life 30th July 1886 aged 54 “What I say unto you I say unto all, Watch”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard.png 20 Thomas Flinders THOMAS FLINDERS Died 7th April 1810 aged 57
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-21.jpg 21 Flinders Not legible
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-23.jpg 22 Thomas & John Rose Sacred to the memory of THOMAS son of THOMAS & ANN ROSE who died 7th July 1862 aged 17 Also of JOHN their son died 4th February 1871 In the 28th year of his age
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-22.jpg 23 Ann Rose In memory of ANN the beloved wife THOMAS ROSE Who departed this life 1st August 1846 in the 26th year of her age
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-24.jpg 24 John & Mary Flinders In memory of JOHN FLINDERS Who died 31st October 1858 in the 63rd year of his life Also MARY the beloved wife of JOHN FLINDERS Who died 1st April 1836 in the 34th year of her life “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth yea Saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours And with their works do follow them”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-30.jpg 25 Mary Haynes In affectionate remembrance of MARY The beloved wife of JOHN HAYNES of Eltisley Who sweetly hath sleep in Jesus 2nd June 1876 aged 49 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-27.jpg 26 Alice & Thomas Osborne In memory of ALICE OSBORNE Wife of THOMAS OSBORNE Died 27th October 1809 and of THOMAS OSBORNE Died 5th January 1796
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-28.jpg 27 George Wiles Sacred to the memory of GEORGE WILES Who died 15th October 1846 aged 25
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-1.png 28 Unknown Unknown
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-29.jpg 29 John Haynes In memory of JOHN HAYNES Who died 14th September 1867 aged 69 “I know that my redeemer liveth and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth, and though….. worms destroy this body yet in my flesh I shall see God”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-32.jpg 30 Ann Haynes In memory of ANN Relic of JOHN HAYNES Who died 2nd October 1868 aged 66 “Behold I show you a mystery. We shall not all sleep but we shall all be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump for the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised in-corruptible and we shall all be changed”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-33.jpg 31 Charlotte Wiles CHARLOTTE WILES Died 20th November 1869 aged 34
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-34.jpg 32 Elizabeth and George Cozens In loving memory of ELIZABETH COZENS The beloved wife of GEORGE EDWARD COZENS Born 12th August 1843, Died 10th November 1927 aged 84 years Also GEORGE EDWARD COZENS The beloved husband of ELIZABETH COZENS Born 4th May 1847, Died 8th May 1928 aged 81 years “They loved the house of God”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-35.jpg 33 Shirley Cozens In loving memory of SHIRLEY COZENS Second son of GEORGE EDWARD & ELIZABETH COZENS Died 8th January 1886 aged 9
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-36.jpg 34 George Brown In loving memory of GEORGE BROWN Who died 15th August 1887 aged 37 “Peace, perfect peace”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-37.jpg 35 Charlotte Hall In loving memory of CHARLOTTE HALL Who died 19th January 1888 aged 47 years “There is a link death cannot sever, where love liveth forever”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-38.jpg 36 unreadable Unreadable
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-39.jpg 37 Isabella Nightingale In memory of ISABELLA Daughter of WILLIAM & SARAH NIGHTINGALE Died 4th July 1855 aged 28
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-40.jpg 38 Elizabeth Fordham In loving memory of ELIZABETH RUTH Daughter of DAVID & ANN FORDHAM Who died 20th May 1863 aged 17
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-41.jpg 39 Ann Maria Fordham In affectionate remembrance of ANNE MARIA beloved daughter of DAVID & ANN FORDHAM Who departed this life 19th November 1882 aged 47 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-42.jpg 40 James & Rebecca Rose In memory of JAMES ROSE Died 3rd January 1827 aged 73 years Also REBECCA his wife Died 19th September 1837 aged 82 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-2.png 41 James & Rhoda Brown JAMES BROWN Buried 15th June 1857 aged 51 Also of RHODA his wife. Died 1st January 1867 aged 58 “Here they sleep till that great day when Jesus shall in glory come to call his banished ones away and take them to their father home”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-43.jpg 42 Walter Brown In loving memory of WALTER the beloved son of WILLIAM & SARAH BROWN of Eltisley Who died 18th July 1879 aged 25 years “He brought down my strength in my journey, and shortened my days”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-3.png 43 Thomas & Elizabeth Rose To the dear memory of THOMAS ROSE Who passed away 16th June 1885 aged 63 also Elizabeth his widow born 14 September 1836 died 28 November 1917 aged 81 “It is well with thy husband, it is well with Christ, which is far better call it not death, it is life because the waters are passed, the home is won” “The light of our home is departed, a voice that we loved is stilled, a seat by our hearth is vacant, never again to be filled"
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-44.jpg 44 Augusta Rose In loving memory of AUGUSTA MARY The beloved child of THOMAS & ELIZABETH ROSE Taken away 3rd October 1875 aged 3 “The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-45.jpg 45 Kate Rose In affectionate remembrance of KATE LOUISA ROSE Who passed to the higher life on 20th January 1963 aged 87 “Loves last gift, remembrance”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-46.jpg 46 John & Mary Whittet In memory of JOHN WHITTET Who died 27th April 1876 aged 71 Also of MARY ANNE his widow Who died 28th January 1878 in her 73rd year
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-47.jpg 47 William & William Meny-Weathers In loving memory of WILLIAM, Son of JAMES & FRANCES MENYWEATHERS Who died 3rd February 1862 aged 11. Also WILLM CHARLES their son Who died 18th June 1848 aged 1 year 5 months 3 weeks
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-48.jpg 48 Edward & Elizabeth Meny-Weathers In remembrance of EDWARD MENYWEATHERS Who died 28th November 1870 aged 73 Also of ELIZABETH his wife Who died 2nd October 1856 aged 56 “If we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so they also which sleep in Jesus will God being with them”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-49.jpg 49 Marguerite Simpson In loving memory of MARGUERITE CAROLINE SIMPSON (Margot) Born 31st December 1902, Died 20th January 1966 “She is not dead, but only lyeth sleeping”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-50.jpg 50 Henry Thomas Dale In loving memory of HENRY THOMAS DALE Schoolmaster Born 2nd June 1885, Died 21st March 1953 “Well done thou good and faithful servant”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-52.jpg 51 Hilda Hodgson In memory of HILDA M HODGSON Wife of JOHN HODGSON Rector of this parish 1934-1939 1948-1968
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-54.jpg 52 William Kidman Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM KIDMAN. Who departed this life 19th November 1872 Aged 70
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-54.jpg 53 Sarah Kidman Sacred to the memory of SARAH wife of WILLIAM KIDMAN Who died 13th April 1883 aged 76 “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, they rest from their labours and their works do follow them”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-55.jpg 54 Catherine Warwick Sacred to the memory of CATHERINE The wife of LEVI WARWICK who died 23rd April 1851 aged 61 “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of God”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-56.jpg 55 William Kay Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM KAY Who died 8th December 1875 aged 70 “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-57.jpg 56 Elizabeth Riches In affectionate remembrance of ELIZABETH the beloved wife of JEREMIAH RICHES who died 5th October 1873 aged 31 “Pain and sickness at thy word, and sin and sorrow flies; (speak to me Almighty Lord and bid my spirit rise!)
