Team Virginia - 2017 Source-a-Thon

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Location: Virginia - West Virginia - Kentuckymap
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16:58: Robin Kabrich posted a message on the page for Team Virginia - 2017 Source-a-Thon. [Thank Robin for this]
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  • Looking for unsourced profiles? Click one of the Unsourced categories above or
  • for lists with way more details, click here to jump down to the links for the tables prepared for us (for VA, WV, & KY).


Source-a-Thon Information

See this page for information about prizes - it has the schedule too.

For information about joining or creating a team, check out this page. (Hint - for the Source-a-Thon, you need to say you want to join Team Virginia when you post an answer to register.)

The Tables Are Ready!

Click one of the following links to reach a table of Unsourced profiles prepared from the database for Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky. You can also use the Unsourced categories to find profiles that need sources, but the tables reached through the links below have a lot more information than the Category pages show.
Whether you source a profile you found through the table or a category page, when you save the profile, there will be a button for "Challenge Tracker" at the top of the page. Click that, complete the form (add your WikiTree ID if needed, check the appropriate challenge, and describe your action), then click the "Add" button & the profile will automatically be counted toward your total in the challenge you selected.[1]


Unsourced profiles for Virginia.

36656 Unsourced Total 0000-0000 0001-1499 1500-1699 1700-1799 1800-1899 1900-1999 2000-9999
Category:Virginia Unsourced Profiles 5952 35 1339 3839 702 37
Location: Virginia, Category:Unsourced Profiles 27960 42 3012 13075 9919 1912
Location: Virginia, Suggestion 802 & 803 1019 22 28 242 628 99
Location: Virginia, Suggestion 131-134 1725 174 166 750 578 57

Table prepared at 18.09.2018 18:38:10 (Slovenian time). Condition to prepare list (Location is Virginia,VA). Profiles: 514849

West Virginia

Unsourced profiles for West Virginia.

5131 Unsourced Total 0000-0000 0001-1499 1500-1699 1700-1799 1800-1899 1900-1999 2000-9999
Category:West Virginia Unsourced Profiles 168 6 5 63 73 21
Location: West Virginia, Category:Unsourced Profiles 4341 6 16 615 2760 944
Location: West Virginia, Suggestion 802 & 803 352 3 5 272 71 1
Location: West Virginia, Suggestion 131-134 270 28 2 39 162 39

Table prepared at 18.09.2018 18:38:43 (Slovenian time). Condition to prepare list (Location is West Virginia,WV). Profiles: 130567


Unsourced profiles for Kentucky.

13718 Unsourced Total 0000-0000 0001-1499 1500-1699 1700-1799 1800-1899 1900-1999 2000-9999
Category:Kentucky Unsourced Profiles 974 4 3 462 484 21
Location: Kentucky, Category:Unsourced Profiles 11591 16 15 3342 7883 335
Location: Kentucky, Suggestion 802 & 803 456 9 45 339 63
Location: Kentucky, Suggestion 131-134 697 66 1 177 430 23

Table prepared at 18.09.2018 18:40:32 (Slovenian time). Condition to prepare list (Location is Kentucky,KY). Profiles: 343293

  1. See this page for other states and other countries. See this G2G post for more information about the tables.

Team Virginia Information

See the Team Virginia page from last year. Info and links are still good.

See also last year's Virginia Sources Quick Reference page - a cheat sheet, if you will. Post a copy of your citation(s) on that page for easy reference during the Source-a-Thon and a great resource after!

Other "Team Virginia" pages:

How Are We Doing?

