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The History of Wells and Kennebunk

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The History of Wells and Kennebunk

from the earliest settlement to the year 1820, at which time Kennebunk was set off, and incorporated

  • by Edward Emerson Bourne,1797-1873; Edward Emerson Bourne,1831-
  • published B.Thurston & Company, Portland, Maine, 1875

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Table of Contents

Chapter I. - The Coast Of Maine — General Aspect — Marine Border Of Wells — First Settlement— Infant Baptism— Gorges' Charter— Thomas Gorges Appointed Deputy Governor — Gorges' House — Rev. George Burditt — Indictments Against Him — A Court Organized — Permits To Hutchinson and Others To Take Up Land — Commission To John Wheelright and Others To Allot Lands— First Settlement Under Gorges
Chapter II. - Grant To Thomas Gorges— Grant To Wheelright— Lygonia Patent — Claim Of Col. Alexander Rigby— Decision in His Favor— Edward Godfrey — Courts Held at Wells and Gorgeana — Claim Of Massachusetts — Compact between Gorgeana, Kittery, and Wells — Character Of Godfrey — Commissioners sent by Massachusetts inTo Maine— Address To Godfrey— His Reply— Incorporation Of Gorgeana— Indian Deed To Wadleigh— Various Names Of The Plantation —Origin Of The Name Wells — House Of Bowles Burnt — Names Of Inhabitants Of The Plantation, with Brief Sketches— Massachusetts Commissioners Require Submission To Her Authority — Their court at Kittery and Wells— Jurisdiction Of Massachusetts acknowledged — Ogunquit Joined To Cape Neddick — Commissioners Grant Corporate Powers To Wells— Commissioners Appointed To Settle Boundary Between Wells and York.
Chapter III. Officers Appointed by The Commissioners -First Church in Wells — Names Of Members, Brief Sketches Of — Church Dissolved by The Commissioners
Chapter IV. Submission Of Cape Porpoise and Saco To Massachusetts — First Road Laid Out In Wells— Ferry Over Kennebunk River— Wm. Reynolds — First Houses in Wells — Scarcity Of Corn — Littlefield's Mills —First Settlers In Wells— Wheelright's Mill — Sketch Of His Life
Chapter V. - Opposition To jurisdiction Of Massachusetts — Petition To Oliver Cromwell— Indictments— Laws Relating To Religious Opinion— Order For Erection Of Jail— First County Tax In Wells— Mllitia Organized — Report Of Committee Of Parliament Against The Claim Of Massachusetts — Agent Sent Over By Heir Of Gorges — Council Appointed — Demand Of Massachusetts Upon Councilors — Their Reply—General Court Held At Littlefield's House— Political Complications— Indictments— Order Of King Charles— Commissioners Appointed by Him - Petition Of Inhabitants Of Casco — Court Held At Saco Under Authority Of King's Commissioners — Fast Day Appointed — Court Held At York By Commissioners Of Massachusetts — Conference Of The Two Boards Of commissioners — Conflict Between Them— Thomas Wheelright's Letter To The Governor— Petition To The General Court - Wells Made a Shire Town
Chapter VI. - Henry Boade— Edmund Littlefield— Story Of Francis Littlefield, Sen.— John Gooch— John Gooch, Jr.— James Gooch— Anthony Littlefield— Jonathan Thinge— Thomas Miles— John Barret— John White— John Bush— Robert Wadleigh— John Wakefield— William Cole— List Of Inhabitants After The Incorporation, And Prior To 1670
Chapter VII. - First Settlers In Kennebunk— John Sanders— Mousam River Ferry— John Cheater— Little River Ferry — First Public House in Kennebunk— George Buckland— William Symonds— Daniel Piebce— Boundary Established Between Wells And Cape Porpoise— Road Along The Sea Wall— First Bridge — Brian Pendleton Appointed Surveyor— Cape Porpoise River Verry— First Road To Kennebunk
Chapter VIII. Low Condition Of The Church — Rev. Seth Fletcher Employed To Preach — Orders Of The General Court in Relation To Charges Against Him — Injunction Against Him— Petition Of Inhabitants To Dissolve Injunction - Orders Of General Court To The Inhabitants To Procure a Minister - Inhabitants Indicted For Not Providing A Place Of Worship — Joseph Emerson Engaged - Rev Jeremiah Hubbard Engaged - The Connection Dissolved.