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-58.jpg 57 William Sadler In affectionate remembrance of WILLIAM SADLER who died 8th February 1873 aged 54 years “Watch therefore for ye know neither the day nor the hour when the Son of Man cometh”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-59.jpg 58 Unreadable Unreadable
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-60.jpg 59 Mildred Kidman In affectionate remembrance of MILDRED Daughter of PETER & ANNE KIDMAN Who died 25th October 1869 aged 12
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-61.jpg 60 Sarah Kidman In memory of SARAH, the beloved wife of JEREMIAH KIDMAN who departed this life 4th December 1869 aged 39 years “Therefore the redeemed in the Lord shall return and come with singing unto Zion, and everlasting joy shall be upon their heads. They shall obtain gladness and joy, and sorrow and mourning shall flee away”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-64.jpg 61 Unknown Not legible
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-62.jpg 62 Samuel Wright In affectionate remembrance of SAMUAL WRIGHT Who departed this life 14th July 1880 aged 77 “I sought the Lord and he heard me and delivered me from my troubles”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-78.jpg 63 Unknown Unreadable
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-79.jpg 64 Unknown Unreadable
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-81.jpg 65 Frederick Douglas Walker In loving memory of FREDERICK DOUGLAS WALKER 1919 -2007
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-82.jpg 66 William Ronald George WILLIAM RONALD GEORGE 10.2.1921 – 2.12.2006 Much loved husband father and grandfather "Rest in peace"
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-83.jpg 67 Kenneth James Gambier KENNETH JAMES GAMBIER 1 March 1927 – 14 June 2011
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-84.jpg 68 Higginsons MICHAEL HIGGINSON 1932 – 1972 & BRENDA HIGGINSON 1935-2006
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-85.jpg 69 M F M F 183? (Leaning against Church wall)
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-87.jpg 70 John Kidman In memory of JOHN KIDMAN Who died 26th July 1847 aged 72 (Footstone SE 1862)
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-88.jpg 71 James Kidman In memory of JAMES KIDMAN Who died 20th September 1799 aged 37
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-89.jpg 72 Sarah Kidman In loving memory of SARAH KIDMAN Who died 27th November 1847 aged 80
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-90.jpg 73 Mary Eversden In memory of MARY Daughter of RICH. BONNET EVERSDEN & MARY, his wife Who died 10th January 1825 aged 20 “Your child is gone before waiting your arrival there, her fond parents ….. be not faithless but believe”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-91.jpg 74 Rich Bonnet Eversden In memory of RICH. BONNET EVERSDEN Who died 2nd January 1828 aged 52 “Beloved dear friends, weep not for me, but timely warning take. For you may plainly learn and see what soon will be your fate Affliction sore long time I bore, and felt the chastening rod but murmur’d not because I knew it was the will of God. I liv’d by faith in what God wills in his most Holy word I died in faith and now am gone to reap the ….. reward”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-92.jpg 75 Mary Eversden In memory of MARY Relict of RICH. BONNET EVERSDEN Who died 5th March 1830 aged 54
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-93.jpg 76 Grace Eversden In memory of GRACE Daughter of RICH. BONNET EVERSDEN & MARY, his wife Who died 22nd December 1828 aged 19 “See from the earth the faded lily rise it springs, it blows, it flourishes and dies so this fair flow’r scarce blossomed for a day short was the bloom and early the decay”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-94.jpg 77 Anna Tingey n memory of ANNA Wife of GEORGE TINGEY Who died 24th December 1843 aged 43 years “My flesh shall slumber in the ground then burst the chains with sweet surprise and in my Saviour’s image rise”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-95.jpg 78 George Tingey In memory of GEORGE TINGEY Who died 11th November 1857 aged 63
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-96.jpg 79 William Hines In memory of WILLIAM HINES Who died 11th April 1853 aged 87
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-97.jpg 80 Rebecca Hines In memory of REBECCA Wife of WILLIAM HINES who died 9th April 1862 aged 86
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-98.jpg 81 Susan Eversden In affectionate remembrance of SUSAN Daughter of WHITTET & MARY ANN EVERSDEN Who died 25th February 1871 aged 18
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-99.jpg 82 Whittet Eversden In affectionate remembrance of Whittet EVERSDEN who died 20th April...?
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-100.jpg 83 Whittet Eversden Sacred to the memory of WHITTET EVERSDEN Who died 17th April 1875 aged 68
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-101.jpg 84 Mary Eversden Sacred to the memory of MARY ANN Wife of WHITTET EVERSDEN Who died 21st May 1883 aged 68
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-102.jpg 85 Peter Whittet In affectionate memory of PETER WHITTET Died 28th December 1850 aged 72
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-103.jpg 86 Mary Whittet To the memory of MARY, the wife of PETER WHITTET Who departed this life the 15th April 1825 in the 28 year of her life
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-104.jpg 87 Willam Sadler & William Sadler Giddens Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM SADLER Who died 15th March 1848 aged 62 Also WILLIAM SADLER GIDDENS grandson of the above who died 7th August 1847 aged 11 months
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-105.jpg 88 William & Sarah Eversden In affectionate remembrance of WILLIAM EVERSDEN Who died 20th April 1872 aged 70 Also of SARAH his wife who died 4th June 1852 aged 34
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-106.jpg 89 Ada Kidman Sacred to the memory of ADA, daughter of JAMES & CHARLOTTE KIDMAN Given to them 21st June 1836 taken away 5th March 1850
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-107.jpg 90 James & Charlotte Kidman Sacred to the memory of JAMES KIDMAN Who departed this life 19th July 1841 aged 50 Also of CHARLOTTE his wife who died 26th April 1864 aged 61
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-108.jpg 91 Mary Kidman Sacred to the memory of MARY, wife of JAMES KIDMAN Who departed this life 27th December 1850 aged 45
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-109.jpg 92 Ephraim Kidman Sacred to the memory of EPHRAIM KIDMAN, son of JAMES & CHARLOTTE KIDMAN Who died 13th May 1865 aged 30
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-110.jpg 93 Benjamin & Joseph Allen In memory of BENJAMIN & JOSEPH Twin sons of WILLIAM & BETSY ALLEN BENJAMIN died 23rd August 1852 age 10 weeks JOSEPH died 2nd March 1857 aged 4 years & 9 months
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-111.jpg 94 William & Charlotte Haynes In loving memory of WILLIAM HAYNES Who fell asleep 26th March 1923 aged 67 “Forever with the Lord. There remaineth a rest to the people of God” Also of CHARLOTTE, his wife Who died 14th October 1950 aged 92 “Re-united”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-112.jpg 95 John & Susannah Childerley In memory of JOHN CHILDERLEY Who departed this life 28th October 1894 aged 73 years Also of SUSANNAH CHILDERLEY his wife Who died 1st September 1912 aged 84 years “We spend our years as a tale that is told”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-113.jpg 96 Thomas & Martha Cade THOMAS CADE Who died 19th January 1899 aged 67 Also of his wife, MARTHA Died 10th January 1910 aged 71
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-114.jpg 97 Thomas Baker In loving memory of THOMAS BAKER Who died 1st June 1910 aged 63
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-115.jpg 98 George, Mary, Arthur & Walter Kidman In loving memory of GEORGE KIDMAN Who died 3rd October 1915 aged 62 Also MARY, wife of above Who died 30th September 1922 aged 72 “At rest” Also of ARTHUR, their son Who fell in France 19th December 1915 aged 27 And WALTER, their son Who fell in France 26th November 1917 aged 29 “Greater love hath no man than these, they gave their lives for their friends”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-116.jpg 99 Rosa & Ben Sewell In loving memory of my dear wife ROSA SEWELL Died 2nd February 1960 aged 65 years “Until we meet again” Also BEN SEWELL Died 17th January 1972 aged 85 years “Re-united”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-117.jpg 100 Ronald George Sewell In loving memory of RONALD GEORGE SEWELL Who passed away 15th March 1973 aged 50 “Until we meet again”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-4.png 101 J Simons J Simons 1926
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-118.jpg 102 George & Mary Ann Canwell n loving memory of GEORGE CANWELL Who died 27th February 1894 aged 67 years Also of MARY ANN, his widow Who died 11th October 1902 aged 74 years “Father, in thy gracious keeping leave we now our loved ones sleeping”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-119.jpg 103 Edward Arthur In ever loving memory of EDWARD ARTHUR Who departed this life 20th January 1895 aged 81 “Dead but not dead, but passed from sight”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-120.jpg 104 George Arthur In loving memory of GEORGE ARTHUR Who died 27th February 1928 aged 85 “Forever with the Lord”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-121.jpg 105 Keziah Arthur In loving memory of KEZIAH, wife of GEORGE ARTHUR Who died 11th May 1895 aged 58 years “My days are like a shadow that climbeth and I am withered like grass”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-122.jpg 106 Jane Arthur In loving memory of JANE, daughter of GEORGE & KEZIAH ARTHUR Who died 14th May 1915 aged 42 years “Peace, perfect peace”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-123.jpg 107 Edward & Betsy Ashcroft In loving memory of EDWARD ASHCROFT Who died 4th April 1901 in his 80th year Also of BETSY, his wife Who died 27th January 1900 in her 80th year “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-124.jpg 108 James Millard In loving memory of JAMES MILLARD Who passed peacefully away 17th January 1927 aged 74 years “Resting in the Lord”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-125.jpg 109 Sarah Millard n loving memory of SARAH MILLARD Born 29th February 1828 died 6th December 1913 R.I.P.
