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Taylor Confusion

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This page was created to help me collate my research on my Taylor ancestors. Sources are available on the individual profiles created for each Taylor.


Taylor List

Samuel Taylor
Sarah Unknown
Joseph Bartley Taylor
Elizabeth Brown Taylor
Marie/Mariah Taylor
William Henry Taylor
John C. Taylor
Daniel Taylor
Allen Taylor

Professional Research

Since Marie Taylor's birth location is given as Kingston, Upper Canada, in one census, a cousin and I hired a professional genealogist to search for records in that vicinity. The genealogist's detailed report revealed no church or land records that coincided with the birth records we have for this family.
Because we struck out completely on Ontario records, other Canadian locations should be researched.

Definite error in many Ancestry genealogies

Although some trees give Samuel Taylor's wife as Sally Mumma, and include a marriage record which shows them married in Maryland, this is an inaccurate conflation of two genealogies. Samuel Taylor and Sally (Mumma) Taylor lived out their lives in Maryland.

Taylor Timeline

Timeline discussion.
  1. Sarah (Sally)' s name is given as Sarah Bartlett Brown in several genealogies; she is also said to have been born in Canada, but three of her children in census records say that their mother was born in Vermont. A search of the Vermont birth index brought no results for a 20-year time period. She would have been very young when she married Samuel, given the birth date of their oldest child.
  2. Joseph was born in 1804; the next child was born in 1815. That doesn't make sense. Either Sarah/Sally had several unnamed children between those two children, or Joseph's birth year is wrong. In assuming the latter, I theorize that perhaps he was born in 1813 or 1814.
  3. Daniel's birth location is unknown, but Allen, born in 1827, is born in Paynesville, Ohio, according to a few sources. Thus, the family lived in Canada between 1813 and 1822, and presumably moved back to the United States between 1823 and 1827.
  4. The only source for Kingston, Upper Canada, is Marie's birth location given in the 1860 census. All other sources for family members only say that they were born in Canada.
  5. No naturalization records have been located.

1700s through 1819

1779 Samuel Taylor Birth 16 June 1779 New Jersey Ort Book & 1860 Census
1788 Sarah (Sally) (Brown?) Birth 29 Aug 1788 Vermont Ort Book & children's census records
1800-1812 Samuel & Sarah Marriage Unknown No sources
1804? 1813? Joseph Bartley Taylor Birth 21 Apr [1804?] Canada Unknown
1815 Elizabeth Brown Taylor Birth 10 May 1815 Canada Unknown
1817 Marie (Mariah) Taylor Birth 14 Aug 1817 Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada Ort Book & censuses
1819 William Henry Taylor Birth 9 Nov 1819 Canada Ort Book, Census, Find a Grave


1822 John C. Taylor Birth 21 Oct 1822 Canada Family records.
1825 Daniel Taylor Birth 12 Jun 1825 Unknown Family records.
1827 Allen Taylor Birth 3 Oct 1827 Painesville, Ohio Son's biography; census; Find a grave


1838 Ephraim & Marie Marriage Possibly Ohio No record
1839 Charles Smith (Mother Marie) Birth 22 Apr 1839 Ohio Ort


1840 Ruth Smith (Mother Marie) Birth 24 Aug 1840 Ohio Ort
1842 Melissa Smith (Mother Marie) Birth 13 Mar 1842 Ohio Ort
1843 Harriet Smith (Mother Marie) Birth 17 Sep 1843 Ohio Ort & census
1843 Catherine Douglas and William Henry Marriage 9 May 1843 Ohio Find a grave page
1844 George (Father William Henry) Born 1844 Ohio 1850 Census
1845 William (Father William Henry) Born 1845 Ohio 1850 Census
1846 Elida Smith (Mother Marie) Birth 1 Apr 1846 Wabash, Indiana Ort & Census
1847 Charles Taylor (Father William Henry) Born 1847 Ohio 1850 census
1849 Allen John (Father William Henry) Born Nov 1849 Ohio Census records--but not in 1850 census)
1849 Erastus Smith (Mother Marie) Birth 14 Feb 1849 Dodge, Wisconsin Ort


