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The Haviland - de Havilland Heritage Society

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The Haviland - de Havilland Heritage Society


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The Haviland - de Havilland Heritage Society

The Haviland - de Havilland Heritage Society is a lineage, heritage and surname research group originally established in 1995 as the Haviland Genealogical Organization.


  • Establish definitive genealogical and heraldic research by collaborating with professional genealogists, historical societies, genealogical hobbyists, and family researchers.
  • Document mysteries, conflicting data, disputed theories, questionable "facts," and proved errors.
  • Obtain and Preserve family heirlooms, references and resources.
  • Manage the Haviland - de Havilland Y-DNA Study (havilanddna.com) and document findings.
  • Research the history and origins of the related families.
  • Document burials.
  • Find and document primary source information.
  • Build family trees and maintain web presence.
As a surname society, all variants of the surname are of interest whether they are related or not.
As a lineage society, we specialize in the descendants of Profile of Thomas, Sieur de Havilland, Jurat of Guernsey, highlighting interesting biographies in his lineage. However we are also interested in non-Guernsey family trees, especially Germanic Haverland and Irish Havlin families, as little is currently known about them.


Christopher Sirmons Haviland
  • President & Treasurer: The Haviland - de Havilland Heritage Society
  • Co-Manager & Participant: The Haviland - de Havilland Y-DNA Study
  • Specializing in the Guernsey de Havilland family, with focus on the American and Canadian Havilands, in particularly those of the Haviland Hollow, NY and Glens Falls, NY branches
  • Caretaker of Havilands.org, Havilands.net, Havilands.com, Haviland.wiki, HavilandGenealogy.com, ChronicledeHavilland.com, and HavilandDNA.com domains
  • Family tree chart builder
  • Haviland research coordinator and documentation specialist
Mrs. Marylin Ruth Current (née Heavilin)
Robert Alan Haviland
Robert Leslie Haviland II
Phil Heavilin

Society Projects

Our group gets involved in various ongoing projects. Here is a list of a few of them.
  • The Haviland - de Havilland Y-DNA Study: This project seeks to understand and document the relationship between men with variant spellings of the surname Haviland, tracking mutations in the markers to identify branches that validate the genealogy. We are always seeking participants! The more participants who join, and the more markers they can test (the 111-marker test being the most robust), the stronger our genealogy!
  • The John Haviland Burial Project: John Haviland (1792-1852) is marked as a Notable in WikiTree, as he was an important architect based out of Philadelphia. He was originally interred under what was then called St. Andrew's Episcopal Church (which is now the St. George Greek Orthodox Church). However he was reinterred (along with many other individuals, apparently co-mingled) on August 12, 1976 to St. Paul's Church in Exton, PA under a single stone slab. Since there was no documentation for this, Deacon Nicholas Pappas of St. George conducted years of research to discover this burial. Mr. Pappas reached out to the Haviland Heritage Society several times for help during this research. See: Finding John Haviland. Even now the marker isn't 100% trusted, and since his remains may be co-mingled with other people, we have a project to potentially exhume this grave site, identify John and his children with the help of Forensic Anthropologist Janet Monge at Penn Museum (referred to us by John's close cousin, Professor of Anthropology William Haviland), using DNA evidence, and possibly reinter them one last time to a proper burial site with a proper monument.
  • The Haviland.Wiki Project: The Haviland.Wiki (not currently public) used to be the beginnings of exactly what WikiTree is, just for the Haviland / de Havilland family. Since WikiTree already accomplishes that goal, the Haviland.Wiki will be reimagined into an online genealogical narrative on the family with the goal of one day being published as new and updated Chronicle on the Haviland & de Havilland families, replacing the 1895 Chronicle de Havilland by John V.S. de Havilland (son of the above well-posthumously-traveled John Haviland!) and the 1914 Haviland Genealogy by Josephine C. Frost. This Haviland.Wiki will use the WikiTree profiles as a basis of genealogical information for each of the individuals and interlink with it in some fashion. Therefore, the Havilands and de Havillands of WikiTree will be under the watchful eye of the Society in order to make sure it does not perpetuate confirmed errors, and properly document data which is not verified by primary evidence.
  • The Chronicle de Havilland Project: The ChronicleDeHavilland.com site (not currently public) will have two purposes: 1) to document the original Chronicle de Havilland book in possession by Christopher Haviland, which is filled with clips and notes by family researchers, and 2) to eventually sell the updated and published Chronicle de Havilland which will derive from the Haviland.Wiki project.

