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This page outlines the process and tools used in working on suggestions in the WikiTree database. These links navigate to pages mentioned in here, with those bolded being the most important guidelines.

The difficulty-level suggestions and Suggestions by Group are listed to find your interests for issues to correct.

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Introduction to Data Doctors

Running Time: 1:07

What are Suggestions?

Definition and Types of Suggestions

Suggestions are inconsistencies with what is accurate in the WikiTree database (where you find the profiles of individuals) and reported by WikiTree Plus, a tool and separate database developed by Ales Trnik, a WikiTree Team Lead.
They are:
  • Errors- incorrect entries as the result of typos or imports of GEDCOM that need to be corrected; or
  • Hints - results of inconsistencies in linking to external databases, like Ancestry or others, caused by a typo, an incorrect link to the profile, or an issue that needs investigating; or
  • Warnings - produced by uncommon data due to a typo or unique information on profiles and must be reviewed.

Suggestions Difficulty Ratings

There is a Difficulty Rating for each suggestion defined as:
  • " 'Easy'"- fundamental format issues caused by typos, punctuation omissions, name or date errors. (Examples: Brackets, Typos in any field, Headings);
  • "' Intermediate'" - requires knowledge of WikiTree functions and proper formatting. (Examples: Inline citations, Sourcing, Template formatting); or
  • "'Advanced'" - requires multiple steps, research, and combines more than one intermediate function to resolve. (Examples: Merging, Clean up Profile after merges, duplicate sources).

Who Works on Suggestions?

All WikiTree members are encouraged to work on their own and managed profiles' suggestions. Depending on how a member's profiles were entered on WikiTree, they could have many issues that need to be resolved.
Data Doctors work on suggestions for the one-world tree profiles with specific guidelines based on their WikiTree experience and skills in WikiTree and the Data Doctors Project requirements.

Best Practices

  • Please be sure to track your review of the Data Doctors documentation here: Coming soon!
  • "Please work only on profiles in the location[s] and timeframes you are comfortable with and qualified for" (i.e., you are certified for Pre-1700 or Pre-1500 badges; live in or research specific location[s]).
  • If you don't understand a suggestion, skip it. There are plenty of suggestions to work on at any rating. Contact your mentor to confirm how you believe a suggestion should be resolved is correct.
  • There are certain profiles that a new WikiTree member or badged Data Doctor should never work on, even for simple typos. Please review these Special Situations.

Finding Suggestions

There are several places to find Suggestions. Please see the following.

Data Doctors Project Navigation Box

On any page managed by the Data Doctors Project, you can click on the"' date'" for the most recent report. The "live" box appears at the bottom of this page to test the links.
Example of Data Doctors Project Navigation Box

The Suggestions List on the Data Doctors Report Updated Weekly

For example, click on the date in the Navigation box above. Once you open the current report, scroll down to the Suggestions List.

Your Suggestions or Those Related to Specific Family Lines

For suggestions on your own "Suggestions Report" or managed profiles, you can work on any suggestions in your report by checking for "Suggestions" on your "My WikiTree" or the 2nd Menu Tab for any other profile.
My WikiTree Tab2nd Menu Tab
From the My WikiTree tab, scroll to and click on Suggestions for: On the 2nd Tab Menu, scroll to and click on Suggestions
* your own suggestions;*From your profile, Suggestions for Relatives report for your extended family and profiles managed by you.
*suggestions on profiles of your relatives.*If you are on any other profile, you will get the report for their extended family and relatives.
My WikiTree Tab
2nd Menu Tab

  • The reports will look like this:

Suggestion List, Suggestion Report & Status Page

Click image to watch the full video
Running Time: 10:00 with timestamps index.
Click on the segment links below
to watch a particular topic.
Segment 1 Segment 2 Segment 3 Segment 4

Related Page: Suggestions Reports and Status Page
Note the INFO column in the Suggestions Report is where you can find the text creating the suggestion. Not every suggestion will give this information.

Suggestions Status Page & Status Choice Definitions

Additional information for the Suggestion Status Page is here. This page defines the five status choices to choose from as you work through profiles.

How to Use the Suggestions List

1. To find more details about the suggestions

2. To access the Suggestions Reports

How To Get Started

Start "at home" with the suggestions on your "Watchlist Profiles." Some suggestions may require more knowledge or skills, so if you don't understand what to do. That is ok. Do what you can, and then ask for assistance for the "intermediate" or "advanced" difficulty rating suggestions.
The "'Easy'" difficulty rating is defined as very basic format issues caused by typos, punctuation omissions, name or date errors. (Examples: Brackets, Typo, Headings).
This is where newly badged Data Doctors start their "internship," and new WikiTree members can help the global tree while learning WikiTree guidelines. See Easy Difficulty Rating Suggestions, pick one or more that interest you to start. Let your mentor know what you have chosen to do.

Correcting the Suggestions

What the Suggestion Reports Look Like

  • There is a Suggestion Report for every suggestion:
Suggestions Report Example

How to Use the Suggestions Report

  • The Suggestions Report is the list of profiles to work on for the suggestion:

What the Suggestion Status page looks like

  • After you click the Status button, you get the Suggestion Status page.

Update the Suggestion status page

Key to Completing the Suggestion Status Page
  • Additional information for the Suggestion Status Page is here. The five status option choices are defined.

Comments can be auto-filled

Choices in the "Comment hints" list show up based on what others have left as comments for that suggestion, with the most frequently used comment entered first.
Note: Some comments appearing in the Suggestion status page list may not be appropriate, for example, "I am so tired of doing this." Please do not use these types of entries and only explain what work you did.

Related suggestions

And you're done! On to the next!

How To Track Suggestions Contributions

You track your work two ways. By leaving a comment in the profile you work on, it tracks your suggestions work in the "Contributions" section of your profile, and leaves a record in the profile's Changes tab.
The status page update of the suggestion work tracks your work for the suggestion in WikiTree Plus.

Leave a Comment in the Profile Edit Screen

First, by "'leaving a comment on the profile'" you are editing in the "Explain your changes" field in the edit screen.

There is a required format for "badged Data Doctors," which is:
  • Identify yourself as a Data Doctor;
  • Copy the Suggestion ### and Name;
  • Briefly describe what you did to correct the issue.
For example: "Data Doctor - 101 Birth in future - corrected the typo in birthdate."
WikiTree members can use this same format, but do not use "Data Doctor" unless you are a "badged' member of the Data Doctors Project.
  • "' Data Doctors'": While the box indicates "optional comment," a comment is required by Data Doctors in the format outlined above. "Please do not use the "Examples" radio buttons under the comment box, which looks like this:

Complete the Suggestion Status Page for the Profile

The second way work is tracked is by setting the status on the "Suggestion Status Page" for the profile you edited.
Setting the Suggestion's status is described on the Suggestion Reports and Status Help page, the companion video, and the individual Suggestion Help Pages.

How to Get Help

If you need help,

Thank You!

Any suggestion resolved is one step closer to an accurate database housing the WikiTree global family tree. Thank you for your contributions!

This page is part of the Data Doctors Project.
Latest report: September 24th 2023.
Custom reports by: Suggestion lists, Unsourced lists, Unconnected lists.
See for custom reports and statistics and our Video Collection.
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