1850 Marie Taylor residence Hustisford, Dodge, Wisconsin 1850 census
1850 Mary Jane Smith (Mother Marie) Birth 23 Jun 1850Hustisford, Dodge, Wisconsin Ort
1850 William Henry Taylor residence Prairie, Franklin, Ohio 1850 census
1852 Allen Taylor Marriage 30 May 1852 Stark, Ohio Ohio Marriage record
1853 Colysta Smith (Mother Marie) Birth 25 Nov 1853 Hustisford, Dodge, Wisconsin Ort
1853 William Allen Taylor (Father Allen) Birth 23 Mar 1853 Ohio Census, death
1855 Christian Taylor (Father Allen ) Birth 28 Feb 1855 Wisconsin Census, bio, death
1857 Carolyn Smith (Mother Marie) Birth 18 Apr 1857 Steamboat Rock, Hardin, Iowa Ort


1860 Adele Smith (Mother Marie) Birth 9 Jul 1860 Steamboat Rock, Hardin, Iowa Ort
1860 Marie Taylor residence Clay Township, Iowa 1860 census
1860 William Henry Taylor residence Lewistown, Fulton, Illinois 1860 census
1860 Allen Taylor Gentry, Missouri 1860 census
1860 Alice Taylor (Father Allen) Born 1860 Iowa 1870 & 1880 census
1864 Edwin Stanton (Father William Henry) Born 15 Nov 1864 Illinois Census
1866 Charles Taylor (Father Allen) Born 17 Feb 1866 Illinois Death record
1867 Alice Taylor (Father William Henry) Born 5 Mar 1867 Iowa Census & Christian bio


1870 Marie Taylor residence Missouri 1870 census
1870 William Henry Taylor residence Woodland, Decatur, Iowa 1870 census
1870 Allen Taylor Johns Township, Appanoose, Iowa 1870 census
1875 Arthur (Father Allen) Born 14 Jun 1875 Centerville, Iowa Death record
1878 Marie Taylor Death 24 Nov 1878 Atchison County, Missouri Ort & Find A Grave

1880s and 1890s

1880 William Henry Taylor Holmwood, Jewell, Kansas 1880 census
1880 William Henry Taylor Mother born Vermont; Dad born England 1880 census
1880 Allen Taylor Limestone, Jewell, Kansas, United States 1880 census
1880 Allen Taylor Mother born Vermont; Dad's birth location not listed 1880 census
1880 John Taylor Maine, Linn, Iowa, United States 1880 census
1880 John Taylor Mother born Vermont; Dad born New Jersey 1880


1900 William Henry Taylor Paxton Township, Logan, Kansas 1900 census
1900 William Henry Taylor Mother born Vermont; Dad born England 1900 census
1910 Allen Taylor 1910 census
1910 Allen Taylor Mother born Vermont; Dad born England 1910 census

Family Group Sheets

Samuel and Sarah Taylor and family

Name Birth Location Died Location
Samuel Taylor 16 Jun 1779 New Jersey 10 Apr 1864
Sarah Unknown 29 August 1788 Vermont 5 Jan 1842
Joseph Bartley Taylor 21 Apr 1804 Canada
Elizabeth Brown Taylor 10 May 1815 Canada
Marie Taylor 14 Aug 1817Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada 24 Nov 1878 Atchison County, Missouri
William Henry Taylor 9 Nov 1819 Canada 1903 Jewell, Kansas, United States
John C. Taylor 21 Oct 1822 Canada
Daniel Taylor 12 Jun 1825
Allen Taylor 3 Oct 1827 Painesville, Lake, Ohio, United States 23 Mar 1914 DC