Chapter IX. - Origin Of The Name Kennebunk— Henry Sayward— Grants To Sayward, Johnson, and Patty— First House In Kennebunk Village — Mousam Mills — Conflict Of Titles To The Mills — Henry Brown And James Carr — Avalanche On Kennebunk River— Discontent Toward Massachusetts
Chapter X. - Grant To Israel Harding — Indictments Against Harding And Wife — Legislative Enactments — Meeting House And Parsonage Built — First Pauper — Ducking Stool — Mordan's Cave — Nathaniel Boston — Liquor Laws
Chapter XI - King Phillip's War — Wanton Upsetting Of A Canoe — Indian Barbarities — Order Of The Council To Lieut. Wheelwright — Massacre At Portsmouth And Berwick—Fast Appointed— Indian Attack On Wells — Four Hundred Indians Captured — Death Of James Gooch And Wife — Destruction Of Cape Neddock — Attack Of Mugg on Garrison At The "Town's End "— Treaty With Mugg— Death Of Mugg— Treaty At Canso
Chapter XII. -Judiciary System— Various Indictments— Grand Jurors, Their Compensation— The Court Drummer— Court at Wells— Names Of Members—Expenses—Indictments—Punishments — James Adams—"The Devil's Invention"—Story Of The Simpson Children
Chapter XIII. - Rev. Robert Paine— John Buss— Rev. PercIval Green— Rev. Richard Martin— Rev. George Barrows— His Trial For Witchcraft— William Severn
Chapter XIV. - Action Of The Town In Relation To Jurisdiction Of Massachusetts — Gorges' Title Purchased By Massachusetts— First Colony Tax — Grants To Various Persons — Order Of Town To Proprietors To Lay Out Grants — Indictments Against The Town — Manufacture Of Rosin and Tar— Dishonest Tax Payers— Disaffection Toward Massachusetts—Tax on Mills— Various Grants— List Of Residents In Wells From 1641 To 1687
Chapter XV. - King William's War — Letters Of Wheelright, Storer, And Others — Location And Description Of Garrisons — Letter Of Capt. Andrews — A Truce Signed, And Disregarded, By The Indians — Appeals To The Government For Aid — Contributions— Attack Of The Indians Under Moxus— Massacre at York— Death Of Rev. Shubuel Dummer And Wife — Successful Defence Of Two Sloops Against The Attack Of Five Hundred Of The Enemy — Attack Upon Littlefield's Garrison — Narrow Escape Of Littlefield — Treaty Entered Into With The Sagamores — Attacks Upon Dover, Kittery, and York— Death Of Major Frost — Rumsellers Prosecuted — Modes Of Punishment — The Stocks— The Cage— Grant Of Great Falls To John Wheelright And Others — Grants To Various Persons— Defective Condition Of The Early Records— Vote Of The Town Relative Thereto — Samuel Wheelright— William Hammond
Chapter XVI. - Social Life Of The Early Inhabitants— Their Houses And Furniture
Chapter XVII. - Queen Ann's War— Letter Of John Wheelright To The Governor-Attack upon Wells— Escape Of Harding And Wife— Brief Accounts Of The Victims Of The Assault— Petition Of The Inhabitants To The General Court For Abatement Of Tax— Indians Seen on Drake's Island— Their Ingenious Device For Escape— Death Of Nicholas Cole And Others— Lewis Allen, The Spy— Tidings From The Captives In Canada— Exchange Of Prisoners— Attack Upon Kittery, York, And Wells
Chapter XVIII. - Queen Ann's War Continued— Indian Raids— Drowning Of Wakefield And Others — Capture Of Lleut. Josiah Llttlefield — Hls Letters — His Release And Death— Indian Atrocities— Two Marriages Celebrated At The Garrison— Sambo's Capture And Escape— Garrison Attacked— Capture Of Plaisted — Francis Littlefield
Chapter XIX. - Rev. Samuel Emery — Meeting-house Rebuilt — Church organized — Ordination Of Mr. Emery— Letter Of Rev. Samuel Moody— Suspension Of Deacon Wells— Death Of Mr. Emery.
