Team Virginia — 2021 Connect-a-Thon

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Date: 23 Jul 2021 to 26 Jul 2021
Location: WikiTreemap
Surnames/tags: Virginia Kentucky West Virginia
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Virginia Connectors

Amended Sticker Template

{{Recognition Sticker|category=Virginia Challenge Teams |image=US_State_Flag_Images-49.png|imagetext=Connectors |text={{#profile:RealName}} is a member of the Virginia Connectors Team for the [[Project:Connectors|Connect-a-Thon]] Challenge, Summer 2021}}

Welcome to the 2021 "Summer Connect-a-Thon"!

The Leaders for the 2021 Virginia Summer Connectors Team are:

We're your head cheerleaders, but I encourage everyone to play cheerleader to fellow members of Team Virginia! You can chat and cheer on our Google Chat Group.

The purpose of the Connect-a-Thon is to connect all the loose branches around WikiTree to our main Global Family Tree, which is what the Connectors Project does all the time.

Team Virginia Rocks
Team Members33
Team Members Actively Participating 31
Team Virginia Profiles Added6,601
Last update Monday 8am EDT / 12pm UTC


Want a sticker for your profile?

{{Recognition Sticker|category=Virginia Challenge Teams |image=US_State_Flag_Images-49.png|imagetext=Connectors |text={{#profile:RealName}} is a member of the Virginia Connectors Team for the [[Project:Connectors|Connect-a-Thon]] Challenge, Summer 2021}}
produces this: (just copy and paste to your profile)
... is a member of the Virginia Connectors Team for the Connect-a-Thon Challenge, Summer 2021

The "official" Connect-a-Thon sticker is out now also:

{{Connect-a-Thon|team=The Virginia Connectors|year=2021|profiles=123}} will create this sticker:
... ... ... participated with The Virginia Connectors during the 2021 Connect-a-Thon, and added 123 connections.

Are you working on West Virginia or Kentucky? Use this flag image instead:

West Virginia: US_State_Flag_Images-51.png
Kentucky: US_State_Flag_Images-20.png

Connect-a-Thon Links


  1. Mindy Silva, Captain: registration post
  2. Sandy Patak, Captain: registration post
  3. Bill Vincent registration post
  4. Karen Stewart registration post
  5. Nancy Thomas registration post
  6. Ellen Steger registration post
  7. William Foster registration post
  8. Gurney Thompson registration post
  9. Mary Hatcher registration post
  10. Sam Scott registration post
  11. Amanda Torrey registration post
  12. John Graham registration post
  13. Crystal Dodd registration post
  14. Sherrie Mitchell registration post
  15. Cheryl Hess registration post
  16. Chris Brady registration post
  17. Deena Cross registration post
  18. Pam Dale registration post
  19. Allen (Woodard) Jensen registration post
  20. Billie (Bright) Keaffaber registration post
  21. Mike Patak registration post
  22. Ashley Jones JD registration post
  23. Mary (Gulish) Gi registration post
  24. Helen Rice registration post
  25. Anne Guglik registration post
  26. Robin Baker registration post
  27. Crystal Boylen registration post
  28. Noma Eddings registration post
  29. Traci Hill registration post
  30. Sydney McGurn registration post
  31. Kristi Hancock registration post
  32. Ann Phillips registration post
  33. Kris Shepherd registration post


Our goal is to decrease the number of profiles that are not connected to our big tree by adding relatives to existing profiles.

Plan of Action

The cut-off date for registering is midnight on Wednesday, July 23, 2021. This means there is plenty of time to tell a friend and grow our team (wink, wink). It's going to be a fun weekend adding profiles to the existing ones. Check out the tutorial!!


To talk to "just us", post a comment to this page or, use our Google Group where we can chat. You can post questions to the G2G for a wider audience: tag your question with virginia and connectors at least. For questions about the Connect-a-Thon, use the tag connect-a-thon.

How Does this Work?

  • Try the tutorial: Click HERE (This isn't a "walk-through." It's various help sections to make adding profiles easier)
  • Work from your Watchlist (My WikiTree menu in upper right then Watchlist). Click on "Edit Date" to move the oldest to the top and start looking for profiles that need parents, siblings or children!
  • Work from the Virginia Unconnected list. You don't need to connect anything here but it is a good place to find Virginia ancestors. These aren't connected to our Global Tree so they most likely don't have children and siblings attached. (Also: West Virginia, and Kentucky)
Hey - this way you get to help two things at once!
  • Help out other states with DBE 611 (Birth location in lower case)
  • However you do it just add, add, add! As long as you are connecting a relative to any existing profile on WikiTree you get a point for each one.

