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The Genealogy of Henry and Ann Kinne, Pioneers of Salem, Massachusetts

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The Genealogy of Henry and Ann Kinne, Pioneers of Salem, Massachusetts

  • by Florance Alice Loveless Keeney Robertson, 1884-
  • published by Whetzel Publishing Company, Inc, Los Angeles, California,1947

Available online at these locations:

Preface: In 1942 Vol. 1 of The Keayne—Keen(e)—Keeney—Kinne(y)—Kenney and Allied Families was published. In chronological order this might be called Vol. II. But I am treating it as a distinct book for the following two reasons.— 1st—It contains only known descendants of Henry Kinne, pioneer of Salem, Mass. with their families and the ancestries of those intermarrying therewith, whereas the Vol. I above, contains certain lines of descendants of the several different immigrant ancestors to this country, all of which are undoubtedly of the same European stock and early European ancestry although many lines thereof were scattered throughout Ireland, Scotland, Englanl and other European- countries, even before settling in the New World. 2nd—This book is of a distinctly different form, binding and general make-up than Vol. I, above, whereas Vol. II, which is now in preparation, and succeeding volumes of the same will be identical in form with Vol. I.
On page 1, and elsewhere, I have referred to Our Family Name, a 4 pp. pamphlet, published by me in 1937 which shows the history, derivation, meaning and various orthographies of the Kinne name. It appears in the records under nearly 100 distinct spellings. It will also be noted that there are several differences in the spelling of the name by various present day families who are all descendants of Henry and Ann, Pioneers of Salem. Likewise, what might appear to be inconsistencies in the spelling of the names of those marrying into the Kinne family are not errors but designate a few of the more common forms used by these various families. The names of cities and towns are taken from historical records and may vary from present-day spelling. Florance Keeney Robertson

Table of Contents

1—Henry Kinne m. (1) Ann Putname, m. (2) Mrs. Ann lane.
2—John Kenney m. Elizabeth Looke.
3—Thomas Kinne m. Elizabeth Knight.
3—Henry Kinne Jr. m. (1) Priscilla Wilkins, (2) Mrs. Wiggins, (3) Mrs. Mary (Looke) Curtis.
4—Theophilus Kenney m. (1) Jemima Pond, (2) Mrs. Abigail (Chase) Gibbs.
4—Stephen Kenney m. Mary Bartlett.
5—Jesse Kenney m. Hannah Stearns.
5—Stephen Kenney Jr. m. (1) Sally Stockwell, m. (2) Mary ?.
6—Pearley Kenney m. Ruth Hutchins.
6—John Kennee m. Mary ?.
6—Benjamin Kinney m. (1) Elizabeth Richards, (2) Thankful Rude, (3) Sarah Bump.
6, 7—John Keny m. (1) E. A. Wentworth. (2) Esther Crane.
7—Josiah Kenney m. (1) Deborah Towne, (2) Mary Case.
7—David Kinne m. Jerusha Parke.
7—Asa Kinney m. Mrs. Jerusha (Norris) Fish.
7—Benjamin Kinney m. Martha Harris.
7—John Keny Jr. m. Ruth Feno.
8—Thomas Kinnie m. Martha Cox.
9—Martha Kinne m. Joseph Skinner.
10—Lois Kinne m. Edward Payne.
10—Keziah Kinne m. Nathaniel Brown.
10—Thomas Kinne Jr. m. Hannah Gallup.
11—Hulda Kinne m. Nathaniel Cogswell.
11—Phoebe Kinne m. James Freeman.
11—Nathan Kinne m. Elizabeth Tufts.
12—Rachael Kenney m. Thomas Hunkins.
13—Sarah Kenney m. Ephriam Town.
14—Tabatha Kenney m. (1) Samuel Akers, (2) John Courser.
15—Thomas Kenney m. Phebe Thurston.
15—Joseph Kinney m. Mary C. Wright.
15—William Kinney m. Mary Lucy Morse.
16—Timothy Kinney m. Lydia Irons.
16—Joseph Page Kinney m. Isabel N. Stanhouse.
16—William Kinney Jr. m. Lucy Lee.
17—Edgar Samuel Kinney m. Emma Wescott.
17—Samuel Kinney m. Lydia Oatman.
18—Asa Kinne m. Elizabeth Joslyn.