VIP Members (Official)

The following individuals are very important members of The Haviland - de Havilland Heritage Society with whom we are or have been in direct contact due to significant contributions to the genealogy or management or executor of major Haviland / de Havilland related projects and assignments.
  • Bridget Kopetzky: Group Manager of the Haviland FamilyTreeDNA Haviland Project, and as such, a Co-Manager & Participant of The Haviland - de Havilland Y-DNA Study; Specializing in the Irish Haviland and Havlin families
  • Penny McKay: Professional Genealogist & Contributor; Sponsor of the Haviland surname in the Guild of One-Name Studies; Specializing in Primary Source research in the U.K.
  • Ron Taylor Taylor-31586 (President of the Patterson [NY] Historical Society): Researcher & Contributor; Recovered lost Haviland gravestones in Haviland Hollow, compiled rare Haviland Hollow data and historical research.
  • Robert P. Haviland (late): Researcher & Contributor; best known for his work in searching for the remains of Castle Abilant in Normandy (in person) and discovering a 1792 map so-marked (probably based on the Medieval Norman poet Robert Wace)
  • Sara Haviland: Tax Specialist for The Haviland - de Havilland Heritage Society

VIP Members (Honorary)

The following individuals have conducted significant serious research in the Haviland / de Havilland genealogy, however The Haviland - de Havilland Heritage Society has never been in direct contact with them. (Most of them are deceased but supplied early evidence on which most of today's research depends.)
  • Julian Higman: Professional Genealogist specializing in Primary Sources in the U.K, whose work found its way into GEDCOMs in the early 1990's. (See Research Help in Oxfordshire).
  • Thomas Fiott de Havilland (1775-1866): Researcher & Contributor; author of the original Chronicle de Havilland genealogy; builder of Havilland Hall.
  • John von Sonntag de Havilland (1819-1886): Professional Genealogist & Contributor; author of the Chronicle de Havilland revisions resulting in the 1895 publication; Herald with the College of Arms; Professed Knight in the Order of Malta (Order of St. John of Jerusalem).
  • Mrs. Josephine C. Frost (1864-1942): Professional Genealogist; author of The Haviland Genealogy published in 1914.
  • Eduardo Haviland Hillman (1874-1947): Professional Genealogist & Contributor
  • Frederick Haviland (1847-1902): Researcher & Contributor

Members who are Y-DNA Project Participants

The following individuals are participants in the Haviland - de Havilland Y-DNA Project, some of whom also contributed genealogy:
  • Brody John Haviland
  • Charles Frederick Haviland
  • Christopher Sirmons Haviland
  • Donald Wayne Heavirland
  • George Anderson
  • Gerald Jay Haviland
  • Harlan L. Haviland
  • James Thomas Ross de Havilland
  • Jay Eugene Haviland
  • John J. Heivilin
  • Mark Glen Haviland
  • Paul Eugene Heavilin
  • Philip Asa Heavirland
  • Richard Hafeman Haviland (late)
  • Robert Alan Haviland
  • Dr. William Arthur Haviland (Anthropologist)
  • William G. Haviland
  • William Wayne Haviland

  • Cyril Havelin
  • James Douglas Haviland
  • E. B. Haviland
  • Dr. Raymond Haverland
  • William J. Haverland
  • Rick Anthony Haverland

Other Researchers and Contributors

The following individuals have at some point contributed Haviland genealogical information over the last several decades. Some of these individuals have passed away.
  • Alex Heavilon
  • Allan Walter Savage
  • Allen Parker Cowgill
  • Anne B.
  • Arthur Pierce Haviland, Jr.
  • Barbara Agnes de Havilland
  • Charles Alexander Hillman
  • Charlotte Scholpp
  • Christina R. Fatten
  • Colin Robert Hague
  • David Haviland
  • Douglas Brant Haviland
  • Greg Bova
  • Irving B. Stanton, Jr
  • Jake Benson
  • Jim Haviland
  • Joan Doris Pearl
  • Kathleen Marie Haynes
  • Kelly Greg Haviland
  • Kevin Allec
  • Lawrence K. Lee
  • Linda Joyce Davis
  • Lorraine Atherton
  • Michelle Elaine Allan
  • Peter Howard
  • Samuel M. Heavilon
  • Shirley Jane Cleary
  • Virginia Combs
  • Virginia Ruth "Ginny" Cummings
  • Virginia Taylor
  • Wendy Castree
  • Willis Haviland Lamm & Catherine Grace Lamm

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