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-126.jpg 110 Elizabeth Tingey ERT 1910 ELIZABETH TINGEY D 25th June 1910 aged 84
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-127.jpg 111 Tingey & Eliza Millard In ever loving memory of TINGEY MILLARD beloved husband of ELIZA MILLARD Who fell asleep 12th May 1919 aged 65 years “He giveth his beloved sleep” Also of his wife Eziza Who passed peacefully away 6th May 1953 aged 84
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-129.jpg 112 James Fortescue In loving memory of JAMES FORTESCUE At rest 26th March 1966 aged 87 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-130.jpg 113 Vera Mabel Hall In loving memory of a dear sister VERA MABEL HALL Died 1st February 1991 aged 75 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-131.jpg 114 Hazel Irene & Willie Hall In loving memory of my dear wife HAZEL IRENE HALL Who passed peacefully away 5th October 1969 aged 57 “At rest” And her husband WILLIE Who died 4th March 1987 aged 83 “Re-united”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-132.jpg 115 John & Mary Brown In loving memory of JOHN PEPPERDY BROWN of Croxton who died 1st September 1892 aged 75 years Also of MARY, his wife who died 31st January 1864 aged 45 years “Thy will be done”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-133.jpg 116 Corp Martin Riseley For God, King and country in ever loving memory of Corp. MARTIN RISELEY of the 95th Canadian O.S. Batalion The beloved husband of MARY RISELEY and the youngest son of HENRY & ELIZABETH RISELEY Who died 31st July 1916 aged 39 years “Kind was his heart, in friendship true and sound, loyal and true, beloved by all around. His trials now o’er, his battles forever done, a life of endless joy we hope he’s now begun. The Lord knoweth best”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-134.jpg 117 Harry Childerley HARRY, beloved son of SAMUEL & EMMA CHILDERLEY Who departed this life 22nd August 1893 aged 20 “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for thou art with me thy rod and thy staff they comfort me”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-135.jpg 118 Ebenezer & Mary Childerley In loving memory of EBENEZER CHILDERLEY Died 7th June 1917 aged 63 years Also MARY, his wife Died 24th February 1951 aged 89 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-136.jpg 119 Edward, Esther & Lilly Fortescue In loving memory of ESTHER, wife of EDWARD FORTESCUE Who died 7th April 1909 aged 67 Also of EDWARD FORTESCUE Who died 24th March 1911 aged 71 And LILLY, their daughter Who died 21st July 1901 aged 36
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-137.jpg 120 Nathaniel & Esther Fortescue In affectionate remembrance of NATHANIEL JOHN FORTESCUE Who died 29th September 1918 aged 34 years “Thy way, not mine, O Lord” Also of his daughter ESTHER WINIFRED FORTESCUE Who died 20th April 1988 aged 74 years “Peace, perfect peace”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-138.jpg 121 Mary & William Sewell In ever loving memory of a beloved wife and mother MARY HARDWICK SEWELL Who passed peacefully away 24th May 1954 aged 66 years “In heavenly love abiding” Also of her husband and a loving father WILLIAM JOHN SEWELL Who passed peacefully away 18th December 1989 aged 85 years “In Gods keeping”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-139.jpg 122 Samuel Flinders In memory of SAMUEL FLINDERS Who died February 1st 1908 age 74 “Like as a father, pitieth his children so the Lord pitieth them that fear him”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-140.jpg 123 Kezia Flinders In loving memory KEZIA FLINDERS Who died 27th March 1895 aged 70 years “The spirit shall return unto God who gave it”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-141.jpg 124 Richard & Ellen Newman In loving memory of RICHARD NEWMAN Who departed this life 11th July 1900 in his 99th year Also of ELLEN wife of the above Who entered into rest 23rd January 1902 aged 97 This stone was erected by their loving grandchildren “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord that they may rest from their labours”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-142.jpg 125 William Matthews Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM MATTHEWS Who died 17th October 1866 aged 80 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-143.jpg 126 Corn John & Susan Hedge In memory of CORN JOHN HEDGE Died 15th May 1905 aged 66 years Also SUSAN his wife Died 10th March 1897 aged 46 years “Thy will be done”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-144.jpg 127 Selina Wright In loving memory of “Prepare to meet thy God” SELINA, wife of JOHN WRIGHT Who died 2nd October 1899 aged 42 years “Blessed are the dead, which die in the Lord”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-145.jpg 128 Herbert Anthony In loving memory of HERBERT, beloved son of JOHN & EMMA ANTHONY Who died 20th June 1900 aged 16 years “The cup was bitter, the sting severe to part with one we loved so dear: the trial is hard, we’ll not complain, but trust in Christ to meet again”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-146.jpg 129 Edward Chandler In loving memory of EDWARD CHANDLER Who departed this life 27th February 1917 aged 73 “Rest in peace”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-5.png 130 Florence Alice Corby FLORENCE ALICE CORBY Died 27th October 1973 aged 81
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-6.png 131 Dorothy Jack In loving memory of DOROTHY JACK Died 25th September 1975 aged 83
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-7.png 132 Thomas A J Barnett In loving memory of THOMAS A. J. BARNETT Died 5th November 1989 aged 69
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-148.jpg 133 Alfred John Jarvis In loving memory of ALFRED JOHN beloved husband of ALICE MARY JARVIS Who died 18th November 1934 aged 63 “Ever in our thoughts”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-149.jpg 134 Alice Mary Jarvis In loving memory of ALICE MARY beloved wife of ALFRED JOHN JARVIS Who died 15th October 1933 aged 58 “Ever in our thoughts”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-150.jpg 135 ArthurCharles Childerley In loving memory of ARTHUR CHARLES, beloved husband of L. V. CHILDERLEY Died 16th August 1932 aged 65 “His end was peace”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-151.jpg 136 John Edward & Florence Cozens In loving memory of my dear husband JOHN EDWARD COZENS Died 28th November 1949 aged 76 years “Until the day dawn” Also of his wife, FLORENCE COZENS Who died 3rd November 1956 aged 81 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-152.jpg 137 Thomas & Hephzibar Millard In loving memory of THOMAS MILLARD Who died 4th August 1908 aged 73 years Also of HEPHZIBAR, his wife Who died 6th April 1925 aged 73 years “May they rest in peace”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-153.jpg 138 Thomas & Jane Flinders In loving memory of JANE The beloved wife of the late THOS FLINDERS Who departed this life 22nd March 1907 aged 93 years “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. For thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff they comfort me” Also of THOMAS WILLIAM FLINDERS Son of the above who died 6th July 1929 aged 59 years “At rest”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-147.jpg 139 Peter & Eliza Kidman In affection remembrance of “Thy will be done” PETER KIDMAN who died 20th December 1901 aged 79 years Also of ELIZA ANN, his widow Who died 14th September 1906 aged 82 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-154.jpg 140 John Eversden In loving memory of JOHN EVERSDEN Entered rest 14th April 1928 aged 74 “He giveth his beloved sleep”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-155.jpg 141 George & James Menyweathers In loving memory of GEORGE MENYWEATHERS beloved husband of EMILY MENYWEATHERS Who died 26th October 1920 aged 64, 11 months "At rest peace, perfect peace" Also JAMES WILLIAM, their only son who fell in France in the Great War 1st March 1917 aged 23 years “Greater love hath no man than this he gave his life for his friends”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-156.jpg 142 Norman & Annie Collings NORMAN ROSEVEARE COLLINGS 9th December 1971 ANNIE FLORENCE COLLINGS 18th October 1903 – 2nd May 1995
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-8.png 143 Jack & Eleanor Gill JACK GILL Died 6th May 1992 ELEANOR PEGGY GILL Died 25th June 1993
