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Virginia Connectors

Welcome to the 2019 "Summer Connect-a-Thon"!

The Leaders for the 2019 Virginia Summer Connectors Team are:

We're your head cheerleaders, but I encourage everyone to play cheerleader to fellow members of Team Virginia! You can chat and cheer on our Google Chat Group.

The purpose of the Connect-a-Thon is to connect all the loose branches around WikiTree to our main Global Family Tree, which is what the Connectors Project does all the time.

Check out the main Team Virginia Summer Connect-a-Thon page for details on scoring and prizes.

Team Virginia Rocks
Team Members Participating 23
Team Virginia Profiles Added4,091
Last update Monday 8am EDT / 12pm UTC


Want a sticker for your profile?

{{Recognition Sticker|category=team membership |image=US_State_Flag_Images-49.png|imagetext=Connectors |text={{#profile:RealName}} is a member of the Virginia Connectors Team for the [[Project:Connectors|Connect-a-Thon]] Challenge, Summer 2019}}
produces this: (just copy and paste to your profile)
... is a member of the Virginia Connectors Team for the Connect-a-Thon Challenge, Summer 2019

The "official" Connect-a-Thon sticker is out now also:

{{Connect-a-Thon|team=The Virginia Connectors|year=2019|profiles=123}} will create this sticker:
... ... ... participated with The Virginia Connectors during the 2019 Connect-a-Thon, and added 123 connections.

Are you working on West Virginia or Kentucky? Use this flag image instead:

West Virginia: US_State_Flag_Images-51.png
Kentucky: US_State_Flag_Images-20.png

Connect-a-Thon Links


  1. Mindy Silva, Co-Captain: registration post
  2. William Foster, Co-Captain: registration post
  3. Rhonda Smith-Payne: registration post
  4. Sandy Patak: registration post
  5. Gurney Thompson: registration post
  6. Liz Shifflett: registration post
  7. Elizabeth Coltrane: registration post
  8. Lydia Holland: registration post
  9. Pam Dale: registration post
  10. Robin Rainford: registration post
  11. Janie Kimble registration post
  12. Dorothy Truslow registration post
  13. William Vaughan registration post
  14. Rosetta Link registration post
  15. Ellen Steger registration post
  16. Terry Rae Underwood registration post
  17. Deena Cross registration post
  18. Linda Simmons registration post
  19. Mike Patak registration post
  20. Michelle Rhodes registration post & 2
  21. Amanda Moyer registration post
  22. MaryAnn Thomas registration post
  23. Thomas Bruce registration post
  24. Sarah Dunn registration post
  25. Karol Jacob registration post


(Name, Goal, Needs help, Offering help)
  1. Thomas Bruce
  2. Elizabeth Coltrane
  3. Deena Cross Personal Watchlist, No
  4. Pam Dale Find-A-Grave account with 300 people. Goal 150/300, No, No
  5. Sarah Dunn
  6. William Foster Surnames from Marriages of Some Virginia Residents, No, Yes
  7. Lydia Holland
  8. Karol Jacob
  9. Janie Kimble
  10. Rosetta Link Personal Watchlist, No
  11. Amanda Moyer
  12. Mike Patak , WV Names - Hamrick Gregory Bennett - Goal 100, No
  13. Sandy Patak WV - Webster/Randolph/Lewis Counties Cemeteries 500+ names, No
  14. Robin Rainford
  15. Michelle Rhodes
  16. Liz Shifflett Noland surname in Virginia, No
  17. Mindy Silva Add family to existing Fairfax County marriages, Yes, Yes
  18. Linda Simmons
  19. Rhonda Smith-Payne
  20. Ellen Steger Hodges connection, Yes, No
  21. MaryAnn Thomas
  22. Gurney Thompson Cemetery Study, 400+ names of 1500 added, many unconnected, Yes, No
  23. Dorothy Truslow
  24. Terry Rae Underwood
  25. William Vaughan Add Bedford Boys family members

Plan of Action

The cut-off date for registering is midnight on Wednesday, July 10, 2019. This means there is plenty of time to tell a friend and grow our team (wink, wink). It's going to be a fun weekend adding profiles to the existing ones. Check out the tutorial!!


To talk to "just us", post a comment to this page or, use our G2G post where we can chat. You can post separately to G2G for a wider audience: tag your question with virginia and connectors at least. For questions about the Connect-a-Thon, use the tag connect-a-thon.

How Does this Work?

  • Try the tutorial: Click HERE (This isn't a "walk-through." It's various help sections to make adding profiles easier)
  • Work from your Watchlist (My WikiTree menu in upper right then Watchlist). Click on "Edit Date" to move the oldest to the top and start looking for profiles that need parents, siblings or children!
  • Work from the Virginia Unconnected list. You don't need to connect anything here but it is a good place to find Virginia ancestors. These aren't connected to our Global Tree so they most likely don't have children and siblings attached. (Also: West Virginia, and Kentucky)
Hey - this way you get to help two things at once!
  • Help out other states with DBE 611 (Birth location in lower case)
  • However you do it just add, add, add! As long as you are connecting a relative to any existing profile on WikiTree you get a point for each one.