Chapter XX. - Close Of The War- Prosperous Condition Of The Town— Grants To Various Persons— William Larrabee— Houses Built In Kennebunk — "Grandfather Poke" — John Gillespie— Plum Island— Harding's Mill— Kennebunk Named— Title To The Territory Claimed By The Inhabitants — Boundary Between Wells And Kittery Controverted — Committee Appointed By General Court To Settle The Line- Pounds And Impounding— Schools— Teachers, Martin, Treadwell, Lynn, and Ledyard — Claims Of Daniel And Simon Eppes Of Title To Kennebunk— Second Attempt To Manufacture Tar— Cape Porpoise Re-organized Under The Name Of Arundel-First Bridge Over Kennebunk River— Immigration From Ireland
Chapter XXI. - Lovewell's War— Indian Raids— Various Persons Killed— Sergeant Larrabee's Garrison — Death Of Capt. Felt And Others— Destruction Of Norridgewock— Soldiers From Wells — Indian Cowardice— Wheelright's Expedition To Lovell's Pond — Attack Upon The Durrell Family— Indians Resident At Wells— Their Characteristics — Ambereuse — Indian Pow-wow— List Of Inhabitants In 1726— Joseph Storer
Chapter XXII. - Grants To Various Persons — Confirmation Of Titles By The Proprietors— Ferdinando Gorges— Batcomb — The Littlefield And Winn Controversy— Bills Of Credit Authorized By The Legislature- Shipbuilding At Wells
Chapter XXIII. - The Meeting-house— Collection Of Mill Rents —Parsonage Built — Stockade Built Around It— Alterations Of The Meeting-house — Paupers — Daniel Tucker — Throat Distemper — Schools — Richard Dean— First School-house— First School In Kennebunk— Nathaniel Harrington— Andrew Tyler— John Lester — Wolves— Joseph Hill
Chapter XXIV. - New Candidates For The Ministry— Rev. Samuel Jefferds Ordained — Church Discipline— Biography Of Mr. Jefferds— Invitation To Rev. Samuel Fayrweather — Unsuccessful Attempt To Ordain Him —Rev. Gideon Richardson Ordained — His Death— Rev. Moses Hemmenway Ordained
Chapter XXV. - Expedition To Louisburg — List Of Volunteers From Wells— Letters Of Gen. Pepperell, Col. Storer, Rev. Samuel Jefferds, Mrs. Bulman — List Of Soldiers Who Died At Cape Breton — Fears Entertained Of An Attack By The French Fleet — Shipwreck On Mt. Desert— Indian Attacks Upon Brunswick, Falmouth, Scarboro, And Saco— Anecdote Of John Butland— Murder Of Mrs. Walker — Attempt To Surprise Larrabee's Garrison — Biographical Sketch Of Col. John Wheelright
Chapter XXVI. - Effort To Inaugurate A Second Parish— Meeting-house Built At The Landing— Incorporation Of The "Second Congregational Society in Wells" — Invitation To Rev. Daniel Little— His Reply— Fast Appointed— Church Consecrated — The Covenant And List Of Members Subscribing— Ordination Of Mr. Little— Baptismal Covenant —Covenant For Full Communion— Female Members Admitted— Annual Contribution For Charitable Purposes— Contribution In Aid Of Boston— Location Of Certain Dwelling Houses— First Retail Store In Kennebunk — Extracts From The Tax Lists Of The New Parish — Taxes — Valuation Of Wells— Slavery in Wells— Old Tom.
Chapter XXVII. - General Use Of Intoxicating Liquors— Introduction Of Tea and Coffee—Costume Of The Inhabitants— Titular Distinctions— Christian Names— Marriage Ceremonies— Funerals— First Bell In Kennebunk — Superstitions Of The Age— George Jacobs— His Trial And Execution
Chapter XXVIII. - Increase Of Inhabitants Of Kennebunk — Mills And Houses Built— The Great Freshet— Throat Distemper— Earthquakes— Fears Entertained Of Another Indian War— Removal Of The Acadians — Names Of Those Located in Wells— War Declared Against France —List Of Volunteers From Wells— Escape Of Rev. Mr. Little From The Indians — More Houses Built — First Painted House In Kennebunk — Additions To The Kennebunk Meeting-house — Schools — Samuel Moffat And Rev. Mr. Little, Teachers— Increase Of Inhabitants — New Road Laid Out From The Sea To The Landing — Ship-building Commenced At Kennebunk— First School-house In Kennebunk — Distribution Of School Money — Names Of Teachers, and Where Located — First Female Teacher— Llst Of Aged Persons.