18—Hon. Joel Kinne m. Clarissa Ford.
19—Benj. Harris Kinney m. C. Wyman.
19—Dysa Kinney m. Eben Hall or Hill.
19—Franklin J. Kinnie m. (1) A. E. Foster, (2) Fanny Dodd.
20—Silas Kenney m. Lydia Capen.
21—Lewis Kenney m. Elizabeth Carr.
21—Joel Kenney m. Selma Conklin.
22—Thomas Mower m. Mary Kinney.
22—Josiah Kenney m. (1) Mary Case, (2) Katherine Irving.
22—Ebenezer Kenney m. Abigail Ramsdel.
23—Dea. Moses Kenney m. Azubah Parmeter.
23—Zadock Chapin m. Sarah Kenney.
24—Halloway Kenney m. Lucy —?—.
24—Luke Knowlton m. Charlotte Kenney.
25—Capt. Silas Kenney m. Eunice Taylor.
26—Munnis Kenney m. Patty Campbell.
26—Sewall Kenney m. Mrs. Mary (Strong) Corbin.
26—David Ambrose Kinney m. Esther Piatt.
27—Edwin Kinney m. Elizabeth God- den.
27—Edwin Bruce Kinney m. (1) Anna Moore, (2) Mabel Alger.
27—Samuel Kenney m. (1) Mrs. Mary (Moores) Richards, (2) Mrs. Lydia (Emery) Davis.
28—Samuel Kenney Jr., m. Mary Mulincum.
29—Nathan Kenney m. Rebecca Chamberlain.
29—Capt.Joseph Kinney m. Keziah Peabody.
31—Col. Joseph Kinney m. (1) Sarah Blunt, (2) Mrs. Jemima (Newcomb) Lamb.
32—Samuel Blunt of Andover, Mass.
34—Timothy Lyman m. Dorothy Kinney.
35—Col. Joseph Kinney III m. Sarah Spaulding.
36—Guy Tozer m. Wealthy Kinney.
36—Daniel Kinney m. Mary Sprague.
37—Newcomb Kinney m. Sally Branch.
38—Dea. David Kinney m. Jemima Fowler.
39—Jared Hosford m. Jemima Kinney.
39—Lorenzo Child Kinney m. Sophia Fray Strong.
40—joseph Child Kinney m. Louisa Ann Rugg.
41—Jonathan Kinney m. (1) Lydia Kendrick, (2) Mrs. Rebecca Cummings.
41—David Sherburne m. Wealthy Kinney.
42—David Kinney m. (1) Abigail Ayers, (2) Nancy Powers, (3) Esther Bliss.
43—Jonathan Kinney Jr., m. Temperence Skinner.
45—Joseph Newcomb Kinney m. (1) Althea L. Duttoii, (2) Mrs. Ann (Wilson) Morrison, (3) Laura Demnead, (4) Mrs. Louisa (Woodruff) Tilden.
45—Rudolphus Dewey Kinney m. Sarah Dutton.
46—Justus Kinney m. Lois Taft.
47—George S. Worcester m. Ida Eldora Kinney.
47—Wilson Thurston m. Frances L . K. Kinney.
48—John M. Hill m. Harriet T. Kinney.
48—Hon. Bradford Kinney m. Sally Parkhurst.
49—Sanford Kinne m. (1) Mary —?—, (2) Fanny Carroll.
49—Hammond Kinney m. Amanda Edison.
50—Lieut. Asa Kinne m. Bethiah Kimball.
51—Elisha Button m. Bethiah Kinne.
51—Daniel Hopkins m. Olive Kinne.
52—Charles Frederick Button m. Hannah Kinne.
53—Joseph Kinne m. Mary Button.
54—Joseph Kinney Jr. m. Roxanna Wilson.
54—Wilson Abijah Kinney m. Laura Maria Northup.
54—George Wilson Kinney m. Amy Baker.
54—John Nelson Kinney m. Sophronia Cleveland.
55—Thos. Kimball Kinne m. M. P. Bishop.
55—Hercules H. Mooney m. Mary J. Kinne.
55—Alfred M. Kinne m. (1) Betsy Rockwell, (2) Laura Landon.
56—Daniel Bishop Kinne m. Betsy Matthews.
56—Mary Jane Kinne m. (1) James West, (2) Joseph Rhodes.
56—Alonzo P. Browning m. Julietta Kinne.
