Team Virginia — 2022 Connect-a-Thon

Privacy Level: Open (White)
Date: 2022
Location: WikiTreemap
Profile managers: Liz Shifflett private message [send private message], Gurney Thompson private message [send private message], Anne Massey private message [send private message], Karen Stewart private message [send private message], AmyLynn Hunt private message [send private message], Gregory Morris private message [send private message], Helen Rice private message [send private message], Allen Jensen private message [send private message], Nancy Thomas private message [send private message], Mary Gilkerson private message [send private message], Pam Fraley private message [send private message], Malcolm Hoare private message [send private message], Chris Brady private message [send private message], Deena Cross private message [send private message], Bill Vincent private message [send private message], John Graham private message [send private message], Sandy Patak private message [send private message], Cheryl Hess private message [send private message], Margaret Kerns private message [send private message], Mike Patak private message [send private message], Erin Robertson private message [send private message], Ellen Steger private message [send private message], Thomas Bruce private message [send private message], Mindy Silva private message [send private message], Sherrie Mitchell private message [send private message], Amanda Torrey private message [send private message], Sue Knifley private message [send private message], Rosetta Link private message [send private message], Laura Carter private message [send private message], Nancy Rain private message [send private message], Anne Guglik private message [send private message], Terri Jerkes private message [send private message], William Foster private message [send private message], Ann Phillips private message [send private message], Ashley Jones private message [send private message], Tara Bentley private message [send private message], Terry Lee private message [send private message], Robin Baker private message [send private message], Abby Vanoy private message [send private message], Noma Eddings private message [send private message], Billie Keaffaber private message [send private message], Crystal Dodd private message [send private message], Jackie Green private message [send private message], Liz Amos private message [send private message], and M White private message [send private message]
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Virginia Connectors



Welcome to the 2022 "Connect-a-Thon"! This year we will have three Connect-a-Thon events. We will be using this same page for all three.

The Leaders for the 2022 Virginia Winter (January) Connectors Team are:

We're your head cheerleaders, but I encourage everyone to play cheerleader to fellow members of Team Virginia! You can chat and cheer in our Team Virginia Discord Channel.

The purpose of the Connect-a-Thon is to connect all the loose branches around WikiTree to our main Global Family Tree, which is what the Connectors Project does all the time.

Team Virginia Rocks
Team Members34
Team Members Actively Participating 0
Team Virginia Profiles Added0
WikiTree Profiles Added0
Final update ...


Want a sticker for your profile?

{{Recognition Sticker|category=Virginia Challenge Teams |image=US_State_Flag_Images-49.png|imagetext=Connectors |text={{#profile:RealName}} is a member of the Virginia Connectors Team for the [[Project:Connectors|Connect-a-Thon]] Challenge, July 2022}}
produces this: (just copy and paste to your profile)
... is a member of the Virginia Connectors Team for the Connect-a-Thon Challenge, July 2022

The "official" Connect-a-Thon sticker is out now also:

{{Connect-a-Thon|team=The Virginia Connectors|year=2022|profiles=123}} will create this sticker:
... ... ... participated with The Virginia Connectors during the 2022 Connect-a-Thon, and added 123 connections.

Are you working on West Virginia or Kentucky? Use these flag images instead:

West Virginia: US_State_Flag_Images-51.png
Kentucky: US_State_Flag_Images-20.png
Kentucky (2): Edmonson_County_Kentucky_Project-8.jpg

Connect-a-Thon Links


July 2022

  1. Mindy Silva, Captain: registration post
  2. Sandy Patak, Captain: registration post
  3. Karen Stewart registration post
  4. Sherrie Mitchell registration post
  5. Nancy Thomas registration post
  6. Gurney Thompson registration post
  7. Anne Massey registration post
  8. Helen Rice registration post
  9. Pam Fraley registration post
  10. Bill Vincent Ph.D. registration post
  11. Ashley Jones JD registration post
  12. Sue Knifley registration post
  13. John Graham registration post
  14. Cheryl Hess registration post
  15. Liz Shifflett registration post
  16. Chris Brady registration post
  17. Mark Lemen registration post
  18. Anne Guglik registration post
  19. Erin Robertson registration post
  20. Mike Patak registration post
  21. John Powers registration post
  22. Tara Bentley registration post
  23. Deena Cross registration post
  24. Robin Baker registration post
  25. Lecia (Alley) Dorfler registration post
  26. Billie (Bright) Keaffaber registration post
  27. AmyLynn Hunt registration post
  28. Lynn (McCurdy) Robinson registration post
  29. Linda (Boblett) Johnson registration post
  30. Thomas Bruce registration post
  31. Mary (Todd) Allen registration post
  32. Katherine Drake registration post
  33. Carol (Hunter) Sullivan registration post
  34. Allan Courtright registration post


Our goal is to decrease the number of profiles that are not connected to our big tree by adding relatives to existing profiles.


  • This Connect-a-Thon begins Friday morning at 8:00am EDT (UTC -4) July 15, 2022 and runs until Monday at 8:00am EDT July 18, 2022.
  • The cut-off date for registering is midnight on Wednesday, July 6, 2022. This means there is plenty of time to tell a friend and grow our team (wink, wink).

Plan of Action

It's going to be a fun weekend adding profiles to the existing ones. Check out the tutorial!!


To talk to "just us", post a comment to this page or, use our Discord channel where we can chat. You can post questions to the G2G for a wider audience: tag your question with virginia and connectors at least. For questions about the Connect-a-Thon, use the tag connect-a-thon.

How Does this Work?

