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Source-A-Thon 2023

This year's Source-A-Thon starts on Friday, September 30 at 8AM EDT (Noon UTC) and runs until Monday, October 2 at 8AM EDT (Noon UTC)
See how we are going at the tracker page here.
Questions? Go to the G2G chat page or join us as the Discord channel for live chats. Vragen mogen natuurlijk ook in het Nederlands gesteld worden.

What is the Source-A-Thon, what rules are there?

  • Adding a good (primary) source to an unsourced profile will give you one point.
  • The one with most points wins
  • When you are part of a team, your points will also be added to the team's total.
  • The team with most points wins
See the Source-A-Thon help page for the official rules and information on the prizes you can win.
We will add the link to the tracking page HERE.

What sources may I add ?

We are hoping to only add primary sources to Dutch profiles. So for post 1811: Burgerlijke stand, Bevolkingsregister, Gravestones etc. For pre-1811: DTB, Lidmaten, Burgerboeken etc.
Adding links to other (unsourced) trees is highly appreciated, but as we all know they are not to be trusted without primary sources. Links to other trees should go under the heading See also:, below the list of primary sources.
See the official documentation what sources are allowed by WikiTree standards and What profiles count as "unsourced" for the Source-a-Thon? and this page for help on reliable Dutch Sources.

I did not find a primary sources, or sources are lacking

This happens a lot. Getting a point by adding one primary/reliable source is what the Source-A-Thon is about, but sometimes you simply cannot find one. Then please add the Netherlands sticker to the profile as well, indicating what type of sources are lacking (Birth, More Records).
See this page for more information about the Netherlands Sticker.

I want to source non-Dutch profiles

That is great! We want to help other projects as well; just make sure you claim your points (which will be added to the our team's total as well!

How do I claim points?

After adding your sources and saving your edits, click on the large bar marked "CHALLENGE Tracker" on the top of the page. Check the challenge and choose the description that matches your edit closest on the right. Then save again. No need to add more clicks or descriptions, only the number of profiles sourced are counted.
The button after you have saved your edit.

How team members communicate

We use this G2G chat post.
We are also present at the WikiTree Discord server, which enables faster communication.

The profiles we will source

The table below is automatically generated.


Unsourced profiles for Netherlands.

43464 Unsourced Total 0000-0000 0001-1499 1500-1699 1700-1799 1800-1899 1900-1999 2000-9999 New
Category:Netherlands, Unsourced Profiles 34868 216 602 8477 13267 10686 1620 14
Location: Netherlands, Category:Unsourced Profiles 8293 65 21 2698 3085 1303 1121 415
Location: Netherlands, Suggestion 802 & 803 12 3 5 4
Location: Netherlands, Suggestion 131-134 291 16 1 101 155 16 2

Table prepared at 10.04.2024 09:12:13 (Slovenian time). Condition to prepare list (Country is Netherlands). Profiles: 859250

Nr of Profiles by team or user Source-a-Thon 2020

Unsourced profiles per province

You can click on one of the DD links below to find Dutch Unsourced Profiles per Province, the top one is the one with all Unsourced Netherlands Profiles.
note: to be able to view the below WT+ lists with profiles, you will also have to click the button get profiles there !
Je kunt op een van onderstaande links klikken om Nederlandse Profielen per Provincie te vinden, de bovenste is de link met alle Bronloze Nederlandse Profielen
let op: om de onderstaande WT+ lijsten met profielen te kunnen zien, moet je daar eerst even op de knop get profiles klikken!
  1. Unsourced Netherlands
  2. DBE Unsourced Groningen
  3. DBE Unsourced Friesland
  4. DBE Unsourced-Noord-Holland
  5. DBE Unsourced Zuid Holland
  6. DBE Unsourced South Holland
  7. DBE Unsourced Overijssel
  8. DBE Unsourced Drenthe
  9. DBE Unsourced Gelderland
  10. DBE Unsourced Utrecht
  11. DBE Unsourced Noord Brabant
  12. DBE Unsourced North Brabant
  13. DBE Unsourced Limburg
  14. DBE Unsourced Zeeland
  15. DBE Unsourced Belgie (depending on the period our Project might cover Belgium as well sometimes)
  16. DBE Unsourced Vlaanderen (depending on the period our Project might cover Vlaanderen as well sometimes)

