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**** Project is on hold ****
Welcome to SPC
the Swedish Parish Categories Project

The Swedish Parish category project is an effort to improve the coverage of Sweden on Wikitree. We are focused on create categories for all Swedish parishes and add useful links.
Aug , 2016, ‎2,417 parish category pages are created out of abt. 2800 !

User case as an user doing genealogy research in Sweden I would like to learn more about my roots"

Volunteers Needed
Adopt a county

Wikitree för släktforskare


How To Join

  1. Ask Lena
  2. Add 'tag 'Sweden to your list of followed tags. That way you'll see all of our discussions in your G2G Feed.
  3. Join the Facebook group if you use Facebook
  4. Read below to see what special guidelines might come along with being a member of the project.
  5. Check out To-Do
  6. Please post a comment here on this page, in G2G using the Sweden project tag, or send me a private message or FB.


The Goal

The primary goal of this project is to create categories for all Parishes in Sweden (we have at least 2606) and then add links on those pages with the purpose to make it easier for Wikitree users to find genealogy resources in Sweden.

Example of a Parish page for Frostviken in Jämtland (Z) and how its created from different Free space pages.

Sample of how parish page is built up using Space pages
SPC_Header common header
SPC-Z county page
Different parts of a Parish page Götlunda (R)

Initial Target Group

Initial target group is Swedish American emigrant researchers with just basic knowledge of the parish they research and lack of knowledge of Swedish genealogy resources. By having a parish page they will faster find some resources...

Pre Knowledge end users

If you are going to do genealogy in Sweden you need to understand what a parish is ==> this project will not teach the user the basics.

Project members

  • Lena - Halland, Norra (northern) Östergötland, Gotland, Kronobergs län, Södre (southern) Södermanland
  • Peter - Jönköpings län, Småland.
  • Kenneth
  • Magnus - Västmanland, Gävleborg and tools


Status 2016 02 12 eng swe


1) Create parish pages. Adopt a county and add a comment on this page that you have done it...

See post on G2G how the structure is done

2) Add links to parish and county pages. We try to use templates for all sources so please ask an administrator 3) Develop templates like infoboxes and navigationalboxes

Identified tasks

Here are some of the tasks that I think need to be done. I'll be working on them, and could use your help.

  1. Identify the overall category structure and document it see Swedish English Started
  2. Identify the parishes we should "document" ( todays list 2606) Started
  3. Identify the name standard (today Parish (County code) ==> Kila (U)) Done
  4. Identify an easy way for users how to add the category to a wikitree profile Started
  5. Identify if we should have disambigous pages e.g. Kila --> Kila (S) - Värmland or Kila (U) - Västmanland or Kila (D) - Södermanland


    1. Identify what disambigous pages should be created. Below some strategies: Started
      1. All parishes without the county code character ==> easier for non Swedish nerds
      2. When we have a parish in more counties ex. Kila -> Kila (D). Kila (U).....
      3. When a parish has changed county ==> Torpa is D was U ==> (U) will have a pointer to Torpa (D) Issue looks like Arkiv Digital is not updated see Torpa AD says it belongs to Västmanlands län.....
  1. Identify what information we should have on a parish page Started
    1. Example of a version 1 category page
      1. Links to Riksarkivet - national archive of Sweden and to Archives for a parish
        Use template? Started
      2. Bygdeband - map with old houses marked
        Needs template[1]
      3. Ortnamsregistret - database with a lot of names/houses/lakes.... good to have when reading church books
        Needs template compare Sn-SOFI Done
      4. Anbytarforum - best discussion group for Swedish Genealogy. Has one or more groups per parish
        Use template? Not Done
      5. Porträttfynd - picture database with old pictures on people. Uploaded and if possible marked with the parish its connected to and if possible with names...
        Needs template Not Done
      6. Wikipedia about the parish. Today the quality at Wikipedia about parishes etc. is extremely good and useful but not everyone understand how good it is
        Use supported Wikipedia syntax
      7. Wikirötter - a wiki about genealogy
        Needs template? Not Done
  2. Identify a standard look and feel using templates as much as possible e.g. see blog posts notes of templates used at the Wikipedia parish project Not Done
  3. Learn from Wikipedia how to get good quality of a project like this see e.g quality table, Style guides needed... Not Done
  4. Identify if we could use maps to make a better user experience for the users and what maps: "steal" from wikipedia district project Started
    1. Have a structured way of adding coordinates and what maps to use compare wikipedia template Mall:Coord Not Done
  5. Add better support for navigations and information. Looks like a Infobox template and/or Navigation Templates Not Done
  6. Decide how we will follow up progress and if we can automate things Started
  7. User manual? Not Done