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-157.jpg 144 Annie & George Flinders In loving memory of ANNIE, wife of GEORGE FLINDERS Who died 1st August 1906 aged 54 years “The face we loved, we see no more, she is not lost, but gone before" “At rest” Also of GEORGE FLINDERS Who died 5th February 1936 aged 82 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-158.jpg 145 James Menyweathers In loving memory of JAMES MENYWEATHERS Who fell asleep in Jesus 2nd March 1905 aged 80 “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord” “Mourn not for him whom God hath blessed and taken to his heavenly rest free from all sorrow grief and pain our loss is his eternal gain”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-159.jpg 146 Jane Childerley In loving memory of JANE widow of WILLIAM CHILDERLEY Who passed peacefully away 26th October 1901 aged 63 years “Rest on dear mother thy labour o’er thy willing hands will toil no more; a faithful mother true and kind no friend on earth like thee we find”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-160.jpg 147 Sarah Brown SARAH BROWN widow of WILLIAM BROWN Who died 8th October 1903 in her 74th year “Round this spot my children will linger and will shed a falling tear while thinking of a mothers love and know that I lay sleeping here”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-161.jpg 148 Ralph & Christina Picking Sacred to the memory of RALPH CHARLES PICKING who passed peacefully away 18th March 1907 in his 59th year Also of CHRISTINA wife of the above Who died 10th February 1922 in her 83rd year R I P
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-162.jpg 149 Henry Riseley In loving memory of HENRY Dearly beloved son of WILLIAM & ANNIE RISELY Died 20th May 1930 aged 33 years “Up there we shall understand not here but in the better land”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-163.jpg 150 William Kay In loving memory of WILLIAM The beloved husband of EMMA KAY Who died 27th July 1901 aged 60 “As a flower blooms forth in the morning and fades, so may a man rise in the morning in full vigour of health, and strength and be suddenly cut down, ere the day be far advanced”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-164.jpg 151 Emma Kay In loving memory of EMMA KAY The beloved wife of WILLIAM KAY Who died 20th December 1924 aged 81 years “Peacefully sleep, sleep till the morning, peacefully sleep”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-165.jpg 152 Ann Kay In loving memory of ANN Widow of WILLIAM KAY Who departed this life 30th September 1896 aged 87 “Even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-166.jpg 153 Raymond Topham In loving memory of RAYMOND HERBERT TOPHAM Who died 15th May 1991 aged 67 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-167.jpg 154 William, Elizabeth & Beatrice Eversden In loving memory of WILLIAM EVERSDEN Who died 3rd January 1908 aged 70 also Elizabeth Emma his wife who died 9th July 1931 aged 93 Also of BEATRICE GRACE, their youngest daughter Who died 1st February 1910 aged 27 “Until the day break”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-168.jpg 155 John & Ann Brown In loving memory of JOHN BROWN Who died 29th November 1919 aged 81 years “Living for truth” Also of ANN, his beloved wife Who died 14th May 1919 aged 81 years “At rest”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-169.jpg 156 Florence Hall FLH 1909 Is of FLORENCE LILY HALL Buried 2nd September 1909 aged 30. Of Croxton
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-170.jpg 157 Flora Kate Bridge In affectionate memory of FLORA KATE The beloved wife of ARTHUR HENRY BRIDGE and daughter of THOMAS & ELIZABETH ROSE Who died 12th July 1898 aged 28 “Sorrows are passed and in the end shewed the treasure of immortality”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-171.jpg 158 Mary Wilmer Sissy Fortescue In loving memory of MARY WILMER SISSY Wife of EDWARD FORTESCUE and daughter of the late THOMAS & ELIZABETH ROSE Who died 22nd November 1914 aged 37 years “The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-172.jpg 159 Edward Fortescue In loving memory of EDWARD FORTESCUE Who passed to his rest 7th April 1937 aged 62 years “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-9.png 160 Joseph & Mary Haynes In loving memory of JOSEPH HAYNES Who died 21st June 1911 aged 73 years “Until the daybreak and the shadows flee away” Also of MARY his beloved wife Who died 13th July 1930 aged 82 years “Thou shalt go to thy Father’s in peace”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-173.jpg 161 Joseph Harry Haynes In loving memory of JOSEPH HARRY The beloved son of JOSEPH & MARY HAYNES Who died 1st March 1909 aged 25 years “Rock of ages, cleft for me. Let me hide myself in thee”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-174.jpg 162 Arthur Haynes In affectionate remembrance of ARTHUR The beloved son of JABEZ & ELIZABETH HAYNES (The Beehive) Born 27th November 1887. Died 28th January 1908 “Peace, perfect peace”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-175.jpg 163 Ernest & Algar Haynes In loving memory of ERNEST The beloved husband of DORA HAYNES Who passed away 24th August 1914 aged 30 years “Until the daybreak and the shadows flee away” Also ALGAR their beloved Son Who passed away 25th March 1914 aged 4 “Jesus called a little child unto him”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-176.jpg 164 Walter & Sally Haynes In loving memory of Sally Mitchell who passed away April 21st 1925, Aged 80 years. Also of Walter Mitchell Her beloved husband who passed away February 9th 1926. Aged 81 years. Reunited.
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-177.jpg 165 Mary & George Fordham In loving memory of MARY Beloved wife of GEORGE FORDHAM Died 15th January 1922 aged 70 years “Forever with the Lord” Also of GEORGE FORDHAM Who died 7th March 1926 aged 68 years “We’ll meet again, Twill not be long”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-178.jpg 166 Nellie Fordham In loving memory of NELLIE Daughter of GEORGE & MARY FORDHAM Who died 20th November 1918 aged 35 “The eternal God is thy refuge and underneath are the everlasting arms” “Dear is the spot where Christians sleep and sweet is the strain which Angels pour, O why should we in anguish weep, she is not lost, but gone before”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-179.jpg 167 Ada & Samuel Peacock In loving memory of ADA The beloved wife of SAMUEL PEACOCK Buried 6th January 1923 aged 71 Also of SAMUEL PEACOCK Who died 26th December 1926 aged 75 “Father, in thy gracious keeping leave we now our loved ones sleeping”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-10.png 168 Ruby Rose RUBY ROSE Buried 30th May 1918 aged 15 daughter of CHARLES and ADA ROSE
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-180.jpg 169 Riseley & Betsey Payne In loving memory of RISELY PAYNE The beloved husband of BETSEY PAYNE Who died 19th May 1924 aged 72 Also BETSY, his wife Who was buried 28th February 1927 aged 78
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-181.jpg 170 Jabez & Elizabeth Haynes In loving memory of JABEZ HAYNES Who died 17th January 1918 aged 68 Also his beloved wife ELIZABETH ANN HAYNES Who died 30th March 1952 aged 92 “At rest”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-182.jpg 171 John & Ada Whittet In loving remembrance of JOHN WILMER WHITTET Of Great Gransden who died 2nd November 1917 aged 72 “For ever with the Lord” Also of ADA his beloved wife Who peacefully passed away 24th June 1927 aged 83 “Jesus my all”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-183.jpg 172 Edward& Fanny Hall In loving memory of EDWARD HALL Who died 7th May 1927 aged 81 years “Peace, perfect peace, with loved ones far away In Jesus’ keeping we are safe and they” Also of FANNY HALL wife of the above Who died 19th January 1933 aged 87 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-184.jpg 173 Herbet Topham For King and Country In loving memory of HERBERT Eldest son of GEO HOW & MARTHA TOPHAM Born 26th March 1881. Died 7th January 1916 “Nearer, my God, to thee, nearer to thee”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-185.jpg 174 George & Martha Topham In loving memory of GEORGE HOW TOPHAM Passed away 6th May 1927 aged 78 years Also MARTHA, his wife, fell asleep 12th January 1929 aged 77 years “At rest”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-186.jpg 175 Violet & William Topham In loving memory of VIOLET FRANCES TOPHAM Died 16th December 1978 aged 78 Also her husband WILLIAM GEORGE Died 19th February 1989 aged 93 Also RAYMOND GEORGE TARRANT (PAUL) Grandson 17th November 1944 to 22nd May 1991