56—Henry Payson Kinne m. Ellen S. Bates.
57—Homer P. Stebbins m. Susan E. Kinne.
57—Anson Hart Robbins m. Lucy Caroline Kinne.
58—Edward C. Kinne m. H. A . Lewis.
58—Thaddeus L. Kinney m. L. M. Smith.
58—Asa Kinne Jr. m. (1) Thankful Bellows, (2) Mary P. Colton.
59—Stephen Kinne m. Althea Tyrrell.
60—Daniel Kinne m. Betsy Spencer.
60—John Daniel Kinne m. Agusta Erwin or Erving.
60—John Freeman Kinne m. Charlotte M. Dailey.
61—Nathan Graves m. Polly Kinne.
61—Kenas Kinne m. (1) Olive Fuller, (2) Martha P. Fuller.
62—Lyman Kinne m. (1) Judith Randlett, (2) Elizabeth Randlett.
62—John Lyman Kinne m. Helen M. Beals.
63—Asa Kimball Kinne m. Marietta Derby.
63—Jeremiah Kinne m. Mary Starkweather.
64—Capt. This. Cole m. Merriam Kinne.
64—Jesse Starkweather m. Mary Kinne.
65—Timothy Lester Jr. m. Elizabeth Kinne.
65—John Kinne m. Ann Ayer.
65—Elishe Kinne m. Thankful Fitch.
66—Stephen F. Kinne m. Abby Brookway.
66—Abner Kinne m. (1) Cynthia dishing, (2) Lydia Stanton.
67—Spencer Kinne m. Meribah Bromley.
69—Henry Kinne m. Sybill Tracy.
69—Spencer Kinne m. Lucinda Brown.
70—Alexander Kinne m. (1) S. C. Kimball, (2) Mrs. H. Hawkins.
70—Woodbury Kinne m. Zerviah Kinne.
71—David Kinne m. Eunice Cogswell.
71—Nathan Kinne m. Eunice —?—.
72—Wm. Cornell m. Huldah Kinne.
72—David Kinne Jr. m. (1) Margaret Edmonds, (2) Hannah Cook.
73—Prentice Kinne m. Eliza Dings.
73—David B. Kinne m. Mary C. Potta.
74—Nathaniel Kinne m. Polly Sheldon.
74—Erastus Kinne m. (1) Lucy Burton, (2) Louisa Kinne Burton.
75—Charles Morrison Kinne m. H. P. Geer.
76—William Kinne m. Eliza Evans.
77—John Emerson Kinne m. (1) ?, (2) Patty B. Cogswell, (3) P. Burton.
77—Orrin T. Kinne m. (1) C. L. Stone, (2) Mrs. Caroline (Jackson) Davis.
78—Henry R. Lillybridge m. Mary Kinne.
79—Lemuel A. Kinne m. Elizabeth Ftey.
79—Henry M. Kinne m. Sarah P. Gilford.
79—Manuel Kinne m. (1) Marthe Gallup, (2) Lucy A . (Starkweather) Park, (3) Zipporah (Freeman) Partridge, (4) Edith Curtis.
80—Robert Kinne m. (1) Deborah Clark, (2) Clarissa Wilson, (3) L. Walls.
80—Ezra Kinne m. Louisa Clough.
81—Levi LeRoy Kinne m. Hannah Gallop.
81—John Kinne m. Mary Baker.
82—Jeremiah Kinne m. (1) Martha Dow, (2) Cloe Wilcox.
83—Samuel H. Kinne m. Angeline Marvin.
84—Isaac Kinne m. Sarah Kinne.
84—Isaac Kinne Jr. m. Cynthia Kyle.
85—Nathan Klnne m. (1) Ann Frye, (2) Mrs. Sarah (Oliver) Pennell.
85—Isaac Kinne m. Harriet McCllmans.
86—John Kinne m. Hannah M. Pennell.
87—Daniel Kinne m. Patience Hutching.
87—Levi Leonard Kinne m. Arvilla Rose.
88—Thos. Carr Kinne m. (1) Clymence Rose, (2) Caroline A. Rose.
88—Lyman Kinne m. Rebecca (Kinne) Iindsley.
89—Clinton O. Kinne m. (1) E. M. Alden, (2) Lizzie J. Hoffman.
90—Joseph Kinne m. Sarah Matthews.
