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Thayer One Name Study

Covering variations including Thayer, Tayer, Tawier, Tawyer, Tawer, Taire, Tayre, Theyer, Thaire.
How to Join:Please contact the project leader M Cole or post a comment to the right. If you have any questions, just ask. Thanks!
The goal is to develop an accurate genealogy of the Thayer families. The published genealogies of this family contain errors. This study will evaluate the problems, point out the problems so they are not repeated, and correct the errors of the past.

Task List

  1. Cleanup the anchor profile (Unknown Thayer-23) for the Thayers of Thornbury, including making sure all children are correct.
  2. John Thayer - First of two brothers who head this family.
    1. Clean up profile.
    2. Check all children for accuracy.
    3. Check and confirm sourcing.
  3. Thomas Thayer - Second of two brothers who head this family.
    1. Clean up profile.
    2. Check all children for accuracy.
    3. Check and confirm sourcing.
    4. Change wife's LNAB to Unknown.
  4. Create a recommended sources page: Thayer Name Study Sources
  5. Align and source descendants of the Massachusetts immigrant Thayers with Thayer Families Association outlines (to correct mistakes from Memorial of the Thayer Name).

Thayers of Thornbury

The origins of this family were first discovered in the late 18th century as being from Thornbury. In 1906, the relevant entries from the Thornbury parish registers were published in the NEHGR. [1] [2] Unfortunately, the authors made a number of transcriptional errors, and misinterpreted the dates.
The next year, Tomas Thayer Ojeda published his Thayer Family of Thornbury which was an attempt to reconstruct the family from the parish registers. [3] In 1938, the noted genealogist Mary Lovering Holman also made an attempt to reconstruct the family. [4] Unfortunately, in both cases the authors were mislead by the errors in NEHGR articles. These sources have led to widespread errors across the internet and must be used with caution.
Clifford Stott reprinted all of the Thornbury records (correctly) and the will of John Thayer in an effort to correct the extensive errors made in the 1906 Register articles. These articles appeared in The American Genealogist, in 1998. [5][6] All information regarding the English origins of the Thayer family must be compared to Stott's articles.

Research Notes

The goal will be to use parish extracts below to reconstruct the Thayer family of Thornbury.
A detailed analysis for how children were assigned to John Thayer-22 and his brother Thomas Thayer-152 can be found on the profile of their father Unknown Thayer-23.