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-187.jpg !76 Raymond George Tarrant In loving memory of VIOLET FRANCES TOPHAM Died 16th December 1978 aged 78 Also her husband WILLIAM GEORGE Died 19th February 1989 aged 93 Also RAYMOND GEORGE TARRANT (PAUL) Grandson 17th November 1944 to 22nd May 1991
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-11.png 177 Edith & Albury Sawford In loving memory of EDITH SAWFORD Died 31st March 1937 aged 52 Also ALBURY HARIVEN SAWFORD Born 11th August 1924. Died 21st January 1982
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-188.jpg 178 Emma & Joseph Mitchell In loving memory of EMMA The dearly loved wife of JOSEPH MITCHELL Who passed away 29th April 1934 aged 67 “At rest in the Lord” Also of JOSEPH MITCHELL Who died 22nd July 1945 aged 77
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-189.jpg 179 Julia Marion Bell In loving memory of our dear daughter JULIA MARION BELL Who died 23rd August 1934 aged 19 “Forever with the Lord”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-190.jpg 180 Alfred George Walker In loving memory of ALFRED GEORGE beloved son of ALFRED and MARTHA WALKER Died 2nd January 1936 aged 23 “His memory is as dear today as in the hour he passed away”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-191.jpg 181 Gladys Mary Hall Remembrance GLADYS MARY HALL Died 27th October 1935 aged 15 years “At rest”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-192.jpg 182 Alfred Mallet In loving memory of ALFRED MALLETT Died 2nd February 1934 aged 75 “God’s finger touched him, and he slept”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-193.jpg 183 Daisy & Moses Mitchell In loving memory of DAISY the beloved wife of MOSES MITCHELL Died 3rd January 1934 aged 55 “In Gods keeping” Also of her beloved husband MOSES Died 9th December 1951 aged 78 “Re-united”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-194.jpg 184 Harriet Jane Hatton In loving memory of HARRIET JANE the dearly loved wife of JESSE HATTON Who passed away 5th June 1931 aged 55 “In Gods dear keeping, safe forever more”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-195.jpg 185 Charles Herbert Rose, CHARLES HERBERT ROSE Died 10th May 1939 aged 69;
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-195.jpg 186 Elizabeth Chandler ELIZABETH CHANDLER Died 28th February 1931 aged 86:
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-195.jpg 187 Ada Rose ADA ROSE Died 29th November 1929 aged 62
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-196.jpg 188 Henry & Agnetta Rose Sacred to the memory of HENRY WHITTET ROSE the dearly loved husband of AGNETTA ROSE Who passed peacefully away 23rd December 1928 aged 63 “In thy presence is fullness of joy” Also of AGNETTA the dearly loved wife of the above Who passed peacefully away 1st February 1932 aged 69 “Until the daybreak and the shadows flee away”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-197.jpg 189 Arthur & Elizabeth Rainsford In ever loving memory of ARTHUR RAINSFORD Who passed peacefully away 5th November 1928 aged 65 years “Light at eventime” Also of ELIZABETH WINIFRED his beloved wife Who passed peacefully away 4th May 1953 aged 85 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-198.jpg 190 Henry & Elizabeth Riseley In loving memory of HENRY MITCHELL RISELEY Who died 30th May 1921 aged 82 years “Asleep in Jesus” Also of ELIZABETH his beloved wife Who died 26th February 1928 in her 88th year “Peace, perfect peace”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-199.jpg 191 John & Claude Ashcroft Treasured memories of our dear father JOHN ASHCROFT Died 9th September 1928 aged 82 years Also of our dear mother CHARLOTTE ASHCROFT Died 13th February 1948 aged 84 years “Rest and peace for ever more”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-200.jpg 192 Cyril Thomas Picking In loving memory of CYRIL THOMAS only beloved son of FREDERICK and MABEL PICKING passed on 31st August 1957 in his 45th year “Until the daybreak”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-201.jpg 193 Mabel & Frederick Picking In loving memory of our dear mother and father MABEL BLANCHE PICKING Who passed away 1st July 1965 aged 79 years FREDERICK PICKING Who passed away 27th October 1965 aged 87 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-202.jpg 194 Madge & Ernest Burton In loving memory of my dear wife MADGE JOYCE BURTON daughter of FREDERICK and MABEL PICKING passed away 14th March 1996 aged 73 “God willing we shall meet again” Also ERNEST ALBERT BURTON Died 16th January 1997 aged 82 “Re-united”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-203.jpg 195 John Flinders In loving memory of JOHN FLINDERS Died 20th February 1944 aged 72
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-204.jpg 196 kathleen Flinders In loving memory of KATHLEEN FLINDERS 11th July 1918 to 13th December 1994
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-205.jpg 197 William & Winifred Flinders In loving memory of WILLIAM JOHN FLINDERS (BILL) Born 11th February 1914 Died 21st February 1991 Also his wife WINIFRED MARY (MOLLIE) Born 24th June 1915 Died 20th May 2003
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-206.jpg 198 George & Alice Flinders In loving memory of GEORGE FLINDERS Who passed away 17th November 1940 aged 18 years “The face we loved – we see no more He is not lost – but gone before” Also of ALICE ELLEN FLINDERS A dearly loved mother Who died 23rd September 1978 aged 97 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-207.jpg 199 Frederick & Elizabeth Payne In loving memory of FREDERICK CHARLES the dearly loved husband of ELIZABETH PAYNE Died 20th November 1939 aged 62 years “In Gods keeping” Also of his beloved wife ELIZABETH PAYNE Who died 13th January 1955 aged 82 years “Re-united”
M. SIMONS 1938 (MARIA ELIZABETH SIMONS Buried 4th January 1938 aged 20 of Little Barford, Beds) 200 Maria Simons M. SIMONS 1938 (MARIA ELIZABETH SIMONS Buried 4th January 1938 aged 20 of Little Barford, Beds)
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-209.jpg 201 Richard & Helen Sewell In loving memory of “Peace” RICHARD SEWELL Died 12th April 1937 aged 64 years “Light at eventide” Also of HELEN, his beloved wife Died 5th September 1950 aged 72 years “At rest”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-210.jpg 202 Grace, Sydney & Freda Rose In loving memory of GRACE EVELINE ROSE Who passed away 13th May 1959 aged 62 “At rest” SYDNEY ROSE Aged 82 husband of above Also (not marked, at rear of headstone) FREDA, daughter of FREDERICK and DORIS SAWYER, died 29th November 1935 aged 2½ years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-211.jpg 203 Robert & Ivy Flinders Loved and remembered ROBERT FLINDERS Who passed on into life and love forever 13th April 1938 aged 35 And also IVY, his wife 19th April 1950 aged 48
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-212.jpg 204 John & Louisa Brown n loving memory of JOHN MALTMAN BROWN Who passed peacefully away 12th February 1936 aged 85 “At rest” Also of LOUISA beloved wife of above Who passed peacefully away 7th September 1941 aged 82 “Re-united”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-213.jpg 205 George Milward In loving memory of GEORGE MILLARD Who passed peacefully away 21st July 1940 aged 74 “Peace, perfect peace”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-12.png 206 Laura & Sarah Milward In loving memory of LAURA MILLARD Who passed peacefully away 13th November 1948 aged 78 years “At rest” Also of SARAH JANE MILLARD Died 24th February 1953 aged 84 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-215.jpg 207 Harold Flinders Treasured memories of HAROLD OSWALD FLINDERS Who died 8th December 1939 aged 23 years “Sleeping where no shadows fall loved and remembered by us all”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-216.jpg 208 Catherine & Seth Childerley In loving memory of CATHERINE ELLEN Beloved wife of SETH CHILDERLEY Who died 3rd December 1938 aged 77 Also of SETH CHILDERLEY Who died 9th July 1945 aged 85 “Peace, perfect peace”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-217.jpg 209 Sam Childerley In loving memory of SAM KIDMAN CHILDERLEY Died 12th October 1960 aged 77
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-13.png 210 Benjamin Childerley BENJAMIN CHILDERLEY Died 29th June 1999 aged 80
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-218.jpg 211 Violet Jean Wright Violet Jean Wright (nee Topham) Born 30th October 1922 Died 1 April 2016 Beloved mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Fondly remembered. Rest in peace.
