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A Free Space page for Communication, Research Help, Questions/Comments for Cemeterists.

This page is all about collaboration. Feel free to ask questions, seek help, give advice/ideas, share an experience or interesting Tombstone or ask for research lookup help. A BIG thanks to everyone for your support and work on Team Georgia!


Quick Links

County List of Georgia Cemeteries
Team Georgia Progress Page
How to Create Cemetery Categories on WikiTree
Gravestone Preservation Tips for Cleaning Tombstones


PLEASE Use this Template Box (called the Category Info Box or CIB) at the Top of the Cemetery CATEGORY Page. DO NOT USE THIS FOR CEMETERY FREE SPACE PAGES. For an example, look at the Rest Haven Cemetery Category Page.

Copy and Paste and Edit the following table to Match your Cemetery. Fill out as many of the options as possible. Some might not be applicable.

{{CategoryInfoBox Cemetery
| name = Rest Haven Cemetery
| aka = Alpharetta City Cemetery
| parent = Fulton County, Georgia (Note: DO NOT add the ", Cemeteries" here)
| location = Alpharetta, Georgia
| findagraveID = 277913
| spacepage = Rest_Haven_Cemetery
| webpage = URL if the actual Cemetery has a Private Webpage
| billiongravesID = 258959
| coordinate = 34.07563, -84.29823
| address = 90 Milton Avenue, Alpharetta, Georgia 30009 (County not needed in address}
|team= Georgia Cemeteries
|image= optional
|TOC= (do not use unless there are over 200 profiles in the category)

See: [[:Space:Rest_Haven_Cemetery|Space Page for Rest Haven Cemetery]]

A couple of Notes About the Cemetery Template Box (CIB):

  1. Replace the specific details in the above Template with the Cemetery you are working on.
  2. If you notice, the Template doesn't require a lot of the WikiTree "code". Instead, the answers are in simple text (ex. the parent = Fulton County, Georgia vs the URL link).
  3. spacepage: When adding your matching Space Page, use the URL AFTER "Space:" (ex. Rest_Haven_Cemetery) on the spacepage line.
  4. If the Cemetery has a private website, add the URL on this line. (ex. Arlington National Cemetery has a private website so the URL would be entered -
  5. Here is the really great thing..... when using the CIB, it automatically adds the required Categories for you! You will see those automatically added Categories AFTER you save. (ex. adding parent= Fulton County, Georgia IN the CIB, automatically put the category [[Fulton County, Georgia]] at the top of my finished page. No extra work for us!
  6. The TOC (table of contents) is not to be used unless there are over 200 profiles in the category.
  7. The "aka" will show under the name of the Cemetery as the title in bold.
  8. ALL CEMETERY CATEGORY PAGES MUST HAVE "FULL NAME, CITY, STATE" (spelled out, not abbreviated). For Example, there are TOO MANY Smith Cemeteries across the WORLD and if in Georgia it needs to be Smith Cemetery, Roswell, Georgia NOT just Smith Cemetery.
  9. This Template Box is only on the Category Page.... never the Free Space Page.
  10. If adding additional cemetery categories, such as Category:Georgia, Catholic Cemeteries, that category tag should be placed beneath the Category Info Box template.
  11. The line ---- does not need to be placed below or above the CIB

Cemetery SPACE Pages

Good news! No more adding tables with details and Tombstone Photos to the Cemetery Free Space pages!! Instead the Cemetery Free Space Page should have just the basic information on the Cemetery, a Photo (or two) of that represents the Cemetery, Listing of Famous People and any other details that are specific and important to the Cemetery.

Do NOT list individual Profiles on the Cemetery Free Space Page. Profiles are to be placed on the Cemetery Category Page only (unless you are listing Famous/Infamous Profiles.) I know this might be a hard habit to break for some but it does save a tremendous amount of time while allowing the Category Page to be the Main Index.

PLEASE put the following on every Free Space Page (at the top):

This page is part of the [[:Space:Georgia Cemeteries Team|Georgia Cemeteries Team]].