  • Try the tutorial: Click HERE (This isn't a "walk-through." It's various help sections to make adding profiles easier)
  • Work from your Watchlist (My WikiTree menu in upper right then Watchlist). Click on "Edit Date" to move the oldest to the top and start looking for profiles that need parents, siblings or children!
  • Work from the Virginia Unconnected list. You don't need to connect anything here but it is a good place to find Virginia ancestors. These aren't connected to our Global Tree so they most likely don't have children and siblings attached. (Also: West Virginia, and Kentucky)
Hey - this way you get to help two things at once!
  • However you do it just add, add, add! As long as you are connecting a relative to any profile on WikiTree you get a point for each one.

July 2022 Connect-a-thon Team Virginia MEMBERS & STATS

Get to know your teammates here!

If you are new and come up with a nickname of your own you want to use let Mindy or Sandy know. If you are returning and want a new nickname for this Thon, let us know as well. If you have a picture you want used and it isn't on the chart let us know. It doesn't have to be your profile picture, it just needs to be on WikiTree somewhere. Let's have fun again! Your stats will be added at the end of the challenge. Be sure to join us in Discord to keep up with our scores and chatter!

List Number Photo Name Position See your contributions Total Profiles added
1 Mindy SilvaGedcom GrannySee your work358
2 Sandy PatakSpeedy SandySee your work2044
3Karen StewartKeen KarenSee your work112
4Sherrie MitchellSuper SherrieSee your work109
5Nancy ThomasNifty NancySee your work214
6Gurney ThompsonGentle GurneySee your work101
7Anne MasseyBuilder AnneSee your work42
8 Helen RiceHelpful HelenSee your work6
9Pam FraleyPatiently Profilin PamSee your work442
10Bill VincentPapa BillSee your work376
11Image:Jones-102730.jpgAshley JonesLawLizzSee your work23
12 Sue (Smith) KnifleySoulful SueSee your work671
13John Graham Jazzy JackSee your work1551
14 Cheryl Hess Crazy ThonerSee your work16
15Liz Shifflett Lightweight LizzieSee your work105
16Chris BradyCan Do ChrisSee your work396
17 Mark LemenMarky MarkSee your work400
18 Anne Guglik Affable AnneSee your work107
19 Erin Robertson Eager ErinSee your work156
20Mike PatakMarine MikeSee your work176
21John PowersTeflon JohnSee your work162
22Tara BentleyNicknameSee your work80
23 Deena CrossDazzling DeenaSee your work138
24 Robin BakerRockin' RobinSee your work38
25 Lecia (Alley) DorflerNicknameSee your work31
26 Billie (Bright) KeaffaberBubbly BillieSee your work22
27AmyLynn HuntLynnieBugSee your work29
28Image:McCurdy-1063.jpg Lynn (McCurdy) RobinsonLynnrdSee your work41
29Linda (Boblett) JohnsonNicknameSee your work41
30 Thomas Bruce Timely ThomasSee your work3
31 Mary (Todd) AllenNicknameSee your work11
32 Katherine DrakeNicknameSee your work
33 Carol (Hunter) SullivanNicknameSee your work164
34 Allan CourtrightNicknameSee your work63
35Your pic or iconYour name here!NicknameSee your work

Captains links

April 2022 Connect-a-thon Team Virginia MEMBERS & STATS

Get to know your teammates here!

If you are new and come up with a nickname of your own you want to use let Mindy or Sandy know. If you are returning and want a new nickname for this Thon, let us know as well. If you have a picture you want used and it isn't on the chart let us know. It doesn't have to be your profile picture, it just needs to be on WikiTree somewhere. Let's have fun again! Your stats will be added at the end of the challenge. Be sure to join us in Discord to keep up with our scores and chatter!

List Number Photo Name Position See your contributions Total Profiles added
1 Mindy SilvaGedcom GrannySee your work393
2 Sandy PatakSpeedy SandySee your work1,623
3 Cheryl HessCrazy ThonerSee your work72
4Sue KnifleySoulful SueSee your work414
5Liz Shifflett Lightweight LizzieSee your work50
6Bill VincentPapa BillSee your work387
7Nancy ThomasNifty NancySee your work161
8 Helen Rice Helpful HelenSee your work30
9Karen StewartKeen KarenSee your work105
10 Anne Guglik Affable AnneSee your work120
11John Graham Jazzy JackSee your work1,486
12Mary (Gulish) GiLingering MarySee your work110
13Pam FraleyPatiently Profilin PamSee your work414
14 Rosetta LinkRacing RosettaSee your work34
15Laura Carter Lucky LauraSee your work101
16 William FosterMr. VirginiaSee your work32
17 Erin Robertson Eager ErinSee your work81
18 Jeanne (Kopp) Mower NicknameSee your work32
19Anne MasseyBuilder AnneSee your work0
20Michelle RhodesNicknameSee your work0
21 Deena CrossDazzling DeenaSee your work87
22 Janet GodseyNicknameSee your work95
23Chris BradyCan Do ChrisSee your work627
24Tabatha (Jaeger) SteeleNicknameSee your work86
25Mike PatakMarine MikeSee your work336
26AmyLynn HuntLynnieBugSee your work27
27Sherrie MitchellSuper SherrieSee your work113
28Paul Miller IIIndiana JonesSee your work0
29Ashley Jones JD LawLizzSee your work50
30 Terri JerkesTerribellSee your work365
31Amanda TorreyAmazing AmandaSee your work0
32 Robin BakerRockin' RobinSee your work88
33Kelley ConnerNicknameSee your work0
34John PowersTeflon JohnSee your work74
35 Zoe ShurtliffNicknameSee your work0
36 Lisa HortonNicknameSee your work
37 Mark LemenNicknameSee your work345
38Your pic or iconYour name here!NicknameSee your work0