Chapter XXIX. - The Old Parish— Controversy In Relation To Boundaries Of Farms- Agreement Of The Landholders Establishing Lines - Petitions To Divide The Parish - New Meeting House Built - Appraisal Of Pews — Report Of The Committee To Assign Pews — A Great Drouth — Petition Of The Inhabitants To Legislature For Aid
Chapter XXX. - Taxation Of Colonies— Opposition Of The People Of Wells and York — Resolutions Passed By The Town Of Wells— Jonathan Sayward — Tea Party At York — The Boston Port Bill — Contribution Of Second Parish In Wells In Aid Of The Poor Of Bosyon—"York County Congress " Holden At Wells — Resolves — John Sullivan's Harangue —Court Broken Up— Adam McCulloch— Dr. Abiather Alden— Dr. Ebenezer Rice — Joseph Churchill— Bulletin Of York County Congress—Delegate Chosen To The Provincial Congress At Cambridge — Instructions To Him — Action Of The Town Of Wells in Relation To War Measures — Roll Of Capt. James Hubbard's Company — Capt. Jesse Dorman's Company — Intense Excitement Of The People -List Of Soldiers Who Re-enlisted In Capt. Sawyer's Company— Gathering Of Ministers At York — Committee Of Safety Appointed — Instructions Of The Town To Representative To Congress To Vote For Independence — Declaration Of Independence Read In The Churches At Wells And Kennebunk — Joseph Sayer— Ebenezer Sayer— Waldo Emerson— Samuel Hitchcock — Theodore Lyman— Joseph Moody— Dr. Oliver Keating— Theodore And Honestus Plummer
Chapter XXXI. - Revolutionary War— Bounties Raised For Soldiers — Vote Of The Town Of Wells On The Adoption Of The Constitution— Agents Chosen To Prosecute Tories — Abraham Clark — List Of Wells Men Killed Near Ticonderoga And Crown Point— Tariff Of Prices Established By The Selectmen — Manufacture Of Salt — Iron Works At Kennebunk — Shipping — Celebration Of The Surrender Of Burgoyne — Vote Of Wells On The Articles Of Confederation, Etc. — Additional Bounties Voted — Opposition Of Wells To The State Constitution — Contributions Of Clothing For The Army — Increase Of Bounties — Penobscot Expedition — Poverty Of The People — Committee On Correspondence - The Dark Day - Objection Of The Town To The Bill Of Rights and The Constitution — Another Quota Of Soldiers Required — High Bounties Voted — Efforts To Enlist Men — Rejoicing At The Surrender Of Cornwallis - Peace.
Chapter XXXII. - Opposition To Return Of Refugees — The Currency — First Vessel Built On Kennebunk River — First Grocery Store — First Public House— List Of Prominent Business Men— New Road Located— First Regular Post-Office in Maine— Oldest Tombstone In Kennebunk — Stephen Larrabee— Prosperous Condition Of Kennebunk— Election Of State Officers — Convention At Falmouth To Consider Question Of Separation— Opposition Of Wells— Question Submitted To The People — The Brunswick Convention — Yote Of Wells Relative To Annexation To New Hampshire— Convention Of Other Towns Favoring Annexation — Separation — Convention At Portland To Form A Constitution— One-third Of Town Meetings Held At Kennebunk — Meetings Opened With Prayer — Great Freshet — Abatement Of Taxes By General Court— Mails— Public houses— Where Located — Delegates To Convention For Adoption Of Federal Constitution — John Bourne
Chapter XXXIII. - Roads Laid Out — Road Near The House Of Oliver Perkins— Road From The Mile Spring To Peabody's— Cat Mousam Road— Road from Mousam Landing — New Meeting-house Built By The Second Parish — Assignment Of Pews — Meeting-house Built At Alewife — Petitions For Aprpopriation (sic) Of Money There— Baptist Church Organized There— Baptist Church Organized At Maryland — Ordination Of Rev. Nathaniel Lord — List Of Members Of The Society — Petition To The General Court For Division Of The Parish — Remonstrance Of First Parish — Agreement As To Money Raised— Rev. Joseph Eaton Ordained— New Meeting-house Built.