William Henry and Catherine Elizabeth Taylor and family

Name Birth Location Died Location
William Henry Taylor Nov 08 1819 Canada 1903 Jewell, Kansas, United States
Catherine Elizabeth Douglass Dec 20 1821 Maryland, United States Dec 17 1897 Kansas, United States
George Taylor 1844 Ohio, United States
William Taylor 1845 Ohio, United States
Charles Taylor 1847 Ohio, United States
Allen John Taylor Oct 31 1849 Ohio, United States May 17 1937 Vancouver, Clark, Washington
Alice M. Taylor Mar 04 1867 Iowa, United States Tue Apr 23 1895 Denver, Colorado, United States

Marie Taylor and Ephraim Smith and family

Name Birth Location Died Location
Marie Taylor Aug 13 1817 Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada Nov 23 1878 Atchison County, Missouri
Ephraim George Smith Sep 27 1815 New York Jan 07 1895 Sterling, Johnson, Nebraska
Charles Ephraim Smith Apr 21 1839 Ohio Sep 15 1839 Ohio
Ruth Ann Smith Aug 23 1840 Ohio Sep 29 1840 Ohio
Melissa Maria Smith Mar 12 1842 Ohio Jul 16 1842 Ohio
Harriet Paula Smith Sep 16 1843 Ohio Oct 01 1869 Atchison County, Missouri
Elida Anna Smith Apr 10 1846 Wabash, Wabash, Indiana Sep 10 1929 Buffalo, Erie, New York
Erastus Allen Smith Feb 13 1849 Dodge, Wisconsin May 15 1849 Wisconsin
Mary Jane Smith Jun 22 1850 Hustisford, Dodge, Wisconsin May 06 1930 Rifle, Garfield, Colorado
Colysta Medulia Smith Nov 24 1853 Hustisford, Dodge, Wisconsin Jul 21 1881 Tarkio, Atchison, Missouri
Carole Elizabeth Smith Apr 17 1857 Steamboat Rock, Hardin, Iowa Jun 06 1926 Rifle, Garfield, Colorado
Adele Marie Smith Jul 08 1860 Steamboat Rock, Hardin County, Iowa Jun 15 1864 ) Iowa

John C. Taylor and Jane Clarissa Smith and family

Name Birth Location Died Location
John C. Taylor 21 Oct 1822 Canada 28 Jun 1890 Linn, Iowa
Jane Clarissa Smith 10 Jun 1828 Erie, Pennsylvania 29 Dec 1911 Central City, Linn, Iowa
Lewis Alanza Taylor Feb 1846 Ohio12 Jan 1865 Unknown
Harriet Almira Taylor 6 Apr 1847 Ohio 20 Oct 1874 Linn, Iowa
William Elza Taylor 21 Feb 1849 Ohio 9 Jan 1892 Unknown
Melissa Taylor 1850 Ohio Unknown Unknown
Amelia Taylor 1853 Wisconsin Unknown Unknown
Foster Edson Taylor 1866 Iowa 10 Sep 1936 Central City, Linn, Iowa

Allen Taylor and Wilhelmina Pider and family

Name Birth Location Died Location
Allen Taylor 3 Oct 1827 Painesville, Lake, Ohio, United States 23 Mar 1914 Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Wilhelmina Phoeba Pider 13 Dec 1832 Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany 2 Jul 1897 Kansas, United States
William Allen Taylor 23 Mar 1853 Ohio, United States 1 Oct 1928 Lincoln, Lancaster, Nebraska, United States
Christian A. Taylor 28 Feb 1855 Wisconsin, United States 20 Nov 1931 Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Alice P. Taylor 1860 Iowa before 1916 Unknown
Charles Franklin Taylor 17 Feb 1866 Illinois 8 Jan 1939 Tacoma, Pierce, Washington, United States
Arthur B. Taylor 14 Jun 1875 Centerville, Iowa, United States 22 Mar 1956 Tacoma, Pierce, Washington, United States


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