Source-a-Thon Team 2023

  1. Coen Dijkgraaf #116 Team Captain
  2. Jayme Arrington #003
  3. Joke van Veenendaal #102
  4. B. W. J. Molier #125
  5. Eef van Hout #189
  6. Elsa van der Velde #231
  7. Maureen S Buttner #265
  8. Monique Duffhauss  #304
  9. Adri Zonnefeld #307
  10. Charlie Panek #311
  11. Jos de Kloe #387
  12. Ludwig Kraayenbrink #413
  13. Gesinus Knegt #568
  14. Earlene Renken #604
  15. Klaas Jansen #620
  16. Antonia Reuvers #655

Links to information, tools etc.


  1. Dutch Archive / Nederland Archief by Jan Terink
  2. Strategie om Nederlandse Bronnen te vinden by B.W.J. Molier
  3. Nederlandse Hulpbronnen- Dutch resources by Jan Terink
  4. Nederlands Portaal-Dutch Portal een startpagina voor alle leden met interesse voor Nederland . by Joop van Belzen and Astrid Schellenberger
  5. Nederlands Portaal Bronnen-Resources
  6. Dutch Miscellaneous Resources pagina, met allerlei Miscellaneous Nederlandse bronnen, beetje Nederlandse geschiedenis etc. etc.
  7. Begrippenlijst / Nederlandse genealogische termen etc.
  8. Dutch Genealogie bronnen
  9. Kitty's Library Dutch Resources

Previous editions

Source-a-Thon Team 2022

  1. Coen Dijkgraaf #167 Team Captain
  2. Jayme Arrington #35
  3. Monique Duffhauss  #377
  4. Charles Hensgens #389
  5. B. W. J. Molier #287
  6. Elsa van der Velde #588
  7. Herman Overmars #643
  8. Herman van den Berg #656
  9. Marzena Kriks #671
  10. J. Mulder #287

Source-a-Thon Team 2021

  1. Astrid Spaargaren, No. 24 Team Captain, Will try to help Ludwig on his GEDCOM profiles
  2. Michel Vorenhout, No. 23 Team Captain
  3. Colleen Jousma, No. 41 Captain's right hand
  4. Francis Lehman, No. 135 Greeter, I will be working on my Watchlist and mainly South African Post-1800 profiles, with a smaller amount of Dutch profiles.
  5. Jan Terink, No. 42 Will try Amsterdam unsourced orphans
  6. Joop Van Belzen, No. 43
  7. Jayme Arrington, No. 58
  8. Pierre Goolaerts, No. 80
  9. Margreet Beers, No. 94
  10. W Robertson, No. 128 Will work on 19 century, unsourced, sorted by those created longest ago
  11. Eef van Hout, No. 142
  12. Joke van Veenendaal, No. 160 Will try Utrecht 19 century, unsourced Bouman-61
  13. Amanda Baas, No. 188
  14. Joan Dubbelboer, No. 197
  15. Ludwig Kraayenbrink, No. 251
  16. B. W. J. Molier, No. 265
  17. Ivonne Heijst, No. 315
  18. Enoch Stuivenberg No. 306
  19. Charlie Panek No. 319
  20. J Mulder No. 330
  21. Tineke Slof No. 333
  22. Sieger Witvoet No. 338
  23. Elsa van der Velde No. 351
  24. Charles Barrett No. 376
  25. Kim de Groot No. 486
  26. Bertil Van Os de Man No. TBD
  27. Tiko Verhelst, No. 159 (Sadly cannot join.)
  28. Gesinus Knegt No. 526
  29. Herman van den Berg No. TBD
  30. Connie Graves No. TBD
  31. Coen Dijkgraaf No. 542