April 2022

  1. Mindy Silva, Captain: registration post
  2. Sandy Patak, Captain: registration post
  3. Cheryl Hess registration post
  4. Sue Knifley registration post
  5. Liz Shifflett registration post
  6. Bill Vincent Ph.D. registration post
  7. Nancy Thomas registration post
  8. Helen Rice registration post
  9. Karen Stewart registration post
  10. Anne Guglik registration post
  11. John Graham registration post
  12. Mary (Gulish) Gi registration post
  13. Pam Fraley registration post
  14. Rosetta Link registration post
  15. Laura Carter registration post
  16. William Foster registration post
  17. Erin Robertson registration post
  18. Jeanne (Kopp) Mower registration post
  19. Anne Massey registration post
  20. Michelle Rhodes registration post
  21. Deena Cross registration post
  22. Janet Godsey registration post
  23. Chris Brady registration post
  24. Tabatha Steele registration post
  25. AmyLynn Hunt registration post
  26. Mike Patak registration post
  27. Sherrie Mitchell registration post
  28. Paul Miller II [ registration post] Temp Link
  29. Ashley Jones JD registration post
  30. Terri Jerkes registration post
  31. Amanda Torrey registration post
  32. Robin Baker registration post
  33. Kelley Conner registration post
  34. John Powers registration post
  35. Zoe Shurtliff registration post
  36. Lisa Horton registration post
  37. Mark Lemen registration post

January 2022 Connect-a-thon Team Virginia MEMBERS & STATS

If you are new and come up with a nickname of your own you want to use let Mindy or Sandy know. If you are returning and want a new nickname for this Thon, let us know as well. If you have a picture you want used and it isn't on the chart let us know. It doesn't have to be your profile picture, it just needs to be on WikiTree somewhere. Let's have fun again!

List Number Photo Name Position See your contributions Total Profiles added
1 Mindy SilvaGedcom GrannySee your work0
2 Sandy PatakSpeedy SandySee your work1,072
3 Cheryl HessCrazy ThonerSee your work57
4Gurney ThompsonGentle GurneySee your work75
5Karen StewartKeen KarenSee your work59
6Liz ShifflettLightweight LizzieSee your work43
7Sue KnifleySoulful SueSee your work457
8AmyLynn HuntLynnieBugSee your work14
9M WhiteBlue EyesSee your work0
10Nancy ThomasNifty NancySee your work176
11Anne MasseyBuilder AnneSee your work78
12 Sherrie MitchellSuper SherrieSee your work142
13Bill VincentPapa BillSee your work298
14Abby VanoyCurly JoSee your work139
15Mike PatakMarine MikeSee your work829
16Pam DalePatiently Profilin PamSee your work517
17Crystal DoddCool CrystalSee your work50
18Chris BradyCan Do ChrisSee your work384
19 William FosterMr. VirginiaSee your work38
20 Allen (Woodard) JensenQSee your work75
21 Rosetta LinkRacing RosettaSee your work168
22 Deena CrossDazzling DeenaSee your work128
23 Terri JerkesTerribellSee your work266
24 Billie (Bright) KeaffaberBubbly BillieSee your work13
25 Jackie GreenJolly JackieSee your work43
26 Nancy RainNoble NancySee your work40
27 Robin BakerRockin' RobinSee your work144
28 Ann Phillips Absolute AnneSee your work2
29 Erin Robertson Eager ErinSee your work0
30 Helen Rice Helpful HelenSee your work39
31 Ellen Steger Elegant ElSee your work131
32Malcolm HoareEnglish MalcolmSee your work13
33Amanda TorreyAmazing AmandaSee your work0
34Terry LeeTeacher TerrySee your work206
35Mary (Gulish) GiLingering MarySee your work0
36Noma EddingsSunny NomaSee your work0
37John Graham Jazzy JohnSee your work819
38Margaret (Kepner) Kerns Marvelous MargaretSee your work6
39Ashley Jones JD Judge AshleySee your work11
40Denise Carter Dancin' DeniseSee your work26
41Laura Carter Lucky LauraSee your work116
42Donna (Stephens) Harris Divine DonnaSee your work37
43 Anne Guglik Affable AnneSee your work74
44 Gregory Morris Gallant GregorySee your work0
45 Sydney McGurn Spirited SydSee your work24
46 O.m. Pfister Electric ōmSee your work26
47 Thomas Bruce Timely ThomasSee your work10
48 Mandy (Brewer) Steinhardt Magnetic MandySee your work0
49 Crystal Boylen Sparkling CrystalSee your work46
50Your pic or iconYour name here!NicknameSee your work0
Note: These totals are updated manually by me, as I can (if I'm awake and at home). On the hours there are Video Chats I may not update these. They are not automatically updated, see the Tracking Page if you want your current total. Thank you for your patience! And Rock On Team Virginia!!!
Last updated: Wednesday 1pm EDT / 6pm UTC was post-Thon
Congrats Team Virginia! 0rd place with 0,000 profiles connected!
(If the main tracker isn't updating: As long as you are adding profiles they will count - and will show up when Aleš restarts the main tracker.)