2021 Connect-a-thon Team Virginia MEMBERS & STATS

If you are new and come up with a nickname of your own you want to use let Mindy or Sandy know. If you are returning and want a new nickname for this Thon, let us know as well. If you have a picture you want used and it isn't on the chart let us know. It doesn't have to be your profile picture, it just needs to be on WikiTree somewhere. Let's have fun again!

List Number Photo Name Position See your contributions Total Profiles added
1 Mindy SilvaGedcom GrannySee your work338
2 Sandy PatakSpeedy SandySee your work1,798
3 Bill Vincent Bad Boy BillSee your work861
4 Karen StewartNicknameSee your work138
5 Nancy ThomasNicknameSee your work101
6Ellen StegerElegant ElSee your work219
7 William FosterNicknameSee your work35
8 Gurney ThompsonGentle GurneySee your work58
9 Mary HatcherNicknameSee your work17
10Sam ScottNicknameSee your work2
11Amanda TorreyAmazing AmandaSee your work7
12John GrahamNicknameSee your work520
13Crystal DoddNicknameSee your work216
14 Sherrie MitchellNicknameSee your work35
15 Cheryl HessNicknameSee your work10
16 Chris BradyNicknameSee your work412
17 Deena CrossDazzling DeenaSee your work97
18 Pam DalePatiently Profilin PamSee your work257
19 Image:Woodard-2490.pngAllen (Woodard) Jensen QSee your work105
20Billie (Bright) KeaffaberNicknameSee your work30
21Mike PatakMarine MikeSee your work610
22Image:Jones-102730.jpgAshley Jones JDNicknameSee your work44
23Mary (Gulish) GiLingering MarySee your work9
24Helen RiceNicknameSee your work45
25Anne GuglikNicknameSee your work74
26Robin Baker NicknameSee your work306
27Crystal BoylenNicknameSee your work61
28Noma EddingsNicknameSee your work70
29Traci HillNicknameSee your work28
30Sydney McGurn NicknameSee your work24
31Kris Shepherd NicknameSee your work0
32Kristi HancockNicknameSee your work0
33Ann Phillips NicknameSee your work74
Note: These totals are updated manually by me, as I can (if I'm awake and at home). On the hours there are Video Chats I may not update these. They are not automatically updated, see the Tracking Page if you want your current total. Thank you for your patience! And Rock On Team Virginia!!!
Last updated: Monday 8am EDT / 12pm UTC was post-Thon
Congrats Team Virginia! 2nd place with 6,601 profiles connected!
(If the main tracker isn't updating: As long as you are adding profiles they will count - and will show up when Aleš restarts the main tracker.)


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Thank you my first ever . Thank you Sandy for asking me. It was fun. What does this mean Normalized(sum)
posted 26 Jul 2021 by Mary (Gulish) Gilkerson   [thank Mary]
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Hello to the 2021 Team Virginia Connect-A-Thon members!

Great news, the 2021 Source-A-Thon is NOW open for registration.

Please "Answer" the main G2G question and clearly state that you wish to be on "Team Virginia".

(As a note, you can source ANY needy Profile, not just those in VA/WV/KY. We will provide a list of Unsourced Profiles.)

A lot of us will be on Discord. Come join us! For full details:

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
I wanted to point out that we took 2nd place over the Tree Nuts by only 26 contributions! Every member of Team Virginia and every contribution was instrumental to that success. Every member deserves a pat on the back for a good job and great teamwork! Team Virginia is awesome!!
posted by Bill Vincent Ph.D.
Bill -

I was thinking this exact thought at about 8:01am yesterday.  :) Thank you for mentioning this. For those that were not online yesterday morning, we BATTLED for 2nd place and it was a continuous flip flop the last 2 hours of the Thon. Great effort by Team VA & Tree Nuts.

This AMAZING 2nd place finish was absolutely the result of each and every single person that signed up and contribtuted. The amount each contributed was gracious of their time and gave us this amazing finish.  :)

And for those that hung out on Discord, thank you for all the laughs, research, recipes, photos and silly times. It made this Thon so much more fun!!

P.S. SAVE THE DATE: October 1 - 4 = Source-A-Thon

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
edited by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Thank you for all you did Team Virginia. Already looking forward to the Next X-a-Thon with you all!

Team Flying Dutchmen!