See the [[:Category:YourCemeteryURL|NameOf Cemetery]] for people buried in this cemetery.

'''Cemetery name:''' XXX Cemetery
'''Address:''' STREET, CITY, COUNTY, Georgia ZIP
'''GPS Coordinates:''' GPS Coordinates:


See the [[:Category:Rest_Haven_Cemetery%2C_Alpharetta%2C_Georgia|Rest Haven Cemetery]] for people buried in this cemetery. (There is a space between the URL and the Name of Your Cemetery.)

'''Cemetery name:''' Rest Haven Cemetery

'''Address:''' 90 Milton Avenue, Alpharetta, Fulton, Georgia 30009

'''GPS Coordinates:''' GPS Coordinates: 34.07563,-84.29823,19

A Couple of Notes About Free Space Pages

  1. No Template Box on these pages.
  2. No Individual Listing of Names (exception: famous people)
  3. If you want to continue to have the table, you can but WikiTree is trying to move away from that concept. (See Hamrick Family Cemetery for an example of a table.) The tables are a lot of work, trust me!
  4. Use the Free Space Page to add a paragraph about the Historical Nature, if Abandoned, Challenging Parking or Location and/or any Famous People.
  5. The Free Space Page is a great place to add General Photos (Cemetery Sign, Landscape Photo, Video Tour, etc.)
  6. ALL CEMETERY SPACE PAGES MUST HAVE "FULL NAME, CITY, STATE" (spelled out, not abbreviated). For Example, there are TOO MANY Smith Cemeteries across the WORLD and if in Georgia it needs to be Smith Cemetery, Roswell, Georgia NOT just Smith Cemetery.

Documenting Tombstone Photos

This text can be used as a Source for Tombstone photos that you have taken:

Monumental inscription. Country. Cemetery name, place name. Monument death date as inscribed. (b. date as inscribed) LAST NAME inscribed, given name. GPS: DATA HERE. Photographed by: [[Wiki-ID|Name]]: date photo taken.

Try to resize your Tombstone Photos to 1024x768 pixels, saved as a .jpeg at 75% quality. Editing to crop out the area around the Tombstone is also a good idea so just the Tombstone is shown. For more details, visit What a Cemeterist Does


  • Monumental inscription. Georgia, United States. Blakely Cemetery, Blakely, Georgia. Fryer, Emma Cohen LeSeuer Etheridge. Photographed by: Sandy Patak: 5 July 2018.
    • "Mrs. Emma Etheridge Fryer, born 1 Jan 1842, died 31 Mar 1930."

Documenting Profiles

Add the Cemetery Category to Profiles.

Add the Tombstone picture to the Individual's Profile, not the Cemetery's Profile. (If you do not have the Tombstone Photo, yet, that is ok. Adding the Cemetery Category helps other researchers a lot!)

If you have the information (or found it through research), another completely optional Category you could add is the Cause of Death. This is found on Death Certificates. WikiTree has several Causes of Death to chose from: General Health List, Diseases.

Wikitree Standards for Profile's Biography
Editing Style Tips for Profiles

To Add A Sticker To Each Profile:

{{Global Cemeteries|place=[[Space:PARTIAL URL OF SPACE PAGE|NAME Cemetery]]}}
{{Global Cemeteries|place=[[Space:Morris_Cemetery%2C_Alpharetta%2C_Georgia|Morris Cemetery]]}}
Global Cemeteries Project
... ... ... is buried in Morris Cemetery.

Find A Grave Memorials

Please use the WikiTree code for Find A Grave Memorials in your Profile Sourcing instead of the URL link to the memorial.



Team Georgia Progress Page

The Team Georgia Progress Page is used to make sure there is not duplication amongst us.... or to create a Meetup to group photograph a Cemetery. It's a good idea to check the Progress Page before you start photographing a Cemetery.

Georgia Laws on Cemeteries

These are a couple of links regarding the laws of Georgia Cemeteries.