Captains links

January 2022

  1. Mindy Silva, Captain: registration post
  2. Sandy Patak, Captain: registration post
  3. Cheryl Hess registration post
  4. Gurney Thompson registration post
  5. Karen Stewart registration post
  6. Liz Shifflett registration post
  7. Sue (Smith) Knifley registration post
  8. AmyLynn Hunt registration post
  9. M White registration post
  10. Nancy Thomas registration post
  11. Anne Massey registration post
  12. Sherrie Mitchell registration post
  13. Bill Vincent Ph.D. registration post
  14. Abby Vanoy registration post
  15. Mike Patak registration post
  16. Pam Dale registration post
  17. Crystal Doddregistration post
  18. Chris Brady registration post
  19. William Foster registration post
  20. Allen Jensen registration post
  21. Rosetta Link registration post
  22. Deena Cross registration post
  23. Terri Jerkes registration post
  24. Billie (Bright) Keaffaber registration post
  25. Jackie Green registration post
  26. Nancy (Scaggs) Rain registration post
  27. Robin Baker registration post
  28. Ann Phillips registration post
  29. Erin Robertson registration post
  30. Helen Rice registration post
  31. Ellen Steger registration post
  32. Malcolm Hoare registration post
  33. Amanda (Moyer) Torrey registration post
  34. Terry Lee registration post
  35. Mary (Gulish) Gi registration post
  36. Noma Eddings registration post
  37. John Graham registration post
  38. Margaret (Kepner) Kerns registration post
  39. Ashley Jones JD registration post
  40. Denise Carter registration post
  41. Laura Carter registration post
  42. Donna (Stephens) Harris registration post
  43. Anne Guglik registration post
  44. Gregory Morris registration post
  45. Sydney McGurn registration post
  46. O.m. Pfister registration post
  47. Thomas Bruce registration post
  48. Mandy (Brewer) Steinhardt registration post
  49. Crystal Boylen registration post

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Okay all Team Virginia members - registration is now open for the January 2023 Connect-a-Thon! Be sure to get signed up and say you are participating with us. It's going to be another outstanding thon!!!

To register:

posted by Mindy Silva
Okay Team Virginia - it's time to go out and represent Team Virginia for the 7th annual Source-a-Thon. Register now to join in the fun on September 30th!!
posted by Mindy Silva
Consider my hat thrown in. 😀 (I replied to the G2G post.)
posted by Bill Vincent Ph.D.
edited by Bill Vincent Ph.D.
Join Today!

A new project is on WikiTree: the Appalachia Project and we would love to have you join us. Since you are already working on profiles in Appalachia it wouldn't add to your WT work. Just a sticker and a category, here and there. To join, review the Project page, pick a regional team (or teams) and answer the G2G Membership post. Don't worry... all of our Thons are still with the Thon Champions: Team Virginia!

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
edited by Sandy (Craig) Patak

Thank you for participating in the July 2022 Connect-a-Thon, and contributing to filling out our global tree!

See you at the next marathon!

Azure, Sondra, & the Western Red Cedars

posted by Azure Robinson
Bore da from the Welsh Dragons. Thank you for all your contributions during the July 2022 Connect-a-Thon. It was fun! See you at the Source-a-thon.


Jutta & Hilary

posted by Jutta (Armstrong) Beer
Thank you, Team Virginia, for another wonderfully fun and tiring weekend, lol!! I had such a great time. We'll see each other for the Source-a-Thon in the fall, I hope. Or sooner, out in the branches.

Take care until then,

posted by Mindy Silva
Congrats to Team Virginia! =D Nice job during the Connect a thon! Team Italy will be back at it in the fall! I think we'll be recovered by then. I hope.
posted by Chris Ferraiolo
From those of us aboard the Slow Train
Two tortoises, Hertyl and Spertyl, dressed in their spiffy Connect-a-Thon Tuxedo coats, are holding a large picture frame containing an image of a large bowl of candy-coated chocolates (actually they're Australian "Smarties" - older than "M&Ms".  Across the bowl is the phrase "Thankls for the snacks (with "snacks" crossed out) err, the 'Thon".  Between Hertyl and Spertyl, in the centre top above the picture frame, are the words "Hertyl and Spertyl just want to say".
Hertyl and Spertyl just want to say "Thanks for the 'Thon".
posted by Melanie Paul
Many thanks from the Mighty Oaks Roots and Branches for another successful Connect-a-Thon!

It was a FUN weekend and we are looking forward to working with you again on the upcoming Source-a-Thon :)

Mighty Oaks

Fran, Carol, Joan, and Maddy

Team Virginia - You ROCK! We captured 1st Place! 23 teams had over 1000 profiles added!

Congrats to each and every one of you. This Connect-A-Thon was definitely a race. And, big thanks to those of you that are new to WikiTree and new to Thons, thanks for joining Team Virginia. For those of you on Discord, thanks for keeping us company, making us laugh and sharing stories.

The Hashtag Party continues: Add a link to your Favorite Profile you created this weekend to all of your social media. Don't forget the Hashtags: #July2022Connect-A-Thon #WikiTreers

..... the next Thon is the Source-A-Thon, this Fall, with fabulous prizes! You don't want to miss that one!

Mindy and Sandy

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Happy Saturday Team Virginia!

Have you joined the HashTag party?

Post of picture of you Thon'ing, or your desk, or your favorite coffee mug, or your backyard where you are sitting with your tablet.... or of your pet, you get the idea and HashTag #July2022ConnectAThon Make sure to also put on your social media post that you are on the best Thon Team: Team Virginia.  :)

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Just a quick note to say.... You Guys ROCK! Team Virginia is in First Place!