92—Samuel Kinney m. Amy Hutching.
93—Elisha Capron m. Lucy Klnne.
94—Elisha Kinne m. Rebecca Grant.
94—Joel D. Kinne m. Catherine Church.
95—James Kinne m. (1) Sarah HerrIck, (2) Susan Fiske, (3) Mary Robbing.
97—Elijah Herrick m. Keziah Kinne.
97-Sterry Kinne m. (1) Sally Robbing, (2) Abba Robbing.
98—Elijah Kinne m. (1) Jerusha Burton, (2) Elizabeth Leake.
99—Elijah Kinne Jr. m. Hester Wisner.
99—Wm. Kinne m. Catherine Sly.
100—Wm. Isaac Kinne m. Alice E. Campain.
100—David Wisner Kinney m. Mary L. Stone, (2) Mrs. Mary (Dunlap) Wilson, (3) Mrs. Phoebe (Everett) Townsend.
101—Ephriam Kinne m. Hannah Cole.
101—Silas Mead Kinne m. LuFanny Halsey.
101—Ephriam Kinne m. Emma C. Holts.
102—Wm. Halsey Kinne m. Eldora Blaine.
102—Cyrus Kinne m. Julia Birge.
102—Cyrus Kinne m. (1) Miss Cole, (2) Jane Covert.
103—Isaac Kinne m. Lydia Dudley.
103—Ezra Kinne m. Matilda Langworthy.
104—Frederick A. Kinney m. Lucy Dawson.
105—Stephen Kinne m. Priscilla Herrick.
105—Stephen Kinne Jr. m. Elizabeth Sornberger.
106—Roswell Kinne m. Ann Burton.
106—Roswell Kinne 2nd. m. Jerusha Rust.
106—Nathaniel Kinne m. Lydia —?—.
106—Nathaniel Kinne Jr. m. Eunice Hoskins.
107—Elias Kinne m. Lydia Randall.
107—Jesse R. Kinne m. Sarah Wheeler.
108—Hon. Agustus C. Kinne m. Cecelia Rosenkrang.
108—Horace B. Kinne m. Ananda Wheaton.
109—Stephen Kinne m. Jerusha Skinner.
109—Geo. S. Waters m. Fidelia Kinne.
109—Didymus Kinne m. Eva —?—,
109—Frances Balcom m. Priscilla Kinne.
110—Niles Hartwell Kinne m. Sarah Spears.
110—Stephen Kinne m. Sally Sweet.
110—Eli Wm. Kinne m. Maryette Waters.
111—Barnabas Kinney m. Naamah Holcotmb.
112—Moses Younglove Kinne m. Mary A. Powers.
112—Lieut. Amos Kinne m. Sarah Palmer.
113—John Trowbridge m. Anna Kinne.
113—Capt. Roger Kinne m. Huldah Skinner.
114—Amos Kinney m. Hannah Rowland.
114—Daniel Kinne m. Nancy McCullough.
114—Alanson Bedient m. Linus Kinne.
114—Daniel K. Bedient m. Freelove Kinne.
116—Roger Kinne Jr., m. Ruth Barrett.
116—Jonathan Kinne m. Lydia Haynes.
116—Charles P. Kinne m. Betsy Lawrence.
116—Hiram E. Kinne m. Julia Ann Hull.
117—Amos Kinne Jr., m. Esther TJtley.
118—Calvin B. Stowell m. Sarah Kinne.
118—E. P. Cleveland m. Mary Pi Kinne.
119—Amos Kinne m. Susannah Grow.
120—John Wright m. Phebe Kinne.
120—Luther Kinne m. (1) Pasha Miller, (2) Polly Bartlett.
121—Elisha Palmer Kinne m. (1) Cloe Waterman, (2) S. C. Waterman.
122—Elisha Kinne (y) m. Elizabeth Benton.
123—Nathan Kinne m. Elizabeth Holland Farrington.
123—Vine Kinne m. Roxanna Gould.
124—Hon. Nathan Kinne Jr. m. Char- lotte Haywood.
124—Bradford Kinne m. (1) Laura A. Carpenter, (2) Mary E. Carpenter.
124—Justus Norris m. Mary Ann Kinne.
125—Amasa F. Kinne m. (1) Susan O. Smith, (2) Jane S. Bristol.
126—Edward W. W. Kinne m. Mary J. Parker.
