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The Hughes Annual 1921

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Date: 1921
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, United Statesmap
Surname/tag: Ohio
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Hughes High School, Cincinnati, Ohio

Published by the Senior Class.

High school Yearbook.

Members of the Senior Class:

Publishers (p. 3)
Florence Marion Russell, Editor
David J. Gordon, Editor
Benjamin Schwartz, Business Manager
Mary Baker Furness, Staff Advisor
George Bauman, Treasurer
Dedication (p. 6)
Edward Dodson Roberts, Hughes, 1896.

Page 19

Abaecherli, Carl E.
Abrams, Max R.
Albert, Selma
Alexander, Mord L.

Page 20

Allen, Anne Elizabeth
Allen, David H. autograph
Allen, Ida
Aneshansel, Carl W.

Page 21

Auer, Pauline N.
Ault, Charles Albert
Baechle, Elda Mae
Baldridge, Emerson L.

Page 22

Barz, Lorena W. autograph
Bauer, Margaret
Bauer, Samuel L.
Becker, Helen Ruth

Page 23

Becky, Irma E.
Bell, Marian A.
Bell, S. Winslow
Berg, Spencer

Page 24

Berman, Nellie E.
Bernet, Bertha Katherine autograph
Bernhardt, Alvina autograph
Bess, Marian

Page 25

Bigelow, Doane
Blank, Ruth
Blood, Mary Rosine
Bluestein, La Verne

Page 26

Blume, Lucia
Bogen, Robert F.
Bohm, Gertrude
Bondurant, Georgia autograph

Page 27

Borcherding, Howard
Breuer, Clarence R.
Bowman, Robert A. autograph
Briegel, Lorene autograph

Page 28

Brown, Richard
Bruening, Vera
Buchman, Maurice
Buck, Mary Louise

Page 29

Buehler, Dan C.
Bullerdick, Winifred
Burbank, E. Martha
Burchkardt, Eleanor Harriet

Page 30

Buschle, Alfred A
Butz, Thyra E.
Cable, Leota
Carruthers, James

Page 31

Caswell, Methyl
Chapman, Elliott K.
Clark, Elizabeth
Coleman, Majel Lois

Page 32

Compton, Mary Alice
Cook, H. Dreman
Cooper, Burroughs
Corbus, Louise Kate

Page 33

Cramer, Marie Dorothy autograph
Daubenbis, Frederick
Davis, Charles
Davis, Nathan J.

Page 34

Dearness, Jean Elizabeth
Dehmel, Elizabeth Creth
Delbridge, Sylvia
Desjardins, Louis H.

Page 35

Diehl, Marjorie Grace
Diorio, Dante
Distel, William R.
Dreyfoos, Natalie

Page 36

Drysdale, George W.
Duhlmeier, Helen A.
Dunkman, William E.
Egan, Dorothy Mae

Page 37

Ehrhard, Dorothy E.
Ehrlich, Rosetta
Eichner, Philip L.
Eisendrath, Maurice

Page 38

Elswick, Theodore
Emig, Jessamine
Endebrock, Elizabeth
Epstein, Robert W.

Page 39

Esterkin, Albert
Evans, Kenneth R.
Evers, Ruth Virginia
Fagaly, Louise

Page 40

Fallon, Harry
Finkler, Evelyn
Franklin, Harry
Gano, Gordon

Page 41

Garrison, Catherine
Gerhardt, Ada
Gindele, Donald F.
Goldschind, Morris

Page 42

Goodman, Abraham B.
Goodman, Marie autograph
Goodman, Sarah autograph
Gordon, David

Page 43

Grant, Charles K.
Green, Burwell
Gregg, David D.
Gregg, Jessie Wade autograph

Page 44

Grodsky, Berthal
Gundlach, Anna
Hachen, Harry L.
Hammer, Emma

Page 45

Hannaford, Roger Moore
Hansen, Theodore
Harrod, Dorothy Lucille
Haven, Francis Belle

Page 46

Hayes, Anna Grace
Heid, Amelia B.
Herschede, Lilian K.
Hessler, Ruth Marjorie

Page 47

Heyn, Ruth Marian
Hiller, Erwin H.
Hirsch, Vera
Holzman, Wallace

Page 48

Horn, Alice Lillian
Horn, Harold R.
Hudson, Myrtle Lucille
Huemmer, Earl M.

Page 49

Hummel, Mary Louise
Huss, Irvin
Hymans, Edgar M.
Hyndman, Maybelle autograph

Page 50

Jackson, Carola V.
Jackson, Overton
Jacobs, Jeannette H.
Jacobs, Marguerite Eva

Page 51

Jaffe, Norma Pearl
James, Roger
Jeanmougin, Ronald
Johannigman, Clarence A.