..... Jump on Discord for Live Chat. Today, we've had some interesting finds shared on Discord. :)

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Still can't get on to discord. Interesting find today. I connected the eight hushands of one woman.
posted by Nancy Thomas
That is 7 too many husbands for me. lol

Thanks for sharing your interesting find!!

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
To Track your progress and Team Virginia's Progress: Click Here
posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Hello fellow team Virginians! Less than 24 hours until we start, I'm so excited!! Get your snacks ready, and your fingers flexed. I'll be sending out an email today with your teammates and information on the thon. I hope to see you all in Discord for chat - we have a lot of fun with this.

Go Team! ( ဖ‿ဖ)⫗(စ‿စ )

posted by Mindy Silva
Good morning Teamies! T-21! I didn't think I was gonna make it this round. It took so.e shuffling and scrambling but I cleared my schedule.
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
edited by Pam (Dale) Fraley
WooHoo! We would have missed you, Pam!
posted by Mindy Silva
24 hours until the start of the July 2022 Connect-A-Thon!!! Get your snacks and drinks ready.

Team Virginia has a few new members this Thon --- Welcome to the New Members and Welcome Back to our Returning Members.

..... and don't forget that every Profile is required to have at least one source. Check out WikiTree Sourcer for a super easy way to find sources on FamilySearch, etc.

See you on Discord where Team Virginia will be live chatting 24/7 throughout the Thon.

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Best wishes from those aboard the Slow Train for the upcoming weekend. Be sure to get plenty of rest, and nourishment!
Two tortoises, Hertyl and Spertyl, dressed in their spiffy Connect-a-Thon Tuxedo coats, are holding a large picture frame containing an image of an American Foxhound on the left of a stylised flowering dogwood tree, and beneath the word "Team", and an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly on the right, perched upon the "ia" of the word Virginia.  Between Hertyl and Spertyl, in the centre top, are the words "Toddlin' Tortoises support and uplift".
Hertyl and Spertyl support the efforts of Team Virginia.
posted by Melanie Paul
Thanks Melanie! Good luck to your Team as well.

What a super cool graphic!

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Thanks! Your tree. All I needed was the American Foxhound, and the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly. No dinosaur, as I found for Missouri!

(And it's probably best left unsaid what the little imp that lives inside my brain wanted me to attempt. *grin*)

posted by Melanie Paul
Just a little over a week until the July 2022 Connect-A-Thon starts! If you have not already signed up, there is still time to Register.

If anyone is looking for something a little different this time around, a couple of WikiTree's Projects would love to your help and it involves Team Virginia:

  1. US Civil War Needs Connection + US Civil War Needs Profiles Created
  2. Kentucky Needs Profiles Created + Virginia Profiles Needs Created + WV Needs Profiles Created
  3. US Southern Colonies Connectors Team
  4. Your Own Unconnected List
posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
edited by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Registration is now open for the July Connect-a-Thon!!!!

posted by Mindy Silva
Thank you Team Virgina for all your contributions to the Thon. It was fun again!


We hope to see you at our Annual Liberation Day Challenge from May, 4 till May, 10!!

Western Red Cedars extends a warm thank you for all the hard work put in for the April 2022 Connect-A-Thon.

Can't wait for the next one! See you in the branches.

Azure Rae and the Western Red Cedars gang

posted by Azure Robinson
HUGE thanks from the Mighty Oaks Roots and Branches for all of your contributions this weekend!!!

We all had a great time and are looking forward to the next Thon :)

Mighty Oaks
Greetings from your friends in Team Italy! Congrats to all of you for your hard work during the thon! Looking forward to seeing you guys in action this summer! Make sure Mindy has a plenty of coffee!!
posted by Chris Ferraiolo
Thanks Chris!! I'll stock up on coffee pods ahead of time lol.
posted by Mindy Silva
Well done on your victory! You guys are awesome. We had a lot of fun as a new team and we're looking forward to the next one.

Da iawn and diolch from the Welsh Dragons.

posted by Jutta (Armstrong) Beer
That's a wrap Team Virginia! WE FINISHED IN 1st PLACE!!!

We finished with 8,087 about 1000 over the 2nd place team Might Oak Roots.


posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Good Morning Team Virginia!

The Thon has started and Team Virginia is already adding Profiles.

Want to check your Stats this weekend? Want to see where Team Virginia compares???

Bookmark this page:

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
These two apps are your best friends especially during Thons...'

1. Sources App is great for FamilySearch

2. WikiTree Bee is great for "Auto Bios" when you have entire families on WT. Great for Census Tables too!

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
edited by Sandy (Craig) Patak
For those using WikiTree X to add Profiles:

Just wanted to mention that WT is asking for at least one additional source when using WikiTree X. (Try to add a source from Family Search)

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Countdown Time!

Tomorrow at 8am est starts the April 2022 Connect-A-Thon. Jump in at any time throughout the weekend. Come and Go.

Here is what you need:

  1. Snacks
  2. Drinks
  3. An Idea of where to start (see list below)
  4. FamilySearch Login (for those free source citations)
  5. You best Fun and Silly attitude
  • Remember that each new Profile that you add is required to be properly sourced. Use the Handy Sourcer App to make it super easy to find sources.
  • Review this Post for what type of Sources to add/avoid
  • Discord is our friend. I know I hype it a lot but it is a seriously fun way to communicate, live chat and get instant answers.

If anyone needs help finding Profiles to add:

We have some old Virginia Profiles from the US Southern Colonies Project | Kentucky Unconnected Profiles | West Virginia Unconnected Profiles | Virginia Unconnected Profiles

Or your own collection of Profiles that need connected can be found here:

And as our own Nancy as recommended: (change the State, if needed)

Most of all, Have Fun!