FAQ for Georgia Cemeteries including Access, Documenting, Publications and Restoration.

Abandoned Cemetery Laws for Georgia Cemeteries

Georgia Member Help

Please list any memberships that might help other Team Members with research. Add Your Name Here!

Sandy Patak can lookup Fold3 and Genealogy Bank

Memories: 1
Enter a personal reminiscence or story.
Update: AARGH... the nowiki code does not work in message boxes.
  1. Basically... removed the sub=Georgia from your sticker line in the future.
  2. To enter the Find A Grave source, please use two curly brackets ( { ), then the text: FindAGrave | MEMORIAL NUMBER and end with 2 curly brackets" vs the entire URL link of the Memorial. MAKE SURE TO LOOK AT THE EXAMPLE ON THIS PAGE above this comment for accuracy!

Two changes that I've noticed today...

STICKER CODE I've noticed that the edit bot is changing a lot of my Cemetery Stickers. The "sub location" appears to being removed.

Find A Grave Sourcing The Edit Bot is now officially converting the Find A Grave external links to WikiCode.

For now the edit bot is doing a great job of making these changes. We can start using the new code from this point forward. I've also made corrections to this page to reflect the changes. Change and Progress are good things! :)

Thanks everyone for your participation and hard work on Team Georgia Cemeteries!


posted 23 Aug 2020 by Sandy (Craig) Patak   [thank Sandy]
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Just a quick reminder about the 5th Annual Source-A-Thon this weekend.....

Today, Wednesday, September 30, 2020, is the last day to sign up for the 2020 Source-A-thon. Over $2000 in prizes have been pledged.

The Source-A-Thon is a great way to help out WikiTree by adding sources to the current "Unsourced" Profiles that are begging for data/information. I always find it a fun time for newbies and oldtimers of WikiTree as you join a Team to Collaborate on success. Pick any Team that you wish to be a part of!



posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Just wanted to let y'all know of a recent Cemetery incident in Bartow County, GA. Oak Hill Baptist Church Cemetery was damage by cars driving through it. Oak Hill Baptist reports damage to church, cemetery

Also, earlier this year, a local church, to me, had kids go through some very very old stones and topple them ... most broke. This was the 2nd time in 5 years. The damage is heartbreaking. I had been working with the Church for many years to help fix the previous broken stones, clean some old ones and photograph/document. Now, the Church doesn't even want a volunteer or steward.

I mention both of these examples because as you walk Cemeteries to document them, don't be surprised if you are asked many questions or asked to leave. I am hearing that many stewards of Cemeteries are being a bit nervous. Although we should always ask permission first, sometimes it's not possible if there are no contacts or stewards to ask.

Thanks for all of your hard work and being good stewards yourselves.


posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Hello Team Georgia!

I know it's been a while but I wanted to check in on everyone to see how you doing, personally and with WikiTree, during the Covid lockdowns. Thankfully, WikiTree has given me an outlet to feel like I'm out in the world and not just shut up in the house. :) I've also been going through the Georgia Cemeteries listings searching for duplicates, adding new Cemetery Listings and adding Profiles.

Since tombstone photographs are one of the main items in our Cemetery Project, I wanted to make you aware of an Interesting Question and Answer posting in G2G: Copyright Ownership of Cemetery Photos Just a friendly reminder that we should use our own Cemetery Photos but if you use someone else's, please obtain their permission and make sure to fully attribute the photo. Our goal is not to take another person's entire catalog of work, from Find A Grave for example, and upload it onto WikiTree.

If you have questions or need any help, just let me know!


posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak

Thank you. I was successful - I think. Just look at it and check it out.

posted by Lynn Hemrick
I edited some information about the CIB, since some was incorrect. Thanks, and thanks for your work on cemeteries!