Thanks for making the world tree better! Grazie dal Team Italy!
posted by Chris Ferraiolo
Mighty Oaks

What an amazing Connect A Thon it's been! Thanks for all the profiles you have added and the work you have done on the tree, from the Mighty Oaks roots, branches and leaves.

Thanks for letting me participate in this years connect a thon it was fun. Sorry had so much stuff going on but I was able to get few in.


Thank you for helping make the tree healthier and better in the Connect A Thon.

Legacy Heirs

posted by Lisa (Kelsey) Murphy
You guys were all amazing!!! We had 31 out of 33 team members participate, which is awesome! Thank you all for participating and for making the event a lot of fun. Extra thanks to Sandy for helping lead the team and being her awesome self <3
posted by Mindy Silva
The scores have been "corrected" .... check out your new total:

Team Virginia is making the move towards 2nd place!!! Go Team VA Go!!

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Last full day of the Connect-A-Thon! Great work Team Virginia keeping us at the Top!!

Just want to mention to make sure to Connect (create) a new Profile off of a Profile that has existed BEFORE this Thon started.

A few are creating Profiles from newly created ones and then new ones off of those and so on. Points are only given if you create a new Profile off of an old one.


Jane Smith's Profile was created in 2019.

  • Yesterday, you added Thomas Miller, her husband. THAT counts as 1 point.
    • Then you added their children off of his newly created Profile..... THAT does NOT count for points (because his Profile did not exist prior to the THON). You should go back to Jane's pre-existing Profile to add all the children so that they would count. :)

Happy Sunday and Happy Connecting!!!

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
I discovered you can get 2 points with one profile if you:
  1. Add new profile as sibling to existing profile
  2. Deselect one parent when adding
  3. Go back and add the parent not selected in 2.

2 Points!

Just make sure it's a preexisting sibling. Does not work if you add profile as a child. Yes, loophole - is it cheating? Well, if the system let's you do it....

posted by Allen (Woodard) Jensen
edited by Allen (Woodard) Jensen
Does Roane and Jackson county West Virginia have a Category: place card. I found the group page for both but I couldn’t find out how to add to Categories on either. Tried to make one but failed. I adding stuff to aunts uncles. I found West Virginia category I will add them to that for now.


How do these categories work - what are they useful for?

How do the names end up in the various categories? I see one for 1918 flu pandemic for my county and have a great uncle who died in that - could add him to it.

posted by Crystal Dodd
Crystal -

Categories can be added to Profiles (above the =Biography= line) as a way to group like items together. Very popular with Profiles that served in the military.

I try to add a Cemetery Category and Location category to Profiles I add. So many categories have already been created for us that it is easy to find them... or request to have a new one added.

Always always always use the lowest category possible: Instead of US Civil War, use a specific unit instead like 25th West Virginia Infantry, Confederate Yada Yada Yada. (Can't remember off hand exact text). Or Elkins, West Virginia and not West Virginia.

The Categorization group is very particular about usage. Full details are here:

Hope this helps!

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
For those working on West Virginia Profiles......

West Virginia did not become a State until June 20, 1863.

I am seeing A LOT of "West Virginia" in the birth/death locations on Family Search when it it technically Virginia. It will show up in your database error report if you put WV. I have had to go back and correct myself a few times. Drats.  :(

For those new to WikiTree, to find the Error Report connected to your Profiles, select My WikiTree" (top right side of screen) and select "Suggestions" from the drop down menu.

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Just some quick tips about "Sources" as everyone gets started:

1. Try to add a "linked" Census, Birth or Death Record as your main source. Linking the source to a website is super helpful for fellow researchers.

2. Try to avoid only adding Ancestry/Geni Trees as a source since many people do not have subscriptions to those services and can not view them.

3. Try to add another source in addition to Find A Grave (see #1) since Find A Grave's are usually not sourced and can tend to be somewhat inaccurate. (Add Find A Grave + Another Source to the Profile.)

4. FamilySearch is a great place to find all kinds of fantastic sources. is user friendly and free to all.


posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
edited by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Good Luck Team!! Let's Rock This Thon!!
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
We have got such a great group of members!!! We are definitely going to rock this thon!!

Members are already chatting on Discord. Come join Team Virginia for Live Chat throughout the Day:

Read this information to get you to the WikiTree Discord Servers.

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak

I just checked my discord and I need invite to group. Please !!!! Here my ID sorry it my game ID but it my account.



Billie -

Your Discord name has to match your WikiTree ID. Read this information to get you to the WikiTree Discord Servers. To be verified, make sure your nickname includes your WikiTree ID. (Verification is not instant.)