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-219.jpg 212 Nicola& Joseph Barling NICOLA JANE BARLING (nee Greenhow) 1966-2014 wife of Paul A dearly loved mum and daughter and sister Together with her baby Joseph Treasured memories
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-220.jpg 213 William Greenhow Devoted husband and father WILLIAM EDWARD GREENHOW “BILL” Passed away 23rd February 1998 aged 77 “In our hearts silent sorrow”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-221.jpg 214 Rosa Wiles ROSE MAY Wife of JAMES WILES Died 24th June 1960 aged 73 “Remembered always”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-222.jpg 215 James Wiles “Not my will, but thine be done” In loving memory of JAMES WILES Who passed away 14th April 1949 aged 63 years “Brave, unselfish, loving”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-223.jpg 216 Reuben Wiles In loving memory of REUBEN CADE WILES Who dies 26th June 1942 aged 77 “Peace, perfect peace”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-224.jpg 217 Walter Mitchell In loving memory of my husband WALTER MITCHELL Died 5th February 1949 aged 58 “Some day we shall understand”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-225.jpg 218 Lydia Lavinia & Charles Childerley In loving memory of LYDIA LAVINIA CHILDERLEY Died 2nd May 1944 aged 81 Also her devoted husband CHARLES Died 12th January 1952 aged 91 “Re-united”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-226.jpg 219 Sydney & Amy Fortescue In ever loving memory of SIDNEY FORTESCUE Who passed peacefully away 7th January 1944 in his 63rd year “Thy will be done” Also AMY FORTESCUE Died 15th January 1978 aged 94 “At rest”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-227.jpg 220 Florence & Benjamin Fordham In loving memory of FLORENCE MAY FORDHAM Died 14th October 1946 aged 61 Also of her beloved brother BENJAMIN JOHN Died 25th June 1947 aged 66 “Christ will link the golden chain, then in heaven we meet again”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-228.jpg 221 Annie Fordham In loving memory of ANNIE ELIZABETH FORDHAM Called to rest 24th April 1942 aged 63 “In Gods keeping”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-229.jpg 222 Millicent, Sydney & Eric Currington In loving memory of MILLICENT HILDA CURRINGTON Who died 18th December 1943 aged 52 years Also her husband SYDNEY CURRINGTON Who died 15th July 1982 aged 90 years And their Son ERIC JAMES CURRINGTON Who died May 28th 2011 aged 84 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-230.jpg 223 John Hetherington JOHN HETHERINGTON Died 4th October 1940 aged 71
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-231.jpg 224 Charles & Mary Flinders In loving memory of CHARLES FLINDERS Died 5th March 1941 aged 86 Also MARY FLINDERS Died 3rd June 1949 aged 91
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-232.jpg 225 Joseph & Melody Childerley In loving memory of JOSEPH CHILDERLEY Who died 9th December 1941 aged 88 “In Gods keeping” Also of MELODY his beloved wife Who died 7th September 1947 aged 91 “Re-united”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-233.jpg 226 Elias & Alice Hale In loving memory of my dear husband ELIAS WILLIAM HALL Who was called home 11th September 1943 aged 55 years “Peace, perfect peace” Also of his wife ALICE Who died 24th October 1980 aged 80 years “At rest”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-234.jpg 227 Unreadable Unreadable
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-235.jpg 228 Mary & Pryce Sewell Treasured memories of a beloved wife and mother MARY ANN SEWELL Taken from us 21st January 1963 aged 66 years of a beloved husband and father PRYCE PERCY SEWELL re-united 18th November 1981 aged 84 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-236.jpg 229 Gwendoline Pamela Colmer In loving memory of Gwendoline Pamela Colmer 10.07.1949 - 04.05.2015 Always in our hearts
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-237.jpg 230 Leslie Frederick George Colmer In loving memory of LESLIE FREDERICK GEORGE COLMER 2.10.1924 – 28.8.2013 "Always in our hearts"
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-238.jpg 231 Kenneth Chamberlain KENNETH GEORGE CHAMBERLAIN Died 11th Nov 2010 aged 56 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-240.jpg 232 Ronald William Chambers Treasured Memories of RONALD WILLIAM CHAMBERS 3rd Dec 1939 – 2nd Nov 2010 "Always in our hearts"
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-242.jpg 233 Walter Bibby In loving memory of WALTER BIBBY Died 2nd May 2005 Aged 86 "Too dearly loved to be forgotten"
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-243.jpg 234 Muriel Bibby In loving memory of a dear wife and mum MURIEL CATHERINE ELLEN BIBBY Died 16th May 1987 aged 67 years “Brave, unselfish, loving”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-244.jpg 235 William Chambers Cherished memories of WILLIAM ERNEST CHAMBERS Who died 17th September 1965 aged 53 years “Treasured still with our love sincere”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-245.jpg 236 Emma Wiles In loving memory of EMMA WILES
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-246.jpg 237 George Wiles In Loving memory of George Wiles
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-247.jpg 238 Edding Flinders In loving memory of my dear husband EDDING FLINDERS Dies 31st May 1954 “Peace, perfect peace”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-248.jpg 239 Annie & Thomas Matthews In loving memory of ANNIE ELIZABETH wife of THOMAS MURFIN MATTHEWS who passed away 22nd October 1948 aged 71 years Also of THOMAS MURFIN MATTHEWS Who died 2nd November 1961 aged 84 years “Life’s work well done”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-249.jpg 240 Alfred, Alfred & Ellen Hayden In loving memory of ALFRED CHILDERLEY HAYDEN Died 11th June 1945 aged 78 years Also of ALFRED FRANK, son of the above Who died 7th July 1949 aged 58 years Also of a beloved wife and mother ELLEN HAYDEN Died 8th May 1954 aged 93 years “Re-united”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-250.jpg 241 Winifred & Walter Hall In loving memory of WINIFRED MAY HALL Died 30th November 1972 aged 66 Also of WALTER RAYMOND HALL Died 21st November 1992 aged 85 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-251.jpg 242 Virginia Ashford In ever loving memory of VIRGINIA MAUD ASHCROFT At rest 19th September 1944 aged 61 “For you dear peace for us sweet memories”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-252.jpg 243 Alice Rose Bull In loving memory of our dear mother, ALICE ROSE BULL Who died 3rd November 1952 aged 59 “Greatly loved, sadly missed”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-253.jpg 244 Sara & John Arthur In loving memory of SARA the beloved and loving wife of JOHN ARTHUR Died 4th September 1946 aged 70 years Also of JOHN ARTHUR Died 21st December 1956 aged 86 years “Re-united”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-254.jpg 245 Herbert & Edith Childerley In loving memory of HERBERT GEORGE CHILDERLEY Who died 27th October 1959 aged 55 “Requiescat in pace” Also EDITH FLORENCE CHILDERLEY Who died 7th April 1970 aged 49 “Loved and remembered always”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-255.jpg 246 Arthur, Arthur & Agnes Childerley In loving memory of a beloved husband and father ARTHUR JAMES CHILDERLEY Died 4th July 1948 aged 68 “In Gods keeping” Also of his son ARTHUR FRANK CHILDERLEY Who died 12th November 1961 aged 59 Also of a beloved wife and mother AGNES ANN CHILDERLEY Who died 16th April 1964 aged 83 “Re-united”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-257.jpg 247 William & Annie Riseley In loving memory of peace WILLIAM RISELEY Died 21st June 1949 aged 83 years Also his wife ANNIE RISELEY Died 8th July 1951 aged 87 years “At rest”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-256.jpg 248 Doris McCaskill “Thy Way, not mine, O Lord” Sweetest memories of DORIS VALLAR wife of WARD McCASKILL daughter of the late GEORGE and MARGARET ROBINSON Who died 13th November 1945 aged 26 years “In Gods presence there is fullness of joy”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-14.png 249 Kay Riseley KAY, beloved son of WILLIAM and ANN RISELEY Died 8th October 1957 aged 66 “Peace, perfect peace”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-258.jpg 250 Michael John Lymage Treasured memories of a devoted son and brother MICHAEL JOHN LYMAGE taken from us 7th October 1972 aged 27 years “Dearly loved; so sadly missed”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-261.jpg 251 Edith May Picking In memory of Edith May 1921 - 2012 thank you Mum God bless from all the family xxxx EDITH MAY PICKING Died 9th November 2012 aged 91 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-262.jpg 252 Philip Picking Philip Norman Picking Died 20th January 2019 Aged 71 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-263.jpg 253 Pamela Morley PAMELA JOAN MORLEY Died 15th Jan 2010 aged 68 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-264.jpg 254 Judith Ellen Smith Cherished memories of JUDITH ELLEN SMITH A dear wife and mother Died April 19th 2008 aged 57 years "Rest in peace"
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-266.jpg 255 Margaret Chambers In loving memory of MARGARET CHAMBERS 11th May 1938 20th February 1982 R.I.P.
