The Haviland Genealogy (1914)

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The Haviland Genealogy written by Josephine C. Frost in 1914 is the most widely used reference for descendants of the Guernsey de Havilland family. While most of it documents Americans who descend from the immigrant William Haviland of Newport R.I., , there are some updates on the English and Guernsey families published a couple of decades earlier in The Chronicle de Havilland.

Bibliographic Reference

Frost, Josephine C. The Haviland Genealogy: Ancestors and Descendants of William Haviland of Newport, Rhode Island, and Flushing, Long Island, 1653-1688: With Special Records of the Allied Families of Field, Hull, Torrey, Willett-Willis. New York, NY: Lyons Genealogical Company, 1914.
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Where to Find

Digital & Xerographed Copies

  • has a great, searchable digital version, which can be searched online and downloaded as PDF or text.
  • Higginson Books has bound reprints.
  • Abe Books has bound xerographed reprints and occasionally re-sells a rare original copy.

Original Print Copies

Only 200 copies of The Haviland Genealogy were bound and numbered in cloth, and an additional 25 in half-morocco (spine and corners covered by sheep-skin leather). The cloth-bound editions do not all look alike.
Not all of them have survived, and many of them are now in the hands of public libraries. The New York Public Library has one, and the Boston Library has another. Christopher Sirmons Haviland owns three original copies (see below).
Original Flyer promoting The Haviland Genealogy

The Author

Josephine C. Frost, the compiler, was a Life Member of the New York Genealogical and Biological Society, a member of the Long Island Historical Society, a member of Kings County Historical Society, a member of Daughters of the Revolution, Chairman of Membership in the National Society New England Women Brooklyn Colony, Genealogist of the Membership Committee in the National Society New England Woman, Editor of three volumes of Town Records of Jamaica, L.I. 1656-1751, and had also compiled genealogies for the Frost and Strang families.


Some of the researchers with whom she collaborated were themselves professional genealogists (such as Eduardo Washington-Haviland Hillman (1874-1947), Founder and Fellow of the Society of Genealogists of London), others were highly enthusiastic Haviland researchers, such as Frederick Haviland (1847-1902), a member of the Haviland China dynasty.


Per Ron Taylor, The Patterson Historical Society (New York), 2016-08-12:

Josephine C Frost, as far as I have had a chance to judge, was a careful researcher: while compiling several genealogies (among several: Frost 1912a: The Frost Genealogy ; 1914: this book), she visited the locales of her subjects, copied cemetery inscriptions, talked with local residents (Frost 1912b). Frost (see her introduction to this book) expresses her care in checking the accuracy of data, but much of the data is the result of research by others. How much of the data is based on family records and on recollections is not known; such sources can be unreliable as Frost shows in several instances where there are conflicts in the data. Sources that are cited should be checked and where possible data confirmed by multiple, independent sources.

Per Christopher Sirmons Haviland, The Haviland - de Havilland Heritage Society, 2017:

I have studied this book for decades. It is an extraordinary piece of work, and has been the "bible" for Haviland researchers in America for a century. Over the years, various errors have been identified, which Frost herself expected would happen, as some of the book is based more on conjecture than strict evidence. And so, as students of her work and of the family, we are expected to fix it. WikiTree is where that is happening. Someday we hope to publish a new, definitive Haviland / de Havilland genealogy, correcting and supplementing both Frost's The Haviland Genealogy as well as the older Chronicle de Havilland (1895) by John V.S. de Havilland, on which the Guernsey and English genealogy is founded). It is worth noting also that F. Eleanor Chapin published the Canadian Haviland Family Genealogy in 1991, which specializes in the Havilands the emigrated into Canada (particularly the loyalists).

Current Owners

This section documents current owners, chains of custody and other interesting information about specific copies of the original book in private collections and libraries. If you have, or know who has, an original copy, please document it here.

Number ?

The Haviland Genealogy by Josephine C. Frost
# ? from the New York Public Library, New York, NY
Cloth Binding (Blue) with Gold Embossed Spine

This blue cloth-bound edition can be found in the Genealogy / Humanities room at the New York Public Library on 42nd Street, New York, NY. The pages of that copy are yellow and starting to disintegrate, as if the pages have a higher acid composition than the other copies, which seem to have a better quality paper and are in much better condition. Its copy number is not known.

  1. Current Owner: The New York Public Library
  2. Previous Owner: ?

Number 41

The Haviland Genealogy by Josephine C. Frost
# 41 from Christopher Sirmons Haviland's collection
Cloth Binding (Red) with Gold Embossed Spine
  1. Current Owner: Christopher Sirmons Haviland.
  2. Previous Owner: Dr. Henry E. Chesebrough of Greenwich, NY.

Number 58

The Haviland Genealogy by Josephine C. Frost
# 58 from Christopher Sirmons Haviland's collection
Cloth Binding (Red)
The Haviland Genealogy #58 - Smoke Damage
Number 58 has black marks on some pages consistent with smoke damage. It may have survived a house fire.
  1. Current Owner: Christopher Sirmons Haviland.
  2. Previous Owner: Robert Alan Haviland.
  3. Previous Owner: The Haviland China company.

Number 68

  1. Current Owner: ? Irving B. Stanton, Jr. (great grandson of Frederick Haviland).
  2. Previous Owner: ?

Number 142

The Haviland Genealogy by Josephine C. Frost
# 142 from Christopher Sirmons Haviland's collection
Autographed by Josephine C. Frost
Cloth Binding (Green) with Gold Embossed Spine
#142 Josephine C. Frost autograph to "Elizabeth S. Haviland" (unidentified)
#142 inscription from "Richard" to "Aunt Anna" (unidentified)
  1. Current Owner: Christopher Sirmons Haviland.
  2. Previous Owner: An independent antiquated bookseller.
  3. Previous Owners: Elizabeth S. Haviland (not yet identified). Book is autographed to her by Josephine C. Frost. On the next page is another inscription that reads, "With Love to Aunt Anna from Richard, April 23, 1927." These individuals are not identified. In theory, Frost autographed the book to a woman named Elizabeth Haviland (it is not known whether this is a married name) ca 1914-1916, and then at some point it came to be owned by a Richard __?__ who inscribed it to his Aunt "Anna." We presume Richard and Anna are both descendants.

Number 149

  1. Current Owner: The Boston Public Library
  2. Previous Owner: ?

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