Chapter XXXIV. - Wolves — Bears — Anecdotes Of William Butland — Deer and moose —Beavers— Birds— Salmon— Bass and Shad
Chapter XXXV. - Navigation — First Vessels Owned In Wells— First Vessel Built On Mousam River— The Proprietors Of Mousam River Canal — Course Of The River Changed— First Vessel Built On Kennebunk River— Prominent Business Men — Insurance By Individuals — Marine Disasters — The French Claims — Pier Built At The Mouth Of Kennebunk Tiver— Small-pox— Hospital Established
Chapter XXXVI. - The Jay Treaty — Memorial Of Citizens Of Wells Relative There- To—Address Of The Inhabitants To President Adams - His Reply —Political Parties— Opposition Of Wells To The Embargo— Petition To The President — Resolutions Passed At Town Meeting — Memorial To The General Court— The Non-intercourse Act-Memorial Of The Inhabitants To President On The War Question — War Declared — American Vessels Captured — The Privateer Gleaner— Rejoicing Over The Taking Of The Guerierre — Convention At Kennebunk To Nominate Candidate For Representative To Congress — Toll-bridge Built Over Kennebunk River — Bridge Made Free— Fishermen Taken By Privateers— The "Horse Marine List " — Capture Of The Privateer Alexander — Bank Established— Public Dinner To Hon. Cyrus King — The Ship Bulwark Off Kennebunk Harbor— Soldiers Called Out— Sloop Julia Recaptured — Committee Of Safety Chosen — "Company Of Exempts " —Privateer McDonough Captured— The Privateer Ludlow— Peace Declared— Great Rejoicing at Kennebunk— Vote Of The Inhabitants Of Wells on The Fire Proof Question — Another Great Freshet — Temperance — Court Records Kept At Kennebunk — Custom House Moved To Kennebunkport — Death Of Judge Wells— Death Of Thomas McCulloch— Biography Of Nathaniel Wells
Chapter XXXVII. - The First Parish— Rev. Benjamin White Ordained As Colleague With Dr. Hemmenway — His Retirement And Death — Revision Of The Creed — Invitation To Rev. David Oliphant— Rev. Jonathan Greenleaf Ordained — The Second Parish— Additions To The Meeting-house—Steeple Erected And Bell Purchased - Description Of Interior Of The Meeting-house— Singing— Musical Instruments — Organ Introduced— Stoves Set Up— Infirmity Of Rev. Mr. Little — Rev. Nathaniel H. Fletcher Ordained As Colleague— His Address —The Creed — Marriage Of Mr. Fletcher — Joseph Smith — His Attempt To Overturn The Meeting-house — Jacob Cockran — Letter Of Rev. Jonathan Greenleaf To Rev. Mr. Fletcher — Action Of The Parish Relative Thereto— Sunday School Organized.
Chapter XXXVIII. - Agriculture— The Crops— Corn and Potatoes— The Stock— Description Of The Early Houses In Kennebunk
Chapter XXXIX. - Vote Of The Inhabitants Establishing The Proprietary Of The Town — Organization Of The Proprietors — Boundary Line Between Wells and Coxhall Renewed— Grant To Proprietors Of Coxhall —Proprietary Law Suits— Vote Of Proprietors To Divide — Lots Assigned By Lottery — Controversy In Relation To Thatch-beds — Donation Of Certain Lots By The Proprietors — Votes Confirming Titles — Carriages Introduced
Chapter XL. - Roads — When And Where Located — Price Of Labor On Roads In Various Years — By-law Of Town Relative To Cattle Going At Large.
Chapter XLI. - Industry Of The Early Settlers— Amusements— Dancing — Esquire Brown's School— The First Ball— Huskings — Card Playing — Checkers—Keels And Bowles— Costume.
Chapter XLII. - Death Of Washington—Services At The Churches—Fourth Of July celebrations At Kennebunk— Dinner To Hon. Cyrus King— Reception Of President Monroe
Chapter XLIII. - Prosperity Of The Town — Newspapers Established— "Annals Of The Times" — "The Kennebunk Gazette "— " The Weekly Visitor "—The Wells Social Library — The Kennebunk Fire Society— Engine Purchased
Chapter XLIV. - Military History Of The Town — The Cavalry — Artillery — Flag Presentation— General Muster
Chapter XLV. - Division Of The Town — Kennebunk Incorporated.
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