2019 Connect-a-thon Team Virginia MEMBERS & STATS

If you are new and come up with a nickname of your own you want to use let Mindy or William know. If you are returning and want a new nickname for this Thon, let us know as well. If you have a picture you want used and it isn't on the chart let us know. It doesn't have to be your profile picture, it just needs to be on WikiTree somewhere. Let's have fun again!

List Number Photo Name Position See your contributions Total Profiles added
1 William FosterCaptain CoolSee your work240
2 Mindy SilvaGedcom GrannySee your work401
3 Rhonda Smith-PayneGurusgalSee your work37
4 Sandy PatakSteady Sandy.... Speedy Sandy See your work1,152
5 Gurney Thompson JrGentle GurneySee your work237
6 Liz ShifflettCheerleader See your work87
7Elizabeth ColtraneA fun 'nic'See your work10
8Lydia HollandFabulous Lydia See your work138
9Pam DaleProfiler PamSee your work690
10Robin RainfordRainy RobinSee your work20
11 Janie KimbleA fun 'nic'See your work15
12Dorothy TruslowA fun 'nic'See your work0
13Image:Vaughan-3997.jpgWilliam VaughanGallant WillSee your work34
14Rosetta LinkRacing RosettaSee your work178
15Ellen StegerElegant ElSee your work205
16Terry Rae UnderwoodA fun 'nic'See your work18
17Deena CrossDazzling DeenaSee your work97
18Linda SimmonsLovely LindaSee your work112
19 Mike PatakMikeySee your work160
20 Michelle RhodesMagical MichelleSee your work89
21 Amanda MoyerAmazing AmandaSee your work83
22 MaryAnn ThomasMarvelous MaryAnnSee your work42
23Thomas BruceA fun 'nic'See your work21
24 Sarah DunnSmilin' SarahSee your work1
25Karol Jacob A fun 'nic'See your work0
Note: These totals are updated manually by me - once an hour as I can (if I'm awake). On the hours there are Video Chats I may not update these. They are not automatically updated, see the Tracking Page if you want your current total. Thank you for your patience! And Rock On Team Virginia!!!
Last updated: Monday 8am EDT / 12pm UTC (Final Points)
(If the main tracker isn't updating: As long as you are adding profiles they will count - and will show up when Aleš restarts the main tracker.)

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The 2020 Connect-a-Thon is creeping up on us! Post in the G2G Forum to make sure you get a badge and assigned number!

It's gonna be another fun weekend guys - lets rock this!

posted by Mindy Silva
We wish you the best for the Clean-a-Thon.

Have fun!! The South African team

A lot of you have already signed up for the 2020 Clean-a-Thon. If you haven't yet, the post is here. It's going to be another fun weekend.


posted by Mindy Silva
The registration G2G for next month's Source-a-Thon has been posted: https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/900156/have-you-registered-for-the-2019-source-a-thon-yet

It's 4-7 October.

Cheers, Liz

P.S. I'll be able to participate only on the 7th (maybe a bit on the 6th). Hope I don't throw Team Virginia out of the top 5 as a result!

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Team Virginia got a mention in WikiTree's "July in Review": https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/883381/july-2019-in-review

Way to go y'all!

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Thanks everyone for your warm welcome. Hope to stay on Team Virginia for other thons !
posted by MaryAnn (Ford) Thomas
If you need help adding the participation sticker to your profile look here.
posted by Mindy Silva
Team Missouri had a great time working the first ever Connect-a-thon with you! Can't wait till next time!
A big thanks from Team Roses for the 4091 new profiles you added to WikiTree. It was an amazing weekend!
you never know how much you need something till it's gone. I do all my WikiTree work on my desktop, which is out of commission (my mouse broke! no left-click option).

I'll try to see what I can do using my tablet, but it's not ideal.

Go Team Virginia!

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
I'm not part of the connect-a-thon, but I have some people in my ONS I'd like to connect, so whoever succeeds would get a couple dozen profiles connected at once. These two people from Green County KY have to be related somehow: Gupton-66 (John Phenton Gupton), and Gupton-17 (son of Phenton Gupton, but not John Phenton). Thanks!
posted by Rob Neff
You definitely DON'T need to use a status button. That is for the Data Doctors and there merely to confuse the rest of us mere mortals haha. The point scoring is automatic for every person you add.
posted by Mindy Silva
This is one of the tables available for the Connect-a-Thon from the WV link:

http://www.softdata.si/wt/Unconnected_20190609/WV/2_1800-1899_0.htm Quote from the page: "When you're done, set the status using the button in the right column." But I don't see ANY status button on this page! Am I blind?

posted by Janie (Jackson) Kimble