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
edited by Sandy (Craig) Patak

Son will have to help me make new discord account


Good Luck this weekend from the Mid-Atlantic Team!

The Mighty Oaks wish you the best in your endeavor to connect our global tree. Thank you, for helping improve its health. We're looking forward to another fun weekend Thon! We'll see you there.

That is so nice of y'all! All the best to your team too!
posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
I can't believe the Connect-a-Thon is less than 24 hours away! We start tomorrow morning at 8 am EDT (GMT -4). Let's have a lot of fun and rock this weekend!!
posted by Mindy Silva
I am on Discord, Ann Ruddell Phillips #0700 please add me to group
posted by Ann (Ruddell) Phillips
Ann - Looks like you are all set on Discord!
posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
One week until the 2021 Connect-A-Thon starts! Are you ready??? We're starting Friday morning at 8:00 AM EDT (GMT -4), July 23, 2021 until Monday at 8:00 AM EDT, July 26, 2021. (NO, you are not expected to be online the entire time).

There are a lot of ways to find new Profiles to Connect with. This page will give you ideas on where to start. You are not limited to VA/WVA/KY or to your own Ancestors.

Remember: Each time you add a new profile to an existing one, you will earn a point. New profiles must have at least one valid source. Tracking and scoring for the challenge is done automatically. Whew!!!

Here are a few ways to communicate with the entire Virginia Team:

  • Leave a Comment on this page.
  • DISCORD: Live Chat with Team Virginia during the Thon and Beyond. Read this information to get you to the WikiTree Discord Servers. To be verified, make sure your nickname includes your WikiTree ID. This is the easiest and quickest way to ask questions. (Verification is not instant.)

The main goal is to have FUN while adding more Profiles to existing Profiles. Well, there, too, is also that competitive spirit for Team Virginia to get tons of points. :)

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
I set up Discord last night. Do I await an initial verification there before requesting invite to this team?
posted by Crystal Dodd
No, you join server and there is a verification channel you post to that gets the ball rolling. Set your nickname on server to include your wikitree ID first
posted by Allen (Woodard) Jensen
edited by Allen (Woodard) Jensen
Read this to get you setup: this information to get you to the WikiTree Discord Servers. To be verified, make sure your nickname includes your WikiTree ID.

One of the WikiTree people on Discord has to actually add you to Team Virginia. It is not instant but fairly quick. :)


posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
edited by Sandy (Craig) Patak
I would like to use Discord. Please add me.
posted by Deena (Smith) Cross
Deena, are you already on Discord?

Also, read this information to get you to the WikiTree Discord Servers. To be verified, make sure your nickname includes your WikiTree ID.


posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
You can use my Kentucky flag image instead. (It's much nicer IMHO.)
Kentucky State Fla


posted by Bill Vincent Ph.D.
edited by Bill Vincent Ph.D.
Than your Profile picture???? I love your profile pic!
posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
No teasing allowed, Sandy! <blushing> I meant nicer than the standard WikiTree state flag for Kentucky which uses the wrong dimensions and the wrong color. It's ugly.

My profile photo was taken at a restaurant party after a few glasses of wine. I recommend those preconditions for all photos.

posted by Bill Vincent Ph.D.
I do believe you just laid down a Team Virginia challenge. Ha ha
posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Only two more weeks until the Connect-a-Thon, can you believe it? I'm excited to see all of the return faces this Thon, as well as the new ones. If you want to use Discord (our live chat) during the Thon and aren't already on the Team Virginia channel, just let me or Sandy know!

It's going to be a blast!!! Mindy

posted by Mindy Silva
On discord but no team Virginia channel yet. Might be in progress… Tracking page says 2020
posted by Allen (Woodard) Jensen
edited by Allen (Woodard) Jensen
I don't think I am on the channel. Please add me.
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
Pam, are you already on Discord?

Also, read this information to get you to the WikiTree Discord Servers. To be verified, make sure your nickname includes your WikiTree ID.


posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
edited by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Sorry for the late reply. I found it, Thanks.
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
edited by Pam (Dale) Fraley
Love, love, love Discord during the "Thons" :)
> All: Read this information to get you to the WikiTree Discord Servers. To be verified, make sure your nickname includes your WikiTree ID.
posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Hi is this where I link too????
I will add you to the page and you will be all set and ready to add all of those kin folk on the Connect-A-Thon weekend. :)

Thanks for joining Team Virginia.


posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak

Thanks , here my email for google groups. [email address removed] Billie