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-265.jpg 256 Henry Hopper Dear dad HENRY HOPPER Died 3rd November 1961 aged 75 “At rest”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-267.jpg 257 Lydia & Charles Childerley In loving memory of LYDIA LAVINIA CHILDERLEY Died 2nd May 1944 aged 81 Also her devoted husband CHARLES Died 12th January 1952 aged 91 “Re-united”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-268.jpg 258 Arthur & Alice Hayes In loving memory of a dear husband and dad ARTHUR WILLIAM HAYNES Who passed away 17th June 1958 aged 70 years Also his wife ALICE Who passed away 26th February 1969 aged 79 years “At rest”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-269.jpg 259 Alfred & Martha Walker In loving memory of my dear husband ALFRED JAMES WALKER Died 10th June 1956 aged 66 years “In Gods keeping” Also of MARTHA, his beloved wife Died 12th February 1975 aged 90 years “Re-united”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-270.jpg 260 Ernest Walker Treasured memories of a dear husband ERNEST WALTER WALKER Died 17th December 1952 aged 35 years “Loved by us all”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-271.jpg 261 Ernest Stevens Treasured memories of a dear husband ERNEST STEVENS Died 5th June 1952 aged 36 years “The Lord hath need of him”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-274.jpg 262 Julie & Arthur Chandler In loving memory of a devoted wife and mother JULIA CHANDLER Who died 15th November 1950 aged 89 “Life’s work well done” Also her beloved husband ARTHUR CHANDLER Who died 14th November 1954 aged 82 years “Re-united”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-275.jpg 263 Dan & Elizabeth Brunning In loving memory of DAN BRUNNING Died 16th March 1952 Also his wife ELIZABETH ANN Died 19th April 1952 “Rest in peace”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-276.jpg 264 Clarence & Amelia Childerley In loving memory of CLARENCE CHILDERLEY Died 26th January 1954 aged 70 years “The shepherd called him” And his wife AMELIA CHILDERLEY Died 29th July 1994 aged 96 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-273.jpg 265 Mary & Ethel Childerley In loving memory of MARY CHILDERLEY Died 15th October 1954 aged 58 Also ETHEL CHILDERLEY Died 7th May 1956 aged 75 daughters of JOSEPH and MELODY CHILDERLEY “At rest”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-277.jpg 266 John & Violet Ashcroft Treasured memories of JOHN ROBERT ASHCROFT Who died 21st June 1956 aged 69 “Always in our thoughts” Also his wife VIOLET MARY ASHCROFT Died 11th June 1974 aged 84 “Re-united”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-260.jpg 267 Joan Ashcroft In memory of JOAN daughter of VIOLET and JOHN ASHCROFT Born 3rd March 1923 Died 5th February 1999 “Now at peace”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-280.jpg 268 May Lord In loving memory of MAY LORD Died 30th June 1973 aged 84 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-16.png 269 Gwendoline Hopper GWENDOLINE IRENE HOPPER Died 19th December 1995 aged 80
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-281.jpg 270 Alec Stanley Hopper In loving memory of ALEC STANLEY HOPPER 1919 – 1982 “Always in our thoughts”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-282.jpg 271 Alice & Ernest Jarvis In loving memory of my beloved wife ALICE EDITH JARVIS Who died 12th January 1969 aged 61 years “In Gods keeping” Also her dear husband ERNEST WILLIAM Re-united 15th March 1972 aged 73 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-283.jpg 272 Leonard & Olive Haynes In loving memory of LEONARD CHARLES HAYNES Died 6th January 1972 aged 86 years Reunited with OLIVE VICTORIA HAYNES Died 19th July 1991 aged 89 years “Rest in Peace”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-284.jpg 273 William & Beatrice Childerley Treasured memories of a dear husband and dad WILLIAM CHILDERLEY who died 17th November 1973 aged 73 years Also his dearly loved wife BEATRICE GERTRUDE Died 17th May 1983 aged 79 years “In heavenly love abiding”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-285.jpg 274 Thomas Childerley In loving memory of THOMAS CHILDERLEY Who died 20th December 1971 aged 69 years “Peace, perfect peace”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-286.jpg 275 Hilda Williamson In loving memory of a dear wife and mother HILDA WILLIAMSON Died 14th September 1970 aged 57 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-287.jpg 276 Alan Barnett In memory of Alan Barnett 4th January 1941 -24th June 1965
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-289.jpg 277 Isaac, Gladys and Barbara Hall In loving memory of ISAAC HALL Born 12th July 1902 Died 20th November 1968 aged 67 “Peace” Also his wife GLADYS MARY Born 18th June 1907 Died 28th June 1995 Also their daughter BARBARA Born 12th June 1933 Died 24th March 1999
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-288.jpg 278 Doris & Albert Stokes In loving memory of a dear wife and mother DORIS STOKES Died 26th March 1962 aged 58 years “Sleeping in heavenly peace” Also her beloved husband ALBERT STOKES Died 1st March 1967 aged 73 years “Re-united”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-290.jpg 279 Frank Haynes In memory of FRANK HAYNES Who passed away 15th March 1962 aged 75 years “At rest”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-291.jpg 280 Frances & James Haynes In loving memory of FRANCES SUSANNAH HAYNES Who died 5th June 1963 aged 54 years “At rest” And of JAMES ERNEST HAYNES Who died 9th February 1986 aged 77 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-292.jpg 281 Hilda & Herbert Hall Treasured memories of peace a dear wife and mother HILDA MAUD HALL Who passed away 26th August 1960 aged 61 years “In Gods keeping” Also her beloved husband HERBERT HALL Passed away 15th May 1976 aged 81 years “Re-united”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-293.jpg 282 John Childerley In loving memory of JOHN CHILDERLEY Third son of JOSEPH and MELODY CHILDERLEY Who died 4th November 1957 aged 69 “Eternal peace”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-294.jpg 283 Willam Chandler In loving memory of WILLIAM ARTHUR CHANDLER Who died 13th April 1966 aged 70
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-295.jpg 284 Walter & Constance Buller In loving memory of my dear husband WALTER JOHN BULLER Died 21st May 1966 aged 81 years “Gone but not forgotten” Joined by his loving wife CONSTANCE Died 27th November 1975 aged 97 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-297.jpg 285 Lucy Tinley BABY LUCY RACHEL TINLEY Died 7th Jan 2009
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-298.jpg 286 Helen Cornell Special mum HELEN KATHLEEN CORNELL Died 7th Jan 2009 aged 36 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-299.jpg 287 Sydney & Ivy Picking Treasured memories of a dear husband and father SYDNEY THOMAS PICKING Who died 21st August 1975 aged 70 years “At rest” Also of his beloved wife and a dear mother IVY GRACE Who died 14th April 1979 aged 69 years “Re-united”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-300.jpg 288 Walter & Vera Meeks In proud memory of a dearly loved husband and father WALTER PERCY MEEKS Died 1st April 1975 aged 76 years “Faithful unto death” Also his devoted wife and a dearly loved mother VERA MEEKS Died 9th October 1999 aged 90 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-302.jpg 289 Sydney & Majorie Haynes In loving memory of SYDNEY HAYNES Died 28th July 1972 aged 78 years And of his wife MARJORIE Died 24th January 1967 aged 68 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-301.jpg 290 Cyril & May Cooper In loving memory of a dear husband CYRIL THOMAS COOPER Who died 30th June 1972 aged 71 years and his wife MARY JANE Re-united 1st April 1981 aged 79 years “At rest”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-17.png 291 Thomas James Bradley Treasured memories of THOMAS JAMES BRADLEY Who died 24th June 1972 aged 49 years “In Gods garden you rest above, in my heart you will dwell with love”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-304.jpg 292 Phyllis Hall Fondest memories of a dear sister PHYLLIS LAVINIA HALL Died 22nd Sept 2008 aged 85 years "In Gods keeping"
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-296.jpg 293 John Henry Nassau Molesworth In loving memory of JOHN HENRY NASSAU MOLESWORTH, D.S.O., D.F.C., A.F.C. Died September 1994
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-18.png 294 Elsie Dacey Treasured memories of a dear mother and nana ELSIE DACEY 1910 – 1988 “Always remembered”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-305.jpg 295 Alan Coleman Treasured memories of a dear mother and nana ELSIE DACEY 1910 – 1988 “Always remembered” Son ALAN ROY COLEMAN 08-09-2008 Aged 74 years. At peace
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-306.jpg 296 Stanley & Vi Hall Loving memories of a dear husband and father STANLEY GERALD HALL Fell asleep 3rd June 1976 aged 66 years “The Lord is my shepherd” Also of VI a much loved wife and devoted mother Re-united 15th June 1987 aged 80 years “Together again”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-307.jpg 297 Henry & Helena Rose In loving memory of a dear husband and dad HENRY GEORGE ROSE Died 10th October 1984 aged 79 years And a dear wife and mum HELENA (NELL) ROSE Died 16th November 1990 aged 85 years
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-308.jpg 298 Wilton & Alice Mitchell WILTON MITCHELL Died 4th May 1981 aged 68 Also his wife ALICE Died 21st August 1982 aged 91
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-309.jpg 299 Agnes & John Lines In loving memory of a beloved husband and father JOHN THOMAS LINES Died 1st January 1981 aged 74 years Also AGNES PEARMAN LINES
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-311.jpg 300 John William Lines In remembrance of John William Lines 2 Sept 1938 - 15 April 2018 Rest in Peace
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-312.jpg 301 Jean Margaret Lines In loving memory of Jean Margaret Lines 20 May 1944 - 30 July 2016 Forever in our thoughts
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-310.jpg 302 Kenneth & Daphne Spink In memory of KENNETH G E SPINK OBE 10 Nov 1924-13 Nov 2008 Loving husband and father "Oh I have slipped the surly bonds of earth Put out my hand and touched the face of god" and his beloved wife Daphne S K Spink MBE 9th Sept 1926 - 1st June 2018 Loving Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-313.jpg 303 Michael Garrad MICHAEL JAMES GARRAD 1979-2008 "Surely I am with you always to the very end of age Mt 28:20"
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-314.jpg 304 Daisy & Harry Childerley In loving memory of a dear wife, mother and grandmother DAISY CHILDERLEY Who passed away 27th November 1986 aged 68 years And a dear husband, father and grandfather HARRY CHILDERLEY Who passed away 14th February 1993 aged 84 “Re-united”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-315.jpg 305 Frank & Josephine Flinders Treasured memories of a dear husband, father and grandad FRANK FLINDERS Died 19th October 1986 aged 53 In loving memory of a dear wife mother and nana JOSEPHINE FLINDERS Died 20th November 2010 aged 79
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-316.jpg 306 Albert & Winifred Childerley Treasured memories of a loving husband, dad and grandad ALBERT HENRY CHILDERLEY Died 26th September 1985 aged 68 “You left a place no-one can fill we miss you now and always will” Reunited with WINIFRED BLANCHE CHILDERLEY Beloved wife, mum and nan Died 27th March 2009 aged 86 years Loved and remembered always


75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-317.jpg 307 Janice Eileen Gurr Janice Eileen Gurr (nee Childerley) 10th October 1942 - 25th August 2014 Aged 71 years. Cherished wife, devoted mum, beloved nanny Jan. Dearly missed and treasured, Always in our hearts.