Thornbury Parish Records

Thornbury parish records: The Thornbury parish registers begin in September 1550 and relatively complete except for gaps in baptisms from April 1554-May 1557, burials from April 1554-April-1557, and marriages from April 1554-April 1557 and February 1576-April 1583.
An unusual feature of these records is that they begin the new year on January 1 from 1550 to 1610, an then switch to starting the new year on March 25 from 1611 to 1752. Early transcrptions of the parish registers published in the NEHGR did not understand this quirk.
As extracted and published by Stott in 1998. Records published before this date should not be used as they contain many errors.[5][6]
Baptisms (1550-1630):
  • Johes Tayer baptizatus erat iiij die Januarij Anno pd [1558] (Johanes Williams Johanes Tyther Elizabeth Cooke compatrini)
    (John Thayer-268 - son of John Thayer)
  • Johanes Tayer sonne & heir to Thomas Tayer baptizatus erat xv die Octoberis Anno pd [1558] (William Merick Henricus Lydyat Jone Rede compatrini)
    (John Thayer-270 - son of Thomas Thayer)
  • Thomas Tayer baptizatus erat eodem die [7 Nov, 1559] (Thomas Moore et Johanes Barton et Esibell Whitfield compatrini)
    (Thomas Thayer-268 - son of John Thayer)
  • Margareta Tawier baptizata erat xiij Octobris [1560J (Wilihelmus Mawle et Margareta Busher et Agneta Tyler compatrini)
    (Margaret Thayer-4412 - daughter of Thomas Thayer)
  • Johanes Tawier baptizatus erat eodem die [6 May 1561] (Johanes Rooch et Ricardus Baker et Margreta Wallis compatrini)
    (John Thayer-21 - son of John Thayer)
  • Cutberta Tawier baptizata erat primo die Septembris Anno pd [1561] (Thomas Pullen et Susana Birton et Johana Selmon compatrini)
    (Cuthberta Thayer-4412 - daughter of Thomas Thayer)
  • Ricardus Tawier baptizatus erat secunda die Augustij Anno pd [1562] (Richard Cheyne et Walterius Fookes et Elizabeth Picher compatrini)
    (Richard Thayer-39 - son of John Thayer)
  • Thomas Tawier baptizatus erat xiij die Februarij Anno pd [1563] (Thomas Search et Thomas Moore et Margereta Foyde [Floyde?) compatrini)
    (Thomas Thayer-4413 - son of Thomas Thayer)
  • Willihelmus Tawier baptizatus erat primo die Novembris Anno pd [1564] (Willihelmus Bruton et Johannes Jonis et Joysa Griffing compatrini)
    (William Thayer-157 - son of John Thayer)
  • Ricardus Tawier baptizatus erat vi die Maij Anno pd [1565] (Ricardus Wilcox et [illegible] et Maria Tawier compatrini)
    (Richard Thayer-4414 - son of Thomas Thayer)
  • Alicia Tawier baptizata erat xvj die Decembris Anno pd [1565] (Ricardus Griffing et Alicia Dant et Elizabeth Howell compatrini)
    (Alice Thayer-274 - daughter of John Thayer)
  • Secillia Tawier baptizata erat xx die Decembris Anno pd [1567] (Ricardus Wilcox et Secilia White et Caterina Ripe compatrini)
    (Cecilia Thayer-4415 - daughter of Thomas Thayer)
  • Luci Tawier baptizata erat xxiij die Septembris Anno pd [1568J (Johanis Driver et Luci Baker et Caterina Rippe compatrini)
    (Lucy Thayer-275 - daughter of John Thayer)
  • Thomas Tawyer baptizatus erat xij die Februarij Anno pd [1570] (Thomas Stevens et Richardus Wilkokes et Issabella Fowler compatrini)
    (Thomas Thayer-4416 - son of Thomas Thayer)
  • Anna Tawier baptizata erat xiij die Augustij Anno pd [1570] (Thomas Marten et Agneta Ady et Alicia Laurence compatrini)
    (Anne Thayer-276 - daughter of John Thayer)
  • Willihelmus Tawyer baptizatus erat xxiij die Marcij Anno pd [1572J (Robartus Eslineton[?J et Johannes Jonis et Jobana Bartone cornpatrini)
  • Nicolaus Tawier baptizatus erat xxv die Januarij Anno pd [1573] (Nicholaus Adams et Thomas Holdbrooke et Johana Tocker compatrini)
  • Edwardus Tawier filius et hered defuncto baptizatus erat xxvi die Octobris Anno pd [1577]
  • Ursula Tawier baptizatus erat xxv die Aprilis Anno pd [1579]
  • Anthonius Tawier baptizatus erat vi die Januarij Anno pd [1581]
  • Cathrine Tawier baptized the xxiv of June [1586] (Thomas Tawier godfather Catherine Rippe & Susanna Jones godmothers)
  • Alee Tawyer baptized the xxiij of October [1587] (Thomas Jones godfather Alee Hilp & [omission?] Joanes godmother)
  • Margaret Tawier xxiij of December [1589] (Thomas Gibes godfather Margaret Griffin & Mary Merryat godmothers)
  • Francis Tawier baptized the vijth of March [1590] (John Tawier William Williams godfathers Ussly Tawier godmother) Francis Thayer son of Thomas Thayer-269
  • Jane Tayer baptized the xxijth of October [1590] (Richard Pullen godfather Jane Tyler Jone Gibes godmothers)