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
edited by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Going out to get my Thon Snacks: Jolly Ranchers, Hazelnut Coffee Creamer, Veggie Straws.

Anyone else have any favorite Thon Snacks?

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Salted caramel syrup for my iced coffee. Twirlers.
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
Sound tasty never had it never had iced coffee
Oh it’s delicious and comes in handy when Sandy and I are up in the wee hours. I get the syrups at Walmart and use them in place of sugar. Take your cold your black coffee, heavy cream and syrup and blend or shake them together and pour over ice. Some people also top with whipped cream.
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
Ooh, I love iced coffee, but don't have it often. I miss my little coffee place. I usually keep fruit on hand, like grapes, that I can snack on and keep working but I don't this thon. So, whatever I can find in the cupboard lol... chips, candy, ummmmm, applesauce cups maybe.
posted by Mindy Silva
Depends on the time of day or evening

If morning coffee with French vanilla and toast with peanut butter cut in small squares .

If afternoon toast with peanut butter and dill Pickle`s with choc milk

If in the evening I like Red wine with my Salami and cheese small slices.

I think I'm coming over to your house for the Thon! Yum!!
posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Which one got you toasted peanut butter and dill pickles or the red wine from Helen GA, lol
Both .... ALL. lol As a kid, I would eat mayo, PB and dill pickle sandwiches. But, anytime you want to share some red wine, I can always invite myself. lol
posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Okay we can finally confirm family eating habits got to be in the genes for sure lol we are sooooooo related in more ways then one .LOL Yep mayo PB and dill Pickles ( had to be only those )sandwiches yep
I could hang with everything except give me apple butter instead of peanut butter please.
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
Apple butter on toast yep tasty for sure
I love apple butter. It's a complete mystery. Why does it taste buttery? I d'know! :0)
posted by AmyLynn Hunt
What are veggies straws. Are they veggies cut thin lol
"Healthy snacks". I had to stop buying them because they're impossible to stop eating ;)
posted by AmyLynn Hunt
Hey, Mindy or Sandy, could we change my nickname to LawLizz? It's a play on my first name (Elizabeth) and my law degree. I've been using it around the internets for quite some time now. Makes me laugh. :)

And YAY, almost 'thon time! :D

posted by Ashley Jones JD
Sure can... and done! :)

And, if anyone is seeing this and wants their nickname changed, feel free or ask us to help change it.

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Sweetness! Thank ya, ma'am. :D
posted by Ashley Jones JD
One More Week Left To Register for the April 2022 Connect-A-Thon!

Register Here and make sure to note that you want to be on Team Virginia!

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
REGISTRATION is OPEN for the next Connect-A-Thon!!!

The next Connect-A-Thon will start on Friday, April 22nd, at 8 AM (EDT) and run until Monday, April 25th, at 8 AM (EDT).

To join the fun with Team Virginia, register HERE and click the green "Answer" button. Make sure to state that you want to join Team Virginia and you will be all set and ready to Connect in April.

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
May I suggest another place to find unconnected profiles. There is a category I've been adding to daily - Virginia Needs Profiles created

I have been sourcing the unsourced profiles connected to Virginia and West Virginia. When I do a profile, if the parents are easily identifiable and have sources, then I place the profile in the category needs profiles created. Most of the ones I am doing lately were born 1890 to 1920, so the unattached parents have great sources.

Just my 2¢

posted by Nancy Thomas
Fantastic Suggestion.  :) You are so right about the parents having great sources. Thanks for posting the tip!

(I have been adding a lot of these when working on Southern Colonies Profiles.)

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Hi Team Virginia,

Just sailing by to thank you for al the fun and the great achievements. We all can be proud on ourselves!

See you next X-a-Thon we hope.

Team Flying Dutchmen-Vliegende Hollanders

Colleen, Astrid and Eef.

What an amazing thing to know that so many people in so many different countries were all working this weekend to connect. Whether it was our own family, or one we didn't even know. But in the end, we all connected to each other in a different way. WOW!! Great working with you all.
posted by Terri Jerkes
I agree! I think it's the connecting to each other and other's ancestors is why I love the Thons so much. I also love starting in one location and while I add those family members, I never know where an ancestor is going to take me. Usually, it's a trip around the US or even the world.  :)

Thanks for your help!!

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
The Toddlin' Tortoises would like to thank you all for your combined contributions during the January 2022 Connect-a-Thon. Together we grow a healthier Tree.
Two tortoises — Hertyl and Spertyl Slowsky — stand facing each other.  Between them is the stylised WikiTree "DNA Tree" logo, with the words "Wonderful WikiTreer" superimposed over the lower portion of the globe.  Beneath the tableau are the words "We're all winners in the end" — because we are.  All winners.
First, Last, or in between - We are All Winners working together.
posted by Melanie Paul
Note to self: Give everyone on Team Italy cool codenames.

ANYWAY! Thanks for the comment, Mindy! Everyone inTeam Italy thanks you! You guys did a great job, too. It was a team effort regardless of what team we were all on. Keep up the good work!

posted by Chris Ferraiolo
Was super impressed when I was looking at the "weighted" totals (I mean normalized) - y'all did great!!
posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
The Mighty Oaks Roots and Branches would like to thank you for all of your contributions in the January 2022 Connect-a-Thon.

