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Team Virginia - Take the 2021 WikiTree Challenge

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Date: 1 Jan 2021 to 31 Dec 2021
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Welcome to the Team Virginia scheduling page for the 2021 WikiTree challenge. The challenge will be active for the year of 2021. Two weeks (Thanksgiving and Christmas) will be skipped leaving fifty possible weeks of participation. Team Virginia will be signing up for at least five of those weeks. You are welcome to participate in weeks that our team isn't. Below are the months we are participating in. Please visit the sign-up post linked below to register.

Team Captains: Looking for ideas for your own team page? Check out the template for this challenge that you can copy and then adjust it as you need to!

How to Participate

Registration will be monthly. The registration post will be for the following month. Please sign up as early as possible so that WikiTree can successfully coordinate teams and award points. Badges will be awarded for the month that you participate.
Everyone that participates during a certain week will be working on the family of a pre-determined person. This influencer in the genealogy community will be announced with the registration post. WikiTree will have a new person each week to focus on, with the exception of the two weeks off near the end of the year.
The Captain of your team will lead the collaboration throughout the week. They will answer any questions you have about which profiles to work on, and offer suggestions on directions to take with your research. There will be a G2G thread for that week that you can bookmark so that you can remark on your progress, or ask questions.
Registered team members will have their point totals tracked and reported automatically. To get the special bounty points you need to list your findings in the G2G thread. Please see the Basic Scoring for information on how you can earn points.

WikiTree Challenge Links

Team Participation


Week 1 (Jan 6-13) Guest Star: AJ Jacobs
Sign-up Post

Team Members

Please look at the Challenge Team Coordination sheet for the available family lines. You can put an X where your name intercepts the ancestral line you want to work on. Once the even starts you can change the X to the Wiki-ID of the ancestor you are working on.
Unlike our regular "Thons," we are expected to do some prep for the event. Please look at the ancestral line you have chosen and see who you might want to work on. Look at the locations and see if you will need research assistance from other WikiTreers. For AJ Jacobs there are ancestors in Russia, Poland, and the Ukraine. You can reach out ahead of time for research tips from Projects and their members.

Questions & Answers

This section is for questions that have arisen during participation weeks. Please let me know if you have a question that you would like answered on this page.
  • Q: If I'm on Team Virginia, can I participate during weeks that they aren't? If so, does Team Virginia get credit?
  • A: You can participate during any (or all!) of the weeks for this year. If Team Virginia is the "captain" that week, they will get team points. If you participate during other weeks, the team points will go to that weeks captain. Either way you will earn points or bounty bonuses for yourself.
  • Q: (question)
  • A: (answer)

Team Member Experience

I would love to get feedback on how you felt the discovery went during your participation week. Did you find new information? Were you uncomfortable with the location? Did you find a partner to work with? How successful do you think your week went? Let me know what you think and I'll add it below. Thanks for participating!

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Hello team,

We have decided that a spreadsheet will be more efficient for tracking purposes. You can find it here. Go ahead and pick the ancestral line you want to work on and mark it with an X. Once you've decided on a profile you want to start on you can replace the X with the Wiki-ID of that profile.

Please do look at those lines ahead of time. Before the event you will want to check out what needs to be done on that profile or family. You can reach out to WikiTree projects and their members for help on where to locate records, and who may be available to translate during the event.

Let me know if you have questions, this is going to be great!

Mindy Silva

posted by Mindy Silva
If you can't access the sheet yet PM me so that I have your email address.

Thanks! Mindy

posted by Mindy Silva
I can see it just fine but, as I told you in an email, I cannot edit it (wouldn't even know how to start) as it requires a login.
posted by Melanie Paul
On the help page on basic scoring:

What is considered a "nuclear relative"?

I have no idea??? Will start searching.
posted by Loretta (Leger) Corbin
The nuclear family usually consists of Mother, Father, children.
posted by Susan McNamee
Thank you Susan.

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posted by Loretta (Leger) Corbin
First-degree relative is another way of putting it.
posted by Ellen Smith
thanks, Ellen. We were apparently posting at the same time.
Nuclear family includes your immediate family members
= father, mother, siblings.

It does not include grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunts.

posted by N Gauthier
thanks Susan, N, & Loretta for all the comments.

Do we think nuclear family is what is meant by "nuclear relative"?

We are all caught up adding names for the night.
Glad to be on this Team. I actually lived in Virginia many years ago. I’ve noticed lots of Leaders and Coordinators on this Team. We need to do good work. Let’s really add to AJ’s family.
posted by Bob Keniston Jr.
I think our team will rock this, Bob!
posted by Mindy Silva
Hello all Challenge team members. We have almost three weeks before we can start our week and work on profiles. Please don't start before the 6th of January or you won't get points. In the meantime, make sure you have looked at the help page for information on scoring. Here, on our team page, is an "Available Profiles" section where you can put your name under the ancestor you want to branch off of.

Let me know if you have any questions, I know I've had many of my own. This is going go be an amazing challenge - let's rock this!


Help: WikiTree Challenge

Team Virginia Available Profiles

posted by Mindy Silva