Natalie, Categorization

posted by Natalie (Durbin) Trott
Team Georgia -

Another Wikitree Change regarding http links. Instead of using Space Page for Rest Haven Cemetery USE This Instead  :Space:Rest_Haven_Cemetery Space Page for Rest Haven Cemetery NOTE the : prior to the word Space or Category. If you look at your personal Nav Page, you will see that the EditBot has been busy making these corrections for us.

I've also updated the Documenting Profiles section: corrected the Causes of Death Link, Added Standard Bio and Standard Editing Style Links.

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Hello Team Georgia!

I wanted to let everyone know of an upcoming event on Wikitree: [ 2019 Connect-A-Thon] from 7/12-15, 2019.

Connect-A-Thon is PERFECT for us because of all of Cemetery work. Personally, I add Profiles when I have tombstone photos but don't always "connect" them. Currently, I have over 60 Unconnected Profiles on my list. Yikes! (Find yours by going to "FIND", then Click on "UNCONNECTED PEOPLE.")

If Georgia and surrounding States (except TN) are your favorite places for research, sign up for the Southern Sweep. I will be on another Team but willing to help if you get stuck.

Join the fun! Sandy

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Lynn -

The link was missing the entire URL (specifically _Georgia) so that is why it was showing up as not existing. I added the _Georgia and it appears to be working. Double check me at Woodville Space Page and click on the Category Page Link.

Also, no worries on the percentages just yet. My main concern was that everyone added the Cemeteries that they are working on to avoid duplicate efforts. Update the % whenever you think about (or finish the project).

Enjoy the Sunshine out there today! Sandy

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak

I checked the team progress page today and saw that Woodville Cemetery listed 0% complete. I went to the space page and clicked on the link to the Category page. Message: this page does not exist. I went another route and there it was with 35 profiles. I don't know how to delete the non-existent page.

posted by Lynn Hemrick
Hello Team Georgia!!!

This weekend a lot of us participated in Clean-A-Thon 2019 and cleaned up OVER 100,000 on Profiles. I wanted to mention some of the Database Errors that were VERY common that needed fixed so we can all be aware:

1. Profile Dates did not match Find A Grave Dates. - Note any Source Docs & Explanation that contradict F.A.G.

2. When to use USA or not.

3. Misspellings in Towns/Cities

4. "OR", "AND" in Location Fields

5. As always, GEDCOM Cleanup (Ancestry Trees are not a source).

Any thing you can clean up on existing Profiles is always welcome! Big Thanks!! Sandy

Check on your Personal DB Error Report: My WikiTree, Suggestions

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Lynn -

I think the detailed research that you did for Clover Hill is great for it's Space Page. There are some Cemeteries that need more details like this one.

I did change the Title of your Clover Hill Space Page to reflect the City and State (there could be other Clover Hill Cemeteries out there) as well as added the "Standard" Heading for Cemetery Space Pages.

We are trying to move away from using the Category tags on Cemetery Space Pages as a means to get to the Main Cemetery Page. Use the full URL instead.

Liz, who helped you, is a WikiTree Goddess, in my mind. I work with her on Team VA. Glad to see her pick up your request! Our poor Hamrick's burials will prob be lost forever.

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Sandy, please look at the Clover Hill Farm Cemetery space page. I have so much information on the page that it may be too much. But I can't verify any Hamrick buried there. I requested help through g2g and had a volunteer actually go to the cemetery and send me observations and photos. Also check out the sources. Let me know if they are not enough. I am considering passing this back to the Virginia team but they look a little short of volunteers. We will probably never know where many of our Hamrick ancestors are hiding.
posted by Lynn Hemrick
Carolyn -

None of mine or others that I am helping have changed to Cemetery-County-State (yet??). I did notice that your Oak City Cemetery had the City not appearing. I added the Proper "Wording" on the Space Page and the City popped up again on the Category page. I removed some of the extra Categories that would have been duplicated with the "Wording" anyway ... maybe that aligned things?

I'll check into it and get back to you. Thanks for mentioning this!!! Sandy

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
I noticed editbot going through some of my cemetery categories which shows cemetery, city and state and changing them to cemetery, county, and state., When did that change?