During the Source-a-Thon, every time you source a profile and record it through the "Challenge Tracker" (don't forget to check the 2017 Source-a-Thon box!) it will record automatically in the following tables:

2017 Team Virginia Members

No.Team VA
Name, Bib #TrackersMonday Totals
Midnight (ET)
1VALiz Shifflett, #34G2G/Tracking
2VAWilliam Foster, #43Tracking
3VAAmy Kelly, #94Tracking
218 !!!
4VARobin Kabrich, #131Tracking
5VAElizabeth Coltrane, #149Tracking
109 !!
6VA / WVMel Lambert, #160G2G/Tracking
146 !!
7VA / WVTerri Haddox, #175 Tracking
8VATerri Jerkes, #176Tracking
495 !!!!!
9VAPatricia Hickin, #188Tracking
10VAE Compton, #220Tracking
11VAM Silva, #229G2G/Tracking
609 !!!!!!!
12VAAmy Garber, #249Tracking
16VA / KYBill Vincent, #292Tracking
457 !!!!!
17VA / WVHeather Colley, #299Tracking
121 !!
13VAWilliam Caracofe, #302Tracking
14VA / WVAndrea Pack, #329Tracking
477 !!!!!
15VAKris Shearer, #334Tracking
141 !!
18VAMelissa Dyniec, #374Tracking
144 !!
19VATim Boyer, #377Tracking
20VASP Estes, #425Tracking
339 !!!!
21VADoug Lockwood, #477 Tracking
505 !!!!!!
22VAJoseph T. Cash, #444Tracking

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Martha Frances Herndon
Martha Frances Herndon


On 5 Sep 2018 at 16:58 GMT Robin Kabrich wrote:

Liz, sorry I'm going with Team Nor'Easterners this year - the majority of my profiles (sourced or unsourced) hail from New England!

On 4 Sep 2018 at 15:22 GMT Liz (Noland) Shifflett wrote:

Registration is open for the 2018 Source-a-Thon! Post an answer to (already on the 2nd G2G posting) & mention Team Virginia to join us this year - 28 September to 1 October.

Cheers, Liz

On 25 Mar 2018 at 18:26 GMT William Foster Jr wrote:

Of course, Terri, please join us, any help is appreciated!

On 25 Mar 2018 at 17:34 GMT Terri Jerkes wrote:

How about a part-time member for the Clean-a-thon? Unfortunately, I don't seem to have even 1 full day available for cleaning, but am willing to clean part-time if that would help.

On 25 Mar 2018 at 16:01 GMT Liz (Noland) Shifflett wrote:

Hi! If you're interested in joining Team Virginia for the 2018 Clean-a-Thon, please mention Virginia when you post an answer to the G2G registration thread... currently on the second posting:

On 3 Oct 2017 at 20:45 GMT Liz (Noland) Shifflett wrote:

@ Terri (and anyone else looking for Category:Sourced by Team Virginia - 2017): it's the first category listed for this page - you can click it there.

It's also a Virginia Maintenance Category - click Virginia Maintenance Categories in the list at Category:Virginia.

And it's under Category:Virginia Challenge Teams (which this page is also in, so there's a link for it at the top of the page too).

On 3 Oct 2017 at 18:43 GMT Terri Jerkes wrote:

Yep, that was me :-)

Minnesotians need sourced, too.

On 3 Oct 2017 at 18:20 GMT Liz (Noland) Shifflett wrote:

Now I know why all those non-Virginians are in the followup category!

On 3 Oct 2017 at 18:08 GMT Terri Jerkes wrote:

About finding profiles: sometime on Sunday I ran into where someone else had started on the list I was sourcing, so I took a Miinnesota. I don't think anyone had been there. It was interesting because I ran across people from Prussia, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland...and for about 95% of the profiles I found at least a child's marriage, death or birth that had the parents' names. Found a few that had multiple, varied sources, so I hope to get back to them.

On 3 Oct 2017 at 17:17 GMT Terri Haddox wrote:

It was a lot of fun, I wish it had been winter time so I wouldn't have had so many other obligations! I found myself in the beginning doing more "Data Doctoring" than removing from the Unsourced category - I hope to use my contributions list to go back and flesh out some that I threw a source at to keep moving :)

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