Source-A-Thon Team 2020

  1. Bea Wijma Co captain, cheer leader. I'll hop around a bit from Overijssel to Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe. And of course the G2G, and try to keep an eye on the Hangouts and prize drawings and news about the source-a-Thon. so a real Flying Dutchmen here :P Startnummer 136
  2. Astrid Spaargaren Co-co-captain. I hop around everywhere. But first starting at my personal unsourced suggestions of profiles I adopted once. 32
  3. Bertil van Os de Man, Cook. On the menu during our trip: Smoked salmon. Lobster. Oysters. Mussels from Zeeland. And a platter of local snacks (zeeuwse bolussen, fryske dumpkes, bossche bollen, kruimelvlaai, etc) ;-) 21
  4. Jan Terink Will try Amsterdam unsourced orphans 38
  5. Margreet Beers My focus will be Noord-Holland, excl Amsterdam. 62
  6. Michel Whatever I encounter, mostly post 1811. 66
  7. Gesinus Knegt Ik doe graag mee in Groningen, Friesland en Drenthe.80
  8. Elsa van der Velde 89
  9. Melissa McKay 98
  10. Joop van Belzen, 1e Stuurman... 🇳🇱... 102
  11. Herman van den Berg 103
  12. Joan Dubbelboer 105 Dekzwabber voor de periode 1800 tot 1899 samen met hulp zwabber Roderik (tussen de flesjes en luiers door)
  13. Enoch Stuivenberg ek bekend as de Frysk, ik ha der wer sin oan (aka de Fries ik heb er weer zin aan) 128
  14. Ludwig Kraayenbrink Will try to concentrate on Gelderland especially the Achterhoek area 130
  15. Eef van Hout ikke vind vast een leuk GEDcombestand dat bijgewerkt Moet worden. 155
  16. Charlie Panek Zeeman, I'll work on Zuid-Holland profiles, or where ever my random wanderings take me. Looking forward to Bertil's cooking! 172
  17. B.W.J. Molier Landrot: Groningen, Drenthe, Overijssel 180
  18. Colleen Jousma I will help with Friesland and Zeeland mainly (I know those regional sites best), but can help where ever.280
  19. Bertram Sluys I'm adding an "unsourced" sticker to several of my family's profiles in Friesland beforehand to source those first. They're in bad need of it! Then I'll go on with areas in West-Friesland in Noord-Holland, Groningen, Drenthe, and the Hardenberg and Giethoorn areas in Overijssel (those are the ones I have access to many sources for), and then if there's time I'll figure out a few more! 281
  20. W Robertson focusing on 19th century orphans, starting with the oldest profiles 317
  21. Cheryl Cunningham 377
  22. Minke Wagenaar Friesland, Groningen, Drente en Amsterdam (speciaal de Friezen die naar Amsterdam zijn vertrokken hebben mijn interesse) 390
  23. Liam Tran I'm interested in helping on Zuid-Holland profiles. (Especially Rijswijk has my interest) 391
  24. Kim de Groot, equal opportunity 19th century sourcer. 415
  25. Sally Shreeve 418
  26. Amanda Baas 422
  27. Dr.Ted Vandevis 470
  • Hier vind je onze Source-a-Thon 2020 Team Flying Dutchmen-Vliegende Hollanders Chat G2G!!