126—Nathan Kinne m. Deborah Knight.
128—Gideon Kinne m. Thankful Hewett.
128—Walter Brown Jr. m. Avis Kinne.
129—Lott Kinne m. Betsy Robbins.
129—Stephen Kinne(y) m. (1) Mary Crary, (2) Rebecca Coats.
130—Jacob Fox m. Eliza J. Kinne (y).
130—Giles Kinne m. (1) Polly Burton, (2) Myra Cornell.
130—Stephen Coats Kinne m. (1) Hannah Kelly, (2) Mary C. Allen.
131—Geo. Samuel Kinne m. Mary V. Griffeth.
131—Hezekiah Park m. Martha Kinne.
133—John Blackmar m. Jemima Kinney.
133—Jacob Blackmar m. Phebe A. Green.
133—Abraham Clark III m. Alice Blackmar.
134—Willis Gaylord Clark m. M. J. Maltby.
134—Wm. C. Briggs m. Emma M. Clark.
135—Peter Aldrich m. Priscilla Kenney.
136—Samuel White m. Dinah Kinne.
137—John Bishop m. Anna Kinne.
137—Jonathan Dwinell m. Mehitable Kinne.
138—Daniel Kenney m. Mary Richards.
139—Daniel Kenney Jr., m. Elizabeth Stockweil.
139—Daniel Kenney IH, m. Abigail Davis.
139—Richard Kenney m. Tryphenia -?-
140—Jethro Kenney m. Ruth Jackson.
140—Erastus Noble m. Ruth Kenney.
140—Wm. Jethro Kenney m. (1) Mary McMurphy, (2) Mrs. Rachel Chittester.
141—Reuben Jethro Kenney m. H. P. Burt.
141—Alfred Kenney m. Pamelia Landrum.
142—Wm. Kenney m. Sarah Stockweil.
142—Wm. Kenney Jr., m. Mary Snow.
142—Wm. Kenney 3rd. m. (1) Rhoda Oakes, (2) Mrs. Sabrina (Blandin) Woodbury.
142—Edward Oakes Kenney m. (1) Nancy S. Smith, (2) Lovinia Hale.
143—Archelaus Kenney m. (1) Anna Parsons, (2) Mary Averill, (3) Rebeccah Rolf, (4) Phebe Frye, (5) Elizabeth —?—.
143—Jethro Kenney m. Mehitable Eaton.
143—Israel Kenney m. Hannah Balch.
144—Asa Kenney m. Mehitable Stockwell.
144—John Kenney m. Mary Marsh.
145—Asa Kenney Jr. m. Sophronia Snow.
145—Jesse Kenney m. Polly Sibley.
145—Cyrus Kenney m. Lydia Thompson.
146—Isaac Kenney m. Lydia Richardson.
146—Simeon Kenney m. Jerusha Johnson.
146—Andrew Gould m. Pamelia Kenney.
147—Wm. Johnson Kenney m. Mehitable Curtis.
148—Jacob Kenney m. Parnel —?—.
148—Thomas Kenney m. Mary H. Barlow.
149—Israel Kenney m. Eunice White.
149—Israel Kenney Jr. m. Hannah Wilkins.
149—Israel Kenney 3rd. m. (1) Mehi- table Wilkins, (2) Mrs. Judith Fuller.
149—Solomon Blood m. Hannah Kinney.
149—Israel Averell m. Mary Kenney.
149—David Kenney m. Priscilla Wilkins.
150—Jonathan Kinney m. Rebecca Nurse.
151—Jonathan Kinney Jr. m. Prudence Gale.
152—Nathan Kinney m. (1) Abigail Williams, (2) Eunice Kinney, (3) Anna Chaffee.
152—John Kinney m. Rhoda Chamber- lain.
153—Joel Kinney m. Chloe Coyne.
154—Rejoice F. Towne m. E. C. Sissions.
154—Nathan Kinney m. Lucy S. Wales.
155—Milton Horace Kinney m. Martha Moore.
156—Albert H. Kinney m. Abigail OIney.
156—Ripley Chamberlain m. Esther H. Kinney.
157—Elisha Kinney m. Mary Ann Marcy.
157—Danforth Kinney m. Jane W. Holmes.
158—Myron Kinney m. Mary Jane Corbin.
161—Eleazer Kinney m. (1) Mary Paul, (2) Mrs. Phebe Moore.