Page 52

Johnson, Olga E.
Kaplan, Max
Kassell, Mildred B.
Katz, Sidney

Page 53

Keidel, Eugene
Keidel, Theodosia
Keller, Elizabeth
Kelly, Jack

Page 54

Kelsch, Henry L.
King, Thelma
Kirgan, Edythe Margaret
Kirschner, E. Arden

Page 55

Kisker Jr., George F.
Klein, Margaret
Klein, Robert W.
Koehl, Ruth

Page 56

Koodish, Gertrude, Florence
Krasne, Anne
Kronenberger, Louis
Lambeck, Margaret

Page 57

Lammers, Virginia
Landt, Harry
Lang, Herbert
Lange, Robert S.

Page 58

Lantis, Mary
Lapham, Helen
Leighty, Marian B.
Leisler, Martha Denton

Page 59

Levy, Leslie M.
Lewis, Lenore
Leyman, Catherine
Lindeman, Gilbert

Page 60

Little, Ruth LaWanda
Locherer, Catherine
Loeb, Jean S.
Loth, Nathan M.

Page 61

Lyle, Darrell
Lyle, Herbert
McAvoy, Herbert
McDiarmid, Gertrude

Page 62

McNelly, Catherine Elizabeth
Mac Millan, Vivian
Magrish, Alice
Mathias, Mabel Elizabeth

Page 63

Matz, Rae
Maurer, John H.
May, Adrian
Meininger, Stanley

Page 64

Menard, Marvin C.
Menard, Paul William K.
Meyer, Marguerite
Meyer, Selma

Page 65

Miller, Corinne Anna
Miller, William
Moller, Rose Louise
Molyneaux, Kathleen

Page 66

Momberg, Carl G.
Moore, Harold A.
Moran, Harry
Morand, Hilda Marie

Page 67

Morgan, Margaret Louise
Moss, Leland Conner
Murr, Frances J. autograph
Nathan, Emma Jean

Page 68

Nathan, Rosaline Smythe
Naumann, Arthur
Neal, Marjorie
Newhart, Harold G.

Page 69

Nicholls, Malcolm
Nohr, Paul H.
Nusky, Elsie Mildred
Oberdahn, Hazel Edna

Page 70

Oberhelman, Mildred Louise
Ohlhauser, Lillian
Oker, Frank C.
Olinger, Otto

Page 71

Onken, Dorothea H.
Orleman, Wesley
Pabst, Florence C.
Painter, Dorothea Frances

Page 72

Pearce, Kathryn
Pease, William
Perkins, Mildred Dorothy autograph
Peters, Bernard A.

Page 73

Plohr, Evelyn
Pollock, Earl
Postel, Vera
Press, Antoinette

Page 74

Press, Else Louise
Reade, Louis
Renner, Louis F. authograph
Richey, Lelia Nell

Page 75

Roberts, Edna Jane
Rosenbaum, Milton
Rosenbaum, Sidney
Rosenberg, Dorothy M.

Page 76

Rosenberg, Helen
Rozin, Arthur E.
Rubin, Gruna
Runge, Carl

Page 77

Russell, Florence Marion autograph
Scheineson, Louis
Schmidt, Louise Madeline
Schoewandt, Edythe

Page 78

Schwartz, Albert E.
Schwartz, Benjamin S.
Seiter, Emily Louise
Selig, Sophie

Page 79

Seltzer, Lillian
Shepard, Ruth Dunham
Shott, Arthur
Siehl, Laura Elizabeth

Page 80

Silverstein, Ruth Helen
Simon, Frank authograph
Slater, Nellie Lenore
Smith, Bernice

Page 81

Smith, Elizabeth Lucille
Snelbaker, Joseph
Solar, Marjorie Louise autograph
Sprague, Virginia Lee

Page 82

Steen, Jane Helen
Steiner, Maria Elsa
Stickney, G. Malcolm
Stocker, Robert

Page 83

Strasberger, William
Strashun, Olga
Straus, Irene Madge
Strobach, Kenneth

Page 84

Stump, Irene
Sturwold, Catherine
Stutson, Mary Jane
Surtees, Mildred Abby autograph

Page 85

Sweeney, Celia Louise
Tackenberg, Antonie H.
Taylor, Margaret Conway
Temple, Lemuel M.

Page 86

Thinnes, Maebell
Trager, Emanuel
Tunick, Dave
Ulrich, Margert

Page 87

Vatter, William
Venable, Elizabeth G.
Vosmer, Edward
Walter, Edwin J.

Page 88

Waltz, Tom A.
Ward, Eva Vivian
Ware, Mary
Warm, Louis J.

Page 89

Webster, Ruth
Wenner, Ruth
Werner, Marie Katherine
Wertheimer, Edward

Page 90

White, Helen Elizabeth
Williams, Glenn
Woodson, Virginia
Wuest, William J.

Page 91

Wymer, Jean
Ziegler, Fred W.
Zimmerman, George J.

17 June 1921 Graduation day for the Class of 1921.


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