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Team Virginia - 2019 Scan-a-Thon

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Team Virginia for the 2019 Scan-a-Thon

"January 11-14, 2019, is our first annual Scan-a-Thon. Our mission: to scan and share all those old family photos and other items we've been meaning to get to! " ~ Help:Scan-a-Thon

See Help:Scan-a-Thon for details.
  • See the Video Chat Hangout Schedule here.
  • See Team/User stats here.
  • See more links on the G2G Scan-a-Thon question post here.
To register for the Scan-a-Thon, post an answer at the G2G registration post. Mention Team Virginia in your answer to join the Team! As always, Team Virginia welcomes West Virginia and Kentucky researchers.

Also from Help:Scan-a-Thon:

"The challenge is limited to original images, i.e. images that you have scanned, photographed or otherwise obtained yourself. Images downloaded from other websites should not be counted."
Help:Scan-a-Thon also other details, as well as useful tips and suggestions.

One of WikiTree's Volunteer Leaders just started a tip page where you'll be able to find tips and advice: Scan-a-Thon 2018 Hints.


On 14 Jan 2019 at 18:30 GMT Liz (Noland) Shifflett wrote:

As of 1 pm ET, 14 January 2019, Team Virginia uploaded 303 images:
  • Andrea, 95
  • William, 87
  • Nancy, 31
  • Liz, 30
  • Mel, 26
  • Gregory, 18
  • Patricia, 12
  • Sarah, 4

Well done! Thank you all!!

Here's the sticker I'll be putting on my profile later today (copy/paste the coding from the e-mail & edit the text as desired to post it on yours):

... ... ... participated with Team Virginia (which uploaded 303 images) during the 2019 Scan-a-Thon, scanning and uploading 30 items to profiles.

On 14 Jan 2019 at 15:09 GMT Janet (Langridge) Wild wrote:

Congratulations to you all for a job well done an amazing number of uploads this weekend

Sandringham Strollers Team

On 14 Jan 2019 at 14:09 GMT Loretta (Leger) Corbin wrote:

The Southern Super Sweepers want to congratulate your team for a job well done!

On 14 Jan 2019 at 13:47 GMT Andrea (Stawski) Pack wrote:

I had finished at 8 am EST otherwise at 12:57 GMT time. Unbelievable so we are a five hours difference. WOW William we were so close to each other in scanning. I didn't think I was able to get back on the internet. Thanks to everyone who had participated and especially to William and Liz our awesome Captain and Co Captain.

On 14 Jan 2019 at 13:26 GMT Liz (Noland) Shifflett wrote:

It ended about half an hour ago - I uploaded my last pic at 0759 :D

Then my computer crashed when I tried to join the last Hangout, so I think I only made 4 of the Hangouts.

Hope the time online/uploading was fun for everyone. And hope to see y'all back in a few months for the Clean-a-Thon!!

Go Team Virginia - Well Done!!

On 14 Jan 2019 at 13:04 GMT Andrea (Stawski) Pack wrote:

Is it over yet Liz? I finally got back on Monday morning at 3am EST, I woke up then from sleeping all day when I wrote that I wasn't able to because of our weather and my internet satellite not letting me work.

Congratulations everyone for being in this wonderful scan a ton for 2019. It was a hardship for me but I finally got back on.

On 14 Jan 2019 at 11:54 GMT Gregory Morris wrote:

Thanks Liz, William, Andrea, et. al. I'm humbled by your scan-a-bilities. It was an honor to be on team Virginia.

On 13 Jan 2019 at 15:55 GMT Liz (Noland) Shifflett wrote:

Just wanted to say WOW! Y'all are wonderful. I apologize for being mostly MIA during this thon. But Oh My! Our Team has been fantastic! I'm always happy when every team member contributes at least one thing during a thon & y'all have done that!! (I think this is the first Thon Team Virginia that has!) We're in 18th place (where we've been most of the Thon), with 220 contributions (as of a minute ago).

Great job everyone, especially our top 5 contributors:

  1. Andrea Pack with 69
  2. William K. Foster with 62
  3. Nancy A. Thomas with 31
  4. Mel Lambert with 26
  5. Gregory S. Morris with 18

Woo-hoo! And Thank You all!

On 13 Jan 2019 at 15:47 GMT Liz (Noland) Shifflett wrote:

Andrea! You have been AMAZING. Loved seeing all the pictures you uploaded. So sorry about your Internet connection!! I'll have to go grab dig out my file box from research travels and see what else I can add to try to fill the gap you're leaving :D

Cheers, Liz

On 13 Jan 2019 at 08:52 GMT Andrea (Stawski) Pack wrote:


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