It was a fun weekend! Looking forward to working with you in the next Thon :)

Mighty Oaks
I ended up with 74. I would have liked to break 100, but I decided to work on a family I'm adding for the USBH project, and I don't like adding less information than I reasonably can about a person. I reached a goal I didn't reasonably expect to reach and connected the family to the main tree, and that made it all worth it. Now if I can connect the other branch of the family as well. I'm probably going to need help to connect the two branches together (and it may not be possible). There are records of each family from the colonial era, but even getting to the modern members back to then is going to be a challenge, although the fact that they were mostly free people may help some.
posted by Anne Guglik
Have the numbers for each team been recorded yet?? I seem to be having problems with my computer this morning.
I don't see your name on the table, Mary. Please look for yourself. it's at
posted by Anne Guglik
For some reasons, your numbers never showed although in your personal history the number showed there. Odd. We will definitely get it figured out. :)
posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Not sure my total. I am thinking 12 or 13 . But this is my second one and I am still learning. If my record keeping is right. I was over my goal . I had 9 in 2021 trying for 10 . Next time I may be ready lol
sigh... missed my goal by 7. BUT. Considering it usually takes me half a day or so to create a single profile, I think 43 for the thon isn't bad!

Hope everyone had fun!

Cheers, Liz

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Don’t feel bad, Liz. I missed mine by 2! Which is worse? 😄 So close. I fell asleep in a chair with my laptop and didn’t awaken until about 7am. C’est la vie!
posted by Bill Vincent Ph.D.
edited by Bill Vincent Ph.D.
yours for sure - you were on fire! (nice and warm - perfect for napping LOL)
posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
How is everyone today???

Who has snow??? I have a dusting, if that.  :(

We are currently in 2nd place. Racing our way to 1st place!

The Thon continues until tomorrow morning at 8am EST. There are usually a few of us up most of tonight (Team Members all over the Country) and a lot more up early tomorrow. If you haven't added Profiles yet, It's still not too late! Come join the fun!

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
We got 14" Friday night into Saturday. Still digging out.
posted by Deena (Smith) Cross
edited by Deena (Smith) Cross
WHAT????!!!! Send some my way!
posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
winter wonderland here. Area around had trees down.
Well, I stink. I thought we had a week. But my Mom has been in the hospital after a stroke, so I'm kind of a mess. It's been good to have something else to think about.

No snow here, but it's Oklahoma, so ya never know. It was almost 80° on Christmas.

posted by AmyLynn Hunt
AmyLynn -

You definitely do not stink. Never think that! :0

I hope your Momma gets well soon. I know what it is it like to take care of a parent after a stroke. Sending you lots of love during this challenging time.

(Thons are always Friday morning to Monday morning) (Challenges usually last a month with some only lasting a week. Depends on the Project's Challenge)

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
It seems by using the WikiTree sourcer app that the profiles are just "point and shoot" after checking history on some peoples added profiles.
posted by Anne Massey
I was surprised at how easy and quick the App is. :)
posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
I'm still trying to figure it out :)
posted by Anne Massey
A few days ago, it was a bit glitchy for me but I 100% think it was my internet and not the app. Yesterday, it was rocking it for Mindy so I tried again... and it was great. Easy peasey searching on Family Search.
posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
I really love the app, Anne. It gives nicely formatted citations and is quicker than using RootsSearch for FamilySearch, Ancestry, and FindMyPast.
posted by Mindy Silva
How do you use it? I've checked it out. It takes me to the person, and I've been adding sources from there. Is this it?
posted by Anne Massey
Yeppers, that is pretty much it. The reason it is so loved is because it does the searching at a click vs a person having to enter in name/dates/locations to search a record. Entering is a bit tedious especially if you can just to a point and shoot like you mentioned (love that desciption btw!).

WikiTree Users have created several apps. Some intuitive, others a little more challenging. To check them all out, look at the Apps Page. In addition to WikiTree Sourcer, I am particular these: DNA Confirmation Citation Maker (LOVE!!), WikiTree Bee, WikiTree AGC (LOVE!!!! - Cleans up messy Gedcoms in 1 Click!!) and WikiTree X.

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Happy Saturday Afternoon Everyone!

A quick update: Team Virginia is in 2nd Place!! Our Team has added 3,253 Profiles to the Global Tree. We have 39 Team Members on the board. Awesome job to every single one of you!

We have two members over 400, three members over 200 and four members over 100. Many of you are VERY close to breaking that 100 mark. Fantastic!!

I want to share a few things with everyone that might make the Thon easier:

1. Try out the WikiTree Sourcer app (available for your Browser): And, it is Mindy Recommended! it is SO much faster than the RootsSearch program. It makes sourcing on FamilySearch quick and easy. ((Please try to avoid since it is a paid site and not everyone can afford the membership.))

2. To check the counts and status of the teams, visit the tracker page: Refreshed about every 5-ish minutes.

3. Check out the YouTube Hangout Schedule: One of our Team Members won a prize last night!

4. Discord...... a lot of conversation and help has been happening on Discord. In just 24 hours, we have discussed proper sourcing techniques, the impending winter storm, seafood shortages, squirrel soup, favorite chai tea, interesting profiles we've added .... and so much more. If you are able, jump on Discord and join the live chat. :)

Keep up the Great work Team Virginia!!

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
edited by Sandy (Craig) Patak
It seems like my additions are not counting. What am I doing wrong? I went to my people and from there added a father. Then went back to the same person and added the mother, then connected them by marriage, but my count still shows zero.
posted by Ann (Ruddell) Phillips
Ann, I see on the Tracker that you have 2 points (two total Profiles added).  :)
posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Could not get Sourcer to work on my iPad - works great on PC however.
posted by Allen (Woodard) Jensen
It looked like people were adding names, one source, then moving on. Is that the norm for a Thon? Then they go back later and add more?
posted by AmyLynn Hunt
Want to win a WikiTree PRIZE??? Join the scheduled YouTube Video Chats.

