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Accessing Suggestion List & Reports

Data Doctors Project Page

The Data Doctors Project page is linked here.

Data Doctors Project Navigation/Info Box

These are several ways to reach the Suggestions List (links in the Data Doctors Project Info Box which appears on the project page and all other pages the project maintains). This box is "live" so you can test the links.
This page is part of the Data Doctors Project.
Latest report: November 26th 2023.
Data Doctors Challenge: GEDCOM_Data_XLII and .
Custom reports by: Suggestion lists, Unsourced lists, Unconnected lists.
See for custom reports and statistics and our Video Collection.
Latest ProjectBox Report: Project Report
Latest Categories Report: Categories Suggestions Report
  • The Latest Report - click on the date;
  • The Spreadsheet - click the link; and
  • Click the link next to the Data Doctors Challenge to participate in the current challenge's suggestions or see the page with report used for the current challenge.
  • Links next to Custom Reports by: for Suggestion lists, Unsourced lists, Unconnected lists.
  • Create a custom report. Click here or click the WikiTree+ icon in the box:
It redirects you to WikiTree+ where you log in with your WikiTree credentials to use.

  • For more information on WikiTree Plus click here: WikiTree+

Your Suggestions and Other Profile Suggestions

To review Suggestions on your own or relatives' profiles:

My WikiTree Tab2nd Menu Tab
From the My WikiTree tab, scroll to and click on Suggestions for: On the 2nd Tab Menu, scroll to and click on Suggestions
* your own suggestions;*From you profile, Suggestions for Relatives report for your extended family and profiles managed by you.
*suggestions on profiles of your relatives.*If you are on any other profile, you will get the report for their extended family and any profiles they manage.
My WikiTree Tab
2nd Menu Tab

Suggestions & Related Reports

Suggestions are issues that appear on profiles in WikiTree in the data fields and biography/sources sections.

They are:

  • Errors are incorrect entries as the result of typos or imports of GEDCOM that need to be corrected;
  • Hints are results of inconsistencies in linking to external databases, like Ancestry or others, caused by a typo, an incorrect link to the profile, or an issue that needs investigating; or
  • Warnings are produced by uncommon data due to a typo or unique information on profiles and need to be reviewed.

Suggestion List, Report & Status Page

Click image to watch the full video
Running Time: 10:00 with timestamps index.
Click on the segment links below
to watch a particular topic.
Segment 1 Segment 2 Segment 3 Segment 4

There are different reports used in working with suggestions:

  1. Suggestion List - is a table by timeframes of all suggestions in WikiTree.
    When you pick a suggestion listed by number and name in a row and then pick the number in the timeframe column, that number you click on pulls up the Suggestion Report.
  2. Suggestion Report, a listing of the profiles that contain that suggestion chosen and links to the Suggestion Status Page.
  3. Suggestion Status Page [also referred to as the Suggestion Status Report in videos] where the work completed on the profile related to the chosen suggestion is tracked and recorded.

Examples & Key:

  • The "play arrow" by a suggestion name links to and plays the video for that suggestion.
  • Clicking on the underlined suggestion name links to the Suggestion Help Page for the suggestion.
  • Clicking on any number on the suggestion row under the timeframe column links to that Suggestion Report for the list of profiles to work on for that suggestion. It also lists the status of suggestions already worked on.
Suggestion List Example

On the Suggestion Report, in the header, clicking on the question mark links to the Suggestion Help Page, and the "play arrow" links to play the suggestion's video.

Suggestion Report Example

Suggestion Report Key

Clicking on the question mark links to the Suggestion Help Page, and the "play arrow" links to play the suggestion's video.

  • Most of the column headings are self-explanatory. The LINK connects to the profile.
  • The INFO column is where information to help locate the issue is listed on the Suggestion Help Page and Suggestion Report for most individual suggestions. There are suggestions where this column is blank.
  • The MANAGER link connects to the Profile Manager's profile for sending private messages and researching the PM's contributions.
  • The STATUS button in the far-right column is the link for the Suggestion Status Page [also called the Suggestion Status Report in videos] used to mark the status for the work done on the profile for that suggestion.

At the top left of the page, clicking on the WikiTree+ links to WikiTree+ report page and the "?" links to the WikiTree+ Help page.

Status Page Updates

Once you have worked on a suggestion and made corrections in the profile, click on the Status button in the Suggestion Report to update that profile's suggestion.

Status Page Key

Key Descriptions:

A. Your WikiTreeID - enter your own WikiTree ID, e.g. Franklin-1. It is remembered, so you have to enter it only once.

B. Select a Status to record what you did on the profile.

  • The default status is Comment (no change in Status)

There are five possible actions to choose from:

  • Comment (no change in Status) - You did not make any corrections and want to leave a comment without changing the status, such as the profile is not open, left a message for the PM, etc.
  • Not Corrected - choosing this is intended only to reverse a False Suggestion.
An incorrect False Suggestion can happen when this status is marked by:
  • someone not understanding the suggestion,
  • someone not wanting to correct the suggestions at all,
  • simple mistake (like typo), and
  • in case of multiple suggestions on the profile where False Suggestion is set for one suggestion, clicking all checkboxes [for other suggestions] will also mark the other suggestions as false.
Note: Choosing Not Corrected also reverses Corrected and Merge Proposed immediately so you don't need to wait a week [for corrections made in error] or a month [when merges have been proposed or completed] for the suggestion to reappear if you made a mistake.
  • Corrected (hide until next recheck) - You corrected this suggestion. If the suggestion was not corrected properly, it will appear on the suggestion report the following week.
  • False suggestion (hide forever) - You determined the profile information entered is correct and the suggestion is incorrect, a "false suggestion". For instance, an unusual name may appear on the Suggestion 717 Unique Name (Spelling) list that is actually the correct spelling. Do not use this option unless you are absolutely sure that the profile information is correct with approved sources verifying the information.
  • Proposed merge (hide for 30 days) - You proposed a merge or there is a pending merge as the result of reviewing this suggestion. The suggestion will be hidden for 30 days to allow the proposed merge to complete.
Note: Each Suggestion Help Page will specify the logical action choices for that suggestion work on profiles on the Suggestion List.

C. Comment Hints

On the right-hand side, there are "comments hints". These "comment hint picks" change for each suggestion.
The hints are automatically created based on the most frequently used comments in the past. You may choose one of these or make your own. Please use appropriate comments only.
Note that the Comment Hints are given to complete the action in the Leave a Comment field.

D. Leave a Comment

By selecting one of the Comment Hints the Comment is entered into the comment field which can be left as entered, edited or added to. You may also write your own comment.

E. "Update Status"

  • If there are other suggestions for the profile, you will also see Optionally, also update the status for related suggestions: section. If they are corrected by your work on the profile, checking the boxes will update those profile suggestions also.

Click the "Update Status" button to save your work.

Once the Status is saved, you will see the Status History recording the work completed and status update.

Status Page Example (aka Status Report)

Why Set the Status?

It is important to set the suggestion status for two reasons:

  1. The status determines how the suggestion is handled in the future by the tracking system.
  2. The status must be set to get credit for your work during a challenge.

At the top of the Suggestion Status Page, the selected suggestion section shows all instances of the suggestion for the WikiTree ID.

If you do not correct all of these suggestions:

  • Select Not Corrected when you update the Status.
  • Leave an appropriate comment. Doing this will let others, looking at the suggestion, know that work still needs to be done.

At the bottom of the Suggestion Status page, the Related Suggestions section shows other suggestions for the profile.

If you can correct some of these related suggestions

  1. Update the current suggestion in the profile and on the Suggestion Status Page.
  2. Select the Status box to the far right of one of the Related Suggestions if not already worked on.
  3. work on correcting that suggestion as needed.

Once a Status is Set

  • The only place you will see the status of a suggestion is when you click on the status button again from a Suggestion List. The status will not show up in the list the next week unless the suggestion was not updated correctly. Then, the following week the suggestion remaining on the list will also show the status previously set.
  • If you are working from your own personal Suggestion Report, once you correct the suggestion and mark the status, the suggestion will completely disappear from your list (unless you did not update it correctly and it shows up again the next week).

Suggestions Spreadsheet

The images link to videos on using the spreadsheet to access the reports, indicate what you are working on as well as see what others are doing. These are particularly helpful to use for the weekly challenges and the annual Clean-A-Thon. They contain other tabs of information useful in working on location suggestions. Click on the underlined text to link to the companion page.

Running Time: 4:53 with timestamps index

Data Doctor Spreadsheet Tutorial
Running Time: 5:13

Data Doctor Spreadsheet Tutorial

This page is part of the Data Doctors Project.
Latest report: November 26th 2023.
Data Doctors Challenge: GEDCOM_Data_XLII and .
Custom reports by: Suggestion lists, Unsourced lists, Unconnected lists.
See for custom reports and statistics and our Video Collection.
Latest ProjectBox Report: Project Report
Latest Categories Report: Categories Suggestions Report


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