Source-a-Thon Team 2019

  1. Bea Wijma Co captain, cheer leader. I'll hop around a bit from Overijssel to Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe. And of course the G2G, and keep an eye on the Hangouts and prize drawings and news about the source-a-Thon. so a real Flying Dutchmen here :P Startnummer 103
  2. Astrid Spaargaren, That makes me the Co-co captain :D So happy to see you all! Thrilled to do it all again. Startnummer 127
  3. Melissa McKay Number "113" Vliegende Canadese Nederlandse vrouwen helping the "Flying Dutch Bee" and others where I can.
  4. Joop van Belzen, Startnummer 104.
  5. Jan Terink, Startnummer 118.
  6. Caitlin Gerarden 131
  7. W Robertson, 129 - focusing on 19cen orphans
  8. Joan Dubbelboer 162 The same as every year I'll be hopping provinces, Cheerleading on the team and performing all kind of "Hand en span diensten". It's good to be back again! The yearly Source-a-Thon is for me always the start of another season on WikiTree, from March / April till late September, not much time as our mini-homestead is taking a lot of my time :), but I would NEVER miss the Source-a-Thon!
  9. Eef van Hout130
  10. B.W.J. Molier 223 - Sunday crew, 19cen orphans
  11. Tanya Lowry 270
  12. Elsa van der Velde 274
  13. Herman Overmars aka Manus van Mokum met rugnummer 272
  14. Enoch Stuivenberg ek bekend as de frysk nummer 275
  15. Minke Wagenaar export-friezin - in de verte familie van Enoch 277
  16. Ludwig Kraayenbrink Helemaal van beneden Zuid-Australië 276
  17. Kim de Groot 292
  18. Ivonne Heijst 299
  19. George DeFrieze 318
  20. Willem Vermeulen, will mainly focus on Noord-Brabant 334
  21. Erik Oosterwal 351
  22. Filip Beunis will focus on België/Vlaanderen and Noord-Brabant 387
  23. Albert van der Merwede will focus mainly on Overijssel and Noord-Brabant 394
  24. Charlie Panek Probably focussing mostly on Zuid- and Noord-Holland; I know the sources best there. 446

Source-a-Thon team 2018

  1. Bea Wijma, 192
  2. Astrid Spaargaren 225 Cheerleader. Not as much around as I wish as I love to win a week free access to the archives of somewhere in the USA!!! Kidding! But for real: I love to work together, having fun and clean up a lot at the Dutch Profiles. Unfortunal I am away that weekend with yearly weekend of the company of my husband. Grrrr.
  3. Ludwig Kraayenbrink 228 From the land down under, South Australia. Happy participant and learn new things at the same time.
  4. Heidi van Os de Man 221 Can't wait to join again after being in hospital for a long time
  5. Margreet Beers 222 I’m in, although not as much as I want to, due to my ‘100 Jaar Staal’ activities ;-)
  6. Enoch Stuivenberg, 216 I'm really looking forward to it again, I can hardly wait, hope we can provide many Dutch profiles with good sources, and have lots of fun.
  7. Herman Overmars 218 Manus van Mokum, Sourcerer, Happy day's are here again, Lets go for it, another one bites the dust.
  8. Arlene de Boer 226
  9. Eef van Hout 239 From Nijmegen with love.
  10. Richard Hayes 247
  11. W Robertson 243 I will be focusing on the 66 19th cen Dutch immigrants to the US (EXCEPT those in Michigan (39) and New York (18) - anyone else is welcome to these!)
  12. Herman van den Berg 241
  13. Melissa McKay 246
  14. Jan Zuurbier 248 sourcing Noord-Holland after 1800
  15. Joop van Belzen 251
  16. Tami Eisinga 256
  17. Monique Joosse 258 Sourcing Zeeland especially Walcheren and west Zeeuws-Vlaanderen
  18. Lennart van Haaften 261
  19. Ann Lansing 272
  20. Joan Dubbelboer 281 Focusing on Overijssel, Gelderland and Groningen as this is where my family comes from (and I am most familiar with these regions)
  21. Jeroen MW van Dijk 284 Born in Haarlem so I most familiar with Holland, but I will take any thing that after 1800 and inside the borders the Netherlands. If needed I can do Amsterdam, but that BS archive is not indexed so it very difficult. My tools I will use are and the smartmatch engine to find those hard to find sources.
  22. Jan Terink 289 Will try to get all 63 unsourced Amersfoort profiles sourced :-)
  23. Connie Graves 290 Looking forward to joining you all again.
  24. B.W.J. Molier 291 Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe...
  25. W.V. 341
  26. Nancy Edwards 342
  27. Alexandra Carter 442 sourcing Rotterdam, primarily after 1812.
  28. Sytze Brouwer 493

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Thank you Team Flying Dutchmen for your participation in the 2023 Source-a-Thon from your friends on Team Nordic Noir! We appreciate all of your contributions to the global tree and look forward to participating with you in the next WikiTree Thon.