.... more will come

Infobox Socken

Fields at wikipedia Sweden


Open Questions/tasks

  1. using a Infobox template on a category
    Status today is that Wikitree dont run a LUA module that is used for creating infoboxes and Wikitree have also some for me unknown limitations on pages complexity. BUT the concept of Infoboxes was used on Wikipedia before they used Lua ==> we should be able to do something....
  2. create identified templates see also Category:SPC_Toolbox Started
    1. Infobox - Infobox see Infobox socken Sverige Open
    2. Sn-NAD-ort Används för att få fram vad en socken tillhört för olika administrativa enhet enligt nationella arkivdatabasen. Done
    3. Sn-Dm - Används för att få fram en lista objekt relaterade till socken åtkomliga via digitalt museum siten. Done
    4. Sn-SOFI - Create an URL to Ortnamnsregistret - Done
    5. Sn-Rosenberg- Create an link to Rosenberg
    6. Flaggbild2
    7. Template:Coord
  3. using GPS coordinates and maps inside Wikitree Open
  4. having map Open
    1. add a marker pointing on something on the map e.g. Söderala Wikipedia Open
  5. Disambiguation pages inside Wikitree Done/Open
  6. do we have redirect on categories like we have for merged profiles e.g like Wikipedia redirects to Torup, Halland Open - Comment Maryann on this page that Wikipedia dont use Redirect on categories. Problem is that the way we use categories its more like an article ==> we will run into same problems as an article that people dont understand how to find xxx and then we should "help" people redirect (soft or hard) ==> "help" --> help (U) Sälgö-1 04:54, 13 February 2016 (EST)


Why Parish level? Answer we do as Wikipedia

Quote Wikipedia

swe. På Wikipedia bestämde vi 2010, efter flera års diskussioner, att inte längre använda församling för att beskriva ett geografiskt område, utan i stället använda sockenbegreppet.
eng. On Wikipedia, we decided in 2010, after several years of discussion, to no longer use congregation to describe a geographical area, but instead use the parish concept.....
From Wikipedia
swe. Trots att socknen inte längre är en aktiv administrativ enhet har sockenindelningen än idag många tillämpningar, bland annat som registreringsenhet i historiska arkiv, och ligger till grund för de distrikt som inrättas i Sverige 2016.
eng. Even though the term socken is no longer used administratively in Sweden, it is still used for cataloging and registering historical archives (Swedish National Heritage Board), botany, dialect research, toponymy and by local historical societies. Socken is a convenient parameter for these purposes since it does not change with time

See also

Wikipedia - socken




Templates/Space pages created SPC_Toolbox

See category Category SPC_Toolbox

Include space pages
Page County
SPC-AB Stockholm
SPC-C Uppsala
SPC-D Södermanland
SPC-E Östergötland
SPC-F Jönköping
SPC-G Kronoberg
SPC-H Kalmar
SPC-I Gotland
SPC-K Blekinge
SPC-L Kristianstad
SPC-M Malmöhus län
SPC-N Halland
SPC-O Västra Götaland
SPC-P Älvsborg
SPC-R Skarborgs län
SPC-S Värmland
SPC-T Örebro
SPC-U Västmanland
SPC-W Dalarna
SPC-X Gävleborg
SPC-Y Västernorrland
SPC-Z Jämtland Usage
SPC-AC Västerbotten
SPC-BD Norrbotten

Project diary

2016-09-03 After 9 months feedback from Chris please don't create Templates inside WIkItree we hardcode external links as we always have done and will always do...... message understand and I appreciate the fast feedback...
2016-09-01 Created a category for templates with external linking. Some source Freeserve.co.uk has stopped working....
2016-04-11 Email from Maryanne please stop use templates at all ==> I assume this is the death penalty for this project if Maryanne is in charge.... reason is the template draft
Started a discussion about how to connect Wikitree to the "outside world" i.e. Wikidata see G2G
2016-04-03 Spent 60 minutes at Family Search and played around with the templates they have ==> feels like Family Search is a better platform for parish information/Magnus
2016-04-01 Anbytarforum has changed platform ==> all links to them are wrong. New URL is totally nonlogic. Question asked about plans.
2016-03-26 All categories in Gävleborg has templates
dialogue about templates continue
start looking into some more automatic approach
2016-03-03 Got feedback that templates maybe'' should not be used ==> you can't create a project like this/Magnus
2016-03-02 Created Category Misnamed_Categories_SPC
2016-02-28 Requirement doc created with User stories
2016-02-26 Created forms to gather information from end users what is good and bad... not released yet as people feel G2G is good enough or? Answer will appear here and here
2016-02-22 Lena did a redesign ad hoc ==> she take over this project and keep things updated I will hope or?.....
2016-02-19 SPC_WikiRotterProvinceRes and SPC_KartrummetHundreds
2016-02-14 Status report to Abby eng
2016-02-12 Created Category SPC_Toolbox
2016-02-11 Created :Space:SPC_Duplicate
2016-02-08 Created Template:Disambiguation used at e.g. Category:Kila
2016-02-01 Changed TBC_Header with a text please join...
2016-01-31 Changed TBC_Header pointed to G2G and FB
2016-01-20 Created FB group Wikitree för släktforskare language Swedish
2016-01-19 SCB said ok to use maps example map
See also SCB Rikets-indelningar-1992 zip
2016-01-07 created Free spage page about a good resource for Halland that I will include on Halland parish pages CD_Hallands_befolkning
2016-01-03 "cleaned" toplevel category Sweden from profiles. My understanding is that we should have no user profiles on that level.
Created suggestion that we document the category structure as the German project has done and/or review what is written in the Swedish project. Spaces created:
2016-01-02 created a test to use Google translate