  • An Tawier the daughter of the forenamed An Tawier [see burial entry of An Tawier] baptized the same day and hour that the mother was buried [10 Nov. 1590] (Richard Pullen godfather Sicely Jones & Margaret Griffing godmother[s])
  • EInor Tawier baptized iiijth of December [1591] (John Comely godfather EInor Earle & Jone Tawier godmothers) Eleanor Thayer daughter of Thomas Thayer-269
  • John Tawier baptized the xxvith of December [1591]] (John Hilpe & James Lawrence godfathers Ann Watson godmother)
  • Joane Tawier baptized the vith day of January [1592] (Thomas Holdbrooke godfather Joane Barton & Margery Dimry godmothers)
  • John Tayer baptized the xvijth of Aprill [1593] (John Tayer & Richard Dimry godfathers Ais Tayer godmother)
  • Thomas Tayer baptized the xxj of January [1594] (Thomas Tayer & Thomas Shurman godfather[s] Edy Midlton godmother) Thomas Thayer son of Thomas Thayer-269
  • Edward Tayer baptized the vij of February [1594) (Edward Knight & John Jones godfathers Mary Tratman godmother)
  • Mary Tayer baptized the same day [1 March 1595] (Thomas Holdbrook godfather Ais Hilpe gentl[e]wom[an] & Agnes Jones godmother[s])
  • Thomas Tayer baptized the xvj of August [1596] (Thomas Gibbs & William Dimry godfathers)
  • Judith Tayer baptized the xviij of August [1597] (Edmond Pytcher godfather Judith Stones & An Tayer godmothers)
  • Ferdinando Tawyer baptized the first day of March [1598] (Thomas Pockwood and John Earle godfathers & An Thurston godmother) Ferdinando Thayer son of Thomas Thayer-269
  • John Tayer baptized the xiijth of August [1598] (John Tayer & Nicholas Baker godfathers Jone Wither godmother)
  • Welfry Tayer baptized the first day [Jan. 1599] (Wilfry Waker & Robert Smith godfathers Joice Griffing godmother)
  • Sicely Tayer baptized the first day [May 1600] (Thomas Pytcher godfather Als Hilpe gentlewoman & Mary Tratman godmothers)
  • Richard Tayer baptized the fifth day [April 1601] (Richard Dimery & Nicholas Tayer godfathers Elizabeth Griffing godmother)
  • Cathrine Tayer baptized the xxiiij of February [1603] (Thomas Dimry godfather Cathrine Russell & Gelian Smith godmothers)
  • Thomas Tayre baptized the xxj of August [1603] (Thomas Tayer and Richard Wyxsteed godfathers)
  • William Tayer baptized the same day [5 May 1605] (William Cokesy & John Walker godfather[s] Jone Taire godmother)
  • Margaret Tayre baptized the x of June [1606] (John West godfath Jane Walker & Joice Griffing godmoth[e]rs)
  • Elizabeth Tayre baptized the xiiij of July [1606] (Nicholas Purnell godfather Sisly Wicksteed [godmother])
  • Agnis Taire the daughter of Richard Taire baptized the same day [15 March 1607] (Nicholas Barly godfath[e]r Agnis Graing[?] & Jone Walker godmothers)
  • Thomas Tawyer the sonne of Edward Tawyer was baptized the xv day of January [1609] (Thomas Tawier & James Eddis godfr Elizabeth Wilcox godmother)
  • John Taire baptized the same day [29 April 1610] (John Whitfield & John Clarke godfr Agnis Taire godmother)
  • The 23rd day [June 1611] was baptized Anna Tayer (William Gwatkines godfather Anne Bradston & Joyce Harris godmothers)
  • The 26th day [Dec. 1611] was baptized (John Tayer John Whitfield John Stevens godfathers & Johane Patche godmother)
  • John Tawyer was baptized the 13th daye [Nov. 1614] (witnesses James Eddys Richard Wickstead & Agnes Sammes)
  • James Davys was baptized the fowerth daie [July 1619] (wittnesses Edward Tayer Willm Thurner and ArmeTayer)
  • Ursula Tayer was baptized the xviijth day (Nov. 1619] (wittnesses Gyles Wheeler Ursula Tayer and Secilly Davys)
  • John Davys was baptized the xxviijth daie [Jan. 1620/1] (wittnesses John Tayer Robert Fookes & Alice Harvest)
  • Welfrey Tayer was baptized the xxth day [May 1621] (wittnesses Welfrey Tayer John Boyce and Katheren Hurd)
  • Bartholomew Tayer was baptized the xixth day [Aug. 1621] (wittnesses John Curtys gent Thomas Parker and Alyce Eddys)
  • Thomas Tayer was baptized the xvth day [Sept. 1622] (Thomas Rudden Richard *Tayer and Joyce Harris witnesses)
  • Richard Tayer was baptized the xth day [Feb. 1624/5] (witnesses Richard Tayer Wilim Mortimore Bridgett Seagar)
  • Ferdinando Tayer was baptized the xviijth day [April 1625] (wittnesses Ferdinando Tayer William Tayer and Margaret King)
  • Jonathan Tayer was baptized the viijth day [Sept. 1626] (wittnesses John Callaway Thomas Tayer and Dorothy Tayer)
  • Ursula Tayer was baptized the same day [8 Oct. 1626] (wittnesses Nicholas Tayer Ursula Tayer & Elizabeth Jones)
  • Marie Tawyer was baptized the same day [29 June 1627] (witnesses Richard *Callaway Agnes Tayer & Katheryn [illegible])