Jeffrey (Wall -7415), Captain for Team Nordic Noir

posted by Jeffrey Wall
Thank you for participating in the October 2023 Source-a-Thon, and contributing to the accuracy of our global tree!

See you at the next marathon! Azure, Sondra, & the Western Red Cedars

posted by Azure Robinson
edited by Azure Robinson
Many thanks from the Mighty Oaks for your contributions in the 2023 Source-a-Thon!

It was a fun weekend and we look forward to seeing you in the next Thon :)

Mighty Oaks

Joan, Janet, Maddy and Fran

Thanks everyone for taking part in the September 2023 Source a Thon! Hope to see you for the Next Thon!

Sir Shamrock and Lady Thistle bestows their thanks!

Sláinte Mhath! (Cheers!)

posted by Suzy Cairns
From the Mighty Oaks teams, to your, team thanks for joining in the Sourcing weekend. We all did a great job this weekend, thank you, a job well done, we hope you had fun.

Thanks again for this weekend, you rock

Joan, Janet, Maddy and Fran

posted by Janet (Langridge) Wild
Rocky the Appalachian

From our team, Appalachia Roots, to yours, thanks for joining in a fun Sourcing weekend!

We had a great time participating with all your members. They were awesome! Can't wait to do it again at the next Thon in 2024.


Patty & Sandy - Appalachia Roots Co Captains

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Is someone going to update this page for the 2023 Source-a-Thon?
posted by Michel Vorenhout
Yes, I've updated it now. Sorry for the delay.
posted by Coen Jacob Dijkgraaf
Team Dutch Genealogists is thanking you for the great collaboration during this Source-a-Thon. We are happy with the improvement of our One World Tree, we did great. As WikiTree veterans, it was good to be back again, and enjoying this weekend together.

Warm regards on behalf of all of the Dutch Genealogists,

Joan and Margreet

Dutch Genealogists says "Thank you".
posted by Margreet Beers
What rules are there

I think we should not make up our own rules but stick to the overall SaT rules as described here: and here: Personally I would love to see only citations of original sources added, but that's not what the WT rules say.

posted by [Living Terink]
edited by [Living Terink]
If we do not state what the project prefers, we will see the 1500 sourced with trees again, and then they can never be recovered again.

The text of 2020 only mentions FS as a source, which is the partnersearch website for WT, but a hassle for dutch profiles as well.

Note that the text is still being worked on.

posted by Michel Vorenhout

The Mighty Oaks thank you for the sources you added to WikiTree during the Source-a-Thon. We appreciate all that you did! It was another great showing of community collaboration. We hope you had fun and are looking forward to the next thon.

Thank you Joan. It was such great fun again.

I am sure we meet again at the next Thon!

The Virginia Sourcers wish you the best in your endeavor to add sources to our global tree. Thank you, Flying Dutchmen, for helping improve its health. We're looking forward to another fun weekend Thon! We'll see you there.

( ဖ‿ဖ)⫗(စ‿စ ) .

•* ˚ ♥"
☻/ღ˚ •。* ♥♥ ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★*
/▌。 ღ˛° 。* °♥ ˚ • ★ *˚
/ \ ˚. ★ *˛ ˚♥♥* ✰。˚ ˚ღ。
♥˛˚ ░T░E░A░M - ✰*
░V░I░R░G░I░N░I░A░ ˚ * ˚
✫ ˛˚ ♥♥ 。✰˚* ˚ ★ღ ˚ 。✰
•* ˚ ♥" ✰。 ღ˛° 。* ♥" ✰
posted by Mindy Silva
The Mighty Oaks send best wishes for the Source-a-Thon. Have fun and thank you for wanting to make our global tree healthier!
Team Missouri looks forward to working with you on this year's Source-a-thon.

Best of luck and most importantly, have fun!!!

Good Luck and have lots of fun this weekend during the Source -a- Thon

Team Springbokke


Embarking will be on the 2nd of October, (I did not yet figure out what Dutch time we start, but I hope my 1st stuurman/1st mate van Belzen will add that somewhere here soon :-D). Embarking and the stay at our vessel will be under strict Dutch Corona rules. Most important and just keep this in mind: wash your hands as much as you can and keep at least one and a half meter distance! Mouth caps are not obligated, as long as you sail at your own keyboard. :-p As we are on sea during our trip, we will have lots of fresh air and therefor we do not have to worry so much. Just all stay healthy!