The next one is in 30 minutes (at 8pm EST) at Hosted by our very own, Mindy!!!

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
If anyone needs help finding Profiles to add:

We have some old Virginia Profiles from the US Southern Colonies Project | Kentucky Unconnected Profiles | West Virginia Unconnected Profiles | Virginia Unconnected Profiles

Or your own collection of Profiles that need connected can be found here:

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
I randomly clicked one of the unconnected Kentucky ones, and it's all Alabama information. Nothing to do with KY. Or am I missing something?

posted by Abby Vanoy
Nope, you are not missing anything. I thought maybe the parents were from Kentucky but they are from South Carolina!

...and this one has such unfortunate Gedcom junk.  :(

Feel free to add Profiles to this one or leave it for another day/another person.

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Are we using the tracker? If so which one?
posted by Rosetta (Helm) Link
2022 Connect-A-Thon Tracker (by Team and User)
posted by Bill Vincent Ph.D.
edited by Bill Vincent Ph.D.
Thanks Bill! You are doing great! We miss seeing you in Discord.
posted by Mindy Silva
Your additions are automatically counted. No need to click the green Challenge Tracker. Hooray!
posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
I don't trust the automatic counter. I added over a dozen profiles in the first 30 minutes, but the tracker reported I had added just 4. Maybe there was a delay, but it gives me no confidence. Otto is great when he works properly, but Manuel always reliable. LOL
posted by Bill Vincent Ph.D.
I remember some having the same problem last time and it was really frustrating trying to figure it out.  :(

I thought this year would be a breeze because the rules have relaxed a bit. :)

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
You are rocking it Bill! Missing your shared recipes on Discord though!!
posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
I recently made a Tex-Mex Casserole of my own design. I combined elements from several online recipes which were similar in some respects. I haven't written it down yet, so I can't send it just now. I promise I will add it Discord after the Thon.
posted by Bill Vincent Ph.D.
edited by Bill Vincent Ph.D.
I also added a new profile and there is no tracker for the Connect-A-Thon. Terri
posted by Terri Jerkes
Additions are automatic. You do not need to click the green Challenge Tracker button.

Look at this: instead.

It is not an instant update but is frequent.

I see that you have 6 additions.

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
edited by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Yes, I knew about that, but just don't check it often. I was replying to the comment above about the green Challenge button., but then after I posted, I saw your reply about the automatic counting.. Yeah!!

Thanks, Terri

posted by Terri Jerkes
Ah, got it! Isn't wonderful to not have to click the darn button. Slows us down. lol

Keep up the great work!!

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
WOW WOW WOW Terri! You are an adding machine. Love it!
posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
You are up to 143. Nice work Terri!!
posted by Mindy Silva
BOOKMARK THIS PAGE : The Link to Check Team and User Scores:

(((Remember that the table above, on this page, is NOT updated automatically. If you want up-to-date totals, use the Team and User Scores website)))

If you are looking at the Table above, where everyone's picture is..... the Column that says Total Profiles Added is NOT updated constantly. It's a manual process and mostly used for the end of the Thon to show you your grand total for the event.  :)

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
edited by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Are you taking requests for our music Sandy?!
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
Absolutely! I originally had the idea of "Love" and "Love Hurts" since Valentine's Day is a month away....but that seems a bit too early. ha ha

We have a lot of Team Members new to WikiTree and/or Thons so, this Thon's music theme is...... Friendship (with a dose of Love or Love Hurts can't hurt).

Suggest songs here on catch me on Discord. :)

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Thanks, I’m posting a list right now!
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
Here's the start of the Playlist:

I'll add more as ya all tell me to. :)

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
Everyone ready for tomorrow???????  :)

Here's a great prep list for the Thon:

1. Get plenty of sleep and wake up early because the Thon starts at 8am EST. Bring coffee, tea, hot chocolate!

2. Have a plan. Know which family lines you want to work on or else you could end up going down a rabbit hole. ((Some of us use a Space page, spreadsheet or paper notes to keep track)).

3. Have your FamilySearch membership completed and log in. In advance, it might be handy to check a few of your family lines to see if they have complete sources.

4. The Thon starts on Friday @ 8am and goes to Monday @ 8am. You are not expected to be working the entire time. :) Jump in at any time. Come and Go.

5. Speaking of go.... Go at YOUR own pace. Team Members and across the Thon, members will put up some monster numbers of connections. Don't stress out over that!!! Thon's are a contest but they are mainly about adding Profiles with quality (hopefully linked) sources. Any addition that you add to WikiTree is considered a win!

6. Discord is our friend. I know I hype it a lot but it is a seriously fun way to communicate, live chat and get instant answers.

Did I mention to have fun??? Meet new people??? Hang out with old friends???

posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
edited by Sandy (Craig) Patak
I'm tickled to find out I'm seen as affable.

If anyone is interested in a challenge, I have a Virginia family with USBH notables in it that I've been working on for a while and have no idea when I'll manage to connect. Check out Nellie May Quander for the first notable I added.

posted by Anne Guglik
edited by Anne Guglik
Anne - That is a great looking Profile! Congrats!
posted by Sandy (Craig) Patak
😊 That's so kind of you. She was an interesting person. That made it easy!

There's actually a bunch more about her. She was a pretty highly respected educator and was sent to do reviews of struggling school systems.

posted by Anne Guglik
edited by Anne Guglik