  • Elizabeth Tayer was baptized the xth day [May 1628] (witnesses William Jones Joyce Harrys & Margeret Byrd)
  • Jonathan Tayer was baptized the xvth day [Jan. 1628/9] (witnesses Richard Tayer John [Dynty?] & Alice P[ar]ker)
  • Shadrach Tayer was baptized the ixth day [May 1629] (wittnesses John Alpas John Pendock & Katheren Tayer)
  • Deborah Tayer was baptized the iiijth day [Feb. 1629/30] (witnesses John Purlyn Katheren Dymerye Sarah Thurston)
  • Elizabeth Tayer was baptized the xvijth day [March 16(29)/30] (witnesses George Speck Isabell Marsh and Agnes Tayer)
  • Mary Tayer was baptized the 24th day [June 1630] (witnesses Willia Tayer Katheryn Tayer & ElizabethM[-])
Marriages (1550-1631):
  • The xvth day [Nov. 1553] was wedded Thomas Jamys & Jone Tawer
  • Thomas Holdbrooke et Constans Tawier nupti fuere xix die Februarij Anno [1560]
  • John Tawier & Joane Laurence maried the third day [Aug. 1589]
  • Thomas TiJladame & Alice Tawyer marryed iij of May [1597]
  • Nicholas Tayer & Jone Stones maried the same day [15 Oct. 1599]
  • William Pytch[er] & Ussly Tayer married the iiij day of [Nov. 1599]
  • Thomas Badmonton was married to Elinor Tayer at Gloucester the 24th day [Nov. 1614]
  • Thomas Tayer was marryed to Margerie Wheller the xiijth day [April 1618]
  • Christopher Grymer was married to Mabell Tayer the xxij daie [Nov. 1619]
  • James Davisse was married to Sysley Tayer the xjth daye [June 1618] at Glou'
  • John Tayer was marryed to Alice Vyzard the same day [29 April 1622] at Bristoll
  • Richard Tayer was marryed to Dorothy Mortimore the vth Day (April 1624]
  • William Tayer was married to Mary Kellaway the xixth day [Jan. 1625/6]
  • Willia[m] Barton maried to Agnes Tayer the 27th day [Jan. 1630/1)
Burials (1550-1630):
  • Johes Tawier sepultus fuit xxj die Augustij Anno predicto [1558] (John Thayer-268 - son of John Thayer)
  • Johes Tawier sepultus fuit xj die Februarij Anno pd [1561] (John Thayer-270 - son of Thomas Thayer)
  • Willihelmus Tawier sepultus fuit eodem die [11 Feb. 1561] William Thayer-158 - uncertain son of Unknown Thayer
  • Constans Tawier sepulta fuit xix die Marcij pd [1561] (Constance (Unknown-289053) Thayer - uncertain wife of Unknown Thayer)
  • Wilihelm Tawier sepultus fuit xiij die Januarij Anno pd [1565] (William Thayer-157 - son of John Thayer)
  • Thomas Tawier sepultus fuit vj die Marcij Anno pd [1565]
  • Agneta Tawier sepulta fuit v die Maij Anno pd [1571]
  • Wilihelmus Tawier sepultus fuit xx die Novembris Anno pd [1572]
  • Thomas Tawyer sepultus fuit xvij die Marcij Anno pd [1573]
  • iiij Maij [1576] Johana Tawier sepultus [sic] fuit
  • Secilia Tawier sepulta fuit iiij die Junij Anno [1579]
  • John Tawier was buried the xij of October [1584]
  • Caterine Tayer buried the xj day of September [1586)
  • Alee Tawier buried the xiij of December [1586]
  • Anthony Tayer buried the xvj day of August [1587]
  • Jane Tayer buried viijth day of November [1590]
  • An Tawier buried 10 November [1590]
  • Jone Tayer buried the vth day of February [1592]
  • Margaret Tayer buried the xxvjth day of April [1593]
  • Thomas Tayer buried the xiiij of February [1594] Thomas Thayer son of Thomas Thayer-269
  • John Tayer ended his life the first day of January & was buried the iiij day of this month [1601] (John Thayer-21 - son of John Thayer)
  • Margaret Tayer buryed the xviij day of June [1603]
  • John Taire the sonne of Richard Tayre buried the xvth day of March [1607]
  • Thomas Taire the sonne of Edward Taire was buried the xi day of February [1609]
  • John Taire the son of Richard Taire buried the xii of October [1610]
  • The 30th day [April 1611] was buried Mrs. Mary Cooke whose sister enlaw [sic] wast the Thomas Tawyer who died in Ano 1573
  • The 15th day [Nov. 1612] was buried Alice Tawyer
  • Edith Tawyer was buried the 26th Day [Jan. 1615]
  • Ursula Tayer was buryed the xiijth day [Dec. 16I9]
  • Wilfry Tayer was buried the xth day [July 1621]
  • Welfry Tayer was buryed the xij day [June 1622]
  • Bartholomew Tayer was buryed the xxvth day [Feb. 1622/3]
  • Thomas Tayer Ju was buryed the third day [March 1622/3J
  • Jonathan Tayer was buried the third day [Oct. 1626J
  • Ursula Tayer was buryed the 2d day [May 1627]
  • Marie Tayer was buried the xxiiijtb day [Sept. 1627]
  • Edward Tayer was buryed the 5th day [Nov. 1627]
  • Thomas Tayer had a child buryed the 3d Day [Dec. 1627J not baptized
  • John Tayer was buried the same day [26 Feb. 1627/8]
  • Jonathan Tayer was buried the xxvth day [Jan. 1628/9]
  • Deborah Tayer was buryed the xvjth day [March 1629/30]