161—Paul Kinney m. Mary S. Barrett.
162—Nathan Kinney m. Roxana Thompson.
163—Alpheus Kinney m. Lucy Eaton.
163—Warren Kenney m. Safety A. Kinney.
163—Orren Jefferson Kinney m. M. Cook.
163—Philanzo D. Kinney m. Abby Smith.
163—Edward Holmes m. Nancy Kinney.
163—David Kinney m. (1) Betsy Sweet, (2) Esther Ann Hanks.
164—Frank Garnett m. Hannah O. Kinney.
164—Worthy Hanks Kinney m. Annis MacAfee.
164—John Eaton Kinney m. Evaline M. Conover.
164—Sanford E. Kinney m. Sarah Chase.
165—Orran D. E. Kinney m. S. M. Jordan.
165—Samuel Kenney m. Lydia Kenney.
165—Peter Shattuck m. Lydia Kenney.
166—Isaac Kinney m. Ann Adams.
166—Isaac Kinney Jr. m. Betsy Ingalls.
166—Archelius Towne m. Ruth Kinney.
167—James Kinney m. Silance Lamb.
167—Moses Kenney m. Frances Pierce.
168—Hosea Kinney m. (1) Mercy Lamb, (2) Mrs. Maranda French.
168-9—Moses Kinney m. (1) Elizabeth —?—, (2) Elizabeth Bemis.
169—Moses Kinney Jr. m. Laura Greenwood.
169—Aaron Kinney m. Jerusha Whitmore.
169—Simeon Jacobs Jr. m. Mary Kenney.
170—Daniel Kinney m. Ann Parks.
170—Daniel Kinney Jr. m. Betsy Culver.
170—James Kinney m. Esther Mower.
170—John Kinney m. (1) Mahaley Gale, (2) Lydia Fox, (3) Mehitable Sherburn.
171—Rufus Kinne m. (1) Mary Hadden, (2) Marilla Brown, (3) Chloe Scoville.
171—Erastus Kinne m. (1) Mary E. Baxter, (2) Mrs. Eliza Smith.
172—Rufus Whltlock m. (1) Esther Kinne, (2) Sarah Carpenter.
172—Jacob Kinne m. Mercy Coville.
173—Hiram Kinne m. Eliza Smith.
173—Robert Brown Kinne m. Angeline Humeston.
173—Ira Kinne m. (1) Mary J. Bratt, (2) Lucinda Ross Kinne.
174—Jason Kinne m. Mary Cordelia Kinne.
174—David Kinne m. Catherine Peck.
176—Robert Kinne Jr. m. Narcissa Johnson, (2) Catherine McLean.
177—James Kinne m. Christina McLean.
178—Archibald Stewart Kinne m. Ann Hunt.
179—Robert Kinne III m. Samantha Delight Kinne.
179—John Johnson Kinne m. Elizabeth Lawson.
180—Ebenezer Silliman Kinne m. Sarah McDonald.


Index of Ancestries, p.182
Family and Names Index, p.183

A Errata

From page 181: Since this book was set up, Mr. E. W. Bell of Vancouver, B. C., has completed and published Israel Kenney of New Brunswick and sent me the first copy off the press in acknowledgment of my extensive contributions of data thereon. This shows that Israel Kenney who m. Susan Hood of Topsfield, Mass., and was a pioneer of New Brunswick, Ca., was undoubtedly an immigrant direct from Ireland and could not have been a descendant of Henry and Ann of Salem as claimed by some of Israel's descendants.
p. 142—William Kenney, b. 1730. He went to the colonial wars; "was taken prisoner at Oswego, N. Y., Aug. 1756," and never heard from thereafter. It is presumed he died in captivity, p. 272, Vol. 14—New. Eng. Hist. & Gen. Beg. It was his widow, Sarah Stockwell Kinney, who m. Mar. 22, 1763, Edward Holman. This is proved by extensive research into the Stockwell family although Sutton Vital records and the Holman Genealogy mention her at marriage only as Sarah Kenney. Hence the inclusion of this Holman family on p. 28 of this Kinne Book is erroneous. We find no further record of Sarah Kenney, b. 1745, dau. of Samuel Jr. and Mary (Mulincum) Kenney with whom Sarah (Stockwell) Kenney was confused. Florance Keeney Robertson, Feb. 1946.
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