At this moment and it is only the 2nd of September we have already 17 participants. That is wonderful!

Our Herman will not be with us this time, as he is relocating but I am sure he will, by any change, support us with some good music. Nor is participating our Highscore Machine, George. George is for verrrry good reasons "forbidden" to participate as he has a week stomach at sea! (Joking!). I gave him the excuse of using a fake knee operation. Hahahaha he messaged me this afternoon he was still doubting what excuse he would use. :D

As mentioned our crew so far during this trip is 1e Stuurman NL van Belzen and Bertil volunteerd to be our cook during this trip and for what I saw we will have very tasty bites.

We love to see so many earlier participants back - "Thank you for sailing with us again" but also some new ones!!! We really value those, participants that are sometimes only short at WT, jump into our challenges. Feel verrrrry free to ask anything. Questions are never stupid. People who do not ask questions are. Challenges are a great way to get to know eachother better but also to learn lots from eachother as even the old sea racks here do.

In advantage I want to wish you all a save journey!

[Comment Deleted]
posted by Joop van Belzen
deleted by Joop van Belzen
Dank Joop! Je krijgt opslag. :D
Waaauw this really is going fast, amazing and welcome aboard everyone, we're so happy to see you all (again) ! (was a bit late myself (long update and our granddaughter turned three already ..time really flies eeh ;) We're proud of you all already !
posted by Bea (Timmerman) Wijma
edited by Bea (Timmerman) Wijma
J.D.M.T. = Jopie's Dutch Mean Time. :p Maar ben er wat groos mee dat jai dat erop gezet hebt!
Hi Flying Dutchmen! Congratulations from all of us at the Windsor Warriors for your amazing contributions during the 2019 Source-a-thon. What a fun weekend we had! It was a pleasure running alongside you all and we look forward to seeing you in the branches. Susie :-)
posted by Susie MacLeod
From Team Springbokke to Team Vliegende Hollanders

Thank you for the 2006 sources you added to WikiTree during the Source-a-Thon. You Rock !!!

It was lots of fun to collaborate with you on this endeavour and already looking forward to the next one :-D

The Virginia Sourcers thank you for the 2,006 sources you added to WikiTree during the Source-a-Thon. It was another great showing of community collaboration and we appreciate all that you did!
Thank you
(")_(") «´`• Dutchmen °•´`»
.:??*?‘???.?.:* *.:??*?.?.
  • *.:??*?¨?
posted by Mindy Silva
Since the weather was bad I had plenty of time to stay inside and puzzle deep into the nights. It was fun, this first time to participate for full in a S-a-T. Could not resist to do some extras to a profile, finding siblings and children. They will be helpful to further research. This was not strategic for a good score ;-)

Personal score: 46 profiles, position 243.

posted by Minke Wagenaar
Still sourcing people, the Raining men are keeping me awake..:P and still 11th place which is pretty amazing as well !

And woohoo George you're still nr one ! And...just watching the hangout George !! you are a prize winner now, so you need to 'claim' your prize here and congrats from all of us !

Doing great everyone so just keep it up You all are super troupers !

posted by Bea (Timmerman) Wijma
And unfortunately this SoT came to an end for me. Need some sleep before work starts again tomorrow. Did my best with 4 (or 41) profiles.

Happy sourcing to all that keep on going! Can't keep my eyes open anymore.

See you all in the next one!

posted by Joan Hollander
And finally back to sourcing.... Unexpected we had to help friends move. Have been 2 hell of a day.

Here I go again!!!

posted by Joan Hollander
Great "Source a Thon - wheather" @ The Netherlands. Come on guys. The Southern Sweepers swept us out of the top 10! :D

Let's go for it!

Woohoo congratulations Tanya ! And will take a look at the van Grevenbroecks again Filip, planned to take a short break last night and ... fell :P
posted by Bea (Timmerman) Wijma