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-318.jpg 308 Olive and Ernest Brace In loving memory of a dear wife and mother OLIVE MARTHA BRACE Died 12th September 1984 aged 74 Also a dear husband and father ERNEST BRACE Died 25th January 1991 aged 95 “Re-united”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-319.jpg 309 Lewin, Lewin, Derek & Ruby Fardell In loving memory of LEWIN FARDELL 1914-1983 LEWIN 1939-1959 DEREK 1946-1999 “Sadly missed” Loving mum RUBY FARDELL 1917-2011
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-19.png 310 Sarah & Alfred Sewell In loving memory of SARAH VIOLET SEWELL Died 29th October 1982 aged 72 Also her dear husband ALFRED EDWARD SEWELL Died 7th July 1988 aged 80 “Re-united”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-320.jpg 311 Herbert & Violet Simons In loving memory of HERBERT SIMONS dear husband of VIOLET Died 30th September 1979 aged 87 years Also his beloved wife VOILET Who died 20th April 1992 aged 92 years “together again”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-20.png 312 Arthur Thomas Matthews Treasured memories of a dear husband ARTHUR THOMAS MATTHEWS called home 1st October 1978 age 74 years “In Gods keeping”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-321.jpg 313 Robert & Eva King-Herman In loving memory ROBERT DOUGLAS KING-HARMAN, D.S.O., D.S.C., Captain Royal Navy Died 30th May 1978 aged 86 years “So he bringeth them unto their desired haven” Psalm 107, V30 And his wife EVA MARY Died 13th November 1987 aged 84 years “Re-united”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-21.png 314 Freda & Richard Humphries Treasured memories of FREDA HUMPHRIES 20th June 1928 – 27th December 1999 Also RICHARD SAMUEL HUMPHRIES 18.6.30-28.6.2004 Re-united “Memory is a golden chain that binds us till we meet against”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-22.png 315 William & Rebecca Edwards WILLIAM JAMES EDWARDS & CIS EDWARDS (REBECCA EMMA)
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-323.jpg 316 George & Rosemary Topham Remembered with love GEORGE WILLIAM TOPHAM 23rd August 1921 – 22nd December 1996 Reunited with Rosemary Phyllis 10th Feb 1928 - 19th April 2018
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-324.jpg 317 Harry Childerley HARRY CHILDERLEY
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-325.jpg 318 Mabel Buswell MABEL BUSWELL
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-326.jpg 319 Roy McSweeney Forever loving, forever loved ROY VICTOR McSWEENEY 28th March 1943 7 October 1991 "The lords my light and my salvation"
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-327.jpg 320 Cyril & Olivia Croot CYRIL HENRY CROOT Died 27th October 1990 aged 78 years And his wife OLIVE CROOT Died 29th May 2004 aged 84 years "Re-united"
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-328.jpg 321 Dorothy Alford Remember DOROTHY JESSIE ALFORD Born 27th June 1896 Died 7th May 1990 Wife of EDWARD HILL Who died 28th August 1958 and mother of JULIUS, JENNIFER and DAVID “I will be found by you says the Lord”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-329.jpg 322 Nellie Ethel May Cotrell Cherished memories of a dear mother and loving grandmother NELLIE ETHEL MAY COTTRELL Died 6th March 1989 aged 89 “She gave abundantly love and understanding may her reward be perfect peace”
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-330.jpg 323 John & Hilda Lymage Treasured memories of a devoted husband and father JOHN HERBERT LYMAGE Died 2nd February 1987 aged 71 Also a beloved wife and mother HILDA MARY LYMAGE Died 3rd March 2009 aged 92 "Together again"
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-23.png 324 Charlie Wiles In loving memory CHARLES WILES January 1920 – February 1995
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-331.jpg 325 Rev David Kitching Reverend DAVID MONRO KITCHING 7 Dec 1926 – 2 March 2013 Inspirational and profoundly talented, he worked hard to make the world a better and more peaceful place. With gratitude and much love, forever Aida, Camilo, family and friends
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-332.jpg 326 Barbara Kitching Treasured memories of BARBARA WAYNE KITCHING 1924-2004 Beloved wife of David "I will lie down in peace and may take my rest. For it is Thou Lord only who makest my dwell in safety"
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-333.jpg 327 John Raymond Oliver Treasured memories of JOHN RAYMOND OLIVER 1937-2003 "Be burdened deep with sorrow I wish you sunshine of tomorrow"
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-334.jpg 328 Majorie Mitchell MARJORIE MITCHELL
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-335.jpg 329 Mary & Peter Reynolds In loving memory of MARY REYNOLDS 1923 – 2001 PETER REYNOLDS 1924 - 2004
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-336.jpg 330 Winifred Cox WINIFRED COX
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-24.png 331 Peter Cox In memory of a loving husband and father PETER COX 15.9.1928 – 4.4.2003
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-337.jpg 332 Nigel Flinders NIGEL FLINDERS Died 20th February 2007 aged 47 years Treasured memories of a dear son, brother and father "Always in our thoughts"
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-338.jpg 333 Edward & Margaret Grindley In loving memory of EDWARD WILLIAM ‘TED’ GRINDLEY Died 19th June 2008 aged 84 Beloved husband of MARGARET JANET GRINDLEY Died 18th March 1978 aged 52
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-340.jpg 334 Men who gave their lives in World War II ARTHUR KIDMAN aged 27 died 1915 WALTER KIDMAN aged 29 died 1917 HENRY KING aged 26 died 1915 JAMES PAYNE aged 35 died 1917 FRANK RISELEY aged 22 died 1917 MARTIN RISELEY aged 39 died 1916 HENRY G. SEWELL aged 33 died 1916 HERBERT TOPHAM aged 35 died 1915 1914 – 1918 Roll of Honour 1939 – 1945
75px-St_Pandionia_and_St_John_the_Baptist_Churchyard-341.jpg 335 Men who gave their lives in the Great war
Photograph Grave number Name Transcription

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