Questions in Thayer Research

First wife of Richard Thayer
The first wife of Richard Thayer is thought to be the Ann buried on 10 November 1590.
"The Ancestry of Eve Belle Kempton" calls her Ann Gibbs. Where does this Gibbs name come from?
- The maiden name of "Gibbs" for Richard's proposed first wife Ann in the 1996 "Eva Belle Kempton" work is not explicitly sourced in Kempton or apparently anywhere else, but seems likely to come from Ojeda's 1907 work on page 16/17 where he lists it with a question mark and, though he does not say so, may be making this connection by virtue of the name of the godfather of Richard & Ann's child (Margaret) i.e. Thomas Gibbs. Richards "Dimry" children had 3 Dimry godparents so possibly Odeja assumed the same pattern i.e. relatives of the child's mother served as godparents. Since Kempton was published in 1996 before Stott's 1998 TAG vol 73 that identified many Ojeda & Holman errors, the authors probably still relied heavily on Ojeda. Holman made no claim as to the last name of Richard's first wife, nor did Linzee (Parker/Ruggles history, published 1913) so it seems that Ojeda has place of primacy for the (unsourced) source of "Gibbs".
Second wife of Richard Thayer
Richard Thayer is usually found with a second wife, Ursula Dimery. Again this marriage is guesswork. There is no marriage record, or primary record of any kind that tells us that Richard Thayer's wife was named Ursula or that she was a Dimery. This is apparently based on the fact that Richard Dymery named in his will John Tayer, Richard Tayer and Ursula Tayer.[7] When John Tayer was baptized in 1593 his godfathers were John Tayer and Richard Dimry; if Richard Thayer's wife was a Dimery then these would both be his uncles (presumably). Additionally, William Dimery was a godfather to Thomas Thayer in 1596, Richard Dimery was a godfather to Richard Thayer in 1601, and Thomas Dimery was godfather to Catherine Thayer in 1604. It would seem highly likely that there is a connection between the Thayer and Dimery family, but it is a real leap to assume that the connection is that Richard married a Dimery and that she was the Ursula Thayer named in the 1598 will of Richard Dimery.
  1. Need to transcribe the will of Richard Dimery - does it really imply that Ursula Thayer was a Dimery?


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