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Statistics for the Joyner Name Study

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Joyner Name Study Statistics

Number of Profiles created by year

YearFirst Joyner
Profile Created
No. of Joyner
profiles created
First Joiner
Profile Created
No. of Joiner
profiles created
Total No. of
profiles created
2021Joyner-1759??Joiner-1242??Target (500)
  • includes last name at birth only

2020 Snapshot

... ... ... participated with Joyner Joiners during the 2020 Connect-a-Thon, and added 246 Joyner connections.The Joyner Joiners Team on 246 connected profiles was Top 5 by Team Average
... ... ... participated in the 2020 Source-a-Thon, adding sources to 8 Joyner previously unsourced profiles.
Friday Date Night
I found a date for 5 Joyner profiles during Friday Date Night!


2020 Challenge action

  1. Joyner Joiners team entry into Connect-a-Thon challenge 2020
  2. Source-a-Thon challenge 2020
  3. spending time on unDated Joyner Joiner profiles 2020


2020 Snapshot Table

DescriptionJoynerJoinerTotal(2021 target)
Profiles updated in 20206955131208(2000)
Profiles last updated in 2019304232536(400)
Profiles last updated in 2018282162444(250)
Profiles last updated in 2017190158348(200)
Profiles last updated in 2016162109271(100)
Profiles last updated in 201562160222(80)
Profiles last updated in 201410164165(60)
Profiles last updated in 2013702595(40)
Profiles last updated in 2012291847(30)
Profiles last updated in 20119725122(50)
Profiles last updated in 2010224(3)
2020 updates by birth country6955131208
United States 31723154845.4%
United Kingdom 1467722318.5%
Australia 58431018.4%
South Africa 18-181.5%
Canada 4-4.33%
No birth country indicated152 162 31426%
2019 updates by birth country304232536
United States 17417434864.9%
United Kingdom 28447213.4%
Australia 203234.3%
No birth country indicated824012222.8%
2018 updates by birth country 282162444
United States 1387921748.9%
United Kingdom 33175011.3%
Australia 23-235.2%
No birth country indicated886215033.8%
2017 updates by birth country 190158348
United States 759016547.4%
United Kingdom 1215277.8%
Australia 14-144.0%
No birth country indicated895314240.8%
2010/16 updates by birth country 523403926
United States 22115337440.4%
United Kingdom 651576.2%
Australia 112.22%
South Africa 1-1.11%
New Zealand 145.54%
No birth country indicated29319448752.6%
DNA connections8415521393
DNA Autosomal8045461350
DNA Y Chromosome34539
DNA Mitochondrial314
Work to do
Unconnected Profiles273174447(400)
Unconnected Open Profiles13797234(200)
Unsourced profiles12894222(150)
Unsourced Open profiles8975164(100)
Wikitree+ Suggestions177199 376(300)
Wikitree+ ErrorID=131 - 40 40
Wikitree+ ErrorID=133 25 60 85
  • includes current last name

2020 JOYNER/JOINER Contributions (by Profiles) - Stats for Nerds in Covid lockdown...

Top Ten Contributing MemberJoyner
Top Ten Contributing MemberJoiner
#1 Veni Joyner 265 #1 Veni Joyner 182 447
#2 Con Mercer 31 #2 John Noel 53
#3 Darlene (Athey) Athey-Hill 25 #3 Sharryn (Bolitho) Nankervis 31
#4 Sharon Joyner 21 #4 Graeme Freeland 17
#5 Nanette (Gahn) Pezzutti 15 #5 Alesia (Triplett) Dueitt 12
#6 Angeline Gallant 12 #5 Kyle Oliver 12
#6 Nancy (Zink) Hutcherson 12 #6 Pete Hough 11
#7 Tia Foster 9 #6 Steph (Obrien) Meredith 11
#8 William Blake 8 #7 Margaret (Robe) Summitt 10
#8 Jerry Joyner 8 #8 Beverly (Davis) Ahrens 8
Top ten total*1 406 347 753
All Profiles changed 2020*2695 513 1208
Contributions by non-Top ten*3 289 166 455
Extrapolated non-Top ten contributors*4 more than 37 More than 21
*1 This 'Top ten total' is not accurate because individual profiles may have been edited by more than one of the top ten contributors resulting in individual profiles being counted more than once in the 'Top ten total' - the true figure will be less that the total indicated. (it isn't a stack of apples but a stack of chopped apples)
*2 This line of figures are accurately taken from the table above titled 2020 Snapshot but those totals include both profiles whose last name at birth was either Joyner/Joiner and also profiles whose current last name maybe Joyner/Joiner but not their last name at birth. On the other hand "Top Ten contributors" only refers to profiles whose last name at birth was either Joyner/Joiner which is a smaller number of profiles. (so comparing fruit salad with a stack of chopped apples)
*3 The totals for 'Contributions by non-Top ten' are likely to lower than reality because of the inflated results given by 'Top ten total' (error indicated by *1).
*4 'Extrapolated non-Top ten contributors' was calculated by dividing 'Contributions by non-Top ten' (a figure lower than reality) by 8 (the maximum number of contributions of those not in the top ten but which is an unreliable figure on two grounds ((A)) as for instance there may be many people who have only contributed to possibly 1 Joyner profile causing the figure to be hugely understated; and ((B)) Top Ten contributors will most likely have contributed to many of the "Joyner Current Last Name" profiles causing the figure to be hugely overstated).

Final analysis of the figures provided as "Extrapolated non-Top ten contributors" is that they are completely unreliable and are provided only for the purpose of the amusement of Nerds.

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