Test Google Translate page to English

ceated a site map of what we have today on category Sweden. We need to have one structure and hopefully easier
2015-dec-28 Peter created a good looking parish page for Malmbäck (F)
  1. "Infobox socken" like table to the right
  2. Links without just names of the provider etc. Bygdeband
  3. Standard headers
    1. Socknen
    2. Historik
    3. Geografiska platser
2015-dec-22 created free space pages to include
Page County
SPC-AB Stockholm
SPC-C Uppsala
SPC-D Södermanland
SPC-E Östergötland
SPC-F Jönköping
SPC-G Kronoberg
SPC-H Kalmar
SPC-I Gotland
SPC-K Blekinge
SPC-L Kristianstad
SPC-M Skåne
SPC-N Halland
SPC-O Västra Götaland
SPC-P Älvsborg
SPC-R Skarborgs län
SPC-S Värmland
SPC-T Örebro
SPC-U Västmanland
SPC-W Dalarna
SPC-X Gävleborg
SPC-Y Västernorrland
SPC-Z Jämtland Usage
SPC-AC Västerbotten
SPC-BD Norrbotten
    • Added noninclude headers to all include freespace pages to explain the intention etc....
2015-dec-12 started doing parishes by hand and use no templates.
  • Has been trying to get the possibility to add/design templates in Wikitree. Status unknown
    • Asked Chris and then Rob and Hartley about beeing able to create templates
  • On request from Lena this project is now a subproject under the Sweden project
  • Had a contact with SCB Rikets-indelningar-1992 zip about using parish maps...

Feedback / Success stories because of Swedish Parish categories pages

A) Norm found photos when following the link from Category: Götlunda (U) to Porträttfynd we found more photos and the uploader Anders Eriksson and his family tree


B) Roland contacted Magnus as he knew he had roots in Sweden but not more than that. We solved the brickwall in 5 hours and used the category Grythyttan (T) page and the link to Porträttfynd and found the uploader Bengta who has written a book about the family see video reading from the book.

C) Drew Teague contacted Magnus after Magnus spent some time on another Swedish profile in his family tree and asked for help with Jöns Andrew (Pålsson) Paulson (1851 - 1920) who came from Sweden. We spent some time followed different paths and read the probates for one candidates father and mother and were convinced this is our man. I used the link on the Annerlöv (M) parish page and asked a question at a Swedish discussion site about reading assistance of the church books. Three days after we got the answer a Swedish researcher contacted me and said that he also is related to the family.....

Result: Drew Teague found his Swedish roots for Jöns Andrew Pålsson
We found now leaving relatives in Skåne
The Swedish genealogy researcher got some missing pieces what happened in the States

  1. 2016 contains 437 000 pictures and information about 286 000 persons

Images: 31

Atlas över rikets indelning 1992 Södermanlands län Församlingskarta
Atlas över rikets indelning 1992 Södermanlands län Församlingskarta

Atlas över rikets indelning 1992 Jönköpings län Församlingskarta
Atlas över rikets indelning 1992 Jönköpings län Församlingskarta

Atlas över rikets indelning 1992 Jönköpings län - Tätortskarta
Atlas över rikets indelning 1992 Jönköpings län - Tätortskarta

Atlas över rikets indelning 1992 Gävleborgs län Församlingskarta
Atlas över rikets indelning 1992 Gävleborgs län Församlingskarta

view all

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On 31 Jan 2016 at 01:35 GMT Maryann (Thompson) Hurt wrote:


Re point 6 in Open questions: The example of Torup, Halland, given in this question is a Wikipedia article. A Wikipedia article is the equivalent of a WikiTree profile. #REDIRECT is used with Wikipedia articles and with WikiTree profiles.

Wikipedia doesn't use #REDIRECT with categories. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Categories_for_discussion#Redirecting_categories.


On 19 Jan 2016 at 02:20 GMT Abby (Brown) Glann